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Been to service technicians 15 times in 2019 without solution.

Initially I really liked this vehicle. The interior was sleek, stylish, and comfortable. It drive and rode very smoothly and quietly. Gas mileage was okay for the size/weight of the vehicle. However, this love only lasted about four years. For the last three years we have had continuous and recurring problems with various internal engine/transmission components. I'm 2019 along our vehicle has been in the repair shop 15 times for a transmission code that the technicians are not able to identify and fix. It began with the vehicle going into what they called 'limp mode' where it will not shift out of second gear, putting incredible strain in the engine and transmission. Through the various fixes that Chrysler has tried, a Pandora's box of problems have begun, culminating in the eventual complete shutdown of the vehicle while I was driving with my children one day; vehicle was completely unresponsive including loss of power steering and even inability to engage braking system forcing us to coast to a stop and exit the vehicle, leaving it in the road. Thankfully we were in a country road with little traffic. I can only imagine what may have happened if this had occurred while driving in the city or on a highway. This has not been a good experience, not just with the Chrysler vehicle, but with the Chrysler corporation. This is an unsafe vehicle, not reliable, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

- Melissa K

Advantages of flex fuel versus regular fuel.

My Chrysler runs primarily on flex fuel which on average is 75 cents cheaper than regular fuel. It can also run on regular fuel which gives a little more power than flex fuel but a higher cost per gallon. I love this car. It is a six- seater with plenty leg room. I have had it 5 years with little mechanical issues except cv joint replacement excluding regular maintenance such as oil changes/ tire rotation. Just the normal routine preventative maintenance that is procedure. Legroom is key to me as I have a prosthetic leg. The vehicle runs really quite and for an 11 year old car it has relatively low mileage, 105,000. It is a rare teal in color, has sliding doors and storage compartments with lids in the floorboards where you can conveniently put away many items. There is also lots of rear cargo space, in fact, because of my leg and because the spare tire is stored underneath the car where the front seats are, making it hard for me to access, I have removed the spare from underneath and replaced the small spare with a normal sized tire and I stored it in the rear compartment giving me easier access in the event of a blowout.

- William N

2008 Chrysler town and country positives/negatives.

We bought our used 2008 Chrysler town and country to accommodate our growing family. The weekend after we drove it off the car dealer lot, it started to shake uncontrollably when on the highway, going 60+ mph, and shook worse when using the breaks. We ended up having to get the brake pads replaced after the dealer said they had recently been replaced. Shortly after, we were told by someone who had previously owned the same type of vehicle to keep a close eye on the oil consumption, as it tends to run low quickly. Thankfully we checked and there was hardly any oil in the tank so you have to replace the oil regularly, even between oil changes. The amount of space in the van is the biggest plus. All of the rear seats fold into the floor, which has been very helpful when needing to move furniture without the use of a truck. The front TV stopped working about a year after buying the van, but the back row TV still works well. Overall, good experience with our Chrysler town and country.

- Cynthia P

Family friendly features with some drawbacks of an aging van.

For a family of five, many features of this van are great. We love the stow and go features, the deep and spacious trunk, and the ability to stow the middle row seats. I am not a huge fan of the back row seat belts- middle seat has no shoulder belt, and the side seats have a weird angle on the shoulder. Makes it hard to get a safe fit on the kids. As it is an older van, our air compressor has broken and needs replaced in order for the ac to work. I would prefer to have windows in the back that could open when the ac is broken, but that is another aspect of having an older car. Also, the automatic side doors no longer work well, and the doors are quite heavy to open and close manually (due to the mechanical features built in to them. ) However, I still prefer them (even broken) over the alternative swinging wide doors on an SUV. Sliding doors are better for crowded parking lots and kids in a hurry!

- Stacey W

I will not go back to driving a car. My van is much easier to get in and out of.

I like all the room the van has to haul things and I like that all the rear seats fold down into the floor when I want to haul things. I wish the center seats could be stowed without having to put the front seats forward though. I like how the van drives but I would like better gas mileage when driving in town. I would like to see better floor support over the stowed far rear seats as some of the clips have broken and the floor has dropped down in places. Also the driver seat plastic support on the left side of the seat broke off. One thing I was very annoyed to learn was that if a window or door is left open or not fully closed, the computer will constantly tell itself about it and run the battery down and vehicle will not start without being re-charged. I also do not like that the tire sensors are hooked to the tire stem so that when the stem needs replacing it is a $60-$70. Cost rather than $7.

- Susan R

2008 town & country ages well, but beware of CPU!

The vehicle is over 10 years old now and is really reliable vehicle that ages well. The vehicle has been driven all over the nation and just hit 100, 000 miles in October of 2018. Very family oriented car where multiple passengers can ride comfortability and easily. For entertainment has XM radio, XM TV and a DVD player for the passengers in the back. There are warming seats in both the front and back to accommodate in colder climates. But primary drawback for this vehicle is the CPU or computer has been known to malfunction. One problem I have had in the last year is that the computer constantly think the vehicle is turning and make efforts to auto-correct the vehicle. We've had to get this corrected by our local auto shop. But all signs are leading toward this will be the primary cause for why we'd upgrade from this vehicle.

- Jasmine H

Wish this vehicle ran as good as it looked.

I have had a lot of problems with this vehicle. Mostly electrical. The wires in the coil in the driver's door crimp and it turns the whole dashboard on and off. I have had to have fixed three times. It is made cheaply in a lot of ways. All the trim around the cup holders and stuff are not even glued down and every time you move or bump them and they fall off. Made out of cheap thin plastic. Heated seats feel like working when they want to will not work at times for no random reason. The electric doors stopped working. Would never buy this vehicle again. And handles awful in the snow. The vehicle is very white in slides all over the place. Need to put a lot of weight in the back to even try to get any control on the snow.

- Kari R

Great family van. Used for 3 children.

I am at 140k miles on my van. I have not had any major issues with it. Just routine maintenance. I love all the room and the stow and go feature. We use it on every family outing and vacation. I love that my kids have the movie entertainment system also that keeps them occupied when on the road. It makes a huge difference. This is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. I love my leather seats, easy to clean. Love my heated seats. I have to say the only issue is cleaning the creases of where the seats fit in and the stow and go compartments. Everything else is fantastic. I would not buy anything but this type of van again. I have 3 children in elementary school.

- Rebecca M

The gas mileage is not the best.

I have the town and country stow and go were the 2nd and 3rd row of seats disappear into the floor. This is by far my favorite feature. It allows so much space and has come in handy during moves, large shopping trips, road trips, and to transport large items such as all of my families bikes. I have owned this vehicle 3 years and haven't had any major issues with it. The most costly repair I've had has been for a hose for my cooling system. The breaks tend to wear quickly but I do put a lot of miles on the van. The gas mileage could be better. Most times I am getting 16 mpg which is very low. Overall this vehicle has been very good to me.

- Amanda S

Family friendly vehicle with lots of space.

I have not run into any problems with my town and country. The one complaint I do have which is not a huge deal to me since I bought it second hand, is that the entertainment package broke within the first month of me buying it. The DVD player and TVs no longer work in the car. I have heard that this happens a lot with these types of vehicles. Otherwise this vehicle runs really well. Sometimes it seems like it runs really loud, but I think that has to do with it being a van. It is super comfortable and it is really easy to stow away the seats and fit big things into the vehicle like if you need to move or make big purchases.

- Samantha M

This van is a great family vehicle and has all the needed features!

Great everyday vehicle for getting my family around. Love having the van for road trips as there is so much space and the built in DVD player keeps the kids entertained on long drives. The automatic doors are really helpful when loading and unloading groceries, and getting the kids in the van in a timely manner. Vehicle has been super reliable and have only had to do the regular maintenance on it. Leather seats are great as they are easy to clean and comfortable to sit in. The vehicle works great for all of our family needs. Also enjoy the automatic seats, automatic windows, and the sunroof for when the weather is warm.

- Jay R

Very nice comfortable family vehicle.

I drive a 2008 town and country minivan. It is a very comfortable and enjoyable vehicle. It has the dual TV/DVD player in the back which includes headphones so kids in the back can watch and listen to there movie while you listen to the radio while you drive. It also has the stow away so if you need to load your van with items that are big you can put all the seats down in the floorboard and have plenty of room. You also have easy access to opening the side doors and rear hatch just by the push of a button. Now for the radio. Its a touch screen with the slide down front for CDs. Overall this van is a really nice ride.

- Jessica M

Awesome except for the ESP

We love that it is comfortable and roomy for our family of 6. It has been reliable. It drives smoothly. The fuel economy is good. We live in an area where it snows, and the ESP system is awful for that! It is supposed to keep you safe on slick roads, but it engages and prevents us from even getting out of our own driveway. It also failed recently and wouldn't let me drive more than 40 miles per hour even with the pedal to the floor. The back AC system is separate from the front, and we recently had to replace parts in the back, which weren't easily accessible, so it was an expensive repair.

- Shallin S

It is reliable and spacious.

The town and country is a spacious Minivan with 7 seats. It drives beautifully and feels more like a car. The van does not feel to big while driving or parking. There is a good amount of trunk space- we can fit five beach chairs and five to six bags. In addition to the trunk, we also have chair wells that allow for extra space. You can also put all the back seats down to transport large furniture. Finally, the back seats can be flipped for tailgating seats. This is a great feature for tailgating or watching sporting events. Our van is several years old and yet it still runs beautifully.

- Laura L

This is an excellent and affordable option for families who are always on the go.

It has great safety features - airbags, backup camera, can't open slider doors unless you're in Park. There's tons of storage - stow and go in the floor, a deep trunk, two glove boxes, storage inside the console, and lots of cupholders. I like the convenience of all the buttons on the remote and inside the van to easily open and close the doors. I also like the media options - satellite radio, bluetooth, navigation, CD disc changer, hard drive to load music onto, only thing missing is the optional flip down DVD player which the previous owner didn't get but I'd love to add.

