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Love How Smooth My Malibu Drives!

I bought my Chevy Malibu from a private owner because it was a 2004 model & only had 44,200 miles on the odometer! The individual who owned it previously obviously took good care of the car. It was so clean inside that it looked nearly brand new! I have had a couple of minor issues since purchasing the vehicle. About 2-3 weeks after buying the car, I had a friend in the passenger seat & she noticed that the liver responsible for sliding the seat back wouldn't work. We tried to work with it & fix it, but it seems to be irreparably stuck. In my opinion, it's not a big issue. However, approximately 6 months into having the car, I rolled my drivers side window halfway down, but when I tried to roll it back up, the motor (motor responsible for the window function) made a horrible noise & it simply would not roll back up. A few days later I had a friend look at the window for me & he managed to get it rolled all the way back up. I haven't had the money to fix it, so I've decided to just leave it alone, rather than risk it getting stuck halfway down again. All of the other windows & the A/C work perfectly, so I'm not in a big rush to fix it to be honest.

- Brandy F

It needs a special type of oil filter and that makes an oil change a lot more expensive.

My complaints/dislikes about my vehicle would be primarily that the visor does not come down far enough to block sun. (The car I had before this one had a really good, well made visor & went down further.). I am short, so the majority of the time the visor doesn't help. I think this is the worse visor I have ever had in a car. The other complaint would be that I cannot adjust the chair up higher.(Again, I am short. The car I had previously did adjust). Another real bad thing is that I had a surprise added cost for an oil change, since it requires a special type of filter thing. I was not happy about that. That was a big financial hardship for me. I wish I had a car key beeper thing too. What I like, that it gets better mileage than the car I had before this one. It doesn't get wonderful mileage, but it is better than the previous car. I also like that I can go camping & the trunk is adequate for a tent etc, a bit cramped, but not superbad. I also like how it drives. It is an ok color too. This is the first car I have had that pops the trunk I think. That is nice at times.

- joy c

It has been mostly dependable over the vast amount of time that I have owned it.

My car has some nice features like a very roomy backseat, a partially foldable backseat, a built in dvd player, built in xm radio, and I like the hatchback feature of the trunk. The car has served me well over the past 13 years and was my first vehicle as a teenager. However, over the past few years especially, it has started to have problems that are forcing me to consider a trade in. The transmission shift has partially gone out and needed to be replaced, one of the pull across shades in the back seat moonroof no longer pulls in and out but just hangs, the dvd player skips and only works sometimes, the cd player in the front ate a cd years ago and has not worked since, and most recently (and annoyingly) the wiring to the front passenger lights keeps overheating and has melted the internal plastic of the light casing, plus the light seating keeps bumping loose to the point where it has to be adjusted by hand and with stools most mornings before leaving to make sure it turns on.

- Jen S

Chevrolet Malibu vehicle are great, dependable cars.

The Chevrolet Malibu 2004 vehicle are really dependable, smooth rides. These cars can take you safely and efficiently anywhere you need to go. As far as transporting other passengers, they are very safe and effective cars. As long as people keep the well-maintained, there should be no major issues. I absolutely adore this car! It fits my four children, and loads up all my grocery shopping bags nicely. The cars are very roomy, plenty of extra space for when you go shopping, or taking the kids out for a swim! Also, if you need to go on a road trip with your loved ones/friends make sure you always do the pre-inspection, such as tire checks, oil change updated, check brake, antifreeze fluids, etcetera, then once you check all the basic upkeeps of the car, you should be good to go! I really cherish this family car, there is nothing like owning a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu! I truly and sincerely recommend this card, you will not regret purchasing one!

- Jessica G

2004 Chevy Malibu: a reliable find!

My 2004 Chevy Malibu has been a great car to get around in. I am a second year college student, so I wasn't too picky when it came to the type of car I drove. All I wanted was a car that ran nicely and didn't break down on the way from point A to point B. Disclaimer: my vehicle was a rebuild. It was totaled in an accident and then salvaged and rebuilt. Not all of the parts in my vehicle are the originals. My car has leather seats that have held up really well, but the door detailing and pleather along all doors has started to fall off. I am not sure if that has to do with the extreme change of temperature here in Wisconsin or the glue getting old. I have had to replace the turn signal light bulbs quite often, but that may be an problem exclusive to my vehicle. Other than its small quirks, this four door car has traveled far and gotten me everywhere I needed to be in a safe manner. What a great starter car!

- Tara W

Great gas mileage and car.

The reliability of the car is very good. It now has 160 thousand miles on it. Only major issue is it had a few recalls on it about five years ago. Other than that the car has been good. The gas mileage of the car is also pretty good especially for an car that was made in 2004. It gets about 31 mpg and that is not a lot of highway mileage drive either. The comfort of the seats are also very good. It is a little small for a family car but will work well if the family is four or less. The one feature it does not have is am radio. I can only listen to FM radio or to a CD in the CD player. I am hoping this car will get to at least 200 thousand miles. I will drive this car until it stops running. This would be a great first car for a young driver. It is easy to drive with great gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive as well. This car is recommended for sure.

- Jacob D

The vehicle runs very well, starts up immediately, even in cold temperatures.

2004 Chevrolet Malibu is a good car if you take care of it by driving correctly and getting the required servicing for the vehicle such as oil changes. I use mid-grade or 89 octane in the vehicle since it has become high in mileage at ~ 149 000 miles currently. The vehicle has never required a tune up and starts up each time just fine. With most or many vehicles nowadays there is some repair that is needed eventually and I believe this car needed the front wheel bearing replaced and the key lock cylinder. The seats are fairly comfortable with a cloth covering and polyurethane foam inside which is standard for most mid-grade vehicles. With 149 000 miles on this vehicle it is almost unheard of but true is the fact that the ball joints and tie rods have not needed replacing and this could be attributed to the driver of the vehicle and manner of driving of the vehicle.

- James S

has very good horsepower but does pack a punch when trying to pass other cars.

it is reliable, needs work done to it like suspension and also new ignition. Other than that it is a decent car. It has decent miles on it. I feel like I did pay a little too much for a car like mine. 3k should have agent lower like 2k. It drives smooth with new tires. The ac and heater is excellent probably the best I've ever seen in a car. Is super good on gas 20 will put a little over half a tank. It has a sunroof which is nice. I would recommend this car for a price of around 2k with about 150k miles on it. We put a little over 59 miles on it and is still running good. 2004 Chevy Malibu LT. The seat are fairly comfortable. And has good space for a car like this.

- Roger B

A 2003-2004 Chevy Malibu is not worth your time or $.

It's a wonderful car don't get me wrong. One thing about it that really set me off is that the CD player does not work. The windows don't work. The hood latch does not latch. Remote start is no longer working and we have no way of fixing it. I now have to put my key in the ignition, turn it over as if I was starting my car then go under the hood and touch a cable to the battery just to start the car. We have tried everything to get it going again but its not working at all! It will read locked on the radio screen if your surfing through the stations and it sounds as if there is a CD in the CD player but nothing is in there.

