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2005 Chevy trailblazer lt.

My 2005 Chevy trailblazer has been a great vehicle. The heated leather seats are a comfort for me in any season, and the v8 engine has nice power. The biggest problem I have is when something mechanical has a problem it is difficult for people to diagnose, and difficult to access to fix. It took people 3 years to diagnose a starter problem. Does that say more about the mechanics I was taking my vehicle to, or the vehicle itself? My vehicle has over 200,000 miles on it though. It has driven from South Carolina to California, to Colorado, and finally back home to Texas. The space it has for the third row seating provides ample room for luggage or the 2 German shepherds we used to have. It is also one that is hard to break into. Someone tried to break in using a tool you jam into the keyhole, to no avail. There was some damage to my lock, but nothing was stolen. It has had its moments where it was unreliable (due to the starter problem), but overall it had been a very good vehicle to me and my 2 children.

- Lauren H

2005 Chevy Trailblazer is a super reliable and dependable beast.

I really do like my Chevy Trailblazer. It has been a super reliable car for me to have. Living up North, there is almost always snow or something I have to get through and the dependability is so amazing. I love that I can choose to use 2 wheel drive, All wheel and even 4 wheel. I also just love that I have so much room, but I'm not driving a huge truck. The only complaints I have is that the make of my blazer is that there is no aux nor a cassette player, so I cannot use an aux. I also am not extremely fond of the gas mileage. If I could have a car just like the trailblazer that is more gas efficient, I would buy it in a heartbeat! The reliability, comfort, and the performance of this car has me hooked and I won't buy another car until this one breaks or I can find something similar to it.

- Emily P

Features of our 2005 Chevrolet trailblazer.

Our trailblazer has leather seats, a sunroof, Bose stereo, and every other extra feature. We bought it used 2 years ago, and it has run great ever since. We have replaced brakes and tires, and of course the oil. My husband did the work, as he was a mechanic for 40 years. It has heated seats, which are great in winter, as they heat up faster than the regular heat does. Each side of the front seats has it is own temperature controls, which is helpful since my husband and I often need different settings to be comfortable. This vehicle has been very reliable and we enjoy driving it. We have driven in rain and snow. At times we've used the 4 wheel drive when stuck in sand and it pulls right out. When we are ready to upgrade we will likely look for the same car in a newer year.

- Annie M

The trailblazer is a very reliable and comfortable SUV.

My Chevy trailblazer runs good for the most part, I have had issues with it like sensors causing my engine light to blink, an exhaust leaks came after my sensors went bad, it's very common for the o2 sensor to fail a lot, other than that it's a good SUV to drive, mine has been very reliable, it gets good gas mileage also, but long as you keep up on maintenance the SUV will last a very long time, mine has almost 200, 000 miles on it and it still drives just as smooth as the first day I got it, it's also a comfortable SUV, I spend a lot of time in it and I drive at least 200 miles a day in it.

- Matthew G

My SUV has seen its fair share of use. I've taken it trail riding and love the maneuverability it has while on the trails

I have a 2005 trailblazer. The maintenance on it is extremely difficult to do without cursing a lot. The way they made the front end makes it hard to get to the parts that have failed. The space inside is wonderful and I really enjoy the 4x4. I am a mechanic by trade and I do all the repairs myself. With the front end done the way it is it is extremely hard to do the ball joints and suspension work on the front end without a lift. Other than the designer not planning for parts to fail and giving you some room to do the work it is a great SUV.

- Michael W

Chevrolet trailblazer is outstanding!

The car itself is amazing! The vehicle I own is an 05' which makes it 13 years old. So of course it's a little beat up and has some minor issues. But over all the vehicle has been one of my favorites and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. There has been a bit of an issue with power steering but as I've said the vehicle is older. When we first got the vehicle about 6 years ago, it was in great condition. Hauling a trailer or pulling another vehicle out of a ditch, the trailblazer did fantastic! It's definitely a vehicle I would recommend.

- Caitlin K

The trailblazer is one of a kind.

My car is almost perfect for me. The only complaints I have are just little details. I wish the air vents we�re horizontal instead of vertical because it makes it hard to put air fresheners and phone holder in. I also wish the front seating area was a little bit wider, can seem pretty narrow when two people are up front. The gas mileage is ok. Could be a little more convenient, better highway mileage than city. I also wish the seats folded all the way down. They are slightly leaning upward making it hard to fit a lot of stuff if moving.

- Emily C

Chevy Trailblazer a vehicle like no other.

All in all this has been a dependable car. It has good gas mileage on freeway since we traveled across us. It does well off-road also. Drives thru mud, water snow like hot knife through butter. It has spacious back for plenty of our gear but does not look big. Comfort is alright there could be some more leg room for the passenger. We have had problems with the air conditioner and had to get that fixed. Honestly that is really it and of course just regular maintenance for wear and tear.

- Michelle M

My Chevrolet trailblazer is the best, I have ever driven.

The trailblazer that I have is a very good running truck. I really haven't had any complaints and as far as I know, there has not been any recalls on the truck. The truck has been pretty much doing it is job. I am a Chevrolet person. My grandfather taught the women in my family, that if you go out to purchase a vehicle, make sure it is a Chevrolet, because Chevys last long and they can handle and go through a lot. Which I have found out to be very true.

- Carmen B

Chevy Trailblazers are great for mountain driving and driving in snow.

My Chevy Trailblazer is awesome. I live in Colorado where we have the best of all four seasons. SUVs are great for driving in snow. My car has adjustable 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive and it is perfect for not just living in the foothills but for making trips up to the mountains for camping, skiing, fishing, and hunting. The back seats lay down providing enough space for 2 people to sleep which is great if you do not have a tent or camper like me.

- Sherry E

Reliable Chevy trailblazer.

Love my trailblazer gets decent gas mileage, is very comfortable on long road trips have not had any major problems, with this vehicle, always starts right up even in our cold winters. I feel it is a very reliable car. With 4 wheel drive I do not ever worry about getting stuck somewhere and the onstar is a safety feature I can rely on where ever I am. I am very disappointed that Chevy no longer produces this make.

