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4 door hatchback crossover, I guess with decent gas mileage and longevity.

Purchased the dodge caliber when our van was no longer necessary. Four door hatchback worked well for the family local traveling that needed to be done..School drop off and pick up, groceries, swim practice, etc. For a small car we were and still are able to get 3-4 kids in the back seat along, so I consider it to be a little larger than other vehicles in this category. Gold in color which works great in the southern heat. Neutral tone interior which is not kind to any spills or accidents that have occurred over the years. The one and only issue has been with the type of transmission this car has. I am not able to technically discuss the exact issue, but once the car dealer fiddled with it over the course of 2 weeks time, it seemed to be fixed but occasionally rears its ugly head and seems to come and go without intervention. There is a way to 'reset' by turning off the car, holding down the gas, counting to 10 and then turn the car back on without stepping on the gas. This has not happened in years, so maybe the issue is no longer an issue. Have had to get air boosted a few times but other than normal wear and tear it has been a great 'mom' car (so say the kids) youngest is getting ready to drive and thinking about letting her take over the car so mom can get something she has always wanted.

- Laura L

My inexpensive but dependable dodge caliber.

My 2008 dodge caliber has been almost completely trouble free all the years I have owned it. I have put slightly more than 123,000 miles on it and have not had to make any major repairs to it. I have changed the tires on it a couple of times and have had to replace the battery once. I take it in for an oil change every 3,000 miles and have all the fluids checked and replaced, if necessary. The paint on it is still good. It is a metallic silvery blue color. I make sure it is washed regularly. The interior is also in very good condition. Of course, the only people who ride in it most of the time are my wife and myself. Every once in a while, we have someone else ride with us but that is a rarity. When we go on a road trip, we get fairly good mileage - right around 30 miles per gallon. It is comfortable to ride on the highway. It is a bit unstable in the snow, but that is not an issue since we do not drive much now that we are both retired. All in all, I recommend the dodge caliber to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive but dependable automobile.

- Lee L

Great car if you never leave the driveway.

This is a very cute car and is perfect if you live in northern Canada, Alaska or any location where the temperature never tops 70 degrees. It runs great all winter but as soon as it gets warm, the transmission overheats. This car is built with a contained transmission system and has a transmission cooler that is part of the a/c system. We replaced the transmission cooler twice and the transmission once. Nothing helps. We were finally told that the car was badly designed. In the summer the transmission overheats and you hear a whining noise and the car basically shuts down. I have been stranded along the highway more times than I care to count. After 30 minutes of "rest" you can drive it again. This happens if you drive it over 70 mph, over 70 degree temp or over 1 hour in duration. I am paying a huge monthly payment on a car I can barely drive.

- Tracy S

Dodge caliber style very sporty has a lot of power great sounding stalked system.

My caliber is automatic but also standard which is a plus especially when it comes to gas mileage. The bad thing about it is your transmission can go out faster. Also to even check your tranny fluid you have to go to a dealership to get done. This vehicle was basically built to be taken into a dealership and spend bunch of bucks if anything goes wrong. The drive of the car is great but also can be bad if for any reason tires are low or you hit the curb it throws your whole balance off. Which then you will go through tires like the Indy 500. The system is great especially stalked speakers and then it also has speakers in the trunk that flips out for like a tailgate party. Very spacious also has a cooler in the glove box that keeps all your goodies cold.

- Maria P

Soon to be Ex-Caliber but economical vehicle

Great gas mileage. Repeated issues with the suspension system both front and rear. This includes tie rods, stabilizers and wheel bears. Rapid failure of these components cause expedited tire wear. Some odd transmission anomalies including trans high temperature alarms although no issues were ever identified. The steel they use to make the carriage and frame is sub par and susceptible to corrosion in the Northeast environment. No major engine or tranny issues and I've gotten almost 200, 000 miles and 11 years of reliable transportation out of it. Probably wouldn't get another Dodge like this but overall based on initial price, features, and economy it's probably a grade of B minus. Serves its purpose.

- Frank D

Reliable car, good gas mileage

I have had my car for about 7 and a half years now and it didn't start giving me problems until about two years ago. Last year I had to get a new transmission because my old one broke down, ever since I got a new one I have had issues with the transmission overheating three times now. Overall, I have been very impressed with how well my car has held up. It's getting pretty old so I wasn't very surprised when the transmission went out. The main issue is it overheats in the summer pretty easily. The gas mileage is really great and it really was the perfect car for a 16 year old and then lasted all through college. It's a crossover, so it's small but has plenty of space.

- Bailey F

Loving my Dodge Caliber and the way it loves me back.

