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Overall best vehicle I have owned!

I love my Dodge Journey! From the moment I seen it, I knew I had to have it. I have had my vehicle for the past 6 years and have had no issues, it's been absolutely good to me since I purchased it used, very reliable vehicle. The vehicle rides very nice too. It's roomy on the inside and fits my family just right, my 9 year old likes to utilize the 3rd row. I like to sit up high in my car so love that the seat raises up. There are floor compartments in the second row seating area great for storage as well as the passenger front seat lifts up and has a little hideaway compartment. Plenty of room in the back of you need to store something large for delivery, all the seats go down. I'm able to hook my phone up with Bluetooth for hand free driving that's definitely a plus! I like the fact it also has a drop down mirror on the ceiling, it allows me to be able to see my daughter in her car seat. Overall the best vehicle I have owned.

- Jennifer M

Dodge Journey. Push button start. Low profile. Third row seating. Lots of power.

Very awesome car. Has many features. Love the push button start. Has 3 row seating which we love. Has a luggage rack. Has a lot of power. Drives smooth great acceleration. Very comfortable seats for long trips. Easy on gas. Great interior. Has push button controls for radio on steering wheel. Easy to drive. Has been low maintenance. Great color love the interior. Great looking instruments. Has great looking body. Love this car very much is a great family car good on gas and has enough room for 6 people. Low profile vehicle great color beautiful interior. Seats fold up easy so the kids can get in the back. Little tight squeeze to get into back but has enough room for everyone to be comfortable. Would highly recommend this car the family and friends was a low cost third row car that we have been on trips with and love the gas mileage and the performance of this car

- Shawn W

Beware of Limited 3rd Row Seating Space!

I love the easy ride of our Dodge Journey. It's comfortable and is a nice looking vehicle. There is a great deal of storage space in the back when third row seating is down. Great for groceries, road trips with luggage, sports equipment... it even makes a great area for the dogs to travel to and from the vet & groomer! Unfortunately, third row seating does not provide a great deal of space. Great for small kids, but problematic as they grow and require additional leg room. Adults sitting third row are very uncomfortable. When we purchased the vehicle, our children were 7,9 & 11. Everyone rode comfortably. Growth spurts and the addition of a 4th child with a car seat made riding comfortably difficult. In summary, it's a great car for a busy Mom when 3rd row is needed infrequently.

- Jamie S

Dodge journey - recommend as a reliable vehicle.

We have had our journey for 5 years now and is a 7 passenger vehicle. The reliability of this vehicle has been very good. I would say the only issue we have had is how the tires wear but other than that this vehicle has be very dependable. We have two boys who fit comfortable in the back seats and we also transport out two great Danes around in it. I travel a lot and the journey has not let me down nor has ever stranded me. It is important to have regular maintenance done such as oil changes, tire rotation, and so on. We have a basic model but still enjoy the features that it offers. I would recommend this vehicle to people who travel, have kids, and or pets.

- Beth C

2011 Dodge Journey, high miles, DRIVES GREAT

My journey is the most reliable vehicle I've owned. Living in Wisconsin (with negative 50 degree wind chills), it has started every day. The interior is very nice and comfortable. The dash screen is clear and has everything you need. The car has a great sound system and AUX and Bluetooth capabilities. There is one USB connection that transfers media and charges and 4 DC charger inputs. I have 160,000 miles on the car and am starting to see very minor problems with the suspension. It does burn oil a little too quickly but it's manageable for now.

- Max C

Dodge Journey - the most comfortable ride.

I love most things about my 2011 Journey. It has developed electrical problems, with things such as the heated seats, and the wiring harness that feeds the rear lights. Also the anti lock brake system is malfunctioning. I bought the car used in 2016. Up until the most recent issues I just described, it has been a very reliable car. The design is very attractive, and it comes in many nice colors. It is one of the few cars available in orange, which was my preferred color. It is very comfortable to ride in, both as the driver or passenger.

