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Very reliable, but interior flimsiness is unfortunate

The best thing I can say about my Chevy Cobalt is that it has been reliable. In the 10 years we've owned it, we have never had to make major repairs that were not normal wear and tear. EVen when we did have to make repairs, the parts in question had far exceeded their expected life. As an example, we recently replaced the front struts. These had an expected life of 50,000 miles; ours lasted nearly 150,000 miles. Considering that our vehicle spends 100% of its time driving over permafrost and pothole-ridden roads, this says a lot for the original equipment of the car. That being said, I do wish that some of the interior amenities had proved as long-lasting as the mechanical features. Despite taking a great deal of care of our vehicle, the foil has been peeling off of the handles for several years. The covers on the vanity mirrors broke off long ago, and the floor mats proved to be anything but sturdy (there is a three-inch-wide hole worn into the one of the driver's side).

- Jamie H

2008 Chevy cobalt - easy to drive and maintain.

Overall I am very happy with my Chevy cobalt. I have owned this car for almost five years now and it has caused me very little problems. The car drives well and is good on gas. Its handled well even in poor conditions so long as you drive smart. My main two issues with it are small features I did not consider prior to purchase. Cruise control would have been a nice addition considering that I frequently drive long distances to visit family. In addition with two dogs the upholstery is not the easiest to clean. I have fabric seats and that can sometimes be an issue with dog hair and mud.

- Christine B

Why I love my Chevy cobalt.

This is a 4 door sedan, easy to drive and gets very good mileage: 25 in the city and 32 on highways. Very comfortable car for short people. No blind spots. The back seat comfortably seats 2 more adults with plenty of legroom. I have owned my cobalt 10 years without any problems. I do wish it had a better sound system. Some of the features I like include cruise control and a/c of course, outside temperature and 2 trip meters. I also have automated tire pressure sensors which are very handy on long trips. I have cloth interior which is easy to maintain. Trunk space is very generous.

- Anne P

It's wouldn't be a good car if you have more than 2 kids. It has been extremely reliable!

I bought my Cobalt used, in 2010. Besides a recall that was fixed, and general upkeep (oil changes, tires, etc) my car has never had to have any mechanical work done. It has over 280,000 miles on it and has been a great car! My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is because I've some minor issues with the power windows, radio speakers and such. But nothing that I can't live without or is worth replacing with so many miles on it. All in all, I'm very happy with the car. It is a smaller car, however I knew that when I bought it.

- Danielle E

Wish it was better but very outdated compared to the new cars today.

My car was used when I bought it. I didn't have much of a choice of what I was going to get. I wish it was better looking in the inside and that the seats weren't a gross color. The catalytic converter was that recently replaced because he was broken and made a horrible sound. The ac and heat work great. Windows are slow to roll down. My driver said door speaker does not work. When I go to lock my car my keys do not let my car do it so I have to manually lock it from the passenger side door each time.

- Alyssa A

Great car for young adults.

I have had this car for over 4 years. I would highly recommend this as a first time car for young adults. Over the course of 4 years the only really major issue I had encountered with my car is my tires had gotten worn out. Few things I do not like about my car is it is smaller than most. Sometimes it can get pretty crowded. Another is the gas mileage isn't the best. If you drive more than most people this wouldn't be a good choice. It's been reliable for me to get to school and work.

- Marisol T

Cobalts are great for new drivers

Quiet, has a lot of power for a small car, very reliable, very durable. It's low to the ground so it's not the best in the world for rougher roads which are a lot here in Eastern Ky. Mine was used but has given me absolutely no problems, it is perfect for what I need it for. Other people who have taken less care of their cobalts than I have haven't even had a lot of issues so they're extremely durable little cars and inexpensive. They would make a great first car for a new driver.

- Kraft B

The cobalt is great if you are looking for a car that is reliable and economical.

Problems- there are definitely some design issues. For some reason, the air conditioning drainage tube gets clogged occasionally, so I have to use compressed air to clean it. . As far as reliability, brakes seem noisy and to wear down faster than normal. And I have had to replace some of the more costly parts way too soon before they were supposed to need replacing. . This is not a luxury car, so comfort would be at like a 3. . But I do love how zippy and great on gas it is.

- Kiara E

253, 000 miles and going strong.

The 2008 Chevrolet cobalt has been an amazing business/work car. Getting over 30 miles to the gallon with minimal upkeep has helped our family financially. We have used full synthetic oil from the beginning and have had zero transmission and zero engine problems. The only problem we have had with the car are the tire pressure system, they continue to go out, but at 253, 000 miles that is a small price to pay for a workhorse of a car with tons of space for two people!

- Meg E

The gas saving grocery getting zoom boom mamas secret race car.

The Chevrolet Cobalt easy a smooth and quiet ride. It gets up to speed quickly and can stop on a dime if needed. It is compact but has plenty of leg room and rides comfortably with four passengers. I can put all of the groceries into the trunk with room to spare for sporting equipment. All of the interior is still looking new. I have not had any issues with this car. I have kept the maintenance up to date and kept it clean but that's all that was needed.

- Beth S

Reliable, economical car; not glamorous.

Performance wise, the car is fine. In terms of quality, however, the vehicle is falling apart a little. The door panels are starting to literally fall off from just the opening and closing of the door, the speakers on the car go in and out intermittently, and the seat belt light seems to be on no matter what. All in all these are pretty minor though, as the car is rather old. Otherwise it has held up very well, and I have never had any mechanical issues.

- Nicole V

Need a car with pep and good gas mileage then the 08 cobalt is for you.

My car gets great gas mileage. I get about 34 highway mpg. I have two kids and my spouse and we can all pile in with room for one more small child. It has lots of pep and suits our needs perfectly. I did not buy it with all the bells and whistles in fact it's not even power windows or locks. The car has never had a single issue and the maintenance has been easy and inexpensive. It was a great little car to purchase and I would purchase one again.

- Christy B

No power locks or power windows.

Rotator cups have to be adjusted often. No power locks or power windows. The speakers are blown, not from loud playing. The cup holders are too small for recycled drink cups. There's no place to put your cell phone. There is no room between the driver and passenger seats to store anything. The only storage is the glove compartment. The rpms speed up when driving sometimes. The rear seat cannot be folded down.

- Anne P

My car is red with grey interior and a spoiler on the back. 4 doors, sunroof.

Most everything on this car is great. The worst part is the little plastic cheap pieces. Like the plastic around the sunroof button snapped off. The buttons that hold the seat belt up broke off twice. The vanity mirrors on both sun visors snapped off. The door handles on the inside are cheap white plastic covered with foil tape. Very cheap, breaks off very quickly and ridiculously expensive to replace.

- Amy L

08 Chevy cobalt amazing little car.

I have a 2008 Chevy cobalt great little car get decent mileage and has an amazing stereo for be8ng stock. I am a rather tall person 6'3" and I fit in it just fine with a car seat behind me. I have had the car for almost a year and drove it 20k miles so far and other than regular maintenance have not had to put a dime into it. Have had no issues with anything other than the battery in the key fob dying.

- Cody B

My bright yellow cobalt gets lots of attention from people!

My yellow cobalt has been a very good car. The only maintenance I have had to do is oil changes. I did have an issue with the cobalt on the drive shaft. That was cracked and about ready to break off. The mechanic did say he's never seen this issue in a Chevy so maybe it was just a fluke thing on my car - not the model in general. It is comfortable even though I am tall. The trunk is a good size.

