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2012 Ford Edge, what's good and what's bad. . . More good than bad.

Since it is not a recent model, my car does not the option to beep or announce when I am backing up or getting too close to a car. Sometimes the Californian sun is too strong so the paint kind of switched colors. Please protect your car from the sun. The seats have decolored too, so that is that. Otherwise, the car feels safe. It is strong and fast although it does consume a lot of gas so be prepared to fill up the tank with more than 50 bucks. But overall, it is never given me performance problems and it has its fair share of miles driven. It is a good family car for small families, spacious, you do not feel trapped. The sound system works as if it were new. Overall my car is in a pretty good shape.

- Camila E

It's a trend setter in this day and age of SUVs.

The performance is great, easy to handle, roomy and comfortable, heated seats are great in the colder months, which are coming right upon us. The navigation proves to come in quite handy, many times, I am not sure of directions and such. It seats 5 comfortably, even though I have only had 4 riders at any time, I have gone anywhere=plenty of leg room, head room, for comfort. The seats go down easily for more loading room, if needed for groceries or larger items. The driver's seat is automatic and adjusts to fit me height each time I get out and in, and seats are comfortable for my back\lumbar area.

- Patricia F

My 2012 Ford Edge sel. I love the body style and interior.

I drive a 2012 Ford Edge sel. I am in love with my car. I have heated leather seats, back up camera, Bluetooth, rear windshield wipers, defrost on my side mirrors. For a "crossover" type vehicle, it is pretty roomy in the back seat. The back seats also recline! It has a very comfortable ride. Hands down my favorite car I have ever owned. The computer has had to be reprogrammed once, which I believe I was told it was a glitch. The sell does not have the sun roof or the navigation. As far as I know, those are the only differences between the two. I highly recommend this car!

- Jessica F

. Heated leather seats, panoramic vista roof. Very reliable and fun to drive.

I absolutely love my ford edge. It has been very reliable. I have not had any problems with my edge. This SUV is very comfortable for long drives. It has heated leather seats. It also has a vista roof. Which means that the people in the back seats can look out the roof also. This is a great option for us as we love to go camping and drive around to watch the stars. I am so happy with this SUV that when I go to replace it I am buying another ford edge. It is the perfect size SUV. Not too small and not to big. It is just right and it is mine.

- Sharon H

2012 Ford Edge limited, an extremely comfortable, equipped and reliable SUV.

My Ford Edge limited has a dream to drive. It is equipped with leather seats, driver and passenger power seats, heated seats, lumbar support, has a 7" touchscreen, with backup camera, my Ford touch sync for simple voice commands, music, climate, directions, music or emergency, it also has Sirius, USB port, ambient lighting, oncoming vehicle alert and much more. It is extremely comfortable, and handles well on all road conditions. It has been a very reliable vehicle, and I would buy it again without a doubt.

- Lisa B

Check online to see if others have the same problem as you before paying for repairs

I love the color and style. It is not as smooth a ride as I would prefer and has had some disconcerting problems. Overhead lights went bad and console lights at the gear shift are out Both cost a fortune to repair so I've elected not to. Brakes had a major issue and had to be repaired under an extended warranty. Should have been a recall. Also had an issue with the driver's side door not closing! Cost about 350 to repair. I think that should have been a recall as well No more fords for me

- Melvina R

It is a safe vehicle with a smooth ride.

It is a great vehicle, it has enough horsepower to accelerate smoothly and quickly. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Ford sync is very convenient and makes connecting to my phone easy for making phone calls and entertainment. Having on board GPS built in is very useful. Heated leather seats are a nice addition that can ease a sore back while driving or when Its cold keep you warm. The only drawback is that the vehicle gets less than advertised mpg.

- Katie A

Mom car: high school-college.

My Edge has been reliable and still rides great with 102, 000 miles. I have had it for 6 years, and it drives great on highways, two lane roads, and in the city. I am amazed at how much it holds, and I love how easy the seats fold down. I have replaced the battery, brakes, and tires twice, and kept up with the standard maintenance protocol. Other than that, I have had no other major issues. It was definitely a great investment.

- Jennifer A

The big enough, small SUV.

