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Four wheel drive. I do not get stuck.

I love Chevy period. It is a good solid vehicle. Runs well and rides well. Problem with the 2004 is the cluster panel. This involves your speed limit and your gas gauge, amongst a few other things. It is a bit costly to fix, but well worth being repaired. We have taken several trips in this vehicle and it has always been reliable. It gets me through the snow because of it being 4 wheel drive. It is a 6 cylinder, so it is very good on gas for being a bigger vehicle. I do not know how I am going to write 250 words about this vehicle without babbling about the same thing over and over. Chevy is a good vehicle no matter what model it is. I have had about 8 to 10 vehicles through my life and the majority of them being a Chevy. I prefer a Chevy because of the solidarity of the vehicle. My vehicle is 14 years old and I love it. I love the color, the style and the way it rides on the road. It has an excellent passing gear. It is roomy, as I said we have taken several trips and this vehicle can hold a lot of gear. It has a rack on the top for more gear. I have never hauled anything on the back, but I am confident that I know this vehicle could handle it. I really hope that I have explained this well enough. Chevy is number one in my book.

- Debi G

Sometimes if you shut all of the car doors the car will lock itself.

The car is very dependable. Because our model is on the older side, we have encountered a handful of problems since purchasing it a year ago, but I bet that the newer models work very well too. The seats are comfortable, and the car is easy to figure out and to operate. I enjoy the color and the model of our car as well. When using the vehicle, it gives you a very smooth and comfortable ride, not bumpy or rough at all. The car does not have a lot of fancy features or new technology, but only because it is on the older side. It is equipped with a CD player, but no port for an aux cord. The ac works well, as do all of the doors, windows, tires, etc. The windshield wiper on the back window is broken, but it came that way when we purchased it from a friend. All in all, it's a great car, and I would definitely purchase another Chevy in the future.

- Olivia O

Green and gold SUV with good gas mileage and has a sunroof.

I love my Chevrolet trailblazer because it has not given me a lot of problems. We saw this trailblazer on the lot and fell in love with it seeing it was green and gold in color. We are packer fans after all. I am short and I sit up pretty high and that is another reason I like this vehicle. It has a lot of room that we can pack a lot of stuff in there seeing we are camping people. We also pull all terrain vehicles with it with ease. We have at this time a little more than one hundred sixty-six thousand five hundred miles on this vehicle. We can carry five grown ups in this SUV comfortably. It rides very comfortable. We also have a sunroof that I really wanted. We did have to replace the transmission about two years ago. We regularly have the oil changed, about every three thousand miles.

- Diane S

My Chevy Trailblazer is 14 years old, heading towards 200,000 miles and still runs great!

This vehicle has been very dependable and I have had remarkably few problems with it; generally it's been the type of issues that are routine and comes with age (brakes replacement for example). I love the size -- large but not so big it's hard to manage--, and that I sit high off the ground. I also like the Chevrolet brand and that it's American made. My only significant issue is that it's beginning to rust, which I honestly don't believe is the fault of this vehicle because, after all, it's 14 years old, has a lot of miles and I live in Minnesota with it's long winters with a lot of snow and salt from the roads. I'm disappointed because I'm hoping to drive it for many more miles!


It good on gas on a long ride.

Very comfortable vehicle. I enjoy the handles to help me get in the car. I wish it had radio control on my steering wheel. I had to put in remote starting device. I having problems with my power steering leaking, I have to find out where the leaks is coming from. They should a pictures and details where all the parts in my car. (starter, power steering and other parts. ) I wish my car had underneath storage. Some problems in my car is seat belt do not return to the holder. Seat belts are not made for short people. I had to put on running boards on my vehicle. My vehicle run comfortably on a long ride. I love how they put in handles to adjust your seat.

- Barb R

It is very comfortable and if it is maintained properly if is very reliable.

My 2004 Chevy trailblazer is a great vehicle. It does not have a lot of the fancy electronics, like GPS, etc. , but it is roomy so I can load it up and, if needed, I can tow with it. On the downside, it is getting older now and some of the mechanical components have failed. The water pump has been replaced and currently the air conditioning compressor needs replacing, but that is a big ticket item that will have to wait for a while. It works a bit, but if there's multiple people in the vehicle it just does not cool enough to make people comfortable. If I am by myself, I usually roll down the windows anyway. Overall, good vehicle for an old guy like me.

- Frank Y

The vehicle for the whole family.

Very reliable for us. We sometimes have long drives to help family members and it has always performed as it should. Even with each age everything still works as it should. The rear seats fold down to make for a larger storage area for things we haul or for our Great Dane to have room to be comfortable. Have been keeping up with the maintenance over the years and the engine hasn't missed a beat. The gas mileage has stayed the same since day one of ownership. This is a vehicle that I would gladly recommend to anyone in the market for a vehicle that is versatile and reliable enough to trust your family on the road.

- Rueal G

Loving my trailblazer: keeping me alerted to any issues or concerns.

I have had a cat/converter replaced, a trans/fluid hose replaced and rusty framework issue that I am working on saving for repair. Even with all of this, I still love the vehicle-- it is perfect in my eyes. It is totally worth 'saving'! The overall features, 4 wheel drive, heated seats and built in GPS are perfect/necessary for the area of the country I am in, as well. It gets great gas mileage and has good power for uphill and good downshifting for downslope. The dash is a plethora of info icons that alert me from everything from needs gas to low oil pressure to side passenger door is ajar... Even tells time!

- Julie B

I feel very safe driving my car. I tend to drive slow and not very aggressively.

I really enjoy driving my trailblazer. It has a ton of room, which is great for travel, for instance camping or long road trips. The seats are all comfortable and it is easy to drive. I feel safe driving it. Two features I don't prefer are the fact that the seat belts are connect to the seats themselves and you can not put on a seat cover and the "leather" seats get very hot. The other issue is that the driver's seat backs up every time you unlock the car and I am worried about the wear and tear.

- Moriah T

It's taken a beating and things do wear out but it can drive though the rural Maine roads that don't get plowed.

I like our Trailblazer because it fits our needs. It's pretty good in the snow and rough dirt roads that is not usable in a car. It can fit my family dogs and some gear when we go on road vacations. The gas normally isn't too bad when in 2 wheel drive. And it can tow. The things I don't like as much is if we have to use the 4 wheel drive it drinks the gas, it did not seem to like the ethanol in the gas. I wish it had a little more pick up. I would like them to sell more after parts for it.

