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Worst car ever bought

I bought the 2010 Journey sxt in dec 2009. Within 6 months the brakes had to be replaced. This model car has braske wear issue. It wears out to fast dodge knows it does so they extended the warranty. To 24000 kms. Next ignition module issue had it replaced 3 times twice by recall. Car would stall any time at random. Next ghost issue ( started with 2009 model apparently) where you go to start the car sounds like starter is gone. This cost me $600.00 to replace starter i did not need. Only to find out on you tube that if i shifted the car from park to neutral the car would have started. Dodge has yet to address this issue. The hood spray nozzels had to be replaced 3 times. Just be normal wear. My visor screw fell out . With in 3 years the engine developed a knocking sound. A warning that the 5th cylinder is not firing . I have yet to find a dealer who can address that issue. The journey is now 8 years old it lost power sense its younger years has hard time shifting gears when i accelerate Stalls like all the time especially when it rains. What I like about this piece of crap ? Seats are comfortable It still runs even though it has 300,000 + km on it. Would I buy a dodge again? Not a chance. But i will run this one into the ground.

- Wayne lalonde

The 2010 Dodge Journey has coolers in the floor board and in the dash!

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey and I love it! My SUV has the third row which is great for kids and pets I love that mine has the handles on each side one is to put the seats all the way down to move the seats back and forth so that tall people can sit in the back and that the seats easily slide forward to get to the third row. I love that there is coolers in the floorboards and you can keep drinks cold love that for long trips. I really like the space in this SUV easy to drive and handle. I don't think there isn't anything I don't like about it I am for sure going to get a newer Dodge Journey I'd like to have an AWD SUV. So overall it's a great SUV.

- Kayla F

The backup camera feature so I can see the lower part of the car to help me see.

It is very good on gas and when you get low on gas it gives you a gas light to indicate you need to get more and it lets you make it to the gas station before you run out. My experience on the performances just fine I have not had any real issues except for regular maintenance. It works for my family I can adjust the seats up and down for big friends coming over or just a little ones playing in the back. The major feature I like it has the auxiliary cord so I can use my iPod to play music from my phone. And I like the back-up camera on this car it help me to see lower part of the car so I can see behind me so I do not run into anything.

- Samantha S

Love the sunroof and the doors that open to as full 90 degrees.

Only problems I've ever had with the vehicle are the automatic too down feature when pressing the unlock buttons on the key fob. This had gotten be into trouble during storms and such as I keep my keys in my pocket. I have found no way to disable it. Performance and reliably have been Stellar. I have standard maintenance things come up like battery and such but plenty of get go when I need it. My fiance looked to take trips and we've had several long runs in the vehicle. Most of the time I'm doing pretty good to hour 5 or so then I feel really stiff but that is to be expected. Read seats are fine and I've heard no complaints.

- Matthew S

My Dodge Journey is a dependable car. It has good gas mileage.

My Dodge Journey is a car I like to drive. The seats are very comfortable and there is lots of room in the back. There is also room in the back where the spare tire is to store things. The things I dislike about my Dodge Journey is that it does not have cruise control. Also, I have had an issue with the horn honking by itself. It honks in the middle of the night and when I am driving it. We figured out that the spring under the horn section was probably too compressed and we stretched out the spring. Overall it is a good car.

- Kim M

Overall my vehicle is not what I expected to be when I first bought it.

I have had my car for nine years and out of those nine years it seems like each year there has been something wrong with my vehicle. I feel I have put too much money for maintenance than I should have. For instance I had two replace the transmission twice in the past nine years. Miner problems seem to come up during the winter and the gas gage has also been replace more than ones. Overall I would not recommend a dodge journey for some that is interested in buying one.

- Teresita G

It is reliable and fairly priced.

I have owned two journeys. I love them both however the newer one we had was nicer but all in all they haven't updated much in the journey. I would love to see some updates and love to see it continued to be a good priced vehicle. All in all we have been very happy with both of ours. We live in the mountains and they do tend to get a little doggy going up the inclines but that really is the only formal complaint I would have toward this vehicle. We love our Dodges!