- Maureen M

Within last 3 years, lots of issues; I only drive 50 miles a day.

My car overheats during rush hour traffic because the fuse box is bad and I cannot keep a good fuse in there for the fan on the engine, also making it impossible to use the air conditioning. The button pops off the shifter in the middle console. The automatic locks do not work. The button popped off to adjust your driver side and passenger side mirrors. The rear defroster will not stay in place.

- Wanda C

Great small car for a single person or small family.

It is a great small car for getting back and forth to work (I drive an hour to work). It is fantastic on gas mileage. Upkeep is easy. I have had no engine problems or mechanical problems. Most of the repair work is fairly cheap. I have only had flat tires and a bolt that fell out of the brake pad. One thing I dislike about the car is that the battery is located in the trunk not under the hood.

- Jennifer H

The one most important thing is that it is great on gas.

I love my car. I am a Chevy girl. I love the sportiness of it and the gas mileage is amazing. The only complaint I have is that it isn't the best in the winter but I have not put winter tread or studded tires on it yet. That would make a difference. Also, I have people riding in the back a lot so it's a little hard getting them in and out. But, it's beautiful, and easy on gas and it's a Chevy!

- Heather M

Great car when new; not so much 10 years later.

The cobalt was plagued by a number of recalls. It is comfortable, somewhat fun to drive, very peppy for a 4-cylinder, gets great gas mileage. however, the cobalt was a sloppy design overall and was built simply in order that Chevrolet could get its entire fleet under the epa's cafe guidelines, and the shortcuts they took are really beginning to show now that the car is 10 years old.

- Allen D

There is a recall on the gas lines but the dealership refused to pay for the repairs and I had to pay for them out of pocket.

I like the gas mileage but I do not like all the repairs I have made to the car. The gas line was leaking due to a recall but the dealership would not pay for it so I had to pay out of pocket for the repairs. Now I have an oil leak somewhere but my mechanic cannot find the leak so I have to put oil in it about every 3 days. I also do not like how low the car sits to the ground

- Michele F

This is a great car for first time drivers with great gas mileage.

It's been a great vehicle overall. Its my first and I had it for 5 years. Only major problems I had was replacing the steering. Otherwise it's a great car for a single person. It does not contain a whole lot of space. The gas mileage is great for the size of the car. It will last you as good as you treat it. Great first time car. Insurance is not too high with good record.

- Marisol T

The get up and go is amazing and it gets great gas mileage!

It's very good on gas it has great get up and go. I wish it was a little bit bigger at times but I can fit two adults and three children. It has totally awesome ac and the maintenance has been very easy on the pocketbook. I did not purchase it with bells and whistles so its as simple as it gets i.e. there are no automatic windows or locks etc. but I love my car.

- Georgia B

The design is most excellent details.

Its compact with great fuel efficiency, with great features, but nothing too complicated to learn. Offers a great sleek design and easily washable. Performance runs smoothly and offers a great gas mileage. When I drove my vehicle on. Road trip there no issues of performance except running low on gas. Overall I feel it's the best vehicle for a first time buyer.

- Courtney S

The Chevy cobalt is a good car with good gas mileage.

My cobalt is a good automobile. It is comfortable and drives smooth. We have gone on two vacations in it and was a much better ride than our other auto. It is also nice because it is paid off. The rear seat is fairly comfortable and can be rode in by an adult. The trunk has plenty of space to store luggage and groceries in. It gets good gas mileage also.

- Joyce W

Chevy Cobalt: A Reliable Car

I have not had many problems with this car. It has been more reliable than any other car I have owned. I have had a few problems that aren't related to the driving. The electrical components are not the best. The locks on the doors no longer work with the buttons. The turn signals do not turn off on their own. Other than that I really recommend the car.

- Stephanie S

Even though it was a model made in 2008, it has some advanced features like showing tire pressures and oil life.

A very fun car to drive and easy to use (and park). The only problem I have with my Cobalt is that I have had a few electrical problems, like my driver's side rear window wont open or close and sometimes the buttons on the radio don't work. But it gets me from place to place and it is very simple. So other than the electrical stuff, I love it.

- Jenny S

I love the power it has to get on the highway and go!

I love the way it handles on the highway. Get fuel efficiency. Handles good in all weather conditions. Plenty of space in the trunk for storage. Spacious inside for passengers. And great car for long distance traveling. Small car is great for in town driving also. If your a student or like to travel this is a car to consider.

- Whitney W

Good gas mileage almost 200k miles. Very reliable has some wiring issues.

My car is very reliable, but it does have some malfunctions. The radio screen comes and goes, the driver side speaker has been blown since shortly after I got the car, the passenger speaker comes and goes, and the headlights have a wiring issue. It does have good gas mileage though, but it has almost 200 thousand miles on it.

- Elizabeth T

Good reliable car, cheap maintenance.

Super reliable car! Gets really good gas mileage on the road and the highway. I haven't had any major problems and routine maintenance is fairly cheap on this vehicle. I don't have a lot of frills, but I do have cruise control and a nice radio system. The seats are really comfortable and the back seat is fairly roomy.

- Carrie K

Almost all the Chevy cars and trucks are luxuries. Is very good.

The make and model of Chevy are good and reliable, I recommend it. And I have never had a problem. They are reliable to handle they are comfortable and they have a motor, strong transmission. I already have two of my family that have and are satisfied with the modern one is Chevy silverware and the other is Equinox.

- Jose P

My car is fire-truck red with a spoiler on the back.

I have had frequent problems with the front tire shocks. I also wish I had bought a sedan instead of a coupe, because the doors are big and heavy, and I can lose my grip on them when the weather is very windy. Other than these problems, I love my car. It can go fast when I need it to and it is got good gas mileage.

- Sarah P

My car is red and the interior is neutral. I do not have any tinted windows.

Car runs fine there’s just brake problems and air problems. The car is a good size and gas runs ok. The car is simple to drive and mileage is not bad. The car is comfortable to drive. Not a bad car for a first time car. My car has some issues like brakes and air but other than that it takes me where I need to go.

- Jojo K

Great car for commuting or traveling.

It is great on gas, I commute for work everyday. It is a comfortable style with plenty of room for a small family. I have had several problems with my starter, my windshield leaking and minor wear and tear, after all it is 10 years old and has lots of mileage. I have to replace the tires at least every 18 months.

- Haley W

A bit small for a person who is 5'11.

I love my cobalt, but it is a bit cramped being a 2 door. It is extremely reliable though. Unfortunately, the radio is a bit busted, so the speaker does not work on one side. Sometimes the trunk does not open either. Lights are very bright and brights are even brighter. Always hitting the horn on accident though.

- Theresa B

Blue car, black hood, manual windows and locks.

Car runs pretty well overall, the tire pressure lights are very touchy. The window handle bars are at an awkward position so as soon as you hardly touch it, the window is cracked open. Also, the engine light has a problem where it stays on, and I've had it checked by multiple places and there is no problem.

- Katrina B

This model of car is very reliable for people who commute to work.

I have driven it for ten years with very little problem. I dislike that it has manual locks and crank windows, but they have never broken. Now that my car is so old the sensors and little things are starting to go bad, but considering how much and how far I drive it I am very satisfied with Its performance.

- Jessica M

Overall I would recommend this car to anyone.

It is a nice size. It has been reliable considering how many miles is on it. I do not like the blind spot where the airbags are. I would purchase a new one if I could. It handles really well on the highway and gets very good gas mileage. I think this would be a very nice first car or for someone in college.

