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The Right Truck for our Needs

Love this truck, it's got plenty of room and is great for a family of 4. It has lots of power and is just a very reliable truck. It is not too big and not too small it is the perfect size. A very smooth driving vehicle some of the smaller trucks you feel all the bumps and ruts and it can be an awful ride but not in this truck. The gas mileage is basically what you would expect in a truck so for the most part it's pretty good. So far we have not has any trouble out of this truck so that has been a positive thing. The truck has Bluetooth and that has been a very nice feature. The only thing I was it would help you send text messages a little better but I'm sure that would be better in the newer model trucks. The voice recognition in the truck is a little difficult at time but this may just be the quality of the Bluetooth and not necessarily the truck and sound systems problem. As I said there is plenty of room in the truck that could seat 6 so It has plenty of room for 4 people. We always seem to have baggage when we travel to so it's comfortable with that as well. I would just have to say that over all we feel, for our family, this was a great purchase in vehicle in all different levels. We were searching for a truck with more room to accommodate a growing family and that's what we found. I feel confident that even eventually if I needed to place another car seat in the back everyone would still be comfortable.

- Ashley W

White Chevy Silverado 1500 lt crew cab interior and exterior is excellent.

My Chevy Silverado is a very good and dependable vehicle. It gets the job done every time it pulls almost anything I hook up to it. As long as you keep good oil in it and keep up on maintenance the vehicle will last a very long time. The Chevy Silverado gets good gas mileage for a pickup truck. I get 21-23 mpg if I am going 50-70 mph and driving around town I get about 14-17. I am very happy with this pickup it exceeds your expectation with how well it performs and runs. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who likes dependable pickup truck.

- Wyatt H

Awesome extended cab. Great towing capacity.

My 2013 Chevrolet Silverado pickup has been a great vehicle. This truck has the extended cab which was actually less expensive than the 4 door. The extended cab has not been a problem for us. The side doors open all the way to the bed of the truck making it very accessible with plenty of room in the back.. It currently has a little over 100,000 miles and has been literally maintenance free other than routine maintenance checks. One of its main purposes is for towing which it does very well. I would recommend this truck.

- Lynn P

Gas saver compared to heavy duty trucks, ice cold ac, can fit in tight spaces

Ten vehicle I drive is the best vehicle I have ever driven. Sure it's a work truck but I feel like I'm in a luxury vehicle it's a regular cab Silverado short bed. A 3 seater with ice cold ac during the summer. Since the cab is small the air conditioning gets really cold fast. You can also use the vehicle to move place and haul heavy items and Thank you just can't carry in your small car. Like furniture or big items for households. I believe my 2013 Chevy Silverado is one of a kind with excellent power and drivability.

- Luis P

Chevy Silverados are Comfortable Vehicles

The Chevy Silverado truck I drive is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever been in. It has plenty of room and comfortable seats, a good amount of cup holders, and the extended cab version can hold a good amount of passengers. The main issues I have with this truck, though, are the amount of gas I have to buy and how difficult it is to park due to size. If those aren't an issue for you, it is a very nice vehicle to drive. It is a smooth ride and it feels more like driving a smaller car (minus the parking.)

- Savannah S

Chevrolet Silverado 3/4 ton 1500 extended cab with v8 and 6 speed transmission

This truck is a gem it has all the extras you would want. The bed is the perfect size and will carry or tow anything but a house it's strong and dependable and just the right height for easy access. Everything about it makes it a truck that rides like a Cadillac for comfort gas mileage it good for a truck this size. 3/4 ton. The eight cylinder engine has way more power than you will need. It can come with a great towing package which lowers the gear for maximum power while towing. This is the third one I have owned.

- Garth J

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab

My truck is awesome! I always wanted a truck since I was a teenager and I finally got one three years ago. In the three years that I have had it, I have not had any issues out of it other than normal maintenance such as oil changes, tune up and changing the battery once. The truck is incredibly sturdy. I have gotten into several wrecks since I have had it, a couple of them being bad and each time the truck has held up and kept me safe with relatively minor damage to the truck itself. It's a great vehicle to own!

- Macy P

Love my truck so much going to buy another one when the time comes.

I love my truck got over a hundred thousand miles and no problems. Put gas and change the oil and put it on the road. Rides smooth and comfortable like it's a big car with a bed. My next purchase will be a newer model. Got my mind set on a 2021 or 22. Like the body style slick even better are the newer body styles. Just keep up the normal maintenance and your good to go. Put a good number of highway miles on it too no problems. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who's thinking of buying a truck.

- Phillip C

Great vehicle for pretty much any occasion!

I bought this truck used a couple years ago after having shopped around for about 4 months. I have been extremely happy with it, both on daily commutes and for those long vacation trips we like to take. There is plenty of room in the back seat (Crew Cab) for my grandson's car seat and both of his parents to ride comfortably. It is also extremely handy for picking up those things needed for home improvement projects indoors and out. I always look forward to hitting the road with this thing!

- Ray H

Great Truck for a Family of Four!

This is a great truck with excellent towing power. It is easily adjustable for tall people and short people, and has plenty of cab space. It includes Bluetooth and steering wheel radio and cruise control. It drives smooth, turns sharp and responds fast. The doors for the extended cab are a bit difficult-you have to open the driver or passenger door before you can open the extended cab doors. Overall, this has been a great truck for our family of four and will continue to be for a long time!

- Chelsea O

Inadequate quality or materials used to mass produce the Chevrolet k-1500 truck.

It has had problems from the day we drove it off of the lot with wind noise by the wipers from loose plastic and when researched many other owners have had the same problems and our dealer or the Chevrolet company itself refuse to admit these problems or fix any of it. There has been immediate corrosion for the undercarriage and vehicle as the paint is paper thin and not adequate at all and the truck has been sent back multiple times and never fixed completely.