- April F

The Dodge Journey is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

The Dodge Journey is very dependable, with 207,000 miles I have no hesitation to drive across country. The option to have three rows of seating or lay them flat is amazing. We recently hauled two 36 inch door units and 8 five gallon buckets of paint like it was a pickup. Its fuel efficiency and great handling makes this my road trip car of choice. The one thing I would change is the seats. Once they become more comfortable, I may never get out.

- Carlton L

All Wheel Drive Forever!!!

I was skeptical when my husband brought this car home. We live in a snowy winter area and after driving it on the first snowy day I first of all promised I would never drive any other type of car and second was angry because he had not brought it home sooner. It handled ice and snow like a pro and I feel very safe and secure while driving in winter weather. Along with all that, it has a very nice style to it and is attractive to drive.

- Cindy S

Plenty of storage and all seats fold to transporting items.

I enjoy the comfort. Do not like where the radio is placed to far down on dash. Dangerous to look at while driving. Brakes need replacing way to often. Windows fail to go down on passenger side. Quite a reliable car in all. Good gas mileage. Comfortable to drive. Blind spots can be an issue. Great that all seats but drivers fold down to transport things. Great if you have long items. Great storage compartments all through out the car.

- Christi J

Dodge journey storage is great.

My journey has a lot of storage room for my kids' toys and such in the floor storage areas which I love. It drives nice, has plenty of room for everyone. The storage compartment in the back hatch area is perfect for storing things that I may need in an emergency and has kept my family prepared in the winter months. I absolutely love the outlet in the back seat of the car, perfect for charging devices for my kids on long car rides!

- Mia S

Great vehicle for a family of four. Great for traveling and good on the bank.

I love having this mid size SUV. I just have 3 kids in sports and school activities and it is not big enough. When I carpool other children I wish my vehicle had more space and comfort. Hauling around equipment and or other items along with family can be very uncomfortable sometimes. This vehicle would be perfect for a smaller family. Great for traveling and just all around a good vehicle.

- Kristen J

Awesome Vehicle, Handles and Drives Great!

This vehicle was recently purchased with less than 50,000 miles (odd find) for it's age. Only issue we have had, is the horn seems to go off periodically as if someone is in the car signalling distress... Seems the position of the steering wheel is part of the issue for our personal issue. We have the FWD variation and it drives and handles great. Very happy with this vehicle...

- Kriss B

Comfortable and gas-efficient travel vehicle.

We bought this vehicle used with low mileage. We've had 2 major fixes done with the heating/cooling system. It's a comfortable vehicle, but I do wish the front passenger seat was power. This model does not have seat warmers. I also would like it if the middle seats laid flat to expand the room in the back. If it does that, I have not seen it happen. I do not know how to do it.

- Rebecca H

Beware that the Dodge Journey 2010 model has issues with the horn blowing unexpectedly. Make sure to read the complaints online by many people that have previously bought this make and model of the car before buying a used version of the vehicle.

The Dodge Journey 2010 is a descent vehicle. However, there are some unresolved issues that the manufacturer decided not to fix. For example, there seems to be an issue with the horn continuing to blow at random times. This is a known issue for this make and model of the car. Also, the battery is located in a difficult position in the car and it is very hard to replace.

- Gerald S

I like the Journey other than poor sustainability-love built in power inverter.

Several maintenance issues. Seems long term/higher mileage does not stand up as well on the Dodge as other makes. Rear suspension completely shot at 110k miles and should last longer than that. Battery drain is also high on this vehicle. Battery is located in an inaccessible location which is ridiculous as this should be a minor repair any owner could make.

- Tamara S

This vehicle has the option of changing to all wheel drive. This a great plus.

No problems, only has 35, 500 miles as of 10/4/2018, only has had to do normal maintenance. This is a very reliable vehicle. This has been the best vehicle that I have ever bought. The only negative that I have experienced is the cost of changing tires. The tires are very expensive for this vehicle. Other than the tire costs, I have enjoyed this vehicle.

- Ernest C

My pre owned 2010 dodge journey.

I love my car. There was a recall on a part that was taken care of efficiently. She runs well and I have taken her on several trips and she has performed well. I get her oil changed regularly and have no issues. She has one little rust spot over her right tire that is slowly getting bigger. I would recommend a dodge journey to my friends and family.

- Jennifer B

Why you should chose a Dodge Journey!

