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Chevy Tahoe is built tough and made to last! very spacious perfect for families!

The only issue I have with my vehicle is that every so often I have to get it realigned. The only other thing I don't like is that the technology in it is dated. But my vehicle is spacious and runs very well for it being 6 years old and a lot of miles on it! It's a cozy family car and has treated our family well! I have never had any sort of malfunctions or engine problems! Gas mileage is also pretty up to par! I have taken it on a long family trip 5+ hours and only had to fill up once to and on the way back but still had plenty of gas left when I got home! Chevy Tahoe's are very strongly built! I had one minor accident and was blown away by the fact my Tahoe sustained little damage where the person that rear ended me had sustained major damage! When it comes time for a new vehicle, I will just be purchasing a newer model!

- Amanda S

Why I love my Chevy Tahoe.

I love my Chevy Tahoe because it is very reliable. So far no problems and when I do have some problems I fixed them because my truck has never abandon me when I mostly need it. Performance is great! Comfort on those leather seats are beautiful. It has a lot of space for me and my kids. It has base for groceries. I wish the trunk space was a little bit bigger when we shop at Costco some things have to go on the front by our feet. Other than that you take great care of your car by making sure oil changes and tire checks and tune-ups all are in order and it will take great care of you!

- Stella S

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe review.

I purchased my 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe lt in 2015 and it has been a very reliable vehicle. It came with a DVD player that has remained working since I have purchased it. I have not had any issues with that, and it is extremely user friendly. The leather seats are of great quality as well. At this point, it still does not show any wear. The only issue I have had is trouble with the third row seats. They're portable, meaning you can take them in and out on an as needed basis. However, it is very difficult to get them in place and set up. I feel very safe in my vehicle while on the road.

- Meg W

Handling poor. Very comfortable.

The steering along with the handling is moderate to poor on the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe. I operate one for work purposes and oftentimes run into issues where I need to make quick turns on navigate quickly through traffic and would prefer something a bit smaller. On the other hand the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe is very easy to maintain, is comfortable to sit and holds a lot of luggage or personal belonging. I would recommend this vehicle to a family for safety purpose and to be comfortable.

- Adam J

Reliable and comfortable.

The Tahoe has great comfort. It is spacious and comfortable. I bought my Tahoe used with around 80,000 miles on it and have had it for about a year and a half. The Tahoe has been a very reliable vehicle. I've only had to have regular upkeep on the vehicle which has included: buying a new battery, new tires and having the brakes replaced. I've used the Tahoe to tow an RV without any difficulty. The one downside I would say is that the gas mileage isn't great.

- Sarah L

I trust Chevrolet. Most dependable vehicle ever.

My family have always been a Chevrolet family. There's a Chevy vehicle in every household. It's the most dependable vehicle ever. My first Chevy was a 2000 Malibu and I had that car for 10yrs plus and never had any problems with it. I also had a 2003 suburban and had it until 2017. No problems. Most recent one is my 2013 Tahoe and is as all the other ones before it.. Running strong. Wouldn't go with anything else. With my family I would not trust any other.

- Princess U

Lots of room and comfortable ride!

I love that my car has the third row, and removable seats. Plenty of legroom for everyone. Smooth ride. Able to pull out camper with no issues. Lots of features included. Very reliable car with minimal issues. The only thing negative about my vehicle is that the headlights and brake lights seem to go out fairly quickly compared to past cars I've had. Maybe it's just my particular vehicle and may not be that way on others.

- Macy W

The size of the vehicle is amazing.

Interior paneling on dashboard is starting to crack. Inside doors where you pull closed is broken and is separate from the panel. Paint on hood is starting to crack. Disappointing to say the least for the money. The engine mount also already broke and we had to pay to have it fixed. Which the said only happens if you tow. Which we do not. For the price of the car, it hasn't kept up as well as we had hoped for.

- Dee H

Comfortable enough for 8 people.

Love my Tahoe! I have two small children and it is very spacious with adequate space for comfortable seating between their car seats. The only issue I have is storage space when the third row is being used, there is very little room. You only have space for a few overnight bags, our stroller does not fit with the third row up. Performance is great, have used it to pull a boat and a car trailer with no issues.

- Kaitlyn C

Tahoe not so great some people like it some people don't

Love my vehicle. It was perfect for me when I first got it but I am looking to expand so that way when we have a baby we have more than enough room. My check engine light came on about 6 months after I got the vehicle. They said it's due to pumping my gas tank full. Also my speedometer light will just go dark sometimes to where you can barely feel it. I wouldn't recommend the vehicle at this time.

