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Old Dodge's still got it.

Solid vehicle. Both Dakotas I have owned have served me reliably. Bought the 2006 used four years ago with very low mileage. The only issues I have had are routine maintenance issues that would already have been handled at 50k and 100k checkups if my vehicle had hit those benchmarks yet. Gas mileage could be better, being an older truck I get slightly under 300 miles to a tank when doing city driving. Have made a couple long trips and get 330 or so highway. Ride is smooth in all conditions. Backseat of the cab is roomy for storage, but not really conducive to having an extra passenger for very long distances.

- Frank J

Reliable, sound work small truck.

It has 106,000 miles on it and is the TRX 4x4 package. I have owned it for about 2 years and have had no serious issues with it. It does have rust in top of fender wells on both sides in the rear. I have noticed a lot of this same truck by Dodge has rust there as well. Mechanically sound and besides the rusted areas, a clean looking vehicle.

- Michael P

Best truck I have ever owned.

I bought my truck brand new in 2006 it's got over a hundred eighty thousand miles on it even though I have been terrible at keeping up with maintenance I rarely ever see a light come on the dash to tell me that something is wrong there have been a few check engine lights but they only told me about spark plug I need to be changed

- Eduardo G

Great little truck, hauls and tows with ease. Short bed.

My truck is very reliable, it is right at 200,000 miles and runs like a top. It is great in the snow, drives easily and I drive across the state about every 3 months with no problems. The seats are ok for me. It does not have a great radio, the CD player does not work and I only have 1 speaker left but it is 13 years old.

- Jo M

Adequate but not fancy, breakage probably within the norm for a 10 year old truck in the South.

My Dakota has been reliable, and never needed major work. The handling is poor, and I'm not sure the transmission has ever worked right. Both of the handles for the rear doors have recently broken where the cable attaches and need replacement; the same happened to the release handle for the parking brake years ago.

- Mike S

White 2006 dodge Dakota truck.

It does not really get good gas mileage, and I think we've replaced the wheel bearings multiple times. We have had to replace many of the parts, and it is very top heavy. It is decent to get you short distances or to haul stuff in, but I would not recommend this vehicle if you have long distances to travel.

- Kathy F

The Dodge Dakota why I will not get another one.

My car has a miss in the penicillin der where it overheats every once in awhile the struts rattle is very hard on gas it rides very nice and the seating is very good for my two grandchildren I personally would not buy another Dodge if I had the choice to buy one I would go more with a Chevy or Honda.

- Kathryn N

Great vehicle for small families!

Performs great, back seat is pretty small. Cannot got rear facing child in back. No mechanical problems so far, but it does burn oil faster than other vehicles we have had in the past. Engine has a lot of horsepower, and makes towing trailers and etc. Very easy. This is our winter driving vehicle.

- Ashley M

My dependable vehicle that I've owned for 4 years.

A superb dependable vehicle. Has never given me a problem. Picks up speed pretty quickly and the ride is always comfortable. Dependable for hauling anything I need. It is a 2006 Dodge Dakota. And has hardly giving me any trouble at all. I can carry many things including my family in this vehicle.

- Rolando G

Great silver Dodge Dakota.

It is a great truck. V8 engine really sets it apart from other trucks within a similar size. I am at about 130, 000 miles and starting to run into problems. Have had to replace exhaust, power steering, and a few other components. But it is still a great truck and perfect for tailgating.

- Luke S

Chrysler makes a lousy vehicle, and a shopper would do well to avoid them.

That truck is undoubtedly the worst investment I have ever made. It's basically a piece of trash that can't get up enough speed to get out of it's own way, with horrible mileage. It began rusting after It's' second year of ownership. I never should have considered a Chrysler product.

- Jon w

While the gas mileage is not the best (17mpg), the comfort and reliability makes up for it. The interior is well laid out and quite comfortable, and the noise level is low.

this truck has a manual transmission allowing me to use various gears to obtain the power I need to either pull heavy loads or travel at highway speeds. I bought this truck new and have had no complaints. The king cab allows me to transport others when necessary and is spacious.

- Gary S

Good old truck good gets very good gas mileage keeps oil good transmission.

Needs shocks other than that it is good car drives nice well kept motor is fine tires fine battery good no accidents no dents good performance four door easy to park good for carrying heavy loads gray good color 120 mph breaks very well good pickup truck rides well heat air radio.

- Virginia N

It is reliable and affordable.

I love the body style because most dakota's are not as sleek and sporty. My dakota has been very dependable and reliable. I have room to take my puppies on trips and not feel cramped up. The interior is stylish and it is very comfortable if you have to travel long distances.

- Donna C

2006 Dodge Dakota quad-cab 4 x 4.

My vehicle is a 2006 Dodge Dakota quad-cab 4 x 4. It seats 5 adults, can go just about anywhere, has a tow package for camping and still gets 17 mpg. The only negative issue is that it has body areas susceptible to rusting. At twelve years of age it still serves me well.