I really cannot say I have had any major problems with my car. I basically had wanted this make and model for quite some time. Finally I got one and really enjoy driving it. I have had this car for a few years now and have gotten tires, brakes and oil changes. The car is very comfortable and forms my back well. My son picks on me saying how ugly it is, but I think I defend my car well. It is lightweight so getting up snow filled driveways and hills can and are challenging. I have hit a deer with the front end and the deer ran off and I just needed a new radiator. I truly do not have any major complaints. I enjoy driving my car.

- Becky M

Dodge Caliber: a very reliable first car.

My 2008 Dodge Caliber is a very reliable vehicle. It has been in the family for 10 years, starting as our only family car and now it is mine personally. I cannot complain with this vehicle. The upkeep is relatively easy and no major repairs or modifications have had to be made, aside from regular maintenance. It is not the most spacious car, but it is perfect for me to go about my everyday life. Also, the hatchback style makes it stand out slightly, though not too much, from most other common sedans. This is a very dependable car that I will continue to use until it will drive no more.

- A Jordan M

The dodge caliber is a very sleek driving vehicle that is a pleasure to drive.

I just love my 2008 dodge caliber. The way it drives feels sleek and floating on air. I have had a couple of problems, but nothing major. I have replaced the throttle body, brakes and battery. Other than that I am very happy with my vehicle. It has never left me stranded and I have never broke down. I have never regretted buying and owning this vehicle. I am very pleased with the overall experience and would recommend it to everyone. So if your in the market for a good car I would suggest the dodge caliber.

- Crystal C

I love that it's a manual 5 speed and the interior is blue down the center.

Rusting out on the bottom. It's a manual so transmission is awesome. Had some issues with alternator and battery. If taken care of and researched properly can be a great car. I purchased this vehicle 3 years ago and it's held up since. I would always recommend if you purchase a car and it was manufactured in Canada, to make sure the underbody was coated to protect from rain and snow. They apparently don't do so up there. And I have learned the hard way.

- Nikki W

Reliable car, good mileage, comfortable.

The caliber was one of Dodge's first modern offerings in Europe and in Asian markets such as japan and Singapore, as it established new distribution channels there. It was also introduced in china in 2008 as Dodge's second modern vehicle offering in that market. Dodge vehicles were last officially sold in china during the world war ii era. The introduction of the caliber had marked the return of the Dodge brand to Australia since the early 1970s.

- Christian S

Something is wrong with the engine.

It has motor problems that don't allow me to drive it farther than about two hours away from home. Rev's the rpms and makes the motor overheat when driving normally after driving 2+ hours. It is an extremely comfortable car to drive and I would continue to keep this car if it didn't have the engine issues that it has. The hood of the car also shakes a good bit while waiting at stop lights and such because of the messed up engine.

- Amanda M

Do not waste money on gas.

This is the best vehicle for an old person or even a young one is small car and really good on gas. With $30 dollars the gas tank is full. Of course all depends in the price of the gas but is no more than that. I do not recommend this car if you have a baby because between the stroller and the car seat you will not have any more space. But like I said if you are driving long distance for work this is the best car on gas.

- Pao V

Reliable car that makes transporting things easy

The car has a hatchback, which is very convenient and useful for transporting things. The car has never broken down, and I have had it for several years. The seats are very comfortable, although the fabric holds stains very well and it is very difficult to get them out. There is an aux cord, and the car has an outlet that is compatible with any standard plug. The air conditioner works but never quite gets ice cold.

- Mandy K

2012 Dodge Caliber Review by 2nd Owner

I got this vehicle used and have had it for eight years. It has been a reliable and good car with very low maintenance. We have been on a couple of road trips, but it has mostly been used for driving around town in stop and go traffic. It is comfortable to drive. I enjoy the XM radio feature. I do not like the plastic tire pressure sensors that I have recently been having to replace at $50 each.

- Gail A

It has great gas mileage.

I love my car, it's not big but yet it's not to tiny. It runs great but what people need to understand is that for a car to run great you got to keep the maintenance up to date or else it's not going to perform well. My car has air conditioner and the windows are manual which is great because it don't get frozen stuck in the winter, it has nice roomy hatchback trunk which comes in handy

- Lindy R

Very low maintenance. After 8 years of ownership the original battery had to be replaced!

This is the best vehicle I have driven in my 30 years of driving! I have always been scared out of my wits driving in the wintertime but since I've owned this Caliber I actually feel safe driving in the winter. Also my Dodge Caliber has Low maintenance like you wouldn't believe! I've just been so happy I don't want to get rid of it! Nine years and counting owner of my Dodge Caliber!

- Portia S

Nice family car, with plenty of room.