- Tina M

You don't have many issues with this car.

I haven't had much problems outside of usual wear and tear. But I have had an issue with it shutting down if it got wet underneath of my car and I have also had an issue with my brake drums but they've been resolved. Overall It's a good car for people with 1 or 2 kids or a student that wants a gas saver.

- Deja B

Pros and cons of the 08 Chevy cobalt.

The backseat is not very comfortable as it is very small. The positives are the hvac and mileage. The ac and heating systems are good. Also, it gets good gas mileage. however, I have had several issues with reliability with this car. It is broken down several times and I have needed expensive repairs.

- Jenny M

Keep up with oil changes and keep car in good condition... I love my car color.

I really have had no major issues with my car. It has been hit a few times and still keeps going. I have 160,000 plus miles on my car and make sure I keep up with having oil changes and any other issues that may arise done in a timely manner to make sure my car continues to function as it should.

- Joanna G

Performance of this Chevy cobalt.

Problems with computer chip. Had to pay over 650 dollars for repairs. Had to obtain a new code. Other than that, the car runs fine. I do have problems now with the passenger airbag. The way it feels on the road is good, except long travels. Not sure about doing the right thing on buying this car.

- Robert H

Good little car for your money.

It is good on gas. Easy to park, had some electrical problems that was very expensive to have fixed. Very good in the snow for a small car, got my money's worth and still going. Stereo system is still good. Paint is peeling, it is been reliable, handles good, trunk is very roomy for a small car.

- Della B

It's a dark blue Cobalt Chevy, four door.

I have been using this car for a while, and I am very happy with how it runs and how smooth it drives. I love all the lights and functions on the dash and radio, being able to connect an AUX cord is wonderful. The turning is on point, and having a little girl, she loves when we go for a drive.

- Elizabeth H

It fits all the needs of a small family. Great economy. Doesn't break down.

I love the gas mileage I get with it. I have the 2 door model so the doors are bigger and easier for me to get in and out of with my height. It has all the technology options I desired. The outline is not full sport coupe but still aggressive enough that it doesn't look like a family car.

- Oliver B

My vehicle is old but still reliable. I would recommend it for people who want a car but don't want to spend a fortune on one.

Considering my car is 10 years old, I think it works pretty well! It doesn't have the latest features that more modern cars have, but it's comfortable and hasn't had many problems regarding maintenance. It runs very well at high and low speeds and is a very comfortable car to drive in.

- Jacqueline G

Good riding car and fuel efficient. Good for small family.

Fuel line under car leaked on to exhaust pipe and could have caught fire while we were driveling someplace. Plus we could have been hurt or killed. Chevrolet needs to redesign this so other people don't get killed. This is a very poor design. Maybe put fuel lines on other side of car.

- Ronald R

My Chevy cobalt is the cobalt blue color and is very spacious.

My car is perfect for a small or regular size family. The car fits 2 car seats perfectly in the back. The trunk is huge and can hold at least 2 kids suitcases and 2 medium size adult suitcases. The car drives great and is the best that I have own, I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Tiffany Y

Good priced used car that is very comfortable with leg room

I bought it used for 7k and for having 120,000 miles it ran smoothly and handled fairly well, only a two door so it the back seat was a struggle for passengers getting in an out otherwise it is a really nice car for a starter car or someone just looking for a car under 10k that's used

- Connor T

Great gas mileage 30+ in seattle

Car has 4 cylinder engine which loses a little zip around 150000 miles. The doors in the coupe are long so don't get them if you need a compact car. Regular time it's really help after 100000 miles. Check that car had ignition cylinder recall work done for your safety. Very important

- Wesley G

Handles well on the road.

I like it because it is easy to drive and it does not cost much to service the car also the car is very good on gas. It is easy to clean and I rarely have problems with my car as long as I keep up with my fluid changes. It handles good on the road and it is also very cost efficient.

- Michelle P

The best parts of the Chevy Cobalt, affordable and gas efficient.

It is a good car, very good on gas. Cheap to fill and gas lasts very long it is better to get the highest package options so that you can have more features. It is very good for the price and a very reliable car. Parts are cheap and usually any problem you may have is easy to fix.

- Andrea D

Cheap with your own music.

The gas tank is small so it would cost 30 a week or every 2 weeks to get gas depending on how often you use it, the front speakers tend to easily stop working, the benefits of the car though is being able to listen to your own music, it is not too expensive, and everything works.

- Crystal H

All around it's a great car.

Very reliably, nice comfortable seats, drives very well, strong motor and transmission, has a CD player with FM radio works well, the heat will run you out of the car, no power windows, has airbags all over, lots of room for the family, lots of trunk space, all around great car.

- Brittany G

Definitely make sure you are prepared to replace brakes a lot, although they are cheap to replace it's still a pain in the ass.

It's been very reliable so far, I drove it 2,000 miles across the country & it's still going strong. I don't like that the brakes go out so easily I've replaced them 2 times in the last 2 years, it has 200,000 miles on it and it has no other problems so that's definitely a plus.

- Ashley C

I love my bright yellow cobalt!

My cobalt is sporty and comfortable. I really enjoy the remote starter and the sunroof! My car is bright yellow which if fun! I am tall but still able to fit comfortably in the driver's seat. The trunk is large for this size car. I would purchase another of the same make/model.

- Maureen E

Always lock your doors because I don't have power locks.

My vehicle is a burnt orange color and I absolutely love it. Now, it is a base model, so it doesn't have power locks and windows, but it is still a nice car. The speakers are kind of cheap but other than those things it runs well and has minimal problems and great gas mileage

- Kyrsten O

My cobalt gets very good gas mileage.

My cobalt is a great car. It uses less gas than my Ford pickup. It is a nice blue color. We have taken a couple of trips in it to missouri and oklahoma and had no trouble with it on the way or back. It has enough room in the back seat. We can haul small stuff in the trunk.

- Joyce W

2008 Chevy cobalt luxury standard.

Great car only thing I dislike about it is no automatic locks or windows. Also the coil to roll my window up and down has broken. This is my 2nd car. Not very family friendly considering its a 2 door. Trunk space very limited. Not a lot of room to get child in a car seat.

- Jess C

Reliable, will last for 10+ years of taken care of correctly.

The car is reliable. Has lasted 10 years so far with only minor maintenance issues. however I do not like how the key ignition gets jammed sometimes and the space inside is too small. The cup holders are not big enough to hold cups. The speakers in the front do not work.

- Chelsea M

Cobalt ls is a good car. .

Nice reliable car. Good for small family. Easy to drive. Decent gas mileage. Decent stereo system. The car does ok in bad weather. Nice pep with such a small engine. Good response to driver. . The engine holds up well to being a daily driver. And decent on long distance.

- Michael L

The classy cobalt. Dark blue/gray tinted window nice rims.

Great compact car. Drives smooth. Good starter car. Easy maintenance. Nice updated power windows automated locks and security system. Reliable car. CD players as well as aux cord capabilities to listen to your own music. Nice rims and tires as well. All around good car.

- A T

Grand rider take you there get you there grand power.

Wonderful motor great miles I bought it from somebody that took good care of it. The interior is still in awesome shape. Only a few scratches on the back of the bumper. Fully loaded engine. I have had a few mechanical problems the whole two years of having this vehicle.