I believe we have about 200, 000 miles on this car and have never had any work done except for regular tune-ups. It has been reliable always, with great pickup when necessary, and pretty easy on the gas. Both my husband and I find it quite comfortable, and have taken it on many long road trips. My husband really likes the fact that the cargo space in the back is large enough to fit a refrigerator and haul lots of stuff.

- Patty B

A beautiful, flashy, roomy, durable, safe, and affordable SUV.

I love how smoothly the car rides. It comes with a ton of awesome features such as a touch screen and also heated seats. Love the backup camera for safety. Added safety feature allows me to put a setting on the vehicle that will not allow me drive over a certain speed. Love that it turns my music volume completely down so that I have to buckle my seat belt. Once I put it on, the music volume comes back up.

- Bree B

2/10 would not recommend, my ford touch is complete garbage.

Handles well, drives smoothly and quietly. My Ford touch is 100% complete garbage. It does not work correctly about 90% of the time. Since purchasing we have had to replace numerous parts. Gas mileage is not great. I couldn't recommend this car to anybody that is looking to purchase this make/model/year. Waste of money, always something wrong with it even though it has been maintained perfectly.

- Chris W

The seats are very comfortable through the entire vehicle. The size is perfect for kids.

I purchased this vehicle used. It's a great size and is very comfortable. I transitioned from a mid size car to my current Ford Edge. The back up camera has become a nuisance, as the senso is so sensitive that it picks up the wind. The electrical system seems to be very touchy. Having touch screen temperature control isn't very convenient while you aRe driving.

- Mae s

Buy the edge! Great for families!

The Ford edge is reliable and a very comfortable ride. I enjoy the sync Bluetooth connection. It fits my family of 4 comfortably with enough truck space for strollers and groceries. I also think the edge has great ac/heat because it does not take long for it to cool off or heat up. I’d recommend the edge to anyone looking to buy a crossover vehicle.

- Amy D

It is very comfortable. I wish I would have got leather. But it rides nice and has a ton of room.

I love that it is an suv. I was looking to get something that could tow a small trailer. I also love that it has Bluetooth. But the sync system is a little clunky. On the other side of the coin, I don't like that it has such a complex stereo system. That's because I want to put some subs in it. However I'm afraid to mess with the stereo at all.

- Ben T

I love this vehicle, but wish it was more short person friendly.

It drives smooth, and the controls are simple and easy to use. ( i.e. the radio/thermostat/etc..) I love the remote start as well. As someone who is under 5' tall, though, I do wish the pedals would move so that I wouldn't have to be so close to the steering wheel. Heated seats would be nice too, but overall I really do like my vehicle.

- Chelsea T

Adventures with a Ford edge.

We have enjoyed having a Ford edge. It has been a great family starter car. Our edge is always our choice when it comes to traveling. It is comfortable and great on gas. This compacted SUV has been extremely reliable during all our adventures. From Michigan to Florida to Texas, Indiana to Tennessee it has never failed us.

- Angelica Q

It's a Ford. Things go out and need replaced, faster, compared to other makes.

Problems include the A/C vents messing up quite frequently. Once side blows hot and the other blows cold. I have had major issues with the connectors to the battery causing it to leak, therefore having to replace them often. The positives are it's roomy, drives well, has comfortable seating, and a good sound system.


2012 Ford edge - lemon begone.

Mostly issues with the sync system on this vehicle. Also issues with the touch screen it gets to where it will punch a different button even if you do not want to go there. It is quick. Large. Great for dogs. But it always seems like a lemon car. I did not really understand how bad Ford was until I got this car.

- Caitlin J

Ford, a seller of quality, fairly priced, relied vehicles.

It is fast, comfortable, has heated seats and ice cold air. It is attractive and reliable. Never have had a problem with the car at all. It is a ford, a brand that I trust, and I have owned many other fords in the past. I also know the owners, the Flammer family, and I have found them to be friendly and honest.

- Robert M

A close up look at the ford edge.

Heavy car so it rides well. 92,000 miles and it rides well still. Only two repairs needed to date, that being the drivers side thermostat and the oxygen sensor. Love the pick up of the v6 engine. The electronics package works well and is easy to glance at while driving. The controls are very intuitive as well.