It is a great car, I have had it for 3 years, it gets good gas mileage, it has plenty of room for a family of 5, it has a nice size trunk space. My model came with a bike rack as well, which I utilize often for hikes, and traveling. I have also used it to pick up pieces of furniture, anywhere from a table, chairs, area rugs, and dressers. Which all fit thanks to the roomy features.

- Elle M

Great starter car for with room for friends or family.

Within a few months of buying my vehicle I had to get a new belt and have had issues with my tires and brakes as well. My windows also have a funny tint to them. However it is an awesome car! I have a lot of room for friends to ride with me and a great trunk to store much of my personal/recreational items. My car always looks clean with the Interior and looks sleek on the inside.

- Brittany M

Short Dodge Caliber Review

The car is not very good on gas, and the transmission is a bit jumpy even shifting out of first great in my automatic. The struts are not very durable, and have begun to fall apart on me on these Michigan roads. On a positive note, keeping the engine and transmission maintained properly with timely oil changes and fluid top-offs, has kept it performing well and reliably.

- Zack B

It lets me know when I need to get my oil checked and when tire pressure is low.

I have had issues with the tires losing air quickly. The tail lights have also needed to be replaced quite often as water gets inside the lights. I bought my car used and was not able to see if there were any other problems with the outside of the car. The stereo system also goes off by itself so I usually have to turn it off and on a few times to get it working again.

- Catherine C

Dodge Caliber - The Middle Of the Pack

The car is quite small for me as I am a taller man. The transmission is also not great and acts up a lot. It gets good gas mileage and has a good speaker system though. The sound the engine makes is not great either once you get past 65,000 miles. There is adequate trunk space. The car also does not have very many modern components to it (no Bluetooth or digital panel).

- Tyler B

Dodge Caliber: glove box cooler is not useful.

The car is a fine vehicle. It performs well, I have taken it out on back roads that were in bad condition. It did very well. The cooler in the glove box is kind of obsolete. I do not use it very much. I would rather have heated or cooled cup holders. I think that would be more useful. I also wish I had the seat warmer, because I live in a cold climate.

- Courtney R

10 Years and still going strong for a caliber.

Couple of issues runs rough but nothing wrong and tries to die in winter time. Had to change battery cables new belt leaky back light fills up with water in winter live the seats it has worn well 10 years is older for a car but she does great. Not to much other that oil changes and time ups brakes took a while for them to get right squeaked a lot.

- Amy F

Ten year old car still drives like a new car.

This car handles great on the highway and is very smooth on the road. I feel really safe in this car because it feels very sturdy. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for my trips. As far as repairs the car has held up very well and the best is I have a lifetime warranty which the dealer has honored. The best car I have ever had!

- Catherine T

I absolutely love my caliber.

I love my. It is small, but fits my family comfortably. It is very reliable. I am able to drive up my muddy driveway without any problems because it has great traction. I can put the seats down to fit furniture or other large items in the back easily. The seats are very comfortable for long trips, even with my back being immensely arthritic.

- Jacqueline S

The sunroof and sound makes for a perfect road trip vehicle.

This car is a perfect size. Not as big as an SUV but for a bigger car it's perfect. The speakers and sound system are my favorite. It has a built in subwoofer which gives you just enough bass. It also has pull down speakers in the rear hatch to entertain. It has actual rims not hubcaps and has a drink cooler in the glove compartment.

- Ashley S

Even after 10 years of usage the car still runs as good as when I brought it. Only have to do regular maintenance and replace parts whenever they go bad.

For like, it has space, an AC port along with a cigar port, a good engine that had last with minor issues, and pretty good with the fuel mileage. For bad, it is only a 4-cylinder engine so speed is a little slow, the plastic covering on top of the car are wearing out and I need to either replace or use glue to not sheer from the car.

- Ronald S

Vehicle is reliable and economical.

Great gas mileage, ease of maintenance. Overall comfort and reliability. Cost of maintaining vehicle very low. Never worry about reliability. Reasonable original cost. The car performs well and the acceleration is respectable. Braking is respectable. Overall the vehicle is affordable, reliable and fits my overall need for a vehicle.

- Robert H

Dodge caliber. The car for the person on the go!

I really love that my car is good on gas. I love that my car is a sedan so I can move through traffic with ease. Parking is always easier for me. What I dislike about my car is that it is small so it is not good to drive when going on vacation. My kids cannot travel in my car with their friends because there is not enough room.

- Jennifer R

You should know that it has a transmission that is smoother than other cars, so you don't always feel the automatic shift. That's something you'll have to get used to.

