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Still the best car I've had.

I'm a Dodge fan mostly because out of affordable used vehicles I believe Dodge goes on strong. I've held 3 caravans over the years and engine durability would be a 10. I've had work on all three but only minimalistic fixes. No major problems in any of them. I do say that the engine may be a 10 but transmission tends to be taken good care of with regular maintenance. I've drove all of the above a quarter million miles. Still rolling. The interior gives nice room and accommodates 7 passengers easily. Front dual climate controls and separate rear makes it all the more comfortable. Suspension parts seem to wear a little more frequent than I'd like. But replacement parts are not that expensive. And the best part about being a caravan owner is it's not a headache to repair yourself. Gives room and pars located in obvious locations the later models have the intent of you not being as friendly but all and all a great vehicle to own.

- Joseph J

Dodge caravan does it all.

I have had my vehicle for 3 years now. It is perfect for my family. Seats 8 people, very spacious.Windshield wipers on the front and back, tape player and radio. Cup holders in front and on the sides of the two seats behind the drivers seats. Spare tire is underneath the van and the bulbs and fuses have their own panel in the back of the van. I do wish it had a center console but that is my personal opinion. I did have a issue with the fuel pump I have replaced it twice because of a crack in them. We also just got new brakes and tires on her. This is my favorite vehicle I have had so far. She drives nice and lots of space for trips or moving large things. It is my daily driver.

- Samantha E

The Dodge caravan is a great vehicle for our family!

I love how roomy the Dodge caravan is. It has 3rd row seating which is very nice for going on trips with the family! The 2nd and 3rd row seats are also removable which makes the Dodge caravan great for hauling large items or moving.. I don't have to ask a friend to borrow a truck. I have a baby, so I have 2 features I like most.. One being the remote door operator located on the key fob, making it easy to put the baby into the vehicle. Second, I love the heat/ac vents in the 2nd and 3rd rows of the vehicle that are controlled separately from the heat/ac in the front of the vehicle which allows me to keep it cooler for me and warmer for the baby!

- Lee Ann M

2003 Dodge caravan. Gold in color. 7 passenger vehicle. Enjoyed by everyone.

Used vehicle. Not used for long distances. In fairly good shape considering the age. Needs brakes, fuel sensor, possible head gasket, just changed the water pump and pipe that connects because it was leaking coolant like water. Needs sway bars. Has a hard time going at low rpm. Once rpm reaches 3. 5 or higher, it runs better. Then shakes and sputters when going at low mileage around 40mph. Otherwise a great car. Lots of room for storage and seating. Right now it's currently taking half an engine and its parts. Once maintenance fixes are completed, I am sure the car will run more smoothly and have a long life span.

- Jennifer R

White Dodge caravan, 7 seater and the back 5 seats come out easily.

I believe my vehicle is very efficient. It runs well on gas where I can drive for a week or so with a half tank of gas and not have to fill my tank once. I had to drive to and from the other side of town which is around 15-20 minutes one way two to three times a day for a solid 3 weeks with a full tank of gas and only had to refill twice. The only problems I have encountered with my vehicle was with the transmission and it wasn't expensive to fix as well as the radiator having a small hole which again was easily replaceable and was cost efficient.

- Julianna O

Red 2003 Dodge Caravan with lots of space for people and storage.

It's old now. It has a lot of space. It is good for families or people with dogs, if you're okay with getting dog hairs everywhere since it has fabric seats. The seats can fold and move around if you need more trunk space. The air conditioner is out of commission now and we can't afford to fix it. The main problems with it now is that it can overheat occasionally and it is almost at 200,000 miles. It's not very good on gas (anymore, at least). It's a comfy car and good for taking people on trips. Speaker and radio quality is good.

- Hannah G

Perfect vehicle for daily running and heat/air works perfect.

I love my van. It has the right amount of seats I need and also space for extra belongings I need to carry with. My heat air cruise control vents all work. Very easy on gas. My transmission is going out but will be getting a used one cheap. I am not the one for getting a van but with 3 little kids and everything I like to bring to be prepared for anything it is perfect. Runs awesome and I would never give it up for anything else. If I want to go somewhere that is a long trip it is perfect for the ride.