- Morgan M

The best sporty car for the money!

My car is sporty. Drives close to the ground with heated leather seats and a sunroof. It is a very comfortable ride and you can be going fast without realizing it! The backseat also has two individual sunroofs although they do not open. The car is a hatchback and can fit an extreme amount of stuff for the size of the car. I do wish that the back window had a windshield wiper in it and that the car had a stick shift instead of being an automatic. I have had this car for a while and absolutely love it. I'll be hard pressed to find another car that matches it is features that I have grown so accustomed to having.

- Vanessa T

It's a nice blue color, low to the ground, has a good gas tank it fills up cheap.

My 2004 Chevy Malibu is an amazing car, my gas per gallon is about 25-30 so with $30 I fill it up, it runs smooth and it's always nice having a sunroof for those beautiful days, sometimes it does over heat and the car is somewhat loud but it gets me to point a and b and it fits five people easily, the trunk button doesn't work and the release is in the trunk, I locked my keys in my car and got stuck for a few weeks, so make sure you have at least 2 spare keys, it tells you when needing an oil change, and how many miles until empty, for a 2004 car its pretty well performed.

- Nathaniel K

A great midsize car! It has great gas mileage.

I love my Malibu. It is great on gas, it has plenty of room, it is has automatic windows, it has a great stereo, it has a/c, the heater works really well, it has a button for the trunk, it has automatic window defroster, the from seats go back to give you plenty of room. All around it is a great car. Not too big, not too small. It is easy to park anywhere. I have had my car for over 10 years and it only has 86, 000 miles on it. Is in pretty good shape. It has a couple nicks here and there. I try to park it away from others so they do not hit it with there car door.

- Sandra M

Best investment to-date my 2004 Chevy Malibu

I bought this car coming out of college in 2012 and it's been the best purchase I have ever had. It's my first car and it has been nothing but reliable. I was taught that if you take care of your care that it will take care of you also. And my car has done that. Performance it does its job and is a great ride! Extremely comfortable and nice travel vehicle too. The features are a bit outdated being over 10 years old but this car is great. Minor issues like brakes and belt replacements are the only things I ran into but that comes with regular wear and tear

- Joe M

My car is very bouncing when you go a certain speed on the highway.

My car steering wheel sometimes locks up on me when I need to make turns or park. Also my fuel tank is shot. I will have a quarter tank and it will only last for five minutes. Another thing that happens is that I have to press the gas each time in order to start my car. My lock doors on the inside are shot as well since the car is so old. I went to home depot too, and I tried replacing my key, they said it would be $85 since my key has some kind of chip in it. All of these issues however I still love my car and its good with miles.

- Sydney M

The Chevy Malibu is functional, people will find this make sufficient.

I have had a Chevy Malibu twice in my life. It is such a great and reliable car. Not only comfortable but spacious. It is a very practical car for someone who never knows their next course in life. My only issue I have had with my 2004 Chevy Malibu has been the anti-theft system. I had to disable it in order for me to be able to start my car daily and in a swift manner. I am sure it could be fixed, but from what I understand it is a pricey fix for a defect in this current make.

- Lee E

The Chevy Malibu is functional, people will find this make sufficient.

I have had a Chevy Malibu twice in my life. It is such a great and reliable car. Not only comfortable but spacious. It is a very practical car for someone who never knows their next course in life. My only issue I have had with my 2004 Chevy Malibu has been the anti-theft system. I had to disable it in order for me to be able to start my car daily and in a swift manner. I am sure it could be fixed, but from what I understand it is a pricey fix for a defect in this current make.

- Lee Ann E

Chevy is the best car to get and offer able pricing parts.

I had this car for about 3-4 years now. It is very reliable and I just not started to have problems with it. The parts for the car are not that bad. I got a water pump for 20$ which I thought I would have to pay more. My car is also high mileage and runs really good for where I got it from. You can put the seat down in the back which gives you a whole lot of space to put some big equipment in. Only thing is once I did started having problems it is was like back to back.

- Lay H

don't buy 2000-2005 2.4 gm cars. they will die after 150,000 miles. repeatedly

i like the car lot, good gas mileage, nice size. but once it got over 150,000 miles everything has started to break. and this isn't the first early 2000's 2.4 car i've had and they all break down in the same way. i had 2 pontiac grand ams that also did it. a 99 n an 04. i also have a 95 olds cutlass supreme now that actually runs better than the newer cars. idk if its bc parts are cheap or that theres not alot of computer/ electrical stuff.

- darby b

The 2004 Chevrolet Malibu is a very reliable car

My vehicle is very reliable. The only problem I have experienced is being pulled over for my right tail light, which constantly goes out because of faulty wiring. There was a callback, but the previous owner did not send it in to get it fixed. Any other problems I have had with the car has been with the fuel pump, I've had to get it replaced. Other than that, the car runs fine, has AC, and doesn't cost too much to fill up from empty.

- Shan W

Our Mighty Chevy Malibu is awesome! We are so blessed to have him.

My wife and I been praying for a car and we got it today. It is a used car but we are so blessed because we don't need to borrow my moms car anymore. We got a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. We love the roof opening, the sits, the feature and everything, we love it. My wife is so excited to drive so soon but she does not have a driver's license yet hehe. This car is simple not a new model but we are satisfied about it. It's awesome!

- Dennis H

2004 Chevy Malibu. Sturdy and reliable.

I have only had one problem with my '04 Chevy Malibu and it was an easy fix! The issue was it had a problem causing it to go into "reduced engine power" but it was in and out of the shop within a day. It has been a reliable and sturdy car and I have always loved the Chevy brand. My car has taken a couple beatings recently but takes it like a champ! It has recently hit 100, 000 mile marker and is still running great.

- Kara S

It is a good, steady reliable car.

It is a good car. Handles well in snow. Besides routine maintenance, I have had no major repair issues with the car. It is a typical mid size car. Comfort is medium. Not the best, but not the worst either. I have basic features. Rear defrost, CD player. Nothing fancy, but it drives and handles well. It is a very reliable car. Always starts. I never worry if my car will start, no matter how cold it gets.

- Dawn J

Hatchback is great for groceries.

I love that my car is a hatchback with 4 doors, it is perfect for groceries, my walker and 4 adults. I love that it has a glass sunroof in the front and glass ceiling panels in the back. What I do not like is that it only has 80, 000 miles is 14 years old and the electric steering has been replaced 3 times, twice broke completely while driving down the rode. It also has countless other recalls.

- Merry Jo L

2004 Chevy Malibu: still running strong.

This is an older car that is in my household. My grandparents purchased it brand new in 2004. At the time the features were top of the line. There is a 6-disk CD changer, a sunroof, heated seats and other features. I feel that the reliability is wonderful, we have had this care for over ten years and it is running smooth. I love how comfortable it rides and how sleek it looks for a 2004 car.