- Keith H

Awesome review regarding my ford edge.

I love my ford edge. It has enough space for my wife and twins to go on vacations, and has all the features I want in a car. The touch screen is great and love the ac in the summertime. Sits well and overall has a smooth ride. If someone is considering a ford edge, is highly recommend it if they asked me.

- Jay M

A luxury ride with safety you can trust driving your grandkids.

I love the car and ride but I have had electrical issues which has been an issue on this year model. The sync system is a little complex but the dealer had a person who just trains you on the system. There is plenty of leg room and storage in the back for children’s car seats and bikes in the back.

- Jay N

The most important thing that one should know is that is a very reliable car.

I have not had any reliability problems with this vehicle. It has a very comfortable ride, smooth as silk. The heater and a/c is automatic so I never have to mess with the controls. It is always a the perfect temperature. The built in Bluetooth makes it very safe to answer phone calls while driving.

- Randall W

I love that it sits high off the ground but corners great.

I bought this vehicle for personal use. I pick up my grandchildren from school each day and have ample room to fit 5 people comfortably. I really love this SUV and will buy another one when I upgrade. It gets great mileage, looks sharp, drives good, smooth on roads, and just overall a great vehicle.

- Susan O

Safety and dependability.

I love that my edge is as big as an SUV but drives like a car. It is always a smooth drive. It has been very dependable even after the 150, 000 miles I have put in it so far. I feel safe and secure along with my family while driving it. I will probably continue to purchase edges in the future.

- Kristin K

It gets really good gas mileage. My average is 25 mpg.

My car has a backup camera which comes in really handy! My Bluetooth is my favorite feature, I can make a phone call with both my hands still on my steering wheel. Having heated seats is great for winter! Also being able to lift the back hatch on my remote is wonderful for grocery shopping.

- Rebecca R

Choose the V6 over a turbocharged 4 cylinder. It will have better performance and fuel economy on the highway if you travel on hills, especially if you drive at an altitude over 1500 feet above sea level.

It has plenty of interior space. A very versatile vehicle for cargo or passengers. Power a bit limited, a V6 would be a better engine for it. 4 cylinders just don't cut it on hills even when turbocharged. Stick to the V6 for better performance and better fuel economy on hilly highways.

- Al K

Comfort and style all in one.

I really enjoy the heated and leather seats. Rides great and does well even in mountainous terrain. The v6 has plenty of power. My only thing I would change is to add AWD. Living in the Midwest I would just rather have the extra wheels spinning. Has every feature I could ask for and more.

- Robin B

Ford edge awesome and comfortable buy it now.

I love my car. Has not had any problems besides the airbag recall. It is fixed now other than that nothing. Reliability is great. Comfort is great. Has Bluetooth. It is a gas hog though so you cannot go long distances without putting gas in it. Like I said it is reliable and comfortable.

- Courtney S

That it's my car and don't touch it.

I like the room it has inside its very comfortable. I love the easy touch screen and sync system. The car drives very well and is great for my family. The only complaint I have is the back seat middle seat belt faster is in a terrible spot and makes it very difficult to buckle anyone in.

- Amanda G

Ford Edge 2012 Can choose 5 colors to light up the inside!

SUV has awesome technology and is very comfortable. Does have blind spots and the backup camera didn't last and intermittently goes out. No mechanical issues in all 6 years except for cooling fan assembly. Leather is holding up well and holds two infant car seats with plenty of room.

- Amanda P

Heated seats are a great comfort particularly where I live in Michigan.

Brake squeal for several years, unable to correct. Electrical and or computer issues. Otherwise comfortable, love the heated seats feature, the blind spot mirrors, back up alert, and reliability. Would definitely purchase again hopefully with the back up camera and automatic GPS.

- Carolyn L

Great family car for mamas on the go.

Camera during reverse didn't always work, however I do love how much space is available and the sunroof is awesome. The seat warmers are great for Indiana weather. Gas mileage is wonderful as well. The trunk has plenty of room for my daughters stroller plus weekly groceries.

- Lindsey S

Roomy yet sporty! Very well sound car.

