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Great family car Always ready to go when you are.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my car. Comfortable and easy to drive. I can see in all four directions and on the side mirrors there are little orange lights when a car is close to me. Those lights have saved me a hundred times. We have leather seats and the drivers seat goes every which way. You set it in the control on the steering wheel. The seats are very comfortable even for long trips. It has a backup screen that shows you what is behind you even at night. Much better than just the old fashioned rear view mirror. I can set and lock my side mirrors from a control on the driver door. I love not having to roll down my window in the rain or snow. There is a place on the lower dash inside a little door where there is a place for two charging cords for our phones. We love that. The space between the seats holds a ton of junk. There is no road noise. It is a hatchback so we can haul a lot of stuff. The back seats go down to make the space bigger. Our car has had no problems. It is the most reliable car we have ever had. I absolutely love my cat.

- Susan W

I love my comfortable, reliable Edge!

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I love the Ford Edge. I want a midsize SUV that looked good and was not too sporty. I wanted it to have some power, safety features, reliability and be a comfortable car for long drives and daily community. I love the side indicator lights letting me know if it is safe to change lanes, the dashboard gives me a clear understanding of what is happening with my vehicle. The dash lets me know how many more miles I can drive on my tank of gas, how fast I'm going both with the speedometer and digital readout, it had clear warning if you are running low on gas or any fluids need attention. I love the dual climate controls and the heated seats. The moon and sun roof are wonderful! Larger than any other vehicle I've driven and a lot of fun when you live in a sunny climate. The only thing I would like is additional cup holders, better climate control in the backseat but otherwise I love the Ford Edge!

- Crystal H

The Ford Edge is the car of the future!

2015 Ford Edge

Our Ford Edge is all about safety. My favorites are the warning lights in our side view mirrors, the amazing automatic braking system, the windshield wipers that change speed according to the rainfall and the hands free technology. In addition, it is so comfortable as a passenger or the driver. Climate control is just at the touch of a hand for either the driver or passenger, including the heating and cooling of the seats. Another great feature is the ability to open my car and trunk without a key. The trunk opens with the wave of my door under the back bumper. This is a wonderful feature that I feel adds to my safety.

- Natalie E

My white 2015 ford edge that drives like a dream.

2015 Ford Edge Sport

I really like my ford edge. There's a few things I wish it had. The cloth seats are made from a material that you cannot clean. They are horribly stained. I wish I would've gotten pleather or some other option. I also wish it had a cover for the back so you could hide whatever was in the back. . It gets great gas mileage, runs smoothly, and has a lot of power. Some people say that fords steering gets loose after time, but mine's still tight. . It's a great vehicle & I shuttle 3 kids to school & activities all week long & it is done a great job getting us around.

- Meredith P

It doesn't get the best gas mileage (4 cyl ecoboost) and a low tow rating (3500 lbs)

2015 Ford Edge

We absolutely LOVE our Edge Titanium. It has pretty much everything on it that we could want, cruise, A/C, nav system, plug in, heated/cooled seats, power locks, seats, windows and sunroof, assisted parking and so much more. Easy to get in and out of and very comfortable! If I could change anything they should all come with a standard tow package, cargo cover and when you buy brand new you should get free Sirius from as long as you own the. Vehicle and discounted or free LOF as long as it's taken to a Ford dealer.

- Kambra T

Perfect family car-ford Edge!

2015 Ford Edge

I have had my Ford Edge for about 3 months and I love it. So far I have no complaints about it. It is the perfect family car(hence why we got it, we now have added 1 to our family). It is very roomy and comfortable even when filled to occupancy including a car seat. Trunk storage is big too. Fits stroller and boxes, bags all at once. My dog loves it too! My Edge has heated seats, automatic start, and a huge sun/moon roof that we love. It rides very smooth and we love taking it on trips.

- Jacquie C

It's insanely spacious and luxurious, you're going to love it!

2015 Ford Edge

Love the look of it, the comfort of the leather seats while driving, the panoramic moonroof, the large amount of backseat and front seat legroom, and the easy gas tank opening. Would prefer to have Car Play instead of the nonsense nav system it has, better ac/heat circulation in the backseat, and I wish it had the auto sensing windshield wipers, lane detection system, and the sensor to wave my foot to open the liftgate, but I still love it.

- Nunya B

Great vehicle for running around or trips.

2015 Ford Edge SE

Quiet cabin and comfortable, adjustable seats both driver and passenger. Fun to drive and handles great. It hasn't had any major mechanical problems. Dislike the small fuel tank. Plenty of room in the back for carrying cargo on trips. The air conditioner provide plenty heat and cooling for the cabin. The controls on the touch screen take a little while to figure out but easy after that. Love the seat warmers in the cooler months.

- Miriam M

Love my Ford edge! Give it a try.

2015 Ford Edge

I have had no problems with performance, reliability, etc. My 2015 Ford edge has several add-ons that I like such as suede seating, tailgate lift by foot motion, front and rear seats with a/c and heat, GPS navigation/phone, etc., and windshield wipers that can be set to come on automatically when water hits the windshield. My experience with Ford dealerships has been very good including use of quick lane for service needs.

- Nancy B

A small compact SUV but not ideal for shorter people.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the trunk space. I do not like the lack of legroom in the backseat. At about 5 ft it's tight even for me. I think the steering wheel is too far out. I have to pull my seat forward and practically have my face in the steering wheel. I wish there was a way to turn temporarily the sensors off because going thru any drive thru all i can hear are beeps. It's a small suv but not designed for small/shorter people.

- Betsy F

Spacious, lots of legroom.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

I love that it is spacious,it has plenty of legroom.The air conditioning is nice that it has air in the back seat. There is a huge trunk space big enough for a scooter and suitcases. I dislike that the air is not independent in the backseat and it also is in a bad place in the center off of the center console of the front seat. So if there is a 3rd person in the backseat the other two people don't get any air.

- Tom H

Smooth and comfortable ride with great features.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

The car is extremely comfortable to ride in and drive. My 6'3' husband fits great in it. It's even comfortable in the back seat. It averages about 22 mpg and is overall a decent car. My only complaint is that I've had to replace the o2 sensors and almost all of the powertrain (thank goodness for warranties). It really is a great ride when it comes to comfort and features, but as far as reliability, not so much.

- Katie H

In summary this has been my favorite car to own!

2015 Ford Edge SE

I am happy with the way the car drives and it is very comfortable. There is plenty of room on the back seats for the kids. The only downfall is the vents for your feet doesn't blow as strong as I would prefer. I have driven the car from a couple different states. The curse control works great and everything is very user friendly. I have only had it for about 6 months but I have no major complaints.

- Sarah H

Practical and high performance all in one

2015 Ford Edge Sport

The performance is amazing, the only problem is a bad purge valve. It looks amazing and all the reliability is good. It rides smooth and quiet and is very fast. It has air conditioned seats and they are heated. It has plenty of interior space. It handles great in all weather. I love the moon roof and all the power features. It self parks and has lane assist to keep you on the road.

- Christopher J

Ford Edge- great for families and first-time drivers

2015 Ford Edge SEL

The Ford Edge drives well and is great for anyone who needs space in their vehicle or extra passengers. The GPS system is effective and works on and offline so you can get anywhere you would like. The Bluetooth (Sync) feature is great for taking hands-free calls and connecting for music. The key-less features include push-to-start, automatic unlock when you grab the handle and have

- McKenna S

I think that others should know that Fords are made well and last long.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the interior, especially the dashboard, and the heated seats when it's cold(Yes it gets chilly enough here to use them!). I love the exterior color, blue. It's my favorite color! I really like the body style too. The only dislike that I have is the blind spot that is between the front driver door and the back driver side door when I'm glancing back to make a lane change.

- Teresa S

Modern, sleek SUV but cannot get navigation to work.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I have not experienced any problems with my vehicle. The design and body style is sleek and stylish. It is very spacious and gives me the ability to haul large items then I could when I had my car. I love the leather seats, heated. The entertainment system is nice, and I am very pleased with it. The one thing I wish worked was the navigation, but I can live without that.

