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2007 dodge grand caravan review. . I love the storage in this van.

I have loved the van with children and traveling - it is been easy to drive and makes family vacations. The right side sliding door had issues but the dodge dealership replaced the motor twice. I told them it was trying to eat my children - they were quick to fix it. 8 years into ownership the transmission went out - but b/c we had purchased the bumper to bumper warranty - the dodge dealership replaced it with no question. I have been very happy with the dodge people and the van. I love the floor spaces for storage and the fact that the chairs fold into them for space in the van is wonderful. I loved being able to grab all the cousins and go on trips or to a show. It has been a great vehicle - I highly recommend the dodge grand caravan. The van is smooth driving, we added a DVD player when the children were small and loved it, the sound system is good - I wouldn't say great but it is good. I like the storage all through the van - there is one between the front seats. I have no complaints about this van - and would purchase it again if I had need of a van but now my children are getting ready to leave home. So I am contemplating letting it go but keep holding on...

- Tammy V

It is Reliable in the dead of winter! You will never get stuck in snow or have battery issues. It has a truck axle frame for the van which gives it its weight and size, but it won't seem like you are driving a truck and you still get great gas mileage!

I absolutely love the gold bumper to bumper cover that I purchased with the van, however, it doesn't cover a few things that you would expect it to as they told me it would. I have had to replace the passenger mirror 3 times because the Grand is so wide, cars have hit it. Also the undercarriage rattles something fierce. The upside is my van has never gotten stuck in snow nor has it not started in the dead of winter. The dealership has been great to me when things need to be done. I can put 2 or 3 issues under one deductible and I am set!(if I have that many issues) I love that the deductible is only $100, especially now that my car is getting much older! My van has traveled all over the US and never failed me! I will probably always by Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep products as they have always been great to us and our parents proudly made them for 30 years!

- Dee C

A minivan I wouldn't trade for any other 3rd row vehicle

It has automatic doors it does not have an automatic trunk door. It's a stow and go which is awesome and has a lot of room. It has 5 places for TVs on the roof along with a neon green light on the ceiling that comes on when the lights are on which my young children love. You do have to manually turn your headlights on and off which I do wish they were automatic or at least had the option. There is a back window wiper. The windows on the back side doors roll almost all the way down. I personally love my minivan everything I wish it had or didn't have isn't that big of a deal. I will continue to own a dodge grand caravan until my children turn 18 years old

- Melissa H

Comfortable, spacious, but doors freeze.

It's comfortable for me, my wife, and our two daughters under 3 years old. Great for car seats, excellent storage'can fold down all the seats in 2nd and 3rd row. Fob system is great, but we've had one day where the Fob system randomly stopped working, though it came back on soon. Just used the manual key in that case. Only other problem is the sliding doors don't like to open in the winter (we live in Indiana). Pretty sensitive to the cold, those doors. Other than that, we love this vehicle. Again, comfortable, spacious, and it's got a CD player and AUX cable hookup. Main caution is the doors! If you live somewhere that gets cold, think about that.

- Aaron W

Best used vehicle I have ever purchased.

I love all of the room this van has. It comfortably fits my family of 7, plus all of our shopping purchases. The stow and go seats are a blessing, making hauling large items a breeze. The driver and passenger seats, as well as the first rear seats, are equipped with heated seats, perfect for those cold days. The sound system is superb, and the 2 rear DVD screens are a hit with passengers. This van is stylish, easy to operate, and very reliable. It gets great gas mileage both on and off the highway. Dual sliding doors and trunk can be operated with key. Overall great value, and would recommend.

- Rhiannon S

Provides plenty of storage space with the stow and go feature.

I love the stow and go that provides extra storage. The cloth seats are comfortable and the whole inside of the van feels spacious. It also has a key fob that can open the side doors with a push of a button and I find that very convenient. My only two complaints would be that it does not look as sleek as the newer minivans and it does not have a button for the back door to close. I find the back door to be heavy and tall for me to reach. Overall I'd say it is a great van and I would recommend buying it to anyone looking for an older model of a van.

- Amy K

Grand caravan, a great family car!

This is a really great van!! Great gas mileage, plenty of room for the kids! And very safe. One problem with the grand caravan are the power doors. If one on the chains on the door is messed up it could mess with the wires in the whole car. For example: the back door on the driver side has chain issues, this caused all the lights on the dashboard to come on and stay on, we couldn't turn off the windshield wipers. Then at random times we didn't have any lights, radio stopped working stuff like that.

