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Ford edge lessee critique.

My edge is basically a decent car. The mileage is not good; the sync gets stuck every couple months. It has power, but takes a moment for it to kick in. The voice activation is very frustrating; it often is light years away from what I actually ask it to do. For an SUV crossover, it is comfortable. I love the panoramic moonroof. However, I find I have more room for stowing gear, etc., with a sedan. One big pet peeve is the hatch release on the back hatch. You are supposed to be able to stick your foot under the back bumper to have the hatch open by itself; I can never get it, and look foolish sweeping my leg back and forth under my car with my arms loaded with groceries. The seats have enough adjustments anyone can get a comfortable setting.

- Julie F


I love my vehicle. Although after a few years of owning it, when it is extremely hot outside the radio screen tends to go black or blank. The air conditioning sometimes does not cool off right away and the seats tend to stain easily. The check engine light did come on recently and I went to get that checked out and it said it was my O2 sensor. Overall I love the look of my car and the inside detail. I wish I was able to afford an upgraded version because I really love the fog lights and unfortunately my make of the vehicle does not come with it. The size of my car in the inside is roomy and it is bigger than the Ford Escape. I also wish I would not have went with flat white.


The edge titanium is a great family car with great safety features.

The car drives great, is roomy and comfortable. I love the sun roof, the backup camera, and the side warning indicators are great. The phone is a little bit difficult to use because it does not react accurately and when I listen to a text message, it lists the phone numbers of everyone in a group test. It would be nice to have better gas mileage. I get about 24 mpg on the road. The driver's seat belt is a little uncomfortable because it rubs my neck. It is a little difficult to see where the front of the car is. The backup camera is great. I purchased an all wheel drive since I live in the Midwest, but this past winter, really didn't have a chance to use. It.

- Carol S

Affordable, Spacious, Reliable; Luxury Without the Price Tag

I love the Ford Edge. It's a reliable, comfortable, and beautiful car. For someone that can't afford typical 'luxury' items, this car definitely feels like luxury but isn't priced like it. As a midsize SUV, I think it definitely has a rather spacious interior where I can fit anything and everything I would ever need anywhere I go. The fuel economy is amazing, and I find that I can travel about 25 miles per gallon of gas (Less in the city, more on the highway, of course). This car has never failed me and it's always safe to drive. The breaks are sensitive, the turning is smooth and fluid. A great and reliable vehicle all around.

- Serena T

Has all the bells and whistles!

I love all of the special features included it in my vehicle, especially the touch screen monitor that controls temperature, music, navigation, among other things. The seat position memory is helpful, especially since my husband and I are very different heights. The heated leather seats are great in the winter. I also love the information on the dashboard, especially the oil life percentage, miles to empty display, and the tire pressure display. Overall this is a great vehicle, and it gives us better gas mileage than a large SUV while still supplying more cargo room and cab room than a car.

- Miranda K

For the price range, the features available and roominess were better.

The Edge is a very comfortable ride with many safety features. It seats 5 comfortably with reclining back seats. It has the blind spot indicators on the mirrors, backup camera, leather interior, heated seats, remote start, hands free liftgate. For the price range I was shopping in, this was the best vehicle for me. My previous vehicle was also a 2011 Ford Edge with all of the bells and whistles. When I was shopping for another car, I test drove Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet. But realized that for around the same price, I could have the luxury I was used to.

- Joanne T

It's a luxury SUV that has all the bells and whistles you want.

It's a smoothing riding luxury car that has a $4500 computer, GPS system. It has heated seats, cruise control, dual control A/C and heat. A sunroof and moonroof, lumbar seats, power seats, backup camera, Sirius XM radio, CD player, mirror warning lights, and leather interior. I've driven in 33,000 miles in 23 months all over the country and the only thing I've done to it is gas, oil changes and car washes. It has a V6 engine that gets 20-22 mpg city and 23-26 highway. I recommend if you're looking for a mid size luxury SUV you consider the Edge SEL.