The 2010 Dodge Journey is a nice, spacious 7 seat SUV. All the rear seats fold down to make room for storage, as well as storage compartments under the floor behind driver and passenger seats. Not a lot of storage in the back. Wonderful gas mileage. There is a known electrical problem with 2010 Journeys. Aside from that, it is a great family car!

- Mamie P

Dodge Journey comfortable and reliable.

It drives nice, good stereo, comfortable, safe, has 3rd row seating. The seats also collapse down for extra space. Has extra storage below seats and also lots of storage in the front. Headlights are bright and also has fog lights which are nice. The screen for music is touch screen and you are also able to download your own pictures and music.

- Rachel P

Great on gas nice and roomy for passengers.

Roomy, comfortable, smooth drive great on gas sporty looking nice drive on road trip excellent on gas easy to maintenance. Easy to drive nice stereo system good air-conditioning and heating system nice trunk space seats can lay flat to store stuff or for moving stuff from place to place very good storage space good for camping and traveling.

- Marcy H

The joys of the Dodge Journey.

Had a lot of recall repairs on vehicle when I first purchased it. Seats are not comfortable to sit in for long distance trips. Many repairs it seems there is always something going wrong -tires brakes and now low tire light that will not go off so guessing it is a sensor that needs replaced. Not a vehicle I would recommend to anyone.

- Mary V

Reliable vehicles with a few major problems.

Had major problem with the ignition. The car would not start at times if the locks were used for the doors. The trunk door got stuck a few times. The change oil light comes on super early. The air conditioners works really well, good gas mileage. Has decent amount of power and is good to drive in the snow or bad weather.

- Elizabeth W

Nice crossover SUV that does great in the snow.

This is not the bet vehicle that I have owned, but I like it just fine. It is a model year before a lot of the current features were added so I feel like I am missing a bit of technology. It is all wheel drive and does extremely well in snow. The tires are 19”, so new tires are not as easy to find and cost a bit more.

- Renee H

Very trustworthy and great mileage.

I have had the Dodge Journey for 8 years and absolutely love it. Never any problems with. It is serviced on a regular basis and is very dependable. Handles in the winter weather great. Very trustworthy, enough so that I use it always to transport my grandchildren to and from school among other places. Love it.

- Janet K

The 3rd row is so nice to have, I just wish it had more space.

I like the style. The gas mileage is ok but not what I expected. I do not like having to make the kids climb over seats to access the 3rd row. However the 3rd row is nice to have. When the 3rd row is up it leaves very little trunk storage. It is all together just not the best SUV for a 5 people family.

- Jamie H

Smooth, roomy, comfortable.

I love my Dodge Journey. We are a large family of 6 and the 3rd row seating is awesome. It's a really smooth ride. The back has it own climate control. Which comes in handy since I am always hot and my kids are always cold. It's got lots of legroom no matter if you are in the front seat or back seat.

- Autumn K

It is a great versatile vehicle!

Great size, versatile. Decent gas mileage. Not bad power for a 4 cylinder. Had ignition issue when we first purchased ( used) but was taken care of by extended warranty. Like the size & flexibility of this vehicle - good for everything from cargo to pets & grandkids, local driving and road trips.

- Colleen Z

Dodge Journey perfect for a family of 5.

I love our Dodge Journey. It's so comfortable for a family of 5 with enough room to have 3 kids in the back comfortably and with the 3rd row the ability to have 2 additional riders. It drives so smooth and rides great too. We have taken it on vacation several times and it has been very reliable.

- Carolyn S

My vehicle is a nice size SUV and has third row seating.

The problems I have had with my Journey is all my shocks went out, sparks and coil, and when putting in gas you have to hold the pump otherwise it kicks out (all gas stations I have been to). The car drives very smoothly and I find it to be a reliable car. I love all the room this car has.

- Alex R

2010 Dodge silver bullet v6.

Rounds good for a bulky v6 has plenty of room goes good in snow fun to drive. Doesn't get best gas mileage. Like the option to change from auto to slap shift does have tic but like all Dodges I've had keeps going its 2010 150k miles silver fully loaded all wheel drive with tow and sunroof.

- Jared W

It is a good family car with a 3rd row.

