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You can fit 2 full size grown men in the trunk. Or a bobcat scoop full of mulch.

It is a great vehicle. Always starts. Has minimum issues. I am glad I made a choice to get this vehicle. It is roomy. I would like four door s however I am satisfied overall with what I have. I can fit the children seats and more in the back seats and sometimes more. I have often said to people that this is one of the better vehicles I have purchased. Ironically the last favorite vehicle of mine was a 2000 Chevrolet s-10 and it ran great. The only big concern was the factory anti-theft system.

- Narayan R

2002 Chevrolet monte Carlo. Garage find with very little mileage.

Being a large car, it is very comfortable to drive. The only problems I have had so far are the blower motor went out and I needed a new starter. The car sat in a garage for 5+ years and at 10 years old only had 32k miles. I now have over 110, 000 miles and still running fine. The engine is underpowered for it is displacement by today's standard, but still has enough. As is normal for a front drive, it has some looseness in the front suspension. However it still rides and handles very well.

- Steven R

It can go from 0-65 in 7 seconds.

There's an ignition recall so sometimes it won't start and I get stranded. The heated seats are amazing, but only one side will work at a time. Since it is an older car, there is a knob to turn to dim or brighten the indoor light or turn the headlights on or off. There is only one switch on the dash that controls the wipers, turn signal and the bright lights. You have to pull it back and hold it to have bright light because it doesn't click to stay on by itself.

- Cassandra B

Reliable but needs replaced.

I bought my vehicle used in 2010.I've had electrical issues lately, due to wear and tear over the years. I've replaced many parts like brake pads and rotors, wheel and tires, muffler, and many more. I have a lot of rust underneath the car body because of Midwest winters. My vehicle has been reliable for the most part, but it would be more hassle to get it like new again, rather than buy a new vehicle.

- Kelly R

Buy or not buy a gm vehicle.

I love the comfort, but I have had many issues over the years. It is typical of gm though. It is unlikely that I will ever purchase a vehicle made by gm again, for there is not great reliability. So, there you have it. Do not buy gm models if you want a reliable vehicle... Which would include thousands of dollars to keep up compared to other manufactures.

- Tony W

Overall my 02 Chevy Monte Carlo has treated me good

My car is reliable but the strut on the rear passenger side is bad and the combination switch for the low beams and high beams doesn't work so they are hooked up to a switch that is mounted in front of the center console. It has heated front seats and it mostly electric controlled seats and power windows

- Eric D

Not my first choice, but sturdy.

My car is a two door car - which I find very inconvenient. Additionally it does not seem to drive well in the winter. There have been many electrical problems inside and issues with the gas and exhaust as well. I do think the car is comfortable to drive in, as it feels very sturdy for a smaller car.

- Rebecca W

Great car fun to drive. Easy on gas

The transmissions go out. The solution is to buy an aftermarket upgraded transmission. The motor and chassis are solid the 3.8 v6 is responsive. And pushes the car to 60 mph in a respectable 8 seconds great brakes and easy to work on. I have had the transmission in and out 4 times easy as cake.

- Joshua S

Car versus car seats would be a great name for the title of my review.

It's a great car other than having just two doors. If you have kids in car seats or that need help buckling it can be a bit of a challenge. It's a great running car. It gets up to speed quickly. The radio sounds great. So basically great car, just challenging with car seats and small kids.

- Dee A

2002 white Chevy monte Carlo.

Great vehicle, known for head gaskets to go bad when the car reaches 110, 000 miles, the monte Carlo runs great otherwise, fits five people, very roomy, great stereo system, tire size is 205/65/16, right now it needs a driver wheel bearing, the car is white with red pinstripe.

- Cara B

Monte-Carlo problems occurring

The car is reliable and gets me to and from. However has bad struts and brakes after having tires changed a few months ago. I do not like the 2 door aspect but my brother gave me the car when I needed it. The passenger window does not roll up all the way.

- Michelle S

Chevy Monte Carlo for a family.

My car is a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo. It's an OK car to drive but not really for a family. I think it has a tendency to have electrical problems I'm having some wire issues. I would recommend this car for a single young person not a person with the family.

- Kristine M

The car that will never die, even though mechanics say it should be dead.

The 2002 Monte Carlo is a roomy two door car. It also has a large trunk. It handles great in all weather even though my kids say its a boat(size). I have had it for approximately 9 years. It has almost 190, 000 miles on it and still runs good for me.

- A C

The car is reliable and has lasted a very long time. With almost 240,000 miles it still runs pretty well.

I like the sporty sleek model of the car. It's a comfortable ride and is also durable. However, it is getting older so the wear and tear and maintenance is getting to be a bit much.

- Michelle B

It keeps going and going! It's a eye catcher. Can hold up to 5 people

It has lasted a long time. But It's only a 2 door vehicle. Makes having a family hard to travel. And not wheelchair accessible but It's a good car that never gives out on us

- Marjorie E

Wish they still made this model

It's a personal luxury coupe. It drives smoothly. I call it the poor man's Cadillac.. interior has nice bucket seats and a floor shifter. It also comes in the SS styling.

- Robert L

This is a very dependable car. The parts aren't expensive when you do need to fix something but I haven't had anything major that needed to be fixed so far. I have had this car for 11 years now.

It is very reliable. I have never had any real issues with it. It is safe and I feel secure putting my kids in the car. It has just been a really good car.

- Beth M

Great car very happy with would buy another one

It been a very good car happy with run very good not very anything's that had to be fix great car like the body stile and the way it look

- Virginia T

It is reliable and gets me where I need to go.

I love my vehicle. Great gas mileage. Hate that it is a 2 door. Love the color and the comfortable ride. It has spacious and big trunk.

- Amanda A

It sounds like it's going to explode but it wont lol.

The car needs motor mounts so it shakes I dislike that. It needs a good paint job and some new seats. It drives well regardless.

- Ashley D

Sports car without the price.

It runs great. Looks great. I got it with good mileage and in good condition. Great reliability and has a sporty feel to it.

- Chris C

Fuel mileage very good for the size of vehicle.

Good power and fuel economy. Constant electrical problems, from sensors to security. Maintenance becoming more often.

- Rodney L

It has been very dependable and drives and still looks almost new.

I like the way it looks and drives. It has been very dependable. It has had a few problems that had to be fixed.

- Phyllis B

It is a very easy car to drive.

It handles very well and drives easily. It is a comfortable ride also. The back window too small to see out of.

- Christina S

That it's slowly starting to show her age and like most old things, it's starting to break.

It's a nice and sporty looking car. It gets decent gas mileage. I love the sleek lines and leather interior.

- Allison M

It is paid for and owe nothing on it.

Cold starter. The turn signal works only when it is cold. Needs regular maintenance more often than most.

- Mary W

That it drives good and it gets good gas mileage.It also is very roomy and it has good air conditioning and heater.

I like the comfort in riding the car it has a sunroof I love that and it's so roomy it drives good too

- Tammy R

It has good gas mileage for a car of it is size.

It drives and looks good. My complaint is that it is getting old enough for (so far) minor repairs.

- Jean B

I love my Monte Carlo, it is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and easy to drive

People needs to know that this car are very reliable.

- Mildred P

Dependable and nice riding car, never had much repairs.

no complaints, I have owed the card since it was new.

- Mark D