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Tahoes are Great and last a long time

Plus/Delta on the Tahoe: Plus - It has plenty of headroom (I am fairly tall) and good leg room. The door width is great, which is important for my mom She has limited mobility and needs the extra space to move into and out of the vehicle. Seating is comfortable - both in the front and in the second row. I opted for the bench seat, again for my size, and has been perfect. Bucket seats are sometimes too narrow for me, causing the seat belt connection to dig into my hip. Performance and reliability have been good. I am at 240k+ miles now. I opted for minimum features, so nothing fancy but everything (radio etc.) works. Delta - There have been some electrical issues, where sensors have needed replacing. This may be attributed to age and wear. However, issues have occurred at the most inopportune times - while on road trips. Since I rarely take long road trips anymore, it still is a great vehicle for local travel. Only other issue is the CD player ate a CD and no longer works. But I got basic audio equipment, and used the CD player ALL the time. So it is expected to wear out over time.

- Ro R

Spacious, Great for a big Family, not fuel efficient and has electrical issues.

I love that the vehicle is large and roomy. Having room for nine people is great. I also like that the back row folds down and can also be removed. The downfalls for me are that the vehicle seems to be all over the road, I'm not sure if that's a mechanical issue or just normal for an SUV. Obviously when driving a large SUV, it's not good on gas at all, but I guess that's to be expected? The biggest issues I've had with the vehicle are that the fuel gauge does not work. When idling at a stop sign/light, the fuel gauge drops to empty and the gas light comes on. More often than not, even after filling the tank, the gauge will show empty and the gas light will be on, and it stays that way. So basically I never really know how much fuel I really have. Also, the Tow/Haul button is stuck on and will not go off.

- Chana F

Love the room and being able to see out.

Normal wear and tare. It sits up high and you can see clearly what's in front of you and a around you. It is a very reliable vehicle. Never found a place I couldn't go. It tells you when it needs a oil change, or engine check, it lets you know if something is wrong. They are known to have a h2o sensor's to go bad. Love when it's cold outside and your butt is warm before the vehicle is. With heated seats. Does not take long for it to heat up or cool off. It's very roomy. Great for camping trips and still have plenty of room left. On windy days it's like driving a tank it does not blow all over the road. Cup holders are nice. It's easy to get in an out of. The seats have power to recline move forward and lumbar supports height to how high or low you want the seat.

- Amanda B

Stylish family vehicle that is smooth on the road and easy on the pocket book!

My Tahoe has been extremely reliable which is important for me because I live an hour out of town, and have 3 kids! It is easy to work on, meaning my husband can do all the maintenance which saves us so much money. The seats are very comfortable and durable. It is very spacious, and accommodates my 3 kids, groceries, and all the toys needed for my hour trip back home from getting said groceries. I have owned it for 3 years, brought it preowned, and haven't had a single problem until this week. And the air conditioner seems to be having trouble, which my husband can easily fix. It has 150,000 miles, and is still running great!

- Kate H

The car that just keeps going.

My car is brown with beige leather seats, black detailing inside and out. It is an ok car, recently put on new tires so it's ready for winter. It is a car that keeps on going and never quits, even when I forget to check the oil in it for awhile and then realize I have been driving around with no oil in my poor car. It has a little bit of rust on the doors and some dents and dings around the bottom of the car. It is not the prettiest or the fastest, but it runs good and gets me where I need go, it is pretty good on gas and is cheap to fill up which makes it even better.

- Selena L

The fact that it is spacious and great for long road trips with the family.

The thing I enjoy is it is a durable vehicle and spacious. It is comfortable on long rides for a big family. Even when you do not have the whole family you can lay the seats down in the back to store extra things such as when you go grocery shopping. An issue with these types of vehicles is the transmission always seems to have issues. Also, it is costly on gas for in town driving but for long rides it does amazing on gas. It is a good looking reliable vehicle and if anything does go wrong the parts are usually cheap because the parts are very common.

- Arianna V

I love it so much I want to marry it.

Minor problems over the 13 years I have owned it! Only replaced the fuel pump, oil and tires. It is a great truck. When it is time for me to retire this one, I'll be getting another Tahoe that will hopefully last me another 13-14 years. But I am guessing with Chevy’s technology that the new one will last double that! I am very excited and proud to be a Chevrolet Tahoe owner. Could this be your next truck or SUV? Take it from me a truth speaking individual, that it should be. Chevy. Real cars and trucks for real people like you and me.

- Zack H

In summary my vehicle is very reliable and has plenty of space.

I like our family vehicle because it has plenty of room in it for our family of four. It has third row seating which comes in handy having two small children. Our family vehicle has proved to be very reliable in getting my family where we need to go. Some very minor problems from time to time. But there are quite high amounts of miles on it. So we just need to keep up with the maintenance of it. I also really like the fact that it still has a good working air conditioning system in it that comes in good living in Florida with babies.

- Juan R

The fact of the truck being a crew cab is a plus because of having grandkids.

This is my husbands vehicle and he loves it. We have had some problems with the interior and exterior lights. The lights on the back of the cab are constantly blowing bulbs. The interior lights only work sometimes. It's like the overhead light and the ones in the floorboard area take turns working. Either one or the other will work or they both will not. Also the radio has not worked properly since we have owned it. We did buy it second hand. We had it checked out by a mechanic and he said we should replace it.