- Sarah B

I love a grand caravan good overall van.

We love her Dodge grand caravan very pleased with it we haul stuff in it never had a problem with performance good on gas seating is comfortable the stow and go seats are great the only two negative things I can say is the starters in a bad position it seems to get overheated quite easily and goes bad we had to replace one within less than a year and the council in the roof with the video player has developed a squeaking noise when driving.

- Kim L

Great family car for transporting people or stuff around!

This van has been a very reliable vehicle. We have the stow and go feature that has allowed us to transport large appliances and furniture. It handles the road really well in ice and snow. I am petite but it find it easy to drive. It just recently started to give me some trouble in that it does not always want to start right away when I turn the ignition on. Otherwise it has been a great vehicle to drive and transport my family.

- Mary Jo W

Reliable vehicle with good features

This car is ten years old, and has been very reliable for its age. There have been no major performance issues. There are several helpful features. There is a plug in the car which makes trips convenient. The stow and go seats are very convenient for occasions in which you need to transport large items. One minor inconvenience with this vehicle is the headphone compartments for the TV screens rattle when driving.

- Sarah M

2009 Grand Caravan Review

My vehicle slightly veers to the right when driving, this problem causes my front tires to wear out more quickly than they should. The van is really reliable and really comfortable. It seats 7 even though I wish it would seat 8 to fit my whole family. There are two DVD players on the ceiling in the back so my kids get to watch movies when we go on long drives and they love it.

- Jennifer C

A reliable and Versatile vehicle.

We like the stow and go seats, and as campers the extra room/flexibility of the seating is valuable. It also has roof racks and handles a bike rack well. I like sitting higher to see traffic, and the seating and temperature control is adequate. The only problem is leaky tire pressure indicators, so the lights go on often for a low tire. Having rims cleaned has helped.

- Deb J

Relaxing ride in my luxury van.

Lots of room and full power for a comfortable ride. I really love the front, middle and rear controls for a/c and heat for comfort no matter where we sit. There is additional storage under the middle seats for long trips. Seats lay back or fold up when you need more space. Spare tire is stored under the car and handily accessible. No crowding in this luxury van.

- Mary B

A fine vehicle for a family that is not picky.

The vehicle performs well, with good space for seven. In all honesty the best way to describe the vehicle is it's good. Nothing special, but if you aren't looking for something terribly fancy then you wouldn't be disappointed. I'd have to be picky to find an issue with the vehicle, but I do wish the side doors were automatic. Overall a good choice for a family.

- Tyler H

Dodge Grand Caravan amazing faintly car.

I love the space it provides my family. Being able to store the middle seats and back seats in the floor it extremely useful. It is pretty good on gas and is very comfortable for me to drive even though I am really short. I normally have a tough time fitting comfortably in cars and this one adjusts enough to make it comfortable for me.

- Ashton B

It�s an oldie but a goodie. But remember it�s a decade old.

I've has the car for a decade now. The problems are the engine is wearing down. The seats are worn out yet sit comfy. I like how big it is and how many people can fit in it. I also like features even though it's considered old school. It has a CD player, an aux cord, a lot of fans, and I like that there's lights on the ceiling.

- Angel K

Grand caravan makes my life easier.

I would like the van to have more power. Occasionally I have trouble in snow. Overall it is one of my favorite vehicles. The drivability and convenience of it, with stow and go seating, is extremely hard to beat. I am very tall and this is one of the only vehicles I have used that is comfortable for both my arms and long legs.

- Frank S

Caravans are very reliable

I love my caravan. It is very reliable. However, there have been more problems I've run into now that it's getting older. I feel like the brakes are a bit pricey. I've also had to replace the shocks and routine maintenance of course. I seem to have had the most money invested into it around 2017, but it's done well since then.

- Angela M

Comfortable and good handling

Very reliable and comfortable to ride in. Easy to lower seats for more storage with each row making it more versatile. Able to put a handicapped lift on the back. I like the fact the passenger rear window only goes down half way for child safety. Handling is very good and driving long distances is comfortable with the seats.

- Richard C

Dodge grand caravan. Stow and go seats are lovely.

I love the stow and go seats in the van. It is very easy to put them down to make more room. We haven't had any major problems with the vehicle. It performs well and has power. The vehicle has the latch system in it which makes it easy to install car seats. It is a seven passenger vehicle, but it sits six adults comfortably.

