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People need to learn what constitutes an accurate and proper review

The reviews for this vehicle appear to be largely positive. The ones that are negative concern two different areas, both of which show ignorance in education. The first set of negative reviews are based on items that have NOTHING to do with the vehicle's performance and reliability whatsoever, such as tires constantly wearing. Solution? Don't buy the cheapest, crappiest brand of tire out there and you won't burn through them so quickly. Also, predominantly facing women, quit having a lead foot. Don't stomp on the gas the moment the light turns green, and don't stomp on your breaks at the last second when it's red. Starting and stopping should be gradual. Pure common sense. The second set of negative reviews are based on the "Joneses" mentality. Being a lazy idiot and thinking you need EVERYTHING in the car to be automated for you. When motors in seats and doors go, it ought to be common sense why. Get manually opening doors and you won't have this problem, and it will cost less to fix any door issues. The nature of technology is to break down. If you have more money than brains and want a self-driving car, expect the inevitable and the constant breakdown and failure of the technological aspects. Less computer crap in a car makes a better car. Computer crap designed to "assist" people to be better drivers? Those people don't deserve to have licenses in the first place! People who KNOW how to drive cars and how to handle them in certain situations, all this computer crap merely does is ensure a likely accident because it responds differently than how intelligent drivers were taught to respond. The more computer crap in your car, the more that is likely to go wrong with it. You can't blame the car's performance or reliability because you had more money than brains (or were an idiot trying to keep up with the Joneses) and bought something with all the useless bells and whistles on it that you DO NOT actually need. That being said, I just bought my first 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, and thank God it's like a base model. Power locks and windows is all. It drives well and handles well. Hoping it's mileage is good, too. My sister's appeared to be, so if that's any indication, then I'm happy. Speaking of gas mileage, don't be saying it's crappy on mileage if you're not driving it correctly. If you stomp on the gas from the get-go, if you stomp on the gas on the highway and drive more than 10km over the speed limit, if you're an idiot who constantly turns his car off whenever at a complete stop (which uses MORE fuel to restart it than you would leaving it running), whenever you do stupid things that suck up more gas, your poor mileage is the result of YOUR stupidity--NOT the performance and reliability of the vehicle. Learn how to drive and much of your problems won't be problems. When turning corners, don't be an idiot and turn into the farthest lane. You turn into the NEAREST lane FIRST, and THEN signal and move into the far lane. I don't wait for you idiots any more. I turn according to the law. If you turn into the side of me because you're an idiot turning into the FARTHEST lane, then YOU are at fault and I look forward to suing you for negligence in your driving and having your license taken away from you as part of my settlement. I'm tired of stupid drivers who don't know the rules of the road. You had to pass three tests (or more), so you ought to know that manual inside and out and follow it to a T. There's no excuse for your lack of intelligence while driving!

- Rylore

Grand caravan did not Dodge the grand convenience. Simply amazing.

I have owned the vehicle for a half year, bought used. I have had limited issues with the vehicle at this time, however, I have noticed issues with the electrical in the car. Interior lights flickering, stock stereo having issues seemingly related to power, as well as a random dimming of my dash. The battery and alternator check out so I will have to search deeper for the issue and hopefully it is nothing crazy. Apart from that, the only other issue I have is fighting with my side doors from time to time to get them to close. The automated closing function seems to be sporadic and at times when I try to manually shut the door, so that I can close it quicker, it will not disengage the automatic closure. But this is such a minute issue. However, the vehicle is very comfortable and has given me no issues with reliability currently. The zone temperature controls between the front and back are really handy for someone like me. I do not like to be hot and will use the cold air even during winter, though I can set the passenger side and the back compartment to be warmer as needed for everyone's comfort. The ability to fold away every seat in the back cab portion allows for a lot of utility, and even when the seats are out and available to use, you can utilize the compartments that would store the seat for additional cargo space as needed. I recently took a 7 hour trip out of state and had no issue making it the whole way there and the whole way back with a single stop each way. Another little side note: fixing small issues like bulb replacements for headlights and tail lights are the easiest out of every vehicle I have owned.

- Steven P

2010 dodge grand caravan wheel wells and snow.

I have owned my dodge for about 3 years. We have had no major issues so far. Just some issues with the brake calipers and alignment. My van doesn't have a DVD player and only a one disc CD changer which isn't a big deal. It also has an aux jack so I am able to plug in my smartphone and use my downloaded music. The interior is roomy for my family of 5. I have 2 teenage sons and haul them and their friends around and there is plenty of room. The stow and go seating is also awesome. I have hauled a dryer in the back of my van without any issues with all the seats down. I do worry sometimes about tearing the upholstery but so far so good. The exterior has also held up well. There are some bubbles on the hood that have causes paint chips. I was able to cover them with some paint I purchased at a local automotive place. The back windshield wiper works for the most part unless it's snowing them it does to clean as well as it should. The other issue I have is with the wheel wells. They allow snow to build up and build up and it isn't easy to get it out because of the wheel well and the wheel placement. But since I live in Minnesota it is not something that everyone will deal with. Overall I am pretty happy with my dodge grand caravan.

- Heather H

I never thought I'd drive a minivan, but here I am loving it!

We love our grand caravan! I never thought I would drive a minivan, but I am so glad that we chose this one. We are a family of six that fits very comfortably in the van. My kids love the roominess in the second and third rows, along with the DVD players to keep them occupied on longer trips. It drives very smooth and is very reliable. I have driven it for five years and it still feels like a great van! The power doors are amazing, is very helpful for a mom with little kids for them to be able to help get themselves in and out of the car and for you to close the doors or open them with your hands full. And during the winter, the heated seats are great too! Our family does a lot of traveling short and long distances, the stow and go area is perfect for packing away items that you do not want traveling with you on the inside of the car. There is a USB and an auxiliary port to plug-in devices for music, podcasts, or navigation. The electrical outlet also comes in handy! We have not had to do major maintenance, this van has been a great investment and would recommend it to anyone!

- Andrea B

Last 7 years, I have never had a problem. Not a single problem.

The Dodge grand caravan is wonderful for a family. There is plenty of room for kids, their stuff, and friends. Travel is comfortable and luggage easily attaches to the luggage rack on the roof. The DVD players are a nice feature, as well as the remote opening side doors and hatch I love the stow-n-go seating. Being able to drop all the seats into the floor is so easy and there's so much room. When the seats are up and in use, the extra storage underneath is great for jumper cables and any extras. The grand caravan is absolutely the most reliable vehicle. I have never had any issues outside of regular maintenance. We bought the van in 2011 and it is still just as reliable as when we first purchased it. I don't see the need to purchase another one any time soon.

- Nikki W

Amazing features, but poor versatility.

I love the sto-and-go seats! They provide so much extra storage that many vehicles just don't have. For being a decent sized van it has an excellent turn radius. As a whole the vehicle is a nice and comfortable reliable van. However, what keeps me from going beyond 3 stars is its lack of versatility for installing car seats. I have 4 children varying from rear facing to a high back booster. There simply aren't enough lower anchors. On top of that the rear outboard seat belts aren't in a safe position as they are too far forward. This is a hazard. If it were just my husband and I and maybe 2 kids our van would be perfect, but for a bigger family it is simply an inferior option.

- Kelsey S

Satisfaction with Dream Details

I have driven my van for five years now, having bought it used. I love this vehicle. It has been very reliable for a used car, only needing usual repairs for an aging vehicle. It does have a rattle sound due to a missing attachment piece on the underneath of the car, but since I know it doesn't mean something is wrong, I don't pay attention to it anymore. If I could change anything, I would make the doors automatic open/close'they are heavy and my kids have trouble operating them. I would also want a total of about 3 inches added to the third row passenger seat. It does sit 3 riders, but when you put car seats or booster seats back there, it effectively becomes a two seater.

- Jenna M

2010 dodge grand-caravan sxt. Best vehicle I've purchased for my growing family!

I own a 2010 dodge grand-caravan sxt. I really have no complaints I have owed it for about a year so have driving through all the seasons offered in Green Bay Wisconsin. I keep up with regular maintenance and get about 20 mpg in the city. I now have 3 kids which was big deciding factor in buying this vehicle. It has automatic rear sliding doors whis is amazing to get car seats in and out for babies and grocery shopping. All the rear seats are stow and go so if I have big item I just fold one side of the rear seats down and put in. All power features and the pedals extend and retract witch helps when my wife is driving because she is only 5 foot 2 inches.