- Lisa F

The Chrysler Town and Country is a great car for busy moms!

I really love the stow and go feature of the back seats. You can either put down 1, 2 or all 3 of the back seats making the van very versatile for whatever the needs of the day are. Sometimes I am hauling a van full of kids, or sometimes I take a break from the kids and use the back section as a bed for camping. I also really enjoy the storage compartments in the floor by the middle seats. I fill these compartments with snack and emergency supplies. With a van full of kids you never know what you might need. It is amazing to have these supplies so easily at hand.

- Deborah M

Love my Chrysler town & country.

Van has been very reliable, has leather heated seats in front and second row bucket seats. Dual video monitors that were really handy when traveling with children. Holds 6 people comfortably. The van has a lot more features than I was shopping for but the price on this van was just too good to pass up. I love my town & country and plan to keep and drive. So far I haven't had any problems with the van and I recommend it to everyone. Love all the room when I go shopping and I am not limited. I can carry almost anything.

- Nina R

The comfort, cargo/storage capacity and comfort.

The vehicle I have is a town and country. For as old as it is, it is pretty reliable. I have had some major problems, but for the age, it is expected. I love the features of fold down into the floor, the room and comfort are great! The performance is fair, but it is not the most appealing thing that I looked for when buying a family car. I have a built in DVD that came with the car, which I really love! It has a lot of space and it is comfortable for a family of four when travelling especially!

- Melissa E

A van mom & kids can really love. The perks on this van have spoiled us!

This is a wonderful vehicle for mom's with kids. My kids also love our van. We currently have a loaner car while our van has some repairs made to it and the kids keep asking when we will be getting our van back. We have lots of room for the kids to walk around when we are parked. Lots of space when packing for vacations and trips, or simply when grocery shopping. I love the automatic side and back doors. I do wish they would have installed cup holders for the second row captain seats.

- Laura A

It has plenty of spacious room.

This vehicle was a blessing for out large family. Love the room and the stow and go, which made family vacation and travel more enjoyable. I do wish it had the lower lumbar button like my Ford Windstar had but you cannot win them all. It also gets great gas mileage. More instruction on spare tire location and how to retrieve would have been nice as we had to google the vehicle in order to figure it out. Reliable and would probably recommend and purchase again.

- Re E

This car is great for a large family, it has a ton of room.

The town and country is a perfect car when you have kids. It has a ton of space and it has storage space so if you and the family go on a road trip you have plenty of room and storage space. The town and country is perfect for carpooling because of the extra space. I have absolutely no problems besides routine maintenance and a once in awhile recall, which the dealer will take care of and you're as good as new. It's not bad on gas you get what you pay for.

- Danielle M

Little ongoing quirks of my van.

The rear liftgate latch does not always activate and hold the anchor "ring". Sometimes it works, other times it does not. Have to use a ratchet strap to keep door closed. The front brakes tend to not grip the rotors smoothly even though they have been replaced recently. It's an ongoing issue. Sometimes the sliding passenger doors do not open on just one tap of the corresponding button on the key fob; have to press it several times before they open.

- Kevin C

Great family van with extra features!

This van has a ton of bells and whistles, which makes it great for family road trips. There is a lot of cargo room, and the seats fold flat for extra room if needed. The negative is a transmission problem that has persisted the entire time we have owned this vehicle, despite having it rebuild several times it continues to slip gears and shift hard. We have taken it in to be fixed numerous times and they have yet to be able to fix it totally/

- SuAnn D

Why a town and country is awesome.

It's a good van. Its almost 12 years old so we are just now having problems with it. But overall I love it. U can literally turn it into a cargo van to move stuff. Fits extended family when visiting. Only downside is the connector piece for the ac breaks every year because it's plastic but a quick 20 dollar piece and it's now metal. Has under compartments that I love but I always forget about them so it's like a surprise when I open them.

- Alexandra B

Town and country is amazing.

This van is a smooth ride. Under the hood is easy to work on as things are spaced well. Acceleration is decent for a van, gas mileage is surprisingly well for such a large vehicle. Automatic side doors make getting passengers over simple, especially with small children. The store and go feature of the seats is absolutely amazing and helps so much when moving, or transporting large items. Very spacious and seating is actually comfortable.

- Jennifer T

It's a great car for a big family.

My town and country is great on gas. That is a plus if your the type to stay on the road. The only major problems I have had was the flex pipe went out which will have you believe it is the catalytic converter. The minor issues were the breaks which is normal wear and tear in any car. Recently my linkage cord came apart which cut the car off and locked keys in ignition. It was a simple cheap fix. Other than that I have no major issues.

- Michelle C

Fantastic family vehicle!

This van is fantastic for our busy family. It has enough space that people can stretch out. The driver's seat is programmable for two people. The pedals are adjustable if needed. This van has stow and go which is great if we need to haul something. It has warmers in all 4 captains chairs. It has two TVs and two DVD players so the kids can watch different movies of they want. Super fantastic van! Cannot imagine having anything else!

- Jamie B

Wiring problems, 2008 Chrysler town & country.

Consistent problems with the back light bulbs going out and there is a short in the wiring upfront somewhere causing my blinkers to blink the wrong way. Meaning if I put on the left blinker, the right blinker will blink. It has also affected the radio. Sometimes when I try to turn the station with the hand remotes on the steering wheel the volume will go up instead. The passenger side door lock does not always work electronically.

- Kelly B

Comfortable, luxurious van had people complimenting me regularly!

This vehicle has a subtle luxury displayed throughout; from the leather seats, to the chrome trim, backlit gauges and dash shifter, it is a nice minivan. The V6 engine allows it to get up to speed reasonable even under full load. The only problems I have run into are with the entertainment/radio system. If the system fails a new head is upwards of $1000 dollars and replacing the hard drive alone is at least $150. Expensive indeed!

- Michael W

Very easy to drive. The four cylinder engine has a surprising amount of pep.

This van is very reliable. It is very easy to work on. The parts for this van are very easy to find and are affordable. The trim level that I have offers a high level of function and comfort. It has three row seating that comfortably fits all of my kids plus friends. I can also fold down the rear seat and the two captain chairs on the second row of seats. This offers an enormous amount of cargo space when it is needed.

- Chris D

Tickled pink with Town & Country. Great family vehicle.

We have owned the vehicle for 10 months and have had no serious issues. The only problem we had develop was shortly after purchase the rear wiper motor quit. We've noticed from observation of other Town & Country's that it seems to be a common problem. We took a 1900 mile, week long, road trip over the summer with 7 people and rode with comfort and enjoyment. Fuel efficiency is accurate with its rating.

- Michael V

We love the amount of space we have, it�s a great family vehicle

I love my Town and Country and so do my kids. I have 3 kids so this van gives us a lot of room and we definitely need it. We really like the DVD player that it comes with, and 3 rows is great. Especially the second row being one seat behind the driver and one behind the passenger with the middle open to walk through to the third row. And even with the 3rd row up we still have lots of trunk space!

- Carina O

Honest review from a mom of 3 who feels like she basically lives out of her van somedays with shuttling her kids and their friends to school, sports and other activities!

Overall, we are happy with the van. It has required repairs over the years, some normal and routine, which are necessary and expected for an older vehicle. We had to have one passenger sliding door repaired twice bc the track broke. We travel a lot for our children's sports and have enjoyed the entertainment features and the overall seating comfort. The storage is quite sufficient as well

- Amy A

Chrysler town & country review.

The town & country is a very roomy vehicle. I really like that we have a "stow-n-go" edition, which means the seats fold completely down into the vehicle's floor board. It also has lights on the inside, in the top that my son really enjoys, since he is scared of the dark! I also love the fact that the windows in the sliding doors (it has two sliding doors) actually roll down!!

- Ashley R

The average mom who lives in her car most days.

This has been a wonderful van. Very reliable. One thing I would say is it needs good quality breaks or you will just keep replacing them if you use cheap ones. I love that it has lots of room for our family of three 3 and lots of storage. The fact that the sliding doors can be opened automatically or manually is a big plus. Vehicle rides nice and is comfortable for long trips.

- Kris K

It has a lot of storage and a great amount of space. It is very comfortable.

We love our Chrysler Town and Country minivan. My favorite features are a DVD player for long trips with the kids, remote start, and seat warmers. We have had problems with the sliding door on the driver's side. The electronics do not work, so we cannot open the window, and have to open and lock/unlock it manually. We drive it a lot and it is really comfortable and reliable.

- Emily P

Love the Stow and Go and smooth ride

I love my Chrysler Town and Country Minivan! It has all leather seats, convertible seating with storage compartments under them for traveling and also the stow and go seats allow for the back of your van to become a cargo van! I love how versatile it is and how much room it has. I love the feeling of a smooth and quiet ride as well, not mention it gets great gas mileage!

- Tiffany P

The town and country review.

The a/c is out. The liner on the inside roof is coming down. The automatic opening doors do not open on one side. The alarms do not work. It's a great running vehicle and very dependable. . The child locks are great. The buttons that control the doors are very convenient. The removable seats are wonderful. Cup holding space is amazing. In car stereo system sounds good.

- Summer C

Advantages of Chrysler town and country.

It has plenty of room for cargo and people. It has had very few mechanical issues. It does very good on gas mileage. The interior is very durable, which 6 children, everything has managed to stay intact. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it and runs just as good as the day we bought it. Downsides are the seats are very hard to get stains out of.

- Jacqueline C

It's a gold town and country with stow and go seating.

I love my town and country it has stow and go seating, a Bluetooth radio, a tow package. And since it has the tow package it has an auto leveling feature on the car. You can have a lot of pounds in the back and it will level out the vehicle within a couple of miles. It has power locks and windows. Also it has power doors and a power hatchback.

- John S

Features of the vehicle and performance issues.

