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I need a more modern vehicle!

The car is too old for me. The doors squeal really loud when you open them, which is embarrassing when I'm in a parking lot. The brakes can't stop quickly, so I have to start pressing on them well before I want to make a complete stop or slow down for turn. The interior is falling apart (the ceiling fabric is coming undone) and the outside is rusty. The inside also only has a cassette player, so I can't hook up my phone to listen to music. The air is also broken, it's always blowing regardless if I have it off or not. The lights headlights need cleaned, the lighting is too dim. One thing I do like about this car, however, is how high up it is. I do like to drive at a higher height.

- Makayla K

Red 2001 Dodge Caravan: The Family Car That Lasts!

We've had this vehicle since 2001 and it's in great condition. The body and interior still look great and everything still works on it. We have taken fine care of the caravan and the only issues we keep struggling with is the coolant. We have had a few different repairs on the radiator and it's still an issue that keeps occuring. One of the things I personally love is the customization. All of the backseats are completely removable so you can take out the back and/or middle row seats. It's great for families and moving. There is also plenty of hidden and lockable storage.

- Bruce L

It's still useful in spite of the few problems that it has.

Our car is compact but it's still reliable. We only use it to run errands, as we cannot use it to go too far, but we are still very grateful for it. It doesn't have air conditioner, so these last months have been very hard on us, as it has been really hot. The previous owners had a car accident so the window on the driver's seat does not go down, and one of the passenger's door gets stuck and does not open from the inside. It's a great car and if we had the monetary funds we would fix the problems and keep it.

- Kristal M

Comfortable, safe and great family van.

It is very spacious and comfortable. The seats can be taken out which is great for trips or needing to haul something. It rides really nice and smooth. A door on both sides makes it easy to get in and out. Nice amount of cup holders but could use a few more. Would be even better if backseat windows on doors opened. Would also be better if there were more vents to push through the a/c and heat.

- Krystal H

Great van 2001 Dodge caravan sport se.

This is a great family vehicle. I have been driving it for 13 yrs. and the engine is still going strong. Normal maintenance, oil changes etc. Have had to replace the radiator, hoses, ac maintenance. At the 10yr mark is when the window regulators snapped. Motor mounts, liftgate shocks, and shocks and struts also needed to be changed around the 10yr mark. Otherwise no issues. Great van.

- Chris P

2001 Dodge caravan well maintained vehicle.

2001 Dodge caravan dual sliding doors, bench seats driver and passenger side temperature control temp control in the back, needs a radiator and it is rusty but other than that it runs and starts every time have driven everywhere we go, from round trip of 190 miles with no issues before the hole in the radiator just keep putting water in it until we can get a radiator.

- Deborah B

Lucky to be part of the family.

Lucky, was the first vehicle that my hubby and I bought as a married couple. We got her because our family including our foster daughter, my only child my son, Michael and my mom and her spouse. She's been a great van and is part of our family. We drove to NC to see motley crue, to Nashville and back more than once. With our busy lives, she's on the road a lot.

- Beth S

The most important thing to know about my Caravan is that it is very reliable.

I have owned my van for 16 years. In that time it has suffered two broken serpentine belts with no other breakdowns. It is roomy, adequately powerful, and quiet. My only complaint is that it does not get as good of fuel economy as I would like and the tires seem to wear out faster than they should. All in all, it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Bryan H

Dodge caravan is great!! Very recommended.

I have had to do little maintenance to the vehicle. It has on star capability as well as Sirius am. The seats are heated and the vehicle also has a DVD player installed. Great if u have children or carpool. The only issue is that I feel like I am driving a school bus and sometimes the left lights in the dashboard is too bright and distracting.

- Michelle B

Husband paralyzed from chest down.

It's a handicap van, my husband drives it with his wheelchair in the drivers place. Its breaking down on us and have no money to replace or fix it. If it completely breaks down, then he will not have any way to get around. I am working stressful hours at work trying to get him a new one and we are far from it. Praying someone will help us.

- Misty M

In a short summary I have a pretty good 2001 Dodge caravan and it is blue.