- Craig B

It's a reliable car. If you simply take care of it, by checking fluids regularly it will last a good long while. More comfortable ride than most other SUVs and it handles well in snow and difficult road conditions. Easy to understand controls and gauges.

I have owned this car in the past and loved it. My previous edge is still owned by a family member and has almost 200K miles, so opting to purchase a new one was a no brainer. It's reliable, comfortable to drive, and had ample room for my needs. The driver's seat is not as comfortable in the newer (2016) model as it was in the 2007 model however, and that is a major disappointment. For shorter people, not being able to properly adjust the headrest or lumbar makes me want to trade it in for something more comfortable to drive for long periods.

- jallie b

The Ford Edge a superior roomy and comfortable ride, front or back.

I've owned my Ford Edge a little over a year now and I must say that I am extremely satisfied and happy with my purchase. It is very roomy and leggy while comes in handy for a larger guy like myself. The gas mileage is great on the highway but it's a bit lacking in the city. But it is an SUV so it's to be expected. It handles very well in the rain as well as snow and ice. I recently rode in the back seat and can now say that it is an extremely comfy ride in the back as well. Great purchase I'd definitely do it again.

- John B

Great stylish reliable family-of-three car!

We have not had any problems with the vehicle these past three years, it performs great and looks good, as we do maintenance on it as scheduled and needed, so we have been able to rely on the Edge for our family vehicle. It is comfortable for a family of three, and hope it continues to be when we have an addition... child car seats! Features are up to date with Bluetooth capability and hands-free phone use. However, we do with the USB connection port was more accessible, our hands don't quite fit well to get to it.

- Vanessa T

My Ford Edge is a smooth spacious car that is perfect in all weather.

This is my second edge. I love the performance, the smooth ride. Winter driving is horrendous in Iowa but the AWD in the Edge makes life so much easier! The leather interior is very comfortable. I love the panoramic sunroof. The back up monitor makes life much easier. There is so much room in the trunk area for groceries or suitcases. The only gripe I have is the side mirrors are a slight bit of a blind spot but over time I have learned to navigate this with no problems.

- Jodi M

Absolutely love this vehicle!

Absolutely love this car. While owning this vehicle I have not had any problems. The vehicle drives very smooth and is easy to drive. It is very reliable as it is an all wheel drive and also has key features park aid and back up assistance. Comfort is another bonus with this vehicle. The seats are extremely comfortable with buttons to adjust to your liking on how hard or soft you might like the seat against your back. Would definitely recommend buying a similar vehicle.

- Nicole E

I am always living ‘in the edge’.

I love my edge! I went from a small car, to this SUV, which provided a more spacious environment to drive in. I drive a lot for work & it has always been a comfortable & smooth drive. The only issue I have had is the lining of the drivers side rear door, which has started to com lose; however it is an easy fix. Otherwise, I have enjoyed the comfort & space, as well as the vehicle maintenance. I feel safe to drive in this vehicle & have enjoyed the ride.

- Dev S

2016 ford edge review. Heated seats/steering wheel, & blind spot indicators.

The front passenger seat/leg room can be short when I have the seat all the way up in order for me to see out the rear passenger side window. The gas mileage is not good at all, about 15 to 16 miles to the gallon, and the pickup is poor. The sync system goes out too many times. But, on the other hand, the car is very reliable as far as motor goes. I like the blind spot indicators that are located in the side view mirrors.

- Lynn M

Loads of room and great value!

I purchased my first Ford car when my Lexus needed expensive repairs while on a vacation 1000 from home. The Focus ended up being too small and having some issues. I started looking for a new car soon after. My two main "wants" were to be wider than the Lexus rx350 and higher than the Focus. As soon as I got in the Ford edge I knew this was the one. I am enjoying it every day! The only drawback is the slow acceleration.