- Sherry M

My favorite vehicle ever - I hope to never have to have another!

Although my Tahoe is one of the older models, it has performed very well with me and I have had a wonderful experience throughout my ownership with this vehicle. It has had two previous owners, and has close to 250,000 miles on it. I have had to replace small, maintenance, pieces of the vehicle such as tires, windshield wipers, gas caps, interior items, and a few items along those lines. I will be buying another Tahoe when I pass this car along, although I hope to drive this one for many more years!!

- Anna E

It's a big strong SUV that I like 4 wheeling in

I haven't had any problems. Drives comfortably and I feel safe in it. The only problem I do have is the air conditioner stopped blowing really cold air. It works but not that good. I also have 4 wheel drive in it and it pulls a boat real good. Seats about 8 people. My dogs like riding in it. Has a lot of storage. Can load a lot of camping gear in it along with people. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Its a 4 door which I prefer since my dog goes with me all the time. Has a nice stereo and sounds good.

- Renee O

Best SUV, style, roominess, and performance on the road.

This SUV is comfortable, has great visibility, and plenty of room for families and all their stuff. It has good pulling power for trailers and/or boats. At 15 years old, it is had plenty of repairs, fuel pump, purge valve, various suspension bushings, front hub assembly, brake cables. And some of these were not cheap. But the truck feels like new at 15 years old. Only issue still to resolve is where the clear coat is wearing. It needs to be sanded down, painted, and recoated.

- Andy C

It is a pretty good truck.

The headlights blow regularly. The fuses tend to go out pretty regularly as well. The miles per gallon is terrible. It is very spacious. I like that it allows you to save the seating preferences of two people so that my fiance and I only have to press a button and the seat automatically adjust to our preference without our having to manually adjust the seats each time we get in. I have not had any major problems from the truck since I have had it.

- Rachel W

For fun under the sun, depend on Chevy for fun.

I am a Chevy guy so anything Chevy I love. I really depend and enjoy my 2003 Chevy Tahoe, very reliable and spacious for my mother, my 3 daughters, and myself. Having an entertainment console in it that works still helps as well. Not worried to take it to the beach knowing I can put it in 4 low, or 4 high if I want to have some fun. I love everything about it even if it is 15 years old. I would recommend this vehicle to friends and family.

- Gustavo G

My Tahoe has a tan interior and a red outside.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is recalls on some of the systems such as electrical. I love that it has the seat warmers and that it can go almost anywhere, haul almost anything and I can take a lot of people with me if I wanted. My fold down seats make it easy to expand and haul things. I am also able to pull a bumper pull trailer with my Tahoe. It handles well in the winter with and without the 4 wheel drive.

- Lori R

Mom's comfortable and reliable taxi.

Our Tahoe is loaded with all the features. We bought it used. We had to replace the fuel pump. There are some electrical issues with it. Sometimes the rear window windshield wiper does not work. The seat heater on the drivers side does not work. I do not like how the rear passenger windows only roll down half way. The seats are made of vinyl and are very sturdy. Very comfortable to drive short and long distances.

- Chelsea W

The Tahoe has been the best vehicle we have ever owned

Our Tahoe has been a good running vehicle my husband has used for years traveling to different states. Good gas mileage on highway but in town it does go thru quite bit. But with our big family of 6 it fits us comfortably. The only problems we have had are normal wear and tear for a vehicle that's 16 yrs old last year we had the transmission rebuilt she still running like a champ with over 250,000 miles on it

- Ashlee R

Mommas bus, made for moms with active children in sports and other activities.

It can hold 8 people, has butt warmers, seats fold down, reminds you when it needs oil change and gas and if low on windshield washer fluid. You can adjust your seat and make you sit higher and able to see over the steering wheel. Gas tank on same side as drivers side, holds lots of groceries and all of the kids sports equipment and material. Fold up chairs. Kids can play their own music from the back seat.

- Jennifer R

Loving my Chevrolet Tahoe through thick and thin.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It's old, and it needs the regular maintenance. Right now I need new tires. Other than doing the regular oil change and service, I don't spend money on my Tahoe, I love it! The seats need to be replaced because of wear and tear, but the engine is good. It drives really well, we take it on road trips every two months because my daughter is in school in North Carolina.

- Howard E

My Tahoe is a very roomy and reliable vehicle.

I have had my Tahoe for 14 years. It's been a very reliable vehicle. I have a home daycare so I need a big vehicle to take field trips. My Tahoe has enough room for 9 passengers. Car seats fit very well. My Tahoe does well on long trips. It pulls a boat very well. My Tahoe has almost 205,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Candice S

Great family vehicle that lasts along time. Comes highly recommended.

I would buy it again. It being older, it's still reliable and hasn't had any real serious problems. With having a family, its spacious and has the third row seating. Living in Utah, I need something that handles well in the winter and it does. We took it in a few trips with ease. We've pulled a small trailer with two ATV's behind it. I thinks it's a great vehicle and would recommend it.

- Jacqueline V

Driving enjoyment of a Tahoe.

I like the size foremost. Features like power mirrors, power door locks, power windows, and power seats are nice features to have. I also like the smooth drivability of this make vehicle. The drivers' side power seat is great and allows smooth positioning and adjusting while driving. The passenger side mirror is a must-have which frees you from having to adjust them by hand.

