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Answered prayer. Body still looks like new still shining new and comfortable.

My vehicle has and is a God-send a blessing it is what we needed at the time roomy the cab in the back made all three of us feel the truck was really a car good on gas we make several long trips yearly no major repairs thus far we do have over 200 thousand miles and just the usual repairs we do use it a lot air conditioning works great only once did we need Freon gets us in and out of snow and rain only complaint it is starting to a little harder to get in and out but that might be because of age getting older the bones don't move as they used to other than that we are very satisfied a true God-send.

- Gloria V

Cruise with comfort and control.

I absolutely love my Dodge Dakota pickup. The seats are heated and very comfortable comes in handy on long trips or a cold winter morning. Recently drove it across country. It handles very well on the highway mine is 6 speed standard with cruise control. Very easy to drive with controls on the steering wheel. First time I have had both cruise control and a stick shift wouldn't want it any other way again best of both worlds. Full size bed and tow capacity make this the perfect vehicle for me. Never have to drive by that garage sale or antique shop without stopping again.

- Darlene S

There is not any but just it gets us back and forth to work everyday.

The problem with the vehicle that has a bad shift solenoids and has a loud muffler. The truck has been getting my boyfriend back and forth to work but I have stop and turn the truck off to reset the shift solenoid. It is very rusty. It does have a misfire on one cylinder. The performance is not that bad. I have 3 good tires that come with the truck. But the truck would be better as a parts truck. It has a new master cylinder and brake booster that we have fixed but a used power steering pump and had to put on a new puppy to the tensioner. The 4 wheel drive do not work.

- Danielle T

Good solid reliable, versatile, & economical transportation

This is the only vehicle I ever bought on my own, chosen to serve my needs. It has been the most versatile, reliable, safest and relatively economical truck I have driven. Although it is ten years old, it has not required much more than routine maintenance, and still gets 16 mpg. The inside of the cabin and the bed are in great shape, and the outside, while it has a few dings, has never had any major damage, and still looks in good condition. The only current problem is the air conditioner, which can be fixed with one visit to the mechanic.

- alison s

Great truck, great gas mileage, value, with a good looks, and dependable.

Since we drive less than 3000 miles a year, and it runs great. The engine is a v6 and gets great gas mileage. Easy to handle and looks great and the best part is that we keep it looking good. The truck is great for families who desire comfort yet dependability with great gas mileage it handles bad weather with any issues. Easy to maintain and has the feel of a big truck. The sound system is original and overall it has a great body style that young couples would to own.

- Jose S

For two years it has gotten me from point A to point B with no hassles.

I have never owned a Dodge vehicle before. This Dodge Dakota is my first one and I have had it for two years now. I use it for work, it does not have any special features. It is great gas saver, I have had no problems with it. All I have done to it is the usual maintenance, ( ex: oil change, transmission oil change, brakes, spark plugs, windshield liquid). I have travelled more than 300 miles with no problems whatsoever. I can say is that is a good vehicle.

- Lisa S

My 2005 Dodge Dakota and how much I like it.

I bought my truck new in 2005 and never had any problems with it. It is dependable and comfortable. Easy to drive. There are more additions that are available now I wish I had, but that's ok. I just had work done on it when my engine light came on. The part was replaced but I have to take it to the dealer to get the light reset not looking forward to that but it is the first problem I have had with my truck and it is 13 years old and that is pretty good.

- Carol H

This is the best truck I ever owned.

My truck is 13 years old and I have had minimal repairs. It is still reliable after 160, 000 miles. It is exactly the right size for me. With v8 engine it has all the power I need on the highway. Gas mileage has remained consistent through all the years, and although it is not as good as a compact car, it is sufficient for a truck of this size. I enjoy a very comfortable ride. I am very disappointed that Dodge discontinued this truck.

- Linda B

My truck . It lacks the comforts and features of newer models but is reliable.

My vehicle is 16 years old in august. It has about 190,000 miles. It has been very reliable over the past ten years. The past six years I have had some major repairs such as transmission and head gasket rebuild. I know this is related to wear of vehicle. I drive this vehicle to work daily and use it mainly for my personal use. Because of the age of vehicle it lacks the comfort and technological features of the recent vehicles.

- Allen L

2005 Dodge Dakota very nice, great vehicle for a great price.

Its white and has four doors. It is also a 4x4 with a 4 foot bed. It has a bed cover over it that retracts if you have to haul things. The truck is not full size but it's a nice size if you need to do some hauling. It gets good gas mileage. It fits 5 people comfortably, but the back seats fold down if you need them to so you call haul things there too. There is also storage areas under the back seats,

- Tricia D

Mid size; extended cab. Tough; great torque, . V6 4 speed transmission.