- Faith D

Chevy Classic: a good compact car

I like the Chevrolet Classic, but there are some things I don't like as well. I like that it gets good gas mileage and that it has a large trunk. I dislike that it is so small because I have 2 growing boys. Our car has a problem with the blinker not working most of the time, so that is annoying. Otherwise we have not had any problems with the Chevy Classic, just do routine maintenance.

- Ashley H

And short I am miserable with the car I have.

My vehicle problems ignition does not turn to the off position the clutch button does not come all the way out of the clutch the sensor needs to be reprogrammed sometime when you turn the car on the trunk open on its own the driver side back window motor is out there is a leak in the air system refrigerant does not stay in there the radio comes on and off automatically.

- Melinda E

Great Dependable Car with good gas mileage

This car has been very dependable and easy to maintain. I have had only a few repairs done. My comment is that in the decade I have had the vehicle, it has cost me about $700 a year and that includes just regular maintenance, tires, oil changes and so on. I highly recommend it. Plus almost 30 MPG. The only complaint/comment is it is a little noisy on the road.

- Diane V

Chevy Malibu great on gas and great comfort but has a lot of issues.

I had bought my car from a previous owner before me. At first the car was great. Then about a year in if that I started having car issues. I have put three grand into my front end and once again I am having issues. As for gas miles it is great on gas. If your the only one driving or even having small children and another adult passenger the comfort is great.

- Katie T

Simple, and reliable car to have.

Very reliable, comfortable. Not a lot special features due to the year of the vehicle. There has been some issues but again it is mainly due to the age of car. This vehicle is a good one to have especially if you are using it as a commuter car. The original price is good or reasonable for all of the features and the car value itself. I would recommend it.

- Diana M

Review on my Chevy 2004 Malibu!

I really love my Chevy Malibu! It gets great gas mileage and handles great going down the road! It has plenty of get up and go when you need to accelerate in a hurry! Stopping quickly is not an issue either! I love the sun and moon roofs in it and the fact the pedals adjust! The seats are comfortable on my back and adjust nicely to accommodate the driver!

- Joyce J

This is a vehicle which mostly runs very well and can always be counted on.

This car runs very good. The air condition is fantastic along with the heating system. Not exactly a car I would like to keep for many years as it is older but it is an amazing first car and not only runs good but is safe as well. There is no 'problems' with it per say as it is a very reliable car which I have always been able to count on.

- Daniel D

Chevrolet Malibu maxx ls. Slidable back seats.

We recently bought this car from a friend and it had numerous problems that were easy fixes but other than that is has been a good one. There are many storage compartments and a great amount of lighter ports for charging your phone and other devices. Really as long as it gets you from point A to point B that's all that matters right?

- Justice W

My small car just right for myself. Drives good with great mileage.

I like my car because it is smaller than our van which I did drive. Also I get better gas mileage. I do not have any problems because my husband is a mechanic, he does all work on the car. He has done some work on the car we have just had small things like lights come on to check different thing and it's always something small.

- Judy A

My beloved 2004 Chevy Malibu.

My Malibu is sporty, stylish & reliable. Everything adjusts to my height (5'1) very comfortably including pedals. I purchased my Malibu used and am very impressed with it. I've only had to make minor repairs even though the vehicle is 14 years old & has over 150k miles on it. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.

- Antonio K

Chevy Malibu: extremely reliable great on gas.

I have owned this car for 12 years & it is still going strong. When my child was young she enjoyed the DVD feature in the back in grade school. She is now 27. That is how long it lasts with very few repairs. It's good on gas but I really am impressed by how reliable its been and I have taken it on some long road trips.

- Jennifer S

Good gas mileage if your gas gauge still works properly

It's great on the highway, and around town, good gas mileage, but after some research I have found out that the problem with the gas gauge malfunctioning is very common and expensive too. It also has issues with making a lot of unnecessary noises in the car's steering, as well as no way to check transmission fluid.


I love our car! It has a sunroof a big trunk. A ton of room in the inside.

My vehicle has no problems whatsoever. The battery dies sometimes but only if we leave our Chargers plugged in which is a bad habit other than that I love the car. But I love our Malibu! Perfect family car. I would highly recommend to others. Other than that there’s no problems with this car it is very reliable.

- Talia M

Incredibly reliable. Beautiful color. Needs new tires sometime in next year or.

It is a incredibly reliable car. I had to get a battery switched out recently but other than that is an incredibly smooth ride. I love the color, has not caused me hardly any problems aside from the battery going out maybe 2 months ago. I do need new tires sometime in the near future but other than that I love it!

- Veda G

Interior:the inside much like the outside.

My vehicle is amazing. I love it and it's a very reliable vehicle. The car is great on mileage. The inside is much like the outside, very beautiful. It's the best thing I've ever spent my money on. Great for safety and speed. The car also has expert ratings. There has been over ten billion sold. So go get you one.

- Stacie J

It is efficient and there when I need it. Stands the test of time.

I purchased my car new, so have had it a long time. I like the way it drives, comfort, gas mileage and size. Do not like that engine light stays on and unable to fix it. Seat needs to go up a little higher. Turn signals have a short in them which blows bulbs as soon as replaced and cant find where problem is.

- Patricia B

Great car for most part I have enjoyed the sunroof and automatic windows

Really hasn't had major problems has had some electrical issues but not extensive. Tires and regular oil changes. Car is old but still runs well. Some rust spots of normal wear and tear. Engine does leak some oil but nothing extensive. Has run hot sometimes but had that fixed and no more relevant issues

- Betty S

The performance of my vehicle.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I just recently just had a new battery put in a new coil pack and bought a new fuel pump for it, it is a older car so I am expecting for it to have a few problems at the moment, the service that need to be provided for it is the timing belt and it will be running like new.

- Kerrie V

Ups and downs, gone good but regret the decision to keep the vehicle.

My brakes, rotors, & calipers went bad 2 weeks after buying the car new. I put more money into the electronics in the past 2 years because the computer systems aren't great on Malibu’s! Other then that, it was a great car & still is wouldn't want any other vehicle besides a Lamborghini or Ferrari!!

- Nicholas D

It's just a Chevy Malibu but a hatchback version.

I like that it's a hatchback and was generally inexpensive. I've had a lot of mechanical issues with it, and spent more on it than I wanted to. I got a newer model car (had a 98 before) because I wanted to spend less on it, but have had nothing but trouble. I also just wish it was a little bigger.

- Gaius H

Very sports like with a beautiful color of gold.

It is a good car. It has cruise control. Very good on gas. Have had for 7 years with very minor problems. Have had a new water pump plugs and wires done an oil change and new tires. Very easy to drive with a lot of hidden pockets. Very good seats that is very comfortable a nice CD and radio player.

- Lori H

Perfect gas saver for small family.