My car drives fine after replacing water tank it was overheating but now it is great it is alright gas mileage about 20 miles to the gallon highway in about 18 and 10 I generally spend about $45 to fill up the gas tank from empty the vehicle has about 179000 miles on it no engine problems no brake problems no steering problems no leaks.

- Carolyn P

Old but 'clean and great car for families or gardeners who haul loads.

This is a 3rd owner car we bought from my in-laws. Despite it is age, all owners have had very few repairs. It is large enough to haul big things, but comfortable enough for people to travel long distances. Only thing I do not like (because I do not have small children) is that the back windows (on slider door) do not open.

- Frances T

2001 Dodge Caravan-great vehicle wish I could buy it new again.

This vehicle has been very reliable. It has 240, 000+ miles on it & we recently put a power steering unit on it, but other than minor maintenance very few repairs. It is comfortable to drive for longer trips & has plenty of room for baggage & craft show items. It does use a fair amount of gas though, approx. 18. 5 mpg.

- Sheila K

Review of my dodge Caravan

I really enjoy my Dodge Caravan. It has enough seating for my whole family and it has a lot of space. The seats can also go down or get taken out for added room to pack for vacations, etc. I never have had any problems with my vehicle this far and I love driving it every day to work as well as on long trips.

- Ashley R

It's dependable, it always does. What I need which makes it so dependable

It's dependable. It gets good gas mileage. I like where the controls are. I Love the view because of all of the windows. The seats are comfortable.it carries a lot of stuff.it is really maneuverable in tight areas. Runs good summer or winter.has power everything which is a must for me so I love my caravan.

- Douglas H

It works like a truck! Our car has run for many miles (300,000) and has been a great car for us with no extras, like cruise control and power windows.

We use this vehicle more like a truck - hauling lots of stuff and volunteering with the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and still running fairly well. We pray over it to make it keep running. A very basic van with even roll-up windows and no cruise control. Love it!

- Margaret D

Great family vehicle and very reliable

My vehicle is very reliable and dependable.. My vehicle gets great gas mileage and the air and heat works wonderfully..it is big enough to fit my whole family and we are able to ride comfortably. I haven't had many mechanical issues since I have had my vehicle and I put a lot of miles on it every day.

- Natasha M

My grand caravan, the best vehicle

I received this car after my mother retired and treated herself to a newer model car. I enjoy it, it's a very comfortable ride Roomy and is wonderful to drive. I like that I can take the middle seats out. Groceries, pets and family are easy to transport. I like that it has so many charging outlets.

- Angela M

Good for kids, little cargo space.

Cargo area is small, but the kids have lots of space. More space between front and middle rows would be nice for rear facing car seats. The van is an older model so it does not have latch that makes installing the car seats tough, and hard to top middle row seats forward for getting into the 3rd row.

- Stephanie A

Grand Dodge caravan. I give 31/2 stars.

This being my 2nd Dodge caravan front end problems I guess is a Dodge trademark being its the main problem I have had with both, interior space is great I ♡ hauling stuff I have had problems with both front power windows and both sliding doors driver side lock passenger side automatic opening.

- Rosalyn J

How much I love my Dodge van.

I love my van it's small like a car and has enough room for six. Very comfortable, I will keep it until it no longer runs and may very well get another new model I have not had any problems on performance or reliability it get me and my family where we need to be. I love it love it love it. .

- Connie R

The spacious 2001 dodge caravan

I love the space. The van also has awesome bag holders in the trunk that are built into the rear seats so your groceries don't fly everywhere. It rides smooth even after one hundred thousand miles. The seats are very easy to remove. My kids love all the space when we take family road trips.

- Cheryl B

2 Wheelchairs fit in this van.

We need this van as we have a son that uses a power wheelchair. It has an extended roof and a ramp. It is good on gas and nice riding. It actually fits two wheelchairs. It is a tight squeeze but it works. Right now the roof leaks. My husband is going to caulk it and see if that will work.

- Patty L

It has an extended roof which we need for a family member that uses.