- Kerry G

Fixing the Rainy Day Blues

My minivan has the normal features for an older vehicle. I have over 100,000 miles and have not had many major problems. It handles well in all kinds of weather. I was troubled during rainy weather with the vehicle stalling if I went through water because it would splash under the right front fender. I learned that there was a kit available to help with that problem so the belt would not slip. After that was installed, I had no further problems in rainy weather.

- Betty Z

It is reliable and all I have at this moment in time.

It is old... It is blue.. It hall's my children.. The fuel line is damaged but fixable.. It quiet... It does not eat a lot of gas... It reliable and dependable... We use the black tree car freshener... We are grateful out car gets us from point A to point B... It is a very humbling experience to drive our car... It has a wonderful motor in it however I would really just drive it through the city no highways until she gets ready to pass away to car heaven.

- Melvin B

Great for winding mountain roads.

Our van has been a great vehicle. Dodge Caravans seem to hold to the road much better than other vans. It makes navigating winding roads much easier. Once we hit 200, 000 miles we needed to replace the sway bars, alternator and transmission. It is been worth the money to repair it, because it is a great vehicle. This is the third Dodge van we've owned. It gets great gas mileage and the heater and a/c have never given us problems.

- Heather F

Grand caravan: good and bad.

Drives well, very reliable car that is able to fit almost 7 people. I am a young driver and it has gotten me from point A to point B for 5 years. I also like that fact that it has extremely good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable, however, lately they have been having a hard time latching it making it hard to have passengers. The more the car ages, the more problems it has which is extremely expected.

- Toni J

Still Kicking Around at 181,000 miles.

I mean.. It's a minivan. However, It's been going for 7 years in our family and currently has over 181,000 miles so it definitely works well. We are just now starting to see "old age" issues. The A/C won't hold a charge, the mileage is slowing down and she's just all around old. That said. If someone needed a reliable vehicle and doesn't care about soccer mom aesthetic, then it's a good choice.

- Kristina S

It is handicap accessible and there is an electric ramp for a wheelchair

It's just old. Breaks are bad. The front windows don't go up or down. May be either the fuses or motors. It's a wheelchair van so it has an eclectic ramp that comes out and also makes the van go lower and I always scrape it on uneven pavement like entering or exiting parking lots etc. Interior lining is falling apart. All the normal wear and tear you would expect from a 16 year old car.

- Kevin S

Get a van made by Dodge caravan with enough room for expanding family.

Best car/van I have ever had. Bought 2nd hand and van is currently not in need of repair. Only thing had repaired was turn signal. Has enough room for 7 people comfortably. Has enough leg room and feels comfortable when riding. Good view out front and has easy access when getting in with the sliding doors. Enough windows to keep lighted and see coming traffic.

- Valerie H

The best car: the front panel that lights up is interesting.

The van has sliding doors on the sides and the interior is spacious and easy to clean. The car gets good gas mileage and uses premium fuel. The seats fold down and make a huge back seat room. The driver seat is adjustable and is high enough to see out of the window. The outside mirrors are adjustable. The car has an easy to read interior panel.

- Mary G

Good, reliable car. Lacking on the features.

For as lad of a vehicle as it is at this point, there really are not any problems, performance problems, or comfort features. It would be nice if it had a CD player/satellite radio connection instead of a cassette tape deck. It would also be nice to have seat warmers, electric seats, and automatic headlights. It has none of those things.

- Elizabeth R

Mechanic's Special a Soccer Mom Mobile

I love it fits the whole family. I don't like the blind spots when backing, it makes a horrible winding sound, the gas mileage is not the best, and it has electrical problems from time to time. Has had computer problems and didn't always start. There is a funny sound on the front end when I go over bumps, and brakes don't wear evenly.

- Jamie W

Maintaining it is the most important thing to do so you don't have problems down the road.

