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If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!

Best truck i've ever owned, it started out as my personal vehicle and has now also become my work vehicle after going into business for myself. The only issues that i have encountered have been purely normal wear and tear. The largest repairs i've had to perform on my vehicle have been changing the water pump, and rotors. Cosmetically the truck still looks brand new despite being 9 years old and having 140000 miles. I firmly believe i will only purchase Ram trucks from here on out. No vehicle compares

- Zain P

It's a great truck try it.

I love my RAM truck, I have the power when I need to go fast and I have the storage area, and towing power to do just about any side jobs that happens, to show up my truck also has the room to carry five, passengers with ease I even go off-road with my ram, and Its, 5. 7 V8 my Dodge truck is awesome, there's no better truck on the road in my opinion, also the large head up GPS screen and graphics are great and surround sound audio, are super all in all this RAM 1500 truck gets my vote every time.

- Russell H

It is very reliable. Check the sunroof drains!.

I love how dependable my vehicle has been for me I never need to worry about it not starting or not being able to perform the way I need it to. Every time I have needed to pull something it never lets me down there has been times when friends have gotten their vehicle stuck and every time they call me to come pull them out whether they have gotten stuck in the snow, drove off the road into a ditch or even gone mudding and found themselves too deep in the mud to get out.

- Tracy F

My RAM is like driving on a cloud.

I absolutely love my Dodge RAM I have never had a single problem with my truck and it rides like a dream. Most trucks have a distinct bumpy ride to them because they're higher up they tend to amplify every single bump but not my RAM, it is got air suspension making it smooth regardless of the bumps in the road, my truck goes over each one seamlessly making for one of the smoothest rides I have ever had.

- Tracy F

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie.

Dodge Ram 1500 has been very durable and reliable. Very comfortable and Laramie edition offers a lot of upgrades. Have had issues with a ticking noise that I have been told is associated with the exhaust system and bolts breaking causing an exhaust leak and warping of the exhaust manifold. Pretty costly fix that would be covered by the warranty. Otherwise overall pretty pleased with this truck.

- Kim S

No problems here I Love My Ram!

Only problem I've had is having to replace my air conditioner at 6 yrs old. I love my Ram and the only thing i would consider trading it in for would be another Ram! I have the 6cl version and hwy miles are great. City miles is about 17 per gallon basically what's to be expected of a truck. And i do recommend getting a spray on bedliner if you plan on heavily using the bed of the truck.

- Amanda E

Reliable Dodge truck is a winner.

The Dodge Ram is a reliable truck that gets fairly good gas mileage. It has a lot of towing ability and space in the back for hauling anything you need to haul. The transmission has been perfect and no problems with this at all. It has a comfy bench seat with plenty of legroom. The power steering makes driving a pleasure and there is not much road noise in the cab even on the highway.

- Karen C

The truck is four wheel drive and it raises and lowers just by pushing a button.

It's a very comfortable truck that's built for long trips. It's the best truck I have ever bought. The suspension is awesome. It has the air ride suspension and feel like your floating on a cloud. It's a four door with lots of room and storage space for traveling. It's the 2013 Dodge Laramie longhorn edition with the 5. 7l hemi. That thing runs great. I love my truck.

- Earnest R

Great family vehicle! Seats 6 comfortably!

Our favorite thing about this truck is the inside room. We have 3 grandchildren, whose car seats fit very comfortably in the back seat. We sold our SUV because it was easier to get babies in and out of the back seat of our RAM 1500 than using the 3rd row seat of the SUV. It works nicely for our work truck and our family ride when we take our grandchildren for outings!

- Mercedes D

Glad I bought one. Will lease again with Dodge. Great product.

So far no problems as I have only driven less than 12000 miles. Back windows will rattle if half open at speeds under 55 mph. Great gas mileage compared to my Silverado. My truck did not come with a CD player as that was more important than XM radio. I prefer am or FM I will be getting. Get a new Dodge next year when my leases runs out next year.

- Robert K

Strong truck: it is definitely strong and durable.

It has over 100k miles and is still running great! It is very spacious and roomy inside. The back is getting a little tight for my children as they are growing older but there is still enough room to make it around. It has proven to be a tough. After being hit twice with no damage, we can see that it was made with strong and durable parts.

- Elizabeth M

Very nice stereo system included.

It is very reliable and very smooth riding. Mine is a four door and my kids love being picked up in it from school because all of their friends like it too. Mine also is a special edition so it has RAM written on the tailgate. It is nice to drive around town in or take on a road trip. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Nikki J

I highly recommend the 2011 Dodge RAM 1500.

