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Why I love my dodge caliber!

The dodge caliber is such a versatile size with four doors and a hatchback. With the full back seat in place, it seats five. The back seat can be put flat and then it is open all the way back to the hatch back door giving lots of room for big box store shopping, taking boxes to storage or hitting all the garage sales! You also have the option of just putting the 1/3 side of the back seat or the 2/3 side of the back seat down and still have back seat seating or put the car seat in back while carrying a long piece of lumber or other long item. This vehicle handles well and makes u-turns easily! It fits in compact spaces easily yet it never feels too small. Even with the full back seat in place, there is room for 5 full grocery paper bags in the storage area. I really enjoyed the flexibility of this model. The seat height is just perfect, I do not need to step up into it or bend down to sit. It is very dependable, just routine maintenance. I would buy this again!

- Denise B

Cool features, fun and reliable!

My car gets great gas mileage. It has cool features such as a built in cooler that holds 4 bottles, tailgating speakers, satellite radio, and 6 disc CD player. The back seats last down easily allowing me to haul small furniture. There is a transmission overheat issue that can arise in these cars but I have learned out can be prevented by driving easy. By that I mean don't "gun it" or quickly accelerate and be consistent with speed. I have had to replace the alternator twice as well. Other than that it has been reliable and fun. I have saved a lot of gas money with this car and taken many trips. If I could do it over I would purchase it again.

- Amber H

Great design in style and size, but extremely poor built of engine.

Overall, I love the size of the car and the hatch back feature. I used this car during the second half of college and it was very helpful when I moved every year. The back seats fold down and create lots of space. However, similar to my past experience with other Dodge vehicles, they fall apart quickly. Within the first year, my alternator failed and now I am having problems with multiple sensors going off such as tire pressure and brake. I have had multiple mechanics look at it, and no one ever find anything wrong with the brakes. It is preventing me from passing a vehicle inspection to get a new license plate in North Carolina.

- Katherine L

It is reliable and safe. . . Always.

My car is nine years old, so there have been typical repairs needed: air conditioning, suspension, etc. It has been a very reliable car. It is comfortable for its size and class. My favorite feature is the glove compartment set up to receive cold air from the air conditioning. You can put drinks in it and your sodas will be kept cool. If you perform routine maintenance, then you could have a reliable, cost-effective car for years to come. The cars’ body design is classic. I have enjoyed this car. I would buy a new one if Dodge had continued to make them. I would recommend this as a good car to get to work and back.

- Jen W

All about Dodge caliber: the awesome vehicle.

Very reliable, great and comfortable seats. Car is white looks like new and well taken care of, it works perfectly, has rarely been taken to the mechanic and has not given me much trouble if any. Keys are modern and has battery. I do not have to spend much on gas on weekly basis. Has a window on roof that opens by pushing some bottoms. It locks automatically after 2 or 3 minutes of starting it. Passenger side have no key knob, only the driver side does. About 6 people can fit in the car.

- Jessica G

Great car that looks like a Minivan

I really love having my dodge caliber. It's like having a Minivan but actually is a car. Not spending that much gas money for my long work trips is a plus for me. The motor has work great during this past 4 yrs. Only tune ups and breaks changes not that many problem as I have heard with other cars. Love the fact that I can have my phone original fast charger connected to it. The sound of the speakers are great with the aux connection. The trunk is really spacious. Really recommend it.

- Cynthia G

My Dodge Caliber Experience

The vehicle has high miles and is not as good as it was new. It's a great car, but it has damaged to front end. It is a reliable car and was low maintenance. There is 199,000 miles on it. The interior is comfortable and has plenty of room. The back has a large. We have taken the family on long car trips and had plenty of room in the back to store our personal belongings. Overall the car was great. Our family tends to lean toward dodge vehicles. This is my family's third Dodge purchase

- Kimberly L

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT Best music sound crossover car

I have a dodge caliber SXT from 2009 , i bought this as a used car with 19,876 miles back in 2012 , now in 2018 with constant use and used daily i have had no problems with transmission or motor wise what i have had problems with is the ABS sensor and the ABS sensor light from the back left wheel . i love the way music sounds my radio is the touch screen one and any other problems have not been present in the time of used .

- wendy z

Good basic transportation vehicle.