- Tom G

Quality of vehicle. Not what I expected for the price charged for the vehicle.

Doors and tires is not working properly. There is no CD player. Not. Enough space. Has to manually lock the door and roll the windows down. Not enough room in the vehicle. Nothing like I expected. I think the price is much higher this it should be. I am paying way too much money and there's not enough features. To pay this price. I would have preferred something less expensive. I will check out everything completely next. Time before purchasing a vehicle.

- Virginia A

It has a very smooth ride.

I bought the lt model and for just an extra $2400 they redid my seats in leather front and back, plus the front seats have heaters. The gas usage is not good, but I use it for a route were I stop and start about 10 times a day so that is probably why. I have had no major issues with it mechanically, but a few months ago I noticed there was a large crack on the passenger dash were one of the air bags is located so that has me a little concerned.

- Phyllis A

Tan Chevy Silverado extended cab 1500

My truck is my favorite car to drive, after 6 years it still runs very smoothly. It has an off-road suspension package that I think helps too. Awesome power steering, have not had to be have too much repaired on it either. The only thing I Don't like about the truck is it constantly fish tails, in rain, snow, sand. Sometimes for no reason at all. I understand this is common in pickup trucks but no other trucks fishtail as much as mine does.

- Grace C

I love my truck. It has very good performance and a great ride.

I just purchased the 2013 Silverado 1500 work truck about a month ago. I have already put 3500 miles on it and I love this truck. I got the full size 8' bed and must say, it rides very smoothly for a truck. It is quite with the v6 engine and gets pretty decent gas mileage, especially with the use of the cruise control. So far, it is a great vehicle, I drive 130 miles round trip a day and the truck has been great!!

- Destiny C

The truck handle the road in snow great in 4 wheel drive

Truck is always available,seats 6 0 People,tire wear is good,and maintenance is low. Mileage is 18 miles to a gallon and uses cheap gas without any problem .all accessory work. Driving at night is easy with a great view of the road. Tires are a little expensive due to being 20 in.noise level in truck is low. The ride is stiff but handle road well.the truck has some rust on it but I live in the North county

- Phil R

Comfortable Truck with all the Power you need

I love my truck. It is comfortable and reliable. It works to haul loads or just to travel miles. I have had a problem with the check engine light the last few years. It makes it tough to get inspected but I can usually accomplish this with a little hassle. It is starting to rust at the wheel wells but it is 6 yrs. Old and has a 140,000 miles. This is my second Silverado and I will probably buy a third.

- Tony S

The Chevy Silverado is a great four-door truck with my kids’ seal of approval.

It is amazing. It has enough leg room in the back for adults and bulky car seats. It has more storage than other trucks so I can organize things better. It has a pull down drink holder for the back so my kids can have a cup, or holds toys. The back of the seats also have packets to store coloring books etc. The seat are huge and not so molded that only a tiny person can sit comfortably in them.

- Emily H

The white 4 door monster. Watch out people we are moving on upside

My truck is very reliable and dependable. I use it to do just about everything. I drives good and very comfortable. The windshield is easy to see out of. It's just a plain truck but its very worth its money. There is plenty of room for all the family and a couple of add ons. The company I got it from was very nice when I went to purchase it. I would recommend them to anyone

- Sarah B

Love our Chevy Silverado. Works great on rainy days and snowy streets.

My husband & I are very happy with our truck. The only downfall is the space. Not much room with two car seats in the back seat and a double stroller in the bed. Other then that, it rides great. The only big issue we have had is it getting stuck in tow shortly after getting it. Once that was fixed it has given us no problems. Just regular wear, tear, and maintenance.

- Natalie G

It comes with 4 wheel drive, as well as an easy way to calibrate towing weight.

Has nice horsepower, good for hauling things. Good farm truck. Gas mileage is ok but not great. Great for driving in hills because it does have 4 wheel. Can handle a lot of weight and abuse. Can survive a deer hitting the body. If you have kids it does have the restraint locations. If you want the base model just a reminder does not have fancy radio with Bluetooth.

- Jessica J

It is a gas guzzler. It is not great on mileage at all.

My vehicle is a crew cab. It is roomy and luxurious. It has a smooth ride. Problems I have had are the wheel bearing went bad and I did not notice until it was too late. It fell and messed up my wheel, brakes, etc. A $1000 job. Then my fuel pump went out and knocked my battery out. I had to replace both. The transmission is acting up and there is a recall on it.

- Cynthia M

Chevy Silverado, great truck

My truck has been great for my commutes whether it is for work or travel. I've bought it new and the only costly repairs have been brake rotors and new tread. Only other repairs outside routine maintenance is the replacement of the oxygen sensors which cause my electric start to not work when one is in need of maintenance. Otherwise, it's been a great vehicle.

- Austin M

Most reliable truck I have ever owned.

The only problem I have had with this truck in the two and a half years I have owned it is a recurring cylinder misfire issue. I have had to have a couple cylinders replaced because of this, but otherwise, it's just been routine maintenance. Otherwise, the reliability is great. It is very roomy and comfortable. The Sirius radio is a really nice perk, as well.

- Garth M

Does not get the gas mileage that is marketed.

It is a great truck. The only downside is that it has terrible gas mileage and a light back end that makes it not safe to drive in wet weather. It is comfortable to drive in, very spacious and reliable. I like how it doesn't have all the new gizmos and gadgets that a lot of the new cars have that are just something else to break and have to pay to replace.

- Jake M

Dependable 2013 Chevrolet Silverado for anyone.