I love my 2011 Dodge RAM 1500. It's great for both in town and mountain driving. It has easy switch into 4×4 no need to get out of your truck and lock the hubs. You just turn the switch on in your vehicle. It handles great. It has lots of room and the seats are very comfortable for long trips. I highly recommend this truck.

- Crystal D

My truck performs heavy duty task for my family and friends.

Dodge RAM pickup has been a reliable source of transportation. The tire pressure sensors on the Dodge RAM are a real problem. Gas mileage is not very good which is to be expected on a truck of that size but other than that I recommend Dodge ram. I have almost 200, 000 thousands miles on the vehicle with no major problems.

- Adonis D

Low mileage, so far no trouble with it but you never know what comes you way.

Ijust love my truck has a hemi motor the color is silver a crew cab not 4 wheel most people want a four wheel drive any way not a lot of miles on it it's not drove much to store and to eat that's all . We used it to go to fresh fries our son drives it;buy a Ram truck you will be pleased with it dependable truck.

- Louise B

My favorite part of this truck is the GPS system.

We have a 2015 Dodge RAM. We love everything about it. From the deep brown color to the GPS system, it has all been great. No problems from time of purchasing to now. We also love the stereo system that is in it. We drive from Florida to Ohio once a year and it has a very smooth ride. The trip is very enjoyable.

- Penny D

The hemi has a lot of horsepower and can really pull when you step on the gas.

The truck drives very smoothly and is very gas efficient for being a pickup truck. I have the hemi and it really picks up speed as if you were in a car. It has many features like ecoboost to save gas and storage under seats. I have had a few problems such as the shift solenoid went up and I had to replace that.

- Nicole F

2010 Dodge RAM 1500 a real Trailblazer!

Nothing wrong with the vehicle so far it starts fine and runs great. I do not have a heavy foot, but it does get up and go. I have the oil changed once every few months because I use a synthetic oil. I have driven long distance trips with the truck and it is comfortable and it was easy to get in and out of.

- Stacy C

It's a pickup truck but it rides like a luxury vehicle.

I love my truck, it's comfortable to sit in on long drives, has plenty of power, gets decent gas mileage and looks nice. My only complaint is the nose is so big that it is difficult to see over when parking in tight spaces. Most of the time it is actually easier to back into a stall than pull straight in.

- Richard K

Seats are not comfy, rides smooth, not a lot of room.

I don't personally like the comfort of the seats, they hurt my back and the back seat is not very big. Not very much leg room either. What I do like is they drive very smooth on and off the highway. They seem to have a lot of recalls though, but I personally wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle.

- Casey P

Great truck Dodge RAM 1500.

It is a great truck, it has an extra set in the back, a lot of room for the whole family, it is also my favorite truck to drive, it is also good on gas, I use mid grade and I only pay around 45 dollars to full it up on around three dollars a gallon, I would say get this truck if your looking for one.

- Stephanie C

I love the inside of my truck.

I love the seat warmers. I love being able to see over and around everyone. The seats are comfortable for the most part. I have a little trouble with the head rests sticking out a little to far. Sometimes with the truck being so tall the suspension is a little rocky and rides a little rough.

- Melissa B

2010 Dodge Ram 1500, blue with ice cold air.

I have had some problems with my ram, but all in all it has been a good truck and I would recommend it highly. I have traveled with it to Idaho and back as well as work every day and the gas mileage is great and she has always done well for me. I feel this was the best purchase I have made.

- Anna C

The best truck out there.

Ram is a dependable truck and allows you to do the things you would always want to do from hauling to comfortability and the power behind a Dodge is amazing. Once you get into a Dodge there is nothing else that will compare. I have looked at other trucks and could not see a good comparison.

- Shannon W

Dodge RAM one of the best in the business.

The truck is a gas guzzler. Very dependable truck. Dodge is a powerful truck that can haul many things. Not very much serious maintenance to do with this truck. The Dodge RAM is a very comfortable truck and surprisingly has plenty of room for passengers. Truck bed is also very spacious.

- John I

Style, comfort, bold! Wouldn't recommend any other make for the price.

I like the body style of my Dodge RAM 1500 slt 4. 7 Quad cab. I get a lot of compliments on it. The 4. 7 V8 is okay has decent acceleration but my preference would be the 5. 7 Hemi, as I understand it gets better gas mileage. The ride is comfortable enough and I love the spacious cab.

- Paul M

Great Ram but performance problems.

It is great but lots has gone wrong with it, at 80k had to get a new transmission, replace cylinder heads, blew a camshaft, ac broke. All within warranty but shouldn't have happened. Rides great, nice and smooth, since then only minor issues. Wobbles on the highway around 80 mph.

- Mary S

Hemi engine is very powerful.

