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Very easy to get into the vehicle and plenty of room for a big family.

Very comfortable, love the heated seats and the cargo space in the back. Easy to get into the third row of seats for my children. The AC in the back is great for them to have the ability to control the temperature. I have been having problems with the fan control, it does tend to shut off while it is on the lower fan settings. Overall very well liked vehicle. Tow package is great as well, pull a trailer often, and having the back up camera makes hooking to the trailer a breeze.

- Jeff D

Great family vehicle. Perfect SUV for road trips.

Plenty of seat space for 8 persons comfortably. Middle and rear seats fold up for extra cargo space. With seats in the upright position, there is lots of space in the trunk area for all your gear. Front and middle row seats are heated. Great CD/DVD system for long car rides with bluetooth headphones. . Great gas mileage however does not have the power of a faster get up and go car. Also tends to burn oil at a rate of 1 quart every 1000 miles. Breaks also tend to ware quickly too.

- Lori B

2014 Chevrolet suburban lt.

I decided to trade my Tahoe for a suburban due to needing more cargo space with the third row seats up. I love to comfort, power and reliability of it. The only thing I don't like is having to manually fold/ take out the third row seats. I didn't realize the 2014 models didn't have the auto fold seats. That feature starts in the 2015 model. I love my suburban I just waiting until I can trade for a newer model.

- Frances R

2014 chevy suburban great for families with multiple children

Since we bought our suburban in 2014 we have been very happy. We have plenty of cargo space to handle every day driving with our family of 5 as well as vacationing. Another thing that I loved when I bought It was that I was easily able to fit 3 car seats across the second row which was a must having 3 littles. The only thing that is a negative is gas mileage which will be a problem with any large suv.

- Rachel S

Comfort without the price of a luxury vehicle symbol on the front.

Love my Suburban. It's so comfortable to ride in even on long trips. The kids love the comfort and space as well as the dvd player and wireless headphones so they can watch movies or listen to music they want. We love the reliability and dependable nature of this vehicle. We are on suburban #2 for our family and when this one gets higher mileage we will be looking for suburban #3

- Steph R

Good car; broke too soon due to defects.

I have no idea how I am going to make 250 words about a car. So I am going to tell a story. All was fine with this car up until stuff started breaking. The air conditioning has broken twice and the suspension just about died. It was fixed a couple weeks ago, and all in all it is a good car. Everything works the way it should; it just shouldn't break after 20, 000 miles.

- Brandon C

Family safety is my number one concern when choosing a vehicle. This vehicle provides me that sense of safety I desire!

I love the space. The front and back seats have ample leg room. I also love the navigation system and built in DVD players for my kids. The gas mileage also turned out to be better than we expected, as we live in the country and make frequent trips to town. I feel safe with my family in this car. No complaints, I just wish I could afford a newer model!

- Amanda S

Mobile swiss army knife with excellent tow capacity.

4WD suburban are like swiss army knives. No matter what the weather or road conditions I can rely on it 24/7 to get me and my family and all our stuff wherever we need to go and if we need to tow something too no problem. I follow maintenance guidelines religiously and it has been trouble free. Fuel mileage leaves a little to be desired.

- Joe T

My vehicle runs smooth, has power to get up and go and so comfortable.

My vehicle is beautiful, it has luxury seat, it is so comfortable. The seats have a heater in them if your back hurts you can turn it on to relieve the pain. I have a sunroof so on a nice day I can open it and feel the fresh air. I have a DVD player so long trips the kids can keep entertained. It runs nice and smooth has a lot of power.

- Maria A

Plenty of space to fit all of your needs!

I love the size of my Chevy Suburban. It fits my family of 6 perfectly, including my kids' three car seats. I like that even with the third row seats in use, there is still storage space in the back for a stroller or groceries. My only complaint is that it doesn't get very good gas mileage, otherwise I love it!

- Beth S

Average in all ways for me.

Average in all ways. Nothing special about it. Rough ride. We take it camping in the summer and ice fishing into the frozen lakes in the winter also into the forest. It is absurd to expect do many words about an average vehicle. No one should be so bored even people who take surveys.