- Christy B

My personal experience with the Dodge Journey for the last 7 years

My vehicle is spacious 3rd seat SUV in the beginning and with warranty it was an awesome experience. Here lately I have had to get repairs done that are very expensive and I have lost my trust in Dodge when it comes to certain mechanical problems. I love my car and I would definitely by another one hoping the experience is more positive. I've had it since 2012 I bought it with 38000 miles on it and seven years later it has 98000 miles. It seemed like once the 5 year warranty expired that's when all the problems began.

- Kimberly G

Review for those with a family

Dodge Journey is a good vehicle for a family with 2 kids. More than 2 kids, things begin to become a tight squeeze especially because forward facing car seats don't work in the third row. Currently we have two kids and it works awesome. Very roomy with the third seat down. However, with a third on the way, I am not sure if we are going to "try" to make it work or look for something different. We have had the vehicle for two years with minimal issues. We did have to replace brakes and tires.

- Michele F

Practicality, affordability, and comfort is what you will find in the Journey!

I enjoyed my Journey, it is been very dependable for me. The gas mileage is decent for an SUV average around 23 miles per gallon. The Journey is all about practicality. Everything seems to have been designed with that in mind. The interior fits people comfortably and is solidly utilitarian. The engines are 173 horsepower and 283 horsepower options. The Journey can fit 5 or 7 people but in the end it just lacks any enjoyment behind the wheel or really even when looking at it.

- Kyle S

Awesome family car, with room to grow.

I really love this car. It has the perfect amount of room for my family of 5, one of them still being in a car seat. There are built in booster seats that flip up on the two side seats of the back. It is really convenient to be able to flip the third row up when we have an extra guest or need to give the kids more space on long car rides. The backup camera is awesome, I do not know how I survived so long without one!!

- Jessica W

The Dodge Journey has lots of room!

My SUV is good on gas mileage, has plenty of room for traveling, the black interior keeps it always looking clean. It's the perfect size for a family of four, the third row seats are great to have! There are coolers in the second row seating floorboard. The only issues we've had are electrical issues, but we think it was maybe in an accident before we purchased it. Other than that I am very happy with it.

- Heather S

Great SUV, with few problems but could use improvements.

When the brakes are wet, they make an awful loud grinding noise when braking. Almost feels like the brakes will not stop the SUV. Not able to change the battery ourselves because of battery placement. Smooth ride, comfortable adjustable front and middle seats. Nice to have third row seating, but could deeper foot room, otherwise your knees are up to your chest. Overall, I really like this SUV.

- Alice G

Car for families with older kids.

It is a very reliable car and works great for daily travel. However, with 2 kids in car seats it is very cramped. There is very little leg room in the second row. We occasionally have trouble with the radio not working but turning the car off and back on again seems to fix the problem. It'd be a great car for a family with older children but it is not so great for a family with car seats.

- Hayley B

Journey of my dreams and my kids love it!

The Journey is easy and comfortable to drive and handle. It has plenty of neat storage features and very roomy. It does take a bit of acceleration with a large load going up hill or entering highway areas. Also the battery is located under the right driver tire. So changing the battery can be difficult because the actual tire has to come off. Other than that I love the vehicle!

- Taylor S

Very comfortable and spacious!

I own a 2011 Dodge Journey that I bought used. The comfort of the vehicle is probably what I enjoy most. Lots of room and the 3rd row seating makes it very nice. The battery is located in a very strange place making a replacement not ideal. These vehicles have had known issues of head gaskets blowing as that happened to mine, so be sure to keep an eye on that as well.

- Brian S

It is a nice small family car.

I have had this vehicle for 6 years. I travel quite a bit for work and it has been a pretty good vehicle. It handles well in the snow among other various types of weather. It has comfortable seats. It gets decent gas mileage. There is not much trunk space when the third row is up. I have over 160, 000 miles on it now and things are starting to need replaced.

- Elizabeth A

Dodge journey - great minivan.

Good gas mileage, good performance, good follow through with the dealership. Price of the dodge journey was very good. Salesman knew his stuff and really helped us choose a vehicle that fit our lifestyle. The service department of the dealership was very good and was very interested in helping us solve any and all problems that we had with the vehicle.

- Tim F

Perfect vehicle for a 20-something with a fast-paced lifestyle.