- Carl J

Very great running, large motor. Chevy Tahoe.

Window motor, muffler, gas guzzler, runs great, loud engine, low mileage, dark gray color, 8 seater, CD/ radio player, drives well, needs 2 new back tires, needs 3rd brake light, minor new paint need for exterior, inside ceiling needs sealing, sunroof has to be sealed, one rear seat needs to be bolted down, 1 seatbelt in middle area of vehicle needs to be fixed.

- Km J

Honest 2003 Tahoe lt review from a single owner/driver.

It is roomy with comfortable heated seats. Holds a lot of cargo inside and on the roof rack. Has removable rear seats, gets reasonable gas mileage for a 15 year old truck. Repairs and parts are relatively priced and easily available. The body has held up quite well over the years. Took out a deer at 45ish mph and my safety was never in doubt.

- William G

Great for moving kids to and from college.

The rear windshield wiper never worked properly. Blade was replaced and checked out by mechanic. It eventually fell off. Also the rear defrost stopped working. With both the wiper and defrost not working, it makes for poor visibility. It is especially horrible in the winter. The light on the gear position also went out as the car got older.

- Claire A

I put an aftermarket deck in my Chevy Tahoe.

I have had my Chevy Tahoe for a long time now, of course it has had its problems. But thankfully the part are fairly cheap and I have known a mechanic to fix it for me. I have changed the fuel pump 3 times. But it does have over 300,000 miles on it. It is to be expected. I'd consider it a reliable car despite having to fix it on occasion.

- Erica C

Chevy Tahoes are amazing, run great, and can be used for leisure or work!

I love my 2003 Tahoe Z71 LT. It has leather interior, auto mirrors, a sun/moonroof, touch screen cd player, 4 wheel drive, and many other features. I have not had any issues with this SUV. I can drive for many miles and years and only need to do regular maintenance. It is very spacious and is great for road trips, camping, or even work.

- Victoria B

My Tahoe is a great family ride.

I love my vortec. It has barn doors on it and those doors make it easy to load and unload my rescue dogs. It has been very reliable. I love the rear ac. I drive it daily and it gets good gas mileage on road trips. The only issue I have is the leak when it rains on the driver side in the front and the back. Still haven't found the issue.

- Melinda O

Very comfortable leather seats.

I love my Chevy Tahoe. It is 15 years old but still drives like new. Love the leather bucket seats in front. They're a little worn but sit better than a new car. The gas mileage is a little high, but it is worth it for a comfortable ride. It has 3 rows of seats, but the rear seats can easily be removed to make room for luggage.

- Faye M

Tahoe's; reliable, flexible and dependable transportation.

This is my 2nd Tahoe. Both have been very reliable and useful for my family. I have only had to make minor inexpensive repairs on both. I have been able to comfortably transport both my family and any cargo I may need. I will continue to buy Tahoe's as long as they are around and available. They have been great vehicles for me.

- Justin J

Great car with only one downside for me.

This vehicle is great. The one downside as with any large vehicle is the amount you spend in gas. But if you can comfortably drive a large car then a Tahoe is great. There is space to bring cargo as needed and mine sits 7 people comfortably. But I also only have a bench seat in the back and 2 captains chairs in the middle row.

- Jessica F

Roomy and spacious. Comfy and cozy.

I love how my car handles the road whether it is snowing or sunny. Gas is good. It has enough room for 6 people and all their luggage. If I fold down the back seat I can fit plywood 8 x 6 in there. I recommend this vehicle whether you have a family or you use it to haul your lumber. Also everything under the hood is in reach.

- Regina R

Ok car with some issues here and there.

The biggest issue right now is that the Tahoe has issues shifting in and out of 4-wheel drive. The dashboard electronics have also gone out. I had them replaced and still have issues trying to see them during the day. I would also say trying to change the tires are a little difficult with the jack they supply with the vehicle.

- Ben J

Reliable vehicle with careful maintenance

I have owned my car since 2014 and the only problems I've had was servicing and maintaining the vehicle. Which is normal if you want to keep up with its performance. It provides a ton of space for traveling, shopping, transporting equipment, pets, etc. 4-wheel drive feature is perfect for bad winters that bring tons of snow.

- J E

Tahoe, stay away from these trucks and the mechanical problems you will see.

Engine problems, transmission issues, and alternator troubles that were all fixed 7 months ago and are starting again. I feel like it is one problem after another with this truck and I am ready to move on to something more reliable that can continuously get my family from point A to point B safely and efficiently.

- Ash L

love my 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

no major issues, replaced throttle position sensor 3 months ago. Vehicle runs well and comfortable. Air is cold and heat works very good. Decent gas mileage on trips for this size of car. Oil changes are minimal in cost if you do them yourself. Have fixed app on car that helps me monitor issues and fixes for them

- Michael S

Chevrolet Tahoe a great family vehicle.

I have had no problems with my Tahoe, it runs great and is roomy with a sizable cargo space. For a lager vehicle it has decent gas mileage. Five passengers can ride comfortably. The audio system is great and Bluetooth compatible. I am very satisfied with it and will more than likely buy another one in the future.