The vehicle has no automatic doors on the sides or rear. And no wireless radio for the satellite radio, has a problem with driving at 30 mph feels like its jerking and you're going at constant speed. Wish is had roof rails for extra storage. Not easy to keep the floor clean because it's carpet which there was something else they could use.

- Christine W

The Workhorse That Iacocca Built

The car has had brake issues, and it is rusting more than normal. Saying that I must say the car is otherwise dependable. We can haul whatever we need. We have driven from one end of the country to the other, and the gas mileage is great. The vehicle is comfortable, seats seven well. There is no problem with handling, though it is top heavy.

- Carmelo P

It's great for families with kids, and is a safe vehicle to drive on the highway.

I like my vehicle's interior features like the dvd player, radio system, navigation features, cruise control, middle door automatic windows, heated seats. I didn't like that we had to replace the main computer brain in the vehicle, and from service records, this was the second time it's been replaced. I wish the interior was a bit roomier.

- Stephanie H

easy of use, easily converted for cargo for trips to Lowes/Home Depot for house/garden projects.

I like the room for driver and passenger. Stow-a ways are great for extras I carry i.e. tool box, jumper cables, extra fuses, blankets, ... The second and third row seats are terrific, easily fits two adults and three children. Rear seat can stow for trips to the store or baggage going on vacation. Gas mileage 23-25 on highways. reliable

- Den l

It's going to live forever. It is an '08 and has 212K miles and is still running

It is a great family Vehicle. It has plenty of seating (7) and also stow and go storage. In the back, you can fold the seats down and use that space to haul groceries or larger items if you do not need the seats at the time. This van gets great gas mileage compared to similar size vehicles. I do have quite a lot of rust but it still runs.

- Misty H

Great Vehicle especially when you have children who play sports

Great Vehicle, love all the automatic doors. Very comfortable driving and riding. I just wish that the fold n go captain seats were a little bit easier to fold. The only other issue I have had with this van is that the storage console on the ceiling of the van rattles and squeaks, and we have never been able to fix or find the cause.

- A M

Chrysler town and country dependability.

I love my van!! The store and go seats are really easy to pack up and re open. It handles great. There’s plugs in each row so everyone can charge their devices during road trips. Excellent gas mileage, too. This is the second town and country that I have owned and I would definitely consistently another one when I retire this one.

- Robin D

Minivan with plenty of room and entertainment for passengers.

The Town and Country has been useful for taking my extended family on trips to visit relatives or on other adventures. It has built in DVD player and entertainment system which helps keep the children entertained on longer trips. It's been a dependable vehicle that easily seats four adults and three children under the age of 10.

- Holly O

The automatic doors make life a lot easier.

My van is great. I have 5 kids and it sits a family of 7 comfortably. I have had different vehicles but my town and country beats them all by far. It has been the best dependable vehicle I have ever owned. It also has plenty of storage for trips or the kids games. I love my town and country van and wouldn't trade it for anything.


Town and country is a handy and practical family vehicle

The Chrysler Town and country is a great family vehicle. Plenty of storage in the back and seats that can fold down flat into the floor. DVD player and rear temperature control. Driver controlled window lock is nice too. Back of seats have nifty hooks to hook grocery bags on to prevent them from sliding around when I'm driving.

- Angie N

I have always like the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep family of vehicles.

Mostly reliable. Few minor problems. If you have basic mechanic skills you will be able to maintain this vehicle very well. No real major problems with it. Drives real nice. Wish I would have spent a little more and got a better version with more features. All you really need to do, as with any vehicle, is to give it some TLC.

- Justin B

It's a great mom-mobile! We are able to travel for holidays and still ride comfortably.

As a mom of 3 kids, I love that it is a minivan. It has good space. I LOVE the automatic sliding doors, and rear door. I also like that both sides have sliding doors. I have a few mechanical issues that are frustrating, and resulted in a 4-star review instead of a 5-star. It burns oil. It also has atrocious gas mileage.

- Jackquelyn W

Old car maintenance if someone does not know what they are doing.

It is getting old has oil leak. The fan motor is on the right one. Can not use a/c or heat or it will run hot. One of the tires keeps going flat. The wipers work but can not use the spray bottles The timing belt keeps breaking so we put in a metal one. Also it has a new motor in it also. But it still runs hot all the time..

- Barbara B

This is a splendid vehicle.

This town and country van drives very smoothly, it is a very spacious fit for a family of eight people. This van has the perfect color. Silver is a very classy color for any car or truck. The town and country is a minivan that every family should have. The town and country Chrysler will let you drive anywhere in the world.

- L G

Perfect family vehicle for long trips and a day out.

Love it. Seats fold into the floor which makes it great for camping. 7 passenger makes it perfect for family trips. Also has overhead DVD player with remote and touch screen stereo. Has been the best vehicle I've ever owned. Drives real smooth and seats are very comfortable. I would most definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Holly J

Other than the repair aspect, I have no complaints. It's a nice van, runs well even though it's getting up there in mileage, and is comfortable.

I love my minivan. It really like the heated seats in the winter, as well as the DVD system for the kids. I'm not crazy about when it needs repairs, though. It seems like everything is a "kit", and you can't repair just one part. You have to replace the entire section, which is very costly. Otherwise, I love my van.

- Leah N

Reliable family vehicle that is enjoyed by mom and kids alike

I love that it has been a reliable van. It has DVD players which the kids love and a spacious trunk that fits my double stroller as well as lots of groceries. The only thing I dislike is that in the third row the car seat hooks are centered between the middle and side seat. That being said, if I use them I lose a seat.

- Brittany P

My wonderful van -great for a family and making memories.

I love my van! The worst problem I have had is that it sometimes does not start. It eventually does. . But it is always a worry. Chrysler cannot ever find the cause. But it is such a comfy ride!! We have 169000 miles in it. Almost everything has been replaced. My only wish is that it did not have the starting problem.

- Michele M

Has lots of room for family traveling and comfortable for long trips.

Didn't have any issues because dud oil changes and tune ups on regular basis. It was a good car and we drove in long trips and never had any problems. If you do the upkeep you won't have any problems. I even had an accident where was ran into a guard rail and car still ran and no one was injured. It's a strong vehicle.

- jennifer W

Town and Country great for families

We have been pleased with our Chrysler Town and Country. We love the convenience of a minivan. It is so easy for the kids to get in and out (and grandparents too). Great gas mileage. Great entertainment package. The only thing is the braking system seems to be bad design as we have to replace them very frequently.

- Kris O

I enjoy the interior size and use for my family.

Have had too many repairs although the vehicle was bought used. Did have low mileage for a 2008. Has been ok since all was fixed. First fix was TV screen in vehicle. Also had wheel fall off and not sure how it happened. I enjoy the features it has but even the power windows have been a problem as one shattered on us.

- Andrew B

Roomy enough for the whole family and then some.

Our car for the most part suits our needs. It seats our whole family. It has enough storage room for all our belongings. All the features in the car we use to the fullest. The only bad part about the car is when something breaks or wears out. Depending on what it is, parts to replace the problem are sometimes costly.

- Peter P

My vehicle is a family friendly vehicle. It has plenty of room.

I have not had any problems with it just the regular maintenance that has to be done. I like the performance and reliability. It is comfortable to drive. It has plenty of room for both passengers and the driver. It is just the right size for a big family or if you have to haul a lot of passengers from time to time.

- Eliza L

Super cozy and comfortable.

Ni problems. Drives great with normal routine maintenance. I have over 200, 000 miles on it and go back and forth from NY to FL every few months. Actually I would change one thing. Its a stow n go but the seat don't fold down into the floor like the 2006 model. They have to be taken out and that's an inconvenience.

- Deb W

Great choice for families - makes life easier!

Sliding doors and stow and go seats is what sold us on this vehicle. Having two small kids and a dog at the time of purchase, these features were on our must haves. Heated seats and back up camera was an added bonus. We bought the car used and have only had typical maintenance issues: replacing brakes, tires,etc.

- Angie G

Stow and go seating makes all the backseat fold down flat.

I like having this van with children. It is very convenient getting the kids in and out quickly. I also like the third row seating. All of the backseat fold down flat, it is called stow and go so it almost like having the room of a flatbed truck when all the seats folded down. It is a very comfortable vehicle.

- Rachel J

Town and country headaches.

It runs great but has mechanical issues. She is easy to work on. The van has all gauges working. The breaks need to be changed twice a year. The oil leaks and despite numerous attempts it wont stop. The van takes very little time warming up. It is a great van. The tv in the back needed the video line changed.

- Ally J

Dependable family-friendly vehicle.

This vehicle is very reliable. I love the space and that it has the stow and go seats. It makes travelling with kids very easy. I have never had any major issues with this vehicle just the necessary tune ups. I love that it has the power doors and tailgate. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Kiara F

I love my Town and Country

I love my Town and Country. It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I have not had any problems as far as performance. Also has lots of room for a family of 4 with a large dog. It has stow and go which was a great option when it comes to going on vacation. I would recommend this vehicle to any family.

- Jessica B

Very comfortable with many added features.

Our Chrysler town and country has been a very reliable and dependant vehicle. With just about 315,000 miles its still running strong. It has plenty of space for our family and many features that appeal to our family. The kids love the dual DVD players and I love the stow and go seating and heated seats!

- Michelle P

Great for loading kids and stuff.

I love my town and country, comfortable, great for loading kids and stuff, heated seats are wonderful when your back hurts. We have the video which kept the kids from arguing on long trips. Have owned this vehicle for 5 years and other than routine maintenance it has been an extremely reliable vehicle.

- Robin R

Very helpful in all the travels.

My van has many extra features. I really like the fact that the problems show up on the dash, like a low tire the mile left in the gas, the way to dial the radio and the volume of the radio. The stow and go is helpful for hauling extra supplies. The extra space is very helpful to haul large supplies.