So far so good. Purchased as a plow truck. It performs nicely for the task. Seats are comfortable and easy to move depending on who is driving. The rear view mirror is not as easy to move but that has been the only downfall of the make. Bluetooth stereo would have been great to.

- Lauren F

2010 Dodge 1500 Ram hemi - reliable truck.

Just turned 100, 000 miles. No major issues. I had to replace the fuel pump around 80, 000 miles. It seems like you have to replace tail lights on a regular basis. It has a hemi motor that performs very well. I have pulled a 26' travel trailer with the truck and it did fine.

- Derek M

The cooler hide things in your truck, no one will see them.

It is the most comfortable truck we have owned. There is a ton of room. I really like the rubberized flooring in it. Great unique features is the video screen, the coolers in the floorboards. For a truck it rides very smoothly and had a lot of pulling power for a 1500 truck.

- Tammy L

Some outstanding features of my Dodge RAM 1500.

My truck can haul and pull a very large load. It has coil springs which makes it ride like an expensive car. Not a truck. It has lots of room in the back and the doors open up 180 degrees making it very easy to get in and out. I like the heated and air conditioned seats!

- Joe G

I love how big it is and feels when you drive it.

Our truck drives very smooth runs amazing and would recommend it to anyone! Its needs new brakes but I love the engine since it sounds loud but love how it sounds when you drive and take off. When I first drove it I was nervous but then I loved it because it's so loud.

- A L

Changes needed but okay work truck.

This truck is a gas guzzler easy oil leaks it has lots of small undercarriage problems also many holding brackets are weak and different parts fall off, gas tank fell off while driving after dragging for 2 miles. Both us and others could have been harmed or killed.

- Scott T

Reliable powerful workhorse.

It is a very tuff work truck. Had problem with the power steering and breaks but what car has not. If you are looking for a work truck look no further. It is a gas guzzler but makes up for it in power and payload. It has never failed me. I would recommend this.

- Robert C

Truck has a comfortable ride. The cab is very roomy and driver friendly

Purchased a vehicle used. Had some mechanical issues that is common to this year of vehicle. Have had two recalls on this vehicle one for a transmission problem the other for a gas tank problem Overall the ride is very comfortable and I am happy with this truck

- Dennis M

Dodge Ram 1500. Very practice truck for all your needs.

My vehicle is a very attractive vehicle. It gets great gas mileage for a truck. It also has great pick up and power. It does very well in snow and all types of weather and even off-road. There are not many luxury options and repairs are very expensive.

- Mark G

This vehicle is the pinnacle of trucks. It does everything you would want a truck to do.

So far it runs smooth, haven't had any issues with it yet. It never broke down or anything yet and I have had it for at least 2 years. It is really reliable and has many features like heated seats, gps, apps, and lots of storage via the back seats.

- Josh L

It is a useful vehicle! It just doesn't get you from point A to B it's versatile.

My Dodge Ram is awesome! I love in Minnesota and is the perfect vehicle for getting through the snow in the winter and is great for all the hauling I do in the summer. It has a smooth ride, comfortable seating. I wouldn't drive anything else!

- Pamela B

My truck gets great fuel economy even while pulling my horse trailer. This helps me save money so I can go to more horse shows.

I love my vinyl seats and floor it makes cleaning my truck very easy. I like how much power it has to be able to pull my horse trailer. I like the way the steering wheel handles it's very responsive. I'm happy that it came with a tow package.

- Sierra L

The Hemi v8 gives it plenty of power to pass other cars and haul heavy loads.

I like the power it has with the Hemi v8 because I drive long distances. It is comfortable even on 4+ hour road trips. It is reliable, I have never had a breakdown. I wish it got better gas mileage, but it is a truck so I accept it.

- Aric K

Be careful getting in and out of it.

I love our truck because it has a back up camera, and 4 wheel drive. We won't have any trouble going to the beach with the 4 wheel drive. Also it is lifted the only thing I dislike that I would like to change is it has no side steps.

- Allison H

That once the Dodge Ram starts to rust out, there is no stopping it. It is better to get preventative rust proofing than to attempt to repair the rust. My Dodge Ram is too rusted out to pass inspection only eight years old.

My Dodge Ram truck gets me safely through the snow during the winter months. There is enough room inside the cab fortwo car seats and a dog. Our driveway stays plowed using the Dodge Ram, we do not get snowed in like many others.

- Carolinda L

Very comfortable on long trips.

All Ford tire pressure sensors went out within the first year of owning it. Doesn't have very good City gas mileage a good gas mileage on long trips. Very comfortable my family and I prefer to take it on long trips over the car.

- Samantha M

Crew cab comfortability and space

I love my truck. It is a 2015 crew cab. I have so much room. I don't have to worry about making room for groceries or for when I travel. I feel for comfortable when I travel on long trips. I've got all the accessories I need.