- Sandy G

The electronic suspension is absolutely amazing

Computer and electrical issues. Alarm issues with key fobs, rear view mirror malfunctions, passenger window issue with rolling up. Sunroof derails occasionally. Rear climate control fan makes grinding sounds. Other than normal wear and tear it's a very comfortable vehicle to drive but reliability is questionable

- James M

Dependable for work and family use

It's Dependable, spacious, drove well over long distances, comfortable and mechanically sound. Fuel mileage isn't the best but has great power and can tow small trailers. The Tahoe has good ground clearance for off road conditions and handled well on bad weather. It's a good vehicle for work and family use.

- Jeffrey M

Excellent vehicle for everyone.

The Tahoe has a lot of power so it is good for towing and hauling things. It is the most comfortable vehicle we have ever had. I have back problems but I do not mind riding across country in the Tahoe. It is easy to get in and out of as well. My elderly father has no problems getting into or out of it.

- Gen B

Sporty SUV with three rows seating

I love my Tahoe. It has been a very safe reliable vehicle and is still running great and on the road after over 250,000+ miles. I have the z71 edition and take it off road often being on how we live in a rural area and it does great! I believe Chevy is the best company in transportation industry.

- Brandy Y

Chevy Tahoe. . . The safest I have ever felt behind the wheel.

I love my Chevy Tahoe for many reasons. The first reason is safety. I have been in 2 accidents, hit by other vehicles while moving, and my passenger and I suffered no injuries whatsoever. We barely felt a thing and the other cars were totaled. I feel very confident in the safety of this vehicle.

- Lucy J

Routine maintenance. , new transmission.

It is very comfortable leather heated seats. Has removable rear seats, cover for rear of the vehicle also a removable vinyl cover for the very back. DVD player with headsets and excellent stereo system, all power seats and windows, cruise control, tinted windows, floor mats, rear a/c and heat.

- Lisa K

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe is a nice ride.

The 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe is a nice full size SUV. It comfortably seats my growing family, and the seats are easy to put down for hauling stuff. I love to rear climate control, as the kids are usually colder than I am. There is plenty of power to go up a steep grade or even tow a small trailer.

- Jackie O

Amazing wonderful Tahoe. The best ever.

I have owned this car for many years besides the paint fading this has been the most reliable car ever drove only in the shop 1 time. I can for all 3 kids and 2 dogs in the car and groceries. I love this car. It is also very comfortable and has plenty of space for drinks and charging access.

- Lindsay H

So very comfortable. Pretty too look at. Ac, plush seats.

Drives perfectly smooth.surprising good on gas. Very easy on the eyes. Fits 8 people comfortably. Has a tow package. So I can pull a trailer etc. I have a truck and at the same time I have a luxury car. Has a 5.3 liter engine.4 doors, with the tailgate and lift rear window. Has a Sunroof.fu

- Curtis R

It handles the miles and continues to run strong!

My Tahoe is great! I purchased it used with 196, 000 miles. It now has 283, 000 on it and is still running strong. The engine is tough and sturdy. The only complaint I have is the body is rusting, however, it is 15 years old so it is understandable! I would definitely purchase another one!

- Megan F

2003 Tahoe Z71 The Best Ever!

I have a Z71 Tahoe. Has everything in it for its year. 2003. I've towed a trailer 2x's up mountains with it. It's very reliable. No real problems, transmission, Just once I had to have it fixed for that. Otherwise, it's a Great Vehicle. I love it and wouldn't let it go until I have to...

- Mary M

Older classic top of the line Tahoe.

I love my Tahoe. Serious Bose system, 4wd, roomy, safe, and dependable. I am not a fan of leather seats, so the cloth is great. I take care of my grandchildren so safety and easy clean is essential. Regular checks and maintenance have it going just as good as new. I wouldn't trade it.

- Lori S

My Tahoe. Leather seats, 4 wheel drive. Towing package.

I love my truck. It is 4 wheel drive so I can drive it anywhere I want. It also holds up to 8 people. So if I need to bring my family there is plenty of room for everyone. The only downfall is it uses a lot of gas. Therefore it costs more than most newer vehicles to go on long trips.

- Stacy H

Great family car but suffers in gas consumption.

The Tahoe is solid as a rock and has never stranded me. The only thing that is a big downfall for me is the poor gas mileage. As it gets older the gas mileage seems to drop. But if your not worried about gas dollars and would like to travel in comfort the Tahoe is almost unbeatable.

- Breezy E

Super spacious, great third row seating and a smooth ride

I have a Chevy Tahoe and I'll never drive anything but Chevy again!! It is a great vehicle with tons of room for my three boys and I! The only maintenance is standard and just from wear and tear. We have traveled many places and many mile with our Chevy and it's never let us down

- Megan Z

I love my Tahoe it's the best.

I love his Tahoe 2003 model be that oldest great it drives like brand new the interior is held up hardly any rattles at all the only problem is the back air conditioner stopped working for a little while but just a minor fix change the oil Staley and have had no problems with it.

- Harvey J

Tahoe plenty of power very reliable but poor with the electric.

Well I actually love my Tahoe. But there are so many electric issues that should have been resolved but they didn't. So other than that I love it. Has been very reliable for me and my family. Horse power has plenty that's never a issue. And very comfortable especially long trips.

- Ryan B

Good for full size family.

Transmission is the only trouble we have had and does have a small leak around the sun roof there is no rust no other issues that we have had with it. Just normal maintenance we keep oil changed and tires rotated etc., has two row seats and radio has been replaced just by choice.

- Bobbie B

Most reliable vehicle I have ever drove, typical Chevrolet!