- Agnes S

Comfort dependable and how you can lay down the seats in the back for more room.

Love it, dependable I use it for whatever I need it for. . I love it for the fact it is a 4x4. Lots of room in back for my use. Do not do much traveling but when I do it is not so good on gas. Love the stereo system and the CD player which I can put in at least 5 CDs at once. Can put it in or out of 4 wheel drive right from inside the vehicle. Would recommend this vehicle to any one as far as comfort dependably.

- Lois T

It is a smaller SUV and great quality.

Doing a tune up by yourself is a pain because you have to remove the top half of the engine pretty much just to change spark plugs and wires. The shocks and struts are terrible. The good news is it gets excellent gas mileage. It comfortably seats five people with plenty of storage. Adjustable seats, steering wheel, and mirrors with the push of buttons. Child safety locks. Very reliable, never had any big issues.

- Jacqueline C

Basic SUV that goes really fast with 4WD.

It's currently 2 different colors, the drivers side front tire keeps losing air so I have to fill it 1 to 2 times a week, it has a knock coming from the engine has a dent from here someone hit me and took off. My vehicle is very reliable and gets me from point A to point B. It's very comfortable seating for up to 5 people the seats fold down it is decent on gas mileage the air conditioner and heat work amazing.

- Miranda S

There is lots of room and even though it is over ten years old it runs great.

I bought it with about 128, 000 miles on it and it still runs like a charm. The only fault I have found is that the CD player no longer work properly. I really enjoy the dual heating/air conditioning system, it makes it possible for both me and my passengers to ride comfortably. There is also plenty of room, so I can transport four other people besides myself very comfortably and everyone has plenty of room.

- Jade K

Wish Chevrolet still made trailblazers.

The only problem I have ever had with my truck is a fuel gauge that does not work. Have had the issue “fixed” at least 3 times only to have the gauge malfunction shortly after the repairs. I put the trip odometer to zero when I fill up the tank and go by the miles driven. I love everything about my trailblazer; perfect size, plenty of cargo space, rides great, and handles well. Wish they still made them.

- Joyce M

All weather vehicle: great for all types of weather conditions and roads.

I love my Chevy trailblazer. The 4 wheel drive option has come in very handy when our road and drive was flooded due to a hurricane. The cargo space is great for me getting groceries and horse feed each week. I love the seat and back warmers for wet, rainy weather and when it is chilly outside. This vehicle is comfortable for long road trips and great for all weather conditions.

- Judith T

Back cargo storage, everything needed for a dorm was able fit in there.

I have liked my the trailblazer for its reliability, its roominess for cargo. It has been able to fit all of our stuff that we need to transport on vacations. Its ac works amazing and has back controls and vents that the back passengers can turn on for their comfort. It cools quickly and always comfortable. The storage in the center console is large enough to hold various items.

- Teresa M

my trailblazer can fit 6 people comfortably and i can even remove the back seat if i wanted to move things from place to place.

I love my vehicle for many reasons the number one being it was my parents first brand new car they ever bought off a lot and i inherited it when they passed away. second reason it made through a move from california to wisconsin and it made it in one piece with no problems other then half way through we had to get an oil change but other then that it runs fantastic for us.

- annie w

Chevy Trailblazer Comfortable Ride

Features: three row seating (seats 7), 4WD, 5 CD player, xm radio, DVD player. Second and third row seats do not recline. Had vehicle for 6 yrs so far, averages 18 miles per gallon, few electrical issues over the years, problems with fuses, had to change the power steering rack after power steering fluid was leaking. Comfortable to ride in and vehicle drove nicely.

- Rhonda M

It is very comfortable on long road trips.

It has never let me down. Although the water pump has went out twice but that wasn't really that big of a deal. I just keep up the normal maintenance. It is roomy and very comfortable on long trips. The air conditioner and heater work great. The gas gauge went out, there was a recall on that but that too was no big deal because the car itself is very dependable.

- Christina L

Chevy is a definite leader with OnStar.

We absolutely love our Trailblazer. We bought our 2005 Trailblazer in 2006. It had 20 miles on it. We have not had any problems with this. We do oil changes and maintenance when it is due. I love having OnStar the best. I am very sad that the Trailblazer is no longer being made. I have no idea what to buy next. It will definitely have to have OnStar with it.

- Susan S

Good card to motor around town and carry items in the back plenty a room there.

Do not like the automatic alarm on it. Trouble with the starter also. It is very comfortable. Good visibility I like how it is high up off the ground just enough. The radio in this car does not work it is not reliable. it is also a gas guzzler. It was hard to get new tires for this car had to special order them because of the rim size.

- Rob P

05 trailblazer bought used.

Quite reliable. Has had some small issues. Purchased it used. Former owner didn't take care of the vehicle. Having issues with service light and stalling at times. Always starts right back up. Replaced spark plugs and that's not it. Engine has a miss when it idles and that's when it stalls. Other than that it runs perfectly fine.

- Cindy D

Reliable and comfortable trailblazer.

Trailblazer is great for large families. It is big inside and has 3rd row seating. The seats fold down to make it easier to transport items. I can tow things. Good engine. Rides smooth. Comfortable to ride in. Great for long trips. We have had other blazers and always liked them. But we did just have to replace the transmission.

- Amy H

Third row seating or cargo space is awesome!

My trailblazer has lots of room for people and hauling items. All the seats fold down to give more hauling space. Handles well in snow. One downfall is that it is a gas hog. It is been reliable. After 170,000 miles, it does not burn oil. No major problems. Just the usual like wheel bearings, brakes, hoses wearing out from use.

- Barb A

Satisfied but be cautious.

My vehicle is a 2005 Chevrolet trailblazer ext. It is a sports utility vehicle with third row seating and ample leg and trunk space. On the outside it looks very nice. I like the shape and it has all the features that come standard on most cars these days. These trailblazers have a problem with their transmission though.