- Tahnee B

My Dodge Ram gets surprisingly good gas mileage for a big vehicle

I like the physical appearance and that v8 Hemi is to die for. This truck has everything I need and like in a truck and i really have no complaints. I am a trucker by trade so i love big vehicles and Dodge Ram hits the spot.

- Gregory B

It has great payload and towing capabilities compared to other half ton trucks

It's a silver, Ram Big Horn. I love it, It's one of the best trucks i've had. I looks great, It's drives great. I had a ram in 2003 with the 5.7 liter HEMI, and it only got 16 mpg, but this one can get between 20 and 22 mpg.

- Brandon B

Fabulous , dependable and affordable. I would recommend a Dodge Ram. It's not just for the men anymore.

I absolutely love my Dodge Ram. I would purchase it again. Very dependable. The ride is great and when needed it kicks up and goes. I've been able to hook up my trailer and go on vacation. I feel very safe in this truck.

- Paula G

It has tons of room and compartments!

I like that is has plenty of room in the back seat for kids, groceries etc. I also love how smooth it rides as well as the interior. I dislike how mad if fuel mileage it gets, the hemi motors are not really the best.

- Nikki W

Awesome Performing Dodge Ram 1500!!!

I actually have a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie edition! Its fully loaded and i love it! Never really had any major issues with it. Had it for 3 years now. Lots of room and performs well on all conditions on the road

- charles S

It is a lifted 4 wheel drive truck with a cab that has 4 actual doors.

I love the color of my truck and that it is lifted and 4 wheel drive. The interior is nice and comfortable. It drives great! The bed has a liner in it. The tires look like they could get me through anything.

- jaimie m

The Hemi engine provides a super powerful and smooth ride.

I love my Ram. It is the nicest ride of any truck I have ever owned. It is actually a 2015 model but for some reason my year wasn't available as a choice. It has the Hemi which is super powerful and smooth.

- wendy d

That it is very good on fuel.

Power and engine size.. AC seats... Great towing rv, comfortable ride with coil springs, bed size accommodates most loads, rear doors open wide... Lots of room in the back seat...Great for child car seats.

- Tom R

It has plenty of power and it has the towing package

The only problem is with the jack it will not lift the truck high enough to change the tire. It has plenty of power, rides very well, gets good gas mileage. It is the basic model no power windows or locks

- Jarrett W

Love the gray color we choose.

I do not like the reflection that comes off the shift area. When the sun is shining it reflects the sun to the point that is blinding. The gas mileage is not as good as was reflected on the tag.

- Rosa B

Gets great gas mileage for a SUV.

The thing I like the most is that it can go over any terrain, it rides smooth. It is nice and has all the bells and whistles. It also gives me the ability to pull or haul anything I need to.

- Edward M

very dependable mechanically sound

very good vehicle. it has no mechanical issues and has been very dependable. They were slow on the airbag recall . Very timely fixing the drivers airbag but it took a year to replace both

- Chuck M

My ram has great 4 wheel traction is great in the snow and rain

Never had a issue with this truck would recommend this vehicle to others . Got this vehicle for the ratings and for the 4 wheel drive. Low cost maintenance and annual service is low cost

- Kevin F

The most important thing is the dependability of it. Solidly built.

No issues it has been a great vehicle, very durable, tough, and dependable. I am 2nd owner of this model truck and have put it through the paces very well via lawn maintenance business.

- Doc D

The trouble with transmissions

Ran pretty good for 60,000 miles. Then the transmission gave out which was a few thousand to fix. Most comfortable seats I've sat in, and all three bells and whistles of electronics.

- Stephen W

My truck is very dependable and the design is very appealing.

I like the body style and design. I like the horsepower and feel while driving. I like the room inside the cab and bed. I like the stability and power that comes with the truck.

- Joe M

It has been very reliable and easy to drive as well it is very comfortable

I have driven my Dodge Ram 1500 from California to the east coast twice now and had for 8 years without any major problems and have only had to perform routine maintenance on it

- Lloyd K

Great quality of vehicle, smooth riding, decent gas mileage.

Great transportation, use frequently to haul things. Many great features including backup camera, automatic everything, heated seats. Automatic door lock acts up frequently.

- Susie S

Easy to drive and can see when driving. Like that I am a little higher up.

The truck itself is too bulky. The seats wear fast. The interior feels rather cheap. I personally do not like the truck. It was not ahead of its time by any means whatsoever!.

- Jamie K

It has coil springs that provide for a very comfortable ride ... like you are in a car ...