Love the car! In fact it's the second one I've owned. Done a lot of traveling and rented many luxury vehicles but none compare to my edge. Roomy and comfy yet sporty. Miles are getting up there but it's been a very good car for my family. I would buy another one in a second.

- Julie U

My beautiful, red Ford Edge is a reliable, comfortable 6 year old SUV!

My Ford Edge is 6 years old and has been mine for 3 years. It is an excellent vehicle, performs well, and gives me little trouble. I have it serviced regularly. The seating is comfortable, and the console easy to use. The lift gate allows easy access and has plenty of room.

- J T

Attractive design. With great interior.

Heavy vehicle...Holds the road well. Interior is well designed with leather seating, back up camera, and heated seats. Back seat has great leg room. Did wish the center console was scaled back just a little bit. Good gas mileage, windshield wipers clear the whole window.

- Margaret F

The car that fits every occasion!

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I bought it used/pre-owned. Great for getting all my fur-babies around in!! It’s spacious; we're planning on having kids and it is perfect for a family of five, plus so much room in the back for storage! It is perfect for us!

- Christina R

Great gas mileage on the Ford edge.

Great gas mileage. Rides well. Too many blind spots for a smaller person. Just routine service. No problems and we have 135, 000 miles. Sporty and still has a lot of get up and go with the ecoboost engine. Interior noise could be improved upon. Dash is easily read also.

- Debra T

This car is hot-looks great but a few bugs.

Because of the capless gas tank, I have difficulties passing smog in California. I have also had issues with the hvac/ac system shutting down on the passenger side. Otherwise, the bells and whistles are fun and extensive. Very comfortable to drive and looks great!

- Sydney N

Handles well and comfortable to drive. Has good outside noise control.

We have had problems with the sync system and had to have replaced even though there was a fix that was available that the previous owner of car did not replace. Like how the car handles. Not sure I am fond of the key fob especially when the battery dies.

- Nancy U

The size of the vehicle is perfect for a family of four.

There is an issue with the air conditioner because when the car is stopped it blows hot air but once you accelerate it cools off. Other than that I do really like the car. It has been very reliable for me and my family. It is perfect for a student driver.

- Lacey K

It has been very reliable thus far.

It like the size and visibility out of the back windows. I do wish it was better on gas mileage. Air conditioned seats would be nice. I wish all vehicles would begin to focus on the sound quality available on their internal audio systems.

- BO G

This is my favorite car that I have owned.

I love my Ford edge. My favorite part is the size of the vehicle. I can hold all of my friends on long trips and I can bring along just about anything we'll need. With over 150, 000 miles on the vehicle, I have never had a major issue.

- Brent T

After I had it repaired it will not go over 80mph and has a dent in rear bumper on the right side.

The vehicle is everything I need and drives real good. I do not have any problems with this vehicle but I do have a problem with dealership where I had it repaired. They removed a fuse and wanted me to pay $850 to fix it.

- Junior B

It's a fantastic car, drives well and gets good mileage.

I love my Ford Edge, the front cab is very spacious and extremely comfortable. The trunk space is fantastic and I am always able to get in what I need to get in. The backseat is a little squishy. I wish it were roomier.

- Julia H

Awesome. However would around perfect if it was for the defrost.

Love it. Very comfortable when traveling with a large family. The back video plays a huge role in job. One thing I don't like in the ford, edge is the defroster. I spend half the morning with the windshield wipers on.

- Lorie J

Nice car, comfortable and kid friendly.

It has a big back seat for my kids and packing to go places. It drives smooth and it very comfortable to drive and has good gas mileage and will tell me how many miles I have till I run out of gas which is nice

- Briana C

Spacious rear seating!! You can comfortably ride too tall adults in the back seat without their knees being in the back of the seats.

Comfortable, stylish, and dependable. It has spacious rear seating we're adults can ride without their knees in the seats. The cargo area is spacious and the kids like that the rear seats recline during travel.

- Emily W

I think the one most important thing others should know about my car is the mileage and the price of this car.

I like my ford edge is because it easy to drive on the road. I also like that you can money on gas because it more smaller than other cars. But I dislike how they dont put an enough seats in those type of cars.