- Rochelle M

Chevy Cobalt has internal issues and manufacturer errors.

Ignition switch recall, low gas mileage, small tank, very slippery on the road in the winter. The wheel locks up sometimes, had an issue with the computer connections that caused my car to be undriveable for a short time. Outside of these issues, the car has been fine.

- Greg M

Vehicle gets good gas mileage.

This vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage, it has been a decent, reliable mode of transportation for me. I have only had issues with the tire pressure monitors and some problems with the clutch not going into gear easily in the year and a half that I have had the car.

- Laura P

Reliable, efficient and effective.

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It gets good gas mileage and is decently modern. I have owned it for 2 years now and have had no major issues with it. Being the newest used vehicle I have ever owned, I am more than satisfied with its performance.

- Alexander D

It holds up well. Other than the recalls it hasn't needed anything other than standard service.

It's a great little car. The gas mileage could be better for the size. It did have a couple of recalls. The ignition switch had to be replaced on one recall. The seatbelt sensor had to be replaced on another recall. There was an unofficial recall on the fuel pump.

- Rosamay S

Too small - weird wiring - not a good car for families or more than 1 person.

Wiring seems to be bad, everything electric in the car goes in and out since the day I bought it. Too small of a car. Wish they left the backseat out to give more room in the car. If I could go back I would have bought a bigger car, but this one was in my budget,

- Lindsay H

Big problems with a small car.

Very plain interior with no extras. The electronics are dated and things are beginning to break. The paint is beginning to fade and the genders are rusted. Both front windows do not roll down. The ac does not work properly and the right turn signal does not work.

- Len K

Chevy cobalt 2008 lt affordable and reliable transportation.

I love my car! It was affordable and it has proven to be reliable. Gets me from point a to point b with no issues. It is comfortable to drive and affordable to fix. I rarely have any issues, basic maintenance keeps it running like a charm. Highly recommended.

- Cheyenne A

Gas mileage is good in the car and it is reliable.

It is a very reliable car. We have had it for over 4 years now and we've never had a problem out of it. We would purchase another one just like it, we have only had to change certain things you would any vehicle like tires and stuff. We love the Chevy Cobalt.

- Emilie G

Chevy cobalt 2008 good and bad.

Speakers could be louder, radio dial is starting to mess up, gear shift can be janky at times. Good trunk space, reliable, blind spots are not bad, electric windows and locks, AUX cord plug in availability, good gas mileage, comfortable seats, lots of space.

- Kelsey G

I have no highlights or interesting details.

No problems, just not the type of person that knows much about vehicles. Has heated seats which are wonderful in colder weather, would love to have a rearview camera and do like the automatic volume adjustment with the radio. Is a fairly comfortable ride.

- Jean B

When it is on cruise control it’ll go faster than the speed you have it set to.

Heat and air does not work, tire pressure sensor is on, always has a turn signal out even if I fix them, turn signals does not make sound and you have to turn the turn signal off by yourself. Very good car though driving wise. I haven't had any problems.

- Emily S

That the car gets amazing gas mileage. That the gas can last a week or longer.

I like the gas mileage of my vehicle. I only have to fill it up every week. I also like how reliable it has been. I haven't had to complete any major repairs on it yet. The only thing I would change, is that I wish the car was higher up from the ground.

- Krista H

Awful car to buy for sure.

It is to expensive. I wish I would not have bought into this car. It was/is not worth the amount I pay monthly. It seems to have problems all the time with it. And the finance place was suppose to fix it with a warranty but they clearly do not do that.

- Melissa P

Cobalt Chevy 2008 one star: overall in my opinion this car not enough room.

Not enough room to store your bag or belongings. Issues with my car keys getting stuck. My car sits to low so the carpet it gets wet easily. Do not like the leather not the best quality. It takes 25. 00 for gas to get filled up but it burns gas quick.

- Alejandra H

It is a four door good on gas five sets.

It is really good on gas and very reliable has not broken down on me only had to do maintenance on wear and tare only ever had to o fix the tire and oil changes and there is a recall on the ignition switch and tires has been replaced multiple times.

- Ginger R

2008 Black Cobalt LT, with over 180,000 miles on it.

My car has been with me since 2009. I have had minimal issues over the last 9 years, and I've been able to travel to over half of the states in the US with my car. Despite being over 10 years old, my cobalt is still reliable and makes me feel safe.

- Mariah M

Despite it making some noises when driving on the highway it wont breakdown.

What I like about my car is that it functions perfectly. What I dislike about it is that as it gets older it is starting to require more maintenance. Therefore, that cost to keep up with it is rising meaning less money to spend on other things.

- Guadalupe H

my car is one of the last few things i bought before i began living paycheck to paycheck. it's a reminder of good times.

i like that it has lasted all these years with minimal repairs and regular maintenance. I like the size- in/out of parking easily. I like the mileage. I don't like the seats - they seem to be less comfortable, the cushioning has not lasted.

- Sondra C

Affordable, fun to drive & reliable

Great value for $17,700 out the door 10 years ago! Routine maintenance has kept it healthy. New tires & brakes over the years; one warranty ignition issue a few years back; needed a new fuel line this year. Comfy & reliable. Love On Star!

- Kathleen H

With normal upkeep my car will last well over 10 years!

My car is 10 years old and has 198,000 miles on her. Other than normal upkeep she is in perfect condition. The only thing I dislike is there is only 1 key hole on the car so when my key fob died only the driver could unlock the car.

- Amanda T

Nice size and Fuel efficient

I bought my cobalt used, it had 5,000 miles on it. It has been a very reliable and fuel efficient car. It currently almost has 100,000 miles on it. It is starting to have normal wear and tear problems, but that is to be expected

- lawanda b

The reliable car for the everyday driver

The Chevy Cobalt is a reliable vehicle. It's easy to drive, handles well, and is great on gas. There are also many great features such as the 12v charging port that stays on all the time, even when the vehicle is turned off.

- Errol M

Chevy Cobalt: A Vehicle Perfect for Students

My vehicle is a wonderful starter vehicle. I received it as a gift when I was 17 and I had just started driving. It lacks cruise control and a decent speaker system, which is a bummer, but I definitely admire it's reliability.

- Rachel W

It is very cheap to fix when it breaks, and very economical when it comes to gas.

I really like the size of the car and how comfortable it is for my height, but any tall person is uncomfortable in my car. I also do not like that the windows are manual. For a 2008, I feel as though they should be automatic.

- Shannon M

It drove across the country from Missouri to California six times!

I've had my car over 10 years and have always loved the way it drives. The downside is it is pretty small as a coupe so I can't really drive other people around. I like the color. I don't like that the speakers are broken.

- Erica Z

This car is super comfortable and provides mounds of safety features.

My vehicle is convenient for driving to work and traveling. It has been through a lot over the last year, but it is still holding up really well. The mileage is good on it, and I like that it has an aux cable port in it.

- Kaylee P

It's a simple model that gets you from A to B.

It's simple but it gets you where you need to go. There's not a lot of bells and whistles, but that also means there's less I have to worry about breaking or repairing I guess. Mileage is good. It's a good starter car.

- Kat K

Low price and lasts a long time

My car drives smooth and is perfect for me. It has just enough bells and whistles for me but others find it to be a downfall that it's got manual locks. The oil pan is easy to rip out though. However, I Love this car!

- Lauren B

It runs well and is reliable.