- Sharon M

The Chrysler Town and Country is a great family van, with lots of room.

I love my van, it has plenty of room in it , big enough for my family. And it makes going on vacations a heck of a lot easier, because the kids have room. The only problem we have had, has been the censor for the key. we had to have it fixed, but other than that we have not had any problems with it.

- ashey g

Easy Going, family vehicle for families on the go

I love that the Town and Country is a spacious vehicle for my family of 6. It is excellent as far as gas mileage is concerned and very reliable. I would recommend to anyone wanting to buy a family vehicle. I am a busy Mom always on the run, so the Chrysler Town and Country meets our family's needs.

- Jessica J

We have had nothing but problems with this make and model.

Since having this vehicle we have had to replace the radiator, and wheel bearings. The power steering has had problems. The CD player is starting to act up. The passenger side sliding door is hard to open. There is rattling under the vehicle when driving. We have not been impressed with this van.

- Peggy C

We call my vehicle the red rocket because my husband is firefighter and the kids love anything to associate to their dads profession.

I enjoy the space this vehicle allow for my family with three children and the under the floor compartments are a great asset. I also like have the extended truck it helps a lot with groceries and the ability to fold all the seat down from the second from back in great when we have to travel.

- Carrie F

Doors open with the touch of a button!

My van has been very reliable. The biggest problem is the rusting in this years model. One of the pro con features are the blue running lights on the ceiling if the van. They are cool looking but this area aldo also rattles. I love the button on the fab that opens the hatch and the side doors.

- Susan B

Very roomy. Great for families.

I have children and this vehicle makes it nice easy and fun to get to where we need to go. The seats are comfortable it's roomy enough for us and our stuff. The motor is top of the line. The safety of this vehicle was what I was looking for. It glides over the roads like they were just paved.

- Paula W

Great for larger families and everyday use but does get cramped for long trips.

It's a minivan which we needed for our amount of kids. Although I dislike having to crawl back in backseat to put my kids in their car seat every time. We like the storage space and reliability. Although we wish we had something big enough for the whole family that we could take off roading.

- Kelsie M

Chrysler town and country van is dependable.

My Chrysler town and country is a very reliable vehicle. I bought it when my daughter was under a year old and it has been very safe and dependable. Even with it being an older vehicle, I have not had any issues to speak of with the van. For being a larger vehicle it has great gas mileage.

- Jamie P

Durable Chrysler minivan.

I love my Chrysler minivan. I bought it used and it was in decent condition. I have had it for 5 years with basic maintenance issues. a lot of mile so this vehicle is in it for the long haul. V8 engine. Good in the snow. Spacious for large families or small families with a lot of friends.

- Laura P

Probably just that it feels cheap. A lot of plastic, a few things have stopped working, some things are poorly designed.

Generally feels a little cheap. The center panel thing (on the roof, with sunglasses holders and such) rattles constantly if I don't wedge something between it and the roof. The left sliding door button also stopped working altogether. Otherwise a decent car. Hasn't broken down on me yet.

- Joseph Z

The stow and go and 7 passenger seating makes for a lot of open space.

My vehicle runs smoothly and it has a nice ride. It is stow and go and is a 7 passenger. It is very roomy and comfortable. It has far back wing windows that open. The bucket seats adjust so that the seats can go almost all the way back which is nice when you bring the kids to a drive in.

- Dominica F

Why I love and hate my 2008 Chrysler town & country.

Very comfortable to drive, love the stow n go feature. I do not love the repeated brake replacements, this car seems to be much worse than any other car I have ever driven. The ac also failed prematurely in my opinion and I have hated driving the car in the summer for the past 3 years.

- Marianne H

The most important thing about my van to me is the space it has floorboard cubby space but a small trunk area.

My van seats seven so it is the two front seat and two bench seats in the back. I enjoy it there haven't been to many problems with the town and country. Norman things such as brakes and rotors. Changed battery after five years of owning it. I would recommend it for a mid size family.

- Amy S

Trustworthy old friend..0.

Because of the Texas lemon law, my car has a lifetime warranty on everything except tires, brakes. It has been very reliable, just the right height for driving. Although it does not have all the newest features, it has all I need, and I have had remarkably few problems at all with it.

- Ro Jean T

Electric problems, dealer is not helpful.

Too much electric problems not even the dealer knows whats the problem. Sometimes when I am driving, all the dashboard lights turn on and off and sometimes the vehicle turned off. We've been searching, and people that have the same problem, the solutions is different for everybody.

- Monica M

The vehicle is reliable. It's safe and has multiple airbags.

The Chrysler is a very reliable vehicle. It was the only vehicle I ever bought brand new. It began as a awesome car. It would've remained that way if not for the issues I shortly faced. It had a few recalls but they were remedied. Their customer service does their best to help you.

- Cee J

The beautiful green color and lots of storage space

It's large spacious and durable. We've had it for many years and I love how there's so much storage space. That's why we use it whenever we travel. It's also a beautiful green color. The mileage is a lot but still works perfectly. It has seven seats so great for carpooling as well

- Anam A

Town and country minivan is a very dependable vehicle.

My Chrysler town and country is very reliable. The minivan is a stow and go which means it has enormous storage. It also has a back up camera to help with backing up. The minivan has two television screens. It sits seven people very comfortably. It has been a dependable vehicle.

- Barbara P

It is wonderful. Great for the baby and the three pre teens.

I love it the only problem I seem to have is when the baby falls asleep in the car and I open the door it is really loud and wakes her up. Love the heated seats. It seems to need a lot of oil changes but we bought it used. Door has a huge dent and it cost 5,000 dollars to fix it.

- Alyssa R

Transmissions are horrible in these vans.

Engine had to be replaced at 96000 miles transmission has slipped ever since, lights stay on inside van at night, there have been so many things go wrong I have lost count brakes have had to be replaced numerous times. . . More than normal. I will never buy a Chrysler van again.

- Jennifer L

Perfect minivan for family.

Very reliable and sturdy car. Perfect for families and children. Drives very well and not too big. It's very good on gas and spacious inside. You can add entertainment for the kids with screens that come down from the ceiling. It's a perfect van for families small and growing.

- Monica W

The Chrysler town and country is a ok car.

I like that my car has built in car seats and it has a TV for the kids and also I like the space the vehicle has. The con is it comes with plastic heater hose so you have to buy metal ounces once those brake. And you have to connect the TV to a company to get the full service.

- Jasmin P

Third row legroom, not so spacious

Great for families. Third row seating helps to haul my entire family, however, leg room is not very spacious, so only younger kids can sit in third row making it harder to buckle them in. Luckily, I have Swivel n go, so I just turn middle row sideways for easy access to rear.

- Krystal D

It has been faithful and I really have no complaints.

It is been a dependable vehicle at 226000 miles, has not had a lot go wrong. Basic maintenance oil, filters, brake pads and shoes. It does take a bit for the air conditioning to cool but it will eventually. Came with CD/DVD player, only not so easy to see in the back seats.

- Cheryl D

The town and country is a great vehicle for families!

Reliable, easy to drive - does not feel as big as it is, great entertainment system kids to watch DVDs. I wish it got better gas mileage, spacious, good for longer trips and also driving around town. Love the automatic sliding doors and trunk (easy to load and unload kids),

- Ann C

Seats that push down into the floor.

This is a good vehicle but if your alternator goes out on it doesn't work. It runs pretty smooth as all electric with a nifty key fob that also has a key. My brakes aren't any good I will have to get them replaced. There are many cup holders and the stow and go is awesome.

- Nicole P

The most important thing to know about the Chrysler Town and Country is that the options are endless! The seats fold down into the floor allowing lots of room for hauling and lots of seats for taking lots of people places.

I love my town and country because t makes traveling with kids so much easier! My favorite features are the automatic sliding doors, the DVD player, and the stow and go seats. I also love that it is an easy to drive vehicle that is comfortable and gets great gas mileage.

- Kara B

Down the center of the ceiling, there is none led lighting. Such a fun feature.

Rust issues with no replacement panel available so have been told by several body shops it is unfixable. Good space. Average gas mileage. Like stow and go feature. We like the interior lighting in the center of the vehicle. Plenty of airbags so the vehicle is safe.

- Alison W

Feel like I have a lemon for a car

Ever since I purchased this van, it has had problems. Doors not sliding, molding falling off around the doors, water coming from the sunroof, malfunction indicator light constantly on. Tire pressure always coming on even when the tires have plenty of air. Disappointed.

- Jeannine B

Kids can watch movies in the back seat.

No problems just normal wear, tires, kids can watch movies in the back seat, has moonroof, very comfortable with cloth seats, air conditioning, back seat can disappear into floor. Seats 8, electric windows, electric doors in the back. Nice van, I always loved this one.

- Patricia A

It has power sliding doors. It also has an auto=up window. I wish that was on all windows.

It's not been an awful van. I had to have the transmission replaced at just over 100k miles. I was not at all happy with that. It also needs front brakes every couple of years. I will not buy another Chrysler, I'm pretty decided that I will not have another van either.

- Valerie W

Chrysler town and country.

I have been very happy with this vehicle. It has enough space for everyone. There is enough storage in the back. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. The only problem I have had is needing to frequently have brakes replaced. Other than that I have had no issues.

- Christine L

Very dependable vehicle. I've had it for 10 years with minimal issues.

I love the interior. Beautiful design. My family has enjoyed the VES system and allowing for two movies at one time is awesome. I love the automatic features of the car... back doors and trunk slide open at the push of a button. This vehicle has been very dependable.

- Ali k

It has great utility that travels well with 1 to 6 passengers, including plenty of power, and has plenty of room to move large and small items when the rear seats are (easily) folded down.

It is easy to handle in wind and in snow. I can haul things that even a pick up doesn't handle. The vehicle has way too much rust for its age and gets much lower mpg than I expected. Love the utility and handling but hate the reliability and quality of the body.