I have not had any problems with my 2013 Chevrolet Silverado. I enjoy driving it very much. I love the adjustable seats and foot pedals. It makes it easy on a short person like myself. The seats are very comfortable for long rides and I have enough room for my grandchildren. It is also very good to have when you need to move something bulky.

- Martha A

2013 Chevy 1500 LT 5.3L overall review on the performance and comfort

I love my truck. It has a drop on it and the performance is amazing. It has the 5.3L and gets pretty good gas mileage. Very reliable and comfortable. My sons both fit very well in it. We have also taken it to and from Louisiana. My windows are tinted to where my kids do not have to worry about the sun in their eyes. It is a fantastic truck.

- Glen E

Dependable, quality service.

Love it very low maintenance and dependable, has auto start love that cools in summer and heat in winter before getting in has 4 doors and fold up backseat so easy to take dog to vet, it's a great dane. Free oil changes for 1st year dealer never tries to sell every time go in for maintenance, they want whenever take in for maintenance.

- Helen J

Best all purpose, adventure vehicle

I have never had any problems with my vehicle! It is perfect for me. I love to adventure: hike, ski, and explore. I am always able to comfortably hit five people in the cab, then any luggage and supplies in the bed. The truck takes a little practice parking if you're not familiar with larger vehicles, but does not take long to learn.

- McKenna J

Very reliable work truck or for pleasure

As a 6 foot tall man there is plenty of room and the seat is able to adjust for perfect comfort. This truck has been used as a work truck without any problems, I have filled it up to its limit with no issues. I love the Bluetooth hook up and steering wheel controls, the second I turn the car on everything is paired and ready to go.

- Dan C

Interior is very spacious and there's so much storage space... Several glove boxes.

Very comfortable and spacious. Love the interior space! The seats are firm for driving, but still enough comfort for longer drives. Only thing missing are heated seats. Road noise is super loud. Never really noticed until recently when we took a 16 hour trip and it was constant. So very reliable and a smooth ride through.

- Cheve C

Best vehicle ever. My sister has "truck envy". An all around great truck.

Twice during routine check up with my mechanic, I have had a problem with my steering. Bath times I took it back to the dealer where they repaired it under warranty. Other than that, I have had zero problems. It is comfortable, and handles nicely on the road, in the mountains, and on dirt roads. It is a joy to drive.

- Linda P

Most Reliable Vehicle I Have Ever Owned!

I have not had any mechanical problems with this vehicle even after having put 150k miles on it in a rather short period of time. This vehicle has been very reliable. I drive it to and from work everyday. It's very comfortable and drives smooth for a large truck. It has excellent power and handles the road very well.

- Carl W

Ford products are far superior to Chevrolet.

The interior quality is less than adequate. Dashboard has cracks. Fuel economy is very poor. Engine lacks in power. Payload and towing capacity is also subpar. Transmission shift is soft. Hesitation on throttle response. All in all the vehicle is very inferior to the Ford products I own. Lack of quality throughout!!

- Luis C

Chevy Silverado, dependable trucks.

The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the most dependable trucks on the market. Smooth ride along with comfortable seating. Plenty of storage room and enough power with the optional v8 to tow. Comes equipped with plenty of comfort features, including ac/heat, power seats and windows, along with a CD player and AUX port.

- Blake C

Good family vehicle. Plenty of room.

Comfortable, four wheel drive, good fuel economy, great for driving in adverse weather, excellent for hauling, towing my camper. Dual heat/ac settings. Extra outlets for charging phone laptops. Extended cab gives you enough room that you can carry extras in back seat or fold the seat up for more room for your pets.

- Jim L

Window issues for 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500.

I have had the vehicle for 5 years. In that time almost all the controls for the windows have stopped working, so I cannot control any window from the drivers panned. Both rear window controls do not work and one of the windows have fallen and needed a new track. The vehicle's thermostat also needed to be fixed.

- Zachary P

The truck and engine are solid. It pulls like a beast with only a v6.

It is an all around great truck. It's solid. The only problem so far is continuous breakage of the coolant sensor which goes out often. When it goes out you lose your ac and both engine fans turn on until it gets replaced or until you reset the system by unplugging the negative battery cable for a few minutes.

- Warren K

My awesome farm truck, it's always Chevy for me.

I love my Chevrolet because it has plenty of room for trips and for storage. Great for pulling trailer, in all types of weather. I love the gas mileage I get on trips or just putting around. I would recommend a Chevrolet to anyone, and for myself will not buy anything else buy a Chevy truck for this farm girl.

- Cheryl B

Good truck but expensive to repair.

Have to be careful with 4x4 in the winter, also be careful with back doors when closing front and back. Oil pan dry rots over time. Wheels go out of alignment after a while very weak shocks. Oil pan cap threads are very weak. Stock tires that come with vehicle have bad steel in them on all of the 2013 models.

- Gregg M

Basically the gas and mileage.

Gas mileage is not great at all and it takes a lot to fill up. Bed covers for the back are too expensive also, which buying a tarp for the back does not work good because it is not enough slots for the hooks. Parking is bad if you are not use to driving trucks but other than those things it is pretty cool.

- Deja A

I've driven my truck I love my truck and I would suggest it to anyone

I really have have none. I've put Lights on It that's all. I've driven it everyday to and back from work no problem. I would Suggest it to anyone I love my truck and would take nothing for it or trade it for anything. I've Had a heck of a load on it drove it 13 hours and back and give no problem whatsoever

- Russell T

My truck runs smooth with plenty of power and a great ride.