My Mazda 3 gets great gas mileage, it has fairly decent space for seating and even for Its trunk. For it being 8 years old, it is still incredibly reliable and performs well. Very low maintenance but a great car.

- Hannah I

A very reliable compact car

A solid and reliable vehicle with, by now, an excess of 150K miles. Room for five with ample trunk space. Has needed the usual amount of repair work due to wear and tear and was part of a model recall on airbags.

- Jerry S

Great built just kind of small. If you are ok with a small car it is great but if you have a family needs to be a bit bigger

Love the vehicle and very well built. However now that I am starting a family it's kind of tight. However I have been in a wreck in my previous one and the cop told me he's never seen anyone walk away like I did.

- Jamie W

Safety features are lacking in comparison to newer models and it's pretty small.

I would really like a backup camera. My car is a little small for my family. It runs well with only minor issues starting to arise(starter going out, etc.). Great vehicle, I just want to upgrade to a newer car.

- Jennifer P

Great affordable car that is easy on your wallet.

Very fuel efficient, great car for short people, simple to operate (not overloaded with features. This is a compact car which makes it easy to maneuver through traffic. Can turn on a dime, easy on the wallet,

- Anne P

I think it is very easy to drive and very good on gas.

I like my car because it's comfortable,and reliable,and good on gas.I am a senior and I do a lot of traveling during the spring,summer and fall.It handles well through the many Mountains that I go through.

- Rachel K

Gas mileage. That is the best and most important I would say.

My car is actually quite dependable. It has issues with the doors and windows. Things have been consistently falling off of the car. Usually it is an easy fix though. The gas mileage is amazing as well.

- Alexis H

08 4Dr Cobalt - 7 out of 10 stars.

Has the same bugs as any car its age I suppose. Check engine light is on and off thanks to sensors. The AC and heat still do well but I wrecked it a couple times too so had to replace the radiator. lol

- Wesley M

Good Gas Mileage, Compact

I like my vehicle. It is used to travel to work and back. I work an hour away from my home so my car is good for me cause it gets pretty good gas mileage. I like that it is compact and easy to drive.

- Derrick s

Great Starter Car for anyone!

Overall, the car is great. It's very easy to drive and handles well. It's an older model that's got around 175,000 miles on it, so it's seen its fair share of problems. But, it's a great starter car!

- Sarah C

It is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned.

My vehicle the chevy cobalt 2008 is reliable and good on gas. I've had it for 2 years and it gets me back and forth from work with no hiccups. only things i've ever had to replace was light bulbs.

- Zachary b

It has 115,000 and still starts and runs smoothly if well taken care of. That means oil changes and any other necessary maintenance.

This car is low to the ground to get into, but I am small and find it very comfortable. We have never had any major mechanical problems with it. It is easy to drive, but does have some road noise.

- Lisa M

2008 Chevy cobalt is pretty great!

I have had this car for quite a while. There has been the normal wear and tear after this long. I think if I kept up on the regular maintenance that it would be in better shape but I like my car.

- Sonny B

In the region I live, ac is important and my car's air conditioning is working.

I like that my car is efficient when it comes to gas consumption. Very few times does my vehicle need maintenance. One issue is that the tire pressure system does not seem to function properly.

- Anthony H

Although the trunk space is quite large and roomy it is impossible to get a regular sized rectangle laundry basket into it (or any other item that approximate size)

I like that it is small and gets good gas mileage. I also dislike the fact that it is small and limits my space for transporting items I may want to take somewhere. It is a good solid vehicle.

- Ellen B

made over very well was a customized feel

its cousey and smells good its got a new paint job and a decent sound system that I installed myself. It also helps to be knowledgeable of routine maintenance such as oil changes and fluids

- john d

4 door should be a 2 door...very little back leg room.

I like the good gas mileage it gets but for a 4 door I wish the back seat had a little more leg room. If someone sits in the front it makes it hard for someone else to sit in the back seat.

- Tammy T

Problems with air conditioning.

The air conditioning often stops working and water leaks into the car. Currently, it is working alright but the AC does have a slight noise that can get louder when I turn or go over humps.

- Miriam D

It gets great gas mileage

It's been incredibly dependable in the ten years I've had it. Never had any major problems except a small recall part that was fixed quickly. I travel frequently and it's always dependable

- Lauren H

Chevrolet makes dependable vehicles for the most part. I have had my car for ten years now and have not had many problems with it.

I like the fact that my car is great on gas, but do not like that it is bad in the snow. My car is a manual transmission, which I enjoy. My car does not have a lot of trunk space.

- Tabitha C

This is a great car that does its job and brings you where you need to go.

My car is a dark grey. I've had no problems with it other than the sensors on my tire monitors getting messed up. I love this car, it drives great and gets me where I need to be.

- Allison P

2008 white Chevrolet Cobalt.

The car is a good size and quality, but mine had problems with the battery and something with the tires for a while. It has a nice stereo with a CD player and an AUX cord plugin.

- Alex H

My brakes are in desperate need of being replaced. Do not cut me off.

I love everything about my car except how old it is. My brakes need to be replaced badly. And I have one stereo speaker that doesn't work. I also love that it's paid off in full.

- Emily P

Certain ones have all fancy stuff like, automatic features and cruise control.

What I love about my vehicle is the smooth drive. I never have to worry about being uncomfortable in my car. What I do not like is that I do not have any form of cruise control.

- Jordan L

It is small but reliable and cute has little maintenance problems.

I like it; a good reliable car, radio, seats, the air and heat works so I like that... Dislike-it's small, have a cracked window, and that my brakes need to be changed.

- Sarah M

It's a pretty nice, reliable car that still looks great

My car is reliable, pleasant, and works really well. I wish dad hadn't crashed it into a curb, because now it's going to cost too much to fix. It worked well otherwise.

- Natalie A

It has always been very reliable.

Very reliable, power sunroof, windows and locks. Has been a wonderful car to me. One owner, bought it brand new and just the basic upkeep to it. Mechanically sound.

- Stacy V

It has heated seats and the a/c works well.

The seats are hard and uncomfortable. , which makes my back ache. However, it does have some pep to it and I like that the radio controls are on the steering wheel.

- Lorraine M

It is a reliable and dependable car on the highway. Fuel efficient.

It is dependable on the highway. Fuel efficient. I was surprised a the trunk space for a small car. It has power windows and locks. Great for running around town.

- Whitney W

It is a silver Chevy cobalt year 2008. With 4 doors.

It is a really. Good. Car just need something with automatic windows and doors I had the car for. 1 year now and I am just. Tired of. It and would like a new one.

- Harris S

Smooth drive, reliable, gas saver

The gas miles is amazing! It runs very smoothly and looks very nice. Heated seats are to die for. It is a very nice car for a first time driver or a small family.

- Shakala H

This car is great for first time drivers.

A good first car for a college student or someone who just needs to get from school and back. Only bad thing is it doesn't have a lot of room so there is that.

- Ronnie M




The engines are known to blow at 90,000 miles. Mine did while I was still making payments on it and I had to replace it

My car has broke down so many times since I bought it. It looks nice out the outside but the mechanical aspect is very poor. I can't wait to get a new vehicle

- Amber B

Comfortable ride for long trips.

Seats are comfortable. It drives very smooth, and hasn't had any major issues in the few years I've had it. Front speakers don't work majority of the time.

- Chris S

Cobalt dies a little every day.

Nearly everything electrical has ceased functioning. The inside door handle no longer opens the door. Heat and air conditioning blower no longer functions.

