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Great, truck, space to take the whole family, dog, gear for sports and hobbies.

Amazing family truck. There is room for 8, plus everyone's gear and hobby stuff. I wish it did not have carpet, with kids, mountains, lakes, beach's, it is hard to clean. Feel safe, controls and handles nicely. I wish it had more hidden compartments like the new van, maybe a cooler or just storage. It is a amazing truck and I brag about the space all the time. We are running at 293, 000 miles and still going strong. Some electronics are starting to fail. I will be buying another sub in the future. It has been comfortable and reliable since we purchased it in 2007 with 200 miles, I would purchase it again. Feel safe on highway no matter the weather it gets me where I want to go. Sunshine rain, ice, snow. I did not like the first set of tires it came with they planed in the rain and even with the 4 x4 it still was slick I would not like these tire again. With the tires I have purchased over the years, better quality, and traction. Thank you Chev for getting my family where it needs to go. I can not ride in a low to the ground car, I feel very unsafe.

- Michele F

Chevrolet Suburban is fantastic!! Has all of the bells & whistles that I need.

I really love my Chevrolet Suburban!! It is 13 years old and still drives like a charm. The heated leather seats are quite nice and when you put on the turn signal the arrow on the side mirror comes on. The Bose stereo system is fantastic and the CD player has 6 slots so there's plenty of music. There is also a DVD player in the back which was very handy when the kids were younger and for long trips. The sunroof works and it is nice to open it up in the nice weather. The gas tank is huge!! It takes a lot to fill it up but gets good gasoline mileage on the freeway. There is more than enough rooms in the back for groceries and luggage on a trip. It seats 8 with plenty of room. I'd buy another one just like it 😊.

- Tracy F

Love my suburban! Highly recommend suburban for large families/ long trips.

I love my suburban. It is really comfortable. With 3 bench seats I have plenty of room for 1 driver plus 8 passengers. Of course the person in the front middle seat needs to be smaller. The trunk is huge. I easily fit groceries, sports equipment, strollers, small bikes, coolers, suitcases in there without sacrificing any passenger seating. The bench seats do lift out if you need to transport large items like furniture. I did have to replace the transmission at around 200, 000 miles.

- Loretta S

There's plenty of room & it works great off-road! It is perfect.

Problems: I have had to replace the torque converter and gear shift module, fuel pump, instrument cluster. Not bad for a 13 year old car! Performance: plenty of power and it serves the purpose we have it for. Reliability: the only time it is been unreliable was when it needed a new battery. Comfort: super cozy for everyone. Features: I am happy with the features of my car, including the DVD player, CD player, and if I paid for OnStar I am sure I'd love that too.

- Angela L

Electrical issues after 7 years

My suburban is roomy and I love the heated seats, 6 disc CD changer, DVD player, and sunroof. Unfortunately, after about 7 years I started having electrical problems which caused my dashboard lights to stop working, heater and ac stopped working in the back, DVD player stopped working, heated seats stopped working, and the 4wd has issues. Not sure I'll buy a chevy again because of these extremely costly issues.

- Beth R

Reliable suburban (what I call a land yacht).

My suburban is amazing. I have kiddos and a puppy, and there is still plenty of room for all the things I need to travel with. It is slow to pick up, but my husband and I also have a little Ford Focus. It takes a bit of adjusting when I go from one car to the other. The suburban is super reliable! We have a lot of flash flood/heavy rain and I feel extremely safe driving in that type of weather (if I need too).

- Megan K

The most important thing about my car is that it has reliably driven my large family around town.

I like that my Suburban has enough room to fit my entire family, and a friend or two. I also like that there is plenty of storage space in the back. Because of the age of it, some of the inside door panels are coming unattached. I do not like that the cup-holders for the middle row of seats pulls down into the middle seat. When I have a full car, my middle seat riders have nowhere to put their cups.

- Joelle B

Suburban has been a good vehicle.