It has electrical problems. The windows roll down without me rolling them down. It has done this once while I was in a store. Anyone could have gotten into my car and stolen it. One time it rolled down and was raining outside. The inside of my vehicle got soaked and smells sour for weeks.

- Shannon M

I love the reclining back seats.

My vehicle has had a laundry list of problems since the first week of ownership. Most of the problems had to be resolved is the dealership repair shop only as the dealership was the only one with certain tools to do the repairs such as removing the dashboard to do heating/cooling repairs.

- Mo J

Love our journey, Easy to drive, and plenty of storage space for travel.

We have had no real bad problems with the vehicle. A gear shift problem made the vehicle seize up and not be able to drive. We had that fixed and it cost $600.00 but that was to only big fix that this SUV has cost us. We are pleased about that..Anything else has been regular.Maintenance.

- Anna L

My 2010 silver dodge journey.

My vehicle runs really good haven't had any real problems since I got it. I like that it has a third row seat but not how small of trunk space there is. Other than that I like the car. It has enough space for me and my family. I also like that it has like a lot of little storage space.

- Nancy H

It has a lot of compartments for storage.

Vehicle is comfortable for me and the front passenger. My children are not as comfortable as I thought they would be. I should have purchases a van but was going for the 3rd row without it being a van. Not a good choice. If you have tall children or big feet it is not ideal.

- Tiffany H

Over 100, 000 miles and mechanics I see is shocked at how great everything runs.

My car is running great for the year and mileage. I live how big it is. It is not too terrible on gas for the size. Good car to get from point A to point B. It has its quirks. The headrests pop out of place, and it need a tune up here and there but overall I am pleased.

- Brittany C

The Journey is well made and very safe with multiple air bags all around the inside of the vehicle.

My Journey is sporty looking with a compact style that works for a small family. Dodge included a lot great extras in this model, like a 5 disc DVD/CD player, exceptional stereo system, and navigational system just to name a few. There is lots of storage and leg room.

- Tina S

2010 dodge journey, comfort and quality.

My cars performance is great, it gets up to speed very quickly. We have 3rd row seating so 7 seats total, very roomy except the 3rd row has little legroom for tall individuals. Power locks and windows great heating and cooling. Just an all around great family vehicle.

- Jennifer V

Dodge Journey is great for large family!

Very comfortable seats and plenty space for children! It is easier to fit the large material or household supplies in back of vehicle. The riding experience is great and smooth moving! You can easy access to change temperature in front seat that is connect to sync.

- Anastasia C

2010 Dodge Journey sat is a good car!

No Bluetooth in this car but you can use an AUX cord. Car is very reliable. Very roomy and spacious. Heated seats. Controls can be confusing at first. Easy to clean. Great gas mileage. Sound system is amazing. Back up camera is a lifesaver. Love this vehicle.

- Anna M

Nice for 8 years old. Comfortable seats and movable too.

No problems really. Squeaky brakes. Roomy. Good back room. Good gas mileage. Amazing color. Good wipers. Heating and air conditioning is good. Leaky passenger tire. Nice fabric. Fast. Radio is loud. Comfy seats. Easy carpet cleaning. Air flow good. Nice ride.

- Mary H

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage.

The things that I like about my vehicle are that it gets good gas mileage, there are hidden compartments and it is spacious. The things that I don't like about it are there is not enough room in the back of the vehicle and there is no navigation system.

- Kim M

It is not a roomy size vehicle for a large family.

I do not like the keyless ignition! And the air control electronic on it always messes up. The in sync does not sync one side blows cold other blows hot. Or sometimes the air will not even turn on. Also it does not have a lot of room. To low to ground.

- Tina R

Dodge vehicles, in my experience, have great engines, especially the v6. The repair costs have been minimal. Also great head space if you're in an accident.

My Dodge Journey is roomy and comfortable to drive. It has great cargo space. I get good mileage. For an eight year old vehicle the upkeep and repairs have been minimal. I also like the body style and silver color. I would recommend this vehicle.

- jennifer y

Plenty of room for what's important and what you need.

I love my Dodge. I had some issues with it when I first got it because the dealer didn't resolve the recall issues but other than that I have not problems and its has plenty of room for my kids and the dog and plenty of room for groceries too.

- Anna S

Not reliable. Spent more money on repairs then prior two vehicles combined.