- Alexander H

Most family friendly but still versatile vehicle out there!

I love that the doors slide instead of swinging, since we have lots of kids; no bashing the vehicles next to us! I also love that I can remotely open the doors so if it is raining or I am in a hurry the kids can start loading up while I put whatever stuff we have in the back. The foldaway seats turn it into basically a truck in a snap! It is also great that the floors are flat and not too low because I have used them as a changing table more times than I can count. It is roomy enough to change in, and we've even put the seats down and slept back there when camping! It is not too bad on gas and really comfy for long car rides.

- Jessica D

It has an aftermarket backup camera installed. DVD player for the kids.

Dodge grand caravan is the most reliable minivan. Yes like every vehicle there are some mechanical issues but as long as you take care of your car it will always get you where you need to go. My van has a small issue with the passenger side window (need to replace the window assembly to make the window go up and down), but other than that it runs smoothly. My van has plenty of seating and storage with stow n go. I sometimes put all seats in back down to haul things for friends or my son who has a dirt bike. The gas mileage for my van in the city runs from 18-20 mpg and highway 22-25 mpg.

- Amanda U

A great vehicle to grow with your families needs.

We have not had any major issues with the van. It has always made a whining sound. Lately, the transmission has started to slip, but it has over 130000 miles. We have kept up with all the maintenance (oil changes, etc.) The seats are comfortable even for adults as long as the trip is not too long. My favorite features are fold down seats, dual air, and sliding doors. With the seats down, it holds a lot; boxes, furniture, etc. Great for travel with people or moving. Car seats also are easy to install. It is definitely reliable - it has never been in the shop for repair.

- Michelle M

Great vehicle to travel with the family

Very reliable and dependable. The extra features such as Sirius XM radio, power locks, power windows, power doors, remote start, backup camera and dual DVD players make travel with children easy and convenient. The stow and go seating allows space for large items. The only issue that we have had is the codes do not clear, for example after an oil change and the shop resetting the code, we continue to get the change oil message every time we turn on the vehicle. This is not an annoying issue as it only alerts one time but it does create an inaccurate alert

- Teresa H

Love that each child has their own seat, and the comfortable ride!

We first bought the van when we found out we were pregnant with our third child! I absolutely love the amount of room we have each child gets their own seat no one touches each other, no arguments happy wife! We have had quite a few issues with the van since we bought it we have dumped a lot of money into it that we felt was a little ridiculous! We recently owned a dodge caliber and we barely had to put any money into it and the van has cost us nothing but problems and we honestly cannot wait to get rid of it!

- Cody K

It provides plenty of space for hauling a large family or moving large items.

My vehicle related problems aren't related to the quality of the vehicle itself. This van has driven me across the country twice so I can't complain too much. However, I do currently have a broken driver's seat (the motor went), a finicky passenger side lock, an automatic side door with a dying motor, and an exhaust leak causing my van to be extremely loud. It's the perfect size for my family, the added storage space in the floor and the ability to store the seats in the floor has served us really well.

- Danielle C

I really enjoy my van - works well for 2 kids in booster seats & 2 in car seats.

I like the visibility! The space is nice but a bit shorter than I like - I flip the middle seat up to buckle one of the kids in as we use 2 booster seats and 2 car seats. I like the can so much, I am not entirely bothered by the inconvenience. I cannot stand how little output of heat comes out the floor vents though, my feet are always cold in the winter - I wish they would have even heat on the floor for both feet on both sides as opposed to heat only coming out by the council.

- Rach M

It has a lot of power but does have an eco friendly mode which saves you money.

It's pretty comfortable to drive in. I love the fact that the seats all gold down, I don't have to remove them. I can get my entire family in it which is amazing. My vehicle is 9 years old now and there are some issues. There is a lot of 'plastic' type parts that need to be fixed because they are easy to break. I have had 1 major issue and was told it's pretty common in grand caravans. The coolant hose broke and my engine started smoking. It was an easy fix, costly though.

- Nikki C

Amazing vehicle and very reliable

This is an extremely reliable van. The storage is amazing in the trunk and the under storage. For my large family it is extremely spacious. I have had no real problems at all. Normal maintenance love my backup camera easy size tires to find I think the only part I have had to replace is the battery which is nothing bad at all the heat and air conditioner work great we have a DVD player in ours and my kids love that the stereo and speakers are great also

- Dale L

The van. Van drives well. We love are stow and go because we can pack it full.

I drive a Dodge grand caravan it is a 2010 and runs very well still. I love the stow and go so we can pack the van full when traveling. We haven't had a lot problems with this van. It a basic van with the bottom line features. CD player/radio, power window, pull up seats. It rides pretty smooth and is durable inside with kids. We had just a few minor issue like window cracks, power window motor has went out and I do not like how you get to the tire.

- Rae K

Perfect fit for the family.

We have only recently bought out grand caravan, but so far I am really happy. It drives really well, has plenty of space, and our boys love the DVD player. It is a 2010, but it feels a lot newer with how well it was kept. It is nice to be able to have the button for the pedals to move up and down as well so (as I am fairly short) I can move them up for myself to be more comfortable, and my husband can move them back down. We really love the van!

- Heather R

It is comfortable for taking long trips. So far, it has been very reliable.

I like the comfort of the driver's seat. I like both side automatic sliding doors. I like the stowaway seats and the large cargo area with the rear seats stowed. I do not like the manual rear hatch because i am short and have trouble reaching it. I do not like the absence of backup lighting and camera. And the cigarette lighter keeps burning out my phone chargers. Gas usage cost per mile is high. I do like the gear shift on the dashboard.

- Janet A

The most important thing about the van is it's room, there are so many ways to use the room, it is almost endless.

I have the Dodge Grand Caravan StoNGo, so if I have the seats up, I can store jackets, books, and stuff for the kids to do in the StoNGo storage, my back seat flip for tailgating seating. I love that if I need more room to haul something I can fold the captain chairs into the floor and have lots of hauling room. It is a comfortable ride for long distance. There are lots of cubby holes for storage for each rider, and lots of cup holders.

- Lyndale N

Spacious for anything your moving.

I love my van I was skeptical in getting one but I got into a car accident and needed a new car I test drove quite a few cars and once I drove the van I said this is mine. I was getting married in 14 days and we literally fit almost our entire wedding in my van including a ladder!! I run my own pet sitting business so this can help when I fill it with doggos. If you are looking for a specious vehicle to fit everything get this!

- Ashley B

Big enough to use for a covered truck yet plenty room for passengers. Turns on a dime. Everything at your fingertips in front. Every one but my hubby loves it, him because of his size 13 feet. Foot pedals raise and lower, I'm 5'3".

problem unknown reason check engine light stays on. Fix 5 times back on. Fairly comfortable, only one problem in 2 yrs (battery), everything you could want including 2 DVDs, 3 rows of seat 2 of which let done for hauling anything smaller than 8' x 4'. Built in window shades, an attached auto charging flashlight in the back, lower to the ground. I turned down a new one for this one. Handy for everything.

- Linda C

All-purpose vehicle for travel or local needs.

My minivan has great space. When my seats are up I can seat 6 people (adults or children) plus the driver. When the seats are stored in the floor (stow n go) I have lots of covered cargo space. Gas mileage on the highway is great for a large vehicle, but around town it is not as good but not bad considering its size and large engine. It has good power and lots of "bells and whistles" for my convenience.

- Susan S

Comfort, convenience, loading great.

I have always wanted a van. But just didn't get one. Well came the time for a newer car. I had a Ford Explorer, I love it but it was so narrow. I couldn't get cars seats to fit right. This time a van, now we are talking, I love it. So convenient for groceries, packages, etc. We go out to eat just about every weekend. We all 5 of us can ride in comfort. We can also take 2 more friends. I love my van.

- Mary S

Comfortability is a plus for this vehicle.

I love this vehicle. It is very spacious, which is a plus because in the line of work I do I need a bunch of room. The seats fold down into the floor board, which is nice because you have a whole back end to put stuff in. We have used the vehicle to move several times because of the room. Gas mileage isn't the best, but it is manageable. If you have a big family then this is the car for you.