I bought a really plan package. I wish I had heated seats, better interior, bluetooth capability. I really like the 8 cylinder engine which gives me all the power I need for boats and trailers. I didn't get running boards because I worry about rust but now I wish I had them for ease of getting in and out.

- Mike D

My favorite truck so far.

The truck has just enough features and options to make it very user friendly but not too much as to make it overwhelming. The truck has been very reliable and has been one of my favorites that I have owned. The truck is very comfortable and does equally well in the city, on the highway, or on the trail.

- Nicholas Y

It has never let me down. We haul trailers and fire wood, it can handle it all.

It's reliable, haven't had to do any repairs in it since we bought it. We used to be a Ford family but the last 3 trucks gave us nothing but problems. Don't mind doing repairs on older vehicles but when you're still making payments and have expensive repairs on top of it, it's time to make a change.

- Sue R

Great truck overall, 2 small problems.

The truck overall is great. The truck has 140,000 and it runs great. The engine and transmission are running wonderfully. The only complaints with this truck that I have is I've put 2 motor mounts on it and the paint chips easy which then makes the body rust which I'm not a fan of for obvious reasons.

- Jessica F

Truck has seen a lot in it ms day.

An absolutely amazing truck. Got it used and have had it for almost three years, wouldn't change a single thing about it. Gets pretty alright gas mileage for a truck, around 17 to 19 miles per gallon. Good for hauling all sorts of things, I have mainly used for wood and other miscellaneous things.

- Peyton N

I love my truck. It's dependable good on highway gas mileage.

We have had no problems very good truck. Dependable good on gas highway miles. I have 2 dogs they love it also. The only downfall is it don't have a backup camera. That year did not do them. Over all though it's a really nice truck. We live in our travel trailer full time and it pulls it perfect.

- Dee N

wonderful truck as long as you keep up with the maintenance

no problems with my truck I do keep up with it and it's paid off. I keep the il change up to date and the spark plugs up to date and I keep it tuned up and new tires and I haven't had a problem since I've bought it. I bought it back I 2013 off the lot and it runs the same as the day I bought it

- Jim P

Great single or family vehicle!

Great vehicle, use to haul 5th wheel camper, boat, 4wheeler. Interior is great, no mechanical issues. Can haul what I need it to. Extended cab allows enough room for my family of five to fit comfortably. Engine has some great power, smooth ride even when pulling a camper, get up and go vehicle.

- Sarah O

Its red and my kc chiefs flags and decals go well with it.

No problems with this truck. Size is perfect for hauling cattle trailers and other farm equipment. Performance is great and is always ready for anything I need it for. Love the interior and design of this model. It has all the features I need on the farm or for camping and other outdoor things.

- Marilyn E

My 2013 Silverado review.

The Silverado ltz model offers a comfortable ride with all the available options and the 4x4 ensures you don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere. My only regret is not getting the z71 suspension on mine since I think that would make the ride much smoother. It has been a quality pickup though.

- Tyler S

My truck type reliable beast.

I love my truck because it is reliable and it always gets the job done. The seats are soft and the radio is loud and the tires will be on the 1st review I give for quality and durability. I would not buy anything but the quality truck and the reliable product that is my Chevrolet Silverado.

- Travis H

The durability and adverse features of the vehicle are an eye catcher.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and a very easy going vehicle. Chevrolet is my go to model for driving for sure. The best thing about to vehicle I would say is the durability and it is ability to do things that other cars and trucks cannot. Great vehicle for anyone who is searching.

- Jackson M

The family life work truck.

Chevy is my number one pick. Never had a major problem; just usual maintenance and occasionally minor interior issues. The seat could be more comfy or adjustable to my small stature. I can always rely on it to get up and go especially since I use a lot of country roads with crazy drivers.

- Susan E

I love my Chevy Silverado.

I have had no problems with my Chevy truck. It is very reliable and has been in the shop for oil changes only. Some minor repairs have been done by my husband and I and have been very easy to do. By doing these repairs ourselves, we saved hundreds of dollars compared to “shop costs”.

- Amy T

Maintain properly and it'll never die.

Since I have had the truck I have never had an issue with it. All I do is basic maintenance and it runs and drives great. It is a crew cab, 4x4 with the 5. 3 liter v8. Only complaint I have is I only average 14 mpg, and with gas prices in southern California, it gets a little pricey.

- John H

My Silverado truck 4x4 daily driver.

No problems from drivetrain, truck rides really well. It gets decent gas mileage and is fun to drive-in would recommend this type of truck to anyone that is in the market to buy one. I bought this truck used and it was very well maintained. So please try one out if your in the market.

- Ricky R

Chevy 1500 truck is very dependable as long as you maintain the upkeep.

Pretty reliable. Just use regular maintenance, however I have had two trucks and both have window issues. The passenger window is an issue but regular upkeep has worked on all of Chevy trucks. I would recommend this truck to anyone interested in buying a good dependable vehicle.

- Jonathan D

I have been converted-Chevy over a Ford any day!

Great truck, extremely reliable, tow capacity is on point, recommend the Chevy truck over a ford which I have previously owned, no major issues, keep up is affordable, space is adequate, comfortable ride, gas mileage is very good for a vehicle of its size, great for a road trip,

- Shannon L

The fact that it's lifted and has a great speed

My vehicle is a lifted truck which helps me help people in flood or in other types of situations. I really love my truck and has great features added. This truck is really great it has fast wheels and is always great in speeding up the speed. Trucks like this come in help a lot.

- Andrea I

One of the longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road!

I love everything about my truck except the turning radius. It has all the features I need without a zillion buttons. Could use some seat warmers though. I've always been a truck girl and love having a box to toss stuff into. Plus it seats my family of 6 great with a car seat.