- Sally M

A Very Good Buy: I experience a very smooth ride and pretty good gas mileage

prefer not to answer this question but there are minor problems that are prevalent in the ownership of any vehicle, yet the vehicle I drive is very reliable, comfortable and has certain features that are a plus to the character of the vehicle. I would recommend it as a good family car that will afford good service.

- Larry P

Very spacious and convenient

I love that you can open every window, there is a DVD player, heated seats in front and middle, stow and go (easily), and almost everything is automatic. The only thing I do not like is that the headlights are not automatic. It is very spacious and convenient. Great for a family of 5 like mine, seats 7 in total.

- Tara W

A great family car and everyday van

It gets good gas mileage. Love the stow n go. However, the black carpet is a nightmare. I can't ever get it clean enough. Too many crevices that I can't reach to clean so that annoying. It is comfortable and I like that it fits my whole family and our stuff for vacation. I love the E85 gas too. It's cheaper

- Emily G

Great attributes about my vehicle.

I truly love the performance of my vehicle! Very convenient for my size family! I have 5 little ones so I need the room and space! I don't drive very much so there's not a lot of miles on it. The only downside is I have to have a battery more often than I expected. Other than that it's a pretty good van.

- Otis T

perfect and comfortable for the road

The vehicle is great although it eats up a lot of gas ! I drive long distances, so it's not the best car for that. But it's perfect errands and such. Very specious. The Bluetooth is great ! The feature are very nice. I just have a problem with the gas eaten up way too quick. Everything else is great .

- Selena T

Reliable car - needs updating.

I really like my car because of the space. It has stow n go seating which has made things very easy when it comes to moving. It is a pretty reliable vehicle and I like how it tells me when it needs maintenance. I just wish it was a newer vehicle that was Bluetooth enabled. That would be very nice.

- Shane M

Stow and go is great! Not pleased that it is a 25th anniversary vehicle with free service for life, but not transferable.

I like the leather seats, automatic seat positioning, automatic sliding doors, and heated seats. I love the stow and go seats in the back. We have had problems with the transmission--had to get a new one, problems with idiot lights, car had trouble turning over when putting key in the ignition.

- Kristen K

It is a very comfortable car to drive.

My Dodge grand caravan is an awesome vehicle. It has over 100, 000 miles and going. The interior design and seating for seven was an important selling part to me. One drawback is that it has started to slip gears. Problem occurs when putting the car in park. Otherwise there are no other problems.

- Liz H

Dodge Grand Caravan, 2009 bright green.

Dodge Grand Caravan, comfortable, roomy, drives smooth. Radio is awesome, speakers great. Kids have plugins for charging devices, foot room also. Color is green, bright, and gets noticed. Doors slide open nicely. Automatic shifting, airbags, just changed oil. And replaced hoses for radiator.

- Tracy W

Amazing family car for a growing family.

The Dodge grand caravan is big enough for my big family. We are comfortably able to travel without feeling like we on top of each other. There is also enough storage spaces that we can haul quite a bit. The middle seats have the hide and go so we can put those down if and when needed.

- Carrie P

Minivans have a negative stigma but most that drive them become fans of them.

Great gas mileage for a minivan. Love the stow and go seating. It would be nice to have automatic doors but we feel it's one less thing to worry about breaking. No real maintenance issues and it has over 75, 000 miles on it. We bought it used and there's been no issues. We love it.

- Jennifer J

the Grand Caravan a great vehicle for comfort and dependability.

The Grand Caravan is very reliable. It handles easily. It starts and runs even on the coldest days. With regular maintenance I have not had problems. I find it very comfortable to drive and ride in for longer trips. There is plenty of space for cargo and fits 7 people comfortably.

- Kathleen M

It is a good vehicle for families, with plenty of storage and room for everyone and everything

I like that there is plenty of room for family. It has plenty of storage, and I like the foldable seats. I don't like that it uses so much gas and we have to change the oil so often. I don't like the blind spots. I don't like the set up for holding and accessing the spare tire

- Kelly M

If I have to drive a minivan, praise be for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is spacious (so lots of legroom), gets great gas mileage, has tons of cargo space, has a more sporty look, and runs well. We haven't had major repair issues aside from parts wearing out after years of driving. But, it is a mini van. So there’s that.

- Jenna T

Great versatility for families.