- Elizabeth P

Automatic doors are a real winner.

I like the automatic doors, floor storage and feel of the seats. My CD player is broken, and our car specifically does not have automatic lights. But runs well. I like that the seats can be removed or put into the floor if you need extra space. It is great for moving things and fits our family of seven well. Currently our engine light seems to stay on, even after a current oil change.

- Amber W

Reliable, comfortable and spacious!

Our Dodge van is very reliable and performs well. It is comfortable and spacious. We have three children under, four and under, and it is able to fit their car seats without any issues! This was the main reason we bought it! There is also plenty of room to pack up and go on vacation! We were able to fit a double stroller, 2 pack n plays and all of our luggage for our summer vacation!

- Lauren G

The good and the bad of our minivan.

The thing to fail was the power door rear hatch kit. Then, the driver door has malfunctioned. We cannot get the window to roll down anymore. We bought this van because the passenger windows on row two will roll down. They are the best things ever for a minivan. I love the stow away area for groceries. . Especially when we need to take a trip. The rear view camera is awesome!

- Kirk D

It's a good van. Honda all five kids, ranging from 8 to 2 comfortably.

Window went out. Plastic piece broke, couldn't see how I was going through coolant so fast. Other than that, it's a great van. Enough room for all my kids and storage (under middle back seats), if needed I could use it as a truck. Oh, my key fob messes up, costs about 350 to replace. I think i'll i'll shake it around until the chip goes back to where it's supposed to go.

- Brian W

Great vehicle for a busy mom with kids!

I have 4 girls. I am a busy mom that spends a lot of time in the car! The Dodge grand caravan gives my girls lots of room and comfort. We're able to go on long trips and have everything fit perfectly. I love the stow and go seating! It has extra storage space when the seats are up. We are able to get around easily and comfortably and we haven't had any problems with it.

- Whitney C

Great vehicle for growing families!

I love this minivan! It can transport 7 people and has lots of storage space. The stow and go storage really helps when we go on vacations. You get decent mileage economy on the highway but everyday city driving the mpg is low. The seats are very comfortable but the headrests are not. We bought this vehicle new and have certainly gotten our use and enjoyment out of it!

- Gina W

Good vehicle for families absolutely love the automatic door opener makes life so much easier

It's a really good vehicle it just seems to have a lot of issues like sometimes it decides it isn't going to shift into gear and other times it shifts perfectly fine. Plus the electric door look and window operator don't work on the passengers side and the door lock doesn't work on the driver side and I feel this vehicle is always in the shop at least every other month

- Diana A

Pros and cons of 2010 grand caravan.

The van drives smooth. It has stow and go. My van is not Bluetooth enabled, but the extra room really helps with my kids and storing things on vacations. It was worth the price. It is our everyday driver. Some mornings when it is too cold the car shuts off by itself while sitting at lights, were not sure why it does that yet as the check engine light does not come on.

- Antoinette R

Lots of space, great for kids, pets, lots of shopping and long road trips.

Only problem is faulty air conditioner, very reliable been through many kids and pets, lots of space for people and shopping, seat warmers and the ones in the back can turn around, attachable table for the back seat, comes with 2 screens for movies. Blinds in back seat. Many setting for the seating, and Audio system very modern and reliable, it gets slow sometimes.

- Emily L

Comfortable dependable and versatile Chrysler Grand Caravan has it.

As far as I am concerned there are three choices for vehicles. If you need a truck you get a Chevy Silverado. . Otherwise you get either a Dodge Grand Caravan or a Chrysler town and country. . That is if you want a comfortable versatile and dependable car. . I can haul so much stuff and hold many people. And breakdowns are rare. And the seats are comfortable.

- Nita S

It has been a great family car, for family vacations as well as carpooling for sports practices

My van is like a family room on wheels. it has been great for taking my family of 5 on long car trips to Florida.. It also has been helpful in transporting all of my kids items to college and moving them into their dorm/apartment. I also love the fact that it sits up high and I'm not sitting low on the ground, so I can see what is going on up ahead of me.

- mary b

Good to go Even used, I enjoy the room and passenger seat configurations.

Used when bought. Low mileage, very clean. Miss electric back doors and back hatch. Also miss heated seats and electric driver's seat. Like double glove boxes, under floor storage, and front cup holders. Shift on the dash. Controls for radio, climate control, wipers, etc. are easy to operate. The fob is a little weak and takes several taps for it to unlock.

- Sheri S

Awesome choice for the dollars spent.

Our family of 5 fits so comfortably in this van. I love that the back seats can fold down for extra storage, especially when we go on vacation. This van is reliable and has pretty decent gas mileage. The brakes are the only really "bad" thing in that you have to change them fairly regularly. They seem to run down quicker than cars I have owned in the past.

- Amber R

I love that there is 2 sliding doors that are automatic.

I purchased my van because the convenience of the automatic door open it has on the side doors it makes it easy to load the grandkids and groceries. It drives smoothly. The seats are comfortable. It has lots of storage space. The only problem I have experienced with it is I have had to replace the brakes 3 times. Overall I am very satisfied with my van.

- Tracey A

Love the 2010 Dodge grand caravan!

We bought our 2010 Grand Caravan used a couple months ago and we love it! We did have a check engine light come on last week but were told it's nothing to worry about. The kids love that there are 2 DVD player screens and they can watch shows while we are on the road. It's very roomy, comfortable and the heated seats are amazing during winter driving!!

- Anna S

Great gas mileage and the e85 fuel is cheap.

There's too many plastic parts on the engine that brake and need replaced, constantly. It can use the e85 fuel. The key fob sucks, buttons wear out. Only one key hole(drivers door). Had to replace the engine recently and the tires (4 times). Only had it for 2 years now. I do like the storage under the rear seats. The price for repairs is outrageous.

- Nicole F

smooth driving on any road.

I have had my vehicle for three years. The first two years I have had no problems with it at all. The third year, I have had tire issues, tire sensor, needed breaks, alignment. I have needed new rotors also. I do like my van. The seats go down into the floor if I want to transport anything. I have enough room for my 3 kids and myself and husband.

- Jamie R

Our minivan was affordable, which is what we needed.

Our Dodge Grand Caravan gets the job done for our family of 5, but it lacks the bells & whistles that other minivans have. We've had multiple problems with the alternator since purchasing the vehicle, & so reliability is an issue. It comfortable seats our 3 kids, though the back seat is pretty slanted, which makes car seat installation difficult.

- Michelle S

Dodge Grand Caravan pros and cons.

All in all it is a good car. I do not like that the first row back seat is a bench seat. Getting kids in and out is difficult. I like the back up camera. I like that the second row back seat folds down flat into the floorboards. I do not like that this car does not come with a regular spare tire, it has an inflatable tire. Do not understand that.

- Rhiannon M

Dodge Grand Caravan: unreliable

This car has had more problems than I would like to mention. The main one is that occasionally the car won't start even with a new battery. I find myself stranded with no warning. The video system has stopped working. The breaks have to be replaced quite often. I like how it looks and the comfort of driving it but it is now reliable

- Jill H

Dodge grand caravan review. We slept in our van to and from Florida a year ago.

The comfort level is pretty good. I like the seat adjustments, steering wheel, and pedal adjustments. I have power side doors, great feature. I do wish I had it on the rear. The stow away seats are wonderful. This is the second van we have owned, the only issue we have had with both is the air conditioning have gone out in both.

- Tammy T

Love my minivan. . . Best decision we've made!!

I have had no problems with my van. We drove it out of state and she did fine; no breakdowns or overheating issues. She really handled well on the interstate, we were keeping up with the tractor trailers. Love the space inside. The seats can be folded down into the floor, allowing for more space to store or car groceries about.

- Lisa L

Dodge grand caravan an awesome vehicle.

This is the best car I have ever own. Drives fabulously. Great stereo system. Specially love the fact that it has a USB port and I can download my entire music collection to the on board computer. 120+ gb storage space. DVD player is assume too. Tons of space. Can fit over 60 cases of girl scouts cookies and still have room.

- Sara S

Stow and go is the best feature!

