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Great car for temperate environments.

The back windows fall of the track frequently and the AC does not work very well. I live in a humid, hot environment and in summer, it's almost unbearable. When it is raining and hot, it's very difficult to be in the car. The tires are also uncommonly small and makes buying tires in anything other than a large city an issue. However, I still love my car. It's very spacious for being so small! My fianc' is wheelchair bound and we can fit his foldable wheelchair in the back seat, which is absolutely fantastic. It is extremely gas efficient, and I've never had it hydroplane. The breaks work well, and I can take it on dirt roads with no problems. The sunroof is nice, but sometimes it's hard to tell if it's closed. It's reliable, efficient and drives well.

- heather S

Chevy aveo. Don't buy this car if you don't have a lot of money to work with

I have replaced the struts, shocks, entire back and front end, thermostat, thermostat housing, battery, coil pack, control arms, tie rods. I think the spark plugs are the only thing left and it will be a brand new car practically. I bought sold as is and I thought it was a good deal because it was an older couple who had it but there was so much needing done oh and I also did the wheel bearings and front and back brakes. The seats are comfortable and it definitely has room but they are high maintenance cars in mh choice of words cause of all that I have replaced. But a month after I bought it my cd player had went the radio works but now you cant see the screen

- Kristen G

The 2011 Chevy Aveo is a sporty, small family, or starter car.

The 2011 Chevy Aveo is a nice everyday driver. I do not like the fact that since it is a newer car, than my second one, that it does not have automatic windows or locks. This seems hazardous if I am driving by myself trying to lean over to put the passenger window up or down. Especially considering my 1997 vehicle has automatic windows and locks. It is a nice car for a small family or starter car, but as my two boys are getting bigger the car is feeling to cramped. We also cannot fit a third person in between their booster seats unless they are a small person. With my car being a manual it makes it feel sporty and will get up and go, maybe to a speeding ticket.

- Jodi E

2011 Chevrolet Aveo, 3. 5/5.

The vehicle is very small as a sub-compact, so there is hardly any backseat space but the trunk is fairly sizable and the front and passenger seat have comfortable space if there are no other passengers. The car handles very well for regular city driving, but the engine does not have much power and struggles a bit up inclines and longer trips. During hot weather the car also seems to struggle more to accelerate. Otherwise, the seats are fairly comfortable and the car has nice wood detailing. Small maintenance issues are easy to do yourself, such as replacing headlights or checking oil. Overall I have enjoyed having the car for the past five years.

- Lauren H

Small car with a not very durable engine.

The 2011 Chevy Aveo is a very small sedan. With a convertible car seat in the middle of the back seat there isn't room for other passengers. Engine overheated causing the head to warp (presumably due to being made from cheap materials) causing $1300 of damage. Expansion valve has recently gone bad causing the AC not to work. Pros are that it is fuel efficient and has 14' tires, which are generally cheaper to replace than larger tires. Also, being small you can squeeze into tight parking spaces. The trunk is pretty small so I have to leave the stroller home in order to get groceries.

- Rebecca W

Comfortable and easy to drive Chevy aveo.

I have owned my car for eight years and have been very happy with it. It is a four-door and very easy to get in and out of. It is small and easy to park. Roomy trunk - I like to pack around lawn chairs, coolers, etc in the summertime and never have any trouble fitting what I need to in the trunk. The car fits four adults comfortably. I have had no mechanical issues with the car. It is low-tech, manual windows, which I prefer, and a simple CD player that works just fine. I have driven a Chevy for the past 18 years and if I buy another car it will be a Chevy as well.

- Maureen D

An amazing vehicle for first-time drivers that feels safe on all roads

My favorite aspect about my car is its bare-bone features: motorized windows, air conditioner, radio with an aux input, and adjustable seats. The seats adjust by going backwards as well, and the driver's seat will move upwards as well to compensate for those who are shorter than the average driver. The handle of the car is great as I can still feel what speed I'm driving yet I feel safe going onto the Interstate without it seeming like I'm pushing my car too far. I've had it for about 3-4 years and have had zero problems in terms of the make of the vehicle.

- Katrina R

Good simple, safe car for a small family.

I appreciate the simplicity of my vehicle. I do not drive often, so it works well for me. I might be a bit apprehensive to drive it long distances, across the country for example. But I like it to drive around my area and to and from work. I regularly get oil changes and service so the vehicle performance is good, although my air conditioner broke and I have tried (and paid) to have it fixed three times and it just kept breaking. So I have decided to stop trying to fix it and I have accepted that my car will be warmer during the summer months.