- Brian J

It has had a couple of accidents. It is a good car. I wish that it didn't have so many miles on it as it does. I would buy another one if I could afford it.

I like the quality of the trailblazer. It is a fairly decent car, but as time has gone on and It's age shows, it has had some issues. The front bumper is weird, and isn't connected properly. I have had lots of issues with the headlight and have spent a bunch of money trying to troubleshoot and figure out the problem.

- Heather C

My Chevy trailblazer is very comfortable, reliable, and inexpensive to fix.

Many problems with my 2005 Chevy trailblazer has been with the suspension. I have replaced inner and outer tie rods, hub bearings, upper and lower control arms, and struts. I also live in Michigan and our roads are terrible. I have also replaced the battery and alternator. The truck is reliable and very comfortable.

- Ashley S

It is very spacious and stylish. I like this particular make.

It is stylish as we are leasing it there was a previous owner that didn't take too good care of it however the engine and transmission still work very well. Although the front end seems to weaken slot faster than any other vehicle I have driven before. E overall I am happy with its performance and gas mileage.

- Emily B

Strong engine, great first car or family car.

It is durable, really picks up, strong engine, roomy, smooth drive, good on gas when maintenance is kept up. Excellent family car. I only want a newer one for some of the updated features but the car itself even with the high miles is in an incredible shape and the drive is still amazing. A well built vehicle.

- Crystal C

I love the sunroof. Great on hot days.

Problems with keeping tire pressure up. Even after a front end alignment. Average gas mileage for a SUV. But the sunroof is amazing. Easy to do work on but the car parts are expensive. A lot of room for kids and dogs. Great to put a kayak on top of and pulls trailers without running through too much gasoline.

- Jessica W

It is a very roomy and smooth vehicle.

It drives very smooth very comfortable decent on gas very roomy battery is inside the vehicle has security system can control the heat and ac in front and back can set 2 different temperatures for each side and has a small exhaust problem and the oil light and the check engine light goes on and off at time.

- Megan R

It has 4 wheel drive so it is good in snow. It has an average of 16 miles to the gallon

I do not like the color of it, it is blue. I bought the car used so there are things wrong with it, like it's fuel gauge does not work and a few other gauges do not work as well. The person who owned it before me had a dog and did not vacuum up all of its hair and the car still smells like dog sometimes

- Lauren W

Sparkling review for a trailblazer.

This is the most reliable SUV. Comfortable, handle able and good looking. Everything is compact enough that you are not taking up the whole road, but you have enough room for the family along with towing capability! I can not say enough wonderful things about this SUV. Chevy really built a great car.

- Nicole M

It has a mid size SUV feel to it but it can still fit four children in car/booster seats with ease.

My trailblazer is an extended, so it has a third row of seats. It means that I am able to fit extra passengers, but as a result my cargo space is diminished. I really like that I can have the third row without feeling like I'm driving a bus. A/C works great, cools the passenger compartment quickly.

- Kim H

Great family vehicle with many features that any family would love.

This vehicle is very roomy and a great family car. It has great features such as a built in DVD player, chargers in the from and back seat and air climate control in front and back. It feels very safe and stable. This is the second trailblazer I have owned and I haven't had any real big problems.

- Jennifer M

2005 Chevrolet trailblazer.

I purchased my trailblazer used 2 years ago. I have had no issues mechanically except for regular maintenance. The seats are comfortable and has plenty of cargo space. It has power windows, seats, and 4 wheel drive with a cargo rack on top. I am also able to pull a large loaded trailer with ease.

- Jen K

Beautiful piece of junk Chevrolet trailblazer.

I hate my SUV. There is one problem after another. It is old and has almost 200,000 miles on it. There are not any great features. It is comfortable to sit in and when it works correctly, comfortable to drive. Overall, I have loved my SUV until recently when it is been one problem after another.

- Kristina R

All around good SUV.

Very reliable, comfortable to ride in, easy to move the seats to put in cargo. Gas mileage is not so great. Does really well in the snow and feels safe when road conditions are bad. Heater works well in the winter, a/c works great in the summer. Comfortable for family of 4 and 2 dogs to ride in.

- Melissa G

Has a sunroof that I love.

2005 Chevy Trailblazer previous owner damage to right front bumper had to replace dash dials. Runs good son is a good mechanic does all the work on it. Would not part with it I love the load capacity. I can haul lots of different stuff I have hauled shelving, hay and my groceries to name a few.

- Deborah F

Fun to drive, fits 4 comfortably with room to spare.

My Trailblazer is great in the snow! I have used it to move an entire apartment, and it can also be used as a camper! The heated seats are really nice, and it is comfortable for driver and passengers alike. I enjoy the stereo system, (Bose), and sunroof. Easy maintenance, I would buy another!!

- Pat C

This truck handles like a beast.

This vehicle has quite a few electrical problems. Some of the problems are brake lights that blow out often, speedometer problems, and fuses blow constantly. . Performance wise, not bad. The trailblazer has some pick up and go to it. It's comfortable and reliable even with over 100,000 miles.

- Christina W

My Chevy trailblazers likes and dislikes.

I have noticed the rims are aluminum and the tires tend to lose air often. My car actually runs and drives quite well. Handles well on snowy, icy roads. Have quite a bit of space for all of my families needs. Seems to be comfortable on our long trips across country. It is not the best on gas.

- Anna J

For an SUV it has the most space I have seen on lower cost cars.

It is roomy, drives well and had little engine problems. It is great for moving large amounts of items or even hauling a trailer. The side panels sometimes fall out of place but that is a quick fix. The steering is great for my tastes and the v8 can pack a punch when driving in rigid terrain.

- Jonathan W

Good overall vehicle that meets my needs.

Reliable. Starting to show age. No major issues. Bought new. Would like 4x4 but sufficient for my and family's needs. Had to replace radiator 4 years ago. One side of speakers stopped working recently. Might fix or might wait until all stop working. Leather is cracking on drivers side seat.

- John B

It's a very good choice for a safe and spacious family vehicle.