A Chevy Malibu is great for a small family. It's a great gas saver and very spacious for a small.Vehicle..It has a sunroof for those warm days and a CD player for you to enjoy your favorite music. Comes with automatic doors and windows as well as remote access. I would highly recommended this car.

- Alexis S

don't buy one. Way too many problems.

doesn't like to start. No one knows what's wrong with it. They can't find anything bad. Love the heated seats and the automatic start. Wish the remote wasn't so expensive though. Wish it had air condition seats and heated seats. Not a fan of only being able to use the key on the drivers side door.

- Vanessa T

Reliable car worth looking into.

Good reliability, very few problems with normal maintenance. It's a comfortable car that is easy to work on yourself. I have changed several things myself and I know nothing about cars. It has 135,000 miles and I am expecting to get at least another 20-30,000 miles out of it before replacing it.

- Brandon D

My Malibu is dependable. Is great with gas mileage, thirty-one miles per gallon of gasoline.

Love my Malibu, it is very dependable. Tells me when to get the oil changed, or when I need gas. Let's me know when it needs the engine checked too. Beeps if I turn the signals on and forget that I have left them on. Has automatic headlights on, so I don't have to worry about that too.

- Pamela A

It has a secret compartment on the drivers side.

The car needs a new fuel pump sensor, it rides pretty good, all of the buttons inside of the car work perfectly well, it need some antifreeze, the tires are ok but soon I should probably get some new ones, the breaks need to be replaced along with some new rotors because they are going bad.

- Kris M

A brown Chevrolet Malibu with a hatchback and sunroof.

It's a good vehicle with exceptional gas mileage and plenty of room for passengers. I live in a snowy environment and it does alright in the regard. It's been a reliable vehicle with minimum repairs, especially for an older car. It has a sunroof and a hatchback which are both nice features.

- Luke M

My husband, children, and I love our Chevy Malibu

Very reliable, comfortable to ride, easy to drive. Seem to be having some issues with the transmission. I feel very safe with my family and I when we drive it. Has nice features like air conditioning and Sirius XM radio. Handle the road and turns good. Not too bad to drive in rain and snow

- Courtney I

Fast response on take- off.

Great so far, had oil pan gasket changed $1300 labor, and new fuel pump $300, the front right turn has a short needs a new bulb socket have to go to salvage yard to get, sun visors are hinges are worn out, however car we got free from sis in law only had 34, 000 miles now has 88, 000 now.

- James H

2004 Malibu general experiences.

Generally reliable for a Chevy but i'd still never trust one. Spacious and the inline 4 is reliable. Probably a good beater but I'd never buy one new because of others experiences. But if the price is right go for it. All in all you'd you'd probably be better served with a Toyota though.

- Tyler F

It is dependable and simple, with decent gas mileage.

She gets decent gas mileage and I appreciate how driving a smaller car allows me to park and make U-turns easier than a bulky car or SUV. The only complaints I have are that she leaks oil and sometimes she needs some encouragement to get started (revving the gas while turning the key).

- Madi H

This car lasts a very long time.

I had a different Chevy Malibu that I bought 12 years old and had for another 5 years. I have another Chevy Malibu at 12 years old and have had for 3 years already and has not needed as many repairs. I have no issues with the engine or starting the car. It should last several years.

- Kristina C

Still running fine, even with a few issues.

Because of age my car is starting to have electrical problems. Windows going up and down and the door electric locks do not always work properly. Overall still a good ride. It still smooth and the engine is still reliable. Window sills is a problem. Exterior paint is in good shape.

- Heather D

It may look ugly, but it has lasted a really long time.

I love that my car has lasted so long. There are a ton of things wrong with it but it keeps going and going. I've never really had any issues with it. Now it's just a matter of fixing what it makes sense to fix. I have over 250k miles on it and i'm sure it will go for another 100k.

- Jeff S

2004 Chevy Malibu is a solid car.

My car has really done a good job for its age. The only real issues with it are that the gas gage no longer works and the transmission will occasionally slip. For the most part the car runs very smoothly. It helps to keep always keep air in the tires and change the oil regularly.

- Tanner F

It is a good, long-lasting car. It's already 14 years old and still going strong.

While the car is mostly in good shape, the blinkers and the horn do not work. The back windows also do not work. The A/C works, but it takes too long to actually get cool. There is a blind spot when I look to the left out of the windshield. But overall, I am pleased with it.

- Brittany S

Chevy Malibu is beautiful and low maintenance.

I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle. It is aesthetically appealing and drives smoothly. I like it and would recommend it to others. There have been no major mechanical problems and no large bills to pay for repairs. The inside is also nice and feels welcoming.

- Lynn L

Good quality car made in kck.

Basic model car, has run exceptionally over the years. At 180,00 miles, still runs well. The only repairs are the basic, expected things that come with wear-&-tear and mileage. The only glitchy thing is with the air vent settings, other than that - smooth running car.

- Liz H

Nice gold Chevy Malibu, 2004. Runs great!

This Chevy classic has been a great car to have! No engine troubles at all. Just proper maintenance and its worked great for the last ten years we've had it. Comfortable sedan. Has auto windows, roomy trunk. Some wear on carpet. Body is in good shape but has a few dents.

- Andrea J

It is all around a very good vehicle and worth the money.

I like the size of the vehicle. The small size makes it easy to accelerate and slow down. The brakes are the perfect amount of sensitivity so I do not struggle to come to a stop. One of the only complaints I have is that the car does not drive well in the rain and snow.

- Olivia R

A good car for a student/ single person, older people, or a couple without kids.

Some electrical issues when it comes to lights inside car, too many different light bulbs to switch out when out, CD player ruin CDs, tires easily ware down, not enough truck space. Other than those few issues I love my car its a nice starter car for a person or couple.

- Kerri T

Comfortable, reliable. Good for kids.

Comfortable and reliable, good engine. Paint issues in areas, electrical issues. Good car mostly. Nice interior that is long lasting in appearance. A few rust spots here and there, roomy and good for transporting kids. I have owned for 9 years and am pretty satisfied.

- Tracy B

Great motor. Comfortable ride.

It handles well and it is easy to work on yourself. I do not like the gas mileage. The electrical parts go out a lot. Windows get stuck. Needs a new radio. Headlight bulbs go out a lot. Need a new car bad. Has an oil leak too. Air condition doesn't work but heat does.

- Tony W

My Love bug to the moon!!

My car is just really old and run down by the first owners. But it's a reliable vehicle. Gets me to where I need to go. It's also great on gas. Could use some Suspension Work but overall good vehicle to have.I kind of have a love hate relationship with my Chevy.

- Stephanie H

2004 navy blue Malibu with white detailing.

2004 navy Chevrolet Malibu in amazing shape. Very reliable. Has new tires, battery, brakes. Regular maintenance I.E. Oil changes have been done. Beautiful car in great condition. Low mileage - 153,000 - for age of car. Minimal rust spots - body is in mint condition.