One thing that gripes me about my vehicle and all the others out now is not having a vent window. My next pet peeve is the gas cap. It is made of plastic and it is wearing out. Can no longer get a good seal and consequently the engine light shows all the time. As to performance, reliability and comfort they are good. The features I do have are just standard options that are included such as power windows, door locks, etc.

- Kay M

Excellent 2008 Dodge caliber.

The 2009 Dodge caliber is an excellent small car for a high school or college student. It has great gas mileage, lots of cargo space, and the physical looks are nice. It drives very smoothly, turns excellent and very reliable. On the interior, the seats are very comfy and provides good back support for long drives. The exterior has a great design as well. I really like the trunk area because of the large space.

- Kristen M

Caliber is shockingly roomy for its quaint size.

My Caliber is a perfect size and I love the hatchback. It is the perfect car for a grocery run and is a great reliable little car. It feels roomy inside without having the bulk of other hatchback vehicles. It gets decent gas mileage and has only had minor maintenance issues. It does not ride as smooth as other vehicles I have owned, but I believe that stems from shock and strut issues it has.

- Morgan J

A great vehicle for a single young person living in the city

Thought my vehicle is an older model, it has withstood over 150,000 miles. I enjoy the control capabilities and have not particularly had any unusual issues mechanically. It has a lar cab that can be used for transport of furniture, etc and roomie enough to fit several people comfortably. All in all, I have been able to rely on this vehicle even in the most desperate of situations.

- Derek Z

Great on gas, great car even if going long distances.

Dodge caliber is a great car, it has its problems like any other car but runs great. It's good on gas. Only problem we've had so far is a piece of the window frame broke and it is an expensive fix, can't just get the one piece replaced have to buy whole door frame. Also sensors in tires makes it pretty expensive when having to get new tires. Other than that, it's a great car.

- Amy T

There are design flaws that could lead to expensive repairs.

My Dodge caliber gets great gas mileage. It has had electrical problems because the car design left wiring exposed to the elements. The engine cradle is rusted through because of another design flaw were the ac drains right on top of the cradle. The turn radius and handling are decent, but my acceleration leaves something to be desired. The acceleration is quite slow.

- Shay B

Stay very up on the maintenance on this vehicle and constantly check the oil level. It tends to burn oil.

I loved the car when I first bought it, it was spacious, did well on gas, and ran great. It didn't take very long before the car started having issues. I had to replace the struts on the front and the back, get an alignment, and now it is making a knocking noise. Hopefully It's not something in the engine or I would be totally dissatisfied with this vehicle.

- Joshua F

That transmission needs to go.

Cvt transmissions are terrible! 2nd car I've driven that's had this. Terrible. Its a belt! That's is a terrible transmission idea! It overheats too easy. It's also hard to clean with the fabric that was chosen. It feels closed in. The back also seems to be full of blind spots when looking around, especially when you back out of a driveway.

- Cassandra M

It�s a great family car to buy and reliable

My vehicle had to have its transmission changed out about a year ago but other than that the car has worked perfect. It is one of the most reliable cars I've seen. It's comfortable to drive in. The seats aren't leather it's fabric which is great because there's no hot seat to get into. It doesn't have very many amazing features.

- Stephanie S

It is reliable and roomy. Very spacious and good safety features. Mine is a bit older and used at time of purchase. But good track record and good engine.

This is a good car for busy moms and on the go people. The room I the trunk is so essential for my part time job delivering as well as all the stuff I have to haul. I wish the gas was a bit better with mileage but it's good. Roomy inside and good solid drive. Take care of it and it will run smooth, just like any other vehicle.

- Amy B

Great small American car to have Dodge caliber.

I like it very comfortable, no problems, has power when I need it the only inconvenience is small I drive it to work 28 miles one way I have not have any major problems I did not purchase it new it was used I drove it from San Diego, California to Acapulco, Mexico close to 5k miles and did not have a single problem I love it.

- Jesus Q

Not a family vehicle. Not a plus size person vehicle. Great for student.

Too small for my family. Back seat is not big enough for 3 car seats to fit comfortably. If you are a plus size person this vehicle is not for you. Somewhat hard to get out of vehicle. The steering wheel doesn't tilt up far enough. Love the warning lights for everything. Window locks. Sunroof could take it or leave it.

- Theresa T

A great starter car for a new family.

We have had this car for about a year and so far it is very reliable. My only issue with this model would be the hand crank windows. Other than that it handles the road very well and is pretty good on gas. Keeping up with the maintenance on it is a must of course, to insure that the heat works properly in the winter.