- Ariel V

I love my 2015 Ford edge!

2015 Ford Edge

My 2015 Ford edge is sporty, extremely comfortable, and offers many great features. With sync technology, I use voice command for calls. Another great feature includes the driver assistance which beeps to warn you of oncoming vehicles. The rear camera that makes reversing so much easier. Aside from the great features, and comfort, it is stylish, sporty, and reliable.

- Lisa G

Very comfortable and rides smooth.

2015 Ford Edge

It is a nice SUV for a mom. I have one son and he fits perfectly in the back. Also love having room in the back to haul stuff if needed. We play baseball and all of our equipment fits perfectly in the back. It also rides real smooth. I haven't had any performance problems. It is reliable. The seats are comfortable and adjustable which helps me because I am short.

- Kayla E

The good, the bad, and the worst.

2015 Ford Edge

Reliability is not been as good as other Ford vehicles we've purchased. We have had repeated problems with a brake caliper rattling. Comfort wise it is great. Gas mile is great. Wish it had seat cooling included with seat warmers. We are considering trading it in; however, have been disappointed by the resale value. It did not hold its value well at all.

- Tanya S

Comfortable modern car that needs all wheel drive.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I think that my edge is comfortable and reliable. If I were buying again I would get all wheel drive as it does not do well in winter weather. I also wish that it could get much better gas mileage than it does. I also do not like that the phone Bluetooth feature does not work when the phone is under 50% battery. I have no complaints about any other features.

- Andrew F

Great comfortable affordable vehicle. Love it.

2015 Ford Edge

Love the ease of driving. Quality of the vehicle brand, make and model. Roomy and comfortable. Great on long trips. Great gas mileage. Comfortable seating. Ease of instruments on steering wheel. Low maintenance. Love the fold down rear seats. Great for transporting small items too large for a normal car. Handles great in wet weather and on wet or icy roads.

- Dora B

Moon roof that opens, is my most favorite part of the Ford edge.

2015 Ford Edge

I have had no problems with this car. The performance is great. It is very comfortable. And anyone who has ridden in it has not had a complaint. I did notice the other day that whenever someone is in the backseat there is a slight squeak. But other than that, nothing. I love the moon roof, it can be covered or open. And it opens up to let fresh air in.

- Elizabeth F

Top Ford Owned Vehicle of All Time

2015 Ford Edge SE

The Ford Edge is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and maintain. Easy to drive and has many qualities to this vehicle! I would buy another Ford Edge for my daughter when she becomes of age. I feel safe in the Ford Edge! I love all the features to the Ford Edge and even without an owners manual it is very easy to figure out all the features included!

- Angie H

Ford edge: affordable luxury.

2015 Ford Edge

The Ford edge is a vehicle that is reliable, fun to drive, and looks great too! I get compliments all the time on the sport level look with black rims. I love the updated look from chrome. As for driving, it is so smooth. Roomy inside for back seat passengers as well. Even includes heated seats for the backseat and both heat and cool for front row.

- Jamie M

Switched manufacturer and a very happy owner.

2015 Ford Edge

Really easy to drive, is a really comfortable car, it is roomy and I love all the features it is has to offer, especially the side mirrors which show you when a car is next to you and in your blind spot. This car replaces a different SUV, different manufacturer and I would never go back to that manufacturer and always buy fords now. Very happy.

- Lauren M

Comfort and style unmatched by competitors.

2015 Ford Edge

I have had my edge for 3 years and it has been a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. It has plenty of room for passengers and room for items that need transport, i.e., luggage, groceries, home goods, etc. Since I have had my edge I have driven similar rental vehicles when traveling, but none have matched the quality and comfort of my edge.

- Greg L

What I think about my 2015 Ford Edge. Do I like the seats? Would I repurchase?

2015 Ford Edge SE

I feel that my vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. The only issues I have are merely cosmetic or upgrades I wish I would've gotten. For example, I wish it had electric seats, touch screen radio, etc. However, it hugs the road nicely and is an easy drive in my opinion and runs smooth; I would definitely repurchase another Ford Edge again.

- Courtney H

I very good car for mommies!

2015 Ford Edge

This car is the best! I feel safe driving it! I have a baby and can take everything she needs because is a really big car. I carried stroller, diaper bag, shopping car cover, luggage, everything in my trunk! Is really good for long trips! I have this car for almost 3 years and really recommend because the security, spacious and beautiful!

- Marcella R

Sleek and spacious SUV with plenty of cargo room

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

I love my Ford Edge it has just enough room plus storage in the back. I never have to worry about it it's the most beautiful reliable vehicle I have ever had. I've had it 3 years and still going strong. Plenty enough for a family of 4 two car seats for very comfortably in the back with no issues about not enough room or to much touching.

- Tracy S

Great midsize sport utility vehicle

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

Nice black leather interior, rides very well. Lots of backseat room and cargo room. Touch screen and backup camera are very large. Handles easily, great SUV for small families. Great highway mileage and comfortable for long trips. Owned for two years and only had to the dealer once to fix an issue covered under the extended warranty.

- Kelly S

Multiple safety features make it a safer ride.

2015 Ford Edge

Smooth ride. Great safety features such as backup camera, blind spot notification, crash prevention. Sleek, stylish look. Navigation system is accurate and up to date. Seat warmer and cooling make it more comfortable in different types of weather. Option to change backlighting colors is a fun option. Great gas mileage. Fun to drive.

- Maxine G

It had a code to unlock and lock the car if you are like me and forget you keys.

2015 Ford Edge SE

It is the perfect size for a person who needs room for groceries and travel, and has no children. It's not to big or small it's the perfect size for a married couple that occasionally have to share the vehicle with one another. It is not the newest model but with this car you can purchase a used older model and it is still perfect.

- Shelby S

The Edge, A Personal Vehicle

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

The Edge is very reliable, great on gas, has tons of storage space and is very high tech. I was very impressed with the vehicle and absolutely love it! There aren't many things that I do not like. It's great on gas, has a sleek design, and the lights on the interior are awesome! It's definitely a car that can match any personality!

- Kori L

Seats a lot of people and seats are easy to put down to haul something.

2015 Ford Edge

It's so cute and looks similar to the Lexus SUV body style so it looks like a more expensive car. I love the sync option, heated seats and leather seats. I like how the seats lay down in the back and the sound system. It's perfect for the drive in movies as well. I drive over 100 miles per day and it is my home away from home!.

- Christie W

Ford Edge is a great family vehicle

2015 Ford Edge SE

I have had no problems with my Ford Edge. It seats five people very comfortably, and the layout is perfect. The back bench seat provides plenty of room for passengers sitting g in the rear of the vehicle. The front is modern and chic. I feel like I'm driving in luxury! The car runs so smoothly in addition to the visual appeal.

- Mal P

I love to drive my Ford Edge, I do not mind my 1/2 hour commute to & from work.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my Edge. It is sporty, not to big, but not to small, comfortable for long trips, spacious enough for my two labs, good on gas mileage. It has been very reliable so far. The only problem that I have been having is my tire pressure keeps being low. Not sure if my tires have a leak or if it is a problem with the sensor.

- Heather L

I love my Ford Edge and the design of the body.

2015 Ford Edge SE

It is very roomy and comfortable. I love the design of the exterior. I like the features, the backup camera, touch screen radio and maintenance information, heated and leather seats. I like the trunk/storage area. I like that the back seats lay down to add to the storage area. I love the look and color, dark gray.

- Crystal N

Good performance car all over.

2015 Ford Edge

It always starts, reliably. Petroleum consumption is not too bad. Drives well in al weather conditions. Good space both for passengers and luggage. Air conditioner and heating works well and fast. Does not fog up easily. Not too big and bulky, can always park easily. Good vision through all windows whilst you are driving.

- Karin C

Comfy ride with great gas mileage and options.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

The edge gets great gas mileage, however, the gas tank is quite a bit smaller than I am used to so it seems like I have to get gas more often. As far as the ride goes, it is a little rough over harder bumps, otherwise it is great. I love the full sunroof and heated steering wheel - who knew that was such a great feature.