- Vicki B

Great car, great gas mileage, lots of space.

It's a good car we bought it used and have has it for a year and it's falling apart but it still goes great and is roomy and comfortable, its stylish and safe I have kids and there is plenty of room for car seats, the gas mileage is great and the car lasts forever!

- Mariah F

Great gas mileage and safe.

Love the gas mileage I get, seem to have problems with the key, they just a recall on it. Couple axle problems that I have had fixed but the car is at 170, 000 miles and still runs good. Otherwise a great car! I would recommend to others and great for new drivers.

- Sara F

2004 Chevy Malibu Review, highly recommend this car.

I haven't any major issues with this vehicle. It runs great, drives nice and smooth. I like that it is simple and easy to operate. It doesn't have any high tech gadgets to break or malfunction. I love this car and I would definitely recommend this car to others.

- Mandy G

my car in 250 words bro !!

our car is old and the only reason we still drive it is because we can't afford a new car. But it's surprisingly holds up pretty well and I'm blessed to have transportation. it's high on mileage so idk really but I'm sure it was a great car. I like it I suppose

- lee K

My car is very reliable, safe, and spacious on the inside.

I bought my vehicle used, and it was in great condition when I first started driving it. I have run into a few problems since then, but the problems are occasional. Other than that, my car is very reliable. I feel safe when driving it which is important to me.

- Megan S

Economical vehicle that is great for long country drives.

An economical vehicle to drive and own. It gets great gas mileage and low cost maintenance of upkeep. The vehicle is reasonably priced. The parts are easy to locate. I love to drive my Malibu out of state and on long country roads especially in the summertime.

- Gabrielle W

I am overall happy with the performance of this vehicle.

The car has great pick up on the highway. It makes passing quite easy. The car gets good gas mileage, about 27 mpg on the highway. However, highway driving is loud. The interior of the car is spacious. I found the driver's seat to be too low and uncomfortable.

- Dawn F

A black beauty, a boat floating through the ocean of cars, smooth and reliable.

No problems, drives like a tank. I love Chevys and the Malibu is amazing. It rides so smooth, it reminds me of the old 70s versions. Nice and solid. Nice on gas and easy to fix at home. All the parts are kind of cheap and can be picked up at any auto store.

- Taylor R

Presidential tinted windows.

Excellent condition. Just add DVD custom TV. 22 inch platinum rim. Tinted all 4 windows. Has a sunroof which I also tinted. Only 1000 miles on it year to date. It is a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. All white, while a black fire design. It gets 32 miles per gallon.

- Marquise J

Overall it has been a fairly good vehicle but I would not purchase another one.

Has been a good car, had it for 8 years. Only had a few problems, had to replace fuel pump and water pump, overall, it has been a good car. It is an older car so it does not have all the newer features of the new cars, but overall, has not been a bad car.

- Diane S

It is reliable. In the 11 years I have had it all i've had to replace is oil, tires, and a battery.

The Malibu is a reliable car with everything I need. What I do not like is that the insulation is not as good as it used to be and the interior could be a better quality. There are some little things I would like to change but it's a great around town car.


Great car for every driver.

I absolutely love this car. I have had it for almost five years now and I have never had any major problems with it. I used to drive around 100 miles a day for my job on the freeway for eight months and she's still going strong with 211, 000 miles on her.

- Jessica P

The Chevy Malibu is a safe, reliable and great car.

Very reliable. The only time my car has been in the shop is for basic maintenance, and 3 recalls. My car has over 200, 000 miles, does not have any leaks and runs great. I will drive my car into the ground and highly recommend the Chevy Malibu to anyone.

- Kathy R

2004 Chevy Malibu, runs great, has some side damage to it is passenger side.

The gas gauge does not work, it hold it is oil very well. Over 265, 000 miles on it. It is seats are very comfortable. It has new side windows and back window with tint on it. There is a crack in the windshield that was filled. The car is an automatic.

- Timothy R

That Its very reliable and dependable. It will get you from point A to B.

The car is very reliable transportation very good on gas and will last for a lifetime. The seats are comfortable and Its door so plenty room for family or friends to ride along. Its a nice size car that's not to big or small so Its easy to manage V6.

- Natalie L

Lots of space and lots of power.

The Malibu maxx has lots of space for all-drivers, passengers and all the luggage. Besides that it also features a v6 engine that has a lot of power. For aesthetics you have the moon roofs plus all the electric adjustments that one needs.

- A P

It is a fairly reliable vehicle considering how old it is.

My car is okay. Some of the original features do not work, like the automatic unlock when it is put in park. Also, the windshield washer fluid always leaks out. Once in awhile the check engine light comes on for no apparent reason.

- Carolyn J

It has ac and the locks all work.

I am not a big fan of the interior design of the car. It is a loud car when I start it up compared to other cars I have had and that I have driven. It is a smaller vehicle and I am used to driving bigger cars ( Jeeps and trucks).

- Cameron P

My vehicle is durable and has worked well for the past 14 years.

It is a pretty old car, but it still looks relatively new. It still runs well, but I have had a couple instances recently where it has not started. I am unsure why this happened, but both instances occurred on extremely hot days.

- Kelly G

It has great mileage for gas.

It handles great around corners. I love the look of it. I like how comfortable it is to sit in. There aren't any blind spots. It has great mileage for gas i can fill it up and it lasts a week or two depending on where all i go.

- Debra P

It is a hatchback. It is a dependable car with plenty of room.

The car is dependable but it is old. It has started to rust on the one side. And the turn signals and back lights continue to burn out quickly. However, it is paid off and it is roomy which I need with two active kids.

- Sarah P

2004 Chevrolet Malibu Champagne

2004 Chevrolet Malibu, with 120,000 miles on the speedometer. Champagne in color. Tells me how many more miles I can go on the gas I have left in the tank. Tells me when to change the oil too. 31 miles per gallon.

- Pamela A

There have been quite a few recall notices for repairs on it.

I like that it gets good mileage and there is lots of storage space. I like the extra shelf in the hatchback. I like that the seats fold down. I don't like that it hydroplanes easily and doesn't handle well in snow.

- Catherine M

My car is a Chevrolet and a very good value for the money.

My car is easy to drive and very. It is very comfortable and plenty of room in the trunk for any purchases. There is plenty of room when sitting in the front, but could use more room when sitting in the back seat.

- harriet b

That it is a great size. I have only had SUVs and this car made the switch easy.

This vehicle is comfortable even on long road trips, drives smooth, does not speed up to fast and is easier to monitor your speed, handles well on the interstate, and is not family friendly and safe for children.

- Riley O

A smaller car with a spacious inside. Not the most high tech, but is a wonderful 1st time car.

My car is the perfect size for what me and my SO needs. The only problem I have had is the transmission went out. After getting it replaced, it has made plenty of trips around town and long vacations as well.

- Laney H

Very reliable, until you've had it for 10 years.