- John G

Why I like my Chevy suburban so much.

Reliable and easy to maintain, it drives well in bad weather and is easy to clean. Fuel economy is reasonable. It handles well at highway speeds and the air and heat work well. The interior is good looking and easy to clean and the hi-fi works good too. Lots of room for luggage.

- Mark F

Awesome vehicle for long trips.

Very dependable. Roomy, comfortable, easy to drive, smooth ride, attractive. Powerful and plenty of cargo storage. Lift gate motor failed to stop correctly but continued to operate. Some check engine light issues caused by o2 sensor. Gets good gas mileage for large vehicle.

- Terry J

Good car, used, still good condition.

It is a used vehicle, so of course it has some problems. But if you take care of this car, it will last you quite a long time. We have simple problems like air filters and such. Our main problem for a while were the brakes were not working so we had to get new ones.

- Danny C

The comforts of my car. It drives perfect it has power, it drives so smooth.

My car runs smooth, it has great power. The seats are comfortable and have a heater in them. I have a third set of seats that can hold extra people if needed and come out if needed. I have DVD player for entertainment. A sun roof if you want to look at the stars.

- Maria R

2014 Chevrolet suburban lt 4x4.

No Bluetooth connectivity or navigation. Better gas mileage would be a plus. I have no vehicle maintenance problem to date. The vehicle is very reliable. The 2014 Chevy suburban lt 4x4 is very comfortable and with leather seating surfaces is durable as well.

- Stan W

2014 affordable large SUVs.

The 2014 Chevrolet suburban ranking is based on its score within the 2014 affordable large SUVs category. Currently the Chevrolet suburban has a score 7. 3 out which is based on my evaluation of 73 pieces of research and data elements using various source.

- Julianne S

The best detail are heated seats.

Haven't had any problems yet, only 4 years old, and I do not expect any in near future. This vehicle is one of the most comfortable ever, the seats are like sitting in my living room, the heated seats are wonderful in the winter. I love all the seating.

- Janet M

Fuel mileage is about 17 mpg in town and 22 mpg on highway.

I love my suburban. I can get the kids and all their sports gear from A to B, and without looking like a soccer mom. Built in DVD entertainment system keeps the road quiet for me and the heated seats and steering wheel it is like my own little get away.

- Julie D

2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT

I love my Chevrolet Suburban. I have the LT model with leather seats, heated seats, a DVD player, backup camera and navigation. It is a perfect vehicle for larger families. It has a lot of storage in the back for extra gear and sports balls.

- Joy C

The one most important thing others should know about this car is that it is big.

The vehicle I drive is okay. Some problems that occur are with the a/c but it might just be with mine. It is nice and spacious and a comfortable drive. Has a lot of space for all the stuff that we carry such as groceries. It is a good car.

- Cindy O

General overview of why I love my truck

The performance is outstanding. Quiet engine, ease of access of any parts I would need to service, all make for a pleasant experience. I've never had so much room to stretch out in as I do when I'm in the vehicle

- Dirk S

The features are unlimited depending on how much you are willing to spend.

I don't like the gas mileage per gallon. I love that it's huge and can fit my whole family plus luggage. It has bigger mirrors than 2015+ without special ordering them

- Amanda M

Great to take on a family trip.

I love that is has 4 wheel drive. It is also awesome I can carry my whole family in it, it seats eight. It feels like I am parking a tank would be my only complaint.

- Jodi H

It is a large vehicle with lots of amenities made by a great manufacturer.

Drives great. I can haul anything I need to. Great for road trips with family. I wish the gas mileage was better but for the nice ride I am satisfied. Smooth riding.

- Candy B

It drives so easy and it's very comfortable. I honestly find myself trying to have a reason to drive the car just so that I can spend time in it.

I honestly don't have any dislikes. I love the navigation system, the two TVs in the car, the heated and cooled screen, I mean there really isn't anything to dislike

- Carol A

It's Large and in charge..