I love this truck ... the coil springs provide a comfortable ride like a car ... the hemi provides really good pick up ... it can tow a RV with ease ... An excellent vehicle


It's been a great truck. I'm ready for a newer model though. It's tough and has really been driven hard.

This truck has been very durable. We have taken it on so many road trips and camping trips. It's driven over some pretty questionable terrain and made it safely every time.

- Kimberly S

Love my Dodge! Has been a real workhorse.

My Dodge is great. We have had no problems with it. Just have kept up with normal maintenance. It has always been great with gas mileage. We would get another one someday.

- Lorraine S

Make sure all recalls get done!

Recently purchased but no issues other that it needs recalls taken care of and some updates. The radio does stop working at any given time, but these are minor issues.

- Lisa M

It's our farm truck. It's dirty and rough for a reason and It's because we work hard

I love the look, power and upgrades of my truck. I love what it can do. I wish it had better fuel mileage and I wish it was a 2500 so I could haul our cattle trailer

- kirstin w

It is a very smooth right in the highway with a lot of get up and go

My pick up has been very reliable. I spend a lot of time on the road and it drives so nicely. The gas mileage is great for a pick up and it's a very comfortable ride.

- Taylor H

An interesting detail about my dodge is that it's nice and colorful. It has lots of room for metal and wood and it has strap room too.

I really like my car because it has a longer cab so I can use to deliver stuff for work. Nothing is wrong with it at all I bought it new. Comfort level is about a 10.

- Cameron Z

Dependable vehicle never fails

I like that it is dependable. The transmission is working well. It can carry a lot in the back and has a topper to keep things dry. It's been a fun to drive vehicle.

- Karen H

If you have children, accommodating a forward facing car seat gets a bit cramped as they grow.

The truck handles great in all kinds of conditions and is great for us traveling with a toddler. Plenty of legroom, storage and comfort. Few to no mechanical issues.

- Lynn W

It's comfortable to drive and to use for travel.

I like having a truck, it's comfortable and convenient to use. It seats 6, so the family can travel in the truck. What I don't like is no heat/cool in the back seat.

- Karen S

It's very comfortable, seats recline & are heated/air conditioned.

Extremely comfortable & dependable. I've had little problems & what has been a problem has been fixed by the dealer. It's a perfect size truck to travel in.

- Kim K

The Hemi 5.7 is what makes this truck so awesome. The needed acceleration and towing capabilities are pretty awesome too.

Super nice truck for that price range. Never had any problems with it. Only required regular maintenance and gas. I really like the acceleration when needed.

- Joseph J

fits 6 people with ease and allows for room still

great performance and very reliable. I love being able to ride it around with ease It works great in any weather condition and fits a nice amount of people.

- Andrea D

It runs on regular fuel, and has an eco boost.

I like the fact it has a rear view camera,. It also has sensors so you don't get too close to other objects. My favorite feature is the built in Bluetooth.

- Joseph D

Don't pay asking price. Hagle and don't let them keep you there all day.

Love the ride and the comfort of the seats. I don't like when there is a recall on parts and you go in to get them fixed and the dealer does not have them.


Easy riding, pulling, entertainment, fuel efficiencies for size of vehicle

Nice performance with hemi motor, very comfortable to travel in, like riding in living room. Nice features for long hauling to keep entertainment of crew.

- Rhonda K

Ram 1500 good all-around truck

I've owned several Dodge Ram 1500s and have enjoyed them all. The cabs are spacious and have good storage. They are a durable truck and tow and ride well.

- Emi M

I have over a hundred thousand, trouble free , miles.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. I really enjoy the performance of my vehicle, the acceleration is awesome. The vehicle looks sleek and cool!

- Stephen M


Love my grey 4 door truck does not get great city mileage but gets great highway mileage. I call it my Big Girl Truck. My license plates read STL TRKN

- patrice b

It is very roomy just right for long drives.

It is very reliable I only had one problem and that was transmission problems but other than that none it is comfortable an the interior is really nice.

- David J

It's big. It's very spacious and comfortable. It always gets a lot of looks, too

I like how it has plenty of room for my entire family and dogs. We can fit everything from groceries to kayaks in it. It drives really smoothly, too.

- Shari R

It has a hemi with twin pipes. Loud

I would love it more if it had a bed cover, but it is everything to me. Tinted windows, cruze, factory radio, pause track rear end. And beautiful

- Norma B

It handles well and is a fun truck to take up the mountains on camping and fishing trips.

We really love our truck for our small family. It gets the job done and is comfortable. It is my daily driver and I have no complaints about it.

- taylor l

It works great as my family vehicle but is having some issues

the truck runs well and is reliable for the most part. it is having electrical box issues and it wont work due to a gas pump fuse not working.