Dakota mid-size truck with extended cub. It is a very tough truck, reliable, a good candidate for daily commute. It has comfortable seating, simple controls, great speakers. This truck has a four speed transmission, good storage. Very impressive performance. The torque is great, it has a large bed (6 ft). It also does great in towing. Overall, this truck has just about everything a regular truck has.

- Maria V

It sits high enough that you can see the road and other vehicles well.

The Dodge Dakota gets great gas mileage and runs smoother than most other vehicles I have ridden in. It has had a problem with the air conditioner not holding Freon properly. It had a recall on the ignition switch. No other problems really. It is a great buy and has plenty of room. The bed is kind of small but it suits it is purpose. The motor and transmission have had no problems.

- Jacob C

The car is not a gas guzzler and runs well.

It is reliable, decent on gas, comfortable, and does not require very much upkeep when I am driving in my car the steering is generally easy to control, the brakes are efficient for running my average errands, and the comfortability is what really gives me interest, the seats are comfortable, the heating/air conditioning works well and the radio blasts my everyday jams perfectly.

- Destiny B


i purchased the truck about 14 months ago. i paid $4500 for it, in the year since, I have had to invest around a thousand dollars a month into the truck, now it will not pass nys emissions inspection, and i am having a hard time selling the truck even with 119,XXX original miles and a brand new transmission with less than 10k miles on it

- Jesse r

Performance of 2005 Dodge Dakota.

Runs well, very light back end. No problems real except the ac compressor has broken. Other than that it has been a very good vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a truck. It has not required very much maintenance. The back seat is great for kids and pets. The only thing I wish it had was a sliding rear window.

- Pam E

My truck is 13 years old but only has 40, 000 miles on it!

I have few problems with my vehicle. I bought it used and it was in great shape when I got it. I hope I will never have to get another vehicle since this one only has 40, 000 miles on it. I like that it is a tall and tough vehicle on the road it drives very smooth. I have regular maintenance to keep it in shape.

- Reno B

2005 Dodge Dakota with transmission issues.

It has tire issues and I had to replace the entire transmission. It is fine for a short work commute, but it kills on gas for longer commutes. I’d prefer a sedan or family car, but it does the job. It has not had any other real issues besides the transmission. It does not have an AUX port which is a bit sad.

- Brittany L

2005 grey Dodge Dakota very reliable.

Great means of transportation, no problems, performance is good, very reliable has lasted us years, very comfortable has a lot of room for me and my family they are in sports so its very spacious for us, all football pads, and coolers for games, 4WD has been very helpful when we had a blizzard here in town.

- Celeste A

A pickup truck with the ability to carry weight despite it is compact frame.

Door jamming for the rear cab on the driver's side. The mileage has shown an error message for years now and no one can seem to figure out why. After having it for about eight years, the front tire rod snapped. The breaks are not the greatest but there is not too much wear and tear over time.

- Haley S

The reliability of my Dakota beats out every other vehicle I have ever owned.

I really love my Dakota because I have been able to count on it not letting me down. Even though it is an older vehicle, I have only had to do the general maintenance to it. Very dependable! It has had a few recalls but my Chrysler dealer has taken care of everything that it has needed done.

- Rita L

Leather heated seats I love the so much.

This has been a great truck. I have not had many issues. Normally the usual things that happen. I recommend Dodge to anybody who likes dependability. Great engine. Looks great. Easy on gas. I bought the car used but it was new to me. I enjoyed the inside of the truck. Lots of room to grow.

- Stephanie M

2005 Dodge Dakota crew cab slt v8 4. 7l.

Great truck, very dependable, I have owned it for 11 years has 118000 miles and still running strong, the overall quality of ride could be better, the interior could use an upgrade in features, and material, overall I am very satisfied with the truck and would recommend it for purchase.

- Richard G

Affordable, reliable and nice to look at.

The transmission went out after 9 years but other than that I never have any problems this truck is 15 years old and has been all over Texas, Arkansas and some other states and no problems it is very comfortable and very reliable I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new truck.

- Mary D

It's reliable and hasn't let us down.

I love that it's a sturdy and reliable vehicle with a crew cab that we can use for day trips with our grandchildren. It has plenty of space available, especially in the bed where my husband and I keep our fishing poles and extra gear. It's surprisingly economical at the gas pump too.

- Sherri R

My reliable vehicle survey.