- Cheryl R

Chevy Trailblazer: The Right Vehicle For You

My vehicle hasn't had many issues and is extremely reliable. There is plenty of room for the whole family and I feel safe inside of it. The only issue I have had is that my back right window will not roll up or down but that's an easy fix and it's an older vehicle so I'm just thankful there aren't any issues. I would 100% recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy. Cold A.c., sunroof, plenty of space, and it drives very well. I am extremely pleased with it.

- Rachel L

Reclining, adjustable seats. A good midsize SUV for families or singles.

My car has served me well. It has over 100,000 miles on it and until recently I have very few problems. I like to be able to program the radio. Also the ability to set gate and garage door codes - makes it very nice to just push a button and enter!! Has 4-wheel drive, a sunroof, capability of emergency service, flashers, various settings for the front and rear windshield wipers, fog lights, etc.. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable SUV.

- Sarah S

Comfortable and versatile. Use the back only heated seat frequently.

I love the comfort and seating 7 has been a huge plus. The versatility of loading and using the hitch replaces the need for a truck. With close to 200, 000 miles have recently had a few major repairs. Power steering rack and pinion, tie rods and wheel bearings. One ignition coil went bad and the was oil on it so cleaned and replaced all head gaskets. Just about to replace shocks.

- Diane H

It's by far one of the most space and gas efficient vehicles I've ever owned.

I would recommend a trailblazer to any family with children. It's spacious with plenty of seating, and even room for the family pet AND groceries!!! Not bad on gas at all, but once in awhile I have an issue with the oil pressure switch, which turned out to be an easy DIY or cheap shop fix! I love my trailblazer!!! Oh, and don't forget the 4WD in those sticky situations!

- loretta s

It is very spacious and rides very smooth.

The vehicle is ok for the most part. It has a very good motor and transmission, but the wiring problem in my Chevrolet trailblazer is terrible. The windows roll down on their own and I have to wait for my gauges to start working for me to roll it up! It locks and unlocks on Its own, and on top of all that I cannot even put a radio in there because of the wiring problem.

- Shawn L

It has a rack in the back for 2 rows of storage.

It is a decent car so far, problems have been rough idling when stopped and in drive or park, not sure what that is from. I haven't figured it out yet. It is a pretty smooth ride and but not a luxury vehicle. It has been a reliable car. Features include the basics. Doesn't have power seats but does have heat and a/c controls for the back of the vehicle which is a plus.

- Amanda T

It's a 2004. Most people don't realize it's that old, since body and interior in great shape.

Purchased in 2008 with about 34,000 miles. Has proven to be dependable. No major issues with it. gas gauge does not work, just set odometer. Looks good. Interior clean. Have about 129,000 miles. Have not found newer model that I like as well. Has room to haul things. Fits 5 people. Like the separate window opening in tailgate, which newer models do not have.

- Bonnie J

Not a gas guzzler. Despite the fact of putting gas into the tank I get great gas mileage.

I recently purchased my 04 Trailblazer with only 120,000 and for only $2500. It's great on gas mileage, very reliable, comfortable bucket seats and so clean it could be brand new. I have noticed one issue. When I pump gas into the tank, the gas pump shuts off automatically every dollar or so. Very annoying when I'm trying to fill my tank and it takes 10 minutes.

- Gen S

Very comfortable for driver and passengers. Drives smoothly.

I love this vehicle. I wish it was a four wheel drive because it does get stuck easily. Drives very smoothly. Very comfortable for passengers. There's plenty of room for passengers and cargo. I bought the color of silver and regret that. It blends in with the road you much. Everything is very dependable about this vehicle. I would trust it to drive anywhere.

- Jeanne R

The vehicle is big and sit 7-8 people.

The performance on my vehicle is excellent and it is a reliable, comfortable vehicle. Its big enough when going to the beach because we do not have to take two vehicle, its reliable when having to move from one place to another. Keeping up the maintenance is not expensive at all and as long as the maintenance is kept up you will get a lot out of the vehicle.

- Pauline S

It is been real good to me.

I have owned my 2004 trailblazer for about 8 years now, I bought it used. I have had minor issues with it. I did recently blow the motor in it, due to the oil pump unknowingly going out. One of the issues with the vehicle is that the oil gauge does not always read properly. But I love my car so much that we are in the process of rebuilding the engine 🙂.

- Jessica A

How well it works for me.

Reliable as long as well taken care of and maintenance done. Feel safe and secure in it and comfortable to drive. Keeps children safe and lots of room. I often go on weekend trips for travel socket with 3 kids and it holds all needed items and the kids have room to travel well. Plenty of plugs to charge devices. Easy to see out of.

- Dana H

Always maintain monthly maintenance including fluid levels as well as checking filters i.e. oil and air.

This truck has been a family vehicle for about 14 years now, all in all Chevrolet did an OK job for the 2004 Trailblazer. There has been a lot of problems with the electrical circuit boards headlights and relays going out as well as transmission problems and gas leaks. The braking system is awful, please fix the ABS system.

- Alexander J

Chevy is best by far, I mean I haven't had other types but I love Chevy's.

No complaints! Performance excellent. I cannot afford maintenance right now and she still running good for me. She needs o2 sensor and blower motor. Haven't had air since July, will not have heat unless I get fixed soon. She loves me though lol. She starts right up, and my odometer is broken so I am always driving at zero.

- Kim S

I think the fact that it is an 04 and runs like brand new.

It is a wonderful automobile. Its interior is a little beat up but it still runs like new. The leather seats have ripped and the door handles have broken. But other than regular maintenance it is 100% reliable. It is also not so bad on gas. I use it running for work, kids, shopping, outings and fill up once a week.

- Colleen S

My car is the perfect-sized car; of a medium build.

This vehicle is of a silverish-gray color, with an average size. This size is perfect exactly for this reason, being good to have passengers and things with leftover space. However, there is a tiny complaint I have, which may be specific to only my car. The little television on the car's ceiling no longer works.

- Juan A

My vehicle has withstood the test of time. Only minor things need to be fixed.

The speedometer went out, the tachometer stopped working, the gas gauge stopped working, the volt meter went out and lastly the temp gauge stopped working.I've come to find out that the water pump needs to be replaced every three years(I have had my SUV for 11 years)..Besides all of that, no major problems:

- Keith B

Love my 2004 reliable trailblazer.

Very reliable and feels quite safe. Air conditioner and heater both work well. Roomy and comfortable. Automatic windows. I have owned this car for fifteen months and I have never had engine problems. Poor gas mileage and wish I had automatic door opener. Seat warmers would be nice. Gas cap not attached.

