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The vehicle of choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The 2006 Chevy Suburban is great for out of town camping trips. It has a great deal of storage space in the back as well as fold down seats which can add more room. The Suburban seats 5 passengers comfortably with plenty of legroom. A couple things to keep in mind are that it doesn't get much for gas mileage at around 7+miles per gallon in the city. Be sure to properly inflate the tires to the manufacturers specifications to maximize fuel efficiency. This vehicle has power windows, keyless entry, and left/right passenger temperature controls. It's a great vehicle if you haul large loads on a regular basis. Biggest drawbacks are the gas mileage and sheer size of the vehicle. Pros are ample leg room, racks for transporting large bulky items on the roof, and 4 wheel drive. In conclusion if you take out of town trips where you need to haul large loads this is there vehicle for you!

- Kathy G

It's Great! If you want the best, you need a Chevy!

A very comfortable and reliable vehicle. I am a family of five with three children. Between many doctor appointments, grocery shopping and of course, many road trips, everyone is able to remain ready, relaxed and released from stress of a smaller vehicle. Upkeep on general maintenance keeps a very good reliability factor from this vehicle keeping more money in my pocket for what is really of importance, my family. Thanks Chevy!

- Robert K

I can fit 8 people in it and still have plenty of room for luggage.

My vehicle has an aftermarket alarm that messing up the electrical aspect of the truck. Half the time the doors do not lock. Which is sad because I don't feel safe getting in it at night. I have had to rebuild the transmission and it. Does not register the air bags. Now the check engine light came one. The mechanic said this is normal for the miles it has. 6.

- Kt K

Reliable, comfortable and plenty of room.

I love my suburban. The reliability and the space for our family is great especially on long trips. There is enough seating room and room for luggage etc. We will definitely always have a suburban for the comfort, reliability and room. I would totally recommend a suburban for families with kids who are active in sports.

- Jenny S

Great seating, storage and DVD player.

I love my Suburban. It has plenty of room for my family and any guests with seating for 8. It also has plenty of storage space in the back for groceries or luggage for road trips. The built in DVD player is great for my kids when traveling and can be used with headphones so I can still listen to music on the radio.

- Cory S

Aftermarket alarm system.

It has a lot of miles and recently needed repairs. The body is still very nice. An aftermarket alarm system is messing with the electrical locks and sometimes sets off the horn. Other than the recent repairs we did not put anything except tires, oil, and gas in it. We hope to drive it for sometime.

- Katie K

we call her the Lady in black because she gets on down the road .

not many problems very roomy love it for traveling and carrying my grandsons to ball games. Plenty of room for tent chairs ball equipment and coolers. Have always had a Chevrolet for my main vehicle and possible always will. It is roomy and good for traveling with five people and all the baggage.

- gerri G

My car is 13 years old. If I had the money I would definitely by a newer model.

I love the fact that my truck fits my whole family plus 2 dogs. It is pretty good on gas in both the highway and the city. My job is about 15-20 miles from my house so I often use both. I do not like the fact that the car is so old or the color green. It is hard to find parts needed for repairs.

- Nancy K

Great for families with children.

Great family truck, third row seating, z71 suspension package is great when we go off-road, signal lights on mirrors, 5" TV w/ DVD player, Bose sound systems, driver/passenger seats can be modified to your specifications, all seats can fold down to create a flatbed, very comfortable, tow option.

- Sam D

Good for traveling, vacations. 4w4 makes it worth wild. Enjoy the spacey cab.

I love the 3 rows, love the 4w4. Seat warmers are a great addition, as for the sunroof. Great for traveling, and family. Leather seats are great, less stains. Memory seat buttons are a lifesaver. Transmission isn't quite the best anymore but still runs fine. I love my suburban.

- Kayla B

I love my 2006 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ

It's a spacious vehicle with lots of interior room and storage space in the back. It's very comfortable for my family of 6 with lots of features like a navigation system and built in DVD player. It's not an economic vehicle though, it's expensive and it has poor gas mileage.

- Kelli C

Not for long term use. Not for long distance use daily

It's not bad on gas for a big vehicle however the transmission is easily messing up. The tires for it are a little high. The parts to fix anything in it are outrageous. We are looking for another vehicle I would not recommend this vehicle for long distance daily driving

- Chastity P

It is not the best vehicle if your main concern is gas mileage.