Something always breaks and needs fixing. I have only had this car for 2 years and already had to replace all the valve stem the windshield twice the return line the brakes the horn goes off whenever it wants to and the key fob never works.

- Ashton C

That it is a good family car for larger families. It doesn't have much cargo space, but that is easily dealt with by using cargo racks.

I like my car over all. It seats seven, which is great for our family of 6. It was bought used, so my complaints have to do with issues we were unaware of, such as heating and cooling problems that we had to pay $3,000 in repairs on.

- Amber M

It is reliable, love the radio system, gas, window system power locks.

I like how it runs and the design luxury seats, color, engine, power locks, audio system in the radio, clear speakers. Everything is unique, can drive long distances. I do not like when I am driving cannot see in front of the car.

- Melissa G

Dodge Journey Real Family Car

I really like this vehicle. It has seating for 7 with lots of room for groceries. It handles smoothly and is comfortable to drive. The back up camera is a real plus. It has a v6 which has enough pickup but still good on gas.

- Helen H

Price is great. Comfortable to drive & ride.

I love the seats. I am 4'9" & I have a bad back. I am very particular about the seat when I drive. It is leather & is very comfortable. The vehicle also has a lot of room. 7 passenger seating. The controls are easy to use.

- Laura B

Car ride smooth on the road.

It dependable sunroof 3 rows clean. Light brown interior black carpet satellite radio 60/40 seat on the driver side you will love this car because it is well kept. I bought the car new only thing change were the heater coil.

- Earnest P

The storage in this car is great for small and just starting out families.

Braking and handling are excellent. I have had it eight years and it has never had any major problems. The glove box cooler and the coolers in the floor have been a real plus especially when I'm driving for Uber And Lyft .

- Robert P

The inside is roomier than it actually looks to be from the outside.

I like that it has 3 rows, which makes it roomy enough for my family and then some people. I like that it is somewhat good on gas. I don't like that every so often it won't start and that will last for about a day or two.

- Marvin S

Probably the most important thing about my car is that I can always depend on it to get my where I need to go.

I love how easy it is to drive. There isn't a ton of cargo space, but it's enough for a trip with the family. I have loved how it handles in different types of weather and the overall dependability of the vehicle.

- Whitney L

Best car I have ever had.

I have had no problems with my car. Replaced brakes once. Gets good fuel mileage. Great in heavy snow. I love the tinted windows in the back. My car handles real good on curves. Has lots of storage areas.

- Carol E

It is a smooth ride and a dependable ride.

I like how comfortable it is and how smoothly it handles bumps in the road. The only thing I wish it had was more handlebars for the passengers. Some of us have difficulty getting in and out of the car.

- Ashley K

It does have a good towing ability.

I like because always have worked well.. My car has a lot of space to carry suitcases...... I do not like because it spends a lot of gas.. I do not like because the car parts are a bit expensive.

- Sandra E

Dodge Journey most basic doesn't even have cruise control

Doesn't come with cruise control, car eats thru brake pads (common problem), and the headrests pop off. I thought the head rest was uncommon but doing research many people have had this happen

- Robin A

It is nice family car, After a while the age shows. It started having issues at about 150,000 miles.

I like the size of my car. I really like the 3rd row to accommodate my kids. I do not like how I am having a lot electrical issues with it. Sometimes it randomly roll down all windows by itself.

- Shannon C

It is very dependable and great on gas for a crossover.

The compartments throughout the vehicle are very handy. This vehicle is also great on gas on the highway; not so much in the city. The hatch lever can become stuck. Very family friendly car.

- Camille R

It's a common to have problems with your horn.

I don't like that it is a v4 and is the basic factory model. I like that it is a midsize SUV. Overall, it's a good reliable car but I want something a little newer and in better condition.

- Miranda R

Either that there are issues with the sensors and starters easily, or that there's room for literally everything.

I love that there's a ton of storage space and charger ports. The design is comfortable and roomy. There have been a few sensor, computer, and starter issues that have been unpleasant.

- Lauren S

Smooth ride. Rides like a much more expensive vehicle.

I have been very happy with my journey. We have had no problems with it since our purchase. Very smooth ride. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Lots of storage. Gets good gas mileage.