- Debra C

Very reliable car for a great price.

No air in the car it I have to roll the windows down my son can't cool off good in the back seat the summer time is so big it burned my butt to sit in car.

- Lindsay L

The car gets wonderful gas mileage about 35 miles per gallon

It has great gas mileage, and drives nice! I've had a lot of maintenance costs and it seems like it's always falling apart. It sits too low to the ground.

- Anjay C

Road handling, gas mileage, and comfort

I get decent gas mileage, and it is comfortable. However, it does not handle rough roads to easily as it is not tough built. I would own another Cobalt.

- Joseph M

Great car for the price paid. Excellent gas mileage.

This car drives great. It has plenty of power and small enough to easily fit into smaller parking spaces without being a compact car. Price is excellent.

- Dawn G

Nice reliable car with enough of room for long trips

Nice small reliable car. But still enough of room for sitting in for long trips. We never had a problem with it. Had it for 5 years and still runs good.

- Sammi F

It's zippy and quick. Drives smooth as butter, and gets you where you need to go, as well as any car should.

The vehicle is lovely, but has a few flaws that make using it a bit of a hassle. My front stereo short circuits and tends to kick in at random times.

- Christen S

It is very simple and easy to understand.

I love that it is easy to park and was a cheap buy. But I hate that it is only 2 wheel drive! Would be so much better if it were all or 4 wheel drive.

- Mikayla T

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive.

I love my car as it is easy to drive and has all the options that I need. Nothing fancy and but it is a good and reliable car and that is all I need.

- Amy M

It's not going to be anything luxurious but It's a vehicle that is reliable.

I like that it is reliable and gets me from point A to point B. I don't like how it's so cheaply made but that's what you get for buying a cheap car.

- Michael S

It's a great work car mostly because of the gas mileage.

It's been a great car. Had a couple recalls, but they were an easy fix. It's great on gas. It's a comfortable ride. It's smaller than I like though.

- christina H

Feels like a very solid vehicle with a very roomy trunk.

Got it from my brother, it runs great and has great gas mileage, but it has to many computers in it and I can not do any of my own maintenance on it

- K B

Wonderful car that keeps on going even when old.

Fuel line and suspension issues. Great overall car, very good on gas, headlights often burn out but car parts are very inexpensive and easy to fix.

- Erica M

Very dependable and excellent warranty.

Good on gas, good in snow, compact, dependability. It a little noisy. Price was good. Style ice. I buy American. Paint is peeling, not happy there.

- Della M

My 1st Sports Car - I liked the spoiler on the back.

It's 10 years old. I would like to get a new one eventually that is all wheel drive. It's been a good car and I haven't had to many issues with it.

- Stephanie B

This car has lasted 10 years with minimal problems.

I have had this car for 10 years now and only had relatively minor issues. My biggest complaint is that this car is not that great on snowy roads.

- Anthony S

It's yellow, It's a great color that sets me apart from all the traffic

I like my car because is fun to drive and doesn't use to much gas. I also like that It's stick shift. I dislike my car because It's really small.

- Jesus S

The only thing i have to say is it runs good with gas

The dash lights and back lights went out and can't find why i have a roll your window down no cruise control but needs a chip to start the engine

- Amber P

Dependable car. Good for first time vehicle.

Dependable car. Speakers/accessories are not very good. Quiet car. Comfy seats. Easily changeable radio. I would recommend for a first time car.

- Kayla L

You can't destroy a Chevy Cobalt-it'll be there for years!

My Cobalt has been very reliable without breakdowns. The car has a powerful engine with sleek body. The design fits many people and lifestyles.

- Terri B

Low maintenance and very inexpensive. A very reliable car all the way around.

I like the size of it. I have had a lot of problems with the actuators and motors in the doors. It came with built in OnStar which was helpful.

- George J



- pat l

The battery is in the trunk.

It never seems to stop having little issues but it does get pretty good gas mileage. It was also in my price range which was a benefit for me.

- Amanda J

It gets great mileage. Parts are easy to find secondhand, making repairs cheap when needed.

It gets excellent mileage. I feel safe in it, and the parts are easy to locate. I can fill my tank for thirty dollars at most. It is paid off.

- Kelli G

2-Door Car, Good Car, Needs Work

The car itself is decent, though it does only have two doors, and many parts are currently not working to the best of their capacity to do so

- Andrew V

It always gets through any road trip.

My car is pretty old. It often has to go to the shop and receive repairs. I recently hit a deer with it. The windshield wipers are very loud.

- Will U

Power can come in a tiny package.

It performs and rides amazing, only have had an issue with sensors. I've started to put upgrades onto my vehicle and it has really opened up.

- Justin B

Runs Like the day it was bought.

Good car runs nice for being older. Only problems are need to replace struts and shocks a lot. Tons of problems in the front end constantly.

- Crystal A

Smooth riding with great gas mileage for long trips.

Great car . Smooth riding. Gets good gas mileage. Quiet riding. Very comfortable to ride in. Lots of room in the trunk to transport items.

- Bill B

that it is my car. my cars tend to be on the messy side.

I do not like the seats in the Cobalt, they are very uncomfortable. They will make your back hurt if you have to do a lot of driving in it.

- cyn n

The Chevy Cobalt is very reliable, gets great gas mileage, too.

It gets great gas mileage, Is the right size so I feel safe, but not cramped. It is also a very reliable car without too much maintenance,

- Claudia O

Love how my car handles in bad weather, either in rain or snow it is easy to drive.

I love my car because it hasn't broken down to many times on me. It has 149000 miles on it so I don't know when it is going to break down.

- Tammy H

2008 Chevy Cobalt you can't go wrong with a Chevy a winning card hands down

It is a very dependable car regular maintenance has been peeped up on this car oil changes rise rotation radiaTor flushes and much more

- Tamara L

Very dependable, but the AC breaks frequently after reaching about 8 years old.

It has lasted so long and still runs great. The acceleration is slow, but works. Small car, but gets the job done with decent mileage.

- Christian H

For the power steering is awesome and the weight handles on the road

Follow the power sharing the way it drives in the way it feels on the road also the breaking's wonderful the car is well put together

- Marissa T

It does have an anti theft system.

I like that the gas mileage is awesome. I don't like that it has to be serviced so often. I do not have any complaints. Love my car.

- Michael P

It has 223250 miles on it and it still drives amazing with few problem.

Check engine light comes on a lot but it run great and I wicked good on gas. It fits 5 people comfortable and has large trunk space.

- Hali C

It is small and fun efficient.

I like that it is fuel efficient and small. I dislike the setup of the car and the lack of power. I wish it was a little bit bigger.

- Brandon C

Reliable most importantly. I don't have to worry about breaking down especially because I work in a bad neighborhood

Car is good on gas, super reliable. Over 120k miles and no problem! It looks sporty and plenty of room to haul a kid and groceries.

- Sara B

Motor is great and it is wonderful pic for someone who just started driving.

Too many miles ready for another one. It gets me from a to b. The motor is still great. I love the color. I do not drive it to far.

- Rochelle S

It performs well on the road and has enough power to get up to speed on the freeway

I have had this car for 8 years and haven't had any problems with it besides the readouts saying to replace my tire pressure module

- Jackie P

That it is manual Windows and door locking but it is good on gas and worth it if you do a lot of driving

I like it because it is good on gas, fitting for driving to and from desired location. I don't like it because everything is manual

- Ivory S

It has an amazing sound system.