- Lisa D

Love the hands free assist on the trunk/hatch.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

I love my ford edge. The titanium model is equipped with many features: backup camera, Bluetooth, Sirius cm and more. The comfort level is amazing and when driving it is a smooth ride. The hatch has a hand free assist when opening and closing and is great with kids as well. It is an amazing SUV and is not too bad on gas.

- taylor I

Sporty New Ford Edge Steals Teenager's Heart

2015 Ford Edge SEL

Super comfortable. Low maintenance. Really good gas mileage that I feel safe driving to and from school as I go to university 8 hours from home. Very sporty style which fits my personality. I haven't had any problems with my car yet. It has been really good to me, and I'd definitely recommend a Ford Edge to a friend!

- Hannah D

2015 Ford edge is great for beginners.

2015 Ford Edge

So far our 2015 Ford edge has been very reliable with no performance or comfort feature issues. It rides smooth, is easy to control, and fairly fuel efficient. It is kind of heavy, but still very easy to steer, accelerate, and break. It would make a good first vehicle for any new driver looking for a very nice car.

- Matthew L

Adventure awaits you in the ford edge titanium.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

I love my ford edge titanium. The loaded features are amazing. I feel safe and comfortable when I travel. The gas mileage is wonderful. It is sleek and sophisticated. I feel so confident every time I get into my ford edge and hit the road. I am an adventure enthusiast and this vehicle is perfect for my adventures.

- Paula B

Great, comfortable car that drives well.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the edge, it is a solid car that drives very well. The leather seats are comfortable. I love the sun roofs. I wish it had a better place to put my cell phone while driving. It has a lot of cargo space and the back seats come down very easily. Currently it has high mileage and it still drives very well.

- Kelly R

Sporty edge with good gas mileage

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

The car drives nicely however people who drive the car and aren't used to it say the brakes are very sensitive. The radio adjusts on its own and the dealership can't find anything that's causing it. Gets good gas mileage for an SUV. You have to pay to update the maps but that's how most cars are now anyway

- Natalie Y

Good for zipping around small town

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

Too small. Plastic parts don't stay attached. The speed is good. I like the wheel paddle's. The auto performance check is now out of date? This is very frustrating! The back seat is very roomy. This is my first AWD and I prefer a 4WD. I live in Colorado and I don't like taking it to high elevations.

- Stacey M

Excellent car for those who do not need third row seating.

2015 Ford Edge

Absolutely love my Ford edge. It has all bells and whistles and is incredibly comfortable for long trips and has excellent amount of space. Only problem we have had is with the wiper blades they would stop working so the motor had to be replaced and the gas mileage is not that great. But love it otherwise.

- Michaela P

Great review about fords edge.

2015 Ford Edge

Love the heated seats love the weight of car love the love the unique color love the way car handles the road love the way car handles driving in snow love the rear view mirror trunk capacity love the foldable seats love the sunroof love the way it can maneuver up the driveway in the snow and wet weather.

- Gail L

Beware of ford wheel lug nuts.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

The new ford escape is an easy car to own and drive. The only issue has been with the wheel lug nuts which over time, swell and make it impossible to get your tires rotated or changed. Very disappointed that ford has not issued a recall for this and instead you have to pay for the dealer to replace them.

- Kim C

Why the Ford Edge is good.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

Sometimes it just takes to long for the AC to work. Sometimes it takes too long for the heat to work but that is okay because we can just wait and stuff but it's whatever lol. I would suggest this car because it runs well and has a great sport mode. Holds a lot in the back and has comfortable seating..

- Aidan M

The 2015 Ford Edge SEL. Style, comfort, reliability.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

The 2015 Ford Edge is an excellent vehicle that performs as well as it looks. Sleek, peppy, and loaded with safety features including backup camera and driver and passenger side airbags. It handles beautifully, and the interior is comfortable as well as functional. Excellent vehicle for the price!

- Misty B

Pros and cons of the Ford Edge.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the safety rating on the Ford Edge. Also I enjoy the amount of space we have throughout the whole car, great for family trips. Along with the touch screen, it gives great directions on the GPS. One this that is an issue is the mpg, on average I get around 20 mpg which is hard on long trips.

- Gabrielle G

Great car with great space!

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

It is large. It took some time to get use to driving it but overall it is a great car. It comfortably fits my dogs, child, husband and lots of stuff. I do wish it was a little more eco-friendly. I spend about $50 filling up with gas every couple of weeks. Which is not bad for the size of the car.

- Hillary J

2015 Ford Edge review, I love this car!

2015 Ford Edge

I love my 2015 Ford Edge, very comfortable and reliable. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that asks. Haas many different features. Moonroof, heated seats. Back up camera and sensors as well. Perfect for my family of 4. Fits 2 car seats comfortably in the back. Plus room for 1 more to sit.

- Stephanie M

Rear camera is very helpful when backing up.

2015 Ford Edge

My Ford Edge has been very comfortable. I do like the rear camera and backup sensors. There is plenty of room in the front seats. Heated and a/c seats are a very good feature of the car. The rear seats also have the heated seats. One thing that is a problem--the headlights are not bright enough.

- Patricia B

Leather seats, heated, touch screen controls.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

This is the second edge I have bought and I have no complaints! I love the way it drives. I love the space I have for hauling everything. All of my seats fold down to allow for even more space if needed. I love the features it comes with (heated seats, back up camera, touch screen controls).

- Chelsea W

2015 Ford Edge Consumer Review - New Owner

2015 Ford Edge SEL

Vehicle is great! Love it! My style has horizontal cup holders which can be uncomfortable and awkward if you have something in them. So far I have had no maintenance issues and the ride is very smooth. The car has a lot of room and is very comfortable on long rides for driver and passengers

- Kendall B

Not worth the buck, save the extra cash for upgrade.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

The car has several details that are falling apart, such as the trim on the windows and doors. It makes the price of the vehicle too much for the quality of the car. The trim on outside of doors have peeled and turned yellow. The price of the vehicle for the upgraded model is not justified.

- Claudia E

Sleek and easy to drive. We like the white color.

2015 Ford Edge

I feel the vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and easy on gas. It delivers exactly what the dealer said it would be. We are happy with the power, gas mileage and overall comfort in the two years we have owned it. I like the white color and all the bells and whistles within the interior.

- Keith G

My 2015 is eco-boost and gets 23-24 hwy. mpg. it is a 4 cylinder Titanium all wheel drive and gets it up and down mountain roads awesomely. My 2008 Edge is hard to part with. Wife loves it's viewing capacity. Both cars look BRAND new. Take great care and garage them.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the Ford Edges. Had three, just sold one. Now have a 2015 and 2008 (just replaced water pump on '08). Oil changes, tire rotation every 3K to 5K miles. The '08 has 153K miles and I will get another 100K. Wife loves driving the '08 into the Rocky mountains because of the sunroof.

- Charles J

Ford edge is a reliable comfortable car.

2015 Ford Edge Sport

Comfortable smooth ride lots of room. Tinted windows keyless entry and ignition plus you can shift gears with your hands great for traveling. Plenty of room for my kids. Just love the style. No problems at this time. Bought it used. I recommend it. My husband wants to buy another one.

- Wendy C

A family vehicle with a sporty edge.

2015 Ford Edge

I have had no problems with my 2015 Ford edge. I have the sport package which includes 20 inch wheels, backup camera, navigation, automatic start, panoramic sunroof and more. I love all the features and especially the way it looks. It is a family vehicle that still has a sporty look.

- Wendy B

Ford edge sport -super power and awesome features in one amazing SUV.

2015 Ford Edge

Performance is top notch with over 300 horsepower twin turbo. Ride is also very comfortable. Features include built in navigation, panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seats plus safety features such as blind spot sensors, cross traffic alerts, front camera, and lane departure alert.

- Trish A

Very happy with my Escape.

2015 Ford Edge

The Escape is a smooth ride, comfortable and not bad on gas. I have some extras, like heated seats and remote start, that I really like. There is plenty of room in the cargo area and the back seats easily go down to make more room. The controls on the steering wheel are easy to use.