- Pamela H

Our Dodge Journey has done us well for the four years we have had it. We received it used but it had only had one previous owner. The seating is ample and so is the storage and gas mileage is pretty good as well.

Sometimes there is a glitch in the key fob so it takes a few tries to unlock the car. There is no actual key hole in the ignition which kind of stinks but I still love the car.

- Beverley T

It's a 7 seater that doesn't drive like a school bus. It's easy to handle and park.

I love the cargo room and all the compartments to store things. I dislike the gas mileage in the city. Its very low about 12 MPG, however the highway gas mileage is great.

- carrie f

We love all the little storage compartments it has

Runs and drives great. It accelerates pretty slow. I think they could have put a bigger engine in it. The horn will randomly honk whether you are parked or while driving

- Syler R

That it has the third row setting.

I like the room that it has for hauling things. I don't like that the AC doesn't work that well when it is extremely hot outside. I do also like the gas mileage it gets

- Ron T

When your last oil change was.

The vehicle is a good car. I love the car color. The size a wonderful enjoyable size. Do not like where the battery is. Do not like recall deal about those journey.

- Sabrina C

Cruise control sucks and can't maintain consistent speed.

Dodge / Chrysler vehicles have always seemed consistently low quality. Cruise control does not work well. Consistently have transmission issues with these vehicles.

- Brett M

This car will last a long time, but needs a fair amount of maintenance

The breaks constantly need replacing, the battery tends to drain quickly compared to other cars. My mechanic has told me Journeys have a lot of electrical issues

- Steven L

The car has lots of room and the car was priced right.

Love that the vehicle is BIG as in lots of room. It has lots of storage inside too. The car has been reliable. It was a great price as well considering the size.

- Colleen M

It has little maintenance.

Love the Dodge journey the only problem we have with it is the side mirrors block your vision from seeing cars on your left or right. You must be very careful.

- Norma L

It is very durable and performs very well and has great gas mileage

I love the size and how well the car handles. We have made several long distance trips with this car and it is very comfortable and does get good gas mileage.

- Susan T

Good, sensible transportation with plenty of room for all your stuff.

Plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Relatively easy to maintain. Relatively comfortable seating. Too many blind spots. Wish it had a bit more technology.

- Richard A

It is terrible on gas. Do not buy this car thinking you will be saving money.

My car is beautiful on the inside but the outside rusted very quickly. The brakes have been replaced 3 times and still have problems. It is terrible on gas.

- Rebekah M

It is spacious enough for 7 people but not a lot of room for luggage once everyone is in.

I like my vehicle because it has third row seating. I dislike my vehicle because for some reason it tends to need a lot of repairs but only has 76,000 miles

- Tricia B

STORAGE, ALL THE STORAGE. There is so much room in the Dodge Journey, a perfect family vehicle.

I love the ease of use and all the storage we have. I don't love the fact that the engine is super loud but we have a great interior and the awd is amazing.

- Emilie R

No power and gas mileage sucks.

Always needs repairs. Easy to drive and great room to haul. Vehicle is rusting. Heard after buying that this type of vehicle is know to be in shop often.

- Lisa S

It's roomy enough for the whole family and comfy enough for long road trips.

I love that it has room for all the members of my family. I love the storage space/spaces. I love the color and the body shape. I love the comfort of it.

- Gary T

Not enough storage, can't be used to travel

Not enough storage space for road trips . Needs more outlets/places to charge electronics. Love the roominess. Good amount of cupholders and good on gas

- Melissa L

This vehicle has transmission issues and it's a v6 with little power.

I like the gas mileage on my vehicle. I like the adjustable third row seating. I do not like that it is small and that it has transmission problems.

- Faith E

It is very spacious, but you don't feel like you are driving a tank.

My Dodge Journey is awesome! It is big enough for our family of 5, but also gets great gas mileage. The floor compartments make road trips so easy!

- Elizabeth M

Great for a family of four.

I like that it has heated seats and radio controls on the steering wheel. I do not like that it does not get good air flow to the back for my kids.

- Marisa D

It has a back up camera, and a 6 disc CD player.

I love my car. It gets me to and from where I need to go. It fits my family and I still have room. It will be the car my son learns to drive.

- Marsha S

It is long so you should be make sure your comfortable with that.