- Melissa P

Love My Tahoe! Great Extra large SUV!

My Chevy Tahoe is an easy to drive, extra large SUV. The turning radius on it is incredible. Gas mileage is very good considering the size and power of the vehicle. It's comfortable to sit in and easy to reach all of the buttons and knobs. Replacement parts are available cheap on aftermarket sites. All in all my Chevy Tahoe has been a reliable, comfortable, and good looking truck!

- Sarah K

I love my Tahoe so much!!

This truck has been all across the country with me and I have had zero issues with it over the last five years. It is very reliable. I love the size of it and I love the third row option. It drives super smooth. It is large so the gas mileage is not great. That is my only complaint, but that is to be expected with any large SUV. Overall, I absolutely love my Tahoe.

- Cassie C

Great family vehicle for those with multiple kids!

My Tahoe is very reliable. I have never had any issues with it. The mileage is great for an SUV if its size, and it is comfortable. It does not have every option but enough for me. It has a third row seat option which is great because we are constantly carting around 4 kids, and sometimes their friends. Also has enough leg room so that everyone can be comfortable.

- Tara J

Great car for large families and cargo.

I absolutely love my ltz Tahoe. I think everyone should have one of these great cars. My Tahoe is the best. It has plenty of room for 7 people plus cargo. It drives and handles good. I use this vehicle out on the farm and it holds up good out in the country as well. Overall, I very much enjoy my Tahoe and will probably get another one when this one is worn out.

- John J

It has roomy seats. The kids have plenty of space, even with a car seat. They are not squished.

I love the roominess. With 4 kids, it makes it tight when we go on trips. There is not much storage area. We have a cargo box we put on top of the tahoe, so that makes it doable. My tahoe does not have a backup camera, GPS, or automatic shutting back door. I really wish it did, but it was quite a bit more expensive to go up a model to get those things.

- Myra Q

Sleek black Chevy 2013 Tahoe

My 2013 Chevy Tahoe is a moms best friend loaded with a DVD player, black leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, power liftgate, remote start and parking sensors, it is a great car it ride and drives like a dream, couldn't have picked a more family functional car for my family and not to mention it has the power under the hood for those road trips!

- Jessi B

Chevy Tahoe great comfort/reliability few cosmetic issues

Overall Chevy Tahoe is a great reliable SUV that I have had little to no problems with. Few cosmetic issues such as the front dashboard cracking and the air conditioner buttons fading but no other issues. Only disappointment is that's it's Bluetooth enabled but not to play music. Can only talk on the phone through Bluetooth.

- Cole T

I love my Tahoe, great family SUV. Fun to drive and ride in.

Very comfortable seating. Extremely roomy! Smooth ride. Roomy cargo room for luggage or groceries. It is so much fun to drive. Great entertainment for children in the back seat. Love my sunroof. It also has the ability to tow trailers and it is easy and smooth ride when towing. Plenty of space for a medium size family.

- Jackie C

White Tahoe 2013 great engine great tires.

My car runs well maybe at time I have trouble with the oil changing or when I pop a tire other than that it is a great car. The Chevrolet Tahoe is a great car to travel with spacious and it is good for the long road trips. I would recommend it to anyone who loves big cars & spacious cars good car for families too.

- Dali P

Nice truck for the money.

Its big has seating for five lots of space for groceries. Power leather seats, power windows, remote mirrors, compass in mirror, am-FM radio with CD player. Automatic transmission with push button 4×4. Comes with air conditioning. Variable speed window wipers. Not the best gas mileage and a bit lacking in power.

- James A

Lots of miles... little repairs

I have had several minor things break, the lever on the back seat is broken so it's unable to recline, the buttons for the a/c are worn and the verbiage is coming off, and the dash is cracked. I have had problems with the emission system. I have had problems with the gauge that measures the oil in the vehicle.

- Clar M

Great truck that rides comfortably and runs well.

It is been a really great vehicle. I have had it for 5 years and had no major problems with it. It is comfortable, rides well and I feel really safe driving it. I have put a lot miles on it from taking several road trips and it just keeps on running great. I do not have anything bad to say about it. I love it.

- Cassie C

Its tires and rims are state of the art.

The passenger window doesn't roll down. It eats gas like crazy. Very spacious. Console is cracking. Windshield is cracked. Sometimes the transmission slips. There's an oil leak. Its black, and sitting on real expensive rims. Windows are tinted. The radio and sound system is brand new. State of the art.