- Patricia K

Drives great, looks great & very dependable.

2015 Ford Edge

Very dependable safe driving car which handles well in bad weather-it’s stylish as well and fairly good on gas. The gas tank could be larger for less fill ups. A lot of nice options some of which I have never used or need to read about before using. All in all a good driving SUV.

- Patti M

I like how much room there is in the car.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I love my car. It runs really good and I have had two edges and have really enjoyed them. It gets me from place to place. My first edge had over 100,000 miles when I traded it in. It was still good car. I like the newer edges with the screens. I like how much room in the car also.

- Linnea S

Comfortable Commuter Car Critique

2015 Ford Edge Sport

I love the panoramic sunroof, although I have had several issues with getting it to close or open all the way. My Ford Edge is very comfortable to drive and the Sync features are convenient and easy to use. I wish the gas mileage was a bit better, but overall I really like my car!

- Bobbi M

System failure/dealer failure.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I just bought it 3 months ago used. It was great until this week when I had multiple system errors while driving including no power to accelerate! Now I cannot get it into the dealer for over one week! I had Toyota and Lexus before this ford and never had that happen. Not happy.

- Alice V

Love my ford edge and you should too!

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

Cruise control malfunctioned when I first got the car, but was fixed. I also had issues with the sunroof opening which was also fixed. The car is very comfortable and a good size. It has a smooth ride and I love the sporty look. I love the lift gate for when I have my hands full.

- Lauren M

Nice dependable vehicle to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

A very comfortable, dependable vehicle. Gets decent gas mileage just wish it had a little bigger tank. Drives nice & looks nice! I do not like the location of the plugin for cell phone Chargers- should be more accessible to driver. Has nice amount of room in the back for cargo!

- Patricia M

My vehicle is silver with a solid build.

2015 Ford Edge SE

The ford edge is a decent car. While driving is not the smoothest the space is more than plenty. Functions such as turning are a breeze and gas mileage is more than sufficient. Overall, this car is worth its price and you should most certainly consider buying it if on a budget.

- John M

My perspective about ford.

2015 Ford Edge

This car is comfortable and have large space is ready to have adventure in the family the gas have long duration. This design have reverse camera that help to park your in any place. This car is secure for you and easy start. The seats are reclinable. This car is made for you.

- Mercy A

This car allows me to carry 4 passengers comfortably!

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

It rides great, and is very comfortable to ride in and to drive. Gas mileage is also great for a crossover. It also looks really cool! Only thing that I have had to fix is the standard things like brakes, tires, and filters. Ford makes quality SUV's and that gets overlooked.

- Joshua H

Edge is an awesome all around vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge

No issues with this car. It is a work horse and I love. I commute 40 miles a day and for an SUV it does well on gas. Very roomy for home depot trips and driving groups around. No third row seating so may not be idle for larger families. Recommend this vehicle to a friend.

- Emily J

It is safe, the all wheel drive is fantastic, and it's a very comfortable ride.

2015 Ford Edge

I absolutely love the drive in the snow, the technology on the inside of the vehicle, the leather interior and heated seats. I also like the mpg as well as the power liftgate. However, the only dislike I have about this vehicle is that I do not have a sunroof/moonroof.

- Alyssa W

Comfortable ride. Is a very attractive vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

This has been a good reliable economical vehicle. Like the size and performance.Very comfortable inside. Sporty looking outside. Like the design of the front passenger seats. Would buy this vehicle again and have recommended to many friends. Truly like this vehicle.

- Margaret M

Very comfortable ride and great on gas too!

2015 Ford Edge

What I like most about my Ford Edge is the gas mileage. I also like the blind spot indicators on my side mirrors and the ability to open the back by placing my foot under the rear bumper. The seats are comfortable, heated and the steering wheel is easily adjustable.

- Holly H

With the sport edition it comes with larger sporty wheels that are unique.

2015 Ford Edge Sport

Love my vehicle. Small and sporty yet large enough for small families and all that comes with that. Strollers, car seats groceries etc. Sporty look inside and out. Love the standard wheels that come with the sport edition. Interior is comfortable stylish and modern.

- Brooke P

Quiet. Dependable. Good mileage.

2015 Ford Edge SEL

I have owned my 2015 ford edge for about two year. So far I have not encountered any issues with this vehicle. I get good gas mileage and the ride is quiet. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a small family as this does not have a third row for seating.


The highlight of my car is the backup camera.

2015 Ford Edge

My 2015 Ford edge is my pride we have 5 white edge and joy. We have gone to school, trips and also gone on vacation. We gets good gas mileages. We have 6 white Ford edge in the parking lot at the church every Sunday. Most of the time they are parked side by side.

- Carolyn G

Can't live without the features.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

There is lots of room and options. I love my heated and cooling seat, my panoramic window and heated steering wheel. I have the parallel parking but I don't know how to use them. I can't live without my backup camera and the sensors around the car are a must.

- Ginger H

Ford Edge forever - floating on down the road!

2015 Ford Edge

It is like riding on a cloud. I have never had a problem and it is the second one I have own and it will be my next! It is the perfect size where I am up off the road yet is not ridiculously huge. It has all the bells and whistles. I prefer the titanium package.

- Jackie N

Ford edge rocks go and buy it now.

2015 Ford Edge

My black Ford edge is the best car ever. I really love driving it. Sometimes I put it in sports mode and go really fast. It is super cool. It also is really nice and roomie, plenty of room to hold me and my cat. The black is sparkly and cool. Buy this car.

- Brooke M

It is a reliable SUV and easy to maneuver.

2015 Ford Edge

I like my SUV because I sit up high and can see so much better than sitting in a regular car. I enjoy the hands-free phone feature. I wished the screen was larger, but the backup camera feature is wonderful. My vehicle is very spacious. I am very happy with it.

- Ruby B

Has features of a more expensive car.

2015 Ford Edge

Drives well and has features of a much more expensive car. Reliable and safe. As good for long drives on the highway as it is in town. Lots of room and flexibility. I get good gas mileage and have had few problems or necessary repairs. I would get another one.

- Jenny R

Ford Edge 2015- reviewed 7-2-19

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

Really reliable. We have had some issues that were based on recalls but got them all fixed. Sometimes feel like we got the lemon. Love the side sensors and the push button/remote start. Lots of room and plenty of truck space for travel. Also safe for children!

- Brenda M

Amazing ride and style SUV.

2015 Ford Edge

Love the moon roof. Love the remote start and blink spot notification. Drives well. Has heated seats. Keyless entry makes everything easier. It is very reliable. Have yet to have a problem. Navigation was another perk I have. Very comfortable. Love the color.

- Christina M

Awesome vehicle! Family favorite.

2015 Ford Edge

Full sunroof, leather seats, spacious interior, huge trunk, fold down back seats, remote start, all wheel drive, backup camera, great car, safe, reliable, dependable, great family car, sporty, attractive, great in snow, blind spot notification, good on gas.

- Dana B

It is a perfect mid size SUV mommy vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge SE

I have been happy with this car. It is spacy enough for 1 to 2 children. The large trunk has been really useful when traveling places. We have kept the oil changed regularly and have not had any other issues. The sound works great and the seating is comfy.

- Hayley P

Comfortable streamline SUV that handles well on the road. Roomy vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium

It is roomy enough to hold the 4 - 5 people comfortably. Drives well, no road noise and easy to handle. Sound system is great. I have navigation which comes in handy as I am a Real estate agent. Panoramic roof. Plenty of cargo room as the seats fold down.

- Nina C

Great vehicle for a family

2015 Ford Edge SE

The Edge is a reliable vehicle and great for a small family. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. The backseat is roomy and you don't feel cramped. It rides great on the highway and is smooth. The one touch lock and unlock is a great feature.

- Katie E

2015 Ford Edge sel best car out there.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the vehicle. I just got it so I didn't have any complaints other than how the windshield wiper move. I am not a big fan for the fan style opposed to the regular same direction wipers. But other than that it is a great vehicle that has great power.