The stow and go feature is awesome for families and especially for traveling. We also appreciate all the added features like automatic doors, heated seats, automatic start. These are all great features for a family. My only complaint is that the vehicle is loud and the steering makes noise when you move the wheel too far.

- Andrea M

Lots of space and efficient.

The ride is super smooth and very efficient. The best part of the car is when you take trips somewhere, there is plenty of space for people and there is stow-away room underneath so your stuff does not get in the way. If you need more space for the trunk, you can fold all the seats down and make tons of room. Amazing car.

- Idris B

Has tv and great sound. Big and spacious.

It is been have starter problems. The steering wheel axle went out had to replace it for 3000. You can hear the air flowing through the van. Not very insulated. The lights on the control panel where you see what you have air on is not all working. Some buttons have no light. Cannot see at night what you are pushing.

- Audrey P

Love the stow and go seats. Great if you need to fit more luggage on trips.

Dodge grand caravan has stow and go seating great for work and play. Gas mileage only 18 mpg on highway driving. Vehicle drives well and is very comfortable and great for long trips and able to seat 6 comfortably. Seats recline back if you need to nap during a trip. Large gas tank for big fill ups to drive longer.

- Ken M

The vehicle that I have has a.

I have to do a lot of work to the vehicle the dealership said it was never in an accident and I found out that there was many problems with the vehicle I am 85% done fixing the issues with the vehicle it is been a struggle but a challenge that I have overcome and I am thankful that I have a car to drive with.

- Johnny Y

It is great at carrying a lot of people and things.

It is a perfectly functional vehicle; however, it lacks advanced features. We chose the base model to save money and it works for our family, but I do wish it had power sliding doors. The plastic frame along the bottom of the driver's seat has started cracking and there is a small tear along the outer seam.

- Sarah M

It doesn't run right and I wouldn't call it trustworthy at all.

We have massive problems with it dying on us while driving. But everywhere we take it says nothing is wrong with it. The tires go bad fast and the brakes don't last long at all. We've had it since 2012 and we've replaced the brakes 4 times. That's a problem we've never had with any other vehicle before.

- Cara W

Stow and go seats. And the seats fold down.

I have stow and go seats which we love. All the seats lay down so it is roomy to hold big products you buy or in helping someone move. It is a very reliable I have had the van for 9 years and just recently had to buy a new battery other than that I get up in the morning and start it and it starts right up.

- Janice F

Great space perfect for kids and a big family great for traveling, and on gas.

I love the space this has, the third row is great with the kids and strollers I can go up and down to fit more in it drive well has fairly well gas mileage the door open with my key which is great with the kids also great for traveling the gate also works with my key, I really haven't had any other issue.

- Kay S

Awesome vehicle for families!

I love how much space it has for families. It has pedal extender feature that is great for me being shorter height. It is 9 years old, so it is having some issues now. I also did not get all the features when I bought it. Now I know what extras I will want next time. Overall I have loved it for my family.

- Allison A

Under the floorboards storage.

I have had a Dodge Grand Caravan for almost 10 years. I bought my first in early 2009. It was a used 2007. Absolutely love the amount of space in the car, especially the space under the floorboards. After my first Dodge started to have problems last year, I replaced it with another Dodge Grand Caravan

- Kim L

Dependable vehicle! Space for a growing family with lots of storage space.

Great family vehicle. Like the fact seats can fold under the floorboard for easy storage space and travel. Comfortable seating for the taller person. Do not like that there is no access to transmission fluid and have to shell out a lot of money to drain and replace it with a shop. Overall great vehicle.

- Todd S

Love that my family is comfortable while in the caravan!.

I absolutely love my van. It gives me the sample space I need to fit my family while providing me with comfort and style. Love that both doors slide open on sides. On the same note, it is also convenient that the seats are able to fold down should we need more cargo room. Overall, great family vehicle!

- Julie O

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Silver

This van has always been quite reliable and have had to do minimum repairs other than maintenance. Covers over belt hinges have all come off and are impossible to put back on. Driver's side window is not working. Very comfortable vehicle, hard to get into the third row seating of you are an adult.

- Cindy L

This Dodge grand caravan is a great family car.

I bought my car used in 2014 its a 2010 it is low maintenance as long as you do the routine maintenance. No problems just routine, tires, brakes, oil changes etc. I have driven to SC and RI vehicle is a good road car and good on gas when traveling. I would recommend this vehicle for family travels.

- Lynne W

Dodge Grand Caravan 2010 review

Problems- transmission and a coolant leak , some of the dash and console lights have went out. And it seems to need brakes often. Pros.- great for traveling. Lots of room. Decent gas mileage. The van is good in rain and snow since it's front wheel drive. This model has a nice sound system inside.

- Lee D

Great all purpose and reliable van.

This is the second Grand Caravan I have owned. I drove the first to over 150, 000 miles and this one is currently at 135, 000 miles without any major issues. It is large enough to take my family places as well as being able to be used for moving small furniture when the seats are down. I love it!

- Anita T

The honest Dodge Grand Caravan review.

I got my van almost 2 months ago and I love it! Rear air which is great for my kiddos and other riders. Tons of space, it has the stowaways and the deep truck space. This van is really a great family van. The gas mileage is not bad either. I have had other vans and thus far this one is the best.

- Kathy S

This van looks more like an SUV than a van.

This has been the best vehicle I have had mechanically. I like the change in the exterior body style. It makes it look more like an SUV than a van. The only issue is that when they change the exterior it condensed the interior and they did not adjust what they put in the interior of the vehicle.

- Nic B

Great storage space for families

It is a reliable vehicle. There is a lot of space for storage in the store-and-go as well as from folding the back row of seats down. With the ability to fold down the back row, there is flexibility in the way you can put things in the trunk. It has a relatively smooth ride. Great for families.

- Jackie M

Dodge van a great vehicle.

I upgraded to a newer vehicle and I like all the room it has stow n go seats and a lot of room to haul a lot of things. It's comfortable riding gets great gas mileage. It tells the temperature and also if your tires are low on pressure. It's been a great reliable vehicle. I like Dodge vans.

- Vicky T

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan has been a reliable work vehicle for me

The transmission is not the most responsive in my experience. However the ride is very comfortable during long distance driving. Getting maintenance done on the vehicle is not expensive. It's also easy enough do the work yourself. I have the 3.8L engine so I have more power than the base model.

- Anthony A

Grand Caravan lxt. Top of the line.

Great gas mileage. Has dual DVD players. Heated front & second row seats. Open any door at a touch of a button. Has plug in for chargers in second row & way in back. All seats except front row are stow & go & simple to put down or back up. Has a backup camera. Rear wiper. Dual climate control.

- Sharon C

Used to love SUV but now the minivan is all I need.

I absolutely love my minivan wouldn't have bought a better vehicle! I acquired the vehicle from a dealership not to far from my home and got it for an incredible price. I always wanted an SUV for my family of 6 but I wouldn't have been more wrong I wish I would have bought a minivan years ago.

- Rebecca Z

Grand caravan has grand space!

My van is very spacious. I really like the ease of taking down or putting up the third row seating. It has the option of putting up all the seats or only some leaving more room for storage. Everything and everyone fits in this van! It runs great and have had no problems with it breaking down.

- Sarah Q

Reliability and comfort in a large vehicle.

Very reliable, no major issues since we've owned it. Very spacious. Good for transporting skis and grandchildren. Gods use for transportation to country home. Used to move our children and their gear to and from colleges. Easy to maneuver in small places. Got a large car. Very comfortable.

- Laura D

Not the greatest van you can buy

It's uncomfortable, loud & the suspension is absolutely horrible. The bucket seats in the back are uncomfortable. There are no added features that are notable. It hasn't had any mechanical issues. It doesn't handle well. It is also very sluggish. I doesn't like to actually drive.

- Brittany M

Great for small families but not our favorite vehicle.

We've had a lot of issues with the calipers and brakes. It does not drive the smoothest. It has been a great and economic car for a family with young children, but will soon look into getting something different as our kids are getting older. We wouldn't buy this make or model again.

- Holly K

Go grand stow n go! Lots of nooks and crannies to accommodate all your needs.

There have been no problems with my 2010 Dodge caravan. It handles easily and gets average to good gas mileage. The automatic passenger doors are wonderful as is the stow n go feature. The rear seat also stows easily and provides much room for transferring large and/or bulky items.