- Stephen C

Dodge is very reliable we get good gas mileage. The color is copper pearl it is different

It is a very nice truck 2013 pretty we get a lot of compliments it drives and rides nice. I don't like to drive it because it is to big for me

- Shirley W

Wonderful truck that is great for long and short trips.

My truck has great comfort on seats. I've not have any problems. I keep my truck checked and oil changed. I don't regret getting this truck.

- Brandon F

Truck has lots of power. Is fun to drive.

No significant problems but have had several recalls before any problems have manifested. Dodge is good about notifying me for the recalls

- Nichole G

It is a Dodge Ram and I like them. It is 4 door and looks sharp. It is a cowboy truck. Pulls our horses very well.

I don't like it because it not quite as fancy as I would like. It is more of a work truck. I do love the color and that it is a pick up.

- Patricia I

Has everything I need at an affordable price. Looks good & has the power to do the job I need it to do.

Love the power under the hood to pull my camper. Has the room I need to travel all over the country with my significant other & my pets.

- Susie H

My Ram 1500 can haul cargo and people.

My Ram 1500 get decent fuel mileage. It is responsive and has a comfortable ride. I like it's ability to carry a decent amount of cargo.

- Andres C

Our family truck has been good to us

We have had this truck for a few years and have only had a few problems with it. It gets fairly good gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Terri P

Safety features are great in my truck!

My vehicle is very sturdy truck. I really enjoy all the safety features that is comes with. This is a great family truck for my family.

- Alicia s

It's nice and roomy real comfortable if you wanted to go on a nice lil ride

Really no problems the performance is great it's very reliable it's nice and comfortable the interior is really nice in the inside too

- Terrell J

The gas mileage can be terrible at times.

It is big but I do not like the gas mileage. Sometimes it is annoying to find a parking spot. I like how I can carry a lot of luggage.

- Christian C

The Dodge Ram 1500 is easy to drive, hauls great, and is reliable.

I really enjoy my Dodge Ram 1500. It drives smooth, handles well, and is able to haul a lot of cargo. I haven't had any issues with it

- Claire D

Out on the road other drivers should know that my vehicle takes longer to stop and make wide turns

With the height of the vehicle, sometimes it's physically hard to tell how fast i'm truly going until I look down at the speedometer.

- Madison B

My first truck, my truck is Ram 1500, it lifted 2 inches and got fender.

I love my vehicle, when we bought the vehicle it got some issue and cost me $1, 000 to repair it. Well right now everything is fine.

- Oscar V

Trucks are great because you can haul a lot of things.

I love the fact that it can carry a lot of stuff when we travel. Nice truck and has a back seat. Wish I got better gas mileage.

- Carol G

I love my truck I wouldn't get anything else.

I have haven't had any problems with my truck we take it on our family vacation all the time. It rides really well and I love it

- Jason H

Durable. This truck is very durable and can take a pounding.

I like how big and powerful it is. Also, I can move things around if I like. I dislike the price of has and higher repair costs.

- Lay S

Reliable and drives well.

Don't like the key because it cost 250 for an extra copy of one made, but other than that everything works well and drives well.

- Cole S

Red 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 with no issues.

Great truck with no problems. Bought last year with 65,000 mi. Plenty of power. The only thing it doesn't pass is a gas station.

- Pedro R

It has multiple charging stations

I actually have a 2016 Ram, but there years did not go further than 2010. I love me RAM. It is awesome. It has lots of features.

- Atlas S

Dependable, reliable, and durable.

Very dependable and haven't had any major issues with it for 8 years. I would recommend Dodge to anyone purchasing new vehicle.

- Jason C

It's a good truck and it does run really good and to me it's better than these new cars

It's an older model Dodge, it needs a new motor, and new tires and a new paint job, but overall it is a new truck and runs good

- Cassandra R

Its big enough for a family but not too big just to ride alone in.

Gas mileage is not good, plenty of room and good towing ability, love having back seats, a little to high off ground to get in.

- Adana L

It uses a lot of gas, minimum mid grade so it gets expensive.

I have a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 TRX4 with the Hemi. I absolutely love this truck. Since I bought it, I have had zero issues.

- Daniel H

It is great on gas. Better than most trucks It's size

I love the gas mileage. I just wish it could tow more than it does. I have to get a bigger truck to get the camper I want

- Micah M

Dodge good, never let's me down.

My truck has been very dependable, no real major issues only the usual wear and tear. We have traveled with no problems.

- Tee H

Fuel efficient and stylish at the same time.

Its big for the family, no complaints. Its my favorite truck that I always wanted and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Ben P

It is a Dodge, what more do you need to know?

No complaints, love all the different features it has. It is a 4 door and very roomy. Can fit 4 adults very comfortably.