- Randy G

A solid crossover for daily driving.

I love the interior of the Edge. It's very roomy without being huge on the outside. Honestly there are bigger Fords that aren't as comfortable inside. We did have some electrical problems when a fuse went and a bunch of warning lights came on. Ford dealt with it professionally and we haven't had any other problems. It doesn't get as high a gas mileage as I'd like, but I do a lot of driving in stop and go traffic.

- David S

I absolutely love my Sirius XM radio, I have it on all the time when I drive, .

The edge I lease is almost fully loaded and has many good features like back up camera and built in GPS system and sync. I also purchased the full maintenance package which covers the entire vehicle for the term of my lease. I only have one problem with the car and that is the weather stripping on the door in the rear on the passenger side keeps falling off. Otherwise I am very satisfied with my car.

- Henry M

2016 Ford Edge sel AWD, sleek design.

The performance is fast with and without sports mode which tightens up the steering and allows paddle shifting. I have had not reliability problems since buy my Edge 4 months ago. It has an all leather interior with both front seats that are all electric with heat. A/m f/m Sirius XM radio, navigation. Split rear seat electric folding, swipe foot under the rear of the car and the lift back door opens.

- David A

The. Best. Car. All you need in an affordable, classy car

This car hits all the spots! With a rear backup camera, a sunroof, A/C, heated steering wheel and seats, you can't go wrong! It drives well in app weather and has been a reliable car for me and my needs. The leather interior gives the Edge a classy feel, while still being a practical car. Whether you're looking for a grocery car or a family car, this is the one! You won't be disappointed!

- Taylor D

All wheel drive handles really well. It's good in snow and mud/ rain.

I like the way it handles. It's good in the snow. The size is just right, plenty of cargo room while still maneuverability in parking lots. I don't like the automatic lift gate- especially the option to use my foot. I can never seem to get it to work. I also don't like the paddles behind the steering wheel for manual shifting. I have inadvertently hit them many times.

- Nicole T

Things to consider about Ford Edge

Sometimes my lift gate doesn't automatically go down, I don't like that I don't have GPS tracking app for it available to me on my phone, I also don't like that my passenger can't enter an address while the car is moving. The ac is delayed for a minute or two and makes me suffer for that much longer in the heat. I love the back up cam and the radio/app dashboard.

- Brittany E

Why everyone choice ford edge.

My cars model is too good. It is very comfortable to use. It has a beautiful look. It is too cool.Everyone can use it very easily. It is sit's are so comfortable. First class break. It has a/c, player. Small television to watch video and audio. Everyone should drive it very easily. It is very easy to control. I think it should be the best choice to everyone.

- Danielle J

The edge allows you to drive comfortably while adhering to safety.

It has multiple safety features, backup camera, lights on the side mirrors, indicators for side impact protection, auto-start, keyless entry, heat seats, all leather interior, digital sound system, GPS, phone answering capabilities allows you to use hands free phone use even to answer text messages while keeping both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road.

- Nancy F

Smells weird, but still great!

It smells very weird. It's been like that since I got it new from the dealership, however it's a very good car. I think it's very comfortable and have had no problems with it since I got it. I like the tech on the inside is very easy to get the hang of. Sometimes it rocks but I think that's just me getting inside. All in all, good car.

- Claudia C

It is a very good car great for families, trips, and everyday use. I highly recommend it.

My vehicle has a lot of special features to it which make my driving very easy. My vehicle handles very well. My vehicle has a flaw that I find it hard to look around the side pieces where the windshield has been put in. My vehicle has another design flaw where it is hard to clean underneath the back piece of the roof that sticks out.

- Michelle C

Great vehicle! Great gas mileage!

I love my Ford edge! It is a great vehicle and runs great! I highly recommend it! I love the interior and I love how spacious it is! Great family car or for a young teens first car!! It is great on gas mileage. It is very reliable. Ford is definitely the best when it comes to making reliable luxurious vehicles! They are truly great!