I have owned this vehicle since 2007. It has almost 300, 000 miles and has been a good vehicle. The only problems we have had with it is that at about 100, 000 miles the transmission went up and cost me $3, 000, and shortly after the fuel pump failed, costing me about $800. Besides that, just routine maintenance. Lots of room for carrying people, or stuff. Good roof rack.

- Doug A

It is very reliable and has not put me on the side of the road.

I love my suburban because it has been very reliable. It has enough room to hold my children and all of the groceries for my family of nine and the weekly bags of feed for our livestock. It has taken us on trips to the mountains and the beach with the 4WD feature saving us money on expensive tours. I am very, very pleased with it and will likely buy another later.

- Wendy A

Fuel mileage is very low. I travel 30 miles a day for work and average 14 miles per gallon.

The truck is great for towing. I tow my race car with it on an open trailer with no problems. It is extremely comfortable to ride in. I have the leather seats that are also heated. 4x4 Z71 package. Cruise control, Rear dvd player, tons of storage room. The only problem, which comes with being a big motor in a huge vehicle is fuel mileage. I average about 14.

- tyler s

There is zero control in the front for the DVD system.

It is a very noisy vehicle as well as not very high tech. The light has gone out in the dash so I cannot see if I am in drive or reverse. The DVD system is very primitive and glitchy. The leather is soft but cracks very easily. I think this vehicle is just too old and not up to the technology today so it lacks the basic comforts that are in newer vehicles.

- Angel T

Family car for 11 plus years.

I love my car for the space I have had it 11 years it is great family car you can hold lots of things I am actually going to upgrade and get the same car just newer version if at all possible my car has all the bells and whistles it is a z71 so that means it is four-wheel drive a little small XL I filled wooden bunk beds old house full of stuff.

- Julie P

We call our suburban the beast.

Our suburban drives wonderfully. The 4wd does well in the Minnesota winter. We bought this vehicle in October and it had been reliable. We have a family of 8 and needed the extra room. It comes with a higher gas tank then most minivans but that is to be expected. We love how much room this vehicle provides for our 4 car seats and growing kids.

- Liz N

It can hold a king size mattress the towing is so easy.

The suburban is big roomy. Great family truck. It is good on the highway. It also has three seats for bigger family. You can remove the very. Back seat. For. a lot of camping plus a luggage rack on top for extra. Places to put things. It drives well. Not hard to navigate. I would recommend this truck. To all especially if you have lids.

- Gayle P

It is all mine, paid for completely.

I love the size of our vehicle. It fits our larger family very well. It has tons of trunk type of space for grocery shopping. I love having 4 wheel drive for in the winter. I do not like the lack of space on the passenger side floor area. I really have no space for my feet and my purse. I wish it had deeper cup holders in the back seat.

- Stacey A

2005 white Chevy suburban with only 187, 000 miles on it.

I have had my Suburban for almost three years. Since then we have only had to replace the tires because the vehicle was used, and regular maintenance like oil changes. I absolutely love it and all the room I have being a third row. I was always scared to drive a bigger vehicle, but now I will never go back to anything else.

- Amber W

My 2005 suburban has been my most reliable vehicle I have owned.

My vehicle is very reliable. I also feel very safe driving it with my children in the back. Once I drove it for a couple weeks I got use to the size and had no problems parking or making tight turns. The folding third row is also very handy for my job as well as making it easy to store my supplies for work.

- Cj B

The space is amazing. Very comfortable for long distance travel.

The vehicle is great as far as size and space. Gas mileage is horrible (to be expected), had to buy a new transmission at 10 years old. Would highly recommend as a newer model. Love the bucket seats in the middle row. There is plenty of room for 7 people with ample trunk space remaining. Very safe vehicle.

- Nicole B

It's a wonderful family vehicle

It seats 9 people, which I love. It has a large area in the back for storage, and it's really easy and comfortable to drive. I thought trying to park it would be hard but it never has been. In the 9 years that we've owned it, we've never had any major mechanical issues with it... Very reliable vehicle!!