- Michael S

It's manufactured in the USA and very reliable.

I love driving a large SUV and have for 28 years. Until 2013, I had driven a Suburban, but wanted to downsize and have always wanted a black Tahoe. It has been very reliable and rarely needs servicing, except for routine oil change, tire rotation, etc. It drives great and I just love to drive it!

- Frances W

My 2013 Chevy Tahoe is the best vehicle I have owned.

I am absolutely in love with my 2013 Chevy Tahoe. The ride is always a smooth one. I've had it for a little over a year now and I have not had any problems with it. I would not trade it for any other vehicle at the moment. Maybe when it is time to get a new vehicle I would go with another Chevy.

- Karen L

Most reliable SUV in its class.

To let my back seats has broken, and need front axle repair. Other than that a great reliable SUV, love heated seats and mirror controls. Towing package came in handy. The rack on top came in handy as well. The heat and cooling controls for each passenger is awesome. Cup storage is amazing

- Natasha P

Ride! Is amazing I love taking this on long trips.

After 5 years, door handles are broken and lighted mirror broke, but other than that the truck has been amazing. The vehicle is very reliable and very dependable I do not really have an major complaints other than wear and tear but I would totally recommend this truck to anyone who asks.

- Rene G

Comfortable & reliable road trips.

Very comfortable ride for road trips. Plenty of legroom for back passengers. Also circulating air throughout. Driver and front passenger also have plenty of room. Reliable, good gas mileage on freeway. Good commute car if commute is not too long. Removable seats help without cargo space.

- Alannah V

Suggested area of improvement on Tahoe.

Biggest problem is not being able to control the back seat temperature in the front. Having 2 small kids in car seats, they cannot reach the temperature controls nor know what to do. It would be nice if the driver could have the option of controlling the back seat temperature up front.

- Allison M

It's a great sized vehicle for on the road

I like the Tahoe size, I like the 3rd row of seats even though those seats are definitely for kids not adults. I like the bucket type back seats that leaves the space for moving to the back. I don't like the amount of space left behind the 3rd row and I would like a little more power.

- Kim S

It is the perfect mix of functionality without being a �mom car�.

This is an ideal vehicle for a growing family. This particular trim line includes captain chairs which comes in handy as the children age and want more individual space. The Tahoe is very roomy. The truck space is limited, but with the amount of room elsewhere this is rarely an issue.

- Julie T


My 2013 Tahoe LS 4WD is an awesome truck, low gas mileage, the only thing is for some odd reason the bulbs is always going out fast! I would most definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone. The performance is great, it don't let you down, it's a great family vehicle to travel in

- Jeannette W

Black Tahoe with bucket seats. It has the tow package sunroof. Heated seats.

The performance on my car is great. I love this car it is my second one. I plan to buy a third one after this one. The seats are comfortable and it rides nice and fits the family. I love the heated seats and it is great towing our boat. The leather on the seats has held up great.

- Kim D

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ Review

The vehicle rides very well. The gas mileage isn't that great but it has the option to use E85 which helps reduce the cost of fuel. I don't like the fact that it does not have Bluetooth, but a simple plug in makes it available. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase.

- Perry B

It has nice sound system. I must have nice speakers iN my car.

I really love the seats in my Tahoe. They are very comfortable. The fuel mileage is pretty decent for an 8 cylinder. I was surprised by how many miles I got on my first tank. Love that it is 4wd as well. Never have to worry about snow here in Jersey. Just put it in 4wd.

- Jeremy L

Best SUV on the market hands down.

Absolutely love my Tahoe. No major issues just normal wear and tear. The most comfortable seats and handles like a car. Will always be a Chevy owner and I will have another Tahoe when I upgrade. I would recommend a Tahoe to anyone that is looking for a great vehicle.

- Lauren M

Great reliable family vehicle

Very reliable, and spacious for a medium to large family. Car seat anchors are only available on rear passenger and middle seat which makes exiting for very back seating through the rear hatch. Only other complaint is inside door handles have completely broken down.

- Brooke O

Excellent SUV, worth the price!

Excellent size, can fit almost anything in it. Very comfortable and drives smooth. The sound system is amazing and we love the rear DVD players. So far we haven't had any issues with this vehicle. Although it is a big vehicle, it seems like the gas mileage is good,

- Alicia C

Safety is a top priority and I am sold 100%!!