Just hit 300, 000 miles, great Tahoe, it is the most reliable vehicle I have had in years. Super comfortable, rides smooth! Will keep going until the wheels fall off. If and then that happens, I will buy another one! It is the greatest. It is black and beautiful, ac works great.

- Tracy P

That it has plenty of room for a family and is perfect for road trips.

I love that my Tahoe has heated seats and a sun roof. I really wish it had 4 wheel drive which is my only complaint really. Also its an older car so we've had to do a lot of work to it. We really like having all of the space especially the hatch space when the third row is out.

- Lindsy F

A Chevy Tahoe is truly a great family vehicle.

It is actually a really good car. It is very spacious, it is very comfortable. It is drives smoothly. The only thing is it is not that good on gas. My car has over 200, 000 miles and it still runs great. It is a very reliable vehicle. But all in all it is a great family car.

- Laurie B

I know my Tahoe will not let me down.

I love my Tahoe! The only major fix was the fuel pump which had to be replaced. Everything else has been basic maintenance. I trust that it will not let me down. I drove it from northern California to our new home in South Carolina. It proved to have excellent gas mileage.

- Mindy B

Why I love my truck so much.

My truck has 8 seats and leather, which makes riding with kids great. It also means that everyone can ride in one vehicle, instead of taking multiple vehicles. It is also 4wheel drive, so can go just about anywhere I want. The only downside is it only has ok gas mileage.

- Stacy H

Great family car, plenty of room for all to be comfy.

Car has over 200k miles and still runs great. Apart from normal maintenance have not had any issues with this car. Has plenty of room for trips, kids sporting equipment and is comfy. When going to purchase another vehicle I will definitely be looking at the newer models.

- Kelli H

2003 Tahoe review great for road trips

Large for a 6 person family. Great on gas for long road trips. Compressor gives out occasionally give out about every 2 years. Ac problems very few years. Large mirrors had compass to know which direction your going. Shows temp on rear view mirror had back window wiper.

- Liz M

Chevrolet Tahoe's are built to be very dependable.

We own two Chevy Tahoe's. We had a third one that I drove for ten years before giving it to my daughter. She is still driving it with well over 200, 000 miles on it. We have never had to do very many repairs on any of them. They are the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- Sheila C

Old, not worth much, but standing the test of time.

Plenty of room and power. Has needed some work from time to time. Pretty reliable overall. Has many features but the downside is how many miles it has on the odometer. It is not worth much at all. It is the same vehicle as my first car so it is very nostalgic to me.

- Shawn D

03 z71 Chevy Tahoe. Very great vehicle and reliable.

It's an amazing vehicle! It performances great, very reliability, comfortable and has tons of features. It has over 200 thousands miles and still runs strong! I would strongly recommend the vehicle. Great for just a single person or an whole family. Very well made.

- Brandon K

It is a great truck and I will not sell it.

I love this truck. The only issue is that it has push button 4 wheel drive. I personally do not like this feature. I prefer manual. The push button does not always work. It is tricky to engage at times, and expensive to repair. Other than that, the truck is great.

- John P

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe - The Perfect Car

The only issue I've ever had is that the gas cap is loose. I drive this car to work daily and have had no issues. It runs perfectly. Being six foot seven inches tall, I needed a car that I would fit into and this car fits me perfectly. I highly recommend this car.

- Grayson M

It is overall a good vehicle when cared for properly.

It is a used vehicle so I expected a few issues. It has gotten me from point a to b. I have made some repairs, replacements and upgrades since I purchased it. The seats are comfortable with power doors and windows as well as power seats. Automatic transmission.

- Nigel R

Looks awesome on the road. All around safe vehicle.

Its old but tough, very few repairs for its age. Pulls our camper easily. Looks great inside, roomy, leather seats. Looks good all over. Goes like a tank in snow, rain, icy conditions. Love the heated seats in the winter. Great stereo system with awesome sound.

- Kathy A

Two wheel drive but handles just like a four wheel drive.

There's been a lot of recalls on things that aren't covered under my warranty. I've had a lot of electrical problems that mechanics and dealerships can't locate cause. Other than that been very great vehicle. Next purchase will be same make newer model. Chevy.

- Heather C

I love my 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe.

I have had few issues with my Tahoe 2003. The only issue we have had to make major repairs to are the front end arm controls. This cost us about $1000 in cost for repairs and labor. Also the fuel pump has gone out a few times but this is minor in repair cost.

- Andrea R

I have never enjoyed a vehicle as much as my Tahoe (nicknamed my taco).

I love my Tahoe. This is the first full size vehicle I have owned that wasn't a pick up truck. I love that I can remove the 3rd set of seats for more space. I always have tools, so I have plenty of room, and nothing gets rained on. It rides like a dream too.

- Trish M

Comfortable seating with great handling makes for a great ride

Spacious interior with very deep consoles. The Chevy Tahoe does fairly well on gas but needs a minor tune up often. The tow capacity is great as well as very powerful. Very nice rims and great factory paint. A/C provides comfort throughout the entire vehicle

- Juan O

Really love this SUV. Two thumbs up.

Large enough for our big family of 6. Our Tahoe has been very reliable. Easy to drive. Very roomy and the a/c vents placed in great spots making it blow ice cold. Nice truck. Good for any large family. Nice value for the price. [recommended to anyone.