It is a two door and too small for me. It doesn't have enough lighting on the inside. I don't like the way it feels while driving.

- Casey M

That it is a hybrid and gets 50 miles to the gallon.

I like that my vehicle is good on gas, I do not have to spend a lot. I dislike that my vehicle has no pickup, it is not very fast.

- Ashley H

So incredibly reliable! This is very important, because I use it as my daily transportation back and forth to work.

I love my car! It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable! I've had it for 8 yrs and it has not given me any problems at all.

- Theresa K

That it gets me where I need to go.

It is mine. It runs great and is not for sale. It is got a 4 cylinder engine with a lot of new parts. It is white like me ha-ha.

- Mark W

Very safe to drive, no problems found.

I like the handling of my Cobalt. It also gets very good mileage per gallon of gasoline. My Cobalt is also very safe to drive.

- Joseph P

It is literally the only cobalt that i have ever driven with a leather interior.

Transmission is sluggish, and it needs better center glove box storage. Has a little rust. Cup holder is not the most practical.

- Austin D

It is not the best made car. It is small. Gas mileage is good.

It is a compact car. The color is red and it gets me to where I need to go. It was inexpensive and is not the best built car.

- Tom V

Small electric issues. Blinker and sensors.

Great car runs well. Still good on gas. Dislikes. . Small electrical problems with the model for almost all the cars they made.

- Jeff J

it nice and the color stands out the way it drives and you can ride quit a few people in it and the color of it inside the music and has a cd player and a lock compartment

I like the way it rides the seats and the body of it I dislike the smell of inside the windows there roll downs the seat beats

- joseph l

I put a lot of miles on my car in college but it was always reliable.

I love how it drives, and it has been very reliable. I do wish that it had four doors, rather than two, and automatic windows.

- Caroline A

It is not an expensive car.

It is reliable good on gas. Does not have many problems. Car parts are cheap, haven't to repair it much, a little to simple.

- Eric C

My car gets awesome gas mileage and it does very well on long trips.

I love that it is good on gas. It has a couple of problems in the front end that is not easy to diagnose. I love Chevy cars.

- Rylee P

If you need any repairs, they have to take the entire underside of the car off and it's more expensive.

It has a pretty bad blindspot and it can be hard to parallel park. I like that it four doors. And it has good get up and go.

- Lacey S

My car serves me well in my day to day life to get around safely.

It has been reliable. It does not use much gas or need a lot of expensive repairs. It is big enough to haul stuff for trips.

- Celeste F

It is a hazard just waiting to happen, you will bottom out several times!

It gets great gas mileage, and drives smooth and painlessly. It needs too much maintenance. It sits too low to the ground.

- Anjay C

It is a great vehicle, gets us where we need to go.

Great running vehicle, no problems at all, good tires, new brakes. No rust, a few scratches here & there 8,800 miles on it.

- Kelli B

Reliable vehicle, no car payment

My cobalt has been reliable. No majors problems. Have changed the tires and oil changes. A/C works great and has XM sirius

- Rhoda Y

It is really fun to drive because it accelerates quickly

I like the gas mileage and the fact that it is small. I like the sporty look. I don't like how low to the ground it is.

- Lisa N

It is good on gas. But it does have cheap parts that have to be replaced

It has cheap parts. You will have to put on new door handles every now and then. Decent on gas mileage it gets about 30

- Cody O

No buttons or cruise in the car.

It has no electric buttons. Everything is manual, no cruise. I do like how small it is and how it fits in small spots.

- Kennedy F

It's never broken down in 10 years.

My vehicle is relatively reliable. It's a bit noisy and the directional acts up, but it's lasted me for over 10 years.

- Lauren U

Hand me down car from my spouse.

The car has several manual functionalities, is small in size, and it lacks modern technology. It takes work to drive.

- Diana B

My vehicle has great gas mileage and is very dependable.

I really dislike the color of the car, the speakers, the headlights, the radio and the seats. I do like gas mileage.

- Rita J

How reliable the vehicle is meaning if it's safe to drive and able to protect you if an accident happened.

Cheap on gas and good gas mileage I like. I don't like that the wheels have only 4 lugs. It's hard to find a spare.

- Joseph S

It is very easy to maintain.

Love how it runs, it has great gas mileage hate no power windows or doors. Great family friendly car! Lots of room.

- Kaitlyn B

Good gas mileage. Handles well in all driving conditions.

Good gas mileage. Handles well on the road. Kind of on the small side inside. However the trunk interior is ample.

- Crystal H

It's a great sized car for those who are nervous about navigating through crowded areas.

I like the gas mileage and size, but I don't like that I didn't have electronic locks or cruise control installed.

- Josh P

Good first car for anyone.

Comfortable and reliable, not much horsepower but good first car, seats 4, but kind of small inside, easy to park.

- Kennedy F

Dependable. No real problems

Just getting old. No other real problems. Had to replace a few things. It's all been routine since its wearing out

- Michael M

I love my car sooo bri much

Its white and clean. Has a spoiler and chrome wheels. Bucket seats and power windows. Automatic. Has a CD player.

- Christina B

It runs very well and has never given me any large issues.

I like the good gas mileage. I like how quiet it is and comfy. I do not like that it does not have power windows.

- Alyssa B

It is bright blue which I wouldn't choose again. But you cannot miss it!

No complaints. Does not have power windows or locks so that is a pain. Drives well though and I enjoy the ride.

- Stephanie Y

The car has great acceleration.

My vehicle is reliable,great running and in solid condition. My car is well maintained and washed regularly.

- Walter K

It is compact and easy to drive. Has good mileage and more.

Blue Chevy Cobalt LS 2008, I like the gas mileage and automatic transmission, needs electric locks and windows

- Daniel R

It's a manual car so you have to do things manually.

I like the how easy it is to drive the car and how gas is affordable. I dislike manually rolling down windows.

- Analysa H

It is an above average ride.

I have had no problems and I am totally satisfied with the performance,reliability,and comfort of my vehicle.

- Chester N

It is fuel efficient, compact, sporty and handles well.

It fits me. I feel comfortable with its dimensions. I have no complaints. This car is durable and beautiful.

- Brooke C

That it is a quality and trusted vehicle and the maintenance is low for the miles driven.

The brand is one I trust. The model is well suited to me. It is a quality vehicle. No complaints at all.

- David O

I do not have a loan payment.

Purchased used with hail damage. It does not have power doors or locks. The paint is peeling off the hood.

- Carl A

The quality of the car is horrible! Everything goes wrong with it!

It drives super smooth. It is way too small. I hate that the spare tire and the battery are in the trunk.

- Anjay C

It is the perfect size for a first SUV.

I like the blue color. I like that it is a sedan. I like that it is compact size. I like the gas mileage.

- Debbie C

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage considering I usually don't drive more than 100 miles @ one time.

I bought it used. It is holding up very well! I only have needed to do the usual to maintain this car.

- Carolyn O

Reliable, but wrinkled long windows.

So far I have no complaints.The prior owner had the windows tinted and an awful job. The doors are long.

- Heidi G

It is excellent on gas mileage and the engine still runs like new after 10 years

I love the gas mileage the most. I have had a few suspension problems that have been aggravating though.

- Todd N

It has a good price.It has lots of legroom.Gets good gas mileage on long trips.

Itisasmall car.It has lots of room.Drives very smooth.It gets very good gas mileage .It has a big trunk.