I haven't had to many problems. It rides really well as long as it's been maintained. The motor is still the same. It's got captains seat in front and back. The back seats and the bench can come out of the van for more room to say move something. It's a perfect van to bring kids to their many things to do. It's an all over joy to own.

- Nanci H

Dodge caravan is one of the best vehicles to drive and ride in.

Great gas mileage. Great driving. Comfortable. Easy to see out with while you driving. We can get our electric power chairs in. Went on vacation in it and we loved it. It is classy. You can get a lot of people in it comfortably. The radio works well. I have gotten many dodge caravans in my lifetime. I always enjoyed them.

- Margaret K

My ideal van for my large family with a lot of things.

I love my van most out of all the vehicles I have owned. It seats a large family very comfortably with space left over to store things. I am constantly on the go with babies, so having a vehicle that fits us perfectly and is great on gas is essential. It is a very trusty van that I haven't had too many issues with.

- Alexa K

Best car I have had. . . I would own another one in the future.

My car is reliable. Comfortable for me and my grandkids with 2 built in car seats. . . Has never giving me any kinds of problems whatsoever. . Always starts for me no matter what the weather is and is great on gas which is great. . . Has a roomy trunk area for when I do groceries or black Friday shopping.

- Joann B

Good on gas if you take care of it. It will last you a while

I like my dodge when i bought it. It wasn't new but we need something at a time. We love the way it drive but being that old causing a lot of problems. We took it on three weeks trip. It works great and good gas for a van. The color is blue and It's very nice.lots of room but not for the back seat.

- Nutchanard L

The epic grand caravan review.

The caravan works great and very so often it has problems. But the doors do not close all the way so when it rains heavy water seeps into the inside. It ends up smelling bad. But the gas mileage is great and I do not have to fill up on gas so much. But my tires are terrible so the tend to deflate.

- Melissa H

2003 Dodge Caravan Characteristics

The Dodge Caravan is a very spacious vehicle and very reliable. It computes all through town with little to no problems. It includes adjustable seating and leaning in all three sections. The trunk portion is also very wide for large items. Also has great air conditioning and heater features.

- Miguel E

Makes it from one point to another.

Always something wrong with it mechanically. Seats are hard and uncomfortable. Truck space is pretty decent. Whole van shakes when ever you use the ac or the heater. No middle compartment in the front which sucks. No middle seat belt in the back roll that is supposed to seat 3 people.

- Clara D

A car that has given me many problems.

From the time I bought it, it was in and out of the shop. I once took it on a long road trip and ended up stranded in a strange town for a week waiting for repairs.i don't know a lot about cars, but at diff. times there was a problem with brake, gas tank, oil tank & engine.

- Rosie P

Dodge and their brake issues continues.

The complete braking system has many flaws. Continually the system needs attention resulting in hundreds of dollars that have been poured into the brakes. Another problem is the locking of the brakes resulting in the continued replacement of the tires due to brake issues.

- Suzette W

An older low mileage handicap van.

This is a silver handicap van. It has very low miles (70,000). There is a driver's seat & a long bench seat in the rear. Both the heat & the air work well. The radio has a CD player too. There is some rust on the rear passenger side. The engine needs a tune-up.

- Tammy L

Dodge caravan sport great family vehicle.

Vehicle very comfortable, drives well and excellent heating system. Had to replace catalytic convertor, and that was pricey. Vehicle is very roomy. Handles well in all weather. Very useful vehicle for families and people with disabilities. Very economical with gas.

- Tim S

It�s not much, but it�ll get the job done

It's a very reliable car. I have never had issues other than general wear and tear as the car has aged. Air Conditioning is still going strong. The seats are comfortable and the back seats are removable to allow adequate cargo space for hauling what I need for work

- Raphael Z

Great car for a large family.

The Dodge caravan is great for hauling a lot of people. It is not the greatest on gas. It is an older model vehicle and so I have some problems with it. I recently had to get the water pump replaced. All in all, if you have a large family I would highly recommend.

- Morgan W

Great for parents of college kids for moving in and out of dorms.