- Victoria B

Comfortable ride and fun to drive.

Comfortable seats, roomy inside, sits up higher than regular cars, great sound system and navigation, very reliable, remote start is great to have, automatic tailgate even foot activated. Wish it got better gas mileage gets about 21-22 in town and about 27 on highway, would like sears that remember your particular seat position.

- Kim J

It has modern conveniences and is fuel efficient.

Gets around great in bad weather. Has modern conveniences and very roomy for passengers and luggage. It is 4 door so easy to get in and out of. Aerodynamic so very good on gas efficiency. Love how you can change the colors or ambience inside. The heating and cooling system works quickly and circulates throughout the car well.

- Melissa H

Five adults can sit comfortably with enough space for legs and shoulders.

I enjoy the comfort, reliability, size, and features of this SUV. I don't like the: cup holder placement as my water bottles stand up too high; the moon roof as I would just prefer to vent the roof without having to open the "whole roof'; and. There is not a second sun visor for the side windows like my last car (VW Passat).

- Dana L

Great family car for a family of 4-5, Spacious and great on gas

It's the perfect size for myself and my son, with cargo space for his sports equipment and everything else. It's great on gas. It's easier to get myself and my stuff in and out without having to bend over too much with my back problems. Its my 2nd Edge and my parents and brother liked mine so much they also bought one

- Keri H

Ford Edge More characters again

Very relaxing and reliable. Comfortable ride. Technically savvy. Great built in GPS. Easy air comfort controls. Decent gas mileage. Just overall a great vehicle. Sleek styling. I do not care for the black on black during the warm months. Apparently I need more characters to move to the next steps in the survey

- Sherry R

Reliable all weather utility.

I love the driver assist on it. I have had zero mechanical problems and very reliable. The leather heated seats are enjoyable during the winter months. I had the weather mat package added on during purchase and that could not have been a better choice. They are great for ball games, snow, rain, dirt roads, etc...

- Kelli H

Great family car with lots of room and compact exterior.

The spacious interior is great for my family of 4 and the compact exterior makes driving and parking so comfortable. I really like the shock absorbency when going over speed bumps and uneven pavement. You can barely feel a thing. Power windows are great especially when my kids want to feel the air in their hair.

- Jessica G

Ford Edge Sport: The SUV you actually want to drive.

The sport model offers all the features you could want. Sunroof, upgraded seats, navigation, the list goes on. Safety along with convenience is balanced. Has the perfect amount of pep when hitting the gas pedal. The only complaint is it could have better gas mileage, but the size is well worth the compromise.

- Adam H

Spacious, comfortable and speedy

This car is spacious and drives really well. It has Bluetooth hookup which makes having a conversation with someone on the phone or listening to a podcast really easy. All the seats are really comfortable and there's plenty of room in the back. I love how the back seat folds forward and leans back some.

- Nora S

The 2016 Ford Edge is a great family vehicle.

The Ford Edge is a very comfortable vehicle for a family. It drives smooth, and provides comfort in every seat. There are two sunroofs that we enjoy. And the back has decent space for a lot of groceries or equipment. It also has a camera when backing up which is very handy. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Jordan W

Like my Ford edge so much I got. A second one!

I like how it handles. It is very roomy and comfortable for both driver and passenger. The gas mileage is ok. Always could be better. I like the heated seats. The stereo sound is good. The car is very stylish and handsome. The back has a lot of room for storage. I do wish the seats would found down flat.

- Judy P

The edge: it is just right.

Roomy and comfortable expresses the character of the Ford edge. Roomy from the entryway through its doors, to the cabin space for each occupant and the cargo space. As for entry, as well, it sits just the right height off the ground - not too low as most cars and not too high like most SUVs and trucks.