- Lori G

Would not buy this truck again knowing what I know now.

The truck is reliable now but was used and required engine work right after purchase. The engine still has a tick in the lifter at warm up that Chevy says is normal but it's annoying. I get about 16 MPG. I like the truck but don't love it. Overall I rate it a 3 out of 5.


Amazing truck. Stylish and functional

Amazing truck. Has Been everything we could ask for! Rarely have any problems and when we do it's easy to fix. Easy to customize and care for vehicle. Perfect family vehicle or work truck. Or for fun. Great investment. Well worth the money would buy a million times over

- Shelby G

Chevy Silverado is dependable and fun to drive!

Very reliable. Had 14, 000 miles when I bought it.. Over 70, 000 miles now. Good towing for a light-duty truck. Very few problems. Interior is very comfortable, and the controls and dash are very intuitive. 4WD has worked well during Kansas winters. Mileage is decent.

- Chase W

It has the rocky ridge edition package.

My 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 is one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. It is very reliable to get me to point a, b, and even c. It has the 5. 3 V8 in it, and it pulls pretty much everything I have put behind it with ease. By far the best truck I have ever owned.

- Ethan L

Wonderful truck, no really big problems with the Chevy Silverado!

The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a very durable truck. Only thing we have had major issues with is the air conditioning. Other than that it has been a wonderful vehicle for our family of 4! The stereo has held up, doors, and locks have stayed intact. Love Chevy vehicles!

- Kim K

There's plenty of family space!

I love my 2013 Chevy Silverado. It's full size, and plenty of space for our family. Electric seats and power windows are great. I love that it has XM radio. The only downfall is the gas mileage considering it's a V8, I only get 16 MPG hwy but overall a great vehicle.

- Taylor M

Grate truck, this is all you are going to get.

I have no problems with this truck. Very comfortable,it is a crew cab, short bed, backup warning, two side mirrors, downgrade transmission, air, radio am and FM,big v-8, air bags, cup holders front and back,twin package, disk brakes, deep blue color,tinted windows,

- george W

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500-extended cab.

I love my truck! It is 5 years old and I have never had any problems with it. I would not hesitate to drive to Florida and back several times. It has been my most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. If I could go back and buy it again, I would in a heartbeat!

- Jessica N

Chevy Silverado 1500 is the best truck ever.

This vehicle is amazing. I have never been ashamed to drive this truck. In fact I have never felt bad about driving a Chevy in the first place. The only thing I do not like is I wish I got it in a full bed variant, but that is all my fault so who's to blame.

- Christian W

Reliable, roomy, slick and tough.

Very reliable, power. Short tire well, minor exterior issues such as side door panel strips starting to detach. Room enough for a family of 6 but 5 comfortably. Have used my truck to drive cross country and haul a boat as well as move many large appliances.

- Jason G

The ultimate ride in the ultimate truck

They last and last my dad got a 64 that is still on the road I would always drive a Chevy also. You do not need to worry about parts American made. The style is always up to date. Long trips are a fun ride so much like being on the sofa in the living room.

- Rosetta R

My truck, the best for the year of 2013.

Comfortable, reliable, stylish, good color, does not use much gas, economical to operate, maintenance free, doors are good for hauling, large durable truck bed good for loads of half tone or less. Easy to park and get thru traffic, and easy to park in lot.

- Frank S

Happy, but looking for less bells and whistles.

Hate the electric windows, not as good in the snow as the older models. Leather seats, are not optional, but that is more of a personal preference. The extended cab doors are not great, they snap open and snap shut depending on what position they are in.

- Sean M

One dependable and perfect sized truck!

This vehicle is so comfortable to drive. Very easy to maneuver to park. Spacious for my family. Very dependable for day to day errands or jobs on our small farm. It easily to our camper and stock trailer. Just now in 2019, needing to replace the battery!

- Jessica H

White truck 4 doors seats 6.

I have nothing bad to say about my vehicle, except I wished it had better gas mileage. It fits my whole family comfortably and safely! I am glad we have access to satellite radio, since everyone in our family likes different music. It drives smoothly!

- Susan P

It's dependable, a fair price, and comfortable as well as it handles the road very well.

I like how it handles and rides & height it sits off the road.. The cab and a half provides plenty of room for the adult and 2 teens that typically ride in it. It would be nice to get better than 21 mpg at 55 mph and better than 17 mpg at 75.

- Robert S

Chevy is a reliable, roomy, smooth riding truck. The stylish front end is hard to miss.

I love the comfort in the cab area. The backseat is big enough where I can fit both my car seats comfortably. I like having the control of the radio on my steering wheel. Also love the extra storage space it has under the middle front seat.

- Cheyene C

It isn't 4-wheel drive, so getting stuck in mud could be a problem!

I like the power and reliability. I also like features such as how the back doors open all the way back, the back seat is split, tire sensors, and the back windows roll down completely. I don't like the wide turning radius or the On Star

- Cynthia T

It's full size and can be a gas guzzler around town. Hwy can get 23 mpg if not speeding.

Rides smooth, roomy, ext cab to fit grandkids, bluetooth, onstar for emergencies gives peace of mind, and 4x4. The right back tail light gets condensation in it since I bought it yet they said not a flaw. That's a issue I have about it.

- Loretta T

It is a good traveling vehicle and good capacity as of a family oriented vehicle.

It is durable. It has a great v8 engine that is great on fuel. It has standard features for a truck and decent Audio. It has four doors and lots of room. Rides very comfortable and has a nice bed and good for towing and pulling.

- Joaquin N

Bad gas mileage in this truck , it cost to run this truck

I sit up high, it allows you to see a great deal, I feel safer in this large truck. Gas mileage is horrible. The power looks and windows went out quickly, the repair guy said this was a problem he saw frequently in this truck.