- Nancy I

Perfect family car for busy families.

I have had this car for 8 years now and love the storage and seating. It is a great vehicle when you have kids with a busy lifestyle. It is pretty good on gas and has been very reliable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a family car and would consider buying this again.

- Johanna V

I usually get car sick, but not anymore!

I absolutely love it! I find it to be very roomy and comfy and I love that we can carpool when all our family/friends get together! It is perfect for road trips because it is great on mileage and it offers so much space for extra luggage/food! I usually get car sick but not anymore

- Amber T

The caravan is great for families and getting stuff done. It has a lot more features than my previous vehicle (a Volkswagen) that was 3 years newer.

I love that it seats my three carseat riding children and my tall husband comfortably. I love the storage capacity, the automatic doors, and the tailgate ready back seats. The only improvement I would ask for is better gas mileage but for It's class the gas mileage isn't terrible.

- Saffron B

Great vehicle for a greeting family.

I really love the van. Just wish it was better on gas on the expressway and long trips. But it is very roomy and has a lot of storage and works great for everything I need and use it for. It also works great for growing families. The maintenance on it is easy and somewhat minimal.

- Beth C

Love the Space, Just Not the Stamina

The electric doors and windows have went out on this vehicle at times. The brakes have also had to be fixed a lot. It does not have the get up and go as our prior van. This vehicle does not perform well on snow or ice. If there is any incline to climb this vehicle will not do it.

- Valerie B

An average car for the average American.

The performance of t he car is good. It suits my everyday commuting needs--get to work, maybe visit the next state over, etc. I do not really have much to say on that front. The seats could be bigger/more comfortable, but they're okay. 610 car, nothing really good or really bad.

- Professor X

It is a great van for a mom with a large family.

I love the space and performance. It is basic though so would prefer heated seats and a back up camera. It has decent gas mileage but not super impressive. I love that it has two bench seats instead of bucket seats. It also stows the seats for extra space when I take my dogs.

- Emily M

It's very versatile and can be used in many situations.

I wish I got better gas mileage. That's the worst part. The care is great because it holds 7 passengers and a lot of room with seats that fold into the floor. I put a riding lawnmower in it to take to my father. My husband has used it for 4x8 plywood boards. It's awesome.

- Crystal H

Great investment! Couldn't be happier!

It's everything I need for our 5 children. Affords us all the space we could possibly need. Especially when if I need more room I can fold all the seats down and have even more room to be able to move anything from something little to huge things. Best purchase I've made

- Kim S

White Dodge caravan with black leather seating.

Very reliable and safe. Has had issues with the transmission and oil leaking. Very comfortable seating. Back seats go down to make it easier to get large items in the back of the car as well as fitting a lot of people. Great features such as speakers, lights and heating.

- Sophie W

It has a handicap fold out ramp for my wheelchair and this Van gave me my independence back!

My Dodge Grand Caravan has been equipped with a handicap fold out ramp for my wheelchair. I have not had any issues with my Van since I purchased it and am very happy that I did find it. It runs smooth, a little bit heavy on the gas and looks great! One happy owner!

- Halle V

Some problems but great family car.

We had some problems with the transmission when we first bought it but the warranty covered it. Otherwise a great vehicle! We bought it used so it already had 77k miles on it and was 8 years old. Great driving in the snow also and a pretty reliable vehicle all around.

- Angel B

Electrical Problem with Ignition

My minivan has an electrical problem that has yet to be solved. There are many times that it will not start without being in Neutral. The rest of the car is perfect. I love the seats in the floor. I will be looking for another minivan when I buy the next vehicle.

- Holly M

Interior space is flexible, even to storage space under the floor.

It is easy to drive and handle on the highway. Maintenance is rather inexpensive and there have been no major problems. It is an attractive vehicle. Only real drawback is the size and shape (mainly height) sometimes makes it difficult to fit in parking places safely.

- Phillip S

Very versatile and not just for "soccer Mom's".

I have owned Grand Caravans previously because of the space they provide and the flexibility. This model made a significant improvement. The seats fold down into the floor rather than being removed which was very difficult. I have no complaints about this model.

- Penny R

Perfect Mommy mobile. Can hide presents in compartments.

I have had a small oil leak that requires me to add 1-2 quarts of oil between oil changes. I have had 2 different service technicians break the dipstick. This caused issues with a quick oil change becoming an all day problem. Not to mention expensive repairs.

- Dorothy B

Amazing entertainment system that keeps the kids occupied and from driving mom nuts!

My Caravan has some awesome features. There are 2 DVD players and heated seats to name a few. I love the entertainment system in the vehicle. Some of the issues with Dodge Caravans is they do have a tendency of being noisy, especially the engine side of things.

- Stacy S

The good and bad of the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.

My car runs nice and quiet. It is roomy. It is comfortable seating and driving. It is very open so you are able to see well. Lots of room for family, pets, luggage and storage. The only thing I would change is the tilt-a-wheel. I would like it to go up a bit more.

- Mary E

The reliability in the van is really good.

We bought the van back in may and already started having transmission problems. I love the van other then the fact it started jerking when it was supposed to be shifting gears. apparently a solenoid had to be fixed. Since then it runs quietly and is very liable.

- Angelica B

Replace braking system parts

The biggest problem I have had has been with the braking system. I've had calipers that had to be replaced and both rear wheel bearings go out and these have been under 100,000 miles. When I have to have brake pads replaced I have had to replace the rotors also.

- Donna M

Dodge grand caravan sxt . Pros of owning a minivan.

I love the leather seats, easy to clean. Plenty of room, fold down seats. Great having 2 DVD players to keep the kids entertained on long trips. It drives smooth, I really like the eco mode when driving a steady speed using cruise can really stretch the mileage.

- Christina H

There is so much space and it does well with gas.

I love this it is great with kids, the door can open with my key, as well as the back gate for loading things. My only complaint would be that the door track links can sometimes come up and the slide if door will not close and has to be popped back into place.

- Kay S

For performance & price, the Dodge grand caravan is an investment worth making.

A very reliable vehicle. The stow and go seats make it easy to haul large items or store luggage under seats when taking trips. Has good gas mileage and handles great. Engine size and placement make repairs and tune-ups easy. Highly recommend this type of van.

- Mary M

160000+ miles and still going!

It has been a reliable car for over 160000 miles. A great car for anyone with kids. The middle row can be easily stowed for extra cargo space and legroom for anyone in the back. The Grand Caravan is safe and has gotten my family around safely for many winters.

- Amanda T

Great family or business vehicle.

It's very reliable with plenty of seating and storage without having to sacrifice either, but the wheel bearings need replacing every approximately 60 thousand miles. Also has problems with the speed sensor. Still running strong even after 125 thousand miles.

- Kayla H

Larger capacity and seats fold down and away.

It is a little difficult to see out windows because of the high back of seat and the headrest. I always have someone checking on traffic for me when pulling out parking etc. Drives smoothly, easy to operate. The rear is spacious for loading furniture etc.

- Janice L

Good things and cons about the van.

Had to replace water pump and timing belt it was not easy now have to replace egr valve also love the space in it to my kids absolutely love the van. Plenty of room for car seats and big dogs since I have both and the TVs keep they occupied while driving.

- Heather G

Our vehicle comes with a larger engine that no longer comes with this model vehicle

I love that our van has a big engine. I also like all the room that we get with this vehicle. It has collapsible seating which is awesome. I also love the perks of automatic doors and heated seats. I wish we had a better radio and the rear view camera

- Jennifer r

Lots of room and cup holders.

Love my van. The seats fold down into the floor completely making storage room. All 4 captain chairs recline and move front to back for extra leg room. There is ample drink holders, 13 to be exact. The kids love being able to control the air in the back.

- Stacie C

The seats are comfortable three TVs awesome radio there's also hidden spaces

The 2010 grand caravan is a good family vehicle it has 2 TVs and a backup camera system also has a navigational system and a good radio The seats are really comfortable there is extra space underneath the seats to pack stuff up for camping fishing Etc

- Margaret K

Our grand caravan is a dependable multipurpose ride.