I love that my car is a hatchback, which I like as a style. It allows me to put the seats down and transport more stuff. I like that it is in relatively good shape, considering how many miles are on it. It's just a solid vehicle, from top to bottom. I just wish it had an usb port as well, for my phone and the stereo.

- Robert H

The nice thing about the vehicle is the storage capacity for a compact to midsize car.

Overall it's a good economical car. Some of the problems I've had and defects are the alternator pulley. I found this defect very frustrating because the design of the vehicle does not make it easy to change. And it is an expensive part. Aluminum rims seem to have problems leaking air after their first winter.

- Thomas H

I have a cooler and a 110 outlet in the car.

I really love this car, it gets really good gas mileage, but the only complaint I have are the seats are a little uncomfortable. The stereo system is great and I have speakers that drop down when you open the tailgate, great for parties. I also have a cooler in the glove box, it holds up to six cans of pop.

- Darlene A

Not gas hog, comfortable seats great storage, seats high enough to see to drive.

I love my car because its easy on gas, it has plenty of room to put my groceries in the hatchback. I like it because I am short and I sit up great able to see wonderfully where I am driving. It's not a tiny car & I feel safe in it. I really do not have any issues with my car so far to tell about.

- Patricia S

Car works excellent so far and I am very happy you have it.

Squeaks a lot buys the cars 11 years old so that is probably why. Other then that the vehicles really good no problems so far. Takes me to work and back fine. Gas is only $22 to fill up the tank so that's good. Has a lot of room for family and moving boxes and other stuff that is not furniture.

- Raymond P

Good car still running after ten years

This car has been good for traveling to and from work. We commute to nearby cities daily. The fuel economy seems to be okay though it could better. It's small so parking is nice especially in smaller spaces. It works as expected and so far have not had major issues even though I bought it used.

- Louis H

The dodge caliber rt is a reliable vehicle.

This car has never had any mechanical or performance issues, it runs perfectly and drives smoothly. It is both good looking and has plenty of storage space while being small enough to fit most parking spaces. The roomy interior makes long trips more comfortable and it has a great sound system.

- Allison W

It's a really good car and I will probably drive it into the ground.

I bought my car new, right off the lot. I haven't had any real mechanical issues or anything like that but the ac has stopped working and the heater only works on full blast. I enjoy driving my car to and from work, it has been super reliable. Overall I have no complaints about the car itself.

- Stevie S

Relay issue with Dodge Caliber 2008.

Has been very reliable. Decently comfortable. Pretty basic vehicle, but has what you need. I have had this car for ten years, and no major issues. Just basics, like, new tires, battery, struts. Ac is going out, but 10 years old. Only strange thing, was when there was an issue with the relays.

- Michelle S

2008 Dodge Caliber - good car

My car is reliable. It gets point a to point b. It sometimes has trouble with performance in the rain. We have had trouble with engine mounts and the AC. It's comfortable for 5 people. It has a car charger as well as a regular electric plug, standard radio, no included Bluetooth capability.

- Alicia K

Great running car I have here!

My dodge caliber is a very good car it's reliable and safe too, and easy on gas.I bought it in 2014 and I am the 2nd owner.I never had a great car like this car and I am very happy with my car. Although I have had it 5 years , I am very certain that there is many more years of a great car.

- Cindy F

Great small family car dodge caliber.

My dodge is a 5 speed so I did have to learn how to drive it, luckily it wasn't hard to learn because the car is so comfortable and easy to work with. The only thing I would love is a little bit more leg room in the back seat. Other than more leg room this car is a great small family car.

- Marie A

Solid car functionality with a poor design

I really haven't had any problems with it. It's a solid car. I'm just not a huge fan of the box-y design and the blind spots it has. Maybe if the blind spots were gone and it had a more sleek style I wouldn't have any issues with it. But the overall functionality of the car works well.

- Caitlin E

Don't feel like I'm on the ground

4 cylinder engine, for a car that size should have a 6 to move up mountains more and with ease. Not enough cup holders. And middle Back seat would be nice to have foldable armrest/ cup holder. The size is good, and height off the ground is good too. The comfort of the seats are decent.

- Erika B

Good gas mileage, with very good accessories.

I really like my vehicle, it has actually some pretty good gas mileage, at 24-29, which is actually pretty good. It drives pretty well also, along with having a hatchback, so it is compact, yet bring roomy. My vehicle also comes with an AUX cord, which is amazing as some cars do not.

- Dominique L

Economic on gas plenty of space and runs perfect and smooth.

I really love my car. It's really good with gas 30$ will last me a whole week and I work 5 days out of the week. Enough space and I am a mother of 3. Haven't had no problems my it and I am the 3rd owner. It's really a good car especially if you looking for a family car and economic.