- Christine A

Green trailblazer with no bowtie.

Owned it for almost 2 years and love it. Had to do normal work on it but overall pretty good. If I had to purchase another vehicle it would definitely be another one. The only thing I don't like about it is that the back doors are so small it's challenging to get a car seat in and out but manageable.

- Cheyenne J

My Chevrolet is a great truck because the size from the interior is large.

My Chevrolet trailblazer is just perfect size for my family because we can travel with just the enough space and it has great features for the road. What I like the most is that when we are on the road it feels real smooth and relaxing. Chevrolet is a great smooth brand of truck to ride in a long road.

- Cecilia S

It was a well made model. it was engineered with thought involved. It has held up pretty well to everyday wear and tear.

It has been a good vehicle for my family. We have grown some over the years, but we are still able to fit in it with our extra stuff. I have always liked the style of it, but they don't make them anymore. I also don't really like the Traverse or Acadia as much which is what replaced the model I have.

- Jessica H

The factory system has not had to be changed so it works great.

The sunroof does not work and it drinks gas like crazy but the system in it is nice. It is pretty easy to keep clean on the inside but the window switch affects the bright lights. It is weird and the battery acts weird sometimes cause when you cut the car off it resets the radio stations every time.

- Ashley N

My 2004 Trailblazer for my family.

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer. I love it and it has been very reliable for 14 years. I love it for my kids and that it has 4 wheel drive for the winters in Indiana. It has a sunroof that we love. It is spacious and doesn't feel cramped like some of the SUV’s I have been in recently.

- Jennifer H

It's a black, mid-size SUV. Not great gas mileage, but decent all around.

Personally, I consider the trailblazer to be the best SUV Chevrolet has ever put out. I purchased mine used and have had it for three years. All I've had to have done so far is to have the bearings and brake pads replaced. It needs some cosmetic work, but overall it's been a very good car.

- Morgan D

That it has plenty of room for shopping, trips.

I like the size and color of the trailblazer and the way she drives you are comfortable. The interior space is nice and roomy. The only complaint that I have so far is the seats are hard and the back windshield wiper has quit working and I have not found the problem so it could be fixed.

- Veronica L

Regardless of the issues, it is highly dependable.

I have a lot of front end trouble with the tires and four wheel drive. Also the heater/air blower only works when put on defrost. Driver side window does not work, its the main master switch needing replaced. Have had to fix many things but with the year, I am sure its to be expected.

- Angela B

Lots and lots of room for whatever.

My trailblazer has been amazingly dependable, with lots of room for the kids and grandkids and still have room for groceries or whatever else need be. It's also extremely comfortable. Much more comfortable than my newer year model car. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Michelle S

It's a great car from a excellent automotive manufacturer, but the longer you have it the more problems might come up with your vehicle

It was a great vehicle when I first got the car, but then as time went on it started to give me problems. First I started having engine problems then when I finally got all that fixed. The electronic systems problems started still working on figuring that one out so I can fix it.

- LaByron J

The luxury vehicle the pedals move got heated seats means of a way back.

The one thing I do not like about as bad gas mileage but other than that it is a pretty decent vehicle to travel in with kids. But in all its a good vehicle. We travel from Arkansas to Oregon in the vehicle. Its comfortable and kid friendly its holds a lot of bags and suitcases.

- Rebecca B

Chevrolet Trailblazer 2004.

I really like the features, but I do not like how it is difficult to find parts sometimes. Our biggest problem has been the sensors that regulate gas usage and transmission. There are also a lot of shorts in the wiring system. We also have trouble engaging the four wheel drive.

- Sarah P

2004 Chevy trailblazer built tough.

It runs well as long as it has all it is routine maintenance done in a timely fashion. I have had to replace o2 sensors and the secondary air system. The suspension is not the greatest, very wobbly. The 4wd works fantastic and it is a very reliable vehicle to drive in the snow.

- Erin K

2004 used Chevrolet Trailblazer.

I have had this car for a little over 2 years. It is very roomy and is great on long trips. I had to replace the instrument cluster but that is the only problem I have had with it. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage around town but it does better on the highway.

- Lori S

My 2004 Trailblazer. I have depended on this truck for 14 years.

I love my Trailblazer. It is 14 years old and still reliable. I have only had to do normal maintenance like new tires and oil changes. I recently had to get a new water pump and wheel hub. It is great for traveling with kids. I love that it is simple and has 4 wheel drive.

- Jennifer L

My family SUV that I use for camping.

There is nothing wrong with my vehicle. I really enjoy driving my truck. It is a comfortable riding vehicle, it is smooth and does not vibrate or bounce. I would have no problem purchasing another one like the one that I now drive. I am looking into buying a pickup truck.

- Michael D

Very reliable and great family vehicle if you have kids.

I love the car itself I would just love if it had a quicker pick up speed very reliable. The Jeep itself is a great family car if you have kids fits all 3 of my kids car seats with no issues. Love that the maintenance on the vehicle is not very expensive very affordable.

- Chris C

Everyday car or vacation car!

My trailblazer is comfortable. Great mileage. Air-conditioning and heater are great. Lots of room. 4 wheel drive is great in the winter. Great turning radius. Perfect family car? It has 5 cup holders, back window wipers, brakes are good, lots of storage, very dependable.

- Rebecca W

Roomy and easy to get in and out of.

Abs light comes on, my mechanic couldn't figure out why. I like that it has 4-wheel drive to use in the winter time and that makes me feel safer. Also, lots of room to haul grandkids and their "stuff. " The running boards are great for getting in and out of the vehicle.

- Caroline L

Chevy love after 14 years.

After 14 years the heating motor has gone out, so it only has 2 settings, but otherwise this car has stood the test of time. It drives great in all weather and keeps warm in winter. Minor things has broken after 14 years, but for what it's worth it's a great little car.

- Sarah B

Quality, low maintenance vehicle for all occasions.

I would say that my biggest problem with my Chevy trailblazer is the gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and, overall, I've had to do very little maintenance on it in the last year. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone, as long as they can afford the gas.

- Frances M

My truck is a teenager with very few issues.

For a 14 year old car with over 200, 000 miles it runs really good. I have replaced the transmission, and some small parts along the way. I always make sure I get all of the regular scheduled maintenance done on my truck (oil changes & tune-ups) to prevent problems.

- Jamie M

It is a 2004 Chevy trailblazer in a neutral silver color.