I love my car, it just that after over 10 years it seems to be falling apart. The electrical keeps having problems and the leather paneling on the inside is coming loose. Other than that it's a great car.

- Emily K

It is the best vehicle on the market.

Chevy malibu's are great cars because they have responsive handling, hug the road, do not have much maintenance, and they still have pretty decent gas mileage, considering they are mid - size vehicles.

- Tina M

It's 14 years old and needs a lot of work.

It's very old, and starting to have parts fail. I have had to have numerous services on it in the last two years. It has poor features compared to newer vehicles. It drives still, so that's a plus.

- Nicholas b

Roomy and reliable with a few recalls.

The Malibu Maxx is very roomy, and great for when hauling kids around. It did have some issues with a few recalls, but they were swiftly taken care of by the dealer. All in all, a very reliable car.

- Candace A

These are good cars from what I can tell we bought this one from a friend.

I like the car except the drivers passenger window is broken from going up and down and the driver seat does not adjust properly, and I have a problem with the suspension in the car needs work.

- Cynthia B

Chevy Malibu: Good Reliable Vehicle

My Malibu has been very reliable and trouble free. It is a good size for transporting others and except for tires, battery and a catalytic converter replacement (rust), has worked well for me.

- Deb I

There have been some recalls on it, and with the number of fixes already made, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more problems in the future.

It gets good mileage and there's lots of room for carrying stuff. It's got roomy seating and lots of drink holders. But it also has blind spots and traction is not good in snow or hard rain.

- Catherine R

It's very temperamental and is meant for either an older person who only drives it occasionally or as a starter car.

It has some anti theft and electronic component problems that make it a little hard to like to use regularly. It does get you from point A to point B but not a car that want to keep forever.

- Jason W

I would say it's reliability. It has never given me any problems in all my years of owning it.

It's getting up there in age, but it is still fairly reliable and fuel efficient. I will eventually upgrade to a newer vehicle, however, I'm not sure to what. Maybe another newer malibu?

- John F

It has a great heater and very comfortable interior.

It is a good car. It gets you from point a to b. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. The only thing I wish it had was a CD player. I have no complaints especially for the price.

- Sandra K

It is the best car you could get with not a lot of work.

I have had my vehicle since 2010, it was a used vehicle, good on gas and was equipped with a satellite radio with car updates. It has been. Very reliable, just now having to do repairs.

- Lene D

It's very reliable and requires minimum maintenance. I have 80,000 miles on it and have not yet changed the brakes.

This vehicle is the most reliable that I have ever owned . It's over 13 years old and it has not had any major repairs to date. It's a hatchback and can carry a large amount of cargo.

- jim c

The increase speed button didn't work when I bought the car.

My car has been pretty reliable, only had to do normal maintenance. I have replaced all the breaks and rotors, but there is an odd squeaking noise coming from the left side now.

- Patricia S

Don't leave the keys in when it isn't running.

With routine maintenance I have found it to have very few issues. Non essential stuff has always worked good windows, seats, air, doors, trunk. Any engine issues weren't major.

- Hope S

It rides smooth and it has heated seats.

It is not reliable. It leaks coolant. The head gasket is blown. I got it for free so I got what I payed for I guess. I need to buy a new car soon because I start college soon.

- Jenna B

It never breaks down on me, Its dependable and its really not much else to say about it

I've had no issues with it and it runs great,it's an older car but in good shape. The maintenance is low,its a gas saver and I love it.I hope to get a new Malibu soon though

- Tamara H

I need a new one. I owned a Jeep that was apart of a hit and run.

I bought it used and it came with wiring issues. These issues cause a lot of problems with the car. Such as signal and brake light not working also lighter does not work.

- Tina M

It saves a lot on Gasoline

It currently has a problem with the fuel pump so I am not able to use it and it didn't give me any warnings about it but it gets me from point A to point B very quick.

- KianaRaye S

It has a nice, silver metallic color.

I work from home. So, the total mileage in my car isn't too bad, averaging only about 10K miles per year. I've often been told that it still has a new look feel to it.

- Daniel M

Has been known to have steering recalls Must use caution when signals lights come on warning about steering lock up.

Very easy on highway mileage and has great pick up, horsepower. Sleek but simple design. The model is a standard but entry level futuristic model. Comfortable seating.

- Earl A

It is small it can only fit 2 people in the car comfortably.

The gas meter does not work and it is old and I like SUVs better. I do not like the color there is a lot of repairs that need to be done. Gas mileage is a headache.

- Jesse P

It's a white color 4 door CD player with Bluetooth

It's white 4 door automatic needs battery other than that there is a small leak not sure where it's coming from it oil though... Everything else is good drive great

- Kristin W

Great dependable ride for singles

It is a great car and was perfect when I got it in college. It was affordable and worked great. It just does not meet my needs now as a mom of 2. I need more space.

- Heather B

Reliable and safe. Good gas mileage.

It has been a good, reliable car. I like that the windows are large and easy to see out of. Unlike some newer cars. I also find the front seats more comfortable.

- David B

that it is surprisingly suited for long commutes.

it is a very sturdy car. it requires very little maintenance. i love the gas mileage and the gas tank size. it can carry many people and has a very large trunk.

- sarah s

It runs and goes from point A to point B.

Rattling noise front end, no gas gauge working, recalls on car for transmission and steering no parts available to fix at dealership, has 183, 000 miles on it.

- Edward A

This is a good decent car.

This car has a good amount of space for passengers. The trunk is very big and roomy. Paying for gas is not expensive. What I do not like is how it accelerates.

- Donna L

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I like that it has fewer miles than my previous car. I don't like the interior and exterior colors. I love that is from this century, unlike my previous car.

- Amber D

It is a reliable vehicle.

Reliable car that I really like. I have not had too many problems with it. It has had several recalls that I have been notified of it in a timely manner.

- Martha R

My car has amazing brakes. I really like the brakes on the car.

I like the gas mileage, the brakes and overall everything about the car. The car is comfortable and the perfect size. I would buy the car all over again.

- Fatima M

It has never let me down!

It has been a reliable source of transportation with very little maintenance needed. Chevy is always great about helping me maintain it through the years.

- Sue P

It's reliable, dependable, and fun to drive!

I like the size--I'm able to see well out of it and I am very short. It has been reliable for the past 12 years and has required very little maintenance.

- Tara C

It may say the gas is empty but it is not.

My vehicle is comfortable and reliable. However, it does make a lot of strange noises and the gas gage is broken. But it is good for being 14 years old.

- Caroline O

It's mine and I love it. I don't think I would get rid of it until it just didn't work anymore.

It's a white 2004 Malibu Classic. It's fairly old, but gets me where I need to go. The only problem is sometimes the back windows don't like to roll up.

- Jurnee M

The Malibu is a dependable car for a small to medium size family.

My car runs well with little problems. It gets good gas mileage for its age. It's not a large car and is a good size for my needs. Its silver in color.