I love this car. It does not feel like a huge car--I didn't want something massive like a suburban--but it has lots of space on the inside, great for road trips, moving, etc. I also love the tech compatibility for music, etc. And the aux/radio controls right on the steering wheel. It is reliable, no issues yet, and rides like a dream.

- Ellen D

My 2011 dodge journey, by Heather McDonald.

My 2011 dodge journey is a very nice vehicle and I am happy that I purchased it outright, with no auto loan racking up interest! If I could change something about my car it would be to add a reverse camera for backing up, especially at night.. And also, I would prefer heated leather seats to my current cloth\fabric upholstery.

- Heather M

Great car for cargo and seating for families

The car is not as smooth in driving, but overall is a great car especially for families. It provides me with enough cargo space and enough seating if and when I need it. The car is very good on gas, as I can buy gas for one day and it will last me for the whole week, sometimes two weeks depending on how often you drive it.

- Chris W

My favorite part is the screen. I think it makes the car shine more

I love my vehicle because it is comfortable. It has a pretty big screen which I love. The air conditioner is perfect. The seats are super co comfortable. And it has to many seats which I love. The way it runs is smooth. I like how it runs because it is easy to press on the brakes it doesn't require a lot of force.

- Sabrina S

Vehicle not made for speed.

My vehicle was purchased used and has been reliable some problems, everything on vehicle is electric so not too familiar and mechanics I've gone too not helpful. Vehicle does not drive to fast many time frustrating when driving on the freeway. This vehicle is not made to drive too much, I tend to drive a lot.

- Veronica G

Amazing Dodge Journey. Good for large family.

I love this vehicle. I have not had any problems with it is one of my best cars I have owned. The length of the vehicle is amazing for if you have a large family and don't want to own a van. If you don't need the back seats then just makes it a bigger junk. There is storage on the floors. Nice for trips.

- Kayla A

2011 dodge journey review.

Front brakes need to be replaced at least once per year if not more due to undersized rotors. Car does not drive well in the snow. Several of the plastic pieces on this car have just randomly cracked and need to be replaced, for example the radiator had a huge crack in it, nothing was hit or damaged.

- Mary A

It�s and SUV that is a step up from a van very comfortable

Transmission problems, skipping gears and stalling when I stop. I'm not a huge fan of the car but it gets me where I have to go to and from but I love the interior but it's also goes through gas like crazy and gas is getting so expensive. But all in all the vehicle is a decent car and does it's job

- Alyssa W

This car is great for families with kids.

I like that it has 3rd row seating if I need it. When the 3rd row is down it has lots of cargo room. I like the secret cubbies it has. There are lots of plugins for charging phones and games. I love the heated seats in the winter. It drives great and gas mileage is better than I thought it would be.

- Pam D

Great family car! A must buy!

This car is by far the best one we have owned. Plenty of room for driver and passengers, enough leg room for 6 foot or taller. The vehicle handles wonderfully in all kinds of weather and road conditions, AWD is great. Lots of storage! Very dependable, have had only the normal wear and tear repairs.

- Lori S

The pleasure of owning a Dodge Journey.

In 2018 the air conditioner compressor went out along with the struts were replaced. Gas mileage is good. It is comfortable and easily sits 5 people. There is a large back end. I wish there was a rear view camera. Smooth riding vehicle. I got this at a tent sale and like the crossover very much.

- Beth W

If you hit the gas too hard it will pull to the left.

I really like how comfortable and well it rides. It does great on gas mileage, city and highway, and its all around done great for me. A couple things I do not like about it though is how there is no Bluetooth or navigation built into it. Also, I do not like how the driver's seat is not powered.

- Jacob G

Family car that has a third row seating?

Love then look and reliability. Fits our family and we love the drove. Plenty of legroom. We do not men show with the third row seating there is no room for our groceries and things for going out and a family. If we do not need the third tow, there is no problem. However we use it for our family

- Nicole L

Amazing family car with lots of space and ice chests are a plus!

Easy to maneuver, lots of space, front seat has storage space under seat, ice boxes in the floorboards, 3 row seating. Cons are the gas mileage is terrible in town, I get 13 miles to the gallon, it's always telling me to check the tires and tires are fine. That's all that I dislike about it.