- Jessica M

Gas mileage is not as good as other small cars.

My car gets good gas mileage and drives very smoothly. It is a reliable car although maybe not the most attractive. It is small but the inside is slightly more spacious than you would expect from looking a the outside. The cupholders sometimes interfere with the shifter and are not big enough for wide or very tall cups. The acceleration is not as good as other cars I have owned but overall it is not that big of a deal. The hatchback is nice but the cover in the trunk does not fit will and does not look very nice.

- Julia F

Most places don't carry the right size of tires. Have to get ordered early.

When I first got my car, it worked really well. I loved getting to drive it. However, in recent months I have problems with it constantly. I got it fixed recently, but it would occasionally stop when I would be a stop sign or red light, and I would have to turn it off and back on to be able to move. It's a good car if it is taken care of, but it can have it is problems like any other. More often than not, it is pretty nice, but there are still moments I don't feel as safe in it as I once did.

- Bailey W

A 2011 chevy Aveo is trash

I will never recommend buying an Aveo. Worst car ever and I'm saddened that Chevy sold such trash. Nothing but problems and constant aggravation. Always something wrong. Replacing parts left and right. Not reliable at all worst part was I had problems start three days after buying the car and should have just cut my losses then. I will never buy from Chevrolet again. This was an eye opening experience for any future vehicle purchases. Make sure to research the vehicle make and model well

- Alexis O

All black interior looks good even with fabric seats.

It's great because of how little gas it takes. I don't drive a lot or commute far at all and it's costs me $30 to fill up the tank which tends to last me a week on average. It's also nice because it's so little which in a way makes it easier to drive and I would highly recommend this car to a new driver. A downfall is that it doesn't have a lot of power to it so it can seem like it takes a few extra seconds to get up to speed. I haven't had any major mechanical issues with this car yet.

- Emily R

My vehicle is bright yellow and that is the only interesting thing about it.

When I first got the car it worked really well getting to work and back home. Only a 10 minute commute. But about a month after having the car it progressively has gotten worse. I've had it for about a year and a half now and it's been in the shop countless number of times and I can't even drive it right now. Air has went out about 5 times, the transmission is messed up, car takes forever to accelerate now. I do not recommend this car to anyone.

- Jade A

"Not the best, not the worse".

My car is very basic. There are no features that thrill. I do not have electric windows or locks. Those things are manual. The car doors have given me some trouble. Both door handles on the inside of car, broke. The car lags when it is moving from a stopped position as if it is resistant to gaining speed. Once the car is moving you do not feel the lag. Also I have had issues with the ac not working well in less than three years.

- Sheila W

Bitter Lemon. Don't buy this

This car was trouble when we got it Everything from radiator leaks tie rod ends brakes wheel bearings engine start up and running problems. We're stuck with it for a little while longer and it needs more repairs to pass inspection. This model was discontinued in 2011 the original warranty new on this car was 30000 miles I found out later. No wonder. It's a terrible undependable car

- Marvin N

I think that low fuel consumption is an important feature of my vehicle

About my aveo I can tell you that it is a vehicle that represents a good quality muty product, the value for money is very good, it has not presented me with serious problems, I have only spent on parts that have been damaged by wear and tear, as is the clutch , the weather kit, etc. Very important is my exclusive use and I consider that I give very good treatment.

- Reinaldo P

It's hard to change the oil yourself. You'll need a torque wrench because they just couldn't stand to use the standard bolt that can be unscrewed with a c-wrench.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. The roll-down windows prevent me the trouble of being screwed when something goes wrong with electrical. It's pretty easy to park down in the city because it's small. I sure wish the a/c still worked. It really pisses me off that they purposefully made it hard to change the oil at home. We do it anyway. Screw you, Chevy.

- Crytal N

This car is an okay, reliable car, not something to brag about

The speakers are not as great as other 2011 cars but the car is reliable. Does not accelerate fast but eventually will get to a desired highway speed. Not very flashy, looks kind of like a bug (insect). Comfortable seats however not passenger arm rest. The driver's side rear view mirror must be adjusted by hand, not automatically like the left side

- Mikayla T

Small and zippy, but a little wimpy

It is a great small car. The car is a huge gas saver but it does have its issues. A lack of power and faulty electrical work in the car are two downsides. Car handles great around corners but sucks in inclement weather. I do wish the car accommodated taller people with more legroom, but a simple adjustment of the seat suits just fine.