I like the size it offers. Mostly because I have two children in car seats and the backseat provides plenty of room. I also enjoy having plenty of room for groceries. Other added benefits are 4x4 for snowy weather, bose sound system, rain sensors and built in DVD player. It is a great SUV.

- jessica m

Trailblazers are long lasting dependable vehicles.

Zero problems. This vehicle has been great. Ac runs phenomenally, I have done my pet to keep up with it as well. This wasn't an issue but more of an inconvenience, the spare tire under the vehicle had some trouble coming out when I needed it once but it is been a great vehicle over all.

- Jose H

Easy to maintain. A schedule of basic maintenance, change oil and filters!

At 255,000 miles plus this vehicle is still going strong. I have had to do very little repairs. Over all, the money I invested in this vehicle has rewarded me with years of reliable transportation. It is functional and spacious. Powerful, even in the mountains this vehicle keeps going.

- Michael D

I own a 2005 Chevy trailblazer and it is a nice running family vehicle.

I just got the vehicle and I haven't had any problems with it yet. It is a nice running truck and I love it. My kids are able to get in and out on their own and it is roomie. It is just an all out nice family vehicle. I would refer it to anyone that is looking for a nice family car.

- Ryan J

Runs great with little to no major repairs.

The vehicle runs great, but it has an issue with the gas tank monitor. It also has had some issues when I ran out of gas once due to the gas gauge not working. Otherwise I appreciate the ability to work on my own vehicle but to still have the computer to read any errors or issues.

- Robin D

That it has very high mileage and still runs great.

I like that it is a family vehicle and a SUV but a smaller SUV and it does not feel like I am driving a bus. I like how good it is on gas and very reliable. The only thing I dislike about it is all the blind spots. My small trailblazer has more blind spots than the big Tahoe does.

- Emerald E

My trailblazer is amazing.

I really love my blue trailblazer. Every time I drive its a smooth and nice ride. Very comfortable and mine since I have been the only owner its a gas saver. Takes me from point A to point B with no problems with it but nothing big or expensive. This trailblazer is great for me.

- Ana L

05 trailblazer quick guide.

Ensure that the ignition coils have been replaced recently and have extra money away for gas. Driver side is comfortable but I am short and does not go up high enough. Passenger side very comfortable with heated seats. Sunroof slight disappointment and does not open all the way.

- Taylor C

Has it ups and downs more downs than ups.

I've had the transmission replaced twice. I like XM radio. I liked the OnStar and the option for a phone line for handsfree calling at the time of purchase. I've had problems with not being able to tell how. Much fuel was in the tank. It also does not get very good gas mileage.

- Barbara S

Overall good vehicle, recommend!

Has moderate problems, overall very good. Moderate reliability, performance, comfort, and features. Is a overall good vehicle, does not wear and tear fast. Gets you where you need to go, I have had it for around 9 years and it is still pushing. Can be a very reliable vehicle.

- Chelsea S

2005 Chevy Trailblazer Ext

Great truck. Seats 7. Has continual wiring problem where headlights, windows, radio, and dome lights don't work properly. Had to fix 2 times in 2 years. I bought it used though. Otherwise, it's going on 179,000 miles and runs great otherwise. Definitely would buy another

- Lara H

A great vehicle for a family!

The Chevy trailblazer is the right size for the city and suburbs. The ease to get into small parking spots in the city is a big plus! The option of 4 wheel drive is great for the weather in the Midwest. All of the controls are in reach for the driver for added safety.

- Lyn S

Chevrolet trailblazer SUV for a big family.

No problems, I am love it very much and it's a nice size SUV especially with a big family, it fits 5 people, it has a nice size trunk, it pulls a utility trailer. My kids love it a lot, its a bluish/greenish color with a pinstripe on it, new tires, it runs really good.

- Kayla B

Trailblazer a reliable SUV.

My trailblazer is 14 years old and has run very well. Have had no real problems with the car. Other than routine maintenance I haven't put any additional money in the car. The only issues I have with the car are the gas mileage and not enough storage i.e. cup holders.

- Lisa H

Great family care for long distance travel.

Very reliable; comfortable great family care. Rides really smooth. Practically maintained free as long as you keep up with the routine maintenance. Great air conditioner and great for traveling very long distance with children. Would not trade it or sell this vehicle.

- Alina A

On the go 4 wheel drive. Plenty of room.

I use my trailblazer to drive all over the country playing music. Its dependable and tows our gear trailer well. Only problem I have had, was with the headlight fuse. Problem went away after replacing the fuse. I would recommend this vehicle to my friends and family.

- Michael L

Chevy trailblazer is the perfect SUV.

The only issue we have is an evap leak that we cannot find. Otherwise we love our trailblazer. I am thinking of getting a second one. It is big enough for a family of six. It had a Bose system that we switched out for something else. I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Elizabeth E

Great in snow up to 16 inches. Love the vehicle wish still made the has great looks.

8 passenger seating. Four wheel drive. 05 but everything still work. Sits high can see all around you has tow package can tow up to 5500 lbs. has the tough straight six engine. Good gas mileage 22 trip 16 around tow. Has a built in DVD player for kids on long trips.

- Dan S

Trailblazer very useful vehicle.

Just what I need for grandkids. Plenty of room and good performance. Also easy to handle and teach grandson to drive. Can carry lots of cargo plus passengers like 5 grandkids. Luggage rack on top works well for vacations. OnStar has been very helpful numerous times.

- Nora M

Great interior space and sound!

Absolutely love that my Trailblazer has 3 rows! It's great for separating kids, and bringing friends along for the ride! It has an amazing stock sound system - the only thing I do not like is the lack of an Audio auxiliary port. I highly recommend this vehicle!

- Catlin B

It has built in onstar for those who may need emergency, sunroof for the nice summer days plus a 5 disc cd player.

First time I've ever owned a SUV and Love It. The 4 wheel drive is great in the all snow we get in Michigan. It also is my favorite color green, It's runs very well with little maintenance, Hope to have it for another year or so since it's 13 years old now.

