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Why I love my 2005 Cadillac Deville.

My 2005 Cadillac Deville is an amazing vehicle. Comfort at its finest and drives so smooth. The seat are leather for that luxury executive feel. Equipped with easy to use seat controls for great positioning. The steering wheel has all the radio and thermostat controllers for easy access without ever removing hand from the wheel. I really love the digital dashboard and how simplified Cadillac makes it to identify indicators and checking the system. In just a few clicks I can check oil and transmission levels, tire pressure, and more. My caddy is of course a v8 NorthStar so I do not pass up to many gas stations. I always run at lease 89 octane gas from shell or 91 from other petrol stations. My caddy in also equipped with OnStar and Sirius XM radio which an amazing sounding stock system. You should watch it with that back speaker with so much bass, it will cause a popping sound. I just fade the levels more to the front and sound great. Overall I love this 15-16 year old car it still turns head all white perfect condition.

- Shannon D

The Cadillac has been the most reliable.

My car will be 14 years old this November and has not caused me any problems until about 10 years of age. I had to replace the radio/cd/gps system at approximately $1200 and in 2 years it died again. I have not replaced it but it had to be disconnected because it drained my battery twice. As a result, I no longer have the backup responding sounds if I get too close to something.

- Rita K

It's a big heavy reliable expensive yacht of a car.

Its long and the parts are expensive and gas mileage is not great but it has survived through lots of damage and runs smoothly and very reliable. I have moved furniture in it, and there's lots of space. Once I needed 1300$ in repairs and the mechanic said it was a miracle it still runs, and I honestly didn't notice problems as I was driving it.

- Cassie H

Comfortable car that is a pleasure to own.

This is a very comfortable car. It rides very smooth. I have very few mechanical problems. Air conditioner and heater work very well. This Cadillac Seville is great on gas even when driving in heavy city traffic. The car is nice looking also. It is very roomy in the front seat and back seat can accommodate three people comfortably.

- Karen W

Very nice car with leather and a good suspension.

I have a 2005 Deville it runs and drives great. Starts every time. Has ac and good heating. . Heated seats and cooling seats. Has a very nice Bose stereo system. . With a CD changer that holds 6 CD's and it also has a subwoofer. White on white leather seats and a moonroof. Chrome spoke tires. And a 8 liter engine. Very good ride.

- Carl D

Safety, roominess mileage condition of tires.

I like the roominess plenty of room. I like the tape deck. I like the seats. Very comfortable. I back window has an automatic baby lock. Since we do not have a small child it is not necessary for us. Yet we presently must open that door from the outside only. For an adult this may present a fire or emergency escape problem.

- Elizabeth R

All about my car, and how it runs and the color of it.

It really still runs good great miles good on gas have not gave me any trouble it's a white car, the back end kind of rusty, need some new rims on it, need to get the transmission work on need some windshield wipers need to get an oil change it rides quietly I love the car wish I had another one I would like a blue one.

- By B

Definitely check out this car. This one is a winner!

I had a problem with the power steering but other than that, this has been one of the best cars I have ever had. I love the heated and air conditioned front seats, heated seats in the back, and how roomy it is. The trunk is also pretty big and can hold my 300 dollar grocery purchases without any sort of issue.

- Jo C

The car you need in the event of an accident.

The v-8 engine provides plenty of power although uses a lot of gas making it not so fuel efficient. You can ride comfortably with plenty of room for up to 5 passengers. The structure of the car is built like a tank in order to protect the people riding in it from serious crash or injury.

- Ira G

Super cool caddy, has heated seats.

I really do not have many car problems. I guess I would say this car is very expensive in gas. That is a bummer. And I have experienced stalling issues a few times. But those have been fixed a long time ago. I really love driving my car. It is so fun. The heated seats are cool. Go cars.

- Molly D

The car is big in size. This car can fit up to 7 mid-size adults.

When driving down the highway it feels as if your gliding down the rode, instead of riding in a car. The only problem is you must change oil every 6 months. Furthermore, the oil gets on the rim of the tire well so bad. This cause you to wash your car tire more often.

- Scott B

Not so base 2005 Cadillac deville base model.

I like this car a lot. With regular maintenance, it is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I also appreciate that even though it is the base model, it has a lot of options most cars do not have even in their most upgraded condition. It is amazingly comfortable.

- Casey T

American car that has proven to be very reliable and low maintenance despite all the public bashing of American vehicles vs. other foreign vehicles.

Like full-sized 4 door luxury sedan; beautiful and comfortable traditional conservative vehicle with plenty of room for up to 6 passengers; fully-loaded with great options; very reliable and dependable vehicle with generally low maintenance; and vehicle is safe

- Bryon D

Cadillac comfort is captivating!

Smooth, comfortable ride, has power when needed, is easy on the eye, low maintenance, pretty trouble-free. Especially like the controls on the steering wheel, the heated steering wheel and the air-conditioned and heated leather seats. Miss a trunk light.

- Hj K

It really should not be used in a rural area. I live down a 3/4 mile dirt lane with holes, etc. It is rough on a luxury car.

I love the tinted windows. I have difficulty driving at night. I also love that the seats heat or cool as needed per season. I like the roominess of the car and the large trunk. I like that I can adjust the height of the seat to my comfort level.

- Brenda T

I love driving the older cadillacs!

I love the older cadillacs. The newer ones look like all the other makes out there. Problems include the windows has a flaw where they don't always want to go back up and it's very expensive to get them replaced. gas mileage could be better.

- Carol M

The ultimate in modern luxury.