I love the versatility of my van, I can use all seats to hold my whole family plus friends or put down all seats to carry cargo. Seats more than a truck but holds a lot with seats down. It is comfortable and reliable. It is one of our older cars yet we use it most often.

- Angela H

The Dodge Grand Caravan has been a solid, dependable car. It is also not to bad on gas. It does require more oil than I think is normal.

I like the interior room. I also previously had a Jaguar so I like the view of the road from setting up higher in the van. But due its size, I find it hard to park and it also has a blind spot on the side requiring the driver to be extra careful when changing lanes.

- Sandy E

It is extremely versatile and offers many storage options- great for a family or for a cargo van

it's a minivan with stow and go. I love that it fits 7 people comfortably but also can turn into a cargo van carrying more than most trucks. It is very versatile offering many storage options and seating configurations. my kids love that the back seat reclines as well

- lauren r

Not many highlights. After lots of money and studded tires. I am used to the va.

I have had many problems with ball joints, wheel bearings and sway bar links. I have to replace all 4 of them several times. I have spent 2 to 3 thousand dollars. The van is very light. Driving in the winter is hard. The van is blown easily. Studded tires are a must.

- Lisa B

Great family vehicle with a lot of space.

It is a great family vehicle. It has a lot of room for numerous passengers. I love the stow and go storage. The only thing we have an issue with is the air conditioner not working all of the time. It has a lot of room for numerous car seats. It drives very well.

- Kass M

Reliable and great and amazing!

I really like the stow and go seating and there's a ton of space. It makes me feel safe and I am able to move a lot of stuff. It makes making moving places a lot easier and more convenient. The sound system is also pretty cool and it is easy to take care of it.

- Shay M

It is larger so it takes some getting used to with knowing how big your car.

The car came out almost 10 years ago, so it definitely has some issues that come with age. As much as I love the car I will replace it soon. Overall, there are no complaints, I love driving it, I have a great view of the road and it is easy to handle.

- Abigail S

Looks like a van, drives like a truck. Feel like the boss of the road.

One thing I like about my car is that it's a minivan that drives more like a truck. I don't feel like a mom behind the wheel, I feel like a badass. However one thing I would change is the ac/heat vents. They hit you at a weird angle.

- Abbey B

It's like a tank! When we had a pile up on freeway, it held up where other cars were totaled.

My minivan fits all my family and friends. We have taken many long road trips in it and love the storage under middle seats. Wearehad 1 fender bender and my van was like a tank. I don't like that a/c doesn't reach the back seat.

- Tracie O

It's very reliable with a ton of space and stow and go seating which is nice too.

It's a pretty big van which makes it difficult to park in tight places, but it does hold a ton of stuff. I do like how it's roomy and what not. But I just don't like how much gas it uses at times. But other than that, I like it.

- Shnay M

The turning radius is good. There is enough space for a family with a few kids and extra space for whatever you need to bring with you. I like how I sit higher.

I love the amount of space it has to hold my family of 6. Unfortunately, it makes shopping at Costco a bit hard as the trunk is not big enough for us. My vehicle is perfect for going to the different sporting events my kids do.

- Erin S

The Dodge Grand Caravan, a very practical vehicle.

It's a very well rounded vehicle capable of carrying lots of people, cargo, or both; while maintaining decent fuel economy. With the back seats folded down you can fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood in it and close the rear gate.

- Arthur L

If you do not need it to be handicapped accessible than these cars are wonderful.

I like the accessibility but it has it's problems because of being accessible which I do not like. My complaints are that it should be able to be fixed easier than having to take it in four or 5 times in 7 months time.

- Milagro R

The stow and go seating gives both the ability to pack away many items, without crowding the space where all of the kids sit.

I like it being large enough to fit my entire family, with the car seats. I like that we haven't had any major problems with it. I dislike that we've had to make many minor repairs throughout the years we've owned it.

- Richard P

It has been rather dependable and just required general preventative care

The gas mileage is average and space is plentiful as well. I strongly dislike the fact that there is only one key entry access point on the front driver door, that has been a failure for its dependability in opening

- Ann T

It is so very dependable vehicle.

My van is very roomy. It drives very smooth. It does not use much gas. It is got a good layout to reach everything. I have been able to move an entire house in just a few trips. It has not been in the shop often.

- Johnny L

It is a reliable vehicle.

