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The car is timeless. It's popular with old and young alike.

My 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo has been an awesome car for my family. We have had our car for around 6 years now and it still runs awesome!! As far as the motor on our car the only thing that has had to be done was replacing the heads. Which was very expensive but the car had been owned by a couples younger son who had the car took from him and sold because he was caught racing the car so that could have contributed to that. The motor is very sound now and I would trust it to drive across country and back again. The other parts on the car however have not fared too well. We have had the wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods and tie rod ends. I am not sure if the way the car was handled before we got it had anything to do with it but I am sure it didn't help. We were faced with the decision of having to now replace sway bar and links, struts, and springs or letting the car go and since our youngest daughter has better means of fixing it we made the decision to let her have the car because we know once those things have been corrected the car will be the dependable transportation that it has been for us for so long. So I am no expert but from my experience,, the actual motor of these cars are far and above everything you would ever need but the body leaves a lot of room for improvement.

- Bridget R

Decent car, good longevity, some issues.

My monte Carlo is a beast. It is has 200k+ miles on it and is still chugging away. It is got great durability. It is a larger vehicle so it can be slightly difficult to maneuver. But it has lots of space on the inside as well as a large trunk that can open up to the cabin. Because of its size, the brakes go bad faster as is typically the case with this model. This is not the car I would have chosen for myself (I am short and like smaller cars), but it was the right price from a friend. It has been decently reliable for its age and I am grateful that it is still working well (heat & ac are great).

- Emily D

My Monte Carlo, but I call her Carla.

This is a great car! She's roomy and sporty. The trunk is big enough you can sleep in it, so a Costco run is no issue. The ride itself is smooth. The interior is leather, so I tinted the windows so my skin does not fry in the summer sun. She fits anywhere. Just cannot go over large bumps or 4-wheeling. The self-starter takes some getting used to, so used to key cranking that having my car do it for me just seems wrong. The light turns green and she takes off like a dream. The upkeep costs are low. Keep her fluids up and changed as needed and she'll run forever. Best car I have ever had!

- Ashley D

Problematic 2005 Monte Carlo

My 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo has power windows and driver side seat. I currently have a recall for the ignition switch and everytime I turn around something is going wrong with it. I've had thousands of dollars worth of work on it and seems like I'm only going to spend thousands more. In the long run, it'll probably be cheaper to just buy a new car. It has gotten me from point "A" to point "B" however I don't feel as if I'm getting the gas mileage as I should.

- Jennifer R

The gas gauge does not work.

The vehicle I drive is fairly good on gas, it is dependable and drives smooth. The vehicle is older so there are issues. The windshield has a hairline crack along bottom of window. The dashboard has a crack from the sun beating down on it. The car has high mileage which is not accurately known due to engine replacement. The gas gauge does not work at this time, it quit after I obtained the car 2 years ago.

- Rain W

A Great Car for a New Driver Just Starting Out

Despite being almost 15 years old, the Monte Carlo has held up nicely. My only complaint for the car is that it a very long car and that takes some time to get used to, particularly in regards to turning and parking the vehicle. The interior of the car has been able to maintain itself throughout the years and overall I would rate this a pretty decent car, particularly a first car.

- Alice N

Monte Carlos are sleek and fast

My Chevrolet Monte Carlo is very reliable. It goes fast. It is a very cool looking vehicle that people are jealous of. The interior is nice too. The steering wheel radio controls work great, as do all the other electronic components of the vehicle. The only issue I've had it with the power steering system. Also the speedometer quit working and displays an incorrect speed.

- Joshua R

If you have a family, I would not recommend buying this car.

My monte carlo is an ls which means it has a 3. 4 liter engine and not a whole lot of get up and go. The car does not accelerate very fast at all and tends to go through gas pretty fast for how small of an engine it has. It only has 2 door and it has bucket seats in the back which do not really leave a lot of legroom and it is a pain for people to get in and out of the back.

- Evan T

Monte Carlo my personal luxury car at a decent price

Car has been very dependable. It has 168,700 miles on it. When it was brand new we had SiriusXM. It is still available. It came fully loaded. I love using the sunroof on nice days. The black leather seats have worn over the years, but after almost 15 years I really can't complain. The car will seat 5 adults comfortably. The back seat lays down so you can haul long items.

- Edith W

This car is rare as it is an ss supercharged. They do not make them anymore.

The seat on the driver's side no longer has heating, the air conditioner on the driver's side puts out heat instead of cool air, and the wiper fluid has a leak in it. In spite of all this, it is an easy-to-drive vehicle, you can feel the power behind the wheel so it is not a light car, and it just really looks cool.

- Pamela T

Great first vehicle for anyone learning to drive!

It is a smaller vehicle which makes it great for a single person. Not great during snow or heavy rain. Very low to ground which makes it difficult for steep driveways. The trunk is incredibly spacious allowing you to move many items. It is also very easy to handle and makes for a perfect first vehicle!

- Brittany S

It runs good for a very long time.

I love how my car is very comfortable and how easily the acceleration is as well. Even though it is an older car it still drives very good, especially if you take car of the car which is very important. It does not cost a lot to fill up the gas tank, which is awesome since gas prices are going up.

- Starr W

Great performance Monte Carlo.

My Monte Carlo is very reliable, if you do oil changes and regular maintenance it will work, the only problem is that it has over 200, 000 miles, Chevrolet stopped making them in 2006. I wish they brought them back again, I will buy one in a heartbeat, I am trying to keep it as long as possible.