- Leonard D

Good car and safe for kids.

I have not had any problems with this car, it is good and cheap, and it could have better gas mileage, and it would be nice if it could go faster, it's a good truck, it runs smoothly, it's a good first car for kids because it is big and safe and sturdy, and comfortable.

- Megan J

My vehicle is reliable because you can always count on it to start.

Its reliable. Had a rotor snap in half. Oil changes have to be done by a shop unless you have a special tool. The comfort of the vehicle is terrible the seats are not comfortable at all. This vehicle does not have Bluetooth or any features that new cars have.

- Angela H

Long lasting vehicle with good gas mileage.

Decent gas mileage for being 12 years old. No major mechanical issues throughout ownership. No power windows or door locks. Basic factory truck. Had to replace the starter on engine after 10 years. Has only needed basic maintenance, oil changes and such.

- Stephanie B

My miracle truck from god.

I got it with donations made to me after losing everything in a 2008 ef-4 tornado. My sister started a fundraiser for me and even the Dodge dealership helped by dropping the price so I could buy it. A gift from god through the love of friends and family.

- Jimmy C

Low mileage and maintained like new

It is an all purpose vehicle. It gets decent mileage. Cost to insure is high since it is considered commercial because it hauls weight. It is uncomfortable to sit and drive for any length of time because of tow package and no extras.

- Chris D

It is great on gas, and it is got get up.. And go.

Its utility, its reliability, its roominess are all positives. It has had some performance issues related to its transmission, its power windows and the radiator. The gas mileage is not great.

- Thomas R

It's from Dodge so it's not the best make of trucks.

It's a truck that I take hunting and fishing. It does a fair job with gas mileage. I wish it had more leg room. It's four wheel drive but does not do a good job off road.

- ron L

Minimal electric stuff. No GPS, electric seats, gizmos. Just basic.

First, it's a pick up truck. Minimal electric stuff - manual windows, seats, etc. Tonneau cover. Blue. Named Bruce. 2-wheel drive, but would prefer 4-wheel.

- Holly P

It nice and is spacious would make a good starter vehicle or a daily driver.

It makes a good work truck very dependable have not had to do much work to it besides normal upkeep on it. Do not like the fact that is not a full size.

- Michael R

works well, well endowed with features and will guide a future decision.

This vehicle has served me well. Now at nearly 12 years old I have had great reliability from it. It currently has 185,000 miles and still going well.

- Jeff M

Excellent work vehicle. Not a family vehicle.

Our main problem is it is not big enough for our family. Runs well although have had issues with the timing & brake lines have been replaced twice.

- Tonya W

The vehicle has 4 doors which is very handy.

The only problem is that at times the AC gets frozen and stops producing cold air. Other than that the truck has been amazing and a smooth drive.

- Marth B

Typical Dodge Dakota 4 door truck

I like that it is a compact 4 door truck. I don't like that it is rusting in the rear fender wells. and it does not get very good gas mileage.

- Richard C

Its mine nobody's driving it.

I like that I have plenty of space it has been a very dependable vehicle. I am having problems with the dash cracking from the sun though.

- Patricia Woods P

It is a compact. It will not give the feel of a larger car.

Like the comfort and the customized features that came with it. Dislike the rough ride handling compared to the 2005 Dodge I owned before.

- James P

Control on rough highway at highway speeds is questionable

Ride is rough, particular at highway speeds and front end loses control on bumpy highways. Like interior configuration and accessories.

- James P

The crew cab is very nice when traveling with grandkids.

It is a good truck. It is getting older but so far it is running pretty good and it hauls all of our camping gear and rafting gear.

- lori c

Chevrolet impala is very dependable and long lasting.

It is very old. The air conditioner does not work well. It is seems to be falling apart. It needs to be repaired.

- Brenda S

it is a very comfortable truck to drive for a small family

It runs great, it's midsize so perfect for a small family and fits all my needs for sports and our home business

- nancy t

I like that it is 4-wheel drive and has a full backseat and bedliner . I dislike that it is a 2006 wish I could afford a newer truck.

It is paid for and is very good on gas. It has more miles than I would like on it, but is very dependable.

- barbara c

After 12 years it still hasn't given me a lot of trouble.

Love Dodge, and I love my truck. The miles per gallon could better, but it is perfect otherwise.

- Debbie M

it has low mileage. one dent in bumper. few scratchies

it is an older model. it could break down easily because of age.i am keeping it right now

- dolores k

that it lasts forever when taken care of. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of newer vehicles so there is less distractions

I like everything about it but it is getting old. Slowly falling apart

- Jess B

That they last forever and are very reliable

It has lasted me a long time but is slowly starting to get worn down

- Jess h

The wheel bearing constantly needs replacing and it's rusting like crazy.

It's very reliable. But it also is starting to rust a lot.

- Kathy V