- Rebekah W

The vehicle will never disappoint when it comes to being comfortable.

The car functions really well and can support your whole family. The only thing I consider a problem is the high maintenance on the car, but besides that everything else is splendid. And especially modern for the time period the car was built in and is very easy to get in and out of.

- Tristan B

Great family size truck that is very reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable, low maintenance, performance is amazing has a lot of room has a 3rd row, great if you have a large family. You a can also move large items in this truck of mine I believe this would a great truck for any family or even a work truck very well made.

- Yolanda E

It's a great car with lots of room

I like the leather seats and the air conditioning works amazing. I like the seat heaters in the winter, and I love the built in dvd player for road trips with my kids. I don't like that I can't start the car before I get in to get it cooled off or heat up

- Kyle G

It's good for carrying lots of people and stuff for my family

I like that it's large with lots of cargo room. I like that it's solidly built and has four wheel drive. I don't like that it's older and in rough shape. I don't like that it has some stuff that needs fixing and I don't like the bad gas mileage

- Andrew G

The best truck for every occasion

I love how spacious it is. Its especially perfect for families. You can load it up for a 5-6 person road trip and still have room to breathe. You can fill it up like a bus but still look modern on the outside. Rides good in snowy weather too,

- Jynae C

It holds a lot of people, even car seats, comfortably, plus has plenty of cargo space.

My vehicle holds everything i need: it can fit 2 car seats and a person on the middle seat. Plus the trunk area is huge, i can put a wheelchair in there and all my groceries. You can't kill a suburban, mine has over 200,000 miles on it.

- Vicki M

It's very useful in inclement weather. The 4x4 feature allows me to get around even in deep snow. I love it.

Very comfortable heated leather seats is a plus, however, they are easily prone to tearing over time. My Suburban currently has several errors showing: tire pressure gauge, 4 wheel drive indicator and the seats are falling apart.

- Tim V

They should know that this car, unfortunately, uses a good bit of gas because of its size. It is not extreme but it gets pretty expensive.

My vehicle is pretty old so it has its problems but I have to say it is a pretty durable vehicle. It gets the job done and helps transport myself and my family around. It is roomy and the perfect size for my family.

- Ashley M

Suburban - It's a workhorse!

Chevy Suburban is a dependable vehicle that will last. With even minimal care, the engine should last to 200,000 miles. It seats 7-8, has ample cargo space, and includes a roof rack. Towing packages are available.

- janae l

it is fun to drive and gets the job done.

This is a large SUV. With 4 doors and a back cargo door. This suv comes with 4x4 and great towing package. Oh and an amazing sound system power by Bose. This SUV can sit up to 8 adults with plenty of room for all.

- Bryan m

Great reliable vehicle with lots of room.

Great family car. It is still in great condition. Lots of room for our family of 7. The car is over 10 years old and has not had any major issues. We have taken it on many trips and had been an amazing car.

- Jamie S

Rugged and spacious, both in seating and in storage

It's big so it fits all of my kids but also all of our storage. It has a large cargo area in the back in addition to the seats. Something I can't find in other vehicles. Most of the features of a truck too

- Daniel S

This vehicle has been definitely worth the money. It has been very reliable for over 11 years and we have not yet had to do any major repairs.

This has been a very reliable vehicle for us for over 11 years. I like that it is large enough to seat my entire family of 6. My only complaints is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Dan M

It is black and it runs very well.

It is very reliable. We bought it used but it is one of the best vehicles we've ever owned. We've had minimal problems with mostly battery stuff. But other than that it is been great.

- Steven R

It is reliable in all seasons. It can be a workhorse or passenger car.

I like the Suburban because it is 4 wheel drive ,can tow 8000 lb. It has plenty of room for people and things. The only thing I would dislike would be trying to find a parking space.

- John B

Love the third row! Great for lots of kids or family!

I love the third row, storage in the back and leather seats. The leather is looking a little worn but it is a much older car now. It's very comfortable for a family for vacations.