- Daniel M

Affordable but limited in the extras and limited in some of the basic parts of a car.

I like the compactness. However, the size can sometimes be too small when trying to move larger objects. I've had mechanical issues for awhile as well as having door handles fall off and switches for the interior light fall off. Further, the locks only lock if I push my lock on driver side down. There are no lock buttons.

- Jessica B

Small, basic uncomfortable economic car.

Positive: rear seats fold down to give added cargo room, good gas mileage, easy access to reg. Maintenance items, moonroof. Negative: poor acceleration, no rear leg room, uncomfortable rear seats, fuse panels are confusing, have had to replace sensor under brake pedal for rear lights twice and it is very hard to access.

- Pamela W

Everyone should know that it is not the most reliable car.

What I like about my car is that it is compact and does decent on gas. I do not like that it does not run very well and does not have a lot of accelerating power. There has been problems with the A/C as well to where it does not work very well. The paint is also peeling and that is something that I do not like either.

- Ashley C

Be prepared to spend lots of money making repairs on this car.

While the car has been mostly reliable, it is one problem after another. I am still financing the thing and I have spent so much money on repairing the brakes, the suspension, etc. I expect the radiator will go out next based on online reviews, seems to happen a about 90, 000 miles. I regret choosing this vehicle.

- Sophia U

The car has been very dependable.

I bought the car brand new in 2011, it has been a great car, great on gas and good size, small car but has plenty of space and a trunk. I have gone through 4 sets of tires though. I have had to replace a couple things on it but the car is very dependable. I love it and glad that is the car I decided to purchase.

- Sarah K

It is really a good car as for performance, no major problem so for.

Had problems with car running hot other than that only small issue s handle on driver side has broken it is a hatchback so being able to fold seats down give more room for cargo. Its uses a lot of gasoline thought. There is also the thing with Chevrolet cars cost a little more than usual for oil change.

- Sue O

For a small car, it has a lot of legroom and body room in the seats. It's comfortable and fun to drive .

I love the way it corners and drives. It is gas-efficient and easy to park. Unfortunately , I have had a few problems I don't think cars this young should have. I had to have the breaks fixed I needed a spark plug replaced. They couldn't just replace 1, they had to do all four! An expensive venture.

- Melanie L

My vehicle is a Chevy Aveo thats a decent car that takes me from place to place.

Some problems are that the ac does not work and when the car starts, it takes awhile for it to crank over. When I try to take off, the rpm's take awhile to shift gears. So while I am trying to pick up speed, other cars are passing me. I do have a hard time with the windows because they are manual.

- Cassandra R

It's a dependable car that runs smoothly.

I like it because it gets really good gas mileage. I also like that is it a small car but it has a lot of storage. I think that it drives really smooth as well. I like that I haven't had a whole lot of issues with the car. My only real complaint is that it only has one armrest in the front.

- Rebecca G

Good gas mileage, but high cost.

The car gets good gas mileage, but the cost of upkeep is high. Oil change with oil filter replacement average $70. Tires wear out very fast even with regular tire rotations. Tires are not stocked in most places and must be ordered. The shocks, front and rear, last about 30, 000 miles only.

- Richard P

Buying Aveo car, pros and cons.

Aveo is a small compact car. It's good on gas mileage. The car has a lot of features that I enjoy. I would recommend it to those you want a small car. It's not for tall people. Some of my friends have problems getting out of it. I had several engine problems. But that goes with any brand.

- Karren T

Decent car for students or commuters.

The right side headlight needs to be replaced every 3 months. It has a small gas tank, holds about 8 to 9 gallons of fuel. Front wheel drive means it is terrible in snowy weather. Had to replace the CD player when it was five years old. Gets me where I need to go, decent for commuters.

- Emma S

Economical Vehicle that will save you money on gas.

What I like about my vehicle is the compact size. This is the perfect first car for someone. I like that it doesn't cost as much to fill the gas tank. What I don't like about the car is the small trunk. I wish there were AC vents in the back seat for my passengers who ride with me.

- Maritza C

Best and worst of the 2011 Chevy Aveo.

