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2009 Dodge Charger Power and low maintenance and comfort

It's a 3.51 but when you put the pedal down you'd think it was a V8. I've owned it for 6 years and have never had a mechanical problem with it. As far as comfort it rides the same as a Chrysler 300 because they have the same suspension so I am led to believe although I've driven many 300's and in my opinion my Charger has a smoother ride. I drive for a Chrysler/Dodge dealer so this is an area in which I am familiar. It has the beautiful lines of a Dodge product. I've been complimented on it's looks many times. I will be driving this Charger for many years to come. The only thing I've ever done to this car is oil changes and tune ups. I have to say there is one item that this car possess that I really love. You know how most cars and trucks have the fuse box under the dash where you can't get to it or even see it. Well the 2009 Dodge Charger has the fuse box in the trunk right where you can see it and get to it. I've had to change one fuse and it was a breeze.

- Marvin S

2009 Dodge charger review. From one owner car.

I love the body style of the car. It drives so good. It drives like an Cadillac., smooth riding. I love the way it handles on the road. It takes curves very well. It has a lot of horsepower. So if you want a car with speed this is the one. The radio and CD player is just standard nothing special. I does not have GPS. I believe you can get it as an option, not sure. It has so much leg room in front and as well as in the back. This car is so roomy. The trunk is so big as well. It also has where you can lay the back seats down as well. That will give you another more space to haul large items as well. I love this car so much. The only issue I have had with the car is the water pump. Had to have it replaced. I also was told to replace the timing belt as well. They said it would make the engine last longer if I did. So I did it. Haven't had no other issues with this car at all. Just standard oil change and other little thing nothing major at all.

- Cherry B

2009 still getting it done in 2019

I just love my 2009 Dodge Charger R/T! I like the older body style and been very happy with the quality of car and the quality of my local Dodge dealer/service department. The electronics and dash panel display are easy to read/use and the seats adjust easily and is the most comfortable car I've Ever owned. The sporty style with four doors and ample trunk can take me to do all my errands looking and sounding good! Nothing like the sound of a Mopar V8! They do have front end issues anywhere between 70-90k miles. It is a pricey fix but no other issues in those 90k miles. The tune up is quite pricey too being the V8 has 16 spark plugs. But well worth it! This car is very responsive and handles like a dream. It might be an older car but it still turns heads and runs like new! Will make you loyal to the Dodge brand.

- Katie C

It's perfect to me and i can depend on it in doing my daily tasks.

Likes. Bluetooth connectivity. Ability to listen to text messages. Head-up display. Split-screen views that allow for music and traffic information, for example, to be seen on display units simultaneously. Ability to answer phone with button on steering wheel. Ability to unlock/lock doors and start car with phone. Concierge services. Dislikes. Some navigation features cannot be used while vehicle is in motion. Passengers should still be able to input commands in these cases. Navigation is clunky compared with the phone. Dealerships need to be more thorough in explaining features.

- Maher M

2009 Dodge Charger is Reliable

The 2009 Dodge Charger has been reliable for the ten years that I have had it. Only recently have I had problems with the car, but what can you expect after a decade? One of my favorite things about the car is that it is really comfortable. I have driven many cars that my friends own, but none of them feel as good as mine. Since the car is fairly old you cannot connect your music player through Bluetooth, but there is an aux output that can come in handy.

- Jesus Y

Dodge charger - love the car.

Even though I have had it for a few years it still runs well. Having the full coverage warranty has really made a difference on my view of the vehicle when something happens because everything will eventually break down. I travel often and this car has been very reliable. I find every seat comfortable. The charger I have is very basic concerning the features it has within the car, but all you have to do is be adaptable and it is manageable.

- Cassidy N

Not a bad car. Just a few complaints.

It is a good car although I am lucky I got a warranty with it because I had to replace the lifters and radiator. And it eats tires. I love the 0 to 60 feature and the gas mileage is about 15 miles per gallon around town. And my check engine light always seems to be on for an evap leak or gas cap I have replaced the gas cap and the light will go off but within the month is back on.

- Deja D

Great quality and durability for the price. Dodge is a great brand to purchase.

This car is very roomy inside with legroom for the backseat, v6 engine, 2. 7l gas. I haven't had any mechanical issues except the previous owners installed an aftermarket alarm system that went haywire recently. It was removed and no problems since. I have replaced the coolant intake valve once and that is the only problems. It has been very reliable for me the last 2 years.

- Megan Y

Another thing I like about it is the interior.

Well at this moment the problem that I have is that it seems that the transmission is starting to fail on my car, but other than that my car runs smooth is very comfortable and family occupancy is great. The style of the car is awesome I love it. My kids always want to ride in this car too, I like my truck but my Charger is the one I really love to drive.

- Vanessa Z

There is a large seating capacity for a sedan.

This vehicle has been reliable since purchased in 2009. I live in a very small town and don't have to take it on the highway much; so, it is not exactly pushed to the limit. I have always been pleased with the comfort of the vehicle, including the heating and air conditioning. The vehicle has a surprisingly large trunk which has truly come in handy.