Runs good perfect size to be able to haul stuff without being to big. I am also able to haul a trailer which was my main reason for looking for bigger vehicle. Color and condition are very good for the year it is and in general I am really pleased with gas mileage.

- Sheila C

Mint green smooth riding trailblazer.

Gas leak and turning signal switch broke. Other than that it drives smooth and I cannot wait for it to be fixed it is roomy and I have no problems driving it. I went from a car to sub thought it would be different but not really actually it turned out to be better.

- Selena S

This is not a vehicle that I am comfortable with.

It makes a horrid sound and the air does not work. I do not like the color or the make and model. I can not afford to buy another or to repair this vehicle. I am not sure what is wrong with the vehicle. I really do not have too much more to say about this vehicle.

- Cheryl O

Details of my 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

It goes through the same parts over and over, 4WD doesn't work, suspension sucks. It has a lot of room but should have more options available and should be 4 on the floor instead of push button 4WD the vacuum actuated 4WD system has a lot of issues in all Chevys.

- Brian C

Black on black super sport.

It lifts on its own but sometimes does not when it is really cold. Leather heated seats. Sun roof. Tinted windows. Good on gas and fast speed. Jerks a little before picking up speed. Automatic windshield wipers and door locks and unlocks when shifted into gear.

- Marie B

My Chevy trailblazer is the best.

Needs a paint job, mostly on the hood of the vehicle. Bought used a year ago and put a some tires on it and a new transmission. Other than that I absolutely love the SUV! I have owned 2 Chevy’s and they are the best vehicles, most dependable comfortable cars.

- Jessica M

My most favorite detail of the trailblazer is the power everything.

Since I have had my Chevy trailblazer it has been my most favorite vehicle. I have had minor problems wrong with it but I take well care of my cars. We took it on our very first trip since we got it and we had a hiccup but got it home and started working on it.

- Mindy K

Older trailblazer solid and roomy.

Vehicle is 14 years old so it is having some problems but it is a solid SUV. Can sit 5 adults but comfortably 4 or 2 adults and 2 kids with car seats but has lots of legroom. It has power windows, clothing seating, and manual seat movement. No digital displays.

- Tammy C

Love of my car that's been in the family for 14 years

I love my trailblazer. It has had its fair share of problems from owning it for 14 years in the family. It has needed a new transmission, a new cooling system and new shocks and struts all the way around. I do love my car. I will miss it when it ends its life.

- Joseph J

L9ngest lasting car in my life.

I bought this car used and it had previously been flipped and it has lasted me longer than any car i've ever owned. Very low maintenance and does what i need it too. There is a problem with the 4 wheel drive i hear happens to lots of the same type of vehicle.

- Kristen B

It's a chevy and 4 wheel drive. Runs great everywhere. Handles great in the winter on snow and ice with 4 wheel drive. Didn't think it would on ice but did great.

I have never owned one. But now that I got it I love it. It has 4 wheel drive that has helped me even in my muddy driveway. I like the extra space for hauling things. The only complaint is the engine light comes on and I have to clean the throttle body a lot.

- Teresa C

I love my ride, Mirabella is her name.

This car has been very dependable. Have had no major issues and have totally enjoyed driving this vehicle. The comfort level as driver or passenger is great and there is a large amount of overall room in this vehicle. This car has my overall approval rating.

- Donna W

14 years old every day vehicle still going strong!

This has vehicle in our family since my mother-in-law bought it brand new 14 years ago. It currently has over 240, 000 miles, had regular oil changes, and is still running smoothly! This has been a very reliable car and fits our family of 5 very comfortable.

- Crissa J

Greek are good for off-road.

Good car not much problems ac stopped working good off-road how many problems with it transmission went out pretty good car would definitely recommend getting it good space plenty of room you have kids drives good on water shallow water could at the creek.

- Ethan D

It is reliable, especially driving it as often as I do.

I have the trailblazer ext. I love it because it has the third row for extra room. So far, I have not had any issues out of it. I drive for a ride share company, and everyone who has commented has stated that they love it also because it is so comfortable.

- Angela L

It is a great vehicle to drive it everywhere that I have to go.

It has a brake issue that is supposed to be fixed tomorrow and other than it is a great vehicle to drive even though sometimes it cost too much in gas to drive it everywhere that I need to go but other than that it is the best vehicle that I ever did own.

- Cody M

Extended trailblazer with 3rd row seating.

It is 3rd row seating so comfortable for the whole family. Haven't really had any problems with it at all. Decent on gas! Smooth riding easy to control. Very reliable vehicle. Would highly recommend it to any family with or without kids, young or elderly.

- Marianne B

2004 trailblazer, the good and the bad.

The trail blazer gets good mileage overall. Drives well, good for transporting things that might not fit into a car, but still not quite a van. Can be some issues. Because of the design they are prone to manifold cracks and the like, be careful with that.

- Jesse D

Third row seating for a large family or large group of people.

Since it's an older car that I bought used, there are issues with it. The transmission slips and the air conditioning only works when you are driving. But I have third row seating and being inside of it fits a lot of people and physically feels safe.

- Taren A

The electronics are shaky, which I'm told is common with it. The doors lock by themselves sometimes so you can't ever leave your keys in it.

I've had it since 2006 and it's been very good to me. I moved my entire home in it over the period of a month, even a king size bed. I did have to replace a transmission about 4 years ago but other than that, it's done as well as I could have hoped.

- Brian R

Great family vehicle top of the line.

I love my SUV just the right size SUV good on gas. Plenty on room for my family. Easy tow options. And luggage carrier on roof. No mechanical issues. Drives smooth in highway. Have raking it on several trips. Plan on purchase similar truck next time.

- Andrea I

Even though it is an older vehicle, it runs well.

The performance, the way the vehicle rides on the highway, I love the way it looks, the simple lines, the loading gate, the automatic door locks when the car is placed in gear. The automatic lights, and the way the vehicle has held up over time.

- Henrietta E

The most important thing is that it rides smooth, and is comfortable to drive.

I like that it is big like a truck, but it drives like a car. It does use a little too much gasoline in my opinion, and could have some better gas mileage. But, I suppose it is good for an older vehicle. I also wish it had a cabin air filter.

- Jamie M

It is not a reliable car.

My car sometimes turns the air conditioning or the heat on to the highest setting, turns the volume on the radio all the way up, has a rusty undercarriage, and the lights turn on when I am not driving it randomly which kills my car battery.

- Leah H

It has a lot of engine issues.