- Danielle C

Amazingly roomy & responsive.

I like that I can fold the seats down and haul lumber. The seat seems to not stay at the height I adjust it to. Poor suspension gives a rougher ride than I would like. Plus you cannot tell where the front or back end is by looking out the window. Ac and heating work great. Took awhile to get used to the cvt.

- Dorothy C

Details about my car and how I like the way it drives on long distance road trip

My car drives good, I haven't had no problems so far with it. If it needs worked on it will let me know if I have a low battery, needs a oil change, or my transmission fluid is low. Tires are great and it not expensive to a time up on it. I used this car to go everywhere especially long distance drives.

- Patricia L

Great car to take to college.

Overall it is a good car. I am a college student who lives three hours away from my house, and it gets me to and from school very well. Also, it is pretty good on gas. I have never experienced a major problem with my car. It also fits people in it very well; there is enough room for all my friends.

- Willow H

The belt transmission is wonderful! I feel like I have much more control over my speed than any automatic I have ever driven.

It gets pretty good gas mileage and my 6'1" husband has enough head room. I love the belt transmission. I have always driven a manual before this car and this transmission makes me feel safer while driving in winter due to using brakes less. Hate how water pools in the back turn signals though.

- April S

Great value for a good, dependable car.

It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable and roomy. With the back hatch and seats that lay down you are able to haul more things than a typical car. I wish that it had a larger engine; but then that would take away from the gas mileage. It is a different body style that I like as well.

- Nicole W

Red Dodge car with sunroof top.

Gas performance mileage is good, had no problem with my vehicle starting up each morning. Driving performance is relaxing and enjoyable with each drive with short and long drives. No issues with the vehicle's motor or motor parts. Change the battery every 3 years, good performance so far.

- Ruby Y

Reliable, comfy, and roomy!

Vehicle has been steadily reliable for years. My only issue with this vehicle is that the alternator has had to be replaced twice in the time that I have owned it. Other than that, it is roomy and comfortable and all around a great car. I would recommend the Dodge Caliber to anyone.

- Elaine P

Top Points of my Caliber.

I love the ease of extending the trunk size for DIY projects. It drives smooth on the expressway. Come with Sirius radio but the antenna needs to be replaced often. It has plenty of space and can comfortably fit five people. The spare tire hides nicely in a hidden compartment

- Yolanda R

It is a reliable smaller family vehicle that runs great.

My Dodge Caliber engine runs smooth and fairly quiet. Gets great gas mileage. It's on the smaller side of a SUV so there isn't much trunk space. Although there is a place in the glove box for water bottles to be cooled using the air conditioning system. I love that feature.

- Diane R

It is the perfect size, plenty of trunk space but not insanely big.

My car is both big and small, it's not too much to handle but just enough. It blows through gas but that may also be my driving. It comes with an outlet which is super helpful. I'm not too savvy with cars but this one is right up my alley. The bass is amazing on the car.

- Mel L

It is junk. The frame rusted out of it.

The frame is completely rusted out which it had to be fixed for it to pass pa state inspection which cost a lot of money. Plus the upkeep cost is ridiculously expensive because it is a cheap car. I would never purchase another one. I made a big mistake when I bought it.

- Greg S

I do not understand what's being ask.

My mom is teaching me to drive, and it breaks funny but it's comfortable while driving. I would like a better radio feature maybe sunroof. I guess the rest of car is alright. Also, I like the tires and the room in the back seat, but a different color would be good.

- Corey J

I would not recommend anyone to buy a Dodge Caliber.

I had to replace the front end and the rear end, plus transmission is overheating and it slips. There is no dipstick to check the transmission fluid. After many different attempts I can not get the heat working even the dealership could not figure out the problem.

- Joy T

I love my vehicle, I could not ask for a better vehicle.

It have a lot of great stuff that comes with it and overall it the prefer driving vehicle, seeing how it is a Dodge it has a some transmission problems but nothing too bad, I love the vehicle I could not ask for a better vehicle. Dodges are great vehicles to have.

- Darcy D

A great compact vehicle�perfect for a first-time driver!

It's compact which is perfect for someone of my stature. Plenty of compartment space in the front, but little in the back as it is a hatchback. Biggest complaint is the placement of air vents. The AC works great, but circulation is a problem on really hot days.

- Michelle C

2009 dodge caliber: compact but reliable.