The vehicle has no problems concerning performance or reliability. It is very comfortable and tall person friendly. The ac works quickly.

- Morgan B

It is great on gas and we can go 2 weeks without filling it up again.

I love how much room it has. I love the color and the mileage. It is great on gas. I do not like that it seems to have a lot of recalls.

- Jennifer Z

Tons of Space; Third Row Seating is Awesome!

I love the space in my car. I love the versatility of the third row seating. My only complaint with my car is the expense of the tires.

- Kim H

It is a really good car. It is good on gas and mileage.

I like that it has a lot of space. I do not like that it does not come with a Bluetooth option. I love that it comes with a aux port.

- Miguel V

I love the color of this vehicle.

The only thing I do not like is the blind spot created by roof post and dash. I love the color. It has been very dependable for me.

- Deborah J

Even though it is no longer new it still looks and drives like a new one

I like how it handles.I like the stow away storage and I like the features the vehicle is equipped with. There is nothing I dislike

- MaryAnn P

Would not buy a Dodge Journey again

Things on it have been breaking one by one since we purchased it, yet the mileage remains low. Now the transmission has gone out.

- April U

It has a great engine performance and will hold up for a long time.

I like that it is spacious and has lots of storage. The Seats are comfortable. The drive is smooth. I don't have any complaints.

- Stacy S

To buy a bigger engine and the brakes are not suited for the vehicle.

I like the seating and the ability to fold the seat down. And I dislike that the model I had a 4 cylinder engine. It is too slow.

- Kimberly T

there is a blind spot, but once you know this it is not a issue

the only issue that I have is that I have is that there is no heat on the passenger side. It will cost 2,000 to 3,000 to fix.

- Lou M

My Dodge Journey is great for hauling things

the car is very reliable, only had 2 problems since I bought it. It is very comfortable I travel from Alabama to Texas often

- Gloria J

It's roomy without being too big. I don't know what else to say

I like that it drives well. I don't like that the tires go flat all the time. I'd like it if it were more energy efficient

- Nicole O

This car is reliable, have not had a single problem with dependability.

It's a really good car for the 3 or four person family. My only real complaint would be that there is not enough seating.

- Kristin G

It is a very cool looking auto that turns a lot of heads.

It is a smooth riding vehicle Its good on gas and it is very roomy. My family of 4 fit with plenty of room and comfort.

- sidney r

a fun vehicle to get out on the road with.

it is a great vehicle to take road trips with. it is smooth riding, and very comfortable. and it gets good gas mileage

- jim s

Comfy with lots of storage

Pros: Comfortable, easy to maneuver, aux capable, lots of storage compartments Cons: blind spots, Cruise doesn't keep up

- Amy S

A good car I would tell others to get one And it's a beautiful car

I like my car very much,it has always got me where I want to go ,it's a good car ,it still is going on the same battery

- Linda W

Lots of space for teenagers and all of their sports and band equipment.

I like how spacious the car is. Plenty of space for teenagers and their sports and band equipment. Nothing to dislike.

- Shelly S

My car is my baby. It hasn't to be kept clean.

Front window could enhance visibility . Like the smooth drive, and the easy steering. Quiet motor. Overall a good car.

- Jessica C

That it has literally 10,000 storage compartments. Also, the doors open in a 90 degree angle which makes installing things and loading things easy. I really, really like how there is so much storage and a third row for our growing family.

Sometimes our vehicle shakes and I don't really like that when I drive. I'm not really a fan of the radio placement.


Great reliable car that doesn't kill your wallet

Drives well, great room, comfortable, good gas mileage for a six cylinder car, easy maintenance, good sound system.

- Roger S

It's red and got it when it first came out

My vehicle is a good vehicle just needs a new water pump and also at a friends house for now until we get it fixed

- Shelly B

Wish is came with more options in it. Rides good, nice interior space, and have had little go wrong mechanically.

It's a very dependable vehicle. Nice storage room in the back hatch. Seats fold down easily for more storage room.

- Sarah H

I always tell everyone about the third row of seats and about how much room it has

Love the space and that it's not a minivan, love the 6 CD changer and the sound system. wish it was better on gas

- Lynn B

It's not worth the money to own one.