Very comfortable. Very reliable. Tons of room. Great for moving children back and forth from college and in and out of apartments. Great for hauling furniture from yard sales. Like the center console and the drawer under the front passenger seat. Great visibility.

- Susan E

The 2003 Dodge Caravan SE is an all out great vehicle for its age.

Great Van! Seating is comfortable. Driving is smooth. Roomy, seats seven. Runs good for age. Drivers area is nice and spacious. Really comfortable cushioned seats. All doors work great. Seems to be a strong vehicle. No major problems with it. Great gas mileage.

- Carla H

I like the 3rd row seating and the 2nd row is 2 single seats.

Our caravan has 257,000 miles and still going strong. Uses a little oil and needs shocks. It starts first time every time. Cruise and air/heat all still work. Power windows and door locks all work as well. It has lasted a long time and is our primary vehicle.

- Elizabeth K

A great ride for a reasonable price.

The seats are very comfortable. The van gets great gas, mpg on the highway. The torsion bar suspension is great on curves maintenance is reasonable. Cargo space is great all of the accessories work properly the sound system is very good I have few complaints.

- Lawrence R

It has stow and go seating and rocks a sweet pinstripe on the side of it.

Honestly, no complaints about my Dodge Caravan. It runs smoothly, has plenty of space and provides stow & go seats. The only complaint I would have is the gas mileage. It takes up a bit more gas than the usual car, but other than that, an awesome vehicle.

- Ally B

It is big enough to fit everyone in it when I need to take everyone with me.

It was a used vehicle and I use it to get back and forth to work. It has air conditioning which my last vehicle did not. It has a working CD player and tape player which is pretty cool. It does not have a key lock and the O2 sensor is off.

- Annabelle B

Decades Old Dodge Detailed

This 2003 Dodge has out performed any other car or van I've ever owned. In town, or on the open road I've always gotten good gas mileage, and it's been consistent all these years. Low maintenance has been true for all 240k miles.

- John B

It has lasted over 200,000 miles with no major issues. Their best car ever.

It is a very spacious van for traveling with children or loading with cargo. Lasted for 15 years with no major problems. What I do not like is that there is not as much room under the hood to work on issues when they arise.

- Russell G

It's one of the safest vehicles I have ever been in.

Bobo, my beloved van, is my old reliable. I have had him for years and can get me through anything. Two-tracking, traveling, and a safe ride for my 4 year old. Dodge knows what they're doing and I am a happy about it.

- Beth B

Relatively maintenance free as long as you perform regular maintenance.

It has over 200,000 miles. I value the comfort of the drivers seat especially on long distance drives. It has not caused many maintenance issues. It sits up height, is white and easy to spot in a parking lot.

- Al G

It has serviced us for 150 thousand miles and is still working well for us.

The van has served us well. We use it for work and personnel business. We have taken a number of long trips with. We like driving a van because of the extra space it provides especially for vacations.

- Janet B

IT has space for a lot of people as well as space for things needed.

My vehicle is of great use to transport my family wherever we need to go. It has a seat for each of us plus one extra seat. I wish that it was a little newer than it is, but mostly it is a good vehicle.

- Dixie S

For what the car is, this care has lasted me a very long time and it has been durable/held up through many things throughout the years!

I am glad that it has lasted this long! However, there have been many issues with parts and pieces over the years and this has been a struggle. I will also not be able to get much money from a buyback.

- Chalee B

Its safe to drive and runs and drives great.

It is a seven passenger van. Has lots of room for storage. The two rear seats are removable so u can use it to haul stuff. . It's in good shape still and it runs great. No mechanical problems. .

- Craig S

If you have only one vehicle to cover all your driving needs, this would be a good choice.

It can carry quite a bit, most importantly two dog crates. It is a reasonable size (not too big) and gets decent gas mileage. I do wish it had manual transmission. I think it is attractive.

- Alice S

This van is simply a transportation device, nothing comfortable, fancy or convenient.