- Vanessa S

It doesn't have a lot of power and hard to get speed going up hills.

I dislike that it is small and not much leg room. I don't like that the way it's made it has blind spots that makes it difficult in seeing at the sides of the windshield. The only thing I like it drives fairly good unless the sway bars are wearing out and then it's hard to steer.

- Kathy L

My vehicle is very dependable and good on gas.

No problems at the moment just want to have a newer car but no major problems with the car yet. I drive to work everyday and it is very dependable and good on gas. I would really recommend this car to anyone who wants a good car that is good on gas and parts are very cheap.

- Lucinda A

The best thing about my car is it gets amazing gas mileage!

Not enough room. Never had any issues with it. The vehicle just isn't big enough for my family. It runs smoothly and maintenance is cheap. I just need a bigger vehicle to accommodate my family. The seats are comfortable and the A/C works great. I get amazing gas mileage.

- Samantha S

Comfort and adjustable back seat.

The Caliber has very comfortable seats. The backseat is roomy and the backrest leans back allowing for adjusting the comfort. The gas mileage could be better, seems I only get about 17 mpg in town and 22 mpg on the highway. The ride is smooth and cabin noise is minimal.

- Nikki H

Amazing Dodge 2008 Caliber

I don't have issues with my car. I had a few problems when I bought it buts that's because it was used and not kept in good condition. Once I fixed it, this car has run perfectly. It just needs an oil change every so often like most cars do. It is super spacious as well

- Victoria I

My amazing car that I love.

My car is great. Small to some, but great to me! 4 door, and I think it is the best fit for my son. It is really comfortable. I have no problems with it. Even though it is a much older car, it does not seem like it at all. I would recommend my car to anyone to get one.

- Jackie E

I like it, has been dependable so far and pretty good on gas as well

Drives good, had issues with the starter but it got repaired. Nice car overall. I like that the back seat folds down for moving or easy storage and I love that it has a hatchback. I also like how he gear shift doesn't have a button and it's higher up on the dashboard.

- Kari P

It is a good family car. We are a family of four.

It is not very comfortable. It is been a pretty good car overall though. We have had to travel with it a lot and it has held up well. The gas mileage is pretty good. As long as you keep up with the regular maintenance things, it should hold up for you for a long time.

- Alyssa D

The car is reliable and handles well.

The car is great, the breaks are a little slow a reacting so I usually need to have my foot on the break in advance when I need to stop. The interior is nice as well and there is great back seat space. The air conditioning is not the greatest but it gets the job done.

- Cheyenne B

2008 Dodge caliber sedan 4 door.

It is pretty good. No major problems with it. Has some wiring quirks in the steering console with the airbag light coming on and off whenever you turn or go over a bump. Rides like a champ, good gas mileage and a very reliable car to get you to where you need to get.

- Lauren P

Reliable vehicle to work.

The Dodge caliber is reliable mechanically. I purchased it as a daily work vehicle to keep miles off my new car and have put 80, 000 miles on it without difficulty or worrying that it will break down. It is a sound and reliable car with a good motor and transmission.

- Adam S

I love my little blue Caliper

It's fun and easy to drive. Has fold down seats and a hatchback so you can fit a lot of things inside. It's very comfortable to drive and ride in. Have driven across it across the US, several times, with two adults, four little dogs, and enough luggage for 3 months.

- Barbara C

The Dodge Caliber has a surprising amount of room in the hatch and with the seats down.

My caliber has generally been a solid car. The largest issue I have had is the suspension is poor. I have had to replace the shocks twice. The gas mileage is average and maintenance is fairly easy to do myself. I use this vehicle for work and it does that job well.

- Christopher W

Dodge caliber: flintstone car.

Breaks are kind of rusty, not enough space-feel crammed. Always tend to have issues with the blinkers. Vehicle does not come to a smooth stop. Weird smell. Do not feel safe driving in my car, especially when traveling long distances- I tend to just rent a vehicle.

- Kristen D

Compact 4 cylinder with good pick up & gas mileage.

I love my car. It is a compact crossover. I love that it is a little car but sits high up off the ground, gets good gas mileage. Downside is the continuously variable transmission as once there an issue entire thing has to be replaced. They are not rebuildable.

- Jessica P

Rides smooth and gets good mileage on gas. It's quite roomy although it appears to be a small car!

The biggest issue with my car, which seems to be common in this year and model, is that I have a leak in my sunroof that travels along the door and onto the floorboard. However, I do enjoy the outlet, cooler (when the air conditioner is on), and the aux input.

- Yelena R

Dodge keeps going 10 years.