So far I haven't had many issues, our brake lines just went out and because you have to lift the entire cab of the suburban, it takes a lot of time and money. Overall it is very spacious, easy to drive, reliable, and we enjoy the sunroof and the heated seats.

- Megan D

Comfortable, roomy for a large family.

My car comfortably fits my large family. I have teenagers and they are all able to fit in the vehicle without feeling cramped. The car is very comfortable. I have had issues with the windows stop rolling up and the interior wearing out.

- Christy W

My Suburban is incredibly dependable. Even with so many years and miles it is still running strong without any major problems. I have no doubt if we take good care of this vehicle it will last us another 100,000 miles!

I love that it is a powerful SUV. I also like that it is 4wd because I know I will be a la to get where I need to go even if it snows. Then last but not least the space, it is just so roomy and spacious with loads of cargo space.

- Sonnet D

2006 Chevrolet suburban lt.

I enjoy my vehicle, it has been dependable, reliable and comfortable. I love driving it, has lots of features such as, ac, power steering, am/FM, CD, stereo, custom wheels tilt wheel steering, power driver's seat.

- John R

Great family vehicle with plenty of storage room.

Great SUV, very comfortable on long drives, has a DVD player which the kids love. Good powerful engine and it gets good gas mileage for being so big. I haven't had any problems with it, just normal maintenance.

- Alicia H

This truck is built like a tank

My truck is an older suv. I like that is built really solid and has real bumpers. The thing I don't like is the large motor which is great for towing, burns a lot of gas weekly

- David H

SUV that has 3 rows of seats and really big great for camping

My car very reliable the only problem I have had with the car is the ac unit keep going out.if you are looking for a car make sure to take it to a mechanic before buying

- Taylor C

It does not have cold air conditioning.

My air conditioner doesn't work. I have plenty of seats for all of my children, which is a plus. It has pretty good gas mileage. All in all it's a good dependable ride.

- Kerry J

My car has 3 rows of seats

It has it's problems. We have had to replace the water pump and the drive shaft now we will have to replace the fuel pump but it gets me and my kids to point a to b

- Maddy R

I love my suburban! Very safe. . . Very reliable and spacious!

Very reliable. No issues other than general maintenance and wear and tear. I really love the quiet and smooth ride. Accelerates well. Love the size and safety.

- Karen B

Good for big families and long travels.

It is big very comfortable. It drives very good. It is very good for long journeys. It is good for big family. However, it is too big to everyday car.

- Nancy Y

It is a car that is one of the most dependable automobile i have own

it's a very sturdy car that has last pretty long with out need to much work. i wish gas per mile was better. i also wish that it had rear cameras

- Marcos C

It has a leak in the steering fluid line. It goes through too much gas

I dislike the fact that it's big & old. It's a gas guzzler & has other pending issues. The only redeeming quality is it gets us from A to B.

- Holly H

it is roomy and has great highway gas mileage. It also came with dvd entertainment system for the back rows

love the gas mileage and the spareness of the back. wished the seating was better arranged and stuff didn't get stuck under the back seats

- jaime a

The gas mileage on my car is incredible. Cheap and easy to fix.

It is very roomy and good for long distance travel.. It is also gets good gas mileage long distance. The seats have plenty of room for..

- Linda L

It's a Chevy that's all I can say

It runs great,has except gas mileage,has plenty of room for the entire family,the only problem is the 4 wheel drive don't work

- Harry W

It is a beast. It can go from 0 to 50 in a flash. The size is big.

It has lots of room. But it also uses lots of gas. Love the heated seats and the power it has. Repairs are too costly.

- Deborah L

It is a vehicle that is big and roomy and fantastic for larger families.

I like it because it fits many people for a trip. It is very roomy. I don't like how expensive the gas is though.

- eileen b

Dependability, it's a Chevy, 17 years on the road and no major problems.

I love being up to see surroundings. The ride is smooth and comfortable. And I have no problems in the snow.

- Brenda G

dependable and gets me where I need to be whenever

handles daily tasks well comfortable seating throughout don't feel like I'm sitting on the ground

- robert b

It has lots of room for the family and it has a DVD player in it

Like that has a lot of room for the whole family DVD player in it

- Donna J