- Judi J

I use full synthetic motor oil. It has greatly improved my cars performance.

My trailblazer is great. It may be a little older, however it is strong and reliable. It is comfortable and it gets about 20 mpg. I have the ext. so it has the third row seating a big bonus when I need extra storage or when my friends want to take a trip.

- Jared P

A highlight is the heat & a/c controls in the front and back row.

The transmission went bad. But the parts for the SUV is cheap and easy to find. I love third row. The heat works wonderfully in it. Some sometimes have problems with the air. Don't not like how fast the gas burn in the car but it's pretty good for a SUV.

- Dana L

Trail blazer is a good SUV. It roomy.

We have just got it so I can't say too much about it other than it is so far a good riding car. It has lots of room. We can pull our boat with it. And have lots of room for camping stuff. I like the way the back seats fold down so you can haul big stuff.

- Pam L

My trailblazer- his name is blaze.

My trailblazer has been extremely reliable. The trailblazer is also very comfortable. I bought it when it was 2 years old and have never regretted purchasing it. My trailblazer does not have all the new equipment but I do not need all of that new stuff.

- Brenda S

I love my trailblazer. Easy maintenance. Little care for a 2005.

I love the room in the trailblazer. I love that fact that it has had minor issues for being a 2005. A front end alignment is all the was needed and it is normal upkeep like oil changes. I can fit the dog, groceries and grandchildren and still have room.

- Laura W

Tow package. Spacious, economical.

No real issues, normal wear and tear. Working on it is fairly easy with easy access. Transmission is starting to slip with almost 200, 000 miles. Reasonable mileage for an SUV. Spacious leg room. If you do preventive maintenance, vehicles last longer.

- Dee M

Trailblazer review - 2005 model.

Trailblazer performs fine, no problems. The seats are leather but not verify comfortable to ride in. The heated seats are not working at this time. The storage compartment in between the seats does not stay shut and pops up every time you hit a bump.

- Lynne W

Because of its size, it has many blind spots. While driving on the freeway, don't go to pass me on the left and then just sit in my blind spot because I can't see you in my mirror.

It's a comfortable drive but the way the front windows are, it has several blind spots for me. It handles well in the snow even without the 4wd engaged. I wish it had better gas mileage. In the winter, the heated seats are nice.

- Karen D

That its offers plenty of room.

Well my vehicle is a gas hog. My DVD player went out. I have no air conditioning because the lines went bad. But on the upside I can seat 7 people, I love third row seating. I like the digital readout on my levels gas and etc.

- Melissa R

It is a really old truck and needs a lot of work, mostly electrical.

My Chevy Trailblazer has numerous problems at this point, including but not limited to electrical problems, no air conditioning, no light outlets, windshield wipers wont go off and my gas gauge hasn't worked in over 2 years.

- Dana D

The gas gauge does not work. I refuel according to the trip meter at 250 miles. If you don't know this you would think you were out of gas almost.

My vehicle is prime for replacement. It is loud and unstable. The gas gauge does not work and it will cost over 800 to fix so it is just ignored. It's not very fuel efficient so the mileage sucks and it's expensive to fill.

- Lawrence K

It is very reliable and paid off. Upkeep is very reasonable.

I am very pleased with my Trailblazer. I love sitting up higher and all the storage room. It has been very reliable and cost effective vehicle to own. No complaints at all and hope to get another 160,000 miles out of her.

- Helen F

It is so convenient to have all the room and seat people in the back comfortable.

I love the size and how easy/smooth it is to drive. Controls and buttons are easy to find. The only thing I do not like are the air vents are different than other vehicles and it makes it hard to put air fresheners in.

- Emilee C

Third row seating and great ride with style

I love my Chevy Trailblazer. Lots of room, runs great but no too good gas mileage. Very little maintenance for the last 12 years. Easy to adjust seats and attachments. Very comfortable for long rides and smooth also.

- kelly s

The steering takes a little bit to get used to. At first, it will feel like you are all over the road.

I like how high up i sit, the automatic lights, the radio, and other automatic features. The steering took a bit to get used to as it feels loose. Now that i have over 280000 miles on it, it is starting to fall apart.

- Melisa H

Plenty of room and no problems.

I've had this car for about seven years and so far haven't had any trouble with it at all. I like that it has plenty of room for passengers and also plenty of room in the back for hauling groceries .

- Evelyn B

4x4 is just a turn of a button I love that part of it

I love that it's a 4x4 and it helps us get around in the winter it's been a good ride all except the gauge cluster is going out and I've been told that it's a common problem in Chevrolet vehicles

- Deborah B

Good gas mileage for a larger vehicle about 21 miles to a gallon

It has a lot of room and can carry 7 people. I haven't had many problems with it. The one thing I don't like is a sensor on the fuel pump has gone out twice and it makes my gas gauge not work

- Shirl T

Get your rear main seal changed and save up for a transmission. It will go out It's just a matter of when.

I love the size any reliability of the trailblazer. It has had some shoddy suspension parts installed from factory and has engine leaks from design flaws. The pros outweigh the cons however.

- Jacob R

It is awesome and has so much space. If they mess anything up on or in it I will nut up on them.

I like the size of it. I like that you can put 7 people in it. I like that you can haul stuff inside and outside. I like that is 4x4. I don't like that we can not use the air in the back.

- Jessica T

It is very roomy. It drives almost as smooth as a car.

I like that it is 4wd. The only problem I have is that a computer code keeps coming on. From what I hear this is a common problem with this vehicle. Gas mileage could be a little better

- Charles s

Traveling: it is a best vehicle to travel on curvy road and narrow road.

Negative: trailblazer engine uses a lot of gas as 15 mile per gallon. Positive: feel like a rock as strong while travel on bumpy road. Feel cozy as my wife sat next to me as closer.

- Ronald G

That it last a really long time. It is a great car to drive. how it drives is really good and there have been no major problems with it.

what i like about my vehicle is that there is plenty of room. I like to drive it it has all wheel drive. Easy to take care of. there is nothing that i don't like about my vehicle.