- Matt R

The most Amazing Dodge Ram

Runs perfectly a beautiful truck no problems most comfortable car I've ever owned it features a touch screen its amazing

- Isa A

The truck bed works great for all of my after work projects.

It's a great truck, I use it for work everyday. The tow package is amazing, I have had very few problem with this truck.

- Mike A

It is the best truck ever!

I love everything about my truck. Off road, snow and rain it can handle all times of weather. Very helpful with moving.

- Adamaris C

How reliable it is and how amazing.

I love the color it is a beautiful shiny blue.. I like the mileage the car gets.. The shape of the my vehicle is great.

- Betty K

My Dodge Truck is the best!

I really have not had many problems with my Dodge. It has almost 70,000 miles and hasn't given me problems. I love it!

- Holly M

A lot of power and a lot of room inside.

Very comfortable to drive. Has a lot of power. Ac is cold and heater works well. Good on long trips and good on gas.

- Beverly B

The vehicle has not had any problems since i bought it 3 years ago.

It is the color i wanted. Has enough seating for my family. Drives comfortably. I really don't have any complaints.

- Shawn D

I will never buy another brand truck again, that's how much I love dodge

The truck is very comfortable for long trips has lots of power never a problem pulls whatever I want and then some

- Sean C

It is a limited edition rubicon recon.

I like that it has plenty of space. I like that it is very reliable. I like that you load and pull stuff with it.

- Cassidy B

My vehicle is dependable and is very roomy for a truck.

I haven't had any problems with the truck I own, it's comfortable and easy for me to drive even though I'm short.

- Tyocia Z

The truck handles like a gem. I absolutely love it.

Likes: durable, comfortable leather seats, handles very well. Love the backup camera. Dislikes: low gas mileage.

- Isabelle R

Dodge ram. Pick up truck

Reliable, great ride. Great dealership. Quiet when running. No wind issues. Pulling capacity is great.

- John P

It has a backup camera great for making sure your able to get off of areas safe.

I like my truck because, it has enough space for our family of 4, it drives well, and gets great gas mileage.

- Amber B

Regular service is a must.

I like the Hemi power. The ride could be a little smoother but overall not bad. It has been low maintenance.

- Shanda H

Powerful and quality it's the best in my truck

My truck is excellent have power quality and comfort .Look like new because the motor it's perfect condition

- Mercedes R

Amazing I would buy another without thinking twice

No problems at all love the air conditioned seats, it's loaded heated seats and mirrors dvd player, leather

- Ryan G

It's not for sale and I intend to drive it until the wheels fall off..

My truck has been everywhere with me and it's dependable. It's like a friend more than an inanimate object.

- Curtis M

If you are looking for a good pick up truck then choose ram.

i love it it gets the job done and it has good towing hauling and its comfort i think it gets the job done.

- jack G

Really good working man's truck

Great truck. Good gas mileage. Love to drive on the backroads of the country with it. Handles really well.

- Jennifer C

Good power and tow capacity

The ram is a reliable vehicle good power ,rough ride, rough on gas. Has a big bed and good tow capacity

- Scott M

Full Size Pickup Truck With Class

Large towing capacity, nice storage compartments, very comfortable get about 13 miles per gallon in city

- Ken T

It's great in the winter and gives me a great sense of safety witch is important for my family

I love the looks of the truck. I dislike the gas mileage.i think it is a safe vehicle during the winter.

- Jacob B

aerodynamics are awesome which helps with the gas mileage

Great performance, I love the heated seats and lumbar support , I love the hydraulics and aerodynamics.


good running solid trustworthy vehicle

had a delayed airbag recall. It's runs good. it looks good. has a bit of rust but otherwise It's good

- chuck k

For a midsize truck it gets great gas mileage.

I love the power and size of the ram plus its stylish and with the hemi v8 it has some get up and go.

- Gregory L

In my personal opinion it could be the overall best vehicle I have ever owned.

Excellent vehicle for multi purpose. Good power and handling. Seats the whole family and rides well.

- Calvin P




I take pride in taking care of it; I appreciate the longevity and it makes me want to purchase from this brand again.

The interior has held up well. I like the design and the features inside. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Amber K

Back up cam and navigation. Beeps whenever you get close to anything (kind of annoying but useful)

The truck is great. Runs smooth. Good gas mileage. 4 doors. Front seats have heating. Easy to clean.

- Danielle L

Versatility and comfort at a fuel efficiency that won't break the bank!

It's spacious and versatile. Comes with an amazing sound system. Vehicles gets decent gas mileage.

- Kevin H

That it is very reliable and bed room is long enough for when you are moving things around

I love the height of my crew cab truck, dislike that the back seat does not have enough leg room.