It is good on gas and rides comfortable. It has a Ramp for a family member that uses a power wheelchair. The problem we’re having now is the roof is leaking. Think we may have to caulk in the creases. Otherwise we like it and would buy another one. We like the color of it also blue.

- Patty R

Comfortable, reliable, and has lasted so well

The van has been in my family for years and I learned how to drive in this car and have been using it since. I never have mechanical problems with the van and it still runs great. It is a large van so it is very comfortable and extremely reliable and that is why I am so happy with it.

- Alejandra J

Great car to have long term wise

No problems with my vehicle as of yet. At one point it would jump while I drove on the freeway but other than that it's great. It has helped save me gas, it is very reliable, and comfortable. The upholstery at the top is coming off and the armrest on the driver side has came off

- Rosalind T

Dodge caravan good reliable van.

Its is a good reliable van for families. Its starts run and has even been out of state on road trips. It's a good vehicle and does not give me many problems. I love it and I have owned it for many years. It gets me to work and my children to school. Really great automobile.

- Jeff B

Good car really like for the price.

Reliable, comfortable. Fuel efficient. Fast, good handling. I like how it looks. I like the 17 in tires I have. Makes to acceleration and handling good. Quick to get to speed. Quality gear box and tranny. Good brakes and performance. Good winter handling for the most part.

- Carver S

Roomy vehicle with lots of room for people and luggage.

I have had very few problems with my Dodge caravan. It is very roomy - I take my grandchildren lots of places. It is a good vehicle when driving. I am able to see cars around me. There is lots of room for luggage in the back of the caravan. There is lots of legroom.

- Kay K

Has lots of seating space, comfortable for long drives, good on gas.

The thing I like about it is its roomy, has space, comfortable, good on gas. It has good features good radio, safe, the thing I do not like is that it do not have enough chip holders, AUX cord, charger plugs are to closed on the driver side and not in the middle.

- Salem L

Warm and cozy back and just want to keep driving on and on.

It is really good and dependable runs really good and strong engine has plenty of room and is comfortable seats good on gas never have had to do nothing to it that cost me money would buy another. And would refer someone else to this van very happy with my van.

- Jessie C

It is a good and versatile vehicle, good for passengers or moving things as well. Lots of room for people and cargo alike. More reliable than most, but not as reliable as others I have owned.

The Caravan has been a fairly reliable and sturdy vehicle for many years. It has been especially useful in moving fairly small to medium items. Repairs and their cost have been a bit higher than vehicles I have owned in the past or I would have give 5 stars.

- Russ H

I love driving a van as it is more comfortable than any car I've ridden in.

The only problems I've had it with the power windows. They are worn out due to age of my van. I love driving my van as it is easier to get in and out of it. I love that it sits higher off the ground and has more leg room as well as room to transport things.

- Becky L

The transmission went out at around 170k miles. We have to have it repaired to the time of $1600.

It is very old, and a lot of features do not work. The power sliding door doesn't work and is very heavy. That makes it hard for my children to open and close. I do like that I have plenty of room for extra kids to ride along with us.

- Leia h

It can easily transport lots of people and things.

I love that it is paid for. It can haul quite a few people and quite a bit of cargo. Last week, the fan broke on the A/C, so it is quite hot to drive until I can get it into the shop to be fixed. Otherwise - I love my car.

- Jill D

Every door except the driver and passenger doors open automatically if needs.

This vehicle has a really homelike feel, it is steady even on rough roads. The overall performance is great. The doors open automatically a the push of a button, and if anything goes wrong you can easily open them hands on.

- Desi S

family vehicle great for traveling roomy inside

it's roomy power locks,windows 3 seats and antilock brakes it has mirror on visors which for a female teenageris a plus. great for traveling nice stereo system great room for pets nice tint on all the windows.

- tammy L

Getting wheels ready for the road

It runs good but there's a couple of things to do still before it's highway ready like needs tires front shocks then I believe it will be ready to go on the highway oh and maybe a new radio system installed

- Jeffery H

If not kept up you will be putting quite a few dollars in parts on this type of vehicle.