Very reliable vehicle. It gets driven back and forth to work everyday, making over an hour trip each way and has never left me stranded. Has a working radio, CD player, power windows, three front cupholders and two backseat cupholders. Has comfortable seats and a roomy backseat.

- Cassie N

Reliable 2000 Chevrolet Lumina.

My vehicle is reliable for getting me to the doctors and shopping. It is 18 years old. But have been told it is a great car and great engine. I keep up with any maintenance that comes up. Might have to put money into it every so often, but it is cheaper than a car payment!

- Kathleen J

This truck is great for driving to work no matter how far the distance is.

We have owned this vehicle for 6 years and have had no major problems, I. E. Transmission, motor, etc.. We have only replaced heater core belts and tires up to present and have had great response whether city miles or country miles the trucks performance is great.

- Katy B

My vehicle and how I enjoy driving it.

Runs great. Never had a problem with it. Good mileage. Dependable vehicle and wouldn't trade it for anything. Wish I had gotten my truck along time ago. I enjoy it very much. Thank you and I enjoy this survey as well. Nothing more to say about this topic. Thanks.

- Roland G

My 2005 Dodge Dakota good for another 100, 000 miles.

150, 000 miles done nothing to the truck, but change the oil every 6, 000 miles and replace the tires twice. I get about 20 miles to a gallon if I stay under the speed limit. The only problem I have had was with the seat belt computer alarm not working properly.

- Robert M

My truck is reliable, and having 4 doors is very nice.

My truck is good that it has 4 doors. however I wish that it had a tilting steering wheel, cruise control and remote start. The bed liner is also beneficial, however there is rust around the wheels & bottom corners of the doors. Having a CD player is also nice.

- Bonnie C

Built tough - with small issues.

I bought my car used in 2007. Did not have any problem when it was bought. Did have to rebuild the transmission in 2014. Put new brake on it in 2017. Have had to replace tires once or twice. Did have issues with the sway bar with both the left and right side.

- Andrew B

The dashboard saying error.

My airbags has a recall on that and now my truck says error on the dashboard. So I am gonna take it to a cheaper dealership to get the airbags fixed. So i am hoping that it will fix the problem on my dashboard. So I am hoping that it will solve the problem.

- Percy W

The Dodge Dakota is a great mid sized truck suited for individuals without large families. Less space equals better gas mileage and faster acceleration on the highways.

I like that my Dodge Dakota has 4 doors and a V8 Magnum style engine. This is just the right balance between power and gas mileage in a midsize truck. I don't like that upon hitting 200,000 miles I've been met with constant repairs and maintenance.

- Trale Y

It has got a great suspension system for large loads and hauling.

I like that it has a good truck bed that has a cover for stormy weather. I enjoy the heated seats and the how well it runs and uses fuel. I wish it were a full cab rather than an extended cab. It makes it difficult to drive my son around.

- Ashley M

My truck is reliable. But the rusting issue with Dodge is frustrating.

Very reliable. Dodge seem to have problems with vehicle body rust. The vehicle is very dependable and I've had little issue with the drivetrain. The vehicle only gets around 12 miles per gallon. Which is not the best.

- John R

That it just the best truck ever. It is more comfortable than our car and holds as many people. It will carry all my needs and more.

I love my truck. It is a quad cab so everyone can fit in it, the seats are way more comfortable then the new trucks, and it really isn't that bad on gas. It is just everything I wanted for a truck and more.

- Robert M

05 Dodge Dakota owners review

This has been a great vehicle for me. It has been reliable and gets me through the winter snow every year. I've eclipsed the 150,000 mile mark and still going strong.

- Nick N

it's great for bringing a camper to the campground with room in the bed for all of your gear

Its rusting out in the bed and wheel wells. but otherwise solid and has treated me well tires are expensive and the gas mileage is terrible, but it can tow my trailer

- Joshua S

This truck is a fairly reliable truck for its age.

I like that I have been able to keep it running fairly inexpensively after it was paid off. I dislike that it rusted so quickly. Overall, it has been a good vehicle.

- Kirk W

A nice little truck. Very reliable.

It's a nice little truck. I have had very few problems with it over the years. it has about 110,000 miles on it now and still runs great. Very comfortable as well.

- Matt R

05 Dodge Dakota snow saver and 4 wheel living

This truck is known for wearing through front-end suspensions. 145k miles and just replaced. Other than that, this truck is amazing and a lifesaver in 4ft of snow!

- Arron C

Will run smooth at the start but when it gets older will start to ride rough.