It's a hearty vehicle with some cosmetic issues. Maintenance is imperative. It makes some noises and the steering needs to be looked at as well as the air conditioning and the sound system.

- Rachel W

It is great if you have more than one child and need more than one door to get into the back of the vehicle

I like that it has 4 doors. I also like that it has power windows. I dislike that it only has 2 removable seats. I dislike that there is only one lighter putle to use to charge items with

- Sunny G

It's reliable and safe. Once the exhaust is repaired it'll run like new.

It's very sturdy. There is a whole in the exhaust that is needing to be fixed. The gas mileage is fairly good considering the vehicle is 15 years old. Little rust, a good vehicle overall

- Corissa P

Dodge caravan review for family

Because the van is older it doesn't have any newer electronic systems such as a dvd player or gps. It does have a VHS player that helps us out a lot with the kids when we go on vacation.

- Jessica H

It is a very dependable family car. I feel safe letting my son and daughter use the car when they need it.

I have owned this Caravan since 2004 and it has been very dependable. I find this an easy and fun to drive minivan. If I could change one thing, the seats would be easier to remove.

- Lisa J

Looking for a family vehicle! Buy This

Sorry don't know much about cars, but it's great on gas, very low maintenance. I bought it used but previous owners too great care of it. I would recommend in a newer model

- Crystal D

It's a dependable vehicle.

I'd be more comfortable driving a smaller vehicle, but this is a good minivan. It's spacious, the heat and air work, and it's even a nice color. Plus the radio works well.

- Molly S

It is a good car to have when u have kid and fits car seats well and a big trunk.

I like that it is big enough for my family but it is not a reliable car the seat belts really good for the kids car seats. Some time things do not work on the car right.

- Sofia M

It helps me see better down the road when I am driving

I like that it has plenty of room for everything. It also is up higher for me to be able to see better when I drive. But I would like to get me a full size pickup truck

- Jacki W

My van has been a dependable driver for 2 drivers now. It seats 7.

There are many dings and scratches and dents as it is 15 years old. I wish it would get better gas mileage. If it wasn't for the rust that is starting, I would love it.

- Noah Z

It does not have any bells or whistles in it.

I like the space it has for my children, me and all our stuff. It drives smooth. It does not get very good gas mileage. I wish it had a few of the bells and whistles.

- Amanda K

It isn't the nicest car, but it is still reliable.

Its air conditioner doesn't work at all. It has plenty of room in the back with the seats down. It is also very convenient when I need to transport several people.

- Courtney A

My Dodge: The Old Reliable

My vehicle has been reliable for a long time. I feel lucky I've been able to drive it for as long as I have, and I hope to be able to drive it for years to come.

- Ryan L

It is reliable and has a long life. 15 years old and only regular maintenance stuff.

I like that it has lots of room. I can pile it full of kids and their stuff and drive to camp three hours away and everyone is comfortable the entire time.

- Bobbie k

I like it, because we had a lot of fun trips with my parent. It reminds me of my dad that passed away, because it was his vehicle.

The air conditioning has a big problem when the drains back up. The door are starting to rust at the bottom. The vehicle is just outdated and getting old.

- Julie D

That it is a very sturdy and reliable family friendly vehicle.

I have been very satisfied with the Dodge Caravan. I've not had any major problems with it just your normal everyday wear and tear that goes on a vehicle.

- Janet F

It's a running and reliable vehicle that's gets me to and from work and everywhere else.

My van has had a few issues already... c.v. joints seem to be a popular thing. The van transmission takes a few minutes to get into the right gear as well

- Melissa N

Only one tether for front facing car seats! Electrical work sometimes goes in and out,

it is a wheelchair van, the electrical is dodgy at best. It does not accommodate more than one front facing car seat, which SUCKS! (only one tether)

- Brandi W

The vehicle has third row seating and plenty of trunk room

The room provided in my vehicle is beneficial. The parts are not very expensive and it's reliable. The only issue is gas mileage is pretty expensive

- Desiree P

It's a good vehicle for traveling. It has so much room.