I like the roominess but I do not like several things about it. I do not like it is a bench seat instead of bucket seats. Also do not like that parts continue going out. Also I do like the gas mileage.

- Christina P

Good on gas. The air conditioning is great.

I like the seating, the leg room is good. Also like that this van has the bench seating rather than separate seats. I dislike the benches have to be removed do not lay down. But current models do.

- Susan C

2001 dodge caravan. Not super great.

This van has terrible gas mileage. It has a really big tank it takes a lot of money to fill it up. If you're only putting $10 or $15 in gas it only lasts a day. It also has transmission problems.

- Mariah H

Handicap van that still goes pretty strong.

Great for my sister who is in a wheelchair. It hasn't had any major issues. Just rides rough front end after 17 years. Replaced cylinder coil at 170k miles. New ac compressor at 150k miles.

- Robert L

I have to enter on the passenger side.

I love it is still moving. The tires and engine are great. I dislike I have to enter the vehicle on the passenger side since the driver's door gets stuck. Also, no air conditioning.

- Rebecca L

It is a reliable vehicle that has needed only minor repairs.

I like the 7 passenger seating that allows us to travel in comfort. I like the amount of storage space we have in the back. I also feel that this has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Julie T

it is dependable and versatile.

it is by far the best car i have had it is able to go anywhere. it is durable. I can carry a bunch of of people or carry cargo. It's a really good car. It is also up enough to see.

- sheri S

It is very reliable and great gas mileage.

I like my van. It gets good gas mileage. It is very reliable. It is easy to handle and has enough room for everyone. It is also great for trips. There is enough room for everything.

- Mary B

It is spacious, has arm-rests and is very comfortable.

Van is reliable and has not needed much work on it even though it is 17 years old. Needs new struts, which is normal after that long. I think the previous owner drove it roughly.

- Lukah W

I take pride in keeping it clean and i always wash it at least 1 a month.

Love the way my caravan rides, very smooth .It also handles well at decent speeds say 45 to 65 mph. My dodge caravan has been very reliable and consistent as well.

- Mark G

The outside of the van is in good condition but inside and the doors are falling apart and I hate the van, can't wait to get a new vehicle.

The AC went out in our van two months after we bought it, and then the fabric on the roof started to droop, and basically everything in the van is falling apart.

- Mary B

It's great car for families. I do in home daycare and i live all the seating so we can go places.

I love most things about it. Gets great gas mileage. I love the bucket seats inb2nd row. I don't like that they didn't glue the ceiling correct so it all fell.

- Kathy T

All the seats in the back can be hidden to give you more space.

I love my van! It has stow away seats, so if you need more space you can put the all the back seats inside the floor. It's very comfortable and spacious.

- Jessie G

No CD player or USB port!

I like the room in the van and that the seats are uncomfortable. I don't like the gas mileage and the fact that it doesn't have a CD player or USB drive.

- Hannah S

good customer service and the car is older and needs some work done on it but l don't have the money to get the work done

good customer service and good community service and l love it good customer service and happy to do service and happy how the car runs and drive

- samuel s

Great family car with smooth ride and good air conditioning and radio for trips

It rides well only dislike is the space between door and seat you can no longer put a cooler as the design is smaller width than my earlier model

- Janet R

That Dodge caravans do have maintenance problems if not kept up.

I like the room available in the van. I dislike the problems I continue having with it. I dislike the bench seat and wish it had bucket seats.

- Christina P

It's driven many different bands through many different states for many years.

I love my vehicle. It has reliably gotten me from point a to point b for many years. Many trips across the country and through canada.

- catrine D

Altima's are reliable cars.

I like the room and comfort inside. I dislike it not having a rear ac. It could also use cup holders for the driver and passenger.

- Christopher A

Make sure you check your oils regularly. The vehicle is as good as you treat it

The van is very reliable. Have had a few minor engine light problems but besides that it is a very dependable family vehicle.