The 2009 dodge caliber sxt is a smaller vehicle but I have found it to be a reliable car. Mpg is around 24 city/30 highway. If you travel long distances frequently, this might not be the car for you but it does have nice features like heated seats in the front.

- Kara G

Well my vehicle is a 2009 dodge caliber. It is over 104,000 miles.

I had problems with the hesitation when accelerating, also the electrical issue with ignition start up. When I bought the car at 75,000 miles it ran good but now after I repair anything on the vehicle a week goes by and check engine light appears on the dash.

- Alexander K

It's a good car for firsts. There's room to grow with this car.

Great trunk space, no auto locks or auto windows. Good gas mileage. Good distance with oil changes. Durable windows. Good for off-road and moderate trails. Back wipers. Very safe braking system as well as emergency brakes. Lots of room for kids and car seats.

- Elizabeth G

Great car for getting around town or traveling.

It is a great running car. I have never had an problems with it. Has good legroom in the back. The back seats come down to get bigger things in the back. The gas mileage is good in both the city and on the highway. You would love this car for your first buy.

- Judy A

A very spacious family vehicle.

It is very spacious. I am able to plug in anything that you could plug into a wall. It has an aux cord. It drives very smoothly. You can fold the back seat down if you need to put something in the back. I've had my car for ten years, and still running great.

- Maggie C

I love my 2009 Dodge Caliber

My engine light goes on for no reason. I've had it checked out but apparently that's common for Dodge Calibers. However, the car is comfortable, reliable, and fits large items in the back (the seats fold down). I would heartily recommend this car to anyone.

- Greta H

Information about my car.

It drives smoothly and has good gas mileage. It has a 4 cylinder engine and is fuel efficient. It is almost 10 years old but still runs well. It was a popular model so it is easy to get parts for. The seats are comfortable and I like that it has 4 doors.

- Angelica W

My car is too small but it's cute

I like my car overall. However it is much too small for me and my family now. I'm always bumping my head and my kids heads on the top of the door as we get in. Maintenance is relatively high like most cars I suppose, parts seem to be pretty expensive.

- Melanie W

It's unreliable and requires a lot of upkeep to maintain good condition

I am not fully satisfied with my car because I have had to replace the windshield, tires, AC, lights, and many other features. It has cost alot to upkeep, and it constantly has problems. I would make sure to purchase a more reliable car next time.

- Carolyn H

great for running around, gas mileage is fair and does not take much to fill up

it gets me to where I need to go, i try to keep up with the maintenance. the only problem that I have is that it is not that if I have a big purchase I cannot haul much in the back. Overall I find the car fine, and reliable.

- connie m

Why I love my white Dodge caliber.

I love the size and how good it is on gas and it fits me perfect. . . I also love the cooler inside. But I don't understand how the transmission works and I keep having problems with the tires wobbling.

- Sadi F

Its reliable, it never has broken down on me and overall it's a great car to have just need to keep up with the scheduled maintenance just like any other car.

This vehicle... The problems that I have had are dashboard lights 1 tire low light 2 air bag light 3 seat belt light. These lights come on at random when none of these problems even seem to exist.

- Kalvin M

The gear shifting sometimes does not work good.

My vehicle is an efficient car that can take you anywhere. It runs good and rarely comes up with problems, it is a good starter car for people who are looking for a first car.

- Sabrina H

The 2009 dodge caliber rs

The 09 caliber has been a good vehicle. It runs great and is reliable. The only issue we have had is the front end making noises. It has 130 thousand and still running great

- Nick L

That they are junk!!! They are not worth the money. They are nice looking and have some nice features but the trouble is not worth the money.

It has had too many engine issues and doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it. It has required a new timing chain. Whole new front end suspension and all related parts.

- Sherri A

It is a stick shift that has a cruise control option.

The gears slip when trying to shift into a new gear. It causes issues when driving especially up a hill or on an interstate or highway when getting off an exit ramp.

- Sara S

My car has heated cloth seats and everyone should know this is an option.

I love that my car has heated cloth seats, great sound system. I hate that it isn't AWD. I love that it is reliable and dependable car for me and my family.

- Candy M

It is a dodge car that has a decent gas mileage.

My vehicle has lasted longer than most other vehicles that I've seen on the road. It has some scrapes and scratches but it still runs and keeps me safe.

- Cynder C

Poor gas mileage for a four cylinder.