- Sarah B

Great family car for everyday use.

No issues currently! We love the car so far. The A/C is great which is a MUST for Arizona. It's big enough for our family which is a family of 6. Doesn't have a lot of space to stow but that's not a make or break for us. Has all the necessary upgrades we need. Drives smoothly, great on gas.

- Melissa V

It is a family vehicle. It fits my family and more.

I own a Dodge 2013 Journey. It is reliable. I maintain it and do my best to keep up with it is oil change, wear and tear, etc. I have had some problems but nothing major. It is a family car. It fits all my grandchildren and a little bit more. I require a vehicle that fits minimum 8 persons.

- Rosa R

Amazing family crossover.

Had trouble shifting sometimes great highway miles, seats 7 comfortably, easy maintenance, comfortable driver seat with multiple seat positions for all sizes. Storage under foot good for children’s things. Cup holders in 3rd row. 2nd row has fold down cup holders and ones in doors.

- Virginia J

Like that the doors unlock when the keys in my purse w/o digging them out.

Electrical issues major, causes battery to die, have to purchase a new one every 12 months and had to purchase a triple a policy because it does so often radio works only intermittently Bluetooth no longer works and driver seatbelt dinger goes off even when the seat belt is buckled.

- Amy S

This has a nice crossover body vehicle that runs nicely on the road.

I like the crossover style vehicle where the back seats lay flat so that I can camp (airbed) in the vehicle. The mileage is average for a V6 engine. I would like to have auto lights and a backup camera but I think that would come with a higher grade model. Very happy with the car.

- Rose J

The 2011 Dodge Journey: A Splendor Vehicle

It's a pretty good car. It has great sound systems but a lack of GPS. It also isn't the most durable car. It is great for a family and I've accumulated a lot of miles on it. I enjoy the large trunk it has as well as the great comfort of the seats. I really like this car all around.

- James H

Great vehicle if you need lots of storage.

I love the storage located in the floorboards in the back. Also there is extra storage under the back mat in the very back. Hand controls on steering wheel make changing the stations easier. I can fit my double stroller in the back which is a huge plus as those things are massive.

- Ashley F

Family friendly vehicle great on gas and comfortable all in all wonderful.

The dodge fits our family perfectly. Has wonderful storage compartments and the seats can move forward and fold down for transporting bigger items. Love how comfy the seats are. All around just a great family vehicle, we all love it. Also wonderful on gas!! That's always a plus.

- Vanessa O

2011 Dodge Journey good vehicle and worth the money.

Dodge Journey is very good on gas. Very mechanically sound. Have had 0 problems with it and I purchased it in 2015. Only had to keep oil changed and replace brakes once. If I had it to do over again I would choose an AWD. This is not the best performing vehicle to have in snow.

- Sharon A

Perfect for me with 5 grandchildren.

I love the 3rd row seating. When the 3rd row seats are down it has lots of cargo room. The secret cubbies come in real handy. The hidden flashlight too. There are lots of places to plug in and charge games and phones. I love the remote start and heated seats in the winter.

- Pamela D

Drives great, just needs auto start.

Very reliable and really easy to drive for being a bigger car. Depending on the year you get, you can get the flex fuel option so you can use different gas in the tank and save money. Mine does not have auto start which is the only downfall. Really love the push start.

- Lupe H

Overall good dependable vehicle.

Good looking. Front bumper very low and gets hit on bumps. Rough ride on uneven surface. Good gas mileage and comfort on long rides. Lots of the plastic breaking with time on the interior. Outside holding up well. Looks new when washed. Overall good dependable vehicle.

- Ken B

Smooth yet strong lasts very long.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle that I know of. I love the way that it drives and it is very smooth on the road. The body is a good size. It is big enough but not too big that it is hard to handle. The vehicle is kid friendly and is beautiful all around.

- Nicole P

Feel safe in a Dodge Journey!

We have had no major issues with this vehicle. Typical maintenance at this point. Love its size, leg room, comfortable seats, heated front seats. Its a basic model with basic features. Only feature I wish came in this model is heat/air vents in the back seat area.

- Penny W

Reliable sedan SUV hybrid.