- Dax O

Comfortable, classy, reliable and safe vehicle

I'm very pleased with my Ford Edge. It has a lot of room and a lot of back of vehicle room. Very comfortable and love the heated leather seats. It drives really well and gets an impressive gas mileage for an SUV. I feel very safe in this car and secure in transporting my grandchildren around in.

- Jennifer H

An awesome vehicle for all to drive

This is a reliable vehicle with wonderful features such as power seats that are heated, automatic windows, Sirius radio, AC. The vehicle handles very nicely and does very well on highway mileage. We haven't really had any major complaints about this vehicle and would highly recommend it to others.

- Chandra L

Edge is a fun car, great for hauling DIY projects.

I do not like the front seats as each time I drive after wife drove I have to readjust seat needs to have auto seat adjustment for at least two drivers. Car great other than seats adjustments. Car great gas mileage, no problems with anything. Take to dealer regularly for oil change and check up.

- Robert J

It is an amazing family car.

I love the room available inside the vehicle with two kids. I love how easily it drives, and the gas mileage is decent. I like the way it tracks your driving stats. There really is not anything I dislike at this point, it may be a 2016 but I just purchased it from a dealership a few months ago.

- Amber J

Best family car to drive.

I love the car and would buy another in a heartbeat. Excellent all the way around. Would recommend to anyone looking for a family vehicle. Has enough room for sports equipment and extra kids. Handles wonderfully in all kinds of weather. Have taken it across the country and was very comfortable.

- Ann N

The amazing Ford Edge. A must buy!

I love my Ford Edge. The Ford Edge have so many great futures. It is a great family car with a lot of space inside and also the trunk, perfect for that family get away. The Ford Edge drive smoothly and is very comfortable. The Ford Edge also have a beautiful body with perfect leather interior.

- Joan P

Has room and is fast. That a good pick for a medium size family.

The car sounds like diesel. The cars transmission goes out easy. There's not a lot of space. The engine rattles. It has lots of power. They are nice vehicles. The transmission skips. The fuel pumps went out at 70,000 miles. It has a lot of recalls. Could be a great car. That was my experience.

- Amanda D

Sporty ride with larger capacity for adventure. .

Drives fast and hard like a sports car but slightly too heavy do to the larger weighted engine. Perfect for a small family or traveling couples that need just enough room and want to get around in style. Tired rods are the only item we have had to replace. Other than that it's a sporty ride

- Nicholas M

Comfort zone! This vehicle has amazing room inside you can stretch your leg.

No major problems with my 2016 Ford edge. Just normal maintenance, oil change, renewal inspection checkup. It is great on gas and drives very smoothly. The room inside it is amazing, especially for your legs. Traveling is very comfortable. No complaints with this vehicle, but great things.

- Cynthia J

Edge sport is AWD, you must replace all tires if one is bad or goes flat.

I have the 2016 Ford edge sport, I really enjoy driving the edge. The twin turbo gives you plenty of power when you need to move. The interior is detailed very nicely and comfortable too with lots of second row legroom. Wish the sport came with navigation app. And with a remote starter.

- David G

Ford Edge perfect for family needs.

Room and spacious. Great handling in all weather. Great on gas and excellent trunk space. It has many outlets to help with the kids electronics as well as our own. The backup camera and GPS abilities. We don't feel cramped in the space and the ease of driving and navigating is amazing.

- Marcy C

My ford edge is beautiful inside and out.

I love my ford edge! I have never had any problems with my car. The leather interior is very luxurious and the seats are heated and cooled. I love the panoramic sunroof. The navigational screen and system are excellent and I really appreciate the hands free calling. Fantastic vehicle!

- Alice L

Love it. Perfect for me which is great.

I love my car for almost everything the only thing I don't love is the presets for the radio. Otherwise the car is perfect for me. It has the amount of room I need. It is perfect size while maintaining decent gas mileage. I love my heated seats I have I could not live without them.

- Jenny N

My Ford Edge My Edge is sharp looking and drives well.