- Erin S

Luxury vehicle at an affordable price.

2015 Ford Edge

This car is a dream to drive on long trips. Extremely comfortable. Lots of trunk space for suitcases and shopping along the way and back. Lighting is exceptional inside and out. Heated seats are a must especially if you live in states with harsh winters.

- Sandy A

It has a great sound bass for the music. The car in general is good,

2015 Ford Edge

Performance handles great and it's very reliable car the comfortable seat are cozy. And I think the car can have little bit more suspension and torque. Its safety is good compared to other cars. It has been great with me throughout the New York weathers.

- Anthony R

Ford edge is a great car to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

The only problem I have experienced is with the breaks, they were making a weird noise so I had to get them fixed. Other than that, the care is very reliable and comfortable and has great features. I specifically enjoy the Bluetooth and the Sirius radio.

- Sierra J

Great buy, it is definitely worth it.

2015 Ford Edge

My Ford edge 2015 works extremely well. The most modern and high tech car I have ever had. It is comfortable, good on gas, and looks really smooth. There's a touch screen which adds to the look. The seats are really comfortable it makes it fun to drive.

- Phoenix P

My Ford Edge is like my white knight. It always gets me where I need to be.

2015 Ford Edge Sport

I love my edge! It drives like magic and has heated seats, backup camera and has lights for blind spots in side mirrors. Buying it was best decision ever. It has a moon roof also that lets in just the right amount of airflow my hair doesn't mess up.love

- Ilana H

Ford Edge is the way to go!

2015 Ford Edge

I love the cargo storage space in the rear of the vehicle. Lots of legroom to sit comfortably in the back seat. Reliable transportation for day to day use, great on the highway. Decent on gas typically average 26 mpg or about 360 miles per tank of gas.

- Mary C

Super great vehicle which I will for sure buy again. Will consider 2020 model.

2015 Ford Edge

No problems at all. Runs super good and ride. Is fantastic. Love all the bells and extra items. Car practically drives itself gets great mileage with the v6. Gotten as high as 30 mpg on highway. Engine quite. And all instruments easy to use and read.

- Ron L

Comfortable ride for driver and passengers.

2015 Ford Edge

Like the automated features: back up camera and display, lane departure warning, leather heated seats, dash display options, customizable features like colored background lighting. Dislike cockpit noise level, wish it had cooled seats as well.

- Jennifer L

Very comfortable ride and great on gas for the size and power of the vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge

Super comfortable ride. Seats are great for LONG car rides. Drove mine to Florida from NY several times. Got rear ended and it can take a HIT from behind at 40 and left us all safe and sound! I will buy another, and will recommend always!

- Lindsay F

It is reliable and durable.

2015 Ford Edge

I had a 2007 Edge and it was reliable and trustworthy which is why I opted to get a another one. Overall it is a good, durable vehicle. I wish it had a little more room for my family and the traction in the winter is not the best.

- shirley t

If you have car seats for small kids it is a super tight fit and sometimes rubs against the front seats. Would suggest a bigger car if possible!

2015 Ford Edge

Love the space and the design. Not a fan of the fact that I have to pay to update my navigation system every couple of years. Seems silly and a waste of money! But love my review camera and the heated seats and dual climate control!

- Stephanie O

It's reliable, and great for someone who doesn't need all the fancy extras.

2015 Ford Edge

I've had my car for over two years now, and it's been great. I use to travel to and from work, and around town. The air conditioning broke on me once, however it was still under warranty and Ford was great about getting it fixed.

- Mary L

It is comfortable to drive and it is spacious enough to carry everything I need

2015 Ford Edge

I like that it is bigger than a car because it is a small suv. I like that it has a back up camera and warning censors in the back. I wish that it had warning vendors in the front camera I can't see where the front of he car ends

- Stacy B

Keep your key on you or in your purse. You do not need to lock car!

2015 Ford Edge

Easy to drive, smooth, lots of great features, backup camera! Love the key, I always keep it in my pocket and there's no actual key to start the car just needs to n be on the person!! Also locks automatically when key not near.

- Nicole B

Built for looks and comfort.

2015 Ford Edge

The edge is well appointed and designed for comfort. The panoramic sunroof brings in so much light and allows for a dynamic ride. I appreciate the heated steering wheel and seats the most! Gas mileage could be better in town.

- Tyler D

It has lots of safety features. I especially love the "blind spot" indicators.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the Edge. It is the perfect size for my family, and fits our needs. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. I love the amenities. The only thing I'd change is to add more air vents/flow to the back passengers.

- Annie T

If you drive it at the speed limit and don't pass every one you get real good gas mileage

2015 Ford Edge

I really can't say that I found anything the I dislike. I love how it handles on the road and the comfort of riding in it.I guess it could be bigger when I have the kids because of the wheelchair but all in all it is roomy.

- Betty E

Good vehicle, just have to get use to the quirks. Not the greatest on gas mileage. Doesn't always work with your smartphone.

2015 Ford Edge

Bigger front end than I am use to. Sometimes because it is "smart" it doesn't always do what I want, ie... it locks the doors when I get out but then go to the other side of car, or doesn't unlock when I try to open it

- Camden O

My 2015 Ford Edge Titanium.

2015 Ford Edge

This vehicle is perfect for a single person or family. It's been 3 years and it is just as smooth as when it came off of the lot. Not the greatest gas wise for city but an absolute machine on the highway. Great vehicle!

- Andy F

It's a perfect size; not too big and bulky but big enough to hold everything you want to bring with you.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the size of the suv, it's big enough to hold kids and everything I need, but small enough to be easy to drive and fit into parking spaces. I enjoy the features, and I just overall like the look of the suv.

- Jessica C

The ride is very smooth and it feels like a luxury car on the inside. Highly recommend!

2015 Ford Edge

The interior is very sleek and looks like a luxury car. The sun/moonroof is massive and is the full length of the roof. I did have a crack in the sunroof and did read online a lot of people having that problem.

- Nicole D

My car is dependable and is comfortable for driving and the for the passengers who ride.

2015 Ford Edge

This Ford Edge averages 25-26 miles per gallon of gas. I really have no complaints about the vehicle except I previously had a Chrysler Town and Country Van and there is just not as much room. No complaints.

- Deborah V

People should know that Ford is a brand you can trust. They make good vehicles.

2015 Ford Edge

Really a nice vehicle. Is loaded with top of the line features. Only regret is not getting front camera. Only complaint would be for the seats to be a bit larger. Seems like you are sitting in a small chair.

- Pat G

Have not had any issues in 3 years! Only had to do regular maintenance like oil changes!

2015 Ford Edge

Very roomy and comfortable vehicle...I also love the design both inside and out. The dash and steering area are modern and clean. My only complaint is I wish gas mileage were better as I get about 21 mpg.

- jane c

Quality and comfort and stylish if you ever buy an edge you will purchase a second one. I did

2015 Ford Edge

I love my Ford Edge. It is very comfortable. It rides very smoothly. Everything is at my fingertip. I love the hands free device. I have heated and air conditioned seats the heat is wonderful in winter

- Lynnn M

It is perfect if you do not want a big suv but you do not want a sedan type of car.

2015 Ford Edge

It is a beautiful blue color, and it is a crossover. It is not to small and not to big. It is very good on gas and it is comfortable. I really like it. My only complaint is it tends to have blind spots.

- Heather L

that is is a midsize suv that is perfect for a family of 4

2015 Ford Edge

i love the amount of room it has in the backseat for my 2 kids. the front is very spacious as well. i dislike how much dust comes in from the hatch as well as the mud and snow buildup on the back doors

- Kasey B

It is a good and dependable vehicle.

2015 Ford Edge

No complaints it is everything anyone can ask for. It has plenty of room for 2 car seats and someone can still sit in the middle. The back has plenty of room for groceries or luggage if your traveling.

- Riva M

It's a great ride; lots of room; clean lines and a good look.