The Dodge Journey is very reliable. I bought my vehicle used about two years ago and the only problem I have had was a power steering leak. It had never broken down on me, it is great on gas mileage, and I love the fact that it is a cross between a sedan and SUV.

- Brittany M

There is an electrical outlet in the car, that is huge in 2018.

Tires seem to go low every few months. Everything else seems to be great. Did have trouble with the brake pads needing to be replaced and the power steering going out shortly after buying the vehicle. It seats 7 so there is a lot of space for our family.

- Camille M

The quality of car is not up to standards with the other manufacturers. T

I've had numerous problems with this car even though I purchased it brand new. I've had electrical problems with the radio. Problems with the emergency brake. this is not the first Dodge that I have had problems with. Will not purchase another Dodge.

- Debra B

It's a family car, work car, basically an everyday car.

My dodge is awesome, drive it everyday. I have 2 growing boys so having room for them to grow and have leg room was important. The only issues i have are my driver side window is slow to go up and down and the radio works statically.

- Amber M

Great reliability and gas mileage, great power when I need it.

Great automobile, I love the 3. 6l v6 engine, great gas mileage, comfortable ride, spacious interior, it is got 128, 000 mile and have had no problems whatsoever in 7 years. Great sound system, built in GPS system, great a/c system.

- Wayne M

It fits a lot of passengers and has plenty of storage space. Also, it has rear AC.

If taken care of, it's very reliable. I dislike where the battery is located. If the battery dies it doesn't give normal signs of it being the battery and it has to be taken into servicing to get replaced due to its location.

- Kaity B

The Dodge Journey is a very reliable vehicle, if you take good care of it.

My vehicle was bought new, and has been very reliable over the years. We've brought two kids home from the hospital in it, and while we are looking to replace it soon, we will be sad when it's trade in time.

- Sara A

It cools down fast in the summertime and heats up fast in the wintertime.

There's not enough leg room in the back seats. The gas mileage could be better. I like the size for carrying people, luggage and large items. The seats fold down easily and I like that.

- Bren C

The electrical system has been nothing but problems.

The car was bought used and has been nothing but problems. The electrical system never seems to be working such as locks, navigation, etc. The check engine light regularly comes on.

- Kandice D

It has tons of hidden storage compartments which is nice while traveling.

My Journey is smaller than I would like for my family of 5. I wish it had more room. I do like that it has hidden storage compartments. I also like the fuel efficiency.

- Joyce H

Very nice sound system it is reliable transportation

The Dodge journey is a very reliable vehicle it also has a nice features nice radio it drives really well it's very roomy inside has It also has great acceleration

- Antony T

easy to handle and drive Dependable and low maintenance

It has been very comfortable to drive and ride. Very dependable. I have no complaints at all. I will be looking at another when It's time to purchase again

- julie k

The third row seating is very useful. It's great for vacation and taking my kid's friends places with us.

I love my car, mostly. My biggest complaint is the cost of the tires. I was told that the rims on the Journey are not the normal size therefore t

- kim h

SUV, white, Foldable 3rd row seating.

My car has been extremely reliable. I haven't had any issues with it beyond normal maintenance. I feel safe driving with my children in my car.

- Megan S

It's paid off & has 180k miles on it. However I will drive it as long as I can

I like the space & comfort of my car. I have not had much problems with my car but when I do it's difficult to work on cause of how it's built

- Tracy N

This dodge journey is a long lasting car that is very affordable.

This dodge journey has a really nice interior with the seating. It was also very affordable and has plenty of space in the back for luggage.

- Rachel H

It is fairly reliable, but nothing fancy.

We bought it new in 2011. It has been pretty reliable and has just over 100,000 miles on it. We have had an issue with the rotors warping.

- David D

Compact roomy gas efficient stylish

I love this vehicle. It has a touch screen radio. There's plenty of space for the family. It's great on gas!! And it sits up off the ground

- Ashley L

That it can seat 7 people.

It is a great size with extra seats and cargo space. I like the look of it. I like that it has a higher profile than a regular car.

- Jo G

I do like the sunroof and the 3rd seats.

I had issues with the door becoming locked and water getting into the back door and my tires go flat on the right passenger side.