Like that it has lasted this long from when I got it. Been able to handle anything I needed. Had to rebuild the transmission and had some other issues with the ac.

- Andrew B

Never buy a used vehicle with anything over 100,000 miles and expect it to run forever

I bought my truck 2 years ago for about 10 grand. I've had nothing but problems since about a week of owning it. I've spent probably about 8 grand on repairs

- Chandler M

I do not think people realize it is a 2005 model.

I like having a truck which is my first truck. I like that I bought it used but gently used. I like the color. I like the way it is bigger than cars.

- Reno B

People think they are slow, but they drive like a normal car.

I like everything about my truck. It handles nicely in the snow and we get a lot of it in Michigan. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Denise S

I love my truck and the way it drives.

I love my truck. I like being able to haul anything I need to. I also like having my camper on the truck for fishing and hunting expeditions

- Kenneth S

That is reliable and comfortable and has 4x4.

Very reliable rides comfortable and the bed u can haul things in. Automatic is a good thing to have towing package is a good thing too.

- Dawn G

Runs good and rides good for a truck.

I like it being a truck, having a v8, and mechanically sound. I wish I would've gotten one with bigger back seats and a shorter bed.

- Cathy S

It's reliable and has lasted me for almost 13 years

I like that it's American made. I can see over cars in traffic. It hasn't given me much issues in the almost 13 years I've owned it


Would you buy this truck?

High mantaincentive vehicle . New motor at 83,000 for around $8000. Ball joints at 12900. Rotors replaced after first year warped.

- Kent J

It's tough and can get into a lot of different terrain with no problem

i like my truck because It's the first truck i've owned. I can go places in it I cant if I had a car. I dislike the mpg it sucks.

- curt G

I love the heated seats and mirrors

I love my truck. It has heated seats. The only issues that i have had is putting a new transmission in and fixing the exhaust

- Amanda E

It is great a good buy! Good on gas, easy handling.

I really like my Dodge Dakota it handles easily, it is good on gas, has a lot of pep. The truck has good ac and heat.

- Joyce H

The ride is nice and sound.

It's a rugged truck yet the rides like sitting inside a car. The instrument panel is clear and easy to read.

- Louis M

It has 4 wheel drive accessibility.

I like the size of the truck. Big enough to feel safe in snow but small enough to not feel overwhelmed.

- Lauren W

It's very reliable and can easily be fixed if something happens to it.

Its reliable and fun to drive. Especially to go mudding in. Four wheel drive is a great thing to have!

- Bill S

That its a reliable for the everyday handyman and they'll love being able to load all their cargo.

It's an overall great car, love the handling. The chairs are comfortable. The engine runs good.

- Omar E

Durable and large truck bed. Leather seats and are heated ,

Great for wood halling , to light in the snow . Gas mileage is very good for a mid size truck,

- Steve J

Probably the fact that it has a chip and it uses a ton of gas

Its real cool looking, get a lot of compliments, it can go anywhere. But it's a big gas hog.

- Cathy J

I like my truck because it's roomy and it has 4 doors.

I like that it's a 4 door. I like that it's roomy. I don't like that it's not 4 wheel drive

- Brooke H

It drives great in the winter, has plenty of room in the cab and space in the truck bed.

It's not fuel efficient. The truck is getting old and needing repairs that are not cheap.

- Christy W

It's a very reliable vehicle and great for the price!

I like that it is a 4 wheel drive truck that can hold our family of 5 comfortably.

- Brenda G

She has a life of her own and it means if she doesn't like you you dont ride

She is a wonderful vehicle. Any issues i have found to be able to fix myself

- jenna p

That it a rugged truck and can take a beating

It is a 4x4 truck that I use daily and going on camping and fishing trips

- Gerald m

It is broken and It's not reliable, it only gets you where you need to go in town

it keeps breaking down on me, I like that it doesn't waste too much gas

- Michael M

Drives Great, and you can haul a lot.

It's great for hauling things. Transmission sometimes is not the best.

- William M

It's fast so watch your speed

It gets great mileage It drives and rides great It has plenty of room

- Rick G

it loves to drive on highways,freeways.. good trip truck

i love my truck. love the color. love the v6 for gas mileage

- scott g

No complaints. Truck runs great at 238,000 miles, good gas mileage, low maintenance costs

Very Inexpensive to operate and maintain, very dependable.

- Marcia M

That it is good on gas . has plenty of room for everyone.

I like the size of my truck. It is my favorite color.

- meme h

Facts about a dodge Dakota!

- Kass H