- Jill J

My truck overall gets me where I need to be. It is hefty and can haul big loads.

It breaks all the time and is still a relatively new truck. The door handles always fall off. I have to open the door by rolling down the window and opening it from the inside. This has happened to me twice already. Ridiculous.

- Gina L

I would never buy any truck except for a Chevrolet.

It's been a great truck for a number of years, 80,000 miles with very few problems. It's great for work and the extra towing capacity is great for the boat or my dump trailer. Also, an extended cab is a must since I have kids.

- William F

It runs and drives just like it did when I first bought it 5 years ago.

Love the V8 and ride height of the truck. I dislike that it's having quality control issues with the interior and exterior; several cracks in the dash, driver's door handle coming apart, chipping paint on inner door handle.

- Robert H

The amount of these style of vehicle's on the road really show how reliable they are. In addition, if your in the the market for aftermarket parts, they are readily available.

This vehicle is roomy enough to accommodate up to six occupants. It has the horsepower and torque that at times comes in handy. The down side, just as practically any larger size vehicle is the lack of gas mileage.

- Chris L

It's built for durability and is quite strong. We haven't had any mechanical issues in these 5 years we have had it. We keep up with maintenance and it still runs like new.

I love that it has a lot of space in front for passengers and in back for back passengers. I love that all of it's small switches are durable and not easily broken. I love the pool it's very sleek and stylish.

- Esperanza S

Nothing cause I am still keeping it for now.

Its ok a good every day driver gets you to where you need to go had it for a couple of years and it looks like it might be time to have it traded in for a newer upgrade a change is good from time to time.

- Christine F

The most important thing that other should know about my car is that they shouldn't fear if it's big, it's also quite easy to move the truck around. Since it's a high truck, it has to be driven slow to avoid danger, and so smaller cars can move ahead.

I like the fact that it's a durable brand. It's big enough to carry a lot of stuff and even the seating area inside is quite spacious. I like the color and design of the truck. It's easy to maneuver too.

- Nafia T

Nothing in particular, it is a standard long bed pickup truck and makes a very good work truck and serves all our travel needs.

It is not my personal vehicle but my son and wife are my caregiver as I am disabled from a stroke and unable to drive, however he takes me to appoints and any place else that I need or wish to go.

- Bobby E

this vehicle is both durable and dependable.

I love my truck because it is dependable and gets good gas mileage. I use truck for everything from hauling trash to traveling. we recently went on a short 800 mile trip and was very comfortable

- jessie W

It is a good commuter car.

I love our vehicle. It is black, like new, great tires and absolutely amazing. The only thing a dislike about our vehicle is it has a 6 or 8 inch lift. Love the way it looks but hard to get into.

- Brooke M

I want people to know that it is a very clean car with a great body style.

I really like the body style and color. Some features, such as he remote start are great. I do not like how small the backseat is. I had an F150 that felt like it had twice the room.


It is HIGHLY dependable. Never had any electrical issues, such as sensors or door panels. Never had engine problems or transmission problems. Everything under the hood is easy to locate and service (such as wiper fluid and oils).

I love how it drives, very smooth and steers well. I wish the radio wasn't so outdated (no Bluetooth or GPS). I have cloth seats, but it's not bad with seat covers that are leather.

- Jonah H

Does not get good fuel economy! Around 11-15 miles to the gallon.

I love it!! Haven't had any problems with it. Had one previous owner. Had 20,000 miles on it when we bought it. Still 3 yrs later, completely satisfied!! Love my Chevy Silverado!!

- Jessica A

My Silverado Pick-up truck

Great truck short on backseat legroom. Able to haul 3 adults and 3 kids with luggage. The bed is big enough to haul my 42 inch zero turn mower. Gas mileage is over 21 on highway

- Bobby P

It is very roomy and comfortable to ride in when going on long trips.

Our pick-up is very nice riding. We had to put running boards on it for me to be able to get in. It is just right for carrying my wheelchair and walker when they are needed.

- Patricia T

Incredibly reliable vehicle.

I like that we won't have problems in the snow this year. I do not like that we do not have much room in the back seat for the kiddos.We can take the go kart places with it.

- Heather W

That it had a lot of room for people and the bed was a decent size also.

I love that I could move my apartment because it was big enough to move my furniture. I hate that it. Was expensive to put gas in it very little mile to the gallon.

- Gabrielle B

It is very spacious, several people can fit in it, and I can load heavy things.

What I dislike is that the gas mileage is not very high, it is a v8 so it wastes a lot of gas but I like it is a truck and it is roomy for several people to fit.

- Marissa H

It is comfortable and reasonable gas mileage.

I dislike the small crack in my windshield from a stone. I dislike the smallness of some of the compartments. I like the hidden compartment. No major complaints.

- Lynn B

It is very hard back out in it cause it is hard to see.

I like that it is 4wd, sits up high and rides relatively smooth. It's comfortable and roomy.. I do not like the year because it doesn't have as many upgrades.

- Emily H

It's very spicy. It has a lot of room and the bed is a good size also.

My vehicle drives very good. I've had it for almost 3 years and have had a few problems. I keep needing to put freon and also i had to replace my battery.

- Victoria M

I feel safe driving this around. It's solid, well build and sturdy. I like being able to see over the other cars

I'd like a runner step to help get in and out. I like the gauges on the dash but would like to be able to shut them off. I wish the radio was louder.

- Jim B

Safety. In addition it is reliable and very practical. .

God reliable transportation. Smooth riding. Good visibility and feel me and my family are safe. I am not comfortable riding in my son in law's Honda.