- Jenny K

It is not made cheap it is a very well made car.

Mine and my husbands Dodge Charger is so sleek on the outside it is a black car and the windows are tinted real dark where you have the utmost privacy inside and everything inside is comfortable and enjoyable the radio is nice and loud there is nothing wrong with it is the ideal car for me and my husband I hope it never gives up on us we love it!

- Samantha P

Very dependable it will take care of you if you take care of it.

Oil change is a must on time or vehicle will have problems. It also has great all wheel drive and really makes it easier in the winter. I wish the back seats had heated seats as well. I also like the screen that the radio runs off of but also wish I had more variability with it. Black cars get really hot in the summer but does well in the winter.

- Page S

The 2009 Dodge Charger is a very sleek and safe car

My vehicle is Very comfortable and has a lot of space. The car has only given me very minor problems. It runs well to be 10 years old. The reliability of my car is outstanding. It's not too flashy, but still very sleek looking. I would recommend this vehicle because it is a vehicle that makes you feel safe while driving.

- Angela H

2009 Dodge Charger police package

Very stable when driving. Rides smooth. Lots of power under the hood. In the police charger the gear shift is on the right side of the steering wheel instead of in the middle. Drinks gas however. Seats are comfortable and interior design is very nice. Radio sounds good. The police interceptor is also a nice touch.

- Nancy S

My car overall s great I love it.

My 2009 Dodge Charger is great. I get good gas mileage and hardly ever have any problems with it. I did have a few problems with the air conditioner but me mechanic took care of it haven't had any more problems. I did have a few problems with the starter but it was fixed also no more problems and its been 3 years.

- Amy S

Buy for looks, love for reliability

We bought the car used and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It is a great reliable car and pretty good on gas mileage. Very smooth ride and my four boys love riding around in it. My boyfriend bought it for looks and it has accommodated us as a family vehicle as well. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

- Carrie W

Great red charger dependable worth it

Car has been very good Great on gas. Outside and inside has kept up well. However small things went out quick. Example cruise control, switch to put water on with wipers, remote doesn't lock and unlock doors anymore. However it still drives like a new car and I wouldn't change it

- Monica G

I consider my 2009 dodge charger to be a great family car.

It is very roomy in the front and back. Seats five people comfortably. No problems. It is a reliable car. The performance is smooth. Able to make u-turns with no problems. Great turning ratio. Excellent suspension. Not too bad on gas mileage. Gets an estimated 21 miles per gallon.

- Marjorie E

Dodge Charger is unmatched.

The Dodge Charger is great on gas, has a sleek body, and is even better on the highway than it is in city limit driving. I would never regret buying 1, especially considering how low the insurance payments are for a luxury vehicle. I have owned 2 in my lifetime and I loved both.

- Desmond H

My car, Charlie the charger.

The 2009 dodge charger has been the best car I've ever owned. Its spacious, comfortable and super reliable. I've maintained regular oil changes, etc and other than a sticking rocker arm, have never had any issues. I would definitely buy another dodge charger in the future.

- Sonja S

Comfortable, reliable, only small problems

My Dodge Charger is very comfortable and is a very reliable and durable car. The only thing that is bad about my 2009 car is that the brake squeal a bit. The work perfectly good and are serviced but the way the car is made they squeak. Nothing bad. I absolutely love my car

- Bailey L

No issues, very reliable, in good condition.

I bought this brand new and have never had any major issues, just normal maintenance. Very dependable, good on gas. Has enough room for 5 people, not crowded with a car seat. Large trunk to put lots of groceries. Power windows and locks, traction control all work great.

- Sarah H

My Dodge Charger. Keep with the maintenance, she will run smoothly !

I don't know much about cars but this serves me well. She drives smoothly. Maintenance cost is low. The only problem I have with is the manual ignition key and the computer key. Just like every car, I keep up with the maintenance. Other than that - I love my car!

- Florence M

The most important thing others should know is the suspension is shot.

I have had to fix the o2 sensor and the suspension is shot because Valvoline improperly changed my tire and broke off the caps. I then had to buy a new tire and get it put on elsewhere because I didn't trust Valvoline after that. Other than that the car runs fine.

- Mackenzie F

White and black 3.56 hellcat wide and strong Dodge charger

It's a white charger very powerful with leather interior also big trunk room ,Goodyear tires powerful motor and a .3.56 engine. A Lot of space and leg. Big clear headlights crystal clear. Nice backseat for friends and family. The CD player plays loud and clear

- Joshua J

Great family car. Extra roomy, very dependable

We really love our 2009 Dodge Charger. It's been everything we could have hoped for. It handles really well, gets good gas mileage, lots of room in the interior and in the trunk., comfy leather seats and I love how smooth it is.

- Pamela D

It is nice running car and family friendly.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has a lot of space and people can sit conformably inside. I also like the look of my car. And I also love that it is a 4 door car. What I do not like it is that it takes in a lot of gas.