This 2010 grand caravan has over 100,000 miles and has needed only typical maintenance. We've had it for 4 years. We use it to tow a boat, haul music equipment, and as a family vehicle. It also is my every day drive. Dependable for Maine's harsh roads.

- Katrina A

Spacious, good on gas, holds up to 8 people

I love everything about this car I have a lot of room sits go down so if you need to haul things out. The Dodge Grand Caravan can hold up to 8 people so it's pretty spacious. Also it is not bad on gas we took many trips in it and have always loved it

- Kelly D

Review of Dodge Vs. Ford Vans

It's a decent vehicle, and gets me where I'm going. It's not my favorite. It's the first time I have owned a Dodge vehicle, and I probably wouldn't buy another. I much prefer Ford vehicles. They have greater comfort and a better layout to work with.

- Marisa D

Dodge Grand Caravan good for families

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan. I have a large family and it holds everyone quite comfortably including our dog. The only issue that I have had so far is it seems that the can always runs hot. It never overheats but it definitely smells like it is.

- Krista M

Dodge Grand Caravan problems

A lot of electrical issues which caused no reverse light and brake light out , brakes issues, radiator problems. The van overheats all the time. Its rusty but I did get a good deal and the inside of the van was still in very good condition.

- Amber C

I like my van with high mileage

My dodge van has been a really good vehicle. It has been on many trips and has many miles on it. I had to have the transmission replaced a year ago but that is the only trouble it has given me. I have regular oil changes and tire rotations

- Amy M

That the air conditioner doesn't work.

I like that it's a newer model. I like the color. I don't like that it doesn't come with any of the features that is listed on the manual. I don't like that I don't have a key fob for it so I can automatically lock and unlock the doors.

- Tiffanie F

Every Dodge I have owned has run a minimum of 300, 000 miles.

I love the stow and go seats and the rear deck. I like the dual glove boxes. I do not like where the spare is or the oil dipstick. The dipstick broke off because it was too tight and it was a pain to have to drill it to get it out.

- Sue V

That i can transport a lot of people plus luggage and still have enough legroom for everyone

I like that it has a dvd player for my grandkids in the back seat. I love that I can make a complete flat back without taking the seats out. I wish the radio would work better in some places and I would like to have heated seats

- Marion L

It's reliable and perfect for larger families who need room to spread out.

I like the room available and convenience of kids loading and unloading. We have plenty of room for longer trips with all four kids and their things. Right now it's not running right, but otherwise I don't have any complaints.

- Amber H

IT is Great Family Vehicle for us.

WE really love having a minivan as it provides the needed space for our family. It has stow and go seating for plenty of storage. I wish it got a little better gas mileage, but other than than has been a very reliable vehicle

- gretchen s

It gets me from Point A to Point B safely. It is a reliable vehicle.

It is a very dependable vehicle with lots of trunk space, but it's getting to small for our family. The two captain's chairs in the middle row are perfect for the two car seats, but my teenagers are pretty crammed in the back.

- Wren R

2010 Silver Dodge Grand Caravan with almost 100K miles. No mechanical problems and clean with no accidents or replacement items required.

CAN LOAD A 4X8 sheet of plywood in the rear, with disappearing seating. All the amenities except a rear camera and power rear hatch. Oh, no heated seats or side mirrors. Smooth ride and quiet. Gas mileage is adequate.

- Doug O

Dodge Grand Caravan - perfect vehicle for families!

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a great vehicle. It has lots of storage space, enough room for 6 passengers, stow and go seating so you can fold the seats down for extra storage. The seats are very comfortable as well.

- Amy B

It was used, inexpensive and can fit my whole family.

It fits my entire family and the seating is configurable when I need to haul things around town. It does seem to need some type of mechanical service every six months or so. It was cheap which is what I needed.

- Stephen H

I have had a lot of issues with the engine!

I love all of the space it has. I dislike that I have had to replace the belt tensor multiple times. Also dislike that the engine makes the entire hood really hot even though the engine temp reading is fine.

- Iva F

That chances are there are children in the car since it's minivan, so please don't drive super aggressively.

I love the heated seats, and the sunroof. I also love the third row of seats so that we can take friends and family places. I also love the video screens and DVD player, as well as the stow n' go seats.

- Diane M

That it is a great family car and very reliable. It rides smoothly and is very comfortable

What I like is that it is very roomy and spacious since I have 3 kids. I like the amenities like DVD player and AC controls for the front, middle, and back. I don't like that it is loud sometimes.

- Lisa M

Great family vehicle. Stow and go seats are great

The vehicle is a very good family car. We love it because of the show and go seating. We have a special needs child in a wheelchair and her chair fits perfectly in the spot where the seats stow

- Mandie Q

Trunk space, and is a lot to fuel up.

The van, since purchasing about 8 years ago has needed a new radio, air-condition, work on automatic doors. I would not recommend buying this van. I am hoping it runs another 75.000 miles.

- Monica B

It is great for people who take trips or need lots of space.

I like the sliding doors and the DVD/Audio system. I like the controls on the steering wheel and the dual air system. I dislike that the vehicle burns oil and gas issues in the engine.

- Amy L

I live in my van and it the kid's taxi.

This is actually my third Dodge grand caravan, I love the spacious feeling no matter how many people or dogs are in it and it drives absolutely great. And I can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Susan M

She is great for family or disabled person. Easy to drive in traffic. Easy to park. Good gas mileage.

I call her Jane. Plain Jane, no bells, no whistles, but she has great a/c in summer, and she gets me where I need to go. She drives and rides nicely. Her major woohoo is stow n go seats.

- beverly c

It is the speed auto and good for family due to 6-seat.

What I like is it has many spaces to carry-on when I go out shopping. And for the reason, I dislike it because I feel not comfortable when driving it. This car is suitable for a man.

- Amy N

Space in Dodge Grand-Caravan

We love the space that we have inside the vehicle by reconfiguring the stow a go seats. I allows us to transport all sorts of things while still being able to fit our entire family.

- Tracy H

I have not had any major mechanical issues. Plenty of space for a family of 6.

All in all this vehicle is a reliable van. I have had problems with the catalytic converter and a cooling hose as well as the back brake bolt coming out. All were easy fixes though.

- Joshua B

Comfortable ride for everyone on road trips with plenty of room to relax.

I love being able to carry my kids & their friends to all their events. The sto & go storage in the floor is great for hiding items when traveling, or even for hiding Santa gifts!

- Ann M

more than adequate transportation

the cargo space is way more than adequate. The advanced convenience features are lacking. The maintenance and performance are easy and long lived. oil changes are every 8000 miles.

- Michael M

I love the ease of it, getting the girls in and out, opening the sliding doors with a push of a button.

I love dual sliding, automatic doors, stow and go seating. I like the backup camera, just wish it was fish lense. With extending rear facing, we have yet to use the video system.

- Angel S

It is very comfortable and easy to drive on long trips.

Caravan are one of life pleasure that man has made to the contribution of knowledge in our society that is under attack from everybody, in other words trust nobody but yourself.

- Paul R

It is one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever driven!

I love the size of my van. It is big enough to fit my whole family in! The only problem with my van is it has over 200,000 miles on it. I will really miss it when I trade it in!

- Shawn S

It is great to drive since it sits higher and I can see easily.

I love that it is a v6 and tows my camper beautifully. I am not impressed with the durability and quality of the interior. It also has more than it is share of repair issues.

- Brenda M

It is a van and good for a small family.

I need a bigger one more sets for seven plus kids and two adults. I like that both doors open and both back windows roll down. don't like that is has a plastic gas tank.

- Tanya S

Great family vehicle and great for moving things when you need to

Plenty of room. Fold n go seating is fantastic and easy. Easy to work on yourself for maintenance. Transmission will need to be reworked or replaced every few years.

- Stormy M

It's reliable and good for hauling people/things.

I like that it's big enough to haul my kids and all our stuff. We have had almost no problems with it other than normal wear and tear. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Amy K

My car is roomy but it comes with a lot of problems.

It's had some problems with it. It doesn't lock anymore so you have to be careful when your driving it. There have been other engine parts that haven't held up well.

- Heather F

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the automatic side doors and all the storage compartments, on the top and bottom, since the seats fold down. I feel safe in the vehicle. I have no complaints.