- kristian s

interesting detail is the panoramic roof, I love it.

it has 96,000 miles on it. runs great, haven't had to get any work dont beside oil changes and tire rotation. my backup camera fails to work at times. I love the inside of the vehicle and the panoramic roof.

- Julie B

It's american made and very dependable

I love my vehicle, it is very easy to drive, not too big. It is very comfortable to ride in. Great leather seating and has all the bells and whistles, power everything, auto start. Very dependable.

- gail L

It's fuel efficient for a car of its size and still have the power to get on/off highways/tight spots when needed. Good vision

Reliable and dependable car that's big enough to travel in if we need to and also has good enough gas mileage to not be a drain on the wallet. Been 6 years and no major complaints so far to be honest.

- Mike C

It feels safe to drive and is comfortable. I've never had slippage issues.

We like that we can fit so much inside it and it's comfortable. It has great features such as rear view parking assist. The main drawback is trying to park it on city streets. Wish we had a driveway.

- Kirsty E

The room it has inside is very good. It rides really good.

I like the size it is in the outside of the car. I also like the room it has on the inside. The backseat legroom is great. I like the features it has. I like the way it drives. I have no complaints.

- Becky P

Safe and reliable vehicle for small families or young drivers!

The Ford Edge is a reliable vehicle. I have never had any major issues with it, just minor issues that most cars need after a few years like new brakes or tires. Overall, a great and safe vehicle.

- Annie B

It's a very safe car! Good family vehicle, good for trips. Lots of space.

I like that it is easy to drive. The pedal isn't touchy. It's not too big and not too small. It's just perfect. But the check engine light has been on for awhile and it chugs and no one can fix it

- Jenna C

It is a very safe vehicle. It rides very comfortable.

It is a great car for all trips, in town long distance. My only issue is that now that I have crossed the 100k mark, I have had a couple expensive repairs to the ac and it is acting sluggish.

- Misty M

It has all the safety measurements you would want in a car.

I love the space that it gives me. The back is big enough for me to add my groceries and other supplies. Perfect fit! I do wish the body of the vehicle was a little higher off the ground.

- Katrina S

It drives smoothly and is good in all weather.

The edge is good in the snow. It is very spacious and I can fit 2 car seats in it comfortably. The only issue is I have had some mechanical issues so it is been a little costly to repair.

- Samantha M

Ford edge nice looking car.

I love the look of the vehicle. In the inside there are lights that change color. It runs good on gas. The sunroof is also a nice feature as it is sort of a moon roof. Opens very wide.

- Dolores G

Very comfortable for long trips. Roomy storage area in back whether you have the back seat folded down or not.

It is a good size SUV for almost any purpose. Bought it used from dealer rep bt got all the warranties etc. Easily seats 5 with room for luggage etc and very comfy for long trips

- Donna P

Very maneuverable for a mid size SUV!

The Ford edge is a fantastic family car! Plenty of room, yet very cozy. Great storage space as well as towing capacity. I love having an SUV with the feel of driving a compact car.

- Sarah M

It is comfortable to drive.

I have had relatively no issues with my car with the exception of a few recall issues. I love the panoramic sunroof especially a night. The heated seats are great in the winter!

- Amy W

Handles Well. Reliable Vehicle. Good Gas Mileage. Spacious and Comfortable.

One side of my family are die hard Ford people, the other half die hard Toyota. Both have served us well, and I love my Ford Edge, handles well and has always been reliable.

- Tracy I

that it's comfortable and it gives a smooth ride it's got good acceleration also good on has great mileage per gallon.

I love it it gives a comfortable ride and it's good on gas it's got good performance and I love that it's all wheel drive. no complaints I would probably but another one.

- Lauriann M

The sync screen is hard to deal with when it does not work for periods of time.

I like the looks of my sport edition with the black grill. I dislike the rims and times, how they wear. The radio and screen go out and do not come back on for a while.

- Jackie G

Silver streak! Reliable! Fun to drive.

The incredible power, and the great handling. Its reliable. Good looking. Just keep maintaining it. Like changing oil. Service trans. Flush the radiator. Rotate tires.

- Michael T

Very few problem with the car. would highly recommend this car.