I like that it has a lot of space and can hold 7 people. I do not like that it sits up higher like a truck. I prefer driving a car instead of a van.

- Bonny B

Decent family vehicle, for my 4 kids and 4 animals.

It performs very well, but it squeaks now. I have to fight to get to the back. The trunk is too small, and things fall out when you open it.

- Kari W

Handicap accessible minivan

My van is handicap accessible. It makes it easier for me to travel. It is reliable. I can maintain my independence because of my vehicle.

- Tom A

Its a van. You cannot drive it like a compact.

I like the space. I do not like the four cylinder. It has caused us many problems in varied altitude travel. It's a good overall vehicle.

- Jennifer K

Minivans who knew they are not just for soccer moms.

Very dependable, very comfortable ,,low maintenance. Easy to get kids in and out of because of the way the seats are set up in the van.

- Lisa S

Smoothe ride each and every time. Handles well in all weather.

Third row seating, removable and fold down rear seats. Seats 7 comfortable. Power windows and door locks. Can be a gas hog at times.

- Shonna J

It is a good vehicle for busy moms with many busy kids.

Runs pretty well. Like the space and dual sliding doors. Dislike that doors sometimes stick. Dislike that dash lights are going out

- Mandi R

Family car good for travel

My vehicle is perfect for traveling and football games and grocery store in do not have a big family but it seats us all perfect

- Deanna B

Very dependable good family vehicle.

My van is very dependable. It has very good gas mileage it has lasted a long time my family feels very safe. The motor is quiet.

- Mary G

Caravan Car 2004 Detailed Summary

Really good car for the age. Definitely would recommend for the price. Although lots of newer cars have more advanced features.

- Jessica M

Not great in handling in bad weather. Starts every time.

Not to good in snow. Lower than my other minivan. Rides nice in good weather. Wish it was four wheel like my other dodge mini.

- Jay S

It is great for transporting children. There is plenty of room.

There is a lot of room for passengers. It's very comfortable. Great gas mileage. Doors and tires need replaced or fixed often.

- Jackie C

Requires special def fluid for the fuel system.

It is ugly and not stylist does not have any appeal to it. I like it because it can fit many people and is road complimentary.

- Mark W

It runs really good. It is a family van.

I like how it is roomy, I dislike the amount of seats. The seat belts do not fit me, it is been in the shop a bunch of times.

- Tyler S

Has power hatch and passenger back door.

I do not have anything to say about my vehicle. My husband is the one who drives it. I only drive it when it is an emergency.

- Wendy L

It was around during hurricane katrina, so when it rains usually some water leaks in through the bottom

I love my car. It has taken me everywhere i need to go, usually without problems. It has good gas mileage, works really well.

- Payton C

It is great on gas for an SUV.

I like the side space and the comfortable driving. It rides pretty smooth. Also the mechanical repairs are not hard to fix.

- Janice M

Love the push of a button on back door and trunk!

Only owned for 2 months. Was well taken care of so I love it. Will have to put in a new power steering pump and new tires.

- Sierra L

Good gas mileage and reliable.

It gets good gas mileage it seats 6 comfortable it is a reliable van if you take backseat out you can haul a lot of stuff.

- Michael K

Reliable minivan for the regular person.

It's a really reliable van. Haven't had any problems with since I had it. I get good gas mileage and the space is a plus.

- Abdul K

Comfy seating. And lost of leg room.

I have no complaints about this car. It is roomy. Easy to travel in. The cargo space is large. . Good air conditioning.

- Debi P

Handles very well and is very easy to park.

It has great gas mileage. Has room for 7 which is most of my family. Can adjust/remove seats to accommodate my needs.

- Charlotte H

Great minivan for a family

quite reliable, nice ride, mileage around 22mpg, great family vehicle, easy to get children in and out of the vehicle

- Patty N

It is a great family vehicle.

Had to replace part of exhaust system. Vehicle is very comfortable and reliable other wise. It performs quite well.

- Tim S

It was purchased through fez auto and they charge so much.

Ii enjoy that is good on gas and has great room. I do not like that everything is breaking and needs so much work.