- Megan C

Only 2 wheel drive but drives like 4 wheel drive.

Have had bit of electrical problems like gauges and stuff not working. And went through quite a few batteries. Overall been great dependable vehicle. Still going strong 225, 000 miles. My next vehicle will be newer year as same previous make an model.

- Heather C

Great vehicle, awesome performance.

My Chevrolet Tahoe is very dependable and has been driven to 3 states in a week time. Haven't had any major problems except changing the fuel pump. I have always kept the maintenance up on it and never had any engine problems. I really love my Tahoe.

- J B

Good gas mileage as a matter of fact have 2 because I am that happy with them.

I love the space I have in my Tahoe. It is an 03 model and I have only had one problem with it and that is the stereo finally played out recently and had to be replaced. It gets good gas mileage. It is a smooth and comfortable riding vehicle.

- Tammy T

It is a family vehicle that was purchased for usability, not for any kind of status or show.

The Tahoe has been a great family vehicle and is used regularly for long road trips. I love the space that it has. Only in the last couple of months have we begun to have problems with it. It has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Jacque P

Chevrolet Tahoe a very reliable vehicle

The Chevy Tahoe is spacious for our family. It's an 8 passenger vehicle , it has been very reliable to us on trips etc. The only negative thing is that it takes to much gasoline lol that's because I use it every day for work.

- Maria G

It's a beast. It can drive through the toughest snowstorm like it's no problem!

My Tahoe drives like a dream. It is super comfortable and is great to drive in the snow. The only thing I don't like about this particular car is the rust on the outside, leaky oil, no air conditioning and high mileage.

- Kathy O

Powerful, capable, efficient and still very comfortable.

I like that it is big enough to handle a load but small enough to be appropriate for my family. It is tough and able to traverse more than just the road. I dislike that it is aging and needs more attention than usual.

- Elin V

Had a 5.3 vortec. 4 wheel drive works amazing and never an issue with it. Upholstery last forever. Plenty of room for all the kids. So great for road trips

Pulls anything with ease including a 28 foot camper. Will last you thousands of miles. I have done only general maintenance besides a water pump. I Would take this vehicle anywhere. Absolutely I love it in the winter

- Johnny P

Chevy Tahoe 2003 Review- It has it good and its bad.

My care currently doesn't have working ABS or a working 4WD. It needs new tires on the back and some fuses changed out. Otherwise, for a large vehicle, it does well on gas. It is a good car and I would recommend it/

- Tiffany S

It seats a lot of people and does so comfortably. It is a large vehicle and makes you feel safe on the road.

I like all of the seating available because we have a large family. It is nice to be able to seat everyone comfortably. I don't like that we don't have more storage space in the back. We do not have the xl version.

- Sue L

The Tahoe holds such a large amount in the cargo area. The back seats folds down, making a large storage space.

We bought the Tahoe new in 2003, my first SUV. I absolutely love the space available for carrying stuff around. It handles very well, it's comfortable, and I like being up so high while driving. No complaints.

- Jhone M

This vehicle is dependable and is a work horse of a car.

It has been a very dependable car. After all of these years it still looks good and runs great. I would buy another Chevy Tahoe again. My only complaint would be a new one now cost a lot of money.

- Cathy G

2003 chevy Tahoe great for families

Very comfortable especially with 3 in car seats. It has a lot of miles on it so it has started having problems. It has been reliable and the main problem we have had has been with the 4 wheel drive.

- Elizabeth N

Its apart of the family, and a necessary.

The truck runs very good for being a older truck, we've recently have had to put a lot of money in to repairs. Hopefully it will just keep the truck running for a while. It's a very reliable truck.

- Angela G

I love my spacious, green Tahoe.

Well besides the amazing green glitter pain on my Tahoe, I really enjoy everything about it! From the DVD player to the warm seats and 6 disc stereo(built in already). VERY spacious.8 seater!

- Adalberto H

The most important thing that I think others should know is it is a gas hog.

I like that my vehicle is 4 wheel drive. And that it is very spacious with three rows. I like the color of my Tahoe. I do not like that it is broken down at the moment. No other complaints.

- Natalia C

A pleasant kid hauler with a sunroof that keeps the kids entertained.

it is an all wheel drive, we would have liked to have something we could put into 4 wheel drive manually. the gas mileage is not the best but it hauls all of our kids and camper decently.

- stacey L

My vehicle is very reliable and it will get you where you need to go

My vehicle is a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe and it has approximately 200,000 miles on it. I am currently driving too and from work in it and it is very reliable and has good gas mileage.

- Courvoisier C

Reliable and fun to drive. It is a safe vehicle, that has been mostly maintenance free.

I love my car overall. I dislike the fact it gets low mileage per gallon. I also have an older model, and am noticing a few minor things just don't work as well as they used to.

- Candice D

It has good gas mileage and gets you where u need to go.

My vehicle has good gas mileage and it gets you where u need to go. It has size 24 tires and it is lifted and has a 5. 3l v8 engine which makes for some good engine performance.

- CouRVoisier C

It's a Chevrolet, the best vehicle on the market.

I love my Tahoe because it does everything I want it to. It's easy to drive, easy on gas, looks great, and is very dependable. What more could anyone want? I have no complaints.