This vehicle is a very nice size and ours has the DVD player. Those were two reasons as to why we chose this vehicle. I would never tell anyone to buy one, we have had so many engine and 4WD issues. I don't recommend a trailblazer a all.

- Danielle K

The one thing you should know about the trailblazer is it is a very reliable car.

The Chevy trailblazer is a great car. The four-wheel-drive is reliable to help you get around in the winter. I have had very little issues over the 14 years I have had the car. It is too bad they have quit making the Chevy trailblazer.

- Becky R

That I try to keep up the maintenance on it.

It is getting older now, but I like the way it drives. The seats are comfortable and plenty of room. I do not like it in ways because it is not a 4 wheel drive and it is getting many miles on it and it is having transmission problems.

- Holly R

Off road 4 wheel drive gets you to and from your destination

I have a great running vehicular with minor problems expected out of your car , nice surround sounds 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, just got a tune up , oil change and new tires all around. Air conditioner and heating with cruise control.

- Tyrone S

American Chevrolet, great manufacturer, great cars.

It's a used car, most of the problems I've had with the car have been routine maintenance. Never had any engine problems or other costly issues. I'm a big guy and I like it because I have ample leg room and it is very spacious.

- Gary S

My trailblazer has over 180, 000 miles and still runs great.

I haven't had any issues with my trailblazer. I make sure I get the oil changed regularly and a tune-up every now and again. It is a very comfortable ride and has plenty of space and legroom for two small children in car seats.

- Kathleen B

It is very expensive to fix everything.

My car has mechanical issues. I like that it is slightly gas friendly. It's not my ideal car. There is always a buzzing noise and I have had it checked out many times but each mechanic says that it just has to do with the car.

- Hannah W

Big and good in all weather.

I love having a trailblazer for the size, comfort and storage space and it is 4 wheel drive so awesome in the snow and ice. Down fall in gas prices and since it is a 2004 it needs some work but so far has been a great vehicle.

- Amber-dawn P

Family reliable car that will get you where you need to go.

It has worked well as long as I can remember. It is a 14 year old car so it did have to get it's battery changed and a few jumps here and there, but overall the car runs smoothly and can hold 6 people excluding the driver.

- Quinn F

The oil has always been changed regularly. The mileage is less than 100,000 miles, which is good for a 14 year old car.

My vehicle is 14 yrs old, but I still like it a lot. I bought it new, and it has been taken care of. I don't really have any complaints, but I would like to be able to purchase a new car before this one starts to fail.

- Connie L

It is comfortable and provides enough room for everyone to stretch out during a trip.

My truck is comfortable and sits up high enough so I can see traffic, but not so high that I feel like I will tip over. We have a DVD player, so on long trips the people in the back can watch a movie/tv. No complaints.

- teri l

The vehicle has been driven daily and on long distance trips, other than leg room in the back it's a great vehicle.

Have driven across country twice and it is also the daily driving vehicle, with multiple trips to school and to do errands. Leg room in the back is slightly small. It is a very durable vehicle for different terrains.

- dannielle c

It has lots of space which is important to transport whatever you might need to transport. I even use mine instead of a pickup truck when we need anything like lumber from Lowes.

I love my SUV mostly because it has been extremely reliable. It's wonderful to have all of the extra space in the back too. I also love the seat heaters. The only problem is I have to have the brakes repaired often.

- Karen J

It's not a taxi so do not treat it like one.

Love the size. Love how dependable it has been. I am beginning to have normal problems with my Chevy. It has 105,000 miles. I do not want to give it up, but if I continue to have lots of car repairs I might have to.

- Sarah E

It really is a dependable vehicle.

It is a great vehicle. I have had no issues or problems with it at all. It has 260, 000 miles on it and am just now needing new brake pads put on. It is a strong running vehicle. Chevrolet builds a lasting vehicle.

- Mindy D

It's been a great vehicle considering we bought it used in 2006

Our Chevy Trailblazer has been great. We've had it a long time and had to do a few repairs but, all in all it's been a really good car. It has over 200,000 miles on it, but it's still pretty reliable and paid for!

- sheila t

It is a great family car, with a lot of space, for people that aren't particularly thrilled about minivans.

I love the size, there is 3 rows of seats. The back seats can fold down to give extra trunk space. I like that the front has extra cup holders. Dislikes would be that having a larger car means worse gas mileage.

- Jennifer E

That it has a weird electrical problem and sometimes the windows don't work but if you turn the vehicle off and then they keep fire it again usually it makes them work

it is a green and gold Trailblazer. I do not like the gold trim. I do not like how it can roll easily. But I do like the fact that it has 4 wheel drive and doesn't have too hard of a time going through the snow.

- Ashley K

It doesn't have A.C. during the summer do be prepared to sweat.

My vehicle was bought 2 years ago used and now it's time for another one engine is getting super loud and I have to keep putting money into it. But it have served me well over the past two years going on three.

- Serita S

2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

It's a good vehicle. Great for larger families and transporting large items. The only downfall is it seems that minor repairs seem to fall in place one after the other but overall I still like this model.

- Christy W

04 trailblazer with 3rd row seating

It has third row seating along with climate control in the back. Currently there is issues with a blocked catalytic converter. We had many issues when we first bought it. But we absolutely love the room.

- Samantha B

It's extremely safe and reliable.

I love that my car has been very reliable. I love that it has room for my three children. It has room in the back to be able to move out of the apartment and into a house. And the safety features of it.

- Elizabeth H

It is 4 wheel drive and heated seats.

I love my trailblazer. It is very roomy, has heated leather seats and 4 wheel drive. Plenty of room for long road trips. The gas mileage is pretty good as well. 6 cylinder engine has plenty of power.

- Laurie D

It has issues with idling. It occasionally stalls even though it is an automatic.

This car has mostly been reliable, but we have had to replace the engine and the transmission. It is very easy to service and clean. The cruise control works well. I will consider a Ford next time.

- Noah S

It is dependable. . No big problems with a secondhand purchased car.

It size makes it hard to park but I like the height of the car because you can see traffic from all sides. . I like the safety features because I feel like if I were on a wreak I could survive it.

- Dorothy M

lack of storage space, wished they still made this model

We've loved this vehicle, but right now it's starting to show its age. We would like to eventually get something new. We like how it sits all of our family. We wished it had more storage space

- Rachel C

It's mine if you take care of things and they last loyal chevy buyer

my blaze has a lot of room. i like to have a lot of comfort items supplies with me and the blazer allows me to have that. 14 years old and still runs well. i will keep it until it dies.