My car is very comfortable and reliable. Drives well, easy to control. I have a keyless entry. As long as I have my keys in my purse the car opens and starts without keys. This makes me feel safe. No delay in getting in and starting. I like the windshield wipers in the back window.

- Donna J

It has a massive amount of storage space.

I love the size of the vehicle. It provides a great space for a mid size vehicle. I wish the gas mileage was better but it is not terrible. I also love the back up camera and the vents in the back seat for children/other riders. Overall, the edge has a smooth look and drives great.

- Ashley R

A Perfect Seasonal Vehicle

Comfortable interior, comfortable ride, no issues as long as the oil is changed on a regular basis. Supports Sirius radio, supports bluetooth, supports hands free cell phones, roomy inside. Extra storage under the back seats. The vehicle drives nicely during the winter and snow.

- Christina R

Great gas mileage! An affordable vehicle.

The car is very fast and great on gas mileage, if you want a larger vehicle though, get an Explorer. The edge does hug the road quite nicely. I downgrades from an Explorer and much prefer the size of it over the edge. It does have pretty good head room and a spacious second seat.

- Andrea W

The Edge is reliable! With regularly scheduled maintenance, this vehicle starts, stops goes and keeps on going! There's nothing like a Ford.

I love the roominess of my Edge. I love the technology interfacing and the extra outlets for plugging in electronics. The air and heat are amazing! I don't like the low gas mileage. I also don't like that it is only a 4-cylinder engine, and because of that we can't tow a trailer.

- Alyson m

Solid ford edge. Good reliable vehicle!

Good solid car. Not the best comfort level but is nice and a secure size. Decent gas mileage and a smooth ride. Have had zero mechanical issues with my car thus far and it is 3 years old. The only thing I do not like is the black interior as it tends to attract dirt and dust.

- Alicia W

It's a great car, the blind spot is a concern.

I love how roomie my vehicle is. One thing that is bothersome is that it seems to have a large blind spot. I love all of the bells and whistles of my vehicle. I also love that it has a lot of storage room in the back and gets decent gas mileage. The seating is sufficient.

- Susie R

Absolutely love this vehicle!

This vehicle is one of the most comfortable that I have ever owned. The seats are fully adjustable, the steering wheel is also fully adjustable. It is a larger vehicle which is roomy and it very safe feeling in case of an accident. All mirrors, doors and windows are power.

- Deborah N

Great vehicle! Love how it handles!

My Ford Edge is the best car I have had! Lots of legroom in front and back seats, plenty of storage room in rear. Back seat provide even more storage space. I travel a lot and will sometimes sleep in rear. Easy to handle on road, everything I need is conveniently located.

- Paula B

The ford edge is my favorite vehicle.

My ford edge is roomy and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage for a vehicle of it is size. It also is big enough that I feel safe on the road but not so big that I feel like I am parking a tank. I have had no maintenance issues in the three years that I have owned it.

- Heather D

Very comfortable riding vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle so far. Performance and reliability have been great. It's a very comfortable car to ride in especially any long distance rides. The only features I would like changed would be the front cup holders need to be further forward.

- Gin G

Most of all, I love the setting your seat position that is programmed

I love my car! It has lots of extras. It has cruise, lights in mirrors to tell you of vehicles beside you. It has alarm system for vehicles behind you. It has excellent gas mileage. It has push button hatch closure. You can also wave your foot under hatch to close it.

- Ann D

Roomy, safe and comfortable sports utility vehicle.

My Ford edge is very comfortable. It is roomy in the backseat with plenty of legroom. The split seat in the back is convenient so you can let one side down to carry large objects. Gas mileage is good for a SUV. I love the back up camera and the alerts on the mirrors.

- Cindy Z

Great safety features like blind spot notifications

I love having an SUV with more storage space. It has some really nice safety features like the back-up camera, blind spot notification, and a notification if a car is coming while you're backing up. It also has a touch screen, navigation and Bluetooth with my phone.