- Michael S

It has been a great and reliable vehicle for our family. Plenty of room, especially with the stow and go.

This vehicle has been very reliable for our family. We have not had any major problems with it. The blower went out on it, but was easily replaced. We also had to replace alternator. Our vehicle has 144,000 miles on it, we are happy with its performance all in all

- Deb D

It not to bad looking, and My husband had it when I married him 6 years ago

I have spent like,2500 on repairs this year,can't afford to buy a new one yet, but it takes me where I am going. So it's not great but it's all I got.It's currently in the shop for a transmission. Hopefully I pick it up this week. So that's about it on my old van

- Mary L

My review of the Chrysler town & country.

It has heated seats, lots of room, great family vehicle! You can watch videos. It has leather seating so you do not have to worry about drinks being spilt. And the seats in the back even recline. There is a total of 7 seats with plenty of room in the back as well.

- Kendal R

Comfort with lots of flexibility.

My minivan is very flexible. It has storable seats that make it very easy to haul loads or people. It also has swivel and go seats that allow passengers to face backward and socialize. Has a large motor for great pick up in traffic and navigation with DVD player.

- Maria D

I own a Chrysler town and country. I have used it for many long family road trip

My 2008 Chrysler town and country touring minivan has 130,000 miles on it and still runs well. Other than normal wear and tare my vehicle has not had any major issues. It drives nice and has a nice entertainment package which is handy for traveling on long trips.

- Amy G

Minivan: flexible and convenient.

Chrysler town and country minivan with swivel and go seats. Rear seats fold down for extra cargo space and middle seats turn with table for long trips. Love the flexibility of the van. Has every option and accessory with. Heated seats, power and satellite radio.

- Mary D

Some problems but it's been my 'old reliable' so far

So far it hasn't had too many problems other than an oil leak and loose sensors from time to time. Other than that it's been a very reliable vehicle that has yet to break down on me. I may regret the 8000 dollars I spent on it at some point but so far I haven't.

- Jessie R

It is a red van with 7 seats. One detail is that it has great movie players!

The auto pilot does not work all the time, which can be annoying when driving long distances. The van is very good for people with children who have sports/other activities, and the movie players are good fun for my children. Overall, I really like the vehicle!

- Meghan G

It's a minivan so don't judge by that; it's functional, practical and appropriate to my family's needs.

I love that there is plenty of storage space available for children and work. Not really a dislike but the rear hatch no longer opens automatically but I can live with that as I've been using manual for a decade.Also, wish that fuel mileage was a little better.

- Mark B

The rear swivel seats are cool.

I have no issues with the interior of the car. I like that the middle row has the swivel seats and there are two video screens. There are constant problems with the transmission, the car stalls when slowly coming to a stop or sometimes when you're just idling.

- Amanda R

Love the car. It is so roomy and comfortable to ride in.

It's a great car no problems very reliable great gas mileage. The car is a great family car, plenty of room and storage under the seat, it is comfortable and has great gas mileage. Infant car seat fits great in this van, and it has plenty of room for everyone.

- Mia M

Satisfaction indeed. This has been the best vehicle I ever owned.

I have had no problems, I have never owned a vehicle I'm satisfied with as I am with my town n country. It drives smooth. I keep it maintained and make sure it is well taken care of. It has been a perfect vehicle for my family and especially my grandchildren.

- Betty A

it needs work the track is coming off, also the shocks and struts need to be changed and also the back tailgate is starting to go one it.

I like the stow and go seating, dvd player and backup camera i also like the heated seats. The things i dislike is it does not have a built in navigation system in it and that it is getting old and need a newer car which i would but the new version of my van.

- maggie h

Town and Country Made for Families on the Go

This van is the perfect one for my family. My kids are very active in sports, and there is plenty of room for all four of them plus their equipment. There is room to bring friends as well. I love the stow and go seats, and the power liftgate is so convenient!

- Nickki R

It has great storage for when buying larger amounts of groceries for your family.

I like it I am more a gm fan but it gets me from point A to B have had a few issues one I cannot really seem to fix but other than that it is be an ok vehicle. Great gas mileage. Spacious. Nice storage. Roomy. Clean. Easy to clean family friendly. It is ok!

- Patricia M

So much space for people and all their stuff.

This car has comfortable seats. Cruise control and stereo control is in the steering wheel. Display show's direction and temperature. This minivan has tons of storage capacity, because the seats are stored, you can haul items as if you had a small truck.

- Ginger D

Great family vehicle overall.

Vehicle runs smooth. Have dealt with rusting on the backside. The inside liner as had to be replaced. Rides smoothly on small trips and long trips. Has plenty of room and storage. Radio is factory but works and sounds great. But overall a great vehicle.

- Alicia H

It is great if you have a family, they are spacious and have great storage.

I like the accessibility of the easy open doors, especially with children. It is spacious and has a great deal of storage. I do not like the pressure sensors on the tires, they will alert when it is cold outside, even if the tire pressure is sufficient.

- Bree E

Excellent for traveling and family get-togethers

It's really good on gas it's great for traveling in because it has an entertainment system with 3 DVD players is comfortable is stylish and I would buy another one if Chrysler makes a new Chrysler Town & Country I would recommend this vehicle to anyone

- Gregory T

Best minivan for busy families

Our town and country is very comfortable with lots of space. The kids love that 5he middle row captains seats swivel to face backwards so they can face each other, makes it fun for longer trips. Performance has been good, minor repairs over the years.

- Keira S

This van is not good on gas. You will have to stop a lot and fill up.

I like the style of it, the backup camera, the stow and go seating. I also like the way it drives, and the powerful engine. I don't like the fuel economy. I feel like I have to stop for gas a lot. And sometimes I need more space for my family of 6.

- Jamie B

This van is a a great vehicle ,not only does it have seat warming in the front and back seats with individual temp. Controls.

This vehicle is very reliable. It still starts on the first try. You can get them as fancy as you want. With all the bells and whistles. Gas mileage is great.18-21 mpg on highway 13 in the city. I love the way in handles, it has a very smooth ride.

- Denise S

My vehicle has been extremely reliable.

It's been a great reliable car. It's very good in the snow and rainy weather. Also you can fit plenty of people into it so if you have a family it's perfect. The o2 sensor had a recall but they fixed the problem right away, it's really good on gas.

- Ann D

It is a dependable vehicle for the most part.

I like that the vehicle has many features, like power seats, DVD player, and power doors. I also like that it handles smoothly. I do not like that I keep having to replace the wheel hub assembly. It seems to be a common issue with this model.

- Nicole C

Spacious town and country.

My van is very roomy. I am 5'8"able to fit a backwards facing car seat behind my driver seat and I am still comfortable. I also have two booster seats in the back and we all fit great. The power doors are my favorite feature. Drives very nice.

- Brynne D

It holds a lot of cargo and people. When we go on vacation or camping trips it is an ideal vehicle for us. I do not like the poor mileage.

It gets poor mileage. It has a lot of storage or cargo area. It's great for vacations or camping because of the room for cargo and passengers. It has a history of a poor paint job. The clear coat is dull and needs to be repainted on the hood.

- John L

Great features of my van but not great under the hood quality!

Love the stow and go feature of the town and country van. It really was the reason we chose this van over the Honda minivan. We have been happy with our purchase for the most part, except that our transmission did not to 100, 000 miles.

- Chris H

The Chrysler Town & Country is in it for the long haul!

My Town and Country is super comfortable and spacious. It run really well with minimum maintenance issues. My van is currently 10 years old and I noticed that it is starting to run louder like other Chrysler's and Dodges typically do.

- Kim M

Chrysler Town & Country review

It's a decent all around minivan MPV. Chrysler still has issues with their V6 3.8 liter motors the "chrysler tick" is present and never really goes away. Love stow and go makes keeping things that stay in the car neat and out of sight

- Jeffery S

If you have to have the brakes worked on it's going to take a professional to do the job right and cost a small fortune

I have not had this van very long but so far I like it very much. The one thing I don't like is it is a lot bigger than the car that I was driving. On the plus side it has lots of room and easy to drive. I love the stow and go seats.

- Vickie B

Lots of room, good running.

With almost 200, 000 miles on it, its running pretty good. Needs some work on the front end, ball bearings and such. But seems to do ok. It was running hot for a while couldn't find the problem but some stop leak bandaged it up.

- Christy S

Town and country white mini van with 150k miles. D d with 2 screens and headphones

The van has around 150k miles on it. It's has been a good vehicle with normal upkeep. It's has a DVD player with 2 screens and headphones. The stereo system is great. The seats are heated. It has pleather adjustable seats.

- Mary W

It is very dependable and affordable on gas.

No complaints. It is just the right size to haul anything we need. It runs good and we love it. There is really nothing about the car that I do not like. It runs good it looks good it holds everything we need it to hold.


It is a nice car to travel with a family of 3 or more; highway miles are good

We like the room, I dislike that there is only one AC in the van. I dislike the radio is loud in the back, but no control of volume in rear. The gas tank leaves a scent inside and we were told that was a factory issue

- Renee G

The stow-n-go feature makes for extra room for storage when traveling.

I like my vehicle for It's extra room inside. It drives smoothly and gets fairly good gas economy. The heated seats helps to get my back calmed down after a day of work.There is nothing I can think that I would dislike.

- Paul B

Great car for trips. Lots of room for luggage, coolers, beach tent and more.

It comes with lots of storage. Fold away seats. Outlet plug. Automatic doors. Back windows that go down. Oil leaks, doors do not always open, can not add a automatic starter, at times it just will not start. No reason.

- Evelyn W

It's a very convenient car to have when you have multiple kids.

It's is a very spacious and comfortable vehicle. The navigation system and built in tvs makes long traveling easier especially having kids in board. One downfall is the engines pick up and expenses to make repairs.

- Vincent R

Chrysler town and country: perfect car for families!

