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It is a good, reliable truck.

It does ok on gas, considering it is a truck. The flex fuel option helps with that. The headrests are comfortable. They don't tilt forward to much like some other trucks do. The seatbelts don't dig in. There's plenty of legroom in the front and back seats. The truck bed can be extended by removing the back window and folding the seats down. Another seat can be added to the front if you take out the console, but there will not be much legroom for that middle seat. Performance and reliability are so far good. Handles well.

- Candy H

Things I like about my truck.

Comfortable for being a truck. The tailgate is covered with ability to remove. This model has the ability to have a six seat. The console in front goes up to make that seat along with a seatbelt. Just not enough places to set things to hold in my opinion. With the covered tailgate we are able to keep things in their and not have to worry about people stealing because they can't see it.

- Betty T

The avalanche is for people who want high reliability and good handling.

I have had to fix things on my truck, but it also has 143 thousand miles. I have had to replace a part on the axle and my shifter cables snapped. Other than these things I haven't had any other mechanical problems. I have had no issues driving in rain or snow and it handles high speeds and turning well.

- Madison P

Chevrolet Avalanche, The Truck That Can Haul It All!

We LOVE our Avalanche. The main selling point for our family is the three plates that cover the back bed of the truck. Great for rainy days when carrying grocery and shopping bags. Or longer items and then we can fold down the back seat to extend the bed. And roomy to seat our family of five.

- Becky C

All leather avalanche with plenty of extras like heated seats.

Reliable, comfortable, gas pedals move up, heated leather seats, electric seats and windows, sunroof, family friendly, pretty, sturdy, durable, not bad on gas, black outside, black leather interior, back up camera, great highway mileage, comfortable, cozy, all around a great vehicle.

- Dee M

Chevy: pos car stay away!

Breaks down all the time. It has broken down 4 times in the last year. We have taken good care of it. Wheel bearings, drive shaft. I regret selling my jeep for this car. This doesn't even count the things that are constant issues with, brakes, needs an alignment every 2 months.

- Tim J

Chevrolet avalanche 2009 great vehicle.

Normal wear and tear problems after new transmission in 2016. Overall reliable. Extra wear on tires due to additional transport. Very roomy and spacious. Best motor vehicle to use for traveling and vacations. XM radio is a great feature and additional storage in the tailgate.

- Tiffany B

It's just a most cool looking versatile truck. And it's a CHEVROLET Avalanche.

I like that my front row is capable of seating 3. I love the fact that I can haul things in the back and have it covered. Plus the fact that the back row of seats lie flat for even longer pieces. And you can use the sliding back cover plates to help hold up taller objects.

- Rebecca C

Amazing 2009 Chevy avalanche.

Not only is it reliable but extremely comfortable. No major problems ever. Good gas mileage and great for hauling and trailering. Plush interior and smooth ride. Wish they would continue making as we would buy another one. Best truck we have ever owned.

- Ann B

This is a truck that rides as smooth as a car, meant for offroad and on road driving.

I love the space inside, the interior color, and stereo system. I don't like that the back cover doesn't seal the truck bed from water, and the navigation isn't touch screen. The horsepower is great, and mechanically the truck is long lasting.

- Kristen S

You should know how to put the back window back together once you take it out!

My truck is very roomy. It can hold a car seat and still have enough room for all of my groceries. I do not like how low it sits. The plastic on the front is really low. The box is a little too short as well.

- Mariah D

Has lots of space very comfortable.

It's very neat and clean very reliable. Comfortable and has lots of space. It gets me where I need to go on a day to day bases. Never had any problems with it. Just that it doesn't do good on gas mileage.

- Amber J

Beware of bad sensors. I've had troubles and other people told me that they have had trouble with bad sensors.

It is good for towing my trailer. It came with a very good tow package. There is nothing that I dislike about it . My only complaint is that I am having trouble with the computer system on it.

- Larry K

Chevrolet avalanche is the best truck ever.

No major problems. It gets great gas mileage, especially when driving long distance. It is very spacious and the preferred vehicle to use when my family travels vs the car.

- Esther B

That the bigger the car the safer the vehicle in terms of a crash.

Love the space and hauling capacity. I hate they are no longer being made. It is the perfect family vehicle slash truck and does not look like a frumpy soccer mom. Minivan.

- Jennifer G

Love my Chevy Avalanche! It's the perfect starter truck!

I love my Avalanche! It's big enough to fit my needs but small enough that I don't feel like I'm driving a tank!

- Sarah H

Nice interior roomy nice leather seats

Great truck. Big and roomy interior. Good to tow my boat. Gas mileage only downside

- George F