- mona g

It's alright for getting where you need to go and has 4 wheel drive so that's a plus

It's not really family friendly for size. When we purchased ours the first 3 months it was in the shop more than we had it. Backseat passengers complain the ride isn't really comfortable.

- Tracy S

Performs like a truck but rides like a car.

Although my vehicle is old, it is a great car I am very sad that Chevrolet is not making this anymore. I am very safe. I keep the maintenance up on it and it still runs like a champ.

- Diana S

The trailblazer is a very dependable vehicle for a family or single person.

The trailblazer has a comfortable ride. The suspension allows for on and off road driving. The premium sound package allows for a great listening experience when taking road trips.

- Joshua H

My vehicle is comfortable and gets good mileage

My vehicle averages 300 miles to the tank. Seats are comfortable even on long trips (6-8 hours). I have not had any major problems with the vehicle and it came with a luggage rack.

- Julie R

Pros and cons of a trailblazer

Ok gas mileage. Struts need to be replaced. Regular maintenance is a must. If over 100,000 miles choose a different vehicle if available. Once one thing goes, it all starts to go.

- Brittany S

It's drives and runs great.

I love my vehicle. I have only had a few regular maintenance issues. I don't like that it is not 3rd row because of how big my family is, but other than that I have no complaints.

- Heather S

It has 4 wheel drive and drives well.

Never had any major problems. Ride is nice, great in winter. 4 wheel drive works great. One problem is difficult to replace headlight bulbs. Have to take apart part of front end.

- Jan W

Functional work/sport SUV.

I enjoy my truck but do not like the gas mileage that it gets. I appreciate the fact that I can put all my junk in it but if I could get a least 25 to 30 mpg it would be lovely.

- Anthony L

It can get you safely through a tough winter and has a wonderful towing ability.

We rely on our Trailblazer to get us through tough Michigan winters and to tow our bass boat at least once a week. It has been very reliable, and I feel safe in this vehicle.

- Angela F

Dependable and still rides like new. Best vehicle I have ever owned

It is very reliable and has not cost a fortune to own. No major repairs in 14 years, only regular maintenance, tires, etc.I am going to be very sad if I need to trade it in.

- Eloise M

It has been a great car with few problems and still going strong.

I purchased my car new and have owned it for many years. It has been a great car with very few problems. It is getting old and I am tired of it but cannot afford a new one.

- Patricia W

Good car rides real smooth especially on the highway don't feel bumps good car.

No major issues since I have owned it really good car has good gas mileage on highway have had to do routine maintenance such as plugs and coils it is basically a good car.

- Jane H

Gem make grate car and truck.

The car performance is very good. The car is very reliability. Seat are very comfortable. The car a/c heating other control work automatically. Car service is very good.

- Louis Z

I like the interior of the vehicle and especially that space.

I like the features from the inside. My family fits very well and comfortable, the only thing that I do not like is that it takes a lot of gas to run it in a long trip.

- Cecilia S

It is a great dependable midsize SUV.

No complaints. It continues to ride very good. Very few minor problems. Great SUV! I would love to have the newest model, but it is not sold here in the united states.

- Ronald M

Just keep up with the maintenance of it. It will treat you well and last a long time.

I really do like my Trailblazer. I love that it has 4 wheel drive so really like it in the winter months! It has lots of room and fits my whole family comfortably.


It is a beast. It is very roomy and can handle softball tournaments and camping!

I love that it has the 3rd row seating and is very roomy for myself and 2 kids. The only thing I dislike right now is that I need to replace the lines for the ac.

- Melissa P

A lot of problems under the hood and for a 2004 with less than 120, 000 miles.

I love the way it drives, it is the perfect size for me! And it is 4 wheel drive. However, it uses a lot of fuel and the repairs have been frequent and costly.

- Stacey M

That when something on the vehicle goes wrong, it seems like everything starts going wrong.

I like the room it has. Plenty of legroom. It fits my kids comfortably. What I don't like about it is that it seems like we always have to fix something on it.

- Amanda L

"The input on my vehicle".

This vehicle has not given us any problems so far, it is very reliable in translations, plenty of space for your everyday needs, it is such a great vehicle.

- Alexa L

It is nice. 4 wheel drive.

I enjoy driving my Chevy. It drives nice. If you like trucks this is a good truck for you. Have had the car for a few years still runs like I just got it.

- Maddie S

It's reliable, safe and comfortable. It's easy to drive, looks nice and great for everything

Very roomy, easy to drive and drives smooth. Not too big, but space for kids and strollers. Nothing I don't like, besides that I'd like a newer vehicle.

- Amber U

Would buy it again and would look a suv that runs better.

Transmission problems, runs noisily, electrical glitches and gets terrible gas mileage for slow moving suv. Has recalls that makes it less than stellar

- chris b

It for the most part is a good car for short travel.

Problems with air conditioner and the power steering. Bought it used about five years ago. The person I bought it from had to replace the transmission

- David B

It is an older model and tends to overheat when you use the air conditioner.

I like all the room it has for packing for trips. I hate that it is old and tends to overheat whenever you use the air conditioner. It is good on gas.

- Cathy S

Plenty of foot space and storage.

The car has comfortable seats and plenty of room for family. It seats 5 people and has a decent size trunk area for groceries and carry other items.

- Malinda W

gas mileage is great, I drive a lot and only have to fill up occasionally

I like the size for the most part, not too small but not too big. But it is getting a little too small with 3 teenage boys. I love the gas mileage.

- lucinda p

Best vehicle around for your family. This vehicle is roomy and reliable.

I have had to replace a/c compressor but other than that it has been a great vehicle. It is very reliable and has enough room for me and my 3 kids.

- Andrea C

The gas mileage is awesome.

I love my car because it fits my family. The only thing I do not like is not much room when 3rd row seats are in use for storage. It drives great.

- Suzanne R

The brakes are not good. Sometimes I feel unsafe driving it.

It is a reliable car, but the brakes are terrible and bad to use in traffic. I like the size of the car. It can hold a lot of cargo and/or people.

- Allison K

The dashboards on Trailblazers are notorious for being twitchy and inaccurate.

It is somewhat reliable but I have to check it and get it inspected constantly. The battery and gear shift cable have had to be replaced recently.

- Shelby I

There are no backseat air conditioner vents.

Smooth ride, turns on a dime, all leather seats, automatic transmission, great accessories. Only complaint is that they do not make them anymore.

- Barb A

It is safe, reliable and great in winter with the four wheel drive.