I love my Tahoe! This is the fourth Tahoe I have owned. I have been involved in 2 accidents that have ended up totaling my Tahoe and walked away with little to no injuries, one of which we rolled the vehicle and ended up upside down. I will not own anything else!

- Becky C

2013 Chevy Tahoe- bought used.

It is very spacious for car seats for multiple children. There are easy controls for driver to operate heating/cooling, radio, wipers, lights, etc. It gets decent gas mileage for such a large vehicle. I wish the third row seating was easier to take in and out.

- Therese B

The back up camera is good.

No probably at all. I love my vehicle and had no problems at all. It's a good vehicle. And good for a big family. We all fit in the car with my four kids. I would recommend to everybody. And it doesn't have a lot of features. But it does have a backup camera.

- Emily D

Love the color midnight black and the wheels really set it off.

Very good on gas handles great on the road love the 2. 8 liter motor pipe but does not use a lot of gas love the sliding rear window in the summer like the 5 speed manual transmission love the color midnight black great looking wheels to set the looks of it.

- James M

Tahoe, A Great Family Vehicle

None its is very nice to sit in and is very great for comfort and it is really truly reliable and it has amazing features. Like built in DVD player and heated seats And so many options like touchscreen Radio. And OnStar. And Movable cup holders and that's it

- Jake M

Still running great with 200, 000 miles on it!

This Tahoe has been a great vehicle. We always try to do the general maintenance on it, and it is running well. At the moment there is a strange noise while the air conditioner is running that sounds like a squeaky rocking chair, but the engine works great!

- L H

Chevrolet Tahoe made to last.

It runs good have had no major problems with it. Gas mileage is great it is comfortable and has plenty of room it drives great. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone who wants a good reliable vehicle to drive. It was bought used and still runs great.

- Amanda H

Fully Loaded is the way to go

I like my Tahoe. It drives nicely. I have the LTZ so it is fully loaded. It has heated leather seats but it also has a cool option as well, which is great. My a/c compressor went out at about 70,000 miles. But, other than that, I haven't had any problems.

- Mal B

Owned it 5 years but drives like its 10.

Was a great vehicle for about 2 years then windows start to rattle, if you barely hit a bump it sounds like something just broke the leather is cracking, color on the control panels are starting to wear off, the inside of the doors are starting to rust!

- Tiffany S

Great space and gas saver.

Comfortable, plenty of cargo space. Actually has pretty good gas mileage for a larger vehicle. Heats and cools well. Rides well on rural backroads and on highway travel. Radio has great stock quality. OnStar and Sirius are an added bonus to the vehicle.

- Leah P

It's has been very reliable, I haven't had any issues with it.

I like the fact that I have had no issues with this vehicle. It has been great for transporting kids, friends and all their sporting items to activities. It is great because I can see out of the front easily because I am up higher than just in a car.

- Sue F

Turn on the stability to prevent the vehicle from slipping in wet conditions.

I really feel Chevy is a good truck or SUV, I think the best park of having a Chevy I feel safe it has very comfortable sharing. Seats. The vehicle has a smooth ride. Gas can get a little costly but overall I would never change.

- Jennifer M

Zero cargo space. A minivan is a better option for big families

Love the motor. Love the bucket seats in the second row. Hate that there is zero cargo space. Hate that the third row seats split directly down the middle. Hate that the third row does fold down into the car when not in use

- Jessica N

That it is comfortable and has great visibility.

I love my vehicle. It is almost perfect. The only things that could make it better is more cargo space in the back and a better configuration to plug in a phone or mp3 player to play it through the sound system on the car.

- Kim C

There is a lot of room inside.

I like the third row seating and that the back seats fold up. They can even be taken out if need be. I like how it handles in the snow and four wheel drive. It's a sharp looking vehicle. I love the back up sensor, too.

- Kami S

It rides as well as it looks. What you see with this car and what you expect is exactly what you get.

The car rides extremely well. I've not had any issues with it. It handles well in the snow and the rain. It has 4 wheel drive which we like. It is very comfy and there is lots of space in it for a family of 5.

- George P

Air-conditioned seats, need I say more? Heated seats, heated mirrors, sunroof. Good times!

I love big trucks and SUVs - for some reason I just feel safer especially when I'm with all the kids. My truck is a bright pearly white color, has automatic everything and her name is Pearl. Great vehicle!

- Jen G

2013 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 ls 5. 3 flex fuel.

The Tahoe is the newest vehicle I have ever had. It drives very nice and has plenty of power to pull the big passes comfortably. The fuel economy isn't the best around town but very good on the highway.