Good gas mileage, comfortable to drive, not too much maintenance, lots of room and easy to clean. Downside.. Radio or CD player never worked that well, headlamps need to be replaced too often, registration and insurance is expensive, center console could use a hidden area for things.

- Gloria B

Do not buy this car it will ruin your life and your bank account.

My car is constantly breaking down and always has problems. If you are thinking about buying this car don't. You will never not have a problem with it. Everything goes wrong. Literally go anywhere else and you will have a better car. You could probably be safer in a barbie car.

- Hannah C

Car problems are a maximum with this particular model like Chevy not this car.

Everything has broken down on it I got it with a few thousand miles but everything's messed up. Its too small lots of blind spots as well I don't want it I need to trade it in for a truck nothing against Chevrolet just the Aveo not comfortable either and tires keep messing up.

- Kari F

This car is great on gas and is quiet when operating at peak level.

Love my car but it's hard to find parts for this vehicle so when I take it to the shop to have something fixed it costs more money and sometimes takes days to get it back. It runs well but seem like things start to fall apart after 6 years of age even with regular maintenance.

- Dee R

The most interesting thing is that the radio needs to be replaced often.

The radio needs to be replaced often. The door handles are easy to break. Other than these two issues the car is perfect. I've had this car since I was a senior in high school and its still reliable to this day. I recommend it to people who just need a car to get around.

- Chelsea M

The Chevy Aveo is a great first car!

The Chevy Aveo is a small car with great gas mileage. The car has been running for 7 years and I just now had to change the battery. No other problems with it so far. It is a little outdated because it is seven years old. However, it is comfortable and gets the job done.

- Tricia E

Affordable fun spunky car

Great on gas, the ac works great. It's small which I enjoy but also big enough that I have trunk space and 3 ppl can fit comfortably in the back seat. My car has done well traveling as long as weather is good. The car does not do well in snow and tires are pretty small.

- Amber G

It is a good car with low mileage. Although, there has been many hose problems causing more problems with the car.

I love the car. It has low mileage and it gets good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. Although one of the pipes burst and caused a huge malfunction in the car causing it to need a new head gasket and other materials spending more than I'd like to put into it.

- Halea S

Don't Buy or Drive This Car

The engine is small, so it stalls at stop lights, stop signs, and driving up hills. The car is too small, and the gas runs out fast because I constantly have to press hard on the gas petals to keep the car from stalling and killing me in a traffic accident.

- Averi L

A zippy and reliable ride.

This is a zippy car with lots of room for groceries and boxes. It performs very well and accelerates quickly. The interior is comfortable, although there are no rear air ducts for the air conditioning. It has been a very reliable ride throughout the years.

- Thomas C

Chevy Aveo 2011 is da bomb.

It is a good race car has a fast engine and an AUX input. The seats are comfortable in front and back and the shape is perfect. Because it is small I can move past people easier. The bass system is loud and makes me feel like I have a subwoofer sometimes.

- Bob H

The why on buying a Chevrolet aveo.

Drives ok, accelerations are ok. Brakes are decent. Compact, somewhat smooth ride. Mirrors are small, body is small, good gas mileage, tight room in passenger seats. Do not take on long trips or vacations, good for economy and driving to and from work.

- Justin K

Not dependable and starts going down hill maintenance wise way to soon.

It hasn't held up well. The headlight plug wore out and shorted out to kill the headlight and there are no moving parts to have caused it. The exhaust pipe right below the motor started leaking. Over all not happy with this car.

- John S

Told is a 'throw away' car. Said Chevy didn't make it to last a long time.

Recently having trouble with engine lights and sensors. Replaced mass air part, and now intake air sensor. Chevy dealer wanted $125. For part, paid 19. With Napa online, and Chevy insisted I do a diagnostic for $135. Not necessary.

- Anne H

My car has been very reliable.

I like how much space the inside feels like it has when driving when in reality it is a small car. I like that the back seats can be lowered for more trunk space. I dislike how the armrest seems to be breaking over time.

- Ethan B

The car can convert into 3 rows.

I like that it is easy to handle and it is compact. I also like the amount of trunk space. I do not like that it has a slow struggled acceleration. It takes a while for it to go from 0 mph to say 55 mph on the highway.

- Emma L

doesn't have mechanical seats.

Ac issues, no automatic seats, awful locking and alarm system, radio issues, breaks are extremely touchy, car is pretty good on gas. doesn't have a middle console to store things in which I find highly annoying.