Love the spaciousness. Lots of room for kids and cargo. Love the stow and go areas for traveling, can fit a lot in those compartments! Love the heated seats and the dual DVD players- have used those on many trips!

- Jill V

That it is spacious inside and handles like a car and not a large truck.

I like that the van handles like a car, and that when a passenger in the back seat you can fully recline back just like a front seat rider. Plus the seats fold flat in the bottom for easy use of more cargo space.

- Dana K

Great family vehicle, can seat 7 and haul luggage, groceries, etc.

Like the seats fold down into the floor for hauling large items or a bunch of boxes, etc. Dislike brakes seem to wear out too soon, body is rusting on the doors. Dislike gas mileage, I would like about 35 mpg.

- Dale G

Town and country with all the bells and whistles!

I have 2 DVD players installed, I wish they were in the headrests as they are in the center of the van and block my view. Also on occasion, the sliding doors reopen and I am afraid they'll close on my children.

- Holly F

Its roomy for both passengers & for storage in the back. Its comfortable.

It was one of the first vehicles with rear backup mirror so it is somewhat blurry. I love the seats that can be laid down for more room. I like the sliding doors & the rear door that can be open with a button.

- Peggy R

There is a lot of space in the car. I have four children and the fit is still very roomy.

I like how smooth it drives. It feels very safe. I like the televisions and GPS along with satellite radio. I'm upset the televisions don't work anymore. I also don't like that i have to pay to update the gps.

- Tatiana E

The perfect family vehicle.

The Chrysler Town and Country is a perfect family vehicle. It had its original part for about 11 years before it actually began to need new parts. The vehicle has a dvd player and tv screens for the back rows.

- Wendy S

It's very comfortable for traveling long distances!

I love all the extras I get, DVD screens/players, heated seats, full roll down back windows, backup cam. Really the only thing I don't like is the gas usage. Otherwise It's a fantastic vehicle for our family.

- Tiffany R

Best family vehicle available!

This van has always been dependable with very reasonable prices for maintenance and repair. I have a large family and it is very comfortable when we take long trips. I would definitely purchase another one. .

- Maggie B

It is a very comfortable wonderful family vehicle! plenty of space!

I love that my vehicle is loaded with features like heated seats,dual roll down rear windows, dual dvd, and STOW & GO SEATS!!! I do not like that it has had a lot mechanical issues go wrong with it so far...

- Tiffany R

That it is a very comfortable van that has an enormous amount of bells and whistles.

I like the vehicle but it has a lot of quirks. It has had some recall fixes but I feel that some of the other quirks should also be recalls since it is not normal. It is a luxurious van that I enjoy driving.

- Rebecca G

Chrysler Town and Country - A Review.

The only problem is that it eats the brakes quickly. Aside from that, it's been really good. The leather seats are really comfortable, and the Stow N Go functionality is convenient for transporting items.

- Nadya S

It's a basic vehicle that is safe and mostly reliable for transporting our family.

I like the size and convenience of the van for kids. I like the interior look and automatic doors. I also like the tech features. I don't like the occasional repairs and the transmission seems unreliable.

- Steph S

It has plenty of space for kids and stuff!! Backup camera not the best.

I love the space in my van with the 3 rows and storage space. I love how the doors can be opened with key and how the seats are heated!! Wish back up camera was better and had DVD player and navigation

- Christy C

It is a classy vehicle, even 10 years in. I hope it lasts another 10.

I like the space, and ease of getting children in and out. I have had to replace the transmission, and the brakes wear quickly, so I am not a huge fan of that. Also, I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Renee V

It's a great car for a family, especially a family with littler kids.

I like the stow and go feature. I like the large trunk area. I like the buttons for opening my trunk and side doors. I don't like the gas mileage and a lot of times I wish I had a four wheel drive.

- Sara C

it's a great vehicle to have to you have a large family

i love that its big enough to have all the kids in it at the same time. i love that they have room and don't feel crowded. i don't like that the back isn't big enough to put all of my groceries

- billie k

It has a lot of storage space. In particular the hidden storage compartments under the floor are awesome.

It has a lot of room and some really cool little storage compartments under the floor. Gas efficiency could be better and it has had a number of minor maintenance issues since we purchased it.

- Chris W

Stow and go is great for storing groceries and for items when taking trips.

It leaks water, have had issues with my breaks and with my tires often. It is does get better gas mileage than my last vehicle and it is very roomy just wish I wasn't having the other issues.

- Patricia W

Good van for large families and longer trips. Got our money's worth out of it.

Durable. Dependable. Some of trim and amenities stopped working after many years of good use. Seems to have some electrical problems now as far as inside but not much has happened to engine.

- Jonathan E

It is a great family vehicle that has a lot to offer

I really like how it drives and how much room it gives the kids along with the entertainment system. I dislike the doors because they are automatic and don't always close like they should.

- Courtney M

The vehicle has plenty of room for people as well as luggage.

The van has lots of great features. I enjoy the room, the video, the backup camera and the reliability. The only issue has been with the brakes. I have had to replace them multiple times.

- sheila d

Drives well with great storage space, but requires tons of maintenance to maintain.

I dislike that my van requires so much constant maintenance. I like the double tv's. My radio constant turns off and resets on its own, especially in the winter, which is very irritating.

- Britanie H

Handicap accessible van that gives me freedom to go places

My vehicle is a handicap accessible van, I really like the features it has such as the seat warmers and automatic closing doors but the. Eat thing is the ramp that allows me to get around

- Debi B

Perfect family vehicle with convenience

I love how I can adjust the temperature for the back and for each front seat for each person. There are a lot of cup holders which is great. It drives well and has lasted is a long time.

- Jana B

The color is nice and it fits kids well. It is a little snug in the back for adults.

I like the automatic doors and trunk, however sometimes the doors do not close on their own. I am also worried about the stirring. I have got if fix but sometimes it still seems unsafe.

- Umber V

That I holds 7 people comfortably and the seats fold down into the floor.

This van has seats that fold into the floor. I love that. I have moved 3 times with it. The gas mileage is fair the ride is comfortable. It is nice and big so people see me easier.

- James O

The Town and Country offers comfort and roominess for families with great storage when the seats are in use for travel and room to transport large items when the seats are down.

I like the room and storage especially the stow and go seating. I dislike the frequent repairs that have been required of this vehicle. The check engine light is off and on frequently

- Suzy L

It's a great vehicle for a family with multiple children.

I love the storage available in my vehicle. It allows for me to use storage under my floors. Also, there is plenty of legroom and trunk space. The car also has great gas mileage.

- Deanna A

It's comfortable with the feel of riding in a car, not a truck.

I like the comfort of my vehicle, it's easy to get into and out of. I also like the feeling of being up a little higher than when you are in a car, but not too high like a truck.

- Kathy A

The vehicle is very versatile. It can haul people one day, items the next.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It comfortably seats up to 7 people. I can also stow the seats into the floor and haul large objects. I also like that it has satellite radio.

- Cindy S

An affordable van, Chrysler town and country that fits whole family with comfort.

The van is very spacious. It is also great on gas. It's a stow and go and seats are big. They go under the floor. The back trunk is very spacious too. It's very easy to maintain

- vernie s

Family Friendly Fun for all

Stow away seats are awesome for families with children. Good on gas. No issues or problems. For a minivan, it is one of the top choices. The only thing better would be an suv.

- Steph S

Great for short hauls, but I wouldn't trust it on a long family vacation anymore.

Van was initially great for our young family. Over time, the reliability has become awful with a number of required repairs, including having the engine rebuilt several times.

- Candice B

2008 Town and Country Van

The only problems I have had with this car has been issues with the brakes. Easy enough repair although expensive. Other than that really cannot complain about this vehicle.

- Krissy L

This van is a great vehicle for a family with multiple car seats.

This van is great - it has over 100,000 and still runs well and I have confidence in it's performance. It has stow and go seating which makes adjusting storage a breeze, too!

- Amanda S

versatility. Seats up to haul 7 passengers. in just a few seconds, seats down to haul luggage, college gear etc.

I love the convenience of the mini van for storage and hauling plus additional people when needed. also love the convenience of stow and go compartments and adjustable seats.

- myra d

Front seats are very roomy.

Both back doors open up by a push of a button. The middle console is pretty useless. The dashboard where the radio/heat/DVD etc. is not arranged in a functional way at all!

- Lori W

It eats gas worse than a big truck.

I like that my van has lots of room and DVD player for the kids. What I do not like to well is that the air only comes out on one side of the vents in the front of the van.

- Amanda A

It goes fast really quickly so be careful with the gas pedal.

The Chrysler town and country is a reliable vehicle. The seats fold down when you need extra storage room, and there's a lot of room if you wind up with extra passengers.

- Sabrina D

That it still runs well despite being an older vehicle.

I like the space it has. I love the fact there are sliding doors on both sides to access the middle/back row. I dislike that the air conditioning system no longer works.

- Kelly K

I had difficulties with the power doors and windows does not working all the time and the front headlight had to be replaced several times due to water inside the light .

I don't like the fact it doesn't have back Windows you can roll down. It's doesn't have easy to use folding seats. I do like the fact you can put eight people in the van

- Nancy A

It is comfortable and dependable, but needs a lot of maintenance.

I love the features and comfortable ride. I am very displeased with the wiring in the sliding door harness. I also am constantly in the mechanic for maintenance issues.

- Nikita C

it's great for large families and road trips. Plenty of space and amenities.

I like that it is the touring edition with built in dvd. I like the cruise control. I do not like the gas mileage. I do not like how the wheel wells rust out so easily.

- Brian C

It drives likes a smaller vehicle.

I like the turn radius, how the vehicle handles, and the interior room. I dislike all the plastic and rubber details and how difficult it is to fold a seat (stowaway).

- Melissa I

About the spare tire. It is a really bad decision to make it this way.