2015 Ford Edge

Roomy enough for my family, but not excessive on fuel consumption Handling & suspension make it comfortable Dislike: transmission can be less than responsive. SYNC system can be slow and unresponsive

- Heath B

this model is very fuel efficient. you get good MPG

2015 Ford Edge

LIKE: very fuel efficient, has a great built in navigation system, inter changeable indoor lights, and a big sunroof. DISLIKE: too expensive for this model, very small space to fit 2 car seats

- fran l

It is a very comfortable car, has excellent trunk space.

2015 Ford Edge

Great car, very comfortable to drive and accelerates nicely. Does not get great gas mileage compared to other crossovers and have had recurring problems with the windshield wipers not working.

- Michaela G

Get the Titanium package. It has all the bells and whistles and very worthwhile.

2015 Ford Edge

I love all the amenities in my car. It has built in navigation, bluetooth, heated seats and more. It gets about 19 mpg in the city. It's a beautiful blue color and extremely roomy.

- Cara B

I Absolutely Love My Ford Edge

2015 Ford Edge

I absolutely love the Ford Edge. I have had it for about 3 years and other than a small fixable oil leak it has never given me any problems. It's comfortable and has great gas mileage.

- Christie C

Ford edge is an excellent car with very few issues.

2015 Ford Edge

The performance of the vehicle is really good, it is comfortable and pretty reliable. The only issues I have had with it is just with the breaks on the car, they made a weird noise.

- Sierra J

Has a backup camera which helps backing up. Also has an automatic lift gate which comes in handy when your hand are full

2015 Ford Edge

I am a Ford person and when the edge came out I fell in love. It is good on gas and very comfortable. I like all the added things it comes with. This is my second Edge since 2011.

- Sheila Z

Tires need air constantly.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the trunk door has many open/close options. Pressing the button from the driver side or pressing the button on the door and the foot swipe under the car to close the door.

- Sylvia S

It is reliable and handles well. It is comfortable.

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle has a smooth ride. It handles very well. The bucket seats are very comfortable. The seats heat and cool. I love the color. It is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned.

- Kori S

Reasonably priced and very efficient.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my Edge because it is very comfortable and roomy and handles well in snow and in mountains. It is economical and very safe and has the features that I want in my car.

- Sally K

The back seat reclines back about 6 inches making easier to get a cat nap.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my 2015 Ford sel edge. It is spacious and great on gas. Road trips are a last in it because of the amazing speakers and Bluetooth. It is also a great family vehicle.

- Victoria S

This car is very comfortable and great for traveling, it has great gas mileage.

2015 Ford Edge

My car has great features. Dual air conditioning, heated seats, sunroof, and heated mirrors. This car also has power seats release. It is a great car and very comfortable.

- Shannon C

It's been extremely reliable and roomy. Great smaller option to the explorer

2015 Ford Edge

I really enjoy it and have had zero issues. I wish it had more features and a larger screen. I also wish it had smaller features like auto seats and rear mirror defrost.

- Sarah C

Excellent electronic features to assist driver.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the size of this vehicle. It is roomy even without third row seating. Great features in this vehicle like large monitor for backup cam and heated leather seats.

- Jen L

Very fast but beautiful vehicle

2015 Ford Edge

There's no problems on the performance. It's very fast comparing to the other vehicle. On my first drive I was really fast and even I press the gasoline just a little.

- Nocil O

I really appreciate the way that it handles on the road

2015 Ford Edge

We haven't had any problems yet, but the comfort is wonderful, the reliability is really good, and the features, like the GPS, the hands free bluetooth is wonderful

- Jerry P

It is very comfortable and stylish

2015 Ford Edge

I have had the best luck with my Ford Edge. It is reliable and very comfortable. My family loves the ride and so do I. I only take it in for oil changes great car

- Lisa E

Comfortable car for traveling long distance. Nice looking.

2015 Ford Edge

This a very comfortable car.... has good acceleration. The right size for the traveling we were doing in retirement. It fits five adults ver6 comfortably.

- Alan M

American built and serviced by American company

2015 Ford Edge

Nice looking with a lot of space. Has a very comfortable cabin. has all of the safety features and navigation tools necessary to travel anywhere in the country

- Larry L

It feels sturdy but is also easy to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the feel of a strong, heavy-duty vehicle. The Edge feels this way but is not too big. The midsize is the perfect combination of SUV and easily drivable.

- Laurie R

It has excellent handling and i love how stylish it is as the same time.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my ford truck, it has enough room in the back to help me move things such as furniture and still be able to fit at least 4 people in the front as well.

- Oswaldo F

It is the second Edge I've owned. I like it that much.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the size and the way it handles. I also like the cargo space. It has comfortable seats. I do not like the gas mileage. They could do better with that.

- Judie P

The handling. Snow and mountains are no problem.

2015 Ford Edge

My Edge is a great car. There is lots of room and easy to get in and out of for me since I am older. It handles well on snow and has great fuel economy.

- Bruce T

The space it has in the trunk. . So much room for traveling.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my moonroof, my GPS system, my extra room in the trunk. I like my voice activation system were I can voice who I want instead of being on my phone.

- Gabriel H

How easy it is to get into it.

2015 Ford Edge

I love Ford, always buy Ford.Ramsey Ford/mark hyman are wonderful. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle and we have bought only Fords since 1965.

- Donna E

It is safe and reliable. It gets me wherever I need to go no problem. And it's pretty.

2015 Ford Edge

My car is the first vehicle I have ever owned. It's reliable, safe and gets me where I need to go. It's the nicest thing I have ever owned. It's my baby.

- Katie C

The interior is roomy and it is very responsive. It has pretty decent gas mileage, and no major issues as of yet.

2015 Ford Edge

Very comfortable and reliable. Good pick up, performs will in traffic and on the open freeway. No real problems associated with this vehicle, as of yet.

- James W

It is comfortable and safe.

2015 Ford Edge

It is big enough to make me feel safe on the road, it rides smoothly, and it has room to haul lots of stuff. I love having it when going on road trips.

- Melanie M

Drives good in bad weather.

2015 Ford Edge

Very comfortable driving and dependable in bad weather. Do not like the front window sides as it seems to block vision somewhat because it is thick.

- Patti M

It is the most comfortable and reliable car you will ever own.

2015 Ford Edge

My edge is roomy and comfortable. My edge is the perfect height to make me feel safe. My edge gets very good gas mileage. It's safe and dependable.

- Cynthia C

Ford Edge review. Travel Link is best!

2015 Ford Edge

Very comfortable ride for driver and passenger. No mechanical problems since I have had the car. Extra features are wonderful, GPS, Travel Link.

- Diana R

Comfortable to drive and very attractive looking.

2015 Ford Edge

Love my Edge. I had a sedan before this purchase. I like sitting up higher when driving, it is quiet with no road noise, and is very comfortable.

- Mary S

It is features make it feel very safe to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

Car drives great, all the features are great. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. Plenty of room for great dane and luggage at the same time.

- Kelsey K

I love the blinking light in my side mirror when a vehicle is in my blind spot.

2015 Ford Edge

My 2015 Ford edge is great on gas mileage and it hasn't ever broken down on me. It is easy to drive and park and is comfortable for long trips.

- Holly H

great space in back seat area, trunk is sloped so can't fit as much as it looks

2015 Ford Edge

Love the size of the crossover and space inside. I wish it had more features but It's a base model so thats my fault. Love the back-up camera.

- Nicole B

Great car for a mom of 2 or 3

2015 Ford Edge

I love that it handles bad weather well and has hauling ability. There's plenty I'd cargo space and i can fit 3 car seats in it if need be

- Nicole E

It's spacious and safe with good gas mileage. I feel comfortable driving others in my car.

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle does the job. It is dependable and has just the technology I need. I have bluetooth that connects to my phone and rear camera.

- Megan V

The Ford Edge is a very comfortable vehicle to sit in and drive

2015 Ford Edge

I love the interior space the Edge has and the way it drives. It is a great looking vehicle. I can't think of anything I dislike on it.

- Linda w

Handles very well in all weather!

2015 Ford Edge

I don't like the body style. I don't like the interior. I don't like the color. I like the gas mileage. I like the radio and technology.