- Alison L

Family friendly vehicle big enough for twins!

The Edge is a great vehicle for kids and families. We have twins, and both car seats and a double stroller fit well. We need a big enough vehicle to go on trips and visit family. This works well for all of us. I enjoy driving the Edge. It has a lot of get up and go.

- Erin T

My wonderful and comfy ride.

I have had no problems or issues with my Edge. I've had one before and loved that one too. Good gas mileage. Wonderful pickup. Fits 5 comfortably. Good views out of windshield. Would definitely buy another one! Price is right and my dealer was awesome to work with!

- Naomi K

2016 Ford edge - it is pluses and minuses.

The edge looks nice, it is a sharp looking vehicle. The edge rides smooth. It is difficult, however, for both my husband and me to see over the hood & raised front fenders making parking straight almost impossible. Unfortunately I do not think I'd buy another edge.

- Pam P

The edge is great, it is the only vehicle I will ever own. Edge only gets better.

I have grown up in a ford family and this is my second edge. I love the comfort of the seats and positioning, how it rides and the flexibility for being able to haul large items in the back. The sunroof is amazing and I love being able to open it up on sunny days.

- Chris W

The stereo is amazing quality and has great bass!

My vehicle is amazing. I am a mom so it fits everything I need for myself and my son comfortably. My son has plenty of room in the back seat and the trunk is huge. I have used it for a few moves as well and it fits so much. My car is reliable and never has issues.

- Heather M

Perfect size car and very comfortable.

This is the second Edge I have bought/leased. They have both have been very reliable vehicles. The Edge is a good size car, not too big or too small. This model of car gets good gas mileage and has very comfortable features. I enjoy having a car with a hatchback.

- Melissa S

It is a good vehicle, and I like it just fine.

I have no problems with vehicle. It get fair to good mpg. It is comfortable to drive, I have taken a long trip and arrived rested. I have bucket seat front and bench seat rear and have good room in rear for "stuff". I would buy another like vehicle in the future.

- Anthony F

It is super spacious for a crossover SUV. Lots of room for passengers plus a large trunk.

I have an AWD Edge, and it handles very well. I love the heated seats in the winter and dual climate controls. I also love the automatic start and lift gate that opens by swiping my foot. Though I like the leather seats, the black does become hot in the sunlight

- Kelly K

Family friendly driving experiences.

Our Ford edge has had no significant issues and has performed as expected. Routine maintenance and attention to care of the vehicle have led to ongoing satisfaction. Gas mileage is satisfactory. Easy to drive on long trips and meets all needs for local errands.

- Paul K

It is safe and relatively economical to drive, as well as responsive. .

I like my Edge because it gives me many of the advantages of an SUV but the handling and comfort of a sedan. It is roomy and comfortable, but powerful when needed. It lacks a few of the bells and whistles of my former Edge, but there is nothing that I dislike.

- Alan B

Dependable, safe, comfortable, family vehicle.

It is safe and dependable. Lots of space and comfortable. Plenty of options. I know this vehicle will last me a long time even though I plan on trading it in for a newer model soon. My husband and I like the top of the line, so that is what we will get again.

- Sarah S

2016 Ford Edge. 4 Stars. No major issues.

So far, I have not any major mechanical issues. Once in a while, my contacts do not load to Sync making it difficult to make phone calls while driving. There has been a few times the windshield wipers drop working. I have to restart the car for them to work.

- Greg K

environmentally adventurous

the performance is great it is a nice car over all do not really have any complaints in just a sports car type of guy that's all. It is very comfortable reliable even more so that it is spacious but it's great car to travel or a nice road trip you'll love it

- a M

All wheel drive with GPS built in.

My vehicle has a beautiful sleek design with all wheel drive and drives smoothly on the road. Spacious seating and plenty of room for up to three people in the back. Has a hands free trunk with an area which helps maximum space for shopping and other items.