The only problem is the small gas tank so we are always having to get gas. The car drives very smooth and quiet. The leather, heated seat are so nice in the winter. The air conditioning is the best I have ever had and works very quickly.

- Elaine W

Very roomy and comfortable.

My car has a powerful motor. Very comfortable ride. Power everything. Heated and cooled seats. Power windows. Bose stereo and CD player. Very spacious trunk. Digital dash with a lot of warning and info programs. Sirius radio capability.

- Karla D

It never complains, but has expensive taste.

It is very reliable but the parts and repairs are very expensive and the gas mileage is not great. It is taken a lot of abuse over the years and has not broken down, even when some parts were well past due maintenance.

- Cassandra H

The car is reliable. You get a family and sport car in one.

I love my car because it has a 6 CD changer, I love my car because you can put heat or cold on your leather seats. I dislike my car because my air conditioner is not working and my passenger window is broke.

- Mary E

It is a very nice car and would recommend to anyone for like Cadillacs or anything along those lines.

Have always been a huge fan of cadillacs and that is basically the only car I have had of the last four I have had. It has a very nice smooth ride. It is a very nice sharp looking car.

- Chris E

Very comfy. She's beautiful.

Very comfortable. Great ride. 1. Decent gas mileage. Always has been reliable. Its sleek. What i don't like is it finally had an engine issue. Head gaskets blew.

- Jennifer C

That is great to run and is great to look at.

The cost on both the positive end and the negative end, the cost for parts is so expensive while the cost of running the car with gas is on the positive end.

- Ron G

It rides nice, but it's time for a new car

My car have been a good car but the last year it's been breaking down a little to often. I had to replace water pump and coil pack s 3 times so far.

- Johnny P

Cadillac are the cars for attitude.

The parts are expensive but the performance is great and is fairly reliable. It has all the bells and whistle for a car of this type.

- Ron G

It will run for 10 yrs maintaining current care.

Have no problems other than usual tire, brakes and oil. Change. Car floats. Can drive it for hours feels like I am in my living room.

- Lisa L

The heated seats The and The radio Big bonus

The seats are not only comfortable but they are heated it runs great good On gas. Easy to maintain. I couldn't ask for a better Car.

- Robin R

The higher cost of everything like repairs and license plate renewals.

Any kinds of repairs are expensive. My license plate is more expensive to renew. But overall it is a pretty nice comfortable ride.

- Kellee M

It's a Cadillac and Cadillacs are the "King" of cars.

What I like is that it's very stylish and roomy. What I dislike is the cost of repairs. Also the cost of parts are too expensive.

- Alfred H

it works great and it's 13 years old. I think it's a great brand

it still runs great and gets me where i need to go. It's not perfect but it works so i love it. I would recommend cadillac brand

- Marlin R

It's awesome. It's very spacious. I love it. Rides smooth. Great on gas and trips.

The only complaint really is that it's hard to get to the back 4 spark plugs and they don't make parts for this year anymore.

- Angela A

The vehicle is very reliable. No major repairs.

None. Gas mileage is poor. But the car is reliable and comfortable. I have had no major repairs. Just tires and oil changes.

- Miriam M

That my car means a lot to me. I take pride in my car and take very good care of it

I love everything about my car. Especially the size and comfort. My car is very elegant. I have no complaints about my car

- Tee L

Awesome most sharp looking car. Great ride and plenty comfy and roomy!!!

This car rides so smooth and is comfortable. Gets great gas mileage too! My only complaint is repairs are rather expensive.

- Deanna B




uses a lot of gas. it does good on the freeway. likes to overheat

it uses to much gas rides great on the freeway. does not do will in the city has a lot of room can fit 5 people

- Terry S

The windows break easily.

Luxurious on the inside. Strong dependable engine, but the windows could be made better and not break so easily.

- Matthew S

It is fun and sporty and an all around good vehicle.

Do not burn a lot of gas and very comfortable. I like the radio stations and the heated seats.. No complaints..

- Pam S

It still rides like it was new.

I have had no problems since purchase since I maintain regularly. It has always been reliable and I love it.

- David K

It is ranked high for safety and comfort. Maintenance costs are more than an average car.

It is roomy and has a high safety rating to it. The resale value holds up well in the secondary marketplace.

- Robert b

I think that the car is a little to large which makes it difficult to park. I would like it to be more efficient on gas. I wish it did not cost so much to repair.

Cadillac is a great brand of car to have, but be sure that you can afford to get it regularly taken care of

- Cynda B

It's got plenty of room for a larger person and gets great gas mileage

My vehicle is a hand me down from my father. I like everything about it but I wish I could play mp3s.

- Clint g

it is a good dependable car.it is easy to drive & gives you a great ride.

no complaints. it is a very comfortable car to travel in. it gets pretty good gas mileage

- martha b

it gets me where I need to go. It still does the job.

my car is getting old. It shakes when it is idling and the computer part is always off.

- Sierra R

class proformance, you feel great driving as the seat are very comfortable

The seat are very comfortable the seats are heated and air conditioned very smooth ride

- Emad G

Great dependable car. Stylish and runs smooth. Would recommend to others.

It's a really dependable vehicle with good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Katrina J

It is a dependable car and can be trusted for long or short road trips.

My cadillac is a nice car. It rides Good. It is dependable.

- Francine S

It is a Cadillac and comes with everything that one would expect from a Cadillac.

Great gas mileage, extremely comfortable, great trunk space

- Gerald K

very smooth ride. Sporty looking vehicle.. good gas mileage.

It is very economical. Smooth riding and sporty looking

- jayne d

fast car, quiet and comfortable

it is a very comfortable ride, nice and quiet

- thomas A