A/c went out at 10 years. Replaced alternator at 52k miles. Other than its ok. Gas mileage is 24 highway and 19 city. It is been a decent vehicle for ten years. No major engine issues. Have changed oil every 3000 miles and brakes, tired etc. No major issues.

- Tara B

High mileage, but good reliable auto!

Car is reliable, good on gas and low maintenance. Rides smooth and does not burn oil, also good gas mileage, and no rust to speak of, just a few dings and scratches but not bad for a 11 year old car? Only needs a oil change every 3 months, a good used car.

- David A

Standard 2008 Dodge Caliber

Right now just needs an oil change and tune up. Great on gas. Easy to drive. Handles great. Pretty good on wheels. I have had to fix the intake manifold and get 3 cracks in the transmission repaired. Since then haven't really had any problems with the car.

- Maya F

Caliber longevity due to regular services.

The handling of the vehicle along with gas mileage is a plus. I have driven it over 260, 000 miles and have done regular maintenance which attribute to the life of the car. It is equipped with heated seats and is AWD which comes in handy in the mountains.

- Sheila D

2008 dodge caliber review.

I love the reliability of my car. It has lasted me a long time and I never worry about it breaking down. The only complaint is I have had a few problems with the abs sensors but those were handled for relatively cheap. I love the space my car provides.

- Marsh B

205,000 miles and still running fine. Lifetime powertrain warranty still going strong.

I put 205,000 miles on the car. Bought it new, and other than general maintenance.. I had no major issues with it. I am happy with this choice of purchase, and the car performed perfectly over quite a few years. Car drives very well on snow and ice.

- Gregory G

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it constantly needs repairs so it drives right.

I do not like how small my car is, or that it needs repaired often. The repairs seem to be more expensive than not, and the car is 10 years old. I have had it for almost 2 years and the first day I had it I repaired it. It is functional, but small.

- Tracey O

Good cost effective car for solo driving

It sits low to the ground and does not offer great visibility in traffic. As my children grow, it is becoming difficult to arrange everyone with adequate leg room. Ten years old, it still gets good gas mileage and has not needed major repairs.

- Michael F

My favorite part about my car is how much storage space it has.

I have had my Dodge Caliber for 10 years and in that time it's been extremely reliable. The car itself is mid-sized not too big or small. You can move with it if you need to. It handles easily and was a reliable and safe first car.

- kelley s

Lots of repairs to be expected.

It's a pretty good car. I've had several mechanical issues and had to spend a lot of money on repairs in the last 2-3 years but I still like it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have automatic windows or locks so I really don't like that.

- Karen m

It is an okay car, gets the job done but could have better features.

I like the general look of the vehicle and the way it drives. However it has weird features, such as the mini cooker and electrical socket that I find unnecessary. I have also had many mechanical problems with it over the years.

- Ashley C

Most of the parts have been replaced.

I really don't like small cars. No room for hauling stuff. Hard take dogs, they are mastiffs. Car is to small for them. The Only thing that is good about it is engine, I believe, 4 cylinder and it is awesome on gas.

- Stephanie B

My Dodge Caliber has Many Issues

It's a pre-owned vehicle with more than a few issues. The engine overheats during the summer months. In the winter it does a poor job of handling slippery roads. It also has had electrical failures twice.

- Olga Q

It lasted a long time before giving me trouble and when I did have a problem it was easy to fix and cheap to fix.

I love that it lasted as long as it has. I love that it is a hatchback...I can fit anything in that car! I love that it is small enough that even if I am cooked in a parking spot I am still in the lines.

- Myra V

It has good gas mileage, perfect for road trips.

My vehicle is the perfect size and is very good with using gas! I have owned it for 10 years with no major issues. It gets me where I need to go and has enough room for my 2 children in the backseat.

- Maura C

Made with bad steel then not all recalled.

Bad metal used so everything underneath is roaring out and or breaking. Also cannot stay aligned, brakes need to be changed once a year, goes through tires fast because of alignment issues.

- Kelly K

This car is pretty good on gas

It's a nice, comfortable car but it's always given us a lot of problems. One of the problems it had, is pretty common in calibers, which is having to replace the intake manifold.

- Gen V

Best choice that I made for a car

This car is very reliable and always gets me from point A to B. The features are easy to use and not overwhelming. The car runs great and I have had no problems with the car.

- Elena L

It handles very well. Good with kids.

The car is very spacious and has 4 doors. It has a big trunk so we can carry plenty of luggage. The car runs horribly though, I do not think it will not last much longer.

- Tyson W

It has lots of extra space but only in the front seat.

I like how roomy it is. I think there's some wasted space in the front seat though. A 4 cylinder is too small for as large as it is. I find the driver seat uncomfortable.