I love my car because it is reliable, it is great in Michigan winters, and is comfortable. There really isn't anything I have disliked about it.

- Marie K

Keep up with routine maintenance. To get the most years out of it.

I love my vehicle. It drives very well especially in the snow. Besides the high mileage, maintenance cost very happy. Would by this model again.

- Melissa F

It's a reliable vehicle that gets me where I need to go.

I bought from a friend after I wrecked another vehicle. While it would not be in my top 20 choices, it has been a wonderfully reliable vehicle.

- Lynn J

Can comfortably seat sit, but it can hold seven and still have storage space.

This has been a very reliable vehicle that I purchased new. It has a third row which comes in handy when we have extra people riding with us.

- Marinda L

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a reliable car because it is 14 years old.

I like that the trailblazer is a midsize car. The number of seats is also great. I dislike that Chevy does not make this type of car any more.

- Danielle J

4-wheel drive works great in the snow!

I absolutely love our truck. It has gotten us across country and back while pulling a uhaul both times. It's a good vehicle if you have kids.

- Kate C

the drivers window switch works off and on not on demand

I love the way it drives down the road and in the snow. I don't like the fact my drivers side window switches work one time but not the next.

- Tammi W

It is a great family vehicle.

I love the fact that it 4x4. I love the spacious interior. I love the options that came on this vehicle. I love the mileage for being a 4x4.

- Harry B

With all the miles it has on the car, we have never really had major repairs.

It is roomy inside. I have had it since it was brand new and it is still running. It is a good driving car. It is very comfortable seating.

- Melissa W

Plenty of leg space for everyone plus tons of room for food or suitcases.

Really easy to enter the Trailblazer. Nice layout of the the dials, easy to reach. Wish the truck got better gas mileage then what it does.

- ken t

Overall good car and fairly easy to work on if necessary

seats comfortably a family of five, gas mileage is good, I like that it comes with a tow package since I do haul things from time to time.

- Theresa C

It handles fantastic in the snow

I love the 4wd and that it is big and not little like a car. I don't like that it needs extra routine maintenance due to it being an SUV.

- Erin P

The truck is very comfortable.

It is easy to operate and maintain. Love the sunroof/moonroof..... Complaint: the back door snaps very loud like it does not fit right...

- Carol C

Great in the snow, roomy but always replacing brakes and tires.

Great in the snow Seems to have a lot of problems as it gets older. Not a lot of aftermarket extras. Enough room for my family of five

- Tom R

Very low to the ground. Runs great on grade gas.

I like the 3rd row seating. I like the big gas tank. At the same time I do not like the big gas tank. I have many problems with my car.

- Gina T

That it is old, but it is big enough to carry loads of things.

It is old. It does not have cruise control, and needs a lot of work. I like 3rd row seating and the option to lay all the seats down.

- Lindsey W

The seats are heated and leather.

I love that the drive is smooth and haven't really had any mechanical issues since purchasing it. Like space in trunk and back seat.

- Paula A

What only people should know is it uses a lot of gas.

I like my car it has a lot of leg room and storage to but all my stuff in. The only thing I don't like is I it uses a lot of gas.

- Denise N

2004 Chevrolet trailblazer.

Rusting around doors good strong drivetrain love the straight 6 I would have liked to seen a better diagnostic computer on-board.

- James P

How many miles it has on it.

So they do not like about it is the gas mileage on a think they could do better on the gas mileage but everything else is good.

- Rebecca L

Going strong. . . 125000 miles and have not had any real problems.

My trailblazer has been extremely reliable. It is 14 years old and still going without any major problem. It has 125000 miles.

- Diana O

It is very reliable! My car has over 100K miles on it and it still gets me where I need to go. It is a very good car for me.

My Trailblazer is very reliable. I am comfortable driving it and it holds so much stuff. I have no complaints about it at all.

- Amy S

My car has almost 200k miles on it and it is still running pretty dang good.

I love my car. Is still running like a champ with almost 200k miles on it. It is a tad bigger feeling than what I am used to.

- Kimberly K

Great family car! In love with seating and storage room!

I enjoy un car very much. However check engine light comes on frequently especially when it rains. Other than that great car!

- Cassandra S

It is an ok SUV, not great, not bad, requires constant work if you are up to it.

Lots of problems, o2 sensor, hvac fan, pre heater, water pump, most importantly sway bar links go bad every couple of month.

- Tom P

It's a great size for my family and needs. I really enjoy the fabric interior as well.

I like the 3rd row seating for my large family. The gas mileage could be better and it would be nice to have a newer vehicle

- Samantha S

The most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable and safe.

The like that it is high up from the ground, that it has four doors, and that it has lasted a long time and is dependable.

- Hillary A

It is very roomy. Good for groceries and has enough room for all the family

I love it! It is very reliable. Not many problems. It's like every vehicle. If you treat it well it will last a long time.

- Kendra M

It drives good and it is a safe vehicle.

It has 4 wheel drive which is good in rain or snow. You can carry large items. It sits up high so your visibility is good.

- Anna A

Leather seats and plenty of room

No air. Horrible gas mileage. 270k miles, but still runs. Wouldn't be so bad if people I got it from took care of it.

- Crista K

Great, quiet vehicle with flexibility

I love my trailblazer. It is quiet, comfortable and great for long trips. Regular oil changes are key for long life.

- Tammy D

Other's should know that my car can hold many people and all their belongings.

This is the perfect vehicle for me. Has much room, can hold all my friends. My only complaint would be the low MPG.

- Daniel B

It is dependability is the most important thing.

I like the ease of ride. I like the way the vehicle fits me personally. I like the ease of getting in and out of it.

- Dustin K

Increase race and stop car gradually.

3 row seating, 6 cylinder for good mileage, very few problems, 4 wheel drive and tows our travel trailer very well.

- Chuck H

It's very dependable. And it still has no mileage. But it does need a radio.

It's just a basic suv with no extras. But I did buy it with very low mileage. It was very clean, and a non smoker.

- Margie D

My TrailBlazer is Very Reliable. It's a Sharp Looking Vehicle.

Roomy.Strong.Like a Bull in the Snow. Good Looking vehicle. Cons: Not good on gas mileage 14 Miles to the Gallon.

- Ron B

Very comfortable ride and space for seating.

Love the space of the "trunk".. Love the control panel and ease.. Love the foldable backseat.. Love the mileage.

- Molly E

How it build. How it the motor.

Right now it ok. I do not any problem. Running good. It a beautiful. The color is green. Big, it for 5 person.