- Julie G

The handling is easy and the ride is smooth. It is a large vehicle, but handles like a sedan.

Even though it has 200K miles on it, it is still running strong! The one complaint I have is the durability of the interior, as well as the paint�-it is peeling off in chunks.

- Amanda P

Runs good for its age, have not done much maintenance to it.

Tears in the driver's seat. CD player is broke the seats are cold due to they are leather or hot. Rides good nice to have on long trips with the family or hauling heavy loads.

- Lisa L

Chevy suburban reliability.

My truck is 13 years old. I have had some issues that have needed repair. It has been a reliable vehicle and is the size I need for my family. The gas mileage is bad though.

- Lacey H

Sleek, black large suburban with high capacity.

I love my Chevy suburban. Of course I bought it used so it has some hiccups and its 13 years old but it's still reliable and has huge capacity. Which I need with 5 kids.

- Tiffany R

If your considering purchasing this type of vehicle don't expect good gas mileage. It's large with a V8 motor and it does use a lot of fuel

I love my vehicle, it's great for traveling with the entire family. Lots of seating and storage space. Hard on gas, only gets about 23 miles per gallon on the interstate

- Donna B

The very comfortable ride and the amount of passengers I can carry.

I love the easy ride, the comfortable seating. I love the ability to carry a lot of people and cargo at the same time. I love the accessories that came on my suburban.

- Cathy L

This is a great family vehicle as it offers 3rd row removable seating.

Love all of the features we have.Love that we only need 1 vehicle when we take kids and grandkids places together. Hate that It's known to rust in certain places.

- Kristal F

Transmission slipping and gas.

Transmission is slipping and we are having to put a new transmission and it needs a gas thing and the transmission and we have to go today and get it fixed.

- Shane G

It's big and it does use a lot of gas. It runs great and drives smooth.

I really don't have any complaints. It runs great and fits our family great. I wish the seats moved forward to allow the kids to get in the back easier.

- Jessika W

It runs great for the mileage it has.

No complaints. I love my truck, an hopes to buy another one the next time I buy a vehicle. . It's been truly the best. Will never change from a Chevy.

- Teresa W

Great for our family. Can fit many people and things in it so it meets our needs.

It is a very sturdy and reliable car. I have not had any major issues with it since i have owned it for the last 10 years. The quality is very good.

- Dawn G

It carries a lot of cargo and 7 passengers. Large "trunk" area

I like the large capacity to carry more passengers and larger items. I do not like the amount of gas it uses. Large gas tank but not good mileage

- Kathryn S

Very sturdy with good tires and refurbished leather front seats.

I love the room and dependability. It does not have all the newest bells and whistles. I am able to transport my children’s friends as well.

- Lisa C

It is functional. It does the job that I need it to do.

My vehicle has plenty of rooms and I can haul a lot of stuff. However, it is getting old.The air doesn't work. Neither does the speedometer.

- Kelly V

It rides so smooth and can hold a lot.

High and lifted and big. No complaints. I would buy a new one; best one I have ever had. I like 3 row seats and comfy seats and big tires.

- Jan E

It is able to sit eight adults very comfortably even in the 3rd row.

It seats 8 so we are able to fit the kids. Comfortable seats and plenty of room. Lots of room to put items in the back with the 3rd row.

- Janice C

It gets me to where I need to go! It's big and bulky and I feel safe in it

It's not a very good family car to me, cause if you have to climb I sometimes and help them get in and out but other then that it's good

- Dana T

Very good car and very good family car lot of room.

It is comfortable runs nice love how it seat up very nice family car kids love the drop down TV and DVD nice to have for long trips.

- Hope M

The maintenance. It is a real pain once you reach a certain point.

It is great can hold the whole family and has a DVD player for entertainment. It is got 4 wheel drive and it has a nice comfy seat.

- Peter J

Nothing really I live it.

None, just upkeep. Just did brakes and a starter, very easy to do, did it myself. Drives good pulls a camper and does very well.