- Anna W

Good looks, comfortable ride. Just love it.

The Dodge Journey is a reliable and safe car. I have owned it for 7 years and has given me no trouble, I would buy another one.

- Rita B

Looks are good inside seating is great.

Car performance is superb. Maintenance is too often. Tires, brakes and sensors wear fast and electrical problems are annoying.

- steve c

Storage is a blessing in the Dodge Journey and you should get it

It is a solid car that has nice storage room and good visibility. It feels nice to drive and I am comfortable while doing it.

- Emily P

It has a ton of room inside!.

I like all the room it has, it drives smooth. I dislike that I have had some issues with it and no one knows how to fix them.

- Kylie H

Other than general maintenance such as new brakes, tires, etc., I have never had any major mechanical problems in all the time I have owned it.

I love how affordable it was to buy, yet I still have all wheel drive and a third row seat. It also gets decent gas mileage.

- Tami D

I love my dodge Journey. It runs like a champ. The car is really good on gas which is a plus. The seats are comfortable. It includes heated seats and really good air conditioning.

Some things that people should know about my car is the the psi tire pressure gave doesn't work well. It plays trucks on us.

- marcos r

The storage compartments are wonderful and easy to use. Great vehicle for kids!

I love that it has so much storage. I love that it is good on gas. I do not like the hood because it is hard for me to see/

- Ashley P

Rides smooth, and very comfortable seats, able to adjust to proper fit.

Looks very nice, the color is bright. Vehicle is very roomy. Down side is it does have blind spots within the front views

- laurie h

It's very roomy its safe and for families with kids and dogs

My vehicle is very good for families with kids or dog and taking on trips. I like it that is specious and has lots of room

- Zuzana L

It gets me where I need to go without fail.

I like that it is very roomy. I like that it has Bluetooth. I do not like that the window controls have messed up.

- Ashley M

That I have had to replace a lot of things in it.

My car likes to breakdown a lot ever since I have gotten it, I only semi like it because I can still drive it.

- Cassandra C

It has a lot of seats and storage.

It's a nice size and drives smooth. It is getting old so has some problems, but nothing that is not expected.

- Caitlin S

Ok gas mileage for comparable vehicles.

Nice size, good gas mileage, has power. Like the hands free radio, phone system. 7 passengers so good size.

- Jenny A

I like how it rides and the push start feature. However there are blind spots and there is no leg room in back seat or 3rd row seat.

Not good for traveling for more than 2 people if going for a very long distance since not enough leg room.

- Brenda F

Sensors tend to go out easily.

Pros: spacious, good gas mileage for an SUV. Cons: dislike that its a 4 cylinder, would prefer a v6 or v8.

- Stephanie P

It is a Reliable vehicle that can carry five or six passengers

It's relatively comfortable, I like the radio controls on the steering wheel. The blind spots are huge.

- Nanette L

Very comfortable vehicle, you won't be unhappy with this car.

I absolutely love this vehicle. I love the features it includes. Very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Terri P

It gets a lot of use. We are a very busy family.

My car is roomy and reliable. I have had no major problems. It gets decent gas mileage for being AWD.

- Nicole G

Comes with full spare tire.

Very roomy, controls all make sense, lots of charger and USB ports. Mine isn't Bluetooth accessible.

- Shanna L

It's a great size car for my family. It runs well. I inherited it when my father passed away. I am not happy with the fact that I have had 2 recalls to take care of on this vehicle. The side view mirrors are too big for me, as I am a short person, and it took awhile for me to get used to looking around it, especially when making a left hand turn. It does let me know when things need to be done, such as oil change or the tire PSI.

It is not as roomy as a minivan, and the full seating of the car makes people cramped, if used.

- Dawn F

It has been reliable. A few minor repairs were needed after the car reached 100,000 miles.

It is spacious for my large family. Wish it had more trunk space

- Monica P

It's a durable sturdy car. It has a lot of life, its dependable

I like the fact that I have a extended warranty. It's durable.

- Melissa C

it is roomy and gets good gas mileage and has low miles

It is very roomy. Gets good gas mileage. low mileage

- angie s