- John M

It's reliable and in fairly good condition.

I enjoy owning a pickup to pull my boat and 4 wheeler. I wish it got better gas mileage but do not leave town very often. I prefer Chevy trucks.

- Dale H

It has been a very reliable college vehicle.

I have had no issues with the vehicle. It has been reliable. Has kept me safe in a wreck. So far has been easy to work on and fix up what I want.

- Taylor K

It is 4 wheel drive and I can drive thru snow without any problems at all. I can also tow a boat or a trailer with it

I love my truck because it has a back seat and more than 2 people can ride in it and I can haul everything I need to put in it without a problem

- Sandra L

It is very comfortable and reliable. I also love the size for safety reasons.

I love being in a high seated vehicle. It is super comfortable for long trips. It is also a great size to take our large dog on trips with us.

- Destiny C

It may be a truck but it has a smooth ride.

I like the smooth ride. I like being able to have passengers in the front and back seats. I like being able to haul things in the truck box.

- Jim B

Good on gas. Great for long or short trips

I love it. It's really comfortable to go on long or short trips it's good on gas. I use my truck to pull a travel trailer it's really good.

- Deana N

One of the best trucks on the market. I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

My truck drives and performs excellent. Chevy has a great reputation and I love their vehicles. Most likely, I will always drive a Chevy.

- greg r

Reliability, knowing that the vehicle is going to get me to and from every time.

Great truck for the price. Silverado 1500 work truck. Great power and towing, only dislike would be the single cab and possibly not 4x4.

- Daniel E

There is no leg room in the backseat. If you have long legs, you must sit up front.

I wish it had 4 full doors instead of 2 full doors and 2 half doors. I wish it had a navigation system. I like the color. It is maroon.

- Rebekah B

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 v8.

I love the Chevy Silverado. It has plenty of power and the v8 engine makes it get up and go. It also has plenty of room on the inside.

- Courtney P

I have had zero trouble in 80000 mi.

My Chevrolet is built like a rock, and I love it! I wish it had better gas mileage, but that is what you get with a large truck.

- Aaron W

It's not a car it's a truck

I like everything about my truck the interior, the exterior, and the color. The only thing I wish it had was four-wheel-drive.

- Jeff d

it's been very dependable and gets decent gas mileage

runs great, haven't had any problems with it. easy to service myself. only complaint is i think the warranty should be longer

- william b

The tranny will blow once you hit a certain mileage.

I like that it can handle our trailering needs. I dislike that it doesn't have enough comfortable space for my family of 5.

- Kristin C

The 5.3l engine has a lot of power and gets great gas mileage for a 1/2 ton truck.

I have over 220,000 miles on my truck. With regular maintenance this vehicle will last a long time and has plenty of power.

- Matt R

I love my truck and wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world

I love my Chevy truck because it is reliable and gets me where I need to go.the only dislike I have is it uses to much gas

- Eileen G

They appear to last longer and hold up better than other brands.

Dependable, no issues to speak of, roomy, looks good, smooth ride, comfortable and it is easy to maintain. No complaints.

- Byron C

Overall it is a great vehicle that I enjoy driving to work in.

I am having some issues with the four wheel drive. It has decent fuel mileage and runs well. The AC has gone out once.

- Kyle M

It is very reliable if you do normal maintenance and upkeep.

I dislike the placement of the drivers and passengers interior door handles. I love the ride and interior noise level.

- garen S

dependable, pretty truck with 4x4 and hauling capabilities

it's a full sized 4 door pickup with plenty of room for people and hauling. only dislike is gas mileage is not great


It has the 6. 2 liter engine.

My truck has enough power to tow anything that I need. It is comfortable and stylish. It also get good fuel mileage.

- Trent H

It is a safe ride an good mileage.

No complaints, I like the size, and how it drives. I like the size of the bed an the interior, gas mileage is good.

- Brenda W

2013 Silverado 1500 extended cab

Get the job done. Roomy with a back seat. Handles load well. Mine is 4x4, so it really helps in the snow and rain.

- Clayton C




Great value for the money.

I love the comfort and ease of driving. It is a great vehicle for family excursions and has been very dependable.

- Robin P

Comfortable and spacious ride

Does seem to use oil inconsistently at times but overall has been a dependable vehicle. Comfortable and spacious.

- Alicia D

I love my truck. I added a spray in bedliner when I bought it which is awesome

Great running. I've never had any issues as long as I keep up maintenance like oil changes. I enjoy the features.

- Karen S

It has loads of room and I enjoy the fold up rear seats.

I love the comfort of the truck. I also enjoy the back up camera. I just wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Kenny S

It's a very nice color Orange

Great truck it's been a problem free vehicle I just wished it got better gas mileage I'm still short words here

- Billy J

It is still in good shape. No major dents, just a few scratches.

Like that it is a truck. The color. The space. I do not like the mileage. The transmission had to be replaced.

- Juan M

it can haul all kinds of stuff and is really good in the snow

i love my silverado. it allows me to haul all the stuff i need for maintaining my acreage/land. will buy again

- dave s

It is dependable. There is lots of space inside.

I like sitting up higher than most cars. I like being able to haul whatever I like. I feel safer in a truck.

- Bobbie J

It drives amazing and it has all the features I need. It works great and gets me where I need to go.

Love my truck I have it for over 5 years no problems with it. The only thing I have done to it is new tires.

- Victoria B

Very strong motor great style easy to move and haul stuff due to a big bed

I love my truck great for my family. Wish the gas mileage was better. And a little more room for passengers

- Guillermo F

Chevrolet Silverado 1500's are almost indestructible if you take care of them

this has been, is a awesome truck. quarter million miles, no major repairs, this truck just keeps running.