The gas mileage has never been what Dodge said it would. And the car was fine for several years, but the past couple it has become a money pit.

- Steven S

An all around wonderful car that is inexpensive and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car, it gets great gas mileage. The stock sound system is better then some upgraded ones I have heard, I just wish it could tow.

- Elena K

The stock radio sounds really nice.

I have been having troubles with the ball joints and struts. They've been replaced twice now and they just seem to get bald really fast.

- Alyssa W

It's a really great ride from a well known brand.

It's really fun to drive. It has the space I need for shopping or transporting stuff to a relative's place. No dislikes, complaints

- keith C

Compact. Family friendly. Safe vehicle.

Good reliable car. Got into a small accident and it's very sturdy. Just a small dent in the door. Family friendly. Very spacious.

- Cynthia U

Economically good on petrol.

Like; good on gas, comfortable, relatively low maintenance. Dislike: not very zippy, high profile on a light car is bad in winds.

- Andrew N

It has never failed me. Always gets me where I need to go. Very reliable vehicle.

Car has been reliable. Now being 10 years old, common wear and tear. Seems like once I fix something, something else goes wrong.

- Ashston P

Great "around town" kind of car. Has a soda cooler in the glove compartment.

Compact car making it easy to park. Great sound system and AC/heat. Has an overheating problem when traveling on the freeway.

- Darlene G

The car gets really great gas mileage and is spacious.

I like the gas mileage it gets. It's spacious and fits me and my kids. I like the look. I wish it wasn't so expensive to fix

- Jami G

Best car I've ever had in my life. I love her! Reliable and easy to maintain.

My dodge caliber is blue and I named her Tardis. She gets great gas mileage and has made me so happy the day I bo8ght her.

- Mona F

It's a small car with a lot of cargo room

I like that it's a compact but is still a hatchback. I like the interior color. I dislike that it needs a lot of repairs.

- Lindsey H

It is a very dependable car and is very good on saving money for gas.

I like the style of my vehicle. I dislike the speed, I wish it went faster. I like the interior. I like the gas mileage.

- Sydney C

The vehicle is very reliable

My vehicle is very reliable and is about to handle my daily needs.Its compact but can handle a good amount of storage.

- John M

Ac outlet inside the car !

Great gas mileage hatchback ac outlet in the car very minimal upkeep. Oil changes needed less than with other cars

- Bobo P

Check it out thoroughly before buying. You might get a lemon.

Get me back and forth but...it's needed constant work to keep it that way. Seems like I bought an expensive lemon.

- Michelle I

very durable and can count on it. a bit of high gas consumption though

No issues, runs good, only oil change, brakes, and every other routine maintenance. gas consumption a little high

- michael s

The room and comfort of the car

Love the style of the car main reason I purchased it. Very comfortable and roomy. Would purchase another one

- Denise S

It is not a long lasting car. Good for the short term but now for 10+ years

There is a lot of things wrong with it. It seems to go downhill quickly, like it was mass produced cheap.

- Kerri W

It has a lot of issues with the engine area.

I hate how cheap it was built. It is too small. I like it is a hatchback and the interior seats are good.

- Anna S

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

I love the mpg and how smooth the ride is. The headrests are terribly designed as well as the sun visors.

- Ryan G

Even with scheduled maintenance, this vehicle is not a reliable one. We have had to replace several major parts.

It is not a long-lasting, dependable vehicle if you are looking to purchase one for the long haul.

- Megan M

Decent commuting car and ok on decent forest roads.

Decent mileage. Decent handling. Comfortable enough. Few flaws and lack of fancy features

- Marc D

It has a space to keep water bottles cool

It has a quiet engine. Enough space to fit passengers comfortably. It's orange!!

- Diane M

It is very reliable and a great vehicle to have in the household.

I love how safe it is to use and drive. Also how sturdy the vehicle is.

- Jessica J

It's mine, and I love to drive it fast. It is pretty good on gas, only have to fill up once every week and a half.

It's a great car, a little small. Runs great, I hate the transmission

- Bill M

Gets good gas mileage good pickup speed great for driving around town

Like the gas mileage comfort do not like the lack of storage space

- Amy S

It handles well. It has good gas mileage. lt has a large cargo.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size.I like the color.

- Ann G

I absolutely love it. has plenty of room for my family and an overall great setup

It has great gas mileage, and can repair for cheap price

- Jeannie K

Dodge caliber 2009 features.

- Lisa M