- Jay D

Wide wheel base, so good stability.

It's a smooth somewhat quiet ride. Access to hatchback is so easy. There is no lip that you have to lift over. Best thing? Its reliable and looks nice good in snow.

- Kimberly W

I've had the vehicle four years and have had very little issues. Heated seat feature is great! If you keep up with your maintenance of your vehicle, you will have no major issues. I've had brakes replaced once as well as the battery replaced once.

One important thing others should know about my car is that even with the older model such as mine (2008) as long as it's taken care of, will last a long time.

- Kelli M

It is very easy on gas. And has low miles.

Well my car is small. It doesn't have any power whatsoever. And my whole family cannot fit in it at the same time. What I do like about it is, its good on gas.

- Sabrina M

It's compact SUV, but very compact in the back. Not for tall people

It's a good car, reliable. I don't like how sometimes it has a hard time shifting gears, it jerks. It's not my ideal car because it doesn't have great mileage

- Mariah M

The rear window can be a bit challenging to see out of in some situations.

It's reliable and gets me to and from work or school. There aren't any fancy features, and it doesn't have power locks or windows. Overall, it's a decent car.

- Michaela C

It gets good gas mileage.

Good on gas and has a lot of power to it. I am not crazy about the heavy idle but I will get used to it. Seat adjusts to fit me and my husband comfortably.

- Jessica R

This car works very well as a utilitarian vehicle. It has many uses

My Dodge Caliber has a nicely designed interior and is a very roomy car. I like the exterior design. I don't like the way that the suspension is designed

- Keith K

The AC does not work, however the heat is still functioning. The windshield is cracked but that was only due to the winter storm

I have a 2008 dodge caliber. It is a light blue color. It is a great car and gets me where I need to go.It is good on gas, but the a/c has gone out.

- Linda B

I would like them to know its good on gas.

I like my car because its good on gas. I also like that it lets me know when the tire pressure is low. I don't like how the car is kind of small.

- Tania M

Very easy on gas and very dependable just love it.

I got my car used it runs wonderful very dependable easy on gas. Very roomy inside comfortable to ride in I would recommend this car to anybody

- Beth B

It does have trouble with the front end.

I like the body style of the car. As well as the color, interior, and that it is a 5 speed manual. I do not like that it is only a 4 cylinder.

- Tanya R

I bought this vehicle because of its size. I really liked that it was bigger than a typical sedan, but smaller than a van. Years later, it still runs well and I rarely have engine problems.,, However now I am experiencing body issues.

The doors on each side have become unusable at some point. Both were able to get fixed, but I was told this was a common issue for this model.

- Elayna M

If you push or pull on the drive stick it will shift into 1st gear

I like the style. I like the hatchback. I like that the seats fold down. I do not like the large blockage on the sides of the front window.

- Beth L

It is great on gas and very reliable.

I absolutely love my car. It is small, yet roomy. Good on gas and very reliable. It has power windows and a great sound system. I love it!

- Cassie R

It gets great gas mileage for the size of the car and tank

Lots of room in the back to put items or shopping bags. Having 4 doors is great and provides easier access for those who ride in the back

- Emma S

It's a very dependable sporty looking car it what is fun to drive

A 2008 Dodge Caliber is an awesome car that drives smooth it has it 308,000 miles is very dependable I drive it everyday and it's sporty

- Shel V

Very good for long hauls, is roomier than it looks, great gas mileage.

Just needs an oil change, and some new tires, runs well, maybe a hit of freon for the ac, other then that very strong reliable vehicle.

- Markus W

Easy to maintain. Fuel efficient and very reliable.

The color I hate and the fact it is not up to date with technology. I do like there is not too miles on it and that it is good on gas.

- Brandy A

Great Car. Not too big and not too small

It is reliable, dependable and gets good gas mileage. I have owned the car for 3 years and only replaced the battery and alternator.

- Melissa W

The car is a beautiful shade of blue and the right size for quick trips to the store or long travels

The car is great on gas and gets me where I need to go. However the windshield is cracked and the air condition is no longer working

- Linda B

Price new is good. Smooth ride.

Could have better gas mileage. Sorry to hear caliber was discontinued after 2012. My next car would definitely be a Dodge caliber.

- Glenn J

It has a bose stereo system and it sounds great

There is plenty of room seats are really comfortable and easy to clean the dark is textured and it's a hatchback that drives great

- Johnathan C

Very comfy on long drives and is very peppy.

This is a small car but is very roomy and rides nice and gets good gas mileage the back seats fold down for a lot of cargo room.

- Lynn M

The Crosstrek has wonderful gas mileage.