- Mike B

It runs great and I have never had any problems with it.

It runs well and has good gas mileage. I have never had any problems with Chevrolet. I have no complaints.

- Taylor W

It is a good overall vehicle.

This vehicles had a lot of pluses but it uses too much gas and has started to rust in some spots already.

- Katie M

It's in great shape It is all mine I love my truck Love to drive it , it is smooth riding

Love my truck, lots of room, smooth riding, Room for all my grandkids Great to haul things No complaints

- Robert B

The 4x4 helps me not get stuck. I love the towing capacity it has.

It is comfortable. It can go anywhere. The 4x4 works great. It has a lot of room for the whole family.

- Saul O

It is a great quality automobile. It drives well. It is awesome.

I love driving my truck. It rides very good. It looks nice and it has all I need to drive comfortable.

- Christy T

Pros and cons, classic Chevy review.

Poor gas mileage, poor turning radius. Good looking truck, good color, durable & no mechanical issues.

- Jessie M

Better than average fuel mileage for a full-size pickup.

I enjoy the comfort of the ride. Also like the ability to haul cargo. Dislike the color of the truck.

- Ray ne J

Comfortable and convenient for short or long trips.

Great gas mileage. Has enough room for multiple people. Has enough bedspace to haul anything I need.

- Chad C

It is a good family vehicle. It seats 6 and gas mileage is decent

It runs smooth and it is very stylish. I wish mine had a back up camera and a bed liner and cover.

- Terri S

Its is big and takes a lot of room and burns a lot of gas

I love room in my truck and Style.I dislike the 8 cylinders and the gas mileage is not that great

- Kenneth B

That the truck looks good and get fairly good gas mileage.

My truck is very comfortable to ride in. My truck is ok with gas mileage. My truck looks good.

- Chris B

it's a V8 therefore very good timing in taking off

It's higher than the little boxed cars It's a V8 therefore it's peppy. I don't dislike anything

- Anna Maria L

It is great for work.It is A hard working truck,it is nice to have

It is A good pickup,I need A bigger one.I am going to update soon.To A Jeep, or A RAM 25000

- Scott E

It's been a very reliable vehicle.

I HATE the auto transmission. It's reliable so I can't complain. Just want a manual trans.

- An J

It is a great vehicle. I would buy another one if get the opportunity.

It is blue. Short bed, 2 door. I do not have any complaints. It is really good vehicle.

- Lance C

Dependable truck. Can haul a good amount. Kinda good on gas.

Very dependable. It is a little wide though. Makes me feel like I'm going over the lines.

- Kristi K

It have lots of room in the back and I the cab

I love it. I have to haul trailers and animals. It gets the job done with plenty of room.

- Sue T

I purchased my current Silverado when my previous Silverado was totaled in an accident. I like trucks because they are useful to moving things. I have no complaints about it.

The truck is very durable. It also rides smooth and has plenty of room on the inside.

- Mitchell W

I don't think that matters since it's my truck, not theirs.

It's a truck. It's fairly reliable. It also gets decent gas mileage for what it is.

- Noh T




It's not a Ford cause I hate Fords.

I like the luxury of the vehicle. Has plenty of power & the fuel mileage is alright.

- Squirrel L

it is very dependable and low maintenance and rides very smoothly and is very safe

it is a very smooth ride and has been very dependable and also has new technology

- sharoj s

It's extremely comfortable and safe

I like how big it is and I feel a lot safer driving in a truck rather than a car.

- Dylan N

It's tricked out loaded .

I love my chevy 4x4. Black with black out window. Thick will and can go anywhere

- Eston W

It has great power and handling.

i like the comfortably and handling.. the gas mileage could be better...

- shad A




I really do love the vehicle. For a truck it has good MPGs and it drives very well. It can haul and trailer a lot of weight (I use it for hunting in Colorado and it performs flawlessly in the mountains). My only true grip is that the "added" molding near the bottom of the doors always falls off so I end up removing it quickly. I love the extended cab version the most, not a true four door but it has the suicide style rear doors. Big fan, it will fit my dog crate in the back seat and the newer models it won't fit so I will have to buy a true four door in the future.

Ask the dealer to remove the door molding. It just falls off anyways.

- Matt H

it has lots of room inside of it. and it is a nice looking truck

it drives good,its good on gas it looks good it has leather seats

- mike w

It's a great truck for everyday use. I think everyone should own one

I Love my truck. It has all the features I need to tow my camper.

- Bryan K

It's a Chevy! You can see ahead of you. Air conditioning is great.

I love everything about my truck! It runs smoothly . Gas is okay.

- Alissa H

Rides great. Has enough bed for my four wheeler. Decent on gas.

Great dependable spacious . Love my truck . Has lots of power .

- Hope D

that It's very powerful being a chevy and It's totally fun

It's very roomie and gets the job done and It's fun to drive

- herb j

That is is very reliable. It looks nice but not to fancy.

I like everything about it. Great power and towing capacity.

- Daniel E

It's very stylish and extremely comfortable to ride in

No complaints. I love the way it rides and the way it looks

- Ricky O

Nothing is more important than the maintenance

I love my truck I have had a good vec and wouldn't trade it

- Gai.e C

This truck has a great history of quality and styling.

I like the power. I like then comfort. I like the styling.

- gale b

smooth ride and roomy inside

like the roominess smooth ride It's not 4 wheel drive

- marcha F

That it's very good quality, looks classy and handles well.

I like that it's big and handy. I dislike limited seats

- Gayle R

It's a truck but it drives like a car and the seats are very comfortable to sit it as u drive

like the power the way it drives and the way it rides

- gary w