It has a lot of room to sit 7 people. One thing I don't like is the spare tire is under the middle of the car. This makes it very very hard to change any flat tires.

- Steven B

Dependable minivan for families

We haven't had any major issues with the car. It is fairly dependable. It gets decent gas mileage. We added a trailer hitch and tow a small camper with no issues.

- Jennifer V

It has over 200,000 miles on it and still running.

It runs well, despite the fact that it has over 200,000 miles on it. It is reliable for the most part. It is not a beautiful vehicle by any means. The radio sucks.

- Amy L

The most important thing to me are the easy stow away seats that fold into floor

The thing I like most about my town and country is how the seats simply fold into the floor for a quick flat surface. It drives great and fits our family nicely.

- Bonita M

If your thinking about a truck consider a van.

I like some of the bells and whistles like the seat warmers and DVD players. I love the stow and go. I do not like the problems it has with air pressure sensors.

- Susan I

My van is a lemon and I cannot seem to make lemonade out of it.

Everything on it has broken. We think it must have been in a flood, muffler was rusted out as well as brakes. From struts to calipers. The DVD player even broke.

- Andrea W

Safety is a major concern. However, price is also a major factor.

I like how much storage it has. The clear coat is coming off. The only major complaint that I have is that the van gets very shaky when you get behind a semi.

- Ben L

Nothing much, it runs pretty well.

It runs well, but seems to always have radiator issues. Constantly overheats, and brakes are wearing down very quickly. Gets my family from point A to point B.

- Tiffany H

It's great highly recommend.

Just recently started having wear and tear. Issues is my only complaint. I love the video option for young kids. Wish I would have opted for stow and go seats.

- Bob L

I love that there is lots of room for hauling stuff and people around!

Love the room and comfort of the van. Love the sliding doors and back hatch. Have had lots of mechanical issues with it since we have had it, so that is bad.

- Robin B

Great for big family use.

Wonderful with kids and pets. Unfortunately the dvd players decided to just stop working and I can't seem to fix them. Love that the doors open with a button.

- heather d

It is a reliable minivan; very comfortable for a family.

Like-comfortable, model of vehicle, leather interior, family friendly. Dislike- issues with electrical part of the vehicle, previous transmission issues.

- J. MR M

Decidedly average minivan

This minivan is not as well-built as previous minivans that I've owned; everything seems more cheaply built. It has had lots of little, frustrating problems.

- Lisa H

It meets many of the needs for a family with small children.

I like that it has heated seats. I like that it has a DVD player. I like that it has automatic doors and trunk. I dislike that it gets terrible gas mileage.

- Felicia E

Store and go seating. Very roomy. Lots of legroom.

I love my van, very roomy and sears are the stow and go if you more storage room, very comfortable ride. I definitely would get another van like this one!!

- Joanne D

Has had several problems with brakes water plump and transmission.

Love the room in it. Have had a lot of problems with this van. It has had stuff go wrong that should not have happen for a car with the miles this one has

- dale b

It does it all, really, it can move lots of people, lots of things, and gets decent mileage.

I love the versatility that the minivan provides. It can easily haul my family of 7 and when I need to I can fold the seats down and move a lot of cargo.

- Jim B

I love the buttons to automatically open the doors! This has been so helpful. Especially remote on keys that open trunk.

I have absolutely loved this car! It is super comfortable, and the movie players for my kids are wonderful. The only issues I have had have been minor.

- Stephanie D

Brake pads need frequent replacement.

The brake pads on the 2008 t&c are too small and requires more frequent brake pad replacements. I understand that this problem was fixed on later models.

- Mark H

It is extremely versatile.

I love this van, has stow and go option allowing for a large amount of space great for moving and traveling. Also great on gas so good for everyday use.

- Steve H

Sliding doors can be opened from drivers seat of using key fob remotely.

I've enjoyed owning this vehicle because of its general reliability and the ability to carry 7 people. Remote door opening is a feature I've used a lot.

- Ray P

There is a dent on the back but the inside is in very nice condition.

I love he space it provides and the upgrades it has. However we have had some issues such as noise and smoothness of ride. Overall great for a used van.

- Min J

It is a great family car and gas mileage is not too bad.

I love the auto doors on this. I also love that it seats 7 people and still some space for storage. I dislike the bulkiness of it and no remote start.

- Christy L

Chrysler Town & Country Van

I love my Chrysler Town & Country, its spacious, comfortable, reliable, drives great, runs great, and has been a great addition to our growing family!

- Erica R

It's needed a lot of work

I like that it has a lot of room. I have a basic model so I wish it had more upgrades. The exterior is starting to rust so I have concern about that.

- Dani C

That it does very well with large families.

It is roomy and has 2 DVD players in it for the kids to watch movies on long road trips. It is spacious and accommodates my family of 5 very well.

- Tiffany T

It's roomy, has a dvd/ cd player, is pretty good on gas.

I like it because of the many features including a dvd player for kids. I like the seats stow away for hauling large items. I have no complaints.

- Janet P

Chrysler Town & Country Minivan Review - Great vehicle for families and empty-nesters.

No problems with minivan. It is reliable and fuel efficient. We also appreciate the roominess for hauling things when the seats are tucked away.

- Kathy H

The good gas mileage along with the 5 star safety rating.

Love it because of all of the room for my 3 kids. Love the dual DVD players. Love how smooth it rides. Dislike how much maintenance is involved.

- Tiffany S

Nice looking car very nice inside and out.

Very sensitive censors go off all the time don't feel like its a reliable car have a lot of problems with nice looking car just not trustworthy.

- Marcus T

Its comfy and can hold a lot of people and things.

The van is big enough to hold my family of 7 and the dog when we go places. The stow and go seats are great when we go to IKEA and buy furniture

- Angelica T

Mileage per gallon is not good at all. Ig is made up for in comfort.

I love the comfort of the van. All the bells and whistles. I just have issue with maintenance. It is a higher maintenance vehicle than expected.

- Brenda B

a lot of room to transport stuff for trips and other times you need to pack stuff in

a lot of room with stow away seats. the driver seat has a lot of room for a relaxing drive. good for short and long distances. has a v4 engine.

- scott f

It's a nice family van with the room

It's a 2008. I have had many issues with it. My whole transmission blew and had to have it rebuild. There's a plastic piece that keeps blowing

- Bobby M

Don't buy it. It rusts and the electronic components die.

Electric locks stopped working. Sliding door does not work properly. Key fob doesn't open back hatch without several tries. Poor gas mileage.

- Elizabeth S

Wonderful family vehicle. Easy to place car seats

Very reliable. Love being able to transport a lot of people and a lot of things. Somewhat noisy interior but likely improved on newer models.

- Kelli Z

That it is reliable and safe when operating it properly.

I like that y van is the right size for my family. Its sturdy. I dislike that after all these years she's starting to need more maintenance.

- Ann P

It is reliable, a very dependable car.

It drives well and has helped me get through some tough spots. I do not like that the doors do not work properly. I cannot open one of them.

- Anthony J

It's a good family car with plenty of storage and gets decent gas mileage.

I like the sliding doors and the way the seats fold down. I do not like that one of the sliding doors stopped working and the chain broke.

- Amy S

Family fits comfortably and rides smooth

Love my van. I love the space and stow and go. Wish it had DVD players built in. Need to have shocks replaced and just had brakes replaced

- Holly T

I like that the Mirrors can be adjusted from inside car.

I like that the pedals are adjustable, self locking doors while driving, unlocking remote. I dislike trying to get in the passenger seat.

- ginny s

Great family car. Good for carrying lots of people and their stuff

Good family car. Pretty easy to get car seats in and out of. Gets decent gas mileage and has required a reasonable level of maintenance.

- Ann T

My car is a gas guzzler but it gets me from point A to point B

I love my roomy vehicle and I love my powerful car. I enjoy driving and being free on the road. It may be a gas guzzler but it's mine.

- Sonya F

Great storage, but poor on gas.

Great room and storage. Three row seating, storage unit built in on the floor. Power locks and windows which is nice. Not great on gas.

- Holly H

extras on our Town and country van

Love all the extra heat seats in front and back DVD player with two screens, floor compartment a table you can add in the chairs swivel

- sandra h

The amount of storage is great ! Love taking it on road trips and we can put so much luggage in it

I love to amount of storage space . It's wonderful to take on road trips. And we love the easy open doors to get the kids in and out.

- Marcie S

For me upkeep is key. Oil changes, tires, brakes, etc.

This vehicle is the first I purchased on my own. I'm not faulting the vehicle. I shouldn't have been in such a rush to buy something.

- Nicole N

The spare tire is in a very unsafe place under the middle of the car.

I like the car can hold 7 people with a lot of room. I don't like where they put the spare tire. It is under the car in the middle.

- Steven B

Have a big family you need this van. Go take a test ride today .

I like my van because I have a big family.It has plenty of seats that fit 7 . The entertainment is also a great add to this vehicle.

- warren d

that minivans are not just for soccer moms

it has plenty of room for all my grandchildren to sit comfortably it is very easy to maintain it is very comfortable on long trips

- jamie M

Vehicle oriented for families

Very reliable comfortable with plenty of space. A very family oriented vehicle lessens the bickering between siblings for seating.

- Maida O

The seats are stow and go! It's great to be able to move large things without taking the seats out.

I love everything about our vehicle EXCEPT that it only seats 7 people and that the very back seats are uncomfortable for adults.

- Cortney N

It is very dependable and handles extremely well. It has a variety of convenient features. Great family van for long trips and storage compartments for sporting goods and luggage. The slider doors have convenient automatic windows that you can lower only 50% for safety feature. And the built in window shades are so convenient and easy to use. Gets great gas mileage and has great interior lighting for night driving. Excellent vehicle!

I love the smooth ride. Plenty of room and storage compartments. Slider doors are very convenient as well as back gareon key fob.

- Jackie F

If battery goes dead use the metal key inside your key fob to get into your van.