- Kristin M

Not all it's cracked up to be

We have electric issues with the back door on the drivers side. We have had bad brake line replaced. Problems with transmission intermittently not wanting to shift.

- Sara M

It is my get the kids to school and work vehicle and I can't do without it.

I actually love it but of course it isn't perfect because it is 7 years old when I purchased it. But it works great for the most part and it a brand/model I prefer.

- Sandra G

It has almost the storage capacity of a truck, without the exposure to the elements.

I love the space for people and cargo. The stow and go seats add a ton of storage room. I don't like that there is a hitch in the transmission when changing gears.

- Michelle B

Back set window roll down.

Back sets are not made for adults more for kids. Good on gas good got family size of 6. Not good because it has a plastic gas tank. Not good for family size of 8.

- Tanya S

Dodge is not a good brand in my opinion.

Have had to put 2 starters on it 2 batteries, radiator, heater problem cracking issues. Recall on ignition switch. Just have had to put a lot of money into it.

- Christy Y

It is great for busy people.

Extremely reliable, low maintenance. Great for families on the go. With four children, there is always room for everyone and their bags, sports equipment, etc.

- Alexis S

That it's roomy and very fuel efficient.

I like the fact that my whole family can fit in the car. I also like how dependable it has been since we purchased it. I really like the Stow-and-go storage.

- Milan P

Practical and comfortable for busy families

I have three kids and I love my van because it allows us to travel comfortably. My favorite thing about it is the stow and go seats that fold into the floor.

- Penny S

It is great for larger families and easily accommodates small childrens car seats.

I like the stow and go seats. The ease of driving the vehicle is also a plus. It is low maintenance which we appreciate. I don't like the low gas mileage.

- anna b

Is it a van, or is it a truck.

It's great for hauling. You can fold all the seats down and it's pretty much an enclosed truck. Haven't had many problems with it. Doesn't like cold weather.

- Mike J

They should know that it is reliable and a good runner with regular maintenance.

I have had it for years now so am bored with it but I love the fact that I have not had any issues with it besides regular maintenance in all those years.

- Becky b

Family friendly, if you have kids or elderly members of your family it makes things a lot easier when traveling!

Very comfortable, tons of nice features for my children and very reliable! We like the two tv's it offers for my children to watch during long car rides!

- Christy R

Family friendly vehicle that works for you

Love that the seats fold down into the floor. Love that it has plenty of seating for our family. Wish it got better gas mileage but it's not too bad.

- Maurice A

Too noisy to be a minivan.

Runs noisy. Had a Chrysler town and country before this van and you could barely hear it but my grand caravan sounds almost like a diesel sometimes.

- Nancy T

Great, reliable and spacious family car!

Reliable/spacious. It is a wonderful family car that has taken us all over the place. We all fit comfortably and would buy this car again and again.

- Christy N

The vehicle is very reliable mechanically.

I like how roomy it is. The engine runs great with barely anything wrong with it with the high miles. I do not like the gas mileage of only 22 mpg.

- Jenny B

Great vehicle, feel as though it is a really good value.

Really happy with it overall. We bought it pre-owned from a dealership. Passenger comfort is great, lots of room. Love the power sliding doors to.

- Caroline D

Reliable and dependable car for trips camping and fishing.

I like the storage options. I like the ease of getting my 3 children in & out of the vehicle. I hate the stigma attached with driving a minivan.

- Jill P

My van in a gold color. I love it!

The van is very roomy. I have 3 girls. Its big enough for each of them to bring a friend along when they feel the need to invite a friend each.

- Michelle P

Safety features creates safe and secure environment for family.

I enjoy the spacious room for kids and teenagers. I do not care for the tv that only works while u are in park. I love that there is trunk room

- Michelle W

There's a lot of room for storage.

I like that it has big trunk storage. I like the stow and go seating. I like all of the cupholders. It could be a little more modern looking.

- Jill K

Love the Stow and go seating

It is roomy. Love the stow and go seating. you can fit a lot in it with all the seats down. we've used it twice to move and fit a lot in it.

- Stepanie W

I believe that people should know that the car seats only 4 individuals.

Doors tend to not like to open/close when car is in drive. And the storage compartments in the middle seats become stretched and unusable.

- John L

It has lots of space and easy to use third row seating.

I really love the space. The versatility of the cargo space in the back and how easy it is to put up and take down the third row seating.

- Sarah Q

It is great for bigger families.

I like all the room. It is great for family travel. It is starting to get older. Now we are having more problems. It is great brand new.

- Allison A

It is safe, reliable and tons of storage for carrying most things.

Love that the seats fold down into the floor making it a cargo van. Can haul most things. Seats are very comfortable! Lots of options.

- Valerie T

Stow and go family vehicle

This can has been a good family vehicle for the past few years. Our favorite feature is the stow and go. Has lots of room for storage.

- Katie M

Stow and go seating is great. It is a great vehicle and can travel well.

I like that It is roomy. I like that it is newer than most of my cars. Complaints is that it does not have Phone Connect capability.

- Lisa V

It works great and drives well. I have had very few problems that have required repair.

I have no complaints at all about my van. It handles great, has held up very well. I especially like the entertainment system in it.

- Jess S

Comfortable to ride and drive and good for carrying lots of goods.

Handles good. Flex fuel makes it cheaper to run. Lots of room. Has third row seating. Easy to work on. Parts on a reasonable price.

- Dale L

It drives good and great for kids.

It's very roomy inside and great for a family with kids. The only thing I dislike is it don't have a button to open the back hatch.

- Ashley L

Dodge grand caravan: good, dependable family vehicle

excellent durability, flexibility with stow and go seating, good cargo and passenger room. good MPG as well. Just wearing out now.

- Don L

Great family vehicle! Lots of space and storage. Make sure to buy a 2008 to present model for the rear windows to roll down.

Bought this Model because the rear windows roll down which wasn't standard until 2008. However, the sliding doors are not powered.

- Jada M

great family vehicle, great for sports mothers

good on gas, keep an eye on the transmission, great engine, a lot of room and storage, sensors will keep you aware of any problems

- Curtis L

It is been great for 4 years. We are happy it's helped us this long.

It has been with us through a lot. I think we are ready for a new vehicle. Our van seems to have one issue after another lately.

- Mona Q

It has a lot of problems. Everything stops working as soon as it hits 200000 miles.

I love the storage space a lot. I don't like that everything stopped working. My headlights quit. My transmission is going out.

- Sasha H

Can really only fit four car seats in the back comfortably.

We love the stow and go feature so we can adjust the seats to meet our needs. My husband also uses the audio jack all the time.

- Misty A

Its safe and reliable. I am comfortable driving it.

My family is comfortable traveling in it. With 3 kids and a dog, space is a requirement. It is safe and comfortable to drive.

- Yvonne T

reliable we have had caravans for years

I love my caravan, I like the stow away seats and the ability to haul things, and really love the space for my grandchildren

- Marian C

It's very roomy, but if you're paying for gas, expect to pay quite a bit

I don't really like the fact that it's kind of slow. Or the fact that it goes through gas like crazy, but it's a great size

- Jeremy J

It has a stow and go area. The seats fold nicely in the area front and back

Dodge is a good brand. It last a long time as long as you do the things that needs to be done. I love the stow and go area.

- Cory L

It's been thru a lot and it has been good to me.

I love it cause we have a lot of room. The whole family can travel. I do not like that the back windows don't roll down.

- Shelly C

It has great storage space and the stow and go seating is great.

It's a great family vehicle. I like the space it offers. What I don't like about it is the terrible gas mileage it gets.

- Brian K

That it is reliable and has the stow away feature: )

Love how my van fits my needs with 3 kids. Automatic side doors. Automatic trunk door. Great AC smoother ride. Love it!

- Melissa F

It moves kids with the efficiency of one-thousand miles.

The brake system needs to be strengthened. I go through too many brake pads. The bench seat in the middle is not ideal.

- Norman P

Dodge caravans are roomy, reliable vehicles

Love stow and go. Fairly safe. Comfortable. Runs well. Uses a lot of gas. Lots of room, 7 passenger eating. Reliable.

- Tish I

That gas mileage is not as good as they claim.

I like the versatility with the seating and for the most part it needs little repair. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Ed A

Great family vehicle with lots of space.