- Chris C

Great large family vehicle

I put a lot of miles on a vehicle. With regular maintenance on the vehicle I have not had any real issues with it. I love the size and room The only negative is the gas mileage which is poor

- Renee R

It is a good vehicle to invest in.

I love the space in the vehicle it is roomy for my family and had extra space for storage.. It rides smooth does not shake or bounce much when you hit a bump... It is good on gas.

- Kim O

A Tahoe is great for a family vehicle, but it doesn't get the greatest gas mileage.

My Tahoe is great for my busy family. I have two softball players and my car holds all of their gear, our chairs, tent, and cooler. I don't have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Jaime B

This vehicle has great space and leg room in the back seats

I love the space on this vehicle. My family consists of myself and 4 boys and we all fit perfectly and have enough leg room. This vehicle is great to travel in. Just love it

- Nora C

The gas mileage is quite economical.

I love the size of it, and the way it drives. The gas mileage is also a bonus at 18 mpg for an SUV is quite impressive! I love the interior and how the seats also collapse.

- Rob M

We love the extra room for the family and shopping trips we take.

We love the amount of room in our Tahoe! The fact it rides so great is why we have kept it and enjoy the smooth ride. Also, it is stylish to drive and makes us feel young

- Andria R

It is very comfortable for larger families. It has lots of legroom and is great for longer trips.

I love the passenger space. It easily has room for my husband and I and our three kids. I don't like the amount of cargo space. Not enough room for luggage for 5 people.

- Amy B

It drives like a truck. So if you are wanting something that drives more smoothly, this is not the car for you.

I am a mother of two boys that are active in multiple sports. I love my tahoe because I can carry all their equipment and still have room for other things like groceries.

- Alexis k

I love the extending pedals and short person features - lol! I am only 4'11 but my Tahoe is not too big of a car to drive or handle.

My Tahoe is my favorite vehicle I have owned. It is roomy yet easy to drive, fits everything I need and is comfortable for everyone! I would definitely buy Chevy again.

- April S

Chevy is very reliable and feels very safe and comfortable.

I love my Chevy Tahoe. I travel a lot and it has been reliable and comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage on the highways. It is large enough to haul what I need.

- An F

It's a gas guzzler and does not get a lot of MPG.

This is my third Tahoe, I have found more issues with this model than any other I have had. It seems the saying they do not make things the way they used to is true.

- Cheryl Y

It drives like a dream! When sitting at a stoplight I cannot even hear it running.

I love the size of the Tahoe. The extra room makes for a comfortable ride, even if all the seats are filled. I do wish it had Bluetooth connectivity for my phone.

- Taylor M

Vehicle does not run out of gas as fast as other vehicle.

Vehicle very spacious, and it is a perfect size for big families. It is a great traveling vehicle. Seats are removable and can be folded creating a larger space.

- Claudia U

It's a very reliable make and model, and a brand that I trust.

It is extremely comfortable and reliable. Ours has heated seats, which is a wonderful bonus. It runs very nicely. I'm overall very happy with owing it.

- Dennis S

It isn't squishy. There is enough room for our family.

It is comfortable, fits the 7 of us in there. It also rides nice and is good on towing. It has heated leather seats and individual climate control.

- Lin W

It does really well through snow.

I love that our family can fit into our Tahoe. I love that it has a DVD built in. It also has leather heated seats, which is perfect in winter.

- Melody S

It is a safe vehicle and gray for a family

I like that it is big enough for family and friends. It is great off road and in snow. I would like it to be a bit bigger and better on gas

- Kp P

It is reliable and has plenty of room. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of gas it consumes.

Reliable, affordable and dependable. The price on this vehicle is above what I like to pay but it has all these other things going for it.

- Thomas O

That there is a lot of room inside with storage.

The pulling power. The room inside. The gas consumption. It has great comfort during the ride. It tends to wear out tires very quickly.

- Thomas P

It's a great family car if you have kids.

Love my car, but at 50,000 it started having sensor problems and no dealership can figure out what's wrong we are now at 70,000 miles.

- Mary E

It is big enough for the whole family.

I love my Chevrolet Tahoe. The only complaint I would have is the gas mileage only getting 13 mpg. Otherwise it is an enjoyable ride.

- Veronica B

They are on the expensive side. Our payment is about 600. A month.

I love my tahoe. It looks good and it's so roomy. It has a built in DVD player that helps with the kids. I absolutely adore my tahoe!

- Christy S

It is a good size and rides nice.