- michelle k

Reliability low maintenance keep the oil changed and it won't let you down.

I love how reliable it is. It has never let us down and it has over 220,000 miles on it and it runs like a sewing machine. I keep the oil changed on time. I love my Trailblazer.

- Kathy R

That it is still working well after 17 years.

Actually, my main vehicle is a 2002 Saturn SL, but you do not allow that as an option. I like that it is very dependable, what I don't like is that they are not made anymore.

- S L

It is reliable and it handles well.

My trailblazer has been a reliable vehicle. It has performed well and has been fun to drive. I have had to replace a few things on it, but overall it has been a good vehicle.

- Aaron m

It is a right size vehicle for only two persons for traveling in a long distance trip.

I dislike the engine because it uses a lot of gas and causes me to spend more money on gas. I like the SUV because travels bumpy like a truck. I feel that my SUV is the ROCK.

- Ronald B

The vehicle has lots of room and is great for long trips with kids, but the transmission in this vehicle needs to be looked into.

Transmission issues is really my only complaint. Replaced transmission once have had to replace sensors in transmission 3 times in the past 6 months and need it done again.

- Julia T

Easier to drive than most cars.

I like it has 3 rows of seating and I like that it is a 4x4. I do not like having to climb in. Also I do not like having to lift my son just to put him in his car seat.

- Felicia K

Others should know about the quality and comfort of the vehicle of the vehicle

I like the handling and the comfort of the vehicle.I dislike the placement of stereo speakers in the doors, prone to shorting out. Otherwise I enjoy owing the vehicle

- William M

Very good SUV, trailblazer.

Just general problems u have with an older car, I have them fixed when they happen. Love the SUV and would love to have a new one. It's very reliable and runs good.

- Gwen M

Has been very dependable and has been mostly good for gas mileage.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. Love the space for storage and personal space. Usually pretty good on gas. Wish it looked a little more modern though.

- Chastity G

I love my Trailblazer, it's a great little SUV.

I really love my trailblazer. It drives nice and is comfortable. It is easy to get in and out of. It handles well on gravel roads and in ice/snowy weather.

- Amy K

It Moves the World and Keeps on Running!

It is great for hauling things and carrying lots of people. It has lasted almost 200,000 miles and still looks great. I wish it wasn't so fuel inefficient.

- Judith Z

The previous owner took exceptional care of the car. Have received many comments about the cars condition considering the mileage and age.

I love this vehicle. It is extremely comfortable to drive. It is easy to get in and out of. The gas mileage is great considering it has 165,000 miles on it.

- Joseph L

A nice family vehicle that is sturdy and beautiful blue and grey color.

I like that there is 3rd row seating in my trailblazer and that I have 4 wheel drive. I do not like that my back hatch is broke and that they barely open.

- Chelsea C

Dependable and low maintenance.

I enjoy the vehicle especially since it has 4 wheel drive. It fits my family and still has plenty of trunk space. I wish it had better gas mileage though.

- Elizabeth T

Great older car runs great heater works fast air is ice cold

It's really been dependable have not had many problems it has a lot of power for a v6 it's good on gas mileage interior is great and sunroof doesn't leak

- Debra P

To be an SUV it is not bad on gas.

I dislike the fact it shuts off for no reason. I have taken it to different mechanics to see what the problem is. But no one can seem to know what it is.

- Nicole L

Oil drops off often out of the truck.

Its really slow performance but It's alright if you have a family so otherwise you can go anywhere you'd like to go. Really good on saving gas as well.

- Francisco C

The vehicle handles great in the snow.

I like that there is an abundance of room. I also like that there is enough space to store items. I dislike the weather sealing around the rear door.

- Dillon L

That it can fit a washer in it laying down on its side.

I love it because it can fit a lot of stuff in it when I am moving. 1 thing I dislike is that the middle console door is broke and it is hard to fix.

- Maria A

My Trailblazer is dependable.

Nice car for people with kids. Big back area for carrying gear. Haven't had much trouble. Just replaced starter. Roof leaks when it rains hard.

- John K

My car is roomy and comfortable and fun to drive long distances

I have had my car for a long time and it has always been reliable. Not too bad on maintenance. I have gone on a lot of long road trips with my car

- Tara S

This is a good running truck I love it, its white on white.

The only problem I have is my passenger door window won't come down. The ac is working good, just changed the trannie. , just put four new tires.

- Marian D

Amazing, OK on gas depending on where you are.

The vehicle is really good. It has lasted me a pretty long time. I have had the first real problem with it this week, which would be the starter.

- Marques L

Seems to be a great vehicle. Especially if you need to haul something small.

Not as efficient on gas as a car but that is expected with a 6 cylinder. Rides very smooth. Little to no issues so far except a thermostat.

- Des M

It gets good gas mileage and the seats lay down for carrying large items It also easy to load

We just bought it used I really like it. The only complaint is how do you get into the third row seats without crawling over the sears

- Barbara C

Does not get very good gas mileage.

Car has been great, medium size, seats fold down for moving things, minimal rust, gas gauge quit working, great car though all around.

- Katie P

Very dependable and reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It has been very dependable. It has good gas mileage. There is plenty of room to hall people and extra things that I might need.

- Robin P

How to keep the vehicle maintained and how to keep the engine clean!

It's a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer that's carbon colored! Love the color! Love the way it drives! And I love the amount of seating room!

- Kendricks H

That it is a really good car. that It's big enough for a family. that it get me where i need to go.That It's the best car to drive.

there is nothing that i don't like about my car.I like that my car is big enough. and that i really have had no problems out of it.

- erica G

It is dependable and American made.

It is comfortable. It is dependable. It gets decent gas mileage. I can haul things. It is good in the winter with four wheel drive.

- Dawn R

I feel safe when driving my car.

I just love my vehicle takes me wherever I want to go, do not waste a lot of gas it's perfect for me and my family. No complaints.

- Ana G

It runs very well and is dependable.

Its big so I can move things around a lot. I can fit a lot of people in it. I've had it for a long time and Its never let me down.