Purchased the vehicle 3 years ago, and except for the normal oil changes, and new tires, have had no problems with thee car. Would recommend this car to everyone.

- Cindy T

Its roomy but yet it still small enough to not drain your gas tank.

This vehicle has no issues and I love the comfort of it whether in town or driving long distance. The only downside would be the gas mileage is below average.

- Teresa T

Low maintenance. Has plenty of pep. Lots of space. Seats four comfortably.

Very practical and versatile as well as fun to drive and comfortable and dependable. Never had any trouble with the car and maintenance is very inexpensive.

- Neal B

It is a very reliable car.

I like that it is high up. It makes me feel safe. It has been a great, reliable vehicle. I dislike that it does not have all the "bells and whistles".

- Sarah H

It's comfortable to ride until the fans go out, but it's usually an easy fix

I loved my car when it was new, but slowly tho ya on it started to break down starting with the navigation so my happiness has declined with this car.

- Rocio P

It's perfect for a family

Even though it's 6 years old it stills looks nice and the design isn't outdated. The touchscreen is awesome. It has so much room for people and cargo.

- Ash R

Fun to drive and very comfortable.

Runs great, comfortable ride and great features. I am pleased with my Ford edge. I normally do not like ford, it shocked me that I feel for this car.

- Athena H

Gas mileage comfort all around love all wheel drive.

Good gas, mileage good ride, gps heated seats, sunroof, keyless entry, good cargo room, setting for 2 to adjust seat accommodations just love my car.

- Brenda I

It is a good value and it is reliable.

Like it because it gets great gas mileage. Just enough room. Looks sporty. I do not like all the blind spots and seats- it could be more comfortable.

- Debra T

The tire rims will crack.

Feel everything with tires. The radio system goes out. Rims are losing color. Drivers seat will not continue to adjust to programs or stay tightened.

- Jackie G

Fun little crossover car.

It handles well. Is big enough for our family yet small enough to maneuver through heavy traffic. The sensor does not work in the drivers side door.

- Christy G

A Great and Fun Car to Drive

Great car. Love that I can start it from a distance with keys. Drives like a dream. Very great car. Lots of fun to drive. Plenty of cargo space.

- Glenna R

Very reliable transportation

Very reliable, good looking, very roomy, good gas mileage, very nice red color, good power, tires lasted seventy thousand miles, has not rusted

- Dennis R

Ford Edge is a quality vehicle, well made and designed.

Love the size and security the vehicle offers. The vehicle has heavy doors and does not feel flimsy. The vehicle has nice luxury components.

- Tiffanie W

The eco boost engine is expensive to repair.

I like how safe it is. It has so many airbags and handles nicely. I dislike the gas mileage and would like it to get more miles per gallon.

- Caitlin H

I love the things that came with it like navigation and sunroof.

I love my Ford Edge ! It is reliable it has not gave me any trouble and I have had it for years now . It's also very spacious and fun.

- Melissa C

It is very reliable and drives smooth.

I love how smooth it drives and all the awesome features it has like the rear view camera. I wish it had larger legroom in back seat.

- Jasmine V

The Ford Edge is an excellent and proven car that will for years to come.

Great ride. The engine is very good and maintenance is easy to do on my own. Lots of space for the whole family and all of our stuff.

- Chad A

It's amazing. Glossy black & rides so smooth.

Heated seats, power lock, touchscreen radio, fuel efficient of 28 mpg highway. Rides smooth. Cold a/c. Bose speaker system. Love it!

- Jesse H

Overall it's a pretty good and reliable car. I would recommend it to a friend.

I like the fact that it was a reasonable price when purchased,and its pretty reliable. I don't like the fact it has bad gas mileage.

- Tony T

The make and model is unique for this car

the style and modern design of vehicle also the safety features great interior with matching comfort a real pleasure to drive my car

- Donna Y

Take care of it and it'll last.

Great experience with my edge so far. It is great for road trips, the trunk fits a lot! The only thing I wish I had is roof racks!

- Joanna M

Great family car. Economical for around town and long trips.

Gets great gas mileage. Spacious as a family car yet sporty. Great interior features sound system leather and dashboard amenities.

- Carl D

Power passenger and driver seats large back up screen. Very comfortable.