- Joyce P

I love my truck! Besides the fact it's a monster , I love we can go places with large groups, the kids watch movies on the dvd that drops down. you can lay seats down for moving things. I can go anywhere... over curbs... literally anywhere. best of all I am the coolest mom on the block!

Get One, the truck is an absolute must have for a family, it uses a lot of gas but the comfort and durability is well worth it

- Sandra G

Great, dependable vehicle with room for the whole family

Very reliable. Lots of room. Great for kids with extra storage room for strollers. Very comfortable. Drives great.

- Jennifer H

The kids love the DVD player and it makes for quite road trips.

I own a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban. It has a DVD player and third row seating making it a great family vehicle.

- Olivia C

The 3rd row comes in very handy.

I love the room that the suburban has. I also like the tv that is inside. I dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Darrell B

Large enough for your family AND your stuff!

It gets my large family around without being too huge (like a van), but still with plenty of cargo space.

- Rebekah d

This car is a great vehicle.

I love it one owner car very reliable. Gas mileage not great but makes up by reliability. Very versatile.

- Stephen R

The fact of safety and room when you have children.

I love the 3rd row seating. The best part is having the space for all that I have. Making towing easy!

- Tabitha M

The most important detail about my car is it is safe.

I love the space. It is heated seats are awesome. The only thing that I do not like is the gas mileage.

- Kristen G

It's very large and can carry lots of stuff and I have 4 children and it's big enough for my family

I love the big and spacious vehicle I don't like how much gas it uses I love the leather interior

- Kayla S

Safe driving in all weather. Especially in snow & ice, the Suburban with it's 4 wheel drive option keeps me and my family safe on the road.

Safe for winter driving. Large interior capacity for long driving trips. Comfortable ride.

- Debra T

It's in excellent shape, especially for It's age. It's white and always looks clean.

I love my Chevy suburban. It is big. It is comfortable and it has heated seats.

- Ela P

It runs good but needs better fuel mileage and a tuned up

Large SUV with all electric seats windows. It has seat warmers and a sun roof

- Diana K

It is a safe ride and comfortable ride.

I can haul my entire family in it. I love the way it drives and rides alike.

- Cathy N

It is an amazing car. It has lasted me 10 years and going. I have put over 250,000 miles on it. I maintain the car and have only needed to change few parts along the way. Would buy again.

How to maintain your car. Maintenance decides how long your car will last.

- Elijah S

It`s age. I got it in 2005 and it still is working fine.

It does its job well. No real complaints, it is getting old though.

- Mike R

It's the newest vehicle I've ever owned.

I love that it seats my whole family. I don't have any dislikes.

- Amin R

Make sure you get your car serviced when it is due. They are easy but expensive to fix.

It holds my whole family but it eats up the gas very quickly.

- Kathleen W

I absolutely love my Chevy. I can take 9 people, and at one time that was all my family and extended family. Now it doesn't work. But it's the best car we've had.

It has all bench seats that carries nine people comfortably.

- Maryellen D

Bought the car used have had to get the a/c fixed fuel line and transmission new tires. Overall i love the Suburban this is our second one.

The suburbans are great for big families that need a big car

- desi k

Leather interior, heated seats, captain seats in second row, 3rd row bench, 4x4. Smooth ride, decent gas mileage for a big vi. Lots of cargo space. Seats 7 with plenty of legroom

Roomy comfortable ride, with leather interior, and 4xr

- Kim K

Very dependable . We use it all the time . Lots of room

It's big . A lot of storage . Get good gas mileage.

- Ann A

It is safe. It has lots of room. And it's fun too.

I like how safe I feel. Hard to park in small lots

- Erin B

I love how comfortable it is to ride in. It always drives smoothly. It's spacious enough for my entire family with plenty of cargo space. I don't like how old it has become. It is just wearing down and costing us quite a bit of money each year.

Suburbans are great comfortable reliable vehicles.

- Tricia B