Stow & go seating. Sun roof. Shades on the side windows. Easy to get into 2nd row seating. Size of area when all seats are down.

- Cheryl M

Chrysler town & country is the safe and reliable way to go.

This is honestly the most reliable used car I've owned. The only issue I consistently encounter is that the battery drains fast.

- Cori B

Stow away seats are great. Enjoy the storage size inside the vehicle.

Size. Ability to transport bikes. Very few maintenance problems. Lifetime warranty. Gas mileage not as good as I would like.

- John T

Make sure you keep your oil changed cause replacing an engine cost a pretty penny after the 2006 models

It's great to have when you want to take the family out to the park or on a vacation. It's roomy and has pretty good gas mileage

- Dave L

Seat 7, great for long trips

It is roomy so it carries all of us. but, it has 120k miles, and needs repairs. previous owners did not take care of it well.

- carl C

It runs. Automatic. Reliable. Just horrible on gas.

Horrible gas mileage in town. However comfy on the inside and seats 3 kids in the back. The kids are a teen, kid, and toddler.

- Melissa N

It has required only basic maintaining, brakes, tune up and a.c. recharge

It has been a good purchase still runs great with work miles. I can haul anything I need to move. I would like it to be newer

- Leeanne C

Best for lots of families. but does take gas a lot.

I love the way it drives. It is smooth ride and has plenty of space. I wish it was easier to park. Also uses lots of gas

- Kimberly C

To use the stow-n-go storage, the front seats and the center unit between the seats must be set in the most forward position to be able to get the floor pieces lifted up to put anything in the storage area.

I like that it has 4 seats with seat warmers and has stow-n-go storage features. There is nothing I dislike about the van.

- Paul C

It is a comfortable ride for long trips.

I love way it drives. I love the DVD system. I love the heated seats. Although it is a tight squeeze with four car seats.

- Jackie W

Good storage & handling/turning for a SUV style.

Automatic doors. Heated seats. Plenty of room. Remote start. The vehicle is versatile and comfortable for all passengers.

- Natalie D

The most important thing others should know about my car is, it is a family car.

My car is very reliable. It can carry my whole family comfortably. I like that its has enough foot room and trunk space.

- Angela S

It has some maintenance issues.

All the features on this van are great. The powered doors are very convenient and I love that the rear windows go down.

- Vincent R

It's used to cart kids around. Don't expect perfection.

I love my van. Having 4 kids, it gives us plenty of room. If I had to dislike something it would be the leather seats.

- Alicia S

great family vehicle which has provided many miles of fun travel

Love the space it provides. very comfortable. eats oil, and brakes frequently. and has left me stranded several times.

- Kristen V

It is an older van, but it is very well made, very comfortable, with a lot of extra stuff like heated seats. my kids love it. no one fights about how much space they get, and it doesn't feel 10 years old.

There is a lot of room in it, and even though it's a van it doesn't feel like you're driving a van, it's a lot cooler

- halie g

It has auto sliding doors which is great when you have kids.

I like that it has auto doors/hatch/backup sounds/DVD players/heated seats. I do not like that parts are falling off.

- Gail V

Comfortable and rides well.

It's very roomy and comfortable. Lots of extra fancy add ons. Haven't had any problems yet and It's a 170, 000 miles.

- Sophie W

It is very roomy and comfortable for 7 passengers.

The gas mileage is not great and the fact of no ac or heat vents in back of van. other than that i have no complaints

- teresa m

It can move even with the high mileage, stock and go seating allows for extra room inside.

My van is very reliable, it has never left me stranded. The minor problem would be it rusts around the wheel wells.

- Julie B

That year had a lot of mechanical issues with the transmission and engine.

I like the roominess. I don't like the gas mileage. I'm looking to put in a new transmission that I can't afford.

- Tammy W

The air works really well

the van is getting a lot of miles on it and is starting to need some repairs. I do like all the room its gives me.

- deborah o

It takes a special coolant.

It has a lot of storage. It drives smooth and is pretty comfortable. I dislike that it isn't very fuel efficient.

- Brooke G

It has given us very few issues over 8 years. Only typical maintenance.

It's a little too big for us with not enough leg space in the back. Uncomfortable back seats. Poor gas mileage.

- Melinda M

It's a good vehicle for families

Like the power doors, DVD player and roominess. Dislike the way the van handles while driving at faster speeds.

- Mindy U

I love the Stow-N-Go seats that fold flat into the floor in just a couple minutes or less. This makes it very easy to convert from carrying passengers to carrying larger items. I also like the feel of the ride. It is comfortable while still giving me enough feedback about the road. The interior is also nice, and my kids like that it looks like an airplane inside with the interior running lights built into the overhead console. It also has plenty of cup holders and compartments for putting things for the kids when we take road trips. I wish the van had better gas mileage, and I have had some issues with the transmission, but overall, I like this vehicle.

It's a very convenient family vehicle with seating for 7 people, lots of storage space, and a comfortable ride.

- Jaime H

It is good for kids. It has a lot of room. It is good to carry cargo in.

It is been a reliable vehicle, with very few problems. It is rather noise and rattles. It is quite comfortable.

- John F

Great family vehicle for everyone

We really like the DVD player for the kids. The show and go seats are helpful for storage. It runs really well!

- Carrie R

Recalls and computer problems.

Vehicle has had so many recalls. . . And no signs of leak but since purchased after 1000 miles my oil is empty.

- Cynthia T

My van is spacious, comfortable, and is also very safe.

I love my van. I love how spacious and comfortable it is. The added heated seats and DVD player is also great!

- Tonya L

My car is falling apart!!

My vehicle has had a few recalls. Some parts you cannot find generically which means you pay more from Mopar.

- Charles J

Great on gas and long rides.

There are electronic problems on the car but other wise I love the car waiting to upgrade to a newer version.

- Kathleen C

I love that I have automatic sliding doors, but that I also can open and close them myself as well manually.

My vehicle serves my active childs lifestyle well. It has held up mechanically well and I enjoy driving it.

- Krista K

I love that it's big enough to fit everything and everyone but still easy enough to drive.

I like that I sit up high. I like the automatic sliders. I like that it has enough room for everyone in it.

- Shannon K

There is a large amount of cargo space.

I love the stow away seats. I really like the roominess of the vehicle. I also like the design of the dash.

- Chris D

I feel safer in it because it is a larger vehicle.

I like the seating/cargo carrying options available and being able to tow our small pop up trailer with it.

- Abbie R

Reliable good running and good looking.

Easy to get in and out of, fair gas mileage. Can haul several people. Rust spots show up to early on body.

- Gary C

Comfort, reliable, smooth ride.

I love my van, good gas mileage, minimal repairs. Great sound system. I would highly recommend this model.

- Deb L

The current ones are much nicer.

I like the room, seat storing, and the comfort. I hate the gas mileage. Overall I'd purchase one again.

- Bill B

It's a van with great dependability and great cargo storage.

I like the space for hauling things. I dislike the gas mileage. I don't like feeling like a soccer mom.

- Nate B

Fold Down Seating Feature

I like the fold down capability of the middle and back row seats. It also gets fairly good fuel mileage.

- Bri H

The car is a unreliable vehicle and would not recommend it

Not a great car the reliability is not great have lots of problems performance is not reliable overheats

- Joshua H

It is a fun car to drive, very attractive and expensive in repairs.

No added amenities, bad mechanical shape, still runs, fits everyone and scooter in it, good gas mileage.

- Bab W

Make sure you check your brake pads before buying this vehicle.

The brake pad need to be changed more than normal. I had to change brake pads and rotors 2 in one year.

- Katherine R

Safety features and standard options.

I like the room and options that come standard. I don't like the gas mileage seems it should be better.

- Robert A

The middle windows do not open, the back glass only open a little!

Side windows don't open, there is no way to get any air! Great vehicle, easy store away for the seats.

- Amanda M

It has 280,000 miles on it and still going strong

I love the way it rides. It is up high enough to see around me. My kids love the entertainment system

- Shaunna P

Town and Country is the best minivan for families. Lots of room for people and all your stuff.

Love the size, the stow n go, and the features. Very comfortable ride, decent mileage on the road.

- Marge L

It's a family car. This is to protect the ones I love.

I like the size, but I dislike the lack of vents in the back for the passengers to stay cool/warm.

- Angela v

For most of its extended life, it has remained in excellent condition ??

It is a car that gets good mileage. We can fit the entire family in it. It has lasted a long time.

- Pius M

its big enough for a large family. it has the 3rd row seating.

I like that it's big enough for my large family. I dislike that its always got something wrong it

- billie k

Comfortable and reliable. Great value. The best vehicle I have ever owned

Has 167000 miles on it! Been a wonderful van. I will buy another town and country in 2 years

- Dawn D

It is a great vehicle for a big family.

I like my vehicle. It has plenty of room for my family. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Eliza P

I wouldn't recommend buying a van at all. I would get a truck instead.

Love the seating don't like the gas mileage and all the work that has to be done at the shop

- Shawn R

It's known to have issues with the wires.

We bought this vehicle used and have had problems with it since. There is a major wire issue


It's has a great safety rating . It's very roomy and is great for families .

It's a minivan . Very dependable and easy to drive . Great for our growing family .

- Kathy L

it provides reliable transportation at a reasonable cost

it is a good and reliable mode of transportation. it has provided good value.

- carla N

Heated seats even in Florida are awesome! The remote auto start is great in the summer and winter.

I hate driving a big van. I love the power doors, remote start, dvd system.

- Kathleen D

I like that the seats fold into the floor giving me lots of space to haul things when I need them. I do wish that the cup holders in the middle section were not in the door but maybe attached to the seat as a fold down holder. Liquid has gotten spilled as the doors open causing a sticky mess.

It's a nice vehicle that has lasted for 10 years, roomy and a great ride.

- Marilyn W