Been very reliable. Love that both passengers have power seats, helps immensely with back problems. Love the looks, comfortable.

- Shirley K

Smooth riding comfortable suv.

Smooth riding vehicle. Easily and comfortably seats four adults. Very appealing to the eye stylistically. Lacks power though.

- Alex B

Is an easy driveable car.It gets great gas mileage too,

I love the size and the smooth drive. It holds 5 people and still lots of room for luggage etc, I hate that it's getting old.

- Robin F

It reflects my lifestyle and it is very safe.

Love the heated seats. Dislike the sensors - set to high. Love the autostart. Good amount of space. Like the keyless entry.

- Jill B

I like how it is Bluetooth. I can set controls on it when my kids drive it.

It is very roomy for my family and very comfortable drives real smooth. I would recommend this for a smaller size family.

- Kim B

Dependable and Reliable Mid-Size Truck

Dependable but feels cramped even if you're not a large person. Rides smooth and minimal cost to upkeep. Great warranty.

- Mike K

Handles well in bad weather. Roomy interior for small SUV.

Like how it handles on the road. Good size interior. Comfortable to drive. Would have liked Bluetooth feature for phone.

- Lynn J

Ford Edge: Very roomy to haul not only people...

Large hauling capacity but not great with mileage. Love that the back seats fold completely down in order to haul stuff.

- April P

It's very roomy. And the drive is very smooth. I love the looks of it.

I wish I had a sunroof. And since it was bought used I can not use the keypad on the doors (don't know how to reset it)

- Jen B

It is extremely safe and reliable.

Very safe and reliable. Great pick up and handling. Sport model so the features are enhanced. Has been great for years.

- Lauren E

My car is very clean and organized. I expect people to respect the car. My car is very simple.

I like almost everything about it. It's a comfy, smooth car. I don't like that it takes up more gas than other options.


Great for active and busy families

I love my Edge. It gets good gas mileage, spacious for travel with family and dogs. There are very little blind spots.

- Jessica R

It is fine. Wouldn't actively recommend it either way.

I love that it fits my whole family. I wish it could hold one more person. I like the extra space in the back as well.

- Tabby J

Roomy and dependable with decent gas mileage. Like the car

Very good performing vehicle and very dependable. Lots of room and handling very well I hope to have it a long time

- Joseph B

Love the space in my Ford Edge

Love the Ford Edge. Has great amount of room and has been very dependable. Only had trouble with the braking system.

- Velvet L

Very comfortable ride. Less road noise than other cars in this price range.

My vehicle has less than 77,000 miles. Still drives great. Has all the bells and whistles. I love my Ford Edge!

- Donna W

2012 Ford edge very roomy and has great gas mileage.

The tires tend not to last long and the cooling system went out. But now that is all fixed it runs really smooth.

- Heather S

It has brake booster issues.

Brake booster and backup cam issues but besides that I think it is a great car. I highly recommend it to anyone.

- Stacey K

My Ford edge is very dependable.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is very comfortable and dependable. Able to synchronize cell phone and music.

- Judy W

It is very trustworthy I have had it for many years and it has survived much wear and tear

I love the size of my vehicle, the features included such as floor lighting, I love the keyless entry feature

- Maddie M

The edge is perfect for small family.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I have not had any problems with it. Perfect size for my family.

- Kelli D

Safety features are great and dependable vehicle.

A safe dependable vehicle. Gets good fuel mileage. Comfortable seating and plenty of legroom on long trips.

- Stephanie V

It's the whole package, lacking nothing.

For an SUV, it has exceptional gas mileage and handling. There's plenty of room in its beautiful interior.

- Frankie H

It was reasonably affordable, it is reliable and has not had many major issues.

The vehicle is fun to drive. It is just the right size, it has enough room but does not feel overly big.

- Raymond K

loaded full of features .

No real problems with the car. The blue coloring is coming off the Ford symbol on the front of the car.

- she a

It is a black four door SUV. It has good trunk space and a sunroof. I also like the technology, as it has navigation and a backup camera.

The Ford Edge has good performance. The ride is smooth and I have not had any major issues with my car.