The computer box quit for headlight. The switch for passenger window stopped working. The brake light keeps turning on and off..

- Brandy M

Good cargo carrying ability. With the back seats folded down, it can haul a lot.

Vert reliable, and have had very few mechanical problems. It is very good for hauling cargo. Also, it is quite fuel efficient.

- R C

Perfect sized vehicle to give your dogs a ride.

This vehicle is easy to operate. Gets good gas mileage and the rear seats fold down and the hatchback makes shopping a breeze.

- Cindy R

Honda is very reliable and works great for families.

It is a lemon and has a lot of transmission trouble. I like the size of it and the hatchback makes it easy to transport items.

- Sharon L

It is practical and reliable.

It is good on gas mileage. I am not making payments on it. It is get to old. It is perfect to get me from work to home.

- Edward N

Good gas mileage. Plenty of space. Seats 5. Easy to repair

Runs well. Occasional Transmission issues. Decent gas mileage. Plenty of space for a family of 4. Few structural issues

- Patrick R

My car and it's review of how good it is.

Really nice very comfortable reliable locks when you drive my tire light comes on a lot and it fogs inside the car

- Jessica B

It gets great gas mileage and that it had very low miles for what year it is.

The car is paid off. It is an older car, so I will have a harder time treating it in. It get great gas mileage

- Edward N

My car is very good on gas and for short road trips.

I like that I got it used & it was affordable. I like the size of the car. I like that this car is good on gas.

- Shan N

Very good gas mileage, as I live in the country.

Love the way it handles.. Very good gas mileage.. Easy to read instrument panel.. Gas door stays open a little.

- Diane C

It has a lot of miles over 140,000! And would need some minor details like a tune up and some body work is needed. Over all it is a good used car, but has seen some use!

I like that it is a small 4 cylinder and has good gas mileage, I miss the room of a big car on the down side.

- David P

Great gas mileage, comfortable for long trips. Easy to park too.

I love my car because I have no problem with it and good gas miles. It is good side car I like the color.

- Rosie H

The frame rusts very easily.

Mileage, cost of maintenance, wear of the simple things like door hinges. The rust problem on the frame.

- Gary H

Total Waste of Money Dont Buy

I really hate my car I have no clue why it just gets on my nerves so much biggest waste of money ever.

- Christian P

Very decent mileage, hatchback is convenient, space is limited

This car has been very reliable for our family. Back seat a little small if trying to fit a car seat.

- Kali V

It's too small and I don't think it has a strong engine

If it is raining hard water leaks into it. I've had water sloshing between the front and back seats.

- Liz B

It's a small but reliable family car. Convenient hatchback style

Bare bones model, manual everything. Great car for many years. I've owned it since it was new.

- Virginia C

I like the small size of it, but it seems spacious inside. It's sporty and gets pretty good gas mileage. I dislike that i've had to have repairs over the years.

It for the most part has been pretty reliable, and has made it through many road trips!

- Tracee R

It gets me from point A to point B, but it is loud, doesn't handle bumps well, and has electrical/computer issues

It's a good starter car for a teenager, but I probably wouldn't buy it new

- Andy C

inside car very loud with outside noises. very comfortable. I wish it had a roof rack.

small, comfortable, noisy, seats go down to make large storage space

- lyn g

I enjoy driving it and I love the electric blue color of my car.

Enjoyable to drive. Comfortable seating. Good mid sized vehicle.

- Angela G

The Dodge Caliber is very sporty looking and handles very well. The interior is roomy and attractive, but I am unhappy with a few items. For example, the front headrest aren't made from solid material as they have a rather large hole in the center. I think this is a safety hazard.

This car handles very well, and it is very comfortable to drive!

- Kimberly B

It has been somewhat dependable.

It's getting old and there have been many parts to be replaced.

- Rusty n

nice car lots of room in side of car drives good and it's ok

Had for 10 years not to much went bad with car nice to drive

- Bruce L

I love my car. It has good gas mileage. It hasn't had any problems.

No problems, good gas mileage, love the color, fun to drive

- Janet W

good gas mileage....reliable...and inexpensive good color.....can load a lot into the car

seat was lower than i'd like...could have been set higher

- angie a

it's like a small SUV but doesn't use as much gas but just as spacious

rough ride but a lot of space. bad brakes cute spacious

- marlana g

good midsize vehicle. Good on gas.

No complaints. Plenty of room for a mid size vehicle.

- Jen m

Others should know that my car is a great commute vehicle, good in snow and has a large trunk

Calibers have a lot of issues but it's good in snow

- Sharon S

it is a great car. small but gets the job done

nice and easy worked well. no complaints.

- Jason T