- Cate G

The rides very smooth. The look of the vehicle is sleek, the back up camera is extremely accurate.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the comfortable ride. I do not love the brakes because they are jerky. I've had a few issues with the electronic system as well.

- Sherri M

The one most important thing others should know is that ford is a reliable company for the most part. It could also hold my whole family comfortably.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the modern features such as bluetooth and navigation. I also like the size and compactness of the car. The handling is nice too.

- Andres R

It is quiet when driving. You don't hear any "road" noise. It is very comfortable.

2015 Ford Edge

I love this Edge. I previously had a car and this Ford is so much better. It also has me sitting higher in the vehicle when driving.

- Mary t

Great performance, size, and value for a SUV!

2015 Ford Edge

Very reliable, no major maintenance issues. My only problem with the vehicle is poor gas mileage. I average 17-18 mpg for the vehicle.

- Brian M

The side view mirror flashes when something enters the blind spot.

2015 Ford Edge

I have adjustable seats they are comfortable for long drives. I have heated seats, cruise control and keyless entry. I love this car.

- Joyce W

It is worth having. A really classy car with lots of room.

2015 Ford Edge

This is a luxury sedan. It rides very smooth and is very comfortable for long trips. It has a powerful engine and gets good mileage.

- Nora S

Do your research before buying a Ford edge.

2015 Ford Edge

Door sensors, says door is open when it is not automatic seats are now moving very slowly. Touch sensors do not work half the time.

- Laura B

It is very comfortable, quite roomy, and fun to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

Really enjoy the driving, it is comfortable and easy to operate. It has plenty of interior room. Do not like the large front end.

- Mark M

It's a Ford, built tough built to last. Cheap great car.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the mileage i get from it, one thing i dislike is that it doesn't have sunroof.also i wished that seats were more flexible.

- Angel R

Lots of cargo space. We can fit 6 large suitcases plus carry on bags in the back.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the way it drives. It gets great gas mileage. Love the cargo space in the back and the fact that I can put the seats down.

- Jacqui j

It is easy to drive and looks nice.

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle is new to me recently. It was purchase with 50k miles on it and it drives like new. It is the perfect size for an SUV.

- Abbie K

Great midsize suv, gas mileage is ok, not great.

2015 Ford Edge

Have had no issues with it it just is too small for my growing kids. Would stick with a larger ford if we got a good deal on it.

- Nicole H

This is the perfect car to start your college career in.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the ford edge navigation system. It has a great color: blue. It can hold a lot of items including furniture and clothes.

- Leah S

It is uncomfortable. I haven't had any recalls.

2015 Ford Edge

I like that it's dependable gets me to where I need to go. I don't like it because I feel cramped and its very uncomfortable.

- Kathleen K

SUPER MOM CAR for Everyone

2015 Ford Edge

Love the vehicle. Roomy for my two kiddos. Has all the bells and whistles. I get great gas mileage for running kids all over

- Danielle P

It is pretty nice and affordable. The seats are nice and it has great fuel economy.

2015 Ford Edge

The seats aren't the most comfortable. But it runs very smoothly. I wish I got leather seats though. The fuel is also great.

- Marcus B

The truck always starts and is easy to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

Like the way it handles -. Easy to drive. Easy to load. Can reach the top to wash. Bought used - do not like interior color.

- Tracy G

Reliable and smooth ride all the time.

2015 Ford Edge

Love it with all my heart. It is very reliable. Has XM radio, blind spot detections, remote start. Maintenance is very easy.

- Christina M

Great Room and space. Reliable.

2015 Ford Edge

No issues. Great smooth ride and holds a lot. Big back seat and comfortable leg room in front even with car seats in back.

- Kristi H

It is good on snow and ice.

2015 Ford Edge

So reliable, very good in ice and snow. Good storage. Good leg room. Wish it had climate control in the back for passenger.

- Karin C

Handles well in the winter. It does tow well.

2015 Ford Edge

No complaints on the Ford edge. I like the way it handles. Tows a side by side well. Backseat is comfortable to travel in.

- Toni C

It's very comfortable for both passengers and the driver.

2015 Ford Edge

It's comfortable. It gets relatively good gas mileage. It has been extremely reliable. I just like everything about itt.

- Karrie P

It is a nice practical size.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the size, the heated seats, the sunroof. It has a lot of nice standard features, heated steering wheel, lift gate.

- Darcy K

It rides like a dream. It is comfortable to seat 5 adults.

2015 Ford Edge

It is very comfortable. I like the way it drives. I have had transmission problems twice. So I am not happy about that.

- Gayle J

This Vehicle rides very smooth

2015 Ford Edge

I love everything about this vehicle. All the features, the design and the power is has. There is nothing I hate about it

- Hopeton c

I love all the features and the way the car drives

2015 Ford Edge

Loud noise from windshield or sunroof. Have had in for repair twice. The noise still happens when I drive on the highway.

- Cari M

It is so comfortable to ride in.

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle rides smoothly. It has a lot of features. Warming seats, cooling seats. I love the color and the body style.

- Korri B

Gas Usage and easy to operate.

2015 Ford Edge

Easy to operate. Good or gas. Roomy inside and plenty of room to seat five adults. Price for the automobile was great.

- Paul W

Using rear seats greatly reduces storage capacity.

2015 Ford Edge

Like size, handling, looks, maneuverability, interior layout, power accessories. Dislike nothing, except city mileage.

- Scott T

It is a dependable vehicle, that can meet the needs of many.

2015 Ford Edge

I like my Ford Edge a lot! It gives be plenty of space to go on family trips and carry all the things I need for work.

- Linsey T

Perfect for one person and dogs! Perfect size to pack and travel comfortably

2015 Ford Edge

I Love the Titanium model, the only thing I do not like is the windshield wipers don't cover the driver's side enough

- laura l

All the electronic stuff is very sensitive. The door locks and the brakes seem to be very sensitive.

2015 Ford Edge

Overall I enjoy my Edge very much. If there is anything to complain about it would be that it is smarter than I am.

- Jeanette P

The comfort and styling are great

2015 Ford Edge

Love the ease of access, with physical problems this is important . Comfort is another plus. I enjoy the technology.

- Dale S

Nice one! Good performance, nice mileage and comfort.

2015 Ford Edge

Nice one! It is good to drive and manage it. I can use for both long and short drive. Fuel efficiency is also good.

- Test T

It is one of the most comfortable and reliable cars I have ever owned.

2015 Ford Edge

The 2015 ford edge has heated seats, panoramic sunroof, leather interior, sync, navigation and is all wheel drive.

- Jerrod S

The safety features, it's fun and easy to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

I like everything about the car. No complaints about the car that I drive. I love the car. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Jamie R

super quiet inside when driving

2015 Ford Edge

There is nothing that I don't like about my vehicle. I love the way it handles. It is very roomy and comfortable.

- Mimi T

The Edge is a great ride.

2015 Ford Edge

No engine issues. Very comfortable, roomy, stylish. Great in the snow. Love the sunroof. Smooth ride, good on gas.

- John M

Edge. Beautiful red color easy to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

Is a good car, rides smooth, reliable, has everything you need an more. Red is a beautiful color an easy to spot.

- Nancy H

How good the gas mileage is. For a suv it gets almost 20 mpg in the city.

2015 Ford Edge

It gets really good gas mileage. The mpg is better than my last crossover/suv. It's very comfortable on trips.

- Nalani d

nice car horrible electronics

2015 Ford Edge

Nice vehicle but it is a pig for gas and has a horrible electronics system in that I have had 2 major failures

- Jay M

It is a great car for small families.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the gas mileage and the leather seat. I dislike that it is not 3rd row seating and it is not a Tahoe.

- Mikayla L

It was a good value for the money paid.

2015 Ford Edge

It is reliable. The gas mileage is decent. It has decent cargo space. I really have no complaints about it.

- Brian W

All the safety devices installed and the cars super performance.

2015 Ford Edge

Has a great ride, good gas mileage, very comfortable and dependable. A ton of extras. No complaints at all.

- Ron G

It is decent on gas. It is not a large SUV, it is not flashy but very practical.