- Brittany B

It drives smooth and is enjoyable to drive. It has plenty of room.

Only dislike is It's hard to get to the rear seats. Other than that I love it, it drives smooth, has lots of space and enjoyable.

- Darlene S

There is plenty of head and leg room, and the seats are leather and adjustable.

I like the fact that it has plenty of head room and leg room. I Dislike the fact that it can be somewhat unreliable in aspects.

- Shane B

It can sometimes stop due to the battery.

What I like about my car is that it is durable and reliable in the winter time. What I dislike is that the heater takes awhile.

- Miriam R

my 2005 chevy trailblazer is a piece of garbage

complete piece of junk, transmission, engine problems, computer issues, no AC or heat. There is always something wrong with it

- Haley N

Its mine, and to respect and treat it according.

Not a huge fan of look of the exterior.. Terrible gas mileage.. Bad on brakes.. Electrical problems.. Weak will not pull much.

- Matt N

It is a very reliable vehicle and I highly recommend it.

I have always been a Chevrolet person. I was raised to love Chevrolet and hold to that. My Trailblazer is an amazing vehicle.

- Tod B

The vehicle tends to have expensive issues when it does start aging.

Love that it is accessible for all weather types. Also, very comfortable to drive/ride in. Not a fan of the fuel efficiency.

- Devyn S

2005 Chevy Trailblazer Great SUV

Great vehicle. Some aging issue such as fuel pump, alternator, and transmission wire have broken. Overall though good truck.

- Jim W

The most important thing for others is that it has 4 wheel drive.

I like that it does not take much gas. It comfortable for me and the passengers. I love the design and the look of the car.

- Eric A

Its comfortable for long trips.

It's a great car, drives smooth, spacious interior, comfortable seats. Gas mileage could be better, but overall It's great.

- Ryan B

It is four wheel drive and the backseats can be put down for extra storage space.

Love the space plenty of room for family and cargo. However there is the problem with mileage it eats gas excessively fast.

- Gavin G

Take care of it and it will take care of you.

It's a luxury trailblazer, has heated seats, my sunroof, lots of seats and so on. The thing do not like is the cup holders.

- Tanya C

05 trailblazer, few problems

I bought this trailblazer used, and have had very few problems with it. The only major thing wrong is keeping tires on it.

- lori s

The vehicle has had no transmission problems ever.

I like that the seats lay down, and it's a reliable mode of transportation. I dislike that the brake lights go out often.

- Kelly C

It's good on gas. And has lots of room.

I love the way it drives. I love that I feel protected in it. I love the room. It not only fits the family but pets too!

- Laura N

It is dependable and handles well for the large size vehicle it is.

The ride is smooth and comfortable especially on long trips. The interior is roomy. Sits 3 across back seat comfortably.

- Alexandra T

Great engine, low gas, high resistance.

This car has electrical minor problems. Asides that, it has assisted our family greatly and is a satisfactory vehicle.

- Iray J

I do like the larger size - feel safer than in a little vehicle

It's not a bad vehicle just a gas guzzler - only about 14-15 miles per gallon. And just had to get a new transmission.

- Kisa D

Pros of Chevrolet Trailblazer

I really love my trailblazer LS great SUV very reliable. Performance is good. It's a very comfortable riding vehicle.

- Raul C

It runs great! The 4 wheel drive is amazing in the snow and rain.

I like the gas mileage. I like the color. I like that it is 4x4. I like the sunroof. I like the space in the trunk.

- Chanel T

Review of the 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Have always had a four door cast and wanted to get a truck/SUV so I found a trailblazer that has third row seating

- Aaron S

There is plenty of room for storage when it's needed to transport items.

My vehicle is old and needs repairs often but I'm reluctant to get a new one because I've owned it for 13 years.

- Kerry R

It is not hard to maintain.

I like that I have had few maintenance issues. I like the size and gas mileage. I like the amount of room I have.

- Will J

It has been dependable and gets good gas mileage.

Automatic 4 wheel drive. Comfortably seats all 7 people in my household, good handling, and it is very reliable.

- Ashley S

Low gas mileage rides very smooth handles great.

Not a truck other than that just fine grives great runs great very spacious,it's not great for hauling firewood.

- David W

It is a good family car to travel in it is spacious.

No air radio works have the time fuse are blowing just need a newer car for my kids it has three rows of seats.

- Betty S

It's reliable. No payment, lots of room for the family.

It's older but we take good care of it. It's got plenty of room for the kids. Overall it's a good vehicle.

- Amanda J

My car suits my needs and fits my family well.

Love that it is mechanically sound, DVD player for kids. SUV...Wish it had a sunroof and navigation system.

- Tammy P

Great family SUV. Less than 150000 miles.

It's in good running condition. Has a small power steering fluid leak.Currently needs the muffler replaced.

- Nys G

It is holding up well, it is good.

It is nice in size, the third seat is hard to get to, it is held up for 13 years, it is still running well.

- Kelly K

Comfortable to drive. Good for road trips and camping. Also able to tow small things like a camper.

Just out dated now. I want a newer car with more features such as heated seats, back up cam and Bluetooth.

- Felicia M

It has lots of trunk space. However the back seat needs more leg space.

It does not get good gas mileage, even in the highway. Also, I have had to replace the transmission twice.

- Candace W

I love the way it drives especially in the snow. It also has a lot of room for hauling stuff. The only thing that bothers me a little is when it is terribly windy it feels that it catches the wind.

Goes through the snow wonderfully and it dependable for getting around in the winter and has 4 wheel drive

- Beth K

It has 4 wheel drive which is very good in Winter

Very reliable. Performers very good. It drives nice. I don't take care of vehicles so problems are from me

- Jon D

The vehicle drives well in town and on the road performance.

The mpg is great along with the overall vehicle performance. The use of the storage is a great advantage.

- russell, m

It does not get great gas mileage. This is an important factor today for many people.

It does not get very good gas mileage. Rusting out rather bad but it has not had many mechanical issues.

- chad d

It gets me where I need to go.