I like my vehicle because I can carry a lot of people. I hate my vehicle because it eats a lot of gas. Now things are starting to break because it's out of warranty.

- Kristin G

My car is very comfortable and reliable.

I love my suburban. I like that it seats 8 people and it has an entertainment system in it. I also love the heated leather seats for winter. I have no complaints.

- Michelle Q

It is like a big swiss army knife.

It is 4WD so we just jump in and go rain or shine or snow. Has enough room to carry all the gear, people and dogs we want to put in it. Great tow vehicle.

- Joe F

it's truly one of the most versatile vehicles you could own

it's 4wd so it's all weather all the time. it will haul just about anything when traveling. it's a great tow vehicle. this is my 4th suburban in 40 years

- tim f

Visibility for surrounding traffic is blocked by window structures of vehicle.

I like the sound system and leather seats. I do not like the large size and the extreme height getting into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

- Patricia P

Can get a similar SUV for less price more luxury

Reliable and spacious. Wish some things were standard, like power trunk heated seats. For the price the base models should have a few things

- Jillian E

It has been an excellent car.

I like that it is big enough to fit my family. I like that it is big like a truck. It is comfortable. I still have a lot of cargo room.

- Michelle R

This vehicle will keep you and your loved ones safe.

I love how safe this vehicle makes me feel. It protects my family like no other vehicle we have ever owned. It handles really well.

- James S

It is very comfortable and spacious. The trunk space is terrific for larger families.

Love the roominess in the trunk area. I also like the park assist feature. One thing I do not love is access to the rear seats.

- Tiffany F

The suburban is a spacious vehicle, with plenty of room for the family and all their stuff!

Love the room, I hate how the plastic is defaulty but cherolet will not do anything about it, dash crack and door handle crack

- Sarah B

It is safe and reliable. It has 3 precious packages in it and is an awesome car.

I love the size and smoothness of the ride. It is dependable and I don't worry about my kids getting hurt in a wreck.

- Hillary S

This car is very safe and on long road trips is very reliable.

low gas mileage. very safe. fits 8 people comfortably. great for long road trips. love sunroof and dual tvs

- ashley m

My car is very well cleaned. No smoking or eating of any sort.

Roomy. Can pull boat. Lots of luggage space. What else do you want.. Space only complaint gas consumption.

- Karin D

You always have plenty of room in a suburban! Comfortable enough for a carful of adults

Love that I feel safe and that there's enough room for my whole family plus a couple extra people and cargo

- Corrinna C

It keeps my family safe when traveling long distances.

I like the space. I do not like the mpg. I like the accessories it comes with. I like the safety features.

- Nancy H

It's a nice car and a fair price. It is perfect for our growing family.

I like the sunroof, trunk space, and TVs. I don't like the radio. I like the leather seats.

- Kim W

It can hold a lot of cargo from people to equipment

Middle row does not recline. Would like cooled seats Would like more cup holders middle row

- Henry W

It rides well and is extremely comfortable to drive

It runs great and has enough room to meet my family's needs. It is decent on gas as well.

- shawnda f

It is family friendly without being dorky like a minivan.

I like that it fits my family, but I don't like that it has needed so much warranty work.

- Say M

It fits our family of 5 plus 5 dogs perfectly, we will always have one

Love how much space it has for our kids and pets. Love all the space each child has

- Rosalia S

That it is big but pretty easy to drive

I like the size and that I can drive my kids and their friends. It drives smoothly.

- Laura J

It has Space like no other

Love the chevY suburban because of the space and dependability. This is my 3rd one

- Tis L

It has great comfort and durability

It drives smoothly. It is large and spacious. it is comfortable

- sy M

I love the roomy seating and comfort. Like that it's 4x4. Love the color and dvd system. Love bluetooth! Hate that it gets terrible gas mileage

My Chevy Suburban seats 7 adults comfortably and very roomy

- Tammy C

It's enormous, watch out! Easy to drive and lots of storage inside

I love the storage capacity, and the towing capability.

- Aimee B

i can haul things and have 3rd row seating

It's a big suv. i can haul things in it. no complaint

- an G