Wish it got better gas mileage and a few minor mechanical issues but has lots of space that works great for travel.

- Kindra V

Room enough to transport five passengers and room for hauling large items.

Looks, comfort and performance are all great. Stow and go compartments are extra features. Room for 7 passengers.

- Sharon S

Very comfortable to drive.

No problem very comfortable very spacious decent gas mileage I would buy another one perfect for a large family.

- Kevin D

We have plenty of room for my family of 5 and luggage when traveling.

Big enough for the family and stuff. Store and go is very handy. Comfortable to ride in. Not great gas mileage.

- Justin M

It has lots of space and the store and go seating has been helpful for hauling

It has been extremely dependable. Only minor repairs. It has also pulled a camper for use. It rides comfortably

- Christa B

Car for moms with tall kiddos.

Love the space and adjustability I have growing kids who are already really tall and this suits them perfectly.

- Nicole S

Runs smooth sliding door power windows.

Bell and whistles are nice, power doors, stow and go seats are great, DVD player. Gas mileage could be better.

- Bryan D

I love the style of it and how high tech it is.

It's a great vehicle. Clean and dependent and will get you to all sorts of places. I love the style of it too.

- Rachel C

It's great as a family car not a hand me down college car

I am not the primary driver it has a lot of problems, I send it to the shop for oil changes and it guzzles gas

- Grant B

It has a lot of legroom the seats fold down for storage

I like my vehicle because it has more room ,and more storage. There is really nothing I do not like about it.

- Cindy S

An all in one vehicle for a big family!

It's great on gas, so much room, wonderful sound system, captain seats, 5 cd changer and we just love it all!

- Moe M

Great family vehicle and drives great.

I like the amount of room inside of it. I like the way it drives but not how it does on gas and maintenance.

- Eric J

it is a very sought after vehicle

i have no problem with my van it does not use much gas very good gas mileage very comfortable and reliable.

- marilyn k

It is reliable, and gets me where I need to go.

Love that the seats fold down into storage. Do not like that it has no rear air, and absolutely no extras.

- Anna S

Plenty of legroom in the driver's seat

Very reliable and roomy. Plenty if trunk space and let room. Perfect for large families and long roadtrips

- Tina M

The transmission go out of dodge vans quickly. They do have lots of room.

I like the room. The van has a lot of storage. The transmission isn't good and the air conditioner leaks.

- Jessica D

Its paid for and it uses gas and oil, IT takes me where I need to go

I like that it runs . no complaints Its a van with four wheels and a engine. It goes forward and reverse.

- ricky b

The Dodge grand caravan is dependable and safe.

The Dodge grand caravan is spacious, dependable, and handles well on the road in all weather conditions.

- Elena F

Room for everybody and more. There is great storage with or without folding the seats in to the floor.

It has great storage. The seats fold into the floor. There is seating for 7 , but the MPG is not great.

- Perry R

I like that you can adjust the foot pedals with an automatic lever, since I am short and my husband is tall. I like the DVD player for the kids, for long trips to frequent doctor appointments at the nearest children's hospital. I like the trunk space and storage compartments. My main complaint is that my digital lock fob is no longer working and those things are EXPENSIVE to configure and fix. I can't afford it so I have to leave my car unlocked, which is unsafe.

It is overall a good vehicle for a busy family. There is lots of storage space and plenty of seating.

- Mary M

It has a stow and go to store things in or the seats go in when you need more space

We love how the seats go down. There is a stow and go that we can store things in. It runs great.

- Christal L

Recalls. Had issues with the key ignition several times

Like the van very much. Been a really good van. Had issues with recalls the first couple of years

- Nathan D

The radiator has busted four times. All similar vehicles in the junkyard also have busted radiators. There is a major design flaw causing this, and there really is no excuse for it.

It randomly drains the battery for no reason and the radiator will eventually crack - repeatedly.

- Melanie W

I have a short and my tail light doesn't work. i keep replacing and it keeps going out.

I have had a lot to repair. i still owe on it and I need a new one!my seat belts are messed up.

- Regina G

I am thankful that it is a running car that was able to be converted to be wheelchair accessible

It is efficient. The passenger back seats are not very comfortable and it currently has a leak

- Rachel R

It is reliable and trustworthy. It is perfect for a growing family.

It is a great family vehicle. I have not had to put any money into repairs. Very reliable.

- cheryl c

Stow away seating is very convenient when loading groceries.

I love the power sliding doors. I love the stow away seats. Plenty of room to move around.

- Michael N

I feel safe driving it with my kids

I like that it has lots of room for my kids. I like having large trunk It drives smooth

- Jamie R

This Vehicle makes you feel safe when you are in it

I Love the contour of the seats, I don't like the window control from the passengers side

- Sandra G

Great capacity and drivers seat height

I like the storage capacity. Also the passenger capacity and being able to sit up high

- L B

It fits a lot of people and has a lot of seats and fits a lot of stuff.

It's spacious and fits our large family. It has a lot of room for luggage as well.

- Jamie S

It was made just for me to drive, but can be converted.

I love that it's always been reliable, gets good gas mileage and is set up for me.

- Kristi K

the room for a big family

Is great to transport many people or room for other things that you must pick up

- Lee K

Nice and roomy for a family. Great storage with the ability to put the seats down for more cargo space.

Great versatility for carrying passengers and also putting boxes or cargo in.

- Jennifer O

I love the room. Hate the mechanical issues that are an ongoing issue in many of the same vehicles, but Dodge won't recall. Also wish it were all wheel drive.

Very nice family vehicle. Plenty of room, lots of jacks for dvd players, etc.

- Sheri Z

Grand Caravan is no longer made. It is replaced by the Chrysler Town and country.

It is very dependable. It needs Few repairs. Very roomy and comfortable..

- Earl S

With 2 captain chairs in the middle of makes it easy to get into the 3rd row.

Lots of seating & leg room. Only complaint is that the a/c is acting up.

- Marie B

I love the roominess. It rides smooth and looks nice. I feel it could have better acceleration and I wish I had one with more features.

It can handle all types of cargo and be configured to fit your needs.

- Catherine D

it is a covered carpeted pickup with seats to hold seven people.

it has five doors. I can sleep in the van. one of the doors is broken

- todd M

has enough space but is not too large

Minivans are much easier for an senior citizen to get in and out of.

- Sheila L

I like this vehicle because it has been reliable and provides adequate room for our family. It is a basic model without all the bells and whistles. In the future I would like to purchase a vehicle with more amenities.

We have found our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan to be a reliable vehicle.

- Shana C

large size.easy access.gas mileage.looks like a soccer mom's car

great car for a large family and pets.very good gas mileage

- david d

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan. It has been a wonderful family vehicle and very reliable. When I decide to get a newer vehicle, I will be looking for another Grand Caravan.

My vehicle needs an oil change every three thousand miles.

- Jordan T

Mom van and full of dirt and has lots of miles from being a mom van.

Love it. Do wish it had a hands free option for the gate.

- Sarah H

It's cool, not just a car for soccer moms.

Lots of space. Smooth drive. Heated seats. Great stereo.

- Allison K

Real smooth ride for a minivan

Smooth ride with lots of room. Love the satellite radio

- Matthew S

dependable, 7 passenger, space for luggage

fuel guzzler, carries passengers with space for storage

- sandy S

That is has a lot of room for people and has stow-and-go capability.

I like that it has the room that we need as a family.

- Mel B

I like the room and capacity. I wish it had automatic doors. It is also rusting faster then expected.

It drives really well and is comfortable to ride in.

- Jennifer B

It's a great van with few mechanical problems. I love it.

It's a great vehicle! Its never had major problems.

- Lea D

It's Easy to drive, comfortable for long or short trips.

Love the room. Very comfortable. Good gas mileage.

- Heather H

I love that the seats fold down making it easier to climb in to buckle kids in the backseat. I can also put all seats down and carry cargo.

Fold and go seats make traveling with kids easier.

- Amanda C

Very good family car and great gas mileage

Plenty of room, good on gas, fold down rear seats

- William t

It has been a very reliable car

No complaints at all. Good van for the value.

- Dustin D

Lots of room and drives smooth.

- Laura H

Dodge caravan, pros and cons.

- Shawn S