- Ashley B

It has lasted for many miles. The odometer rolled over and it keeps going!

I like that it can hold 7 passengers. I dislike the fact that it is old and the power components are wearing out.

- Cindy F

It's like an old dog. Faithful but a little slow.

I like the space and how much room we have. I don't like how it drives or how little power it has. It's also old.

- A H

It has comfortable seats. And a good radio

My vehicle is pretty good on gas. Don't really know how I feel about the flex fuel it burns that gas to quickly.

- Herbert W

It cost less than $18,000 new!.

Love the way I can fit everyone drives great on gas lots of room for shopping very dependable low maintenance.

- Maria C

It can fit a lot of people. It can also be used to carry a lot of stuff.

I don't need a minivan. It is just my daughter and myself. I just got this because it was in my price range.

- Jami F

Nothing exciting, a good, reliable vehicle. I would recommend it for a family.

I like the size of it for our family. I like how it is not high tech. I do not like the check engine light.

- Lisa W

The minivan is economical both for gas mileage and cost of maintenance.

Easy to drive. Roomy. Good gas mileage. Maintenance is relatively easy. I really do not have any dislikes.

- Lora L

It gets good gas mileage. It seats 7 people. It has deep pockets in the back making shopping easy.

I like that it seats 7 people. I find it super convenient to have sliding doors on both sides of the van.

- Candy F

Good overall. I like it and it meets my needs. That's all you need to know.

Just bought it. Large enough to haul large items. Smooth ride. For the price and age it is a call choice.

- Lynne S

It's a family car, but honestly there are better ones out there

It's been acting up for the last couple of years, but it's been a mostly reliable car for over a decade.

- Est D

I love the space it gives my family when we travel.

Handles well on the highway, heat mileage, great for family trips, sporting events, great trunk space.

- Kevisha W

That it has good air conditioner when your hot and a good heater.

Love my vehicle it has great air and heater good comfortable seats I hate that it's easier to tear up.

- Mary C

Good gas mileage, good between oil changes.

No complaints. Love how it drives. Very comfortable. I would trade it in for a better vehicle though.

- April K

Comfortable to drive, ready good handing, great view for the driver

I really love the size of the vehicle, and it is very comfortable. I wish it had more features.

- Cathy P

That it does not have power windows or locks. The passenger side seat belt has to audibly click into the holder.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like the lack of "go" power and no power windows or locks.

- Nickie M

It is very comfortable driving for long distances and has separate air for back.

The gas mileage is poor. It is very roomy. Also it is very comfortable to ride in.

- Debra V

It has run well for all these years with very little maintenance needed

Meets my needs, lots of room for hauling, seats 7. Paid for and still runs well.

- Allison R

That a van of this kind is well worth investing your money in by purchasing such a vehicle at least you know you have made a wise choice

We like our vehicle because of it room and because of its comfort in riding

- Michael E

buy a different car, there are too many service issues with it

low gas mileage, lots of different issues, don't like shape of back seats

- Jennifer R

It would make a good first car

It drives well. The AC fans do not engage. It has a leak in the radiator.

- Joseph S

It is sufficient to get me to work

I like the space it provides and the sliding doors. I don't like the rust

- Jj m

I can use it however I like

Very good as it has over 250,000 miles. Uses some oil. Pretty dependable

- Joseph G

It is a smooth ride and easy to haul my kids around in. I love the built in car seat feature too. I wish it had a DVD player built in but newer models do.

It has held up through the years and has been very dependable for us.

- Amanda S

It has performed beyond expectations and and been a joy to have.

It is a workhorse. It is roomy. It has done well over the years.

- Mara G

The van is dependable and runs well

Good used van. Dependable. Would have liked air in the back.

- Cindy D

that it has a very good tendency to overheat until it stalls out

It overheats and the brakes are bad but the storage is good

- Eric V

runs great never dies can always count on it

It's very reliable but has a lot of blind spots

- maria G

it was cheap and what i could afford

not what i wanted has over 200,000 miles

- Joe W