- Elsy A

Built to last through anything. Truck can handle anything

I love that the car is very sturdy but overall is very heavy to drive. Vehicle commands respect


I love the look of my vehicle and it drives very smoothly. It has lasted a long time because it is over 215,000 miles!

People should know that if you need a truck to last, it will, as long as you take care of it.

- Ethan D

it is big enough to protect me if I have an accident.

My pick up is green and has extended cab, it has air conditioning and it is very comfortable.

- audrey S

It's very reliable in all conditions.Great terrain and off road traction.

I love the smooth ride. The engine is quiet. Great in all weather conditions. No complaints.

- Meg D

Very dependable-never have any problems with it. Very Happy with my purchase

love my truck, very dependable, never have any problems, the ride is comfortable and quiet.

- Chuck D

It has a Mopar engine which is fuel efficient, great gas mileage.

I like my truck because it is very practical to my work. It is stylish and handles well.

- Donald G

it is a great hauler and dependable/ I would recommend to everyone

I do not like the rust i am getting on the body. I think they should use different steel

- john s

It's reliable. In 8 years it has never had a major issue.

It is very dependable. Nice, smooth ride. Looks great. Wish Dodge made a smaller truck

- Joe S

It's a very strong powerful durable work truck.

I like... The power durability and style. I dislike... There should be more features.

- Clifton W

It gets the job done and has plenty of room

I wish I had got the regular bed instead of the short bed but besides that I love it.

- brent S

It's a pickup with a liftgate. People want me to do things for them. It's not for rent.

Overall It's great. It takes forever to cool down because the windows are so large.

- Paul M

It runs well and has had very few repairs in the 8 years I have had it.

My truck runs well and I have had very few repairs. It is very dependable and safe.

- Randall T

It is dependable and always has been. I never have any problems with it.

My truck is good on gas mileage. It is dependable and remains nice even at Its age.

- Barbie M

Love the speed and comfort. The oil filter is impossible to get to. it handles great in the snow

The vehicle is the Big horn 4x4 with the V8 hemi so it is the higher end model

- Huston H

nice and big, lots of room, great to travel in. you can see everything because you sit up higher than a car.

nice big truck,nice to travel in. don't like putting gas in it costs to much.

- diane h

This is a great truck for work.

I get good gas mileage. It handles well in the snow. I is good for work.

- john f

That it's a very dependable truck with good gas mileage.

Very good truck. Has good gas mileage. Very dependable and tough truck.

- Joe B

It has a clutch and I love to drive it. I use it for all my travel needs

I bought it brand new and it has been there for me and I love my truck

- roberta w

Work vehicle that is used for the delivery of catering items.

Ram 1500 promaster van. This is a capable work van. Used for catering.

- Mitchekk F

You will have to replace your exhaust manifold after a certain amount of miles.

I love my truck. Hate that I have had to replace the exhaust manifold.

- Deanna M

Dodge is the best vehicle out there It's the roomier than all the others

Very comfortable Lots of power Very roomy Gets me where I need to go

- Joley A

There is a lot of space in the cab of the truck and it is very comfortable.

Love the way it drives, pulls my boat and hauls everything we need.

- Robin P

Its a silver dodge ram. I love that there's room for my kids car seats without being cramped. I wish it had a few more updated features.

There are current recalls on it with no way to fix them currently.

- miranda h

the gas mileage, and safety rating, smooth ride and look

I like the smooth ride. the color and options. The roomy interior.

- Sally A

i like the height of the truck. I don't like driving low like cars do so this is my favorite part

i wish it was bigger i would also like more safety features

- jennifer y

It was a great price for a new truck and the gas mileage is great for a truck.

It's very comfy. Great gas mileage. Easy to drive around.

- Taffi N

great work vehicle. nice to be able to haul mulch and lumber

Very reliable, good payload capacity. Fairly good on gas.

- William T

My truck drives nice and is comfortable for passengers traveling long distances. I haven't had any major problems since I've owned it

This is a safe vehicle and great in all kinds of weather

- Jane G

Four wheel drive and it is great. Snow is not a problem. It handles great.

I put my camper on it. I tow with it. I love the style.

- Andy P

It's mine and they can't drive it. It defines me I like it.

I like everything about it I bought it for that reason.

- julie r

It runs well and gets good gas mileage and is able to transport large items.

my truck is ok it runs well gets me where i need to go

- Carol B

It's a very reliable vehicle. It gets me anywhere I want to go.

I like everything about my truck. It's very reliable.

- Karen J

It is more important than my pets

I did not like the way it handles on curves

- Travis S

It is not gas efficient for sure.

No complaints. I like everything about it.

- Marivel V

Very reliable and dependable

Love durability and dislike high gas usage

- Terrell D