My wife never liked the color, but I think it is a nice shade. More importantly, it can be adapted for many uses. The engine is powerful and accelerates well. It is comfortable for driver and passengers alike.

- Charles r

It's a great family sized van where everyone fits without feeling squished.

I like how roomy it is. The foldable seats are great since my kids and I need quite a few things and it helps when we need to put big items in the van. The only thing I do not like is how small the trunk is.

- Daisy L

Reliable van - lots of space!

I haven't really had any problems with my van except for some wear and tear. There's a lot of room which I like and it is a reliable car. The only thing I do not like about it is that the gas mileage sucks.

- Anna P

My van has been very reliable,

Love my Van. Have enjoyed many trips in it. Nice when I have the grandkids, they watch a video and all I hear is laughter. Nice and Quiet. There has been no major work done on it. Love how roomie it is.

- Pamela M

The most important thing that anyone should know is it has good mileage but you must keep up with the care as with any vehicle

I like the van because it has lasted a long time and it helps get my family around. I do not like the fact that it has some quirks that just now once warranty is almost up are showing up.

- Mirtala R

like manual option so kids dont keep pushing button to open and close doors.

well alternator went out 2 weeks ago. 100,000 miles, carpet on inside torn from previous owner. don't like that it doesn't have the car seat built in. need more repair on hub wheel part.

- jessica T

Not the greatest on gas mileage.

I like the space and the ability to put down the seats for moving large items. I also like the back storage for things like groceries. I like the seating. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Ann K

It's a older model car but we maintain it so that we never have any major problems

I must share this vehicle with another family member who has access most the time. It's reliable and good on gas usage. It's great because it has been used to help move several times.

- Annette T

It is reliable for long road trips. We go on many long road trips and have had very few issues.

It is reliable for the most part. Sometimes we have issues with the oil light coming on for no reason. I doubt like driving it in ice or snow. I wish it was not so low to the ground.

- Ashley B

Spacious and can always make more space by folding down the seats

Like that it has a enough space for our big family. Love that I have stow away seats. Not a big fan of not having it fully loaded with a tv to help keep the kids entertained

- Jessica S

That it is reliable. It has over 160, 000 miles on it drives like Its new.

No problems other than normal vehicle wear. Performance is good for a minivan. It is my most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The van is comfortable and has room for 7.

- Amanda P

This is a great family vehicle!

My van is dependable, roomy and comfortable. I wish it had a few updated options, like an AUX input. We love that the seats can be folded down to make extra room in back.

- Christina G

It is very roomy and can transport up to seven people at one time comfortable.

I love my van. it is big enough to carry all 4 of my kids and have some room to love around. It makes it easy to transport groceries and go for long road trips.

- Carrie P

Best I have ever owned, dependable, reliable, everyone in the family loves it.

Room space options it gives a nice comfortable ride. The kids are very happy and content when we take long trips. Good gas mileage. No major mechanical issues.

- Jennifer R

Do not judge the minivan. It is a comfortable car and there is plenty of space.

I like that the van is comfortable for long trips. I also like that there is plenty of storage. We use it to go camping and everything fits in the van easily.

- John S

This car fits a larger family, and easily allows the kids to get in and out on their own.

I like that it is easy with kids to travel through our day to day activities. I dislike that we always have issues (paint peeling, transmission shifts hard).

- C M

It is good if you have a large family.

I like how the seats fold down into the vehicle. I like the amount of space in the back when the seats are up. I like how there is storage in the middle.

- Katie F

Decent gas mileage in the city.

Seats fold in and remove for open van space. Has CD player. Plenty of room. Very little heat and air conditioning get all the way to the back of the van.

- Angie G

Feel very safe and has a very smooth ride.

I like the room to hold many people, the "stow and go" under the seats and it drives well. I dislike that Dodges break often and are not very reliable.

- Angie W

Rusts too easily; don't purchase unless you plan to repair the body.

The engine runs well. But the amount of rust that is on the underbody is ridiculous! We'll have to replace it soon because it's rusting so fast.

- Jenn P

It can start the vehicle with the remote control device.

I would not recommend buying a Dodge Grand Caravan. It is expensive to maintain and not very reliable. I would give it 2 1/2 - 3 out of 5 stars.

- Linda L

DVD entertainment fully loaded almost!! Heated front and second row seats. Very nice vehicle!

Love the heated cloth seats in front and second row..the stability of driving it is amazing..the DVD entertainment is great for if u have kids!!