The 3rd row is too small. Constantly have to replace parts on it. The suspension and braking systems are awful.

- Katherine T

Wonderful Crossover that you cannot beat for the price.

It is very roomy. Although it is a crossover, it gives me the full truck experience. It does lack power though.

- Danielle F

Large back seats. There is a ton of leg room.

Roomy vehicle, plenty of cargo space. Drives terrible, visibility is low. Overall a middle of the road vehicle.

- Devin G

It runs smoothly and is great

A really great car it run perfectly. I don't have any complaints about it. Glad that i'm on my way to fully own

- Sam T

We love all the little storage compartments it has.

Runs and drives great. The horn will randomly honk while driving or shut off. Does not accelerate very fast.

- Tyler R

If taken care of, it will last a really long time.

The engine isn't very powerful and there is a large blind spot in the front side. Doors fill up with water.

- Melinda M

This car features excellent safety belts and airbags.

When all seats are up, there is not enough cargo space, also little leg room. I do like style and the color.

- Lesley M

It needs too much work. We've had to make many repairs.

There is not a lot of interior space. We have also had to make numerous repairs including brakes and tires.

- Joanne M

It can go really fast, so watch how fast you go because it accelerates quickly.

I really love my car, it is awesome, HAS very good air conditioning. Great on performance. Very sweet ride!!

- Malaki S

It has a lot of conveniences such as rear camera, good ac, and good stereo.

Nothing specific I like or dislike. Nothing specific I like or dislike. Nothing specific I like or dislike.

- Michelle C

It is amazing on gas and it is very rooney

I love the size and that it has a third row. I love how good it is on gas. I do not like the many recalls.

- Jennifer F

It is a comfortable family car. It was very affordable to buy and insure.

I like the smooth ride and the way the car handles the road. I like the v6 engine, not to small or large.

- Helen H

It is a great family vehicle.

Brakes go bad quick. Tires get low on air often. Backup camera is blurry. Power steering goes quick.

- Sheryl T

It runs great. Has plenty of storage space. Has decent gas mileage.

It has backup camera but you can't always see everything so it's not safe to walk behind when moving

- Jennifer B

It is reliable, low maintenance, and a great vehicle!.

Love everything about it. Good gas mileage. No breakdowns. Six thousand miles between oil changes.

- Len M

I love Dodges. Love the way interior is set up.

Handles well. Plenty of room. Third row seating. Had everything I need. Good vehicle for a family.

- Michelle P

That it has plenty of room and rear air control.

I like that it is a SUV. It has a lot of room, especially in the middle row. It has power.

- Debbie W

This is a great family vehicle with lots of seating and storage space. you can configure the seats in many ways so everyone is comfortable

I like the size and ability to use it for many purposes. I wish it had better gas mileage

- ke r

I bought this car right after a messy divorce. My previous car had 'died'. It was priced right and was my favorite car (red). It drives well and is just the right size. I couldn't afford all the bells and whistles but the only thing I wish it had was cruise control. I think that should be a basic.

It drives well and gets decent gas mileage. It is a nice size and is my favorite color!

- Vicki A

The car is great! It has only been in the shop for brakes and routine maintenance, except the doors keep filling up with water. Also there is a large blind spot on the driver's side.

This is my first Dodge, but not my last one. These cars are built to be work horses.

- Dawn M

It has many issues and most are things other cars don't have problems with until there really old.

It was made as cheap as possible. There are several recalls and issues. A books worth

- Jennifer H

The layout is not great and electrical issues are common.

There are electrical issues. The cup holders are not positioned well.

- Debbie E

It's a really Smooth ride but I don't live that it looks like a mom car...and I'm not a mom

Smoothest ride ever! And great storage compartments- so much space

- Lauren M

Good vehicle for daily commutes, hauling products, going on extended vacation and reliable

Does everything I need a vehicle to do. Good SUV. Hauls well

- jim g

Lots of long mile trips and tough roads and weather trips.

Good gas mileage. A little lacking on storage. A smooth ride.

- Sue E

My car does run, it has heat and air. It has a good radio.

My car has trouble starting. My car has a lot of miles.

- Melissa J

Has coolant issues and a ignition problem and needs new keys.

I like the room for seating. I like the floor coolers.

- teresa s