- Nate O

Watch out for the braking system.

The car is ok on gas mileage. I have a lot of issues with it because of the age. It has a lot of trunk space drives smoothly. Radio and CD player only.

- Samuels S

Unreliable but great on gas if you're a mechanic it would be great for you.

Great on gas. Sometimes it turns off due to spark plug. Unreliable. Not driving anymore needs new alternator and battery. Spacious and easy to drive.

- Brooke M

It's a good car for the age of the vehicle and the lack of extras

I love how it's a small vehicle with a larger engine. I like how it doesn't take too much gas either. With almost 200,000 miles it's done me good

- Emily O

It is reliable and it'll get the job done.

I love the way it handles the road, it gets great gas mileage and it is reliable. I do not like that it is aged and things are getting worn out,.

- Tracy B

High Travel sturdy vehicle

very reliable, very few mechanical issues other than normal wear and tear maintenance. I have had my car since 2010 and it is still going strong.

- Jessica R

It has moveable pedals, both gas & brake

I love my Malibu Maxx, it gets great gas mileage and is very roomy for Its size. I am short and it just fits me. Just wish it was still made!

- Barbara M

The battery has died a couple times.

There are no problems with my car. Very relatable, it has died a couple of times but it was the battery. Other then that my car is very good.

- Tali A

It is a dependable car that hasn't let me down.

It is a very reliable car, and has minimal upkeep on it since I have had it. It has good gas mileage and does well in all weather conditions.

- Sierra G

It's all automatic features four doors

Being as old as it is it still runs well and I only have 159,000 miles on it. I've had a few issues and have put work into it but I love it.

- Jamie F

Cheap on gas very low maintenance.

It is very very cheap on gas drive it a week to work and back to the store just about everywhere we go we drive it 10 dollars a week gas.

- Pam B

I enjoy my Malibu Maxx. Especially the gas mileage.

I purchased my Malibu used. I drive it every where. I don't think twice about taking it out of state by myself. I love the gas mileage.

- Becky S

It is very reliable, gets good gas mileage and has a v6 engine for great pickup.

It is a good size with four doors. It has power from a v6 engine. It has a large truck. It rides very well. It gets good gas mileage.

- Sharon H

I own it outright. gets great gas mileage and is a very clean car

for its age I get great gas mileage. my car is very easy to maintain with very little cost to me. I would purchase again if need be.

- ron d

It has over 200k miles but still runs pretty well for how old it is.

It is quite old and has a lot of miles. It is still very dependable. I wouldn't drive it on the freeway but it is a good a to b car.

- Megan V

You have to give it gas to start it up.

The a could work. The fuses for the cigarette lighter could work. Could have better performance. The paint would have lasted longer.

- Miles F

It has over 400, 000. Miles on it, it is been well maintained.

I love my car, the make, the style, but it has way to many miles on it. I am seriously thinking about having a new motor put in it.

- Marguerite M

Lots of recalls and eats batteries

Runs great but lots of recalls. Eats batteries. Good on gas. Nice factory Sound system. Handles nice.. will def buy another Chevy

- Shane S

Runs great. Has a few cosmetic issues, nothing wrong.

Runs good. Gets from point a to point b. Not a huge gas guslar. Takes us where we need to go. Keeps on running through the years.

- Jojo L

My Chevrolet Malibu Review

It is dependable and runs great. I have had no issues and plan to drive it until repairs become more than the cost of a new car.

- Louise S

that just because it is old doesn't mean It's not a good car

i like my vehicle because it is reliable, i've never had more than minor maintenance issues with it and it used to be my mothers

- micah a

14 Year Old Malibu - The best ever!

My car is 14 years old (140k Miles) and has held up wonderfully! I will be extremely sad when it dies and needs to be replaced.

- Whitney B

It runs pretty good and is pretty easy to fix if something goes bad.

I like it ok. Gets us where we need to be. Very dependable. Parts are pretty easy to get. Parts are pretty affordable as well. .

- Amy B

Good on gas and no mechanical problems after 100 thousand miles.

I like because it is easy to drive. And because good on gas and just the right size. Color is easy to clean. It is easy to park.

- Robin O

Gas mileage and more than that would definitely be the cars dependability.

It's a good car for day to day driving, good on gas. I have not had any mechanical problems with engine but interior is lacking.

- Jason B

For the miles it has, nothing major as far as repair costs.

Electrical coolant light is on. Does not have a/c. doesn't hold the Freon. The trunk lock sometimes sticks, and does not close.

- Joseph J

It's uncomfortable to ride in for any length of time.

Seats aren't comfortable. Seems to have more problems than our other vehicles. I definitely would not buy another Chevrolet.

- Annette C

It runs very good driving car and the heat works good.

Holding its wheels.good driving car.good on gas.heats works good.steering. oil.breaks are great.never had a problem as of yet.

- Gwen H

The dependability and the size and handling of the car.

No complaints. I like the size, handling, pick-up of the car. It has good steering ability and has been a good little car.

- sue e

It is a very dependable car. I attribute that to the brand and the way we take care of it.

It is a 2004 Malibu Maxx. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and it is a very reliable car. I wish the still made this model.

- Gary H

It's a reliable car that has done good for me.

My vehicle is a silver 2004 Chevrolet Malibu sedan. It has been good to me with no major issues. It's a good quality car.

- David M

Could be a good family car for a small family. Good on gas mileage and pretty reliable

I like that the vehicle is 6 cylinder, great with acceleration. Decent gas mileage. Good amount of front and trunk space.

- Emily S

It's a hatchback and I like it.

I like it's power. Don't like It's mpg so much. Wish it was four wheel drive in the winter. Wish it had a trailer hitch.

- Mark A

Great car not for sales will keep iy

Nothing it a great vehicle I love it that why I will not get rid of its would like a new one but I know what I have now.

- Donna O

The gas gauge is broken so you have to calculate by the mileage.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I also like that it is a 4-door. I do not like it is condition, but I bought it used.

- Lauren P

It is dependable, good size, and great trunk size.

I love the size of the car. It has good handling in the snow. It is not a smooth ride but overall it's a great vehicle.

- Elizabeth B

Do not get this particular year. There are a ton of recalls because they decided to try something different with the steering.

I love that it is a 6 cylinder but gets the mileage of a 4. It's pretty dependable, but that steering assist is a pain.

- Janice T

That is it very reliable and gets to where I need and is pretty cost efficient.

The vehicle is starting to show its age. I am a point A to point B driver. Nothing fancy, and this vehicle does that.

- joe c

The car is very reliable and good on gas and I would buy another one.

The Malibu is fuel efficient. It has had very mechanical issues over the years. I would consider buying another one.

- Cathy M

Malibu Maxx car from 2004

It has been a very reliable car. It had lots and of space in hatch. Lots of legroom in backseat. Good gas mileage.

- Kris K

It is old and loud. It is white and has some rust but still runs good.