- Dolores C

It is not great on gas but is a well made vehicle.

I love the size, the color, the interior, the way it drives, the radio and the 4wd. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Deborah G

Unless it's a newer model do not waste your money.

I like the 4 wheel drive but it has a lot of electrical problems and something is always going wrong with it.

- Elizabeth R

that it does get good gas mileage

i love that we can go as a family in same vehicle. also it has heated seats but not crazy about leather seats

- cal e

Sleek appearance and reliable transportation

Hail damage, wear on the leather. Has a cassette player and power seats. Had rails on the hood for traveling

- Marcus S

This is my vehicle. I have over 200.000 miles on it. I put all miles on it.

Great ac, transportation and carries all my work tools. I scuba dive and fish and it carries all that gear.

- Patricia W

When turning in a 169 it is awesome.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the room in the back. There is a noise in the dash when I turn on the a/c.

- James D

That has been very reliable.

I like that is rides very smooth. I like that it has third row seats. I dislike the fuel mileage it gets..

- Dale B

It is tough and roughed. Even after an accident.

It is durable, well built only minor problems such as wear and tear in the last few years since ownership.

- Annie B

Great running truck. Gets you to point B from A. Great ride. Smooth and flexible

Spark plugs and wires are the issue i had with the truck the most. Coil plugs are hard to change in it to

- Breanna L

It's 14 years old and runs really well. So I would say that it's reliable.

I wish it had better gas per mile. Other than that, no complaints. It runs fairly well and is a good size.

- Jess C

Everyone should know that my SUV will run as long as I keep the maintenance up.

I like that I have 3 row seating. I like it has heated seats. I dislike I does not have tinted windows.

- Nicholas H

love my trailblazer, hate the gas mileage

It's a great vehicle. You sit high, like in a truck. Has large carry capacity. Gets bad gas mileage.

- Linda A

It gets me from point A to B and is huge so big enough for a family.

Only had it a couple years, new transmission and motor put it in. Beautiful color. Works great for age.

- Dana J

It is very spacious and a comfortable for trips.

Like: has lots of room, drives well, easy to install car seat.. Dislike: gas mileage & expensive tires.

- Danielle H

My cars performance kejdld

My trailblazer has very good performance because it's four by four and it runs very well in the winter

- Yana S

It's a safe and reliable car

I have no complaints. This is a great car. It still runt. s great. I feel very safe when I'm driving.

- Irene L

It has some odd noises on the dash when the heating or air conditioner is turned on or off

Like the all wheel drive. It has a tow package which I need. I don't like the rather rough ride.

- james d

terrible electrical issues and fuel leaks. also, chevy transmissions suck ass.

chevy sucks compared to ford, but chevy is #2 overall. trailblazers just completely suck ass.

- Aaron L

This vehicle is a 4x4 vehicle, goes well in the snow.

Enjoy the room, enjoy the power, very comfortable vehicle. Don't really have any dislikes.

- Wendy G

very dependable vehicle, needs just normal upkeep

it's a very good vehicle, just needs normal maintenance, haven't had any major issues so far

- Aaron r

I love the trailblazer. It's reliable and safe. I've always felt protected in it. Over 119,000 miles and going strong. I keep up with regular maintenance. I really wish they hadn't stopped making them.

I feel safe in it. I've never had any major issues with it. My children are safe in it.

- Gloria O

It is great in all types of weather and it has four wheel drive.

I like that it is reliable and I know that I can trust the Chevy brand with my life.

- Mike P

Never had much problem with and it's been really reliable

Love my Chevy trailblazer.it's very comfortable. Always have me lots of good luck.

- Tom M




it has needed very little maintenance

It has been a great vehicle and very dependable but I would like something newer

- gail l

It gets really great gas mileage and handles well in snow

I love the size of it but do not like the shape of the tailgate when backing up

- Debbie M

Great interior space that allows for packing up lots of thing.

Love the space, and the 4 Wheel drive. Wish it had bigger tires and wheel wells

- Darren B

It is dependable and comfortable to drive. I love it.

My trailblazer is very comfortable to drive. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Betty T

It's a chevrolet so it's made well and should last me a long time

It has some quirks but overall it runs great and it's comfortable to ride in.

- Linda H

It is a good vehicle and I would buy another one

It has been a good vehicle so far. I like the room it has and the trunk room

- Susan J

The trailblazer is an extremely sturdy vehicle which can stand up to kids and farm animals.

The engine tends to run really hard. I love the space and the tow package.

- Sarah F

Roomy and comfortable. Easy to haul lots of kids on a daily basis

Very roomy but seems to be rusting easily . Good for hauling lots of kids

- Betty D

very reliable and low cost maintenance great fuel mileage

it has been very dependable. no complaints never have any major repairs

- john s

I think others should know that my car is dependable

I like how dependable it has been, but I dislike that it is a chevy...

- Kyle K

It has truly been reliable even though it is a used vehicle.

It gets me to where I need to go without any problems at this point.

- Earl G

Terrible gas mileage city and road

Easy to drive paid for Bad gas mileage bucket seats Not much room

- Joe L

excellent choice for a vehicle, has everything anyone would ever need.

i like everything about my vehicle. I plan to restore it next year.

- neal e

It is very roomy and versatile. It needs a paint job. It needs a new motor.

It can hold a lot of people, luggage and pets for your road trip.

- Ann E

Comfort, ease of use, able to haul items, works great.

Works well, reliable. Gets me from a to b. Comfy and well sized.

- Jory A

It has kids that are in it daily!

It is awful on gas. I love the amount of room we have inside.

- Traci L

This vehicle gets me where I need to be

I like that it is powerful and it gets me where I need to be

- Tiffany M

It's mine and I am proud of my car. It has been to many states for vacation, it's been school bus for my kids it's been a ambulance for my kids it's been a cab for my friends.

I love my car bought it new and it's is a part of our family

- Debbie P

The safety feature are the most important things you should know about your car

Like that it's big for my family. Dislike all the repairs

- Caitlyn W

Never lets you down but the most important thing is it drives like a dream

The best car it drives like dream and so comfortable

- Dale R

Nothing it's a good car to have

Love the vehicle. Wish it was never with less miles

- Ruth A

It is paid off and strong engine

I like the power and look. Also the vortex engine

- Grant H

Size is great and maintenance is very little

Love the overall feel and the leather seats

- Becj R

Can only program one key fob at a time

Like I'd a suv. Dislike mechanical issues

- Sandy O