I dislike that the car is old and it needs work done. I like the fact that it gets me where I need to go.

- Adrian L

Chevy is a great vehicle!

I love my vehicle! You sit up higher in your seat for a good view. It gets me everywhere I need to go.

- Jo C

It can fit 5 people. Two people can fit in the front and three in the back.

I like the appearance of the vehicle. I dislike how much sound it makes. Overall it's an alright truck.

- Isaac N

It is great in the snow.

Uses a lot of gas. Too big for me now that kids have grown. Things are beginning to break or not work.

- Patty C

Very roomy, a great vehicle for someone who like to go on adventures

I love the large amount of storage room in the back for when I camp or go antiquing. It drives great.

- Kim H

Nice looking vehicle, faulty motor

Blown motor, shot rod. Kept up on maintenance and it malfunctioned . Interior and body are nice sad.

- Haley C

It's a good car and I love driving it. Traveling is nice because the ride is smooth.

I love the height, the power it has. My vehicle has XM and I love that along with the heated seats.

- Lori J

Had multiple shops try to fix it but it keeps having issues

I like that it is paid off and that it runs. I don't like that it idles rough and wants to stall.

- Michelle C

That it is mine. That I am happy that I have had it for so long and it still runs great and looks good.

I like that it is reliable and stylish. I don't dislike anything about it. I have no complaints

- mel M

i maintain it myself and i have save a lot of money

car looks nice after 12 years and run good still.mileage could be better .It's starting to rust

- bob g

It is very reliable when maintained correctly and parts for replacement are not very expensive

Fuel economy is good. Like that there's 4 wheel drive. Wish there was another row of seating.

- Robert R

My car is old but it's a very reliable vehicle. I bought the vehicle in 2012 and it is still running

My vehicle is old and has a lot of miles. But I havent had to have any major work done on it

- Michelle W

Large enough for a week long vacation for a family of 8.

Big enough for long trips. Small enough to maneuver in parking lot. It has a large gas tank.

- Heather G

That it is just a tool to get me from one place to another

I like the size and the color. I hate that it is not gas efficient and it breaks down often

- Deena p

It's not a sports car, but it's faithful

It's a very reliable vehicle. It is good for towing trailers. Good passenger and cargo space

- David Z

It's paid for and easy to maintain on my own and fun offroad.

It's awesome! Powerful inline 6. Good fuel mileage. Spacious and comfortable. 4x4 vehicle.

- Michael R

That is very reliable and one of the best vehicles I have had.

I love the leather seats, I dislike the gas milages I get. Other than that no complaints.

- Kirstyn M

That my vehicle has been very good to me.

I like the space it has. I love how it runs. I wish it came with bluetooth capabilities.

- Elida B

It uses a lot of gas and can be expensive. It is very big.

It had four wheel drive so it's good in the winter. I don't like how much gas it uses.

- Brooke L

I like the roominess of the SUV. It allows me to haul equipment and friends as needed. It gives me extra room for moving. I do not like the amount of gas it uses, however I accept this as a trade off for the positives.

This car has lasted many years without many significant problems-it was built to last!

- Chelsea S

My car is a 2005 and I have only had to do small repairs and Maintenance

I absolutely love my trailblazer it's the perfect size for my family and great on gas

- Stacey P

It has and oil leak and have to keep oil in it

My truck has a real bad oil leak. I need new tires and overdue for an oil change

- robin E

My car is older but it still gets to where I need to go.

I have always liked my truck but it is getting older and keeps needing repairs.

- Lori S

that it may break down at any time because it is so old and so much mileage on it

old and needs lots of work, too big for me to drive. prefer something smaller

- sandy s

It is fun to drive and I love it! The look of it is very nice.

It is bad on gas so wish that was better. I love the way it looks and drives.

- Ellie P

I like that it is dependable enough to get me where I'm going. It has a lot of room in it for to haul things and people in. Just wish it got better gas mileage.

It does have quite a few dents and dings but it does just keep on going.

- Charles H

The space that it has is unbelievable, you can fit so much it in

I love the size of it because I have 7 kids and it has third row seating

- Kathy P

It is pretty durable but uses lots of gas

Like the way it looks. Like the way it drives. Don't like the suspension

- Michael V

I love the space it offers for my large family and our luggage. I love the longevity of it, we've put many miles on it. No complaints.

A great family SUV for daily travel and also for long distance travel.

- Caroline M

It runs great and the vehicle has been well take care of

It works wonderful. I have never really had issues with my vehicle.

- Aida C

4 wheel drive and beautiful, only 98,500 miles mostly highway.

I love everything about it. I bought it new and he e no problems.

- Daisy W

it's a gas hoge it has 5 seats the ac doesn't work great in the winter

its stalls and breaking down on us not big enough for our family

- Breanna P

The most important thing that others should know about my car is even though it is big it is easy to drive.

I love my car because it handles well in the snow and on ice.

- Ashlee P

Holds a family of 7 Great for traveling Awesome for hauling

Love my truck No complaints other then I wish it was newer!!

- Melissa C

Love it except sometimes it leaks when it rains Terrible on gas Needs brakes

It has been dependable Rides nice Looks good Not good on gas

- Janice R

I like that it is a spacious vehicle. It sits higher than a car does. Now I don't like how horrible the gas mileage is. And it's not very smooth riding.

It's a nice looking vehicle with a lot of space inside.

- Karen K

Old and beginning to have issues. But overall it's a good vehicle

Poor gas mileage. Poor body style. Has been reliable.

- Nate T

I love the room. I like the way it drives. I don't like the gas mileage.

It's reliable, drives great and has lots of legroom.

- Blaine W

none my car does what I need it to do

I have no complaints. I gets me from here to there.

- Joe M

It is very attractive but reliable. My family has loved it.

I love the roominess all around. I love the 4wd.

- Emily C

Almost paid off and I enjoy driving it

Love the size, handling, gas mileage is decent

- G P

It works just fine, like it should.

Could be bigger. Better gas mileage. Great.

- Frans M