- Alonso M

I would recommend this car to a young man or couple.

This car gets excellent mileage, it runs smooth, corners well. Has speed, looks, and room to move. Trunk space is impressive and it's fairly easy to maintain. Unfortunately, the bucket seats are hard as bricks and there are no lumbar supports to assist, so long trips are not recommended.

- Candy H

This car is a nightmare. I hate it I want to get rid of it.

I hate the way this car looks, it's so ugly. The horn doesn't work. And the tachometer doesn't work. It has given me a lot of trouble since I've had it. It had some major electrical issues that we could never figure out. I hate how I can't turn off the headlights while the car is on.

- Breanna C

Long-bodied beauty, the monte Carlo.

It is a very reliable and long bodied car. I am impressed with how much can be fit into the inside of the car and the trunk. It may be old but it has stood the test of time in terms of quality. I love that car and I will use it until it gives up. It is reliable, sleek, and smooth.

- Hannah D

Old Reliable: Built for the long haul

It's old and outdated as of now but it's lasted me for over 14 years. There only time I had issues was when the radiator needed replacing. Other than that regular maintenance has kept it running smoothly. Currently have 120,000 Miles and counting. Definitely built to last.

- Eric B

the low riding carriage for sure. It likes to go fast, and often doesn't feel like it's going fast either.

I have the two-door version of the Monte Carlo, and really enjoy the space inside the passenger area. It does ride a bit lower to the ground than my previous vehicle, so I have to be a bit more careful around bumps and dips, but other than that I enjoy it.

- Gryffin M

She�s truly a bitchin� ride

My car drives smooth, it fits my style and is great. It is a two door so it's sometimes a haste when I have to put my daughter in the back car seat but I've gotten used to it. There aren't any issues with it because I just got it topped off and fixed up .

- Destiny K

I think the sleek look of the car. It is long and low so it looks very sporty.

The only problem is the transmission. It is really old and the model is very expensive to replace. Everything else is very nice. I love the spacious trunk and the backseat has a lot of room too. 2 door cars can be a pain but overall it is a very nice car.

- Nelly W

Love this car - don't want to give it up!

This is a great vehicle! I have had some minor problems over the years, primarily due to wear and tear and routine maintenance. Too bad this model is not made any more. It is a timeless classic. Almost 20 years old and the car is still in great shape.

- Lynn L

It is rare. You might not be able to find one to buy.

I like the power and weight I feel when I get behind the steering wheel, and it is easy to drive. It also has heated seats. I hate the seat belts. They could have designed the seat belts better. I also wish Chevrolet was still making this car.

- Pamela T

Intimidator Dale Earnhardt addition it burn rubber

Well it has a supercharger it's a 3800 it's fast reliable comfortable about of trunk space power windows power locks power seats heated seats nice leather seats it tells me exactly how much gas is in the tank and more

- Arron W

The engine is great, likes to run fast.

Chevy does not make Monte-Carlos since 2006; great performance car, very reliable. You do have change the rotter every 5 years or so, if you keep the fluid fresh it will last. My car is 13 years plus.

- Alonso M

It runs good but has an evap leak.

It has an eval leak and the speedometer does not work. The hood needs painting and there are dents and scratches all over and the seats need shampooing and some thing need to be glued in place inside.

- Dorothy H

The Monte Carlo is very sleek and fast. If you are tall or have a hard time bending down, you will have a hard time getting in.

The car was my grandmas car, and she gave it to me. I still have it for sentimental value. The car runs well, and it gets me from point a to b. It sits low to the ground, but I enjoy driving it.

- Erica S

It runs great and always start right up. It is very reliable.

I love my vehicle because it has always been very reliable. It always starts right up and I can always count on it. I dislike it that it is getting old and doesn't look as good as it used to.

- Kathy K

It heavy and reliable in all weather conditions.

I love how the car drives and how it handles, hate that the car was in a prior accident and the hood had to be replaced and the hood is now maroon and my car is white.

- Val F

It is old and has a lot of miles but is trustworthy and still a good car.

My Monte Carlo is a 2005 model. I bought it used in 2006 with about 30 thousand miles. It has been well taken care of, currently has 225 thousand miles.

- Carla C

It is reliable car that is never broke down all the years I have had it.

Nothing wrong with it great for moving around in city while having a sporty look I can rely on this car whenever I need to get where I need to go.

- Aaron T

It's an older model and they don't make them anymore so there will never be more upgrades and probably eventually no more parts.

I like how pretty she is. I wish she was more fuel efficient. I also think It's both a pro and con that she only has 2 doors instead of 4.

- Leah S

The most important thing is that it is dependable.

I like that it is sporty. It gets great gas mileage, and is fun to drive. I do not like that there was a recall on it though.

- Tonja B

It? Has had a lot of problems.

It is old and has cosmetic issues, which I dislike. I like how fast it is and the how it takes off after stopping.

- Dylan S

Car drives good and the gas not too expensive for an SUV.

Good running vehicle, no rust.. Only disadvantage is that it is a 2 door. Hard to get in and out of..

- Linda F

It's a great car for the price. It's dependable and gets good mileage

Smooth ride, trunk space, good mileage. Is hard to get out of with it being so low to ground

- Sarah G

Low mileage It is in very good shape

I like the style and performance.The gas mileage is good.The seats are comfortable

- Bob J

I enjoy the comfort in the vehicle, have not had to do anything to it than regular expected maintenance

the particular model that I have does not have steering wheel radio controls

- bob h