I like that it is good on gas. I do not like how small it is, I wish it was bigger for two kids and a family of 4.

- Heather M

It's old and it's mine, it's paid for and it's set in it's ways like me.

Its an older vehicle. Some of the problems that I have had aren't easy fixes. And now many people don't fix them

- David O

Good, sensible vehicle for single person

I enjoy the malibu I own. It handles well and I've had very few problems with it. Gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Nathan O

that it is a nice car, but has had some issues involving recalls.

I like the chevy malibu, has nice extra features, but have had some trouble with recalls, as the car got older

- Deb G

It has never had a major breakdown in over 10 years.

I love that it has a hatchback. It has been very reliable for over 10 years. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Jeff G

It is very safe and rally good on gas prices.

I like my vehicle it is fast it is reliable I can get from point a to point b and it is really good on gas it.

- Johnny B

It is a safe and good brand.

To many recalls. Always something wrong with it. Do like the heated seats though so that's definitely a plus.

- Vanessa L

It's a Chevy very dependable reliable transportation

Lots of extra features runs great drives like a dream.clean interior good color.not the right color exterior

- Dennis W

I love it so don't mess with it.

Great mileage, no major repairs required, only preventive maintenance. Mileage is high, over 200,000 miles.

- Kathy R

Overall it is a very good car, has had more recalls than I like.

I like that it is a hatchback. I like the sunroof. I like the heated seats. I dislike how low it sits.

- Merrijo L

It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable for driving on long trips.

It's older, but it gets me to where I need to be low miles have had to put some money into it lately.

- Abby P

My car is comfortable It gets great gas mileage. I have had very little mechanical trouble

I love my car It is great. I would buy another one My whole family loves to drive it and ride in it.

- Della P

My vehicle was bought second hand. I love it.

I love my Malibu. Although it is 14 years old, it is reliable, easy to handle and it is comfortable.

- Joyce B

It's got plenty of power and it handles curves really well...I love it and am gonna drive it until it dies...

It drives well. It's got plenty of trunk room. Although the rear end is kinda shaped funny ...haha

- Elizabeth d

Gas gage can break and is rather expensive to fix. Need to manually keep an eye on miles driven to know when to fill up next

I like that the car is reliable. Don't like how the gas gage is broken and is expensive to fix

- Teresa C

I enjoy driving my car and it does not have many problems.

Because it is older there are some things that are broken. I do like that it is paid for.

- Ruth G

that the cars turn signals dont work properly and you have to manually work them.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage, but its old and falling apart and rusting

- john k

It's 14 years old; it's not supposed to be pretty!

It works. gets me from point a to point b. Very reliable and I am happy to have it.

- Cas S

The power steering in it is electric and has a recall, if not taken care of it has a tendency to stop working.

The main issue that I have with the vehicle were the amount of recalls that it had.

- Felice B

The length of the car and the exterior markings that make it special.

I love the interior and the trunk space, the style of the car and how it handle.s

- Helen D

It is very dependable and requires little maintenance

For all the years I have owned it - there have only been a minimal of problems

- paula M

Great car for It's age. Feel very safe in it. Very dependable.

Very dependable car. Air conditioning still works great. No working radio.


It is very spacious and can fit big things in it.

I love my car. I have had it since 2008. There is nothing that I don't like.

- nancy g




The car is small on the outside, but is very roomy inside. The trunk is huge, which has come in handy while moving. It is a very safe and sturdy car. It rides very smoothly, which is nice since I live in a city with lots of potholes.

Even though it is on the smaller side, it is very safe and rides smoothly.

- Jamie W

The Chevy Classic is a reliable car if you take care of the maintenance. It is great on gas mileage although it has a small tank. The maintenance costs are inexpensive because the parts are cheap to buy. Most home mechanics can work on the vehicle with no issues. It rides smooth if you keep good tires on it. The car does not have Aux plug or cassette player which is a bummer. It does have a CD Player. The interior is cloth. The passenger side sun visor does not have a mirror and light.

It is an inexpensive reliable commuter vehicle for short or long travels.

- LaVaughn J

reliability, gets me where I need to go with no problems whatsoever

i love my vehicle, I've had it for 11 years and barely have had a problem

- James F

I have never owned a car as long as I have this midsize sedan. It can easily hold 4 adults plus a reasonable amount of cargo/luggage. Drives well and easy to park. Several of the electrical systems have failed over time.

A very useful vehicle which I probably should have taken better care of.

- Thomas K

It is a great car. It has lasted far longer than I expected it to.

I have had no real issues with the car even though it is 14 years old

- Candace H

My car is reliable and sturdy. I also love that it's relatively inexpensive to fix any problems with it. The only problems I've had with it have had to do with wiring issues.

It's a great car that'll get you where you need to go safely.

- Erin K

The mileage for a 14 yr old car is very low. I like that.

It's Very dependable. I like the Roominess It's Good on gas.

- Joe J

To many recalls, has been and could be a safety issue.

I like the hatchback and the sunroof. I dislike the recalls.

- Merri-Jo L

My car can get very dirty easily, as it is white and i am a messy person.



Malibu one the best cars on the road. Dependable and safe. Stylish.

Runs great. looks good has smooth ride. Every dependable.

- liz m

I purchased my car semi new in 2005. It is silver and has been good to me all these years. I wish it had some of the newer technology, but I'm happy with my car.

It has been very dependable and an overall great vehicle!

- Kesha S

Buckled when hit... doesn't smash inwardly when in a crash

Love it. It's a Spacy and Sturdy vehicle. Fits my dogs.

- Meg K

Really have no complaints. Very little repair had to be done in the past 14 years that we have had the car

It is reliable. good gas mileage and little maintenance

- Joanne A

It's comfortable . It's nice for a long trip. I love the color

It's a luxury car. It's a nice size. It rides very well

- Mary S

It is 14 yrs old needs a tune up major electrical work and the passenger seat needs to be fixed

It needs work. I share some of the monetary functions

- mark S

It's a classic series malibu. Chevy vehicles are very durable with low maintenance.

Smooth ride at 50 mph. Family vehicle. Chevy loyalty.

- Isaiah H

It is old and needs to be replaced because it has 200 thousand miles on it

The air conditioner has quit, it has good gas mileage

- Jason F

This car is very easy to drive. It is comfortable to seat 4 people.The trunk is large. I would buy this car again.

It is a good value for the price and runs very well.

- Shelby J

I like that I've had it for over 200,000 miles and it is still running. I love that it has heated seats. Also, I love the hatchback trunk.

It is reliable and low maintenance. I love this car!

- Kim S

Comfort,safety and gas saver, dislike the interior which is starting to peel on the inner doors.

It is a nice car to travel with and is very roomy.

- Rebecca G

Keeping it running and update what needs to be donee

Get me where I want to go without no problem.

- Donna v

Excellent family car. Looks nice too.

- Kayla D