- Rachel C

Be mindful of how much fuel you have, don't stretch the fuel mileage to much or you might be walking

It's a good reliable vehicle, the only major mishap that is wrong with the car is that the fuel gauge reads to higher than it actually is, so you never know when your on empty.

- Tyler P

It cost more to get service.

I love that my vehicle is very safe. It is also stylish and has many cool features for an older vehicle. My only complaint is bad gas mileage but that is an expected sacrifice.

- L J

16 year old Chevy Tahoe still going strong!

My car is great! I have not had any problems with it in the almost 16 years that we have owned it. I have 6 kids and we can all fit comfortably, even for long road trips.

- Kelley F

Its is a reliable , great in all weather vehicle, that i feel is great for a family

Like that it's a 4x4,never have problem in winter weather. Can load up dogs,bikes,and kids with, or without my husband. Can load groceries without affecting room for us

- Amber C

My back window will not go up all the way.

I like that it is so big and can fit the whole family comfortably. I don't like that it's an older model. Plus the gas gets a little expensive at times.

- Marisa C

The gas mileage is very poor, so be prepared to spend money on gas.

Its too big. But I like the room in it. I like that the turning radius is quite small even though it is a big vehicle. I dislike the poor gas mileage.

- carol S

I feel safe in it and it is easy to drive does not seem to top heavy.

I have a Tahoe that seats nine people which works great with the kids but I have no storage space. I also have had trouble with the air in the back.

- Amanda W

Its windows go out so fast.

The 2003 Chevy Tahoe is a great family outdoors car it drives great takes us almost anywhere and has an amazing sound system very spacious as well.

- Summer A

That it is a Chevy Tahoe with over 200 thousand miles on it.

I like that my vehicle is very reliable. It has a lot of miles on it and still runs fine. I like the size of the car and the features that it has.

- Samantha W

it's very roomy and comfortable on long road trips.

i really have enjoyed my 2003 tahoe. i've had it for 7 years with very little problems with the car. it has 270.000 miles and still running good.

- chasdin D

It's a good Chevrolet that has a smooth ride and easy to keep up.

I love the Chevrolet brand. It's an SUV and it has a comfortable ride. The only thing I don't like is that the air condition sometimes go out.

- Seondra C

I feel safe in it, if I were to get in an accident.

I love everything about it I just do not like the gas mileage I love that all my family can fit in it and we can go on family trips together.

- Courtney B

I would not trade it for a newer model.

It is comfortable, reliable and love it is look. The back is spacious and I can drop down the second row of seats and use as a large trunk.

- Tereza H

It is a large SUV that's comfortable to drive.

I have had very few issues. It's been a very reliable SUV. Normal maintenance, like oil changes, tires, brakes. Overall, a great vehicle.

- Jennifer C

The Tahoe is spacious and perfect for road trips with the whole family

I like that my Tahoe has a lot of space. I like that the third row is removable to make more space for luggage. I like the way it drives

- Christopher F

It's a spacious vehicle. Runs great! The breaks tends to need changing every 4 months or so.

I have had my vehicle for over 7 years now. I have had very minimal problems out of it. This vehicle has been very reliable for me!

- Bonnie P

It is incredibly reliable. Even now, it's 15 years old and I still trust it with the children I nanny.

I have never really had many problems with my vehicle. My parents bought it new off the line and I purchased it from them in 2013.

- Myranda R

It's a lemon and never buy a Ford!.

I like my car because its dependable and its big because I am big guy and I use it for fishing. And I can haul my grandkids in it.

- Bunk B

Tahoe's are great vehicles. Comfortable and roomy.

I have a my Tahoe for five years never had any major issues with it. It's a nice ride only bad thing is the gas mileage stinks. !

- Rebecca W

Great SUV for anyone! You will not regret.

It is a tough dependable SUV that is fun to drive. Really safe for trips with the family. The sporty look is really eye catching!

- Nick D

Reliable vehicle. Fits my family's needs.

Lights inside driver controls are very dim now, not sure if it is a fuse or not. The owners manual does not indicate a solution.

- Victoria M

Nice vehicle to drive and have

It's a nice truck. The only problem I truly have is the fuel pump goes out every 3 years. It run ok and is a great hwy vehicle.

- Roa W

It has 220,000 miles on and runs great, because we do the regular maintenance.

Love the horsepower. Love the features. Wish it had 3rd row seating. I love that it is easy to work on and find parts for it.

- Katherine U

This car is great for families. It has plenty of space to move around.

The leather tears easy. The Chevy Tahoe is horrible on gas. It is however a great family car. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Jacqueline F

We love our Chevy Tahoe it's perfect for our family.

Love it fits 7 comfortable, 4 wheel drive for winter trips. Perfect for out family. It's in great condition with low mileage.

- Jadon C

My personal experience with the vehicle.

I like the vehicle. I just wish I had air conditioning. It gets pretty gas mileage for a SUV. And it needs a third row seat.

- Jacqui C

It is a great car and runs good.

I have a perfectly good car no problems at. I get regular tune-ups and oil changes. Only problem I have is the ac went out.

- Tamara T

It is spacious and has plenty room for all needs.

Awesome big spacious. I love that it has 3 seat in back and in front. Very spacious back, perfect for my dogs. Clove Chevy.

- Candice B

Tahoe's are good and last for many years on many miles!

It's a good running Tahoe, its just old and has issues. It has to have lots of talc. But it gets me to where I need to go.