- Katie D

The Aveo is good on gas. It has not had many issues with repair.

It needs new brakes. I just got brakes last year so the people didn't do it right and now there out of business. I wish it drove smoother like some of the newer cars, but other that I love my little car.

- Rochelle W

When the wind is high on the freeway crossing a bridge the sound can be scary.

The car is reliable. It is very small but surprisingly that has never been a problem. I know one other person who had issues with this car, but I have not had major problems with the vehicle.

- Pam C

Simple no frills but reliable and fuel efficient car.

It's a very simple reliable car that gets you from point A to point B. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it does have good fuel economy which is probably its best attribute.

- Rob M

very comfortable and quality

very comfort, quality, economic consumes little fuel.It is comfortable for the whole family, a recognized and spacious brand to travel long distance and compact easy to park anywhere...

- jhon B

There. Is nothing others need to know about my car.

Its paid off. No car payments. It gets me to work and back. Its older, it not the car I would like to drive but it helps me meet my financial goals so I stick with it until is dies.

- Matt T

It usually gets me were I need to go.

There is no air. It is to small for me. I don't like the color. There's always something wrong with it. I have had to have a lot of random work done. Like spark plugs, coils, belts.

- Rachel B

Aveo, the best vehicle to go to work every day

I like the brand of Chevrolet vehicles because it is considered one of the best in the world, the Aveo is very comfortable and economical, ideal for the city to go shopping or work.

- John C

Appearance of this truck is great.

It is uncomfortable, one drink holder, who puts it in front of the phone charger.. No place to drop change, phone, cigarettes that will not be ruined when my pop spills.

- Sarah W

It is got good seating space but not very much packing space.

I just got the vehicle, so there’s actually no issues to it yet, it is got very good spacing and rides really smooth. It is perfect for a small or growing family.

- John F

It is pretty fast and doesn't consume much gas and oils

Is not as comfortable as a I want it, but it is very economy, has low cost maintenance and great performance gas/mile, also is cute and I can park everywhere.,

- Francis B

Awesome Aveo, great for a first car

I love it! The size, the acceleration everything! I lock my keys in there a lot though, oops! But have been able to get them out with a spare. I love this car

- Abbey W

Aveo Chevrolet review: great vehicle, amazing gas spending rate.

It's a really good vehicle, I like it and it does not spend a lot of gas which is great. I love my car and I recommend buying one if you are a student as me.

- Jose M

It's reliable but the only problems I've had with it have been my fault

I like that it is roomy. It can hold a lot of stuff in the trunk if the seats are down. Would be a problem if you need to transport big and tall people.

- Ethan B

The most important thing about this car is that it is reliable.

Overall super reliable everyday car. Gets me where I need to go with minimal issues. I have only had one issue with the battery but it was a quick fix.

- Tina H

It's great on gas! It's easy to drive and can fit it most tight parking spaces.

I love my Chevy Aveo. It is just the right size for just myself and my dogs. It is great on gas and has good power. I rarely need any maintenance.

- Fran G

While it is small it is actually very spacious. Surprisingly a lot of room.

I like how small the vehicle is because I am terrible at parking. I don't like that I feel like if I put too much weight in the car it could break.

- Mackenzie M

Car is perfect size and yet is very roomy and large truck for shopping or traveling.

I bought the car used with low milage and very clean inside and out. My wife is the primary driver and car is perfect size for just the two of us.

- Jay K

Good gas mileage. And roomy for a small car.

It's a great car. No problems for 5 yrs. Starting to make noise now. And i need brakes and tires. All in all, it works fine. Good on gas mileage.

- Dawn H

It has a very small gas tank. I believe around 10 gallons, and when I filled up for the first time it confused me.

I just bought it. I like that it has roll up windows. I do not like that it has no power locks or cruise control. I like the size of the car.

- Kelly C

his spare parts are available everywhere, so when I change or buy something for this model it is very simple, which I see as an advantage.

since I bought it it has fulfilled all my expectations, I have always liked the design of the model and its performance is very acceptable

- Jayden B

Chevy Aveo: A small reliable car

Gas efficient. Small but gets you where you need to go. No performance issues. Comfortable interior and features that have what you need.

- Joshua F

Small engine, but big personality

I love how small and compact the vehicle is, however I hate how small the engine is! It doesn't get up to speed as fast as I would like

- Kelsey C

Again, it's reliable. Like most vehicles, parts eventually wear down but repairs have been relatively cheap, but that could also be due in part to the fact I work on my own vehicle as long as it's nothing too major.