- Patricia A

Gas mileage, reliability.

My radio has started to change stations by itself. Other than that it is rear window does not roll down.

- Kaitlyn W




It is a very reliable car. It is 10 years old.

I like the size. It is easy to maneuver. I do not like how the back sits up, but I am used to that now.

- Kayla F

Reliable vehicle for commuting to work or traveling

Great gas mileage, comfortable seating for driver and passengers, reliable, fun to drive, lots of room

- Emily S

Reliable car that gets you to your destination safely.

Tire pressure monitors break easily. Other than that love it. Great gas mileage and very reliable car.

- Jessica O

It's been a fun car to drive

I like gas mileage small size and sports packaging. Dislike no interior dome light for back seat area

- Douglas K

The turn signal is broken

I dislike that the front speakers don't work. The car leaks sometimes and the seal coat is peeling off

- Jen G

Very comfortable and reliable car

Very dependable. Very good performance comfortable drives well inside space for five full size adults

- Lonny F

Great on gas mileage so far.

don't have any problems been a reliable car so far doesn't have special features. Runs great so far.

- Carol H

It's still running. I don't have any other reason

It's 10 years old and still running. It's has had problems, but most were my fault. I just like it.

- suzette t

You can depend on it this car. I take it everywhere.

It's good in gas. Has never given me any problems. The trunk is a little smaller. Love the car

- Lisa T

everything's manual-automatic NOTHING!

I dislike the size of the opening for the trunk-big trunk, small opening. It doesn't have abs.

- chuck t

It's roomy in the front but not so much in the back.

It's one of the few cars I can fit in comfortably as I'm so tall. But the speakers are garbage.

- Tyler B

That it fits me and my personality.

I love the design of my car. It has also been very reliable. I have had no problems with it.

- Casey T

it get you to point a to point b good running

it been a good running car it just don't like deer hit 2 deer in a year it is banana yellow

- robert G

i like how smooth it drives. i feel safe in my car, there seem to be very little problems that occur

it is a very good car and good on gas. although car is very reliable you need to be careful

- hali c

It's getting older but it is still fun to drive.

I love to drive my car.It has never given me any problems. The only fault is noisy wipers

- Judith M

2008 4 door Chevy Cobalt manual transmission

2008 Chevy Cobalt LS silver. Car is manual transmission easy to drive GB old shift light.

- Stacie M

We were fortunate enough to purchase the vehicle with low mileage, even though it's older. The only complaint is the automatic buttons for the window stopped working on the driver's side.

The Chevy Cobalt feels safe and secure and is a reliable choice. It's also fun to drive!

- Amanda F

that is a good economical car for the price

i like that it is good on gas mileage.but dislike that it seems to be made poorly built

- keith s

Liked the vehicle a lot when I got it, then the engine blew at about 138,000 miles. Replaced the engine and now it is at almost 160,000. Wish it had bluetooth capabilities.

Not a lot of back seat space. Compact car for just one or 2 people regularly using it.

- April T

It's made close to where I live

I like my cobalt because It's a smaller car and great on fuel and a comfortable ride

- bobbie S

Once all the recalls are fixed it's a good car for an individual

I like the gas mileage but don't like all the repairs that has had to be done to it

- Amy H

It rides comfortable and has air condition. My husband and I can afford to pay for this car.

It rides comfortable. It is the right size for my husband and me. Has a large trunk

- Cheryl H

Very reliable vehicle keeper

Bought used. Has 125,00+ miles and so far still running. Will buy another Chevy.

- Mary G

Sleek looking and durable

I like the look and the feel. I dislike that they discontinued making the cobalt

- Jill S

It's very reliable and I have never had any issues with my car

I like that it is a smaller car. It is a perfect size for me. It's very reliable

- Melissa S

it's reliable, and gets you where you need to go!

I have a basic car. She gets me from place to place and she is great on mileage

- Nichole J

It has rick and Morty stickers on it and a pickle rick license plate.

I like the style of the car. I dislike how small it is. Wish it had four doors.

- Samantha S



- gail P

Just because it has a racing stripe on it does not mean it's a racecar.

It's a great little sports car. I love it. I have no complaints about my car.

- Melissa R

I love how great the gas mileage is with this car. I also love how sporty it looks. The seats are comfortable.

You can go from Wisconsin to Georgia and back and use less than $100 in gas!

- Jenny F

it runs well and is comfortable to drive.

I like it. has a lot of good features for a vehicle of its age. Runs well.

- Phil L

It is a good economy car. It's good for a couple or small family.

My car has been a reliable vehicle for many years. It has good gas mileage.

- beck y

It's easy to drive and park and It's is really good on gas mileage

It's good on gas and easy to drive but it doesn't have enough cargo space

- Leah B

Its cool or whatever, people think its cool, and the dogs it.

It is good or whatever. Its is great or whatever. It is cool or whatever.

- L P

It gets great mileage and if money is tight it helps you save.

Small Compact Easy to drive & park. Great for parking lots. Great mileage

- Mary C

My car is very reliable and is very good in snow. Really have no complaints about this car.

Fun to drive and gets me where I need to go. Also has great gas mileage.

- Lisa O

It's a 5 speed. Most people absolutely can not drive a clutch

It's reliable and has given me no problems in 10 years. No complaints

- Michelle H

It is comfortable and fits into parking spots well

key in ignition problems, but got it fixed. Car seems jumpy at times.

- belinda g

It's not dependable. It's older model and I hate it.

I dislike my vehicle because It's older and needs so much work done.

- Danielle E

My car does good on gas. Drives well has not given me any problems.its small but comfortable Perfect for me

My car does well on gas mileage I can get about 31 miles per gallon

- Jeanette R

It is great for taking quick trips to California with my husband and sometimes my nephews. It gets good gas mileage which I really need because I drive all the way to Phoenix for work. A 40 minute drive.

I like that it has four doors and that it gets great gas mileage.

- amy m

it runs good and easy on gas and handles well and is a nice color

easy on gas but really too small to haul anything but groceries

- Leah B

it may be old but it still drives like new and I feel good about it

good on gas and insurance for a car still drives well and quiet

- betty r

Do not drive in the snow it skids a lot

Too lightweight and can't handle snow or heavy winds and rain

- Mergime T

Gets me where I need to go. Very reliable car and very good in snow

Vehicle gets good gas mileage and is the right size for me

- Lisa O

I like it has pep and goes from point a to point b smoothly. I wish it had cruise control though. Seats are ok for short trips, long trips not so much.

Good gas mileage and doesn't go through much oil. Nice car

- Kelly P

It's reliable and runs great and low on gas

Very good on gas cheap price just a little bit smaller car

- Giuseppe H

This has been a reliable car for me. I've had a handful of repairs done, one of which was refunded due to a recall, but no individual repair has totaled to more than a few hundred dollars, amounting to being maintenance rather than major repair. Good car for a young driver who values reliability over comfort or luxury.

This car isn't fancy, but it's reliable and affordable.

- Ang F

It has been maintenance free

I like the fuel savings,It has no room in the back seat

- Kim W

It doesn't have a lot of maintenance issues as far as breakdowns

I like the gas mileage.I hate how small the interior is

- Kim M




good on gas mileage for around-the-town driving--;ess fillups

it's pretty good on gas mileage, but HAS had 4 recalls

- C K

Too many problems over the years for the age of the vehicle. Poor quality for the components.

Poor quality of the components that made up this car,

- Jane H