- Laura M

It is a smooth riding car.

I like the ease of parking. I like that the head and neck rest are shaped angles forward. I like the size and space in it.

- Jen H

It is runs like a charm no problems with it since I got it.

My car has no problems runs pretty good it gets regular tune ups and oil changes it is a black Chevy Tahoe 4 wheel drive.

- Tamara T

From personal experience the equinox is very safe & will protect you in accident.

Needs a headliner ands shocks.. Love the paint job.. Everybody sees and hears me coming.. It's a gas guzzling 8 cylinder.

- Robert J

It has so much room. Which us my favorite part.

No problems, love how it handles and drives. Leather seats and a sun roof very roomy for me and my four kids and dog.

- Crystal F

It has a lot of room and it has a sunroof and lots of room for sitting.

It has no ac and takes a lot of gas. Has a lot of miles but for how the truck is it runs great and it has slot room.

- Candice H

Steel bumper they don't make them like that anymore

I have had no issues with this car. In 15 years I have replace the water & fuel pump. It runs great , great exterior

- Brenda J

Big grey Tahoe with room for all the cargo.

Very large and roomy. Offers many amenities that a brand new vehicle would have without all the monthly expense.

- Shawn D

It will get you anywhere you need to go.the truck is up to date on everything.the radio is very loud.

The truck has a lot of miles.the truck driver's grate for all the miles on it.the truck has a loud radio in it

- Darrell L

Very smooth driving, 8 seater, family truck.

Need window fixed, smoke gray, drives well, needs new muffler, is a gas guzzler, is loud, big motor, 8 seater.

- Kim J

My Tahoe has very comfortable seats.

I like my Tahoe because it has comfortable seats. It rides great. I am not real happy with the mileage I get.

- Jean P

Highly Recommend a Chevy Tahoes

Nothing out of the ordinary a great a d trustworthy vehicle. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Michelle A

It has 4x4, a DVD Player, Runs Great! It has never let us down.

We love our Tahoe, it has been very reliable. The seats are comfortable and our children love the DVD System.

- Amanda M

Roomy, dependable, great features.

Great vehicle, comfortable, features from 2003, would get another one if were not so expensive. Nothing more.

- Debi M

Take care of it and it will run forever

it is a very reliable car and it handles well as long as you do regular maintenance on it it'll run forever

- ashley H

it has about 300000 miles on it now

love it my Tahoe - it is just getting old and starting to have electrical problem and suspension problems

- Cara R

Chevy Tahoe Reliable and Dependable

The vehicle is reliable and comfortable. It has plenty of capacity to haul stuff while not being too big.

- Daniel R

I should have thought more about size and gas prices when I purchased.

Gas mileage is really bad. Seems to be very cheaply crafted. Seats are hard to remove for the 3rd row.

- sue w

That it is very dependable and especially in the winter.

I really love my Tahoe because if the safety features, the roominess and especially the way it drives.

- Brian C

It has been well take care of and runs very well and is in good shape

I like that it has been reliable and I dislike that it is so big. It is becoming too much to maintain

- Marilyn b

Best truck ever would not trade it for anything

No problems some oil leaks I love the power and it has been one of the best trucks I have ever owned

- Curtis h

It has a V8 engine and has a lot of power. I would drive faster but the gas mileage again sucks..

Miles per gallon is terrible. I love how much space I have and how high up I sit. I feel safe in it.

- beth s

My car is very roomy, good gas mileage, and is comfortable on long trips.

It has lots of room. It's comfortable on trips. I dislike the color and it needs a paint job.

- Tammy H

The Chevy Tahoe is a reliable car that has held up to the test of time. The only reason I'm looking for a different car is the age and the mileage.

The Chevy Tahoe is a great car, plenty of room, and is great for in climate weather.

- ginette w

Very reliable vehicle and great for families

Love my car. However my car is starting to have electric issues. But very reliable.

- Nicole C

It is really big and really spacious my kids love it to

I live my vehicle. It takes me back and forth to work. And my kids to the doctor

- Alfonso A

It will last forever I'm joking, but almost

No complaints Chevy makes the best vehicle. They will forever have my money.

- Melissa C

Or may be old but it's paid for. It's dependable and gets us where we need to go

My vehicle is old but very dependable. I like all the room it has in it.

- Julie W

I love my 2003 Chevy Tahoe. I have had it for 3 years now and I have never had a problem with it. I keep regular maintenance on it and I have to say this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has third row seating and is very spacious for my family. I love my vehicle.

It has plenty of space for my big family and doesn't use a lot of gas.

- Valtasha M

It's the best I have bought and have driven in many years, I love Chevy!!

I like the room. I like the way is drives. I like the way it handles.

- Shannon C

it's very comfy it is very good on gas. it holds everything you could imagine

it lasts forever very dependable very family friendly very comfy

- Jessica B

It is still going strong after fifteen years of driving.

It is a 2003 Tahoe with 240,000 miles. It still drives good.

- jay s

You can take it anywhere.

It's a durable suv. I love the color. It's fun to drive.

- Amy N

My vehicle is white and has a lot of space inside for my children and their sports stuff. It also has 4 wheel drive which helps me during the winter here.

It can go anywhere. Throw it into 4 wheel drive and go!

- Jennifer S

I like the color. I like the durability. I like the value.

It is very durable and I love it. The quality is good.

- Erin D