I enjoy the way it rides. The tires are good. I like the windows and steering wheel. I would like to drive this car for a long time.

- Bob A

Chevrolet Tahoe is the only vehicle I'll own.

I love the comfort and stability of my Tahoe. I also like the room and quality of the vehicle. It's a safe and comfortable vehicle.

- Stephanie K

Drivers should know that it is a great vehicle and drives comfortably. Holds a lot of stuff!

I like the space inside. I do not like the bucket seats in the middle row. I do not like the way the Bluetooth works in this model.

- Diane H

we love our tahoe would buy another one

nice ride it is real smooth 4 wheel drive works great it has an entertainment package which is good for the kids on long trips

- Billy W

The gas mileage is terrible!.

I love the room of my vehicle. The room of the vehicle makes it perfect to travel in. I hate the gas mileage of this vehicle.

- Kayla V

This vehicle is extremely reliable and cost efficient.

Love how much space it has... Also like that seats are removable to make more space... Hate the expense it is to repair it..

- Samantha R

Space! It has a lot of it.

I actually love my vehicle. It is has just the right space for my family and friends. Love using it for road trips, as well.

- Valeria G

It's the best I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an SUV.

My Chevy Tahoe is the best, it rides smooth and fits my personality. Also it allows me to put all my boys sports equipment.

- Qui A A

No real complaints, pretty good at what it does.

Pretty smooth ride, no engine problems. Pre owned, heavily used, girlfriend loves it. Enough space for my family and more.

- John D

I love my Tahoe . It has the room I need to take my whole family and friends anywhere. The stereo system is great and I live my dvd system also. Gets the job done

Its my life line and I depend on it for many reasons, as in taking care of my family as we travel back and forth to places

- Ashley S

That it's safe and reliable.

I love my car because it's spacious. It also very comfortable to travel in. I love that it has towing capacity.

- Katelyn m

Comfortable room for everyone and everything

Great vehicle. Safe. Spacious. Quality craftsmanship. Comfortable. Drives well. Room for passengers and cargo.

- Clarissa M

Gets good gas mileage and handles well.

It's a safe vehicle that has plenty of room for my family and gear. It is a comfy ride and has great features.

- Kim P

This is a very reliable vehicle, have had no issues in the few years I have had it

Good on gas, easy ride, and beautiful. Only dislike lack of storage space for groceries, sports equip, etc

- Nicole B

Looks and rides nice but is costly to maintain. Be sure to do research prior to purchase

As the auto has gotten older more and more electronic failures have happened and they are costly to repair

- jason H

The car gets great gas mileage. The car is well built.

We always have enough room for family and friends. It drives smoothly and driver seat is very comfortable.

- April R

That it's built to last good on mileage and the ac works awesome.

I live that it is good on gas and that the ac works very well but above all the its roomy it sits up to 8.

- Patricia M

The Chevy Tahoe is dependable and spacious.

It runs well and has had no maintenance issues at all. It's very roomy. It does have a rough ride though.

- William A

The occupant and cargo area are very spacious and laid out well.

I've had very few maintenance issues. I like how roomy it is. It does ride a bit rough though.

- Adam W

It fit a big family and really safe

It a 3 row truck with a built in tv. 4 front seat have seat warmers and backseat radio

- Jaylan T

The tahoe is a very safe car. You will know that your kids are protected while driving in this car.

i like how it is high and large. i like the trunk space i don't like the gas mileage

- kristal c

I like that it sits higher than most other vehicles

I would have preferred a suburban simply because it has more room in the back.

- Megan K

It's a good vehicle. If looking for a truck, it is a good choice.

Bad mileage. It is a Smooth ride. Good in weather. It is a reliable car.

- Marcus W

It's a lot more boxier than i thought. It is very nice for family trips and getaways. It rides really smooth and comfortable.

it is great on long trips, the 3 rows of seating makes it nice too.

- Brianna K

It's roomy, it's comfortable, and it gets the job done.

It has room for trips, it has HD transmission, it's comfortable.

- Tam J

Love the space and room inside. Dislike how much gas

Most important thing is how much space and room you have inside

- Heather T

Nothing really. I've had it about 5 months and been super happy so far. It's the nicest car I've ever owned.

No complaints, I love it. (Also knocking on wood right now...)

- Robert H

Not good on gas. Large number of people can be seated.

Has a lot of room. Sit high. Lots of seating.

- Jonathan b

Space, size. Smooth ride and handles great in bad weather!

- Julie B

Perfect vehicle for family traveling!

- Veronica H