- Kristina O

I chose it because it looked really good for it is age and miles at the time.

Lots of room for the whole family. Smooth comfortable ride. Lots of storage space for shopping. After this one I will buy another just like it.

- Leanne H

Great dodge grand caravan.

The dodge grand caravan has been a great car. We have only had minor issues with it from the normal wear and tear. We have had to fix the AC.

- Josh K

This is a great family vehicle!

It's almost 10 years old now. It's very spacious and great for kids and family trips. It's now starting to have problems being 9 years old.

- Allison A

Space and storage is amazing.

It has space for the whole family. Extra storage which is great for travel. High interior which allows for bikes and strollers to fit.

- Sarah A

stow-n-go seating rocks! if you don't have that, or something equivalent, you are missing out on a very handy feature.

It's just middle of the road. No real bells or whistles. We made sure we got stow-n-go seating, and that is probably the best feature.

- Brandon S

It saves on gas and it is very spacious.

I like that it fits my entire family. I like that it is spacious. I like that it is a gas saver. I also like that it rides smooth.

- Mary B

I wish it had more cargo room when all 3 rows of seats are up.

It is good for trips, sport seasons and it fits my family! The second row windows open. The air in my vehicle does not work.

- April W

Dependable and Reliable ride

I purchased this vehicle new. It now has well over 200,000 miles. It has been an amazing vehicle with only minor problems.

- Connie C

that it runs. gets us from point a to point b with no problems.

its great. it runs well, has automatic doors for easily putting kids in and out. love how many plug sources there are.

- kay t

Great gas mileage. It gets 400 miles per tankful.

I love all the room it has and the way it drives. Do not like the miles it gets and how expensive it is to fill it up.

- Brenda J

Dodge Grand Caravan. Wonderful gas mileage.

Flex-fuel gas is very affordable. Side airbags, allows me to sit up higher in the seat. Lots of room for groceries.

- Susan D

The vehicle is nice looking and have lots of options. Everything breaks easily.

It breaks down all the time. And it cost more to keep it running then kick him out and buy a new or used vehicle.

- Jerry S

4.0 engine rides real smooth

My 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan is loaded with leather seats sunroof navigation the works it is a real good vehicle

- Wilfredo L

I love my van. It has stow and go seats, so easy to make room for hauling items. My van runs like a dream.

It runs great .It has stow and go seats that make it easy to make the back of the van any way you want or need.

- Linda U

Dodge Grand Caravan for family.

Dodge Grand Caravan is very handy, lots of room for people and products. Love the stow away seats. Rides nice.

- nic l

This Van gets very good gas mileage for its size, as well as using the flex fuel option helps keep money in your pocket.

I love the stow-away ability. Fast Seat configurations. Comfortable driving seats. I like the flex fuel option

- Gary Y

It is great for a family car.

I love how easy it is to drive. I love the comfort. The only dislike is that I wish it got more gas mileage.

- Debra S

Great gas mileage and drives smooth!.

Would like a newer model.. It is dependable and I love the size.. I like sitting up high. Can see better.

- Pattie A

It has lots of room in it.

It has lots of room. It is good on gas. It is easy to work on. Some time it is hard to find parts for it.

- Lee S

That it has tons and tons space for storage. Which makes it versatile.

My favorite feature of our grand caravan is that all of the seats can be stowed to make room for storage.

- Abbey B

My vehicle is known to last a long time.

I like that it carries my family.. I dislike that it takes a lot of gas.. My vehicle has been reliable..

- Amber F

My van has lots of space.

I like how everything is easy to operate. Rides very smoothly and has little problems. Good gas mileage.

- Maria N

Rides great, great on the road for travel. Family friendly

Great for travel especially when kids were younger. DVD players are awesome. Comfortable roomy interior.

- Lor L

Great family car for a long lifespan.

Our Dodge Caravan has given us 10 plus years with very little upkeep outside the normal wear and tear.

- Josh K

You can see in the mirror what direction you are going.

Its old. No need for minivan. Kids in teens and at college. Wear and tear. Does not always run right.

- Andrea M

That it is very roomy, a good ride for everyone in the van

There is a lot of space inside. It is very comfortable ride. Easy to adjust the chairs

- Jon b

The stow and go seating is awesome for hauling.

Love the stow and go seating. Love the performance. I do not love the styling.

- Dan L