2015 Ford Edge

I recently had my transmission go out on my vehicle. I love all the features and space within my vehicle.

- Angelique H

How smooth and fun it is to drive. It's very roomy too.

2015 Ford Edge

Love the agility and smooth acceleration. Wish it had a push button hatch/trunk automatic open and close.

- Valerie T

It is sporty, reliable and fun to drive. I really like the features and I love this model so much that this is my 2nd one.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my Edge. It gets good gas mileage, has style and great features. Most importantly, It's reliable.

- Laura E

Ford makes a quality product.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the inside roominess. I like the design of the vehicle. The car has a quiet and comfortable ride.

- Michele B

Storage space is good. Fuel mileage is also good.

2015 Ford Edge

Have owned this vehicle for approximately 2 years. Have not had any mechanical issues during ownership.


It is a perfect size and rides very well.

2015 Ford Edge

It is a nice ride. It has lots of room. Could get better gas mileage. It is the 2nd edge I have owned.

- Judi P

I love the backup camera. Room enough for two car seats also!

2015 Ford Edge

Very comfortable. Love the backup camera. Great leg room and large trunk space. Electronic everything.

- Felicia S

My car is awesome. I love it. It's great for just driving but it's also great to pick things up with.

2015 Ford Edge

I love Ford. I think they make great cars and the Edge is no exception. It's stylish yet practical.

- suzanne L

Ford Edge: it's a solid car that'll basically last forever.

2015 Ford Edge

I feel very safe in it. It was easy to get familiarized with and there's so much room for activities!

- Randi C

More than just a grocery getter

2015 Ford Edge

Stylish, comfortable, roomy, reliable, innovative, modern, dependable, sporty, mobile work station .

- Kathryn L


2015 Ford Edge


- theresa s

Smooth ride with plenty of room!

2015 Ford Edge

This car is so comfortable, roomy, and rides so smoothly. I love the trunk feature and my moon roof!

- Kristina P

Reliability and dependability is unprecedented and service

2015 Ford Edge

Love my Edge. It's roomy and loaded with almost everything I could think of. Love my sales guy Alan

- Elizabeth D

The car has a lot of space and many different [places to put things which in many cases can be closed

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle is 1 2015 Ford Edge and it is roomy and spacy and has the power to pull out into traffic

- Rick H

great safety features. And It's has a navigation system with hands free phone

2015 Ford Edge

It's very comfortable. I like the navigation system with wireless phone. And the safety features

- Loni T

It's amazing and it is very roomy inside. AAlso has leather seats.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the color. I don't like big hips it as. I love the space inside and i love the gas mileage.

- Marie K

Color and maintenance and performance of the car. Fuel efficiency.

2015 Ford Edge

Liked the car very much. Comfortable seating and smooth driving. So far no complaints about my car

- Saritha V

It's a v6 that has a lot of horsepower.

2015 Ford Edge

My vehicle is great on car. Has a lot of horsepower. Gets me to where I need to go efficiently.

- Will A

It's a great family car and affordable

2015 Ford Edge

Love how roomy it is. It's a great family car and very comfortable for me and my family!

- Aleigha A

I love most everything about it except for the headlights. The headlights are not wide enough on the low beam. Also I am not a fan of the push button start on cars these days.

2015 Ford Edge

That even though it can be considered a family car,it would be a great fit for everyone.

- Debbie g

It drives very smooth and accelerated quickly and smoothly.

2015 Ford Edge

Has a clean look. Smooth ride. Perfect size for my family. Good amount of storage space

- Mallorie R

Not very efficient and fiable car and it consume too much gas

2015 Ford Edge

Like the exterior design, i like the envine power but i don't really like the interior.

- John B

The sport mode has different type of wheels compared to normal trims so may be more difficult to replace

2015 Ford Edge

Great engine, slick sport look, tinted windows, and a lot of cargo room. No dislikes

- Zach W

The gas mileage is better than advertised, it's worth it!

2015 Ford Edge

I love the electronics in my car. It's comfortable to drive in. Easy entry and exit.

- Kristin W

It is dependable . It holds the road good. Looks good

2015 Ford Edge

It Handles very well. Very comfortable on trips. It is decent on gas. Sharp looking

- Cecile M

so far has been very reliable and i really enjoy it.

2015 Ford Edge

I really like the size and shape but not a fan of the power when i accelerate.

- carrie o

It's the safest car on the market. and handles the road great.

2015 Ford Edge

Love it, it go thru the snow great, and is the safest car on the market.

- Mark W

Value for the money . This car will be easy to drive and has a good look and quality build

2015 Ford Edge

My car is good-looking and nice steer it on roads with balanced mileage

- Siva A

My Edge is the ideal size for everyday use and versatile enough to haul people, groceries, or furniture. Its is very comfortable for road trips and economic too. I plan to have it for many years.

2015 Ford Edge

For safety, economy, and versatility, Edge edges out the competition.

- Carol G

It has good get up and go.

2015 Ford Edge

I love the room inside the cabin. I wish it had better fuel mileage.

- Toni W

I like my Ford edge because it seems pretty dependable, and it seems to ride all right

2015 Ford Edge

The ride could be a bit smoother and the back could use more storage

- Jill L

No problems, runs well. Did have to replace a part that was leaking oil but it was still under warranty so Ford covered it. No issues since then.

2015 Ford Edge

It's a standard midsize SUV with decent features even at base price.

- Katie L

I really love my car because it has the pick up I need on the highway and it has plenty of space to take items back and forth from Florida to Pennsylvania

2015 Ford Edge

It has has good power and reasonable MPG and that is important to me

- Rick S

It's safe for my the transport my children in.

2015 Ford Edge

I love my vehicle very much. The color is nice. It runs smoothly.

- Gina P

It has perfect cup holders and comfy seats. Quiet smooth ride.

2015 Ford Edge

Great. Super. Perfect for my needs. Never had a better vehicle.

- Sally S

safety features and all wheel drive

2015 Ford Edge

really nice style and safe to drive in the snow and all weather

- sandra G

They should know that it drives really smooth and turns great

2015 Ford Edge

I don't like that it is so small I wish it was a little bigger

- Ashley S

The quality for the money is great on my Ford Edge. Quality car.

2015 Ford Edge

I like the size and design. It handles well, easy to maintain.

- Karen t

It is very good for driving. It is also very comfortable. Plus it looks nice.

2015 Ford Edge

It handles very well. It also isn't bad because it was cheap.

- Jeff H

the appearance and handling is excellent. also, the interior is is spacious.

2015 Ford Edge

style appearance speed handling interior design and looks.

- john h

Its fully loaded and comfortable. I had an Acura MDX before and regret not buying another one. The Edge just doesn't have as much room as I would like it to have.

2015 Ford Edge

It's fun to drive and comfortable. Also super easy to park!

- Melissa H

it is all wheel drive and handles great in the snow

2015 Ford Edge

I love it! It handles great and ford makes a great product

- Jodie m

High tech equipment smooth good power Loaded with options

2015 Ford Edge

No complaints Comfortable Good ride Dependable Stylish

- Dale B

This vehicle has a very large hatch/ trunk space, I am able to fit the jogging stroller and groceries in it! Very comfortable seats, the driver's seat has power adjustments for seat height, closeness to steering wheel and lumbar support- plus they're heated. Perfect car for families, travelers or someone that likes to shop a lot

2015 Ford Edge

Gas mileage is great for highway but very poor for local

- Kristin B

It is a very Comfortable and quiet car.

2015 Ford Edge

It is quiet gets good gas mileage I have no complaints.

- larry D

Good on gas and great to drive. Easy to operate and fun.

2015 Ford Edge

Great economy vehicle plenty of room and fun to drive.

- Paul W

Good on gas.gets me where I need to go.a pleasure to drive.

2015 Ford Edge

It's easy to park,Good on gas.I have no complaints.

- Betty K

I like that it sits up high and gets good gas mileage. It's the best of both worlds in that regard. I wish it had a larger engine.

2015 Ford Edge

It has a lot of room for both passengers and cargo.

- Emily K