- Shane S

Just like any vehicle, if you take good care of it, it will take care of you.

It is roomy and we are able to take the seats out to move things. It has been a good work horse. It has taken a lot of abuse.

- Yvonne R

It has a lot of space. All the doors and windows are electric which don't always work. I've never seen a car with so many cup holders!

It's a car that keeps on giving. We keep finding buttons and compartments that we didn't notice when we were test driving it.

- Mikki O

There is only one automatic door in the back. Both doors would be better.

Other than having the air conditioner go out, it's a wonderful car. It fits our family perfectly and makes travelling fun.

- Abby P

It's a good van to take long trips as it saves me gas and money

It's a good car I love the gas mileage it gets me where I need to go I also like the room lots o people can. Sit in my van

- Betty G

It's got sufficient cargo capacity.

Like roominess, like power features, like seating capacity and seating options. Dislike gas mileage, dislike gas mileage.

- Leslie D


It is falling apart but I do not want to let her go! She has 250,000 miles and is rusting out but still my daily driver.

- Sonya B

That it is a truck and it is what I need.

I love how much I can haul - people and stuff! This has been an awesome vehicle.... I wish I had keyless remote entry..

- Jill D

Transmission and motor is awesome.

Very good driving a van performance is awesome. . As right now I have to change all my bearings at 193, 000 miles.

- Crystal E

My Dodge is handicap accessible. It gets me and my wheelchair where I need to go. It looks cool. I don't like that the ramp doesn't work consistently.

That accessible vans don't have to look bad. The modifications can look like they were always meant to be there.

- Jessica M

She's been faithful and such a great vehicle and we're all gonna be so sad when we have to get rid of her.

My van's name is Olga and she has been a part of our lives for the last 17 years and we all love her very much.

- sha b

It is okay, because it gets me where I want to be. But it is not very pretty. I would love to get a new vehicle, if I could afford it.

My car is a very reliable vehicle. It has low miles on it. If you have a large family, it has plenty of room.

- Jenet K

It gets me from point A to point B. It has a lot of miles on it and has been very dependable.

It is very old and doesn't look very pretty. It has a lot if miles on it and some minor cosmetic issues.

- Michele A

Great seating, roomy, and comfortable ride. Low cost repairs, minor problems when something does go bad.

Great engine long lasting 3.3l engine. Have had very few problems out of it in the 6yrs I have owned it.

- Joshua F

Dodge Caravan stands the test of time.

We have Owned 2 Dodge Caravans, well over 10 years old and their reliability has never disappointed.

- Holly D

Needs some engine work, i get a low engine oil sensor light when i make a right turn.

I like the space in the van. I like how it drives. Needs body work done of it because of some rust.

- Kathy L

It is a very reliable vehicle. It always gets me from point a to point b.

There are a lot of miles on it. It doesn't have working AC either. It is pretty reliable though.

- Ethan A

lasts a long time. used for work and home with no major problems.

265,000 miles on it. what is not to love. no engine - transmission problems. still runs super

- chuck f

My van is great and reliable mode of transportation.

My van is adapted for wheelchair access. The only thing I don't like is it is getting old.

- Lora D

Hard to do engine maintenance

hard to do engine maintenance. good gas mileage. comfortable to drive/ride as a passenger

- william S

Last almost 20 years. Good in gas

Like good on gas. Problem is time to get new vehicle too much repairs and wear and tear

- Catherine P

It is extremely fast for a Van. It moves like a race car. I have beat out many cars to their amazement.

It is a gas guzzler Only gets 11 per gallon. It is very comfortable. A/C kicks ass.

- pattie c

It gets me from point A to point B. It is not bad on gas and fits all my kids

I like my van but I would love a new one. Mine is getting pretty beat up!

- Angela M

It is a rusty old car. Falling apart slowly due age of car.

Rust bucket. Poorly kept up by my grandmother. Great driving though.

- Anthony D

I love the space for family but mine needs work like muffler and windshield is why I don't like it and don't like that it uses a lot of gas

Back and middle seats are made to easily to remove

- Gwen F