- Vanessa Z

Charger Take charge of your destiny

I bought my charger new at the dealership and I really love my car it's sporty, fast, economical, and rides like a dream. It's a really nice and comfortable car to go on long trips or just run to grocery store In

- Larry G

It has great power, when you accelerate from a stopped position it is fast.

The champagne color of the car makes it look more like a luxury vehicle than a just an ordinary sedan. I like the design it is both stately and sporty. The only complaint is a blind spot out both back windows.

- Richard M

That is is 9 yrs old and has almost 245,000 miles and I've only had to do routine maintenance.

I like the body style of my car. I like the that it has inside. My car has almost 245,000 miles on it and I have not had to do anything to it except for regular maintenance.

- Tonya S

It's the best thing ever and I love it.

I like my car because its very fast, it does what it has to do, and it looks amazing. I also like it because it has a good amount of seats to bring people in the car.

- Dylan B

Fast car, fast to need repairs

Repairs can be costly because parts are not easily accessed. The transmission isn't the best. It is a gas consumer. But it is fast and the interior sound is awesome.

- Naima F

The most important thing is that it's reliable and the ac works.

I like how fast it is. I like how it looks. I dislike all the mechanical issues and maintenance you have to keep up with. And the sound system sounds good too.

- Vito V

It's a Dodge charger as long as the roads are clear. And it is light in the rear in.

I like it cause it's fun to drive. I hate it cause you can't drive it in the winter unless the roads are dry. I think the Dodge charger is a great car.

- John B

It's never been involved in an accident and has only had minor repairs.

Bought it used in 2010. It has 177,000 miles. It has tinted windows and aftermarket wheels. no complaint....it has been a very dependable vehicle.

- Sidney W

Great Dodge Charger that works reliable

The car is still fairly new and I love its reliability, I haven't had any issues with it , I only need to bring it for tire changes and oil checks

- Amanda W



- eugene i

It's my dream car I have always wanted this kind of car and I finally was able to buy it

I like that it is my dream car but it doesn't work that well. I bought it for cash from somebody and they didn't take care of the care

- sam p

I really enjoy the AWD in my car and the dependability.

The gas mileage on it is not as great as i would like it to be. I would also like to have a more secure wing on the trunk of the car.

- Paige s

Great car, no big issues.

Has been a reliable car, have never had a problem besides regular maintenance. There has been a few recalls but nothing hindering.

- Nikki M

a few recalls; minor problems; reliable

like the styling; wish dodge offered loaner car when it's in for service; had a problem with window not going down; a few recalls

- D E

the back seats do not fold flat to have a larger trunk. I does have a big trunk though

There is plenty of room and I never have a problem fitting stuff in the vehicle. I do no like the back seats do not fold down.

- Heather D

That my charger drives really smooth and the entire functions of it works perfectly.

I really haven't had any problems with my car. I just get an annual oil change when I have driven a certain amount of miles.

- Mahlon T

Even though it has a sporty look, it's the perfect family vehicle.

I like the roominess of the vehicle. I feel like it's perfect in that regard for my family. It looks nice and runs well.

- Jon D

Easy to drive and very affordable price range. Must buy

It's very affordably. It drives very smoothly and it is very easy to drive. I would recommend this care to people.

- Joey D

There's is a lot of space in there

I don't really like my charger that much but it does run good. And it's not that fast for me it's a decent speed

- Adrian C

It is fast and should not be a car for a young driver.

It comfortable fun to drive bout you cannot drive when it is slick outside. But other than that I love my car.

- John A

It's safe reliable and easy on fuel

It's always been reliable, even at Its older age It's held up great.It's a smooth ride and easy on gas

- ba T

Sleek and reliable vehicle.

This vehicle has proven to be very reliable with no major issues. Good on gas and safe for my family.

- Charity S

It's American made. Has a great power train and runs like a champ even at 2008 model

Like the body style. I only buy dodge or Chrysler products. Car is built well and drives well.

- Lucy M

it is very beautiful and drives smooth. definitely an attention grabber even though it is older

I love the appearance of my car. I love the smoothness when driving. I would recommend it

- Jordan A

the amount of room that's the whole car has

Most comfortable car I've driven in. Lots of room for storage and leg room also

- Nicholas M

It's not as cool as a 2 door car

It's sporty but also has 4 seats which makes it easier to have passengers

- Frank B

It's low to the ground so you really have to watch for potholes

It's reliable. It gets good gas mileage and it is appealing to the eye

- ashley l

It is a good quality dependable vehicle for myself and my family.

I like the look and the quality. I wish it had a little more power

- Tawny W

It is reliable and cost efficient

Reliable Sporty Customize to my liking tinted windows and gps

- Chuck S

Fast and comfortable, nice looking fuel efficient for its size

Comfortable, looks good. Hate front end always needs repair

- Gary S

Others should know that my car is really durable and not high maintenance

It's hogs I think that it could be something much better

- Isiah T