It's a reliable vehicle. Easy to work on if something goes wrong. Honestly, I prefer Chevrolet over any other make of vehicle.

- Matt E

it's very comfortable, i can go with my car a anything travel.

the performance the car is really amazing, only need go to the specialist in the revision period. it's very comfortable inside

- jorge z




Great milage at a good price.

It is small enough, but comfortable. I get excellent gas mileage for the area I live in. The cost of repairs is reasonable.

- Robin W

It is touchy on the brakes.

I enjoy that it is a smooth drive and has decent gas mileage. I dislike that it takes some time to actually start the car.

- Chance B

It is average. If you want to go from one place to another, here you go.

I like that it gets good gas mileage I also like that it can 'take a beating and moves in and out of tight places easily,.

- Jack Y

Good car to drive and spesius too

Car is good , spacious,easy to drive but have little battery problem.otherwise mileage is good and need less maintenance

- Shital P

It gets very good gas mileage.

No real problems, is reliable. I bought a no frills model, would have been nice if automatic windows were part of that.

- Rosalie R

Is a brand that I trust, good quality

Is a great car, I love it, don't have any troubles and is easy and fun to drive, economic, a good value for the money

- sid w

I love how the vehicle is great on gas

I received my chevrolet as of today but have always been a fan of Nissan vehicles I love how good it is on gas.

- Jasmine L

It's generally smooth running, just make sure you keep it maintained properly.

it's an alright vehicle for getting back and forth to work or running errands or whatever else you might need.

- Jeremy w

it's a very nice car that give me comfortable moments

it's a very comfortable and fast vehicle that is very beautiful and all access for an urban city, nice car

- markus l

The chevrolet aveo is a four door sedan.

I love my vehicle, and have no problems with it. It is a very reliable and dependable vehicle. Thank you.

- Christia K

I take care of the vehicle by getting it washed.

I like everything there is nothing that I do not like is very good excellent for me in very appreciated.

- Sara D

Great on gas and overall good reliability

I love the gas mileage, but hate that small engine does not put out a lot of power when running the A/C

- Bryan W

it's very comfortable for my use

I haven't had any problems with my car, even it's a little old. It is comfortable for me and my family

- gabriela m

I love this car, good for travel and reliable to use in the city. I've never had any major issues with it.

Cost effective gas, reliable on the road. Big spacious trunk with reclining back seats for more space.

- Luz C

Cool but could be cooler!!

My car has been really reliable, just wish the air conditioning would work better and blow colder air.

- Robin M

It's not fast. It takes a bit to get to your desired speed.

I like the gas mileage. I don't like how compact and small it is. It does save money on gas though.

- Heath S

It gets really good gas mileage I'm just afraid it will break down soon.

It has a lot of difficulty with the air conditioning and it makes a lot of unsettling noises.

- Lee G

It is a good car and it really fits its purpose. I enjoyed the car because it makes me happy

I do not have any complains. The use of gas is exceptional and very well done

- gabriela r

It's a Nice car with lots of space and a very good drivers seat.

Like the color, shape and the interieur. Don't like the airco, it's faulty

- Ruben R

gets great gas mileage and is easy to get around in

it gets great gas mileage. It is easy to maneuver. needs more cabin room

- Daniel P

It is a hybrid car, too good consumes very little fuel

the car is very comfortable but it is not very good for long trips

- Michael D

It is poorly made. Cheaply made and designed to take consumer's money, whether in original sales or repair costs. I will never buy a chevy again as long as I live.

It is a terrible investment and no one should ever buy this car.

- Scott W

That it is a reliable car. That I would buy another one if I was on the market.

This medium size car is right gets me from point A to B.

- Jeffrey L

durability and quality in travel long and functional

it's a great car and comparative with all car its good

- D r

it is my best ally on the road and i feel very good driving it

I have no complaints and i love my vehicle very much

- sara g

The one most important thing others should know is that the car is not mine..

Small, compact car. Good on gas. Manual transmission

- Bailie R

Never buy a Chevrolet Aveo

I hate my car. Drives terrible. Always breaks down

- Audrey J

There are very little issues

I like my car very much. It is very reliable.

- Brielle C

the most important thing is a gas fuel car and easy on gas.

great vehicle. easy on gas, no dislikes

- Alice M