- Aisha W

Great car at a great price

It drives well. Picks up speed quickly. Has a lot of room.Easy to maintain the vehicle. Nice features.

- Katelyn A

It is dependable and very spacious.

I love my vehicle, my only dislike is that it does not come with remote start automatically installed.

- Hannah S

It has touch screen for navigation, climate, entertainment, and phone. The vehicle also has lighting on floor board that changes color.

I like the way it drives, the comfort of the vehicle and the look. I wish the cup holders were wider.

- jessica W

it handles well and it gets ok mileage on a tank of gas

i like my ford edge .. It's compact design is nice and it handles very well .. gets ok mileage on gas

- Ann M

It has safety features that make sure all passengers are safe.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage. It has a backup camera. It has lots of room, and is easy to drive.

- Joyce A

It Gets pretty good gas mileage for being an SUV! But still has power

Love the fact that it's perfect size for a 3 person family! Sporty/classy looking at the same time!

- Mackenzie M

Very dependable as long as the oil is changed regularly.

I love the way it drives. I love the comfort of the car. I love the dependability of the car.

- Gloria K

It is comfortable and affordable for an SUV.

The voice command kind of suck. The navigation is never updated. Can't put a roof rack on it.

- Melissa s

My Ford Focus is a car that has yet to fail me. I have not had any problems whatsoever. The car performs very well, the seats are comfy and it also contains good features.

My car is a very well build machine and I would highly recommend Ford cars to other people.

- John M

It is reliable and good on gas.

My car serves its purpose. However, it is a smaller vehicle than I would like to have.

- Dana H

Back up camera for safety, won't go without one now

Love the heated seats and the room it has. Whish the inside material was more durable

- Whitney H

It is roomy and affordable. Gets fairly decent gas mileage.

Has everything I desire in an SUV. It is very easy to handle and just the right size.

- Cindy D

It is spacious inside, has a large rear storage area that fits a stroller etc perfect.

Love that its compact but has plenty of storage. Hate how low the rear door opens

- Veronica W

Good Family car...... xx

Love the size and gas mileage but don't love all the technology in it. Too much.

- Colleen A

I've had to fix my a/c twice, brakes had a recall and my navigation/radio goes in and out every other day. But it does get me where I need to go.

Lots of maintenance issues to come. So be prepared to spend some money.

- Amanda I

transmission needed to be replaced as warranty ran out

horrible design, seat levers on side are to high and bruise my legs.

- annie j

the gas mileage the I get in my car. How it gets me to and from work.

I love the reliability of the car. I love the features of the car.

- Jason B

it can go from city life to life on the road very easily

perfect size without being too big or small and great fuel economy

- gabriel w

I need more space with my 2 young children in carseats. If we ever have other people with us, we need to take another vehicle, it is very inconvenient.

Lots of nice frills. Bluetooth, backup cam, storage spaces, etc.

- Stephanie H

My car is very nice looking and very dependable and rides nice

It is very dependable It rides very nice It is very comfortable

- Crink S

I think it's an alright car if you really want one.

I think it's an aight car, though it's a piece of shit in snow.

- Jordan H

safety is most important and I feel that when I drive

great ride, reliable and fun to drive. I feel safe in the car.

- Erin P

I like how smooth it drives but I have start problems.

My car is great for road trips but it uses a lot of gasoline.

- Maria I

It has no car payment , which saves us 600 a month. We will get another edge

American made, comfortable, good mileage, a very likable car

- Michael D

that it is comfortable and handles well

i like that it is a comfortable size for me .. it runs well

- ann m

My 2012 The ford Edge is a great Suv. A very nice ride. I Like that It's unlimited It's fully loaded

I love everything about the ford edge. I have no complaints

- Lori T

A Lot of safety features back up camera blind spot warning system cross control air bags on sides auto backup ! Roomy interay p

Save size! Good fixable Not great gas mileage

- Dennis F

very dependable. If you need a good winter vehicle, this has clearance and AWD

Love the size. gets around good in the winter time.

- Bobbi Jo N

Ford is a name you can trust with your family members

I like the dependable and trust of my Ford.

- amy H

Love the all wheel drive.. great on gas mileage

Had to replace the shift park three times

- Melody B