- Thelma D

Gas mileage is great and comfortable.

I have had no problems with my car. It has plenty of legroom, gets great gas mileage, handles beautifully on the road and has a sleek style. People often comment on the style. My husband picked out the color; I wished it was different. Too many red cars.

- Tena B

the Edge has a spacious interior.

I love the Ford Edge because it is comfortably spacious for our family and our packages/luggage. It has many 'bells and whistles' to enjoy like heated seats and steering wheel. It's a sleek design and It's easy to drive and has plenty of get up and go!

- Amanda C

Ford edge: all of the thing you never knew you needed.

Rapid loss of tire pressure, no seat warmers, takes long time to heat the cabin, back up camera, very spacious, great for long trips, lots of storage space, cruise control, touch screen, digital dash, vanity mirrors, back up sensors, blind spot sensors.

- Nick G

Safe, spacious and reliable.

It is very spacious and can fit three car seats in the back. Great storage in the trunk. It drives smooth and is pretty quiet. The hands free feature is a great bonus. It is definitely a great vehicle for winter too, as it handles well in ice and snow.

- Shelly F

Mesmerizing blue neon light details.

Very reliable, quiet and smooth-driving vehicle. I especially enjoy the electronics system, Bluetooth and heated seats function. Vehicle is very spacious and sleek looking. I would recommend to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and good-looking SUV.

- Stephanie W

Ford edge --love it! Extremely comfortable car.

This is my second Ford edge. I enjoyed my first edge so much I bought another one. I have a moonroof, leather seats, and seat warmers. I love the backup camera. The gas mileage ranges from 24-29 miles per gallon depending on highway or city driving.

- Kim M

It has a very comfortable ride and a solid, stable feel of the road.

Ford Edge SEL in a gray color. I like the size, the hatchback SUV style. I like the leather interior and the heated seats as well as the backup camera. The car has a non-nav Sync system that I like, but has given me some troubles and needs service.

- Dan W

Great car! I have driven fords since 2002.

I like how the car performs! It is well worth the money it has been very reliable since I bought it. I like the features in the car such as Bluetooth and being able to drive hands free and still being able to listen to music and talk on the phone.

- Pat K

Reliable and easy to drive. The vehicle held up to the advertised value

Smooth operation with minimal noise. great gas mileage with minimal issues pertaining to the engine. Interior is nice and comfortable. exterior is sleek and we like the white color. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for an SUV

- Keith G

The ford edge is great when your hands are full or in a hurry to get in it because if you have the fob/key in your pocket the doors will automatically unlock!

I love my edge. Great space, leather seats, big trunk, lights work well for dark nights, it drives smooth. Had enough room for a car seat. Only thing I would change is the windshield wipers. They do not go fast enough when driving through rain.

- Emily H

It is the best midsize SUV that I have ever driven!!

The Ford Edge was by far the best midsize SUV that I test drove. It has far surpassed all other brands in features, performance and comfort. The only drawback is the computer system already has had an issues which will hopefully be fixed soon.

- Calvin R

My Ford Edge has exceptional mileage, comfort, roominess, and a very smooth ride for a crossover. I love that I can haul everything from grandma's mobility scooter to groceries to garden soil in this very stylish and sporty vehicle. With the controls at my fingertips, I can keep my eye on the road while declining/accepting a phone call, listen to a text message or my favorite song.

The Ford Edge checks off all the boxes - whether you need exceptional gas mileage, a smooth, comfortable drive, all the hands-free bells and whistles, and a roomy trunk to help with Mom and Grandma's extra gear... the Edge has you covered.

- Crystal S

My car gets anywhere from 25-30 miles per gallon, and is incredibly reliable. With on time maintenance, and proper servicing, my car has withstood tough gravel roads, and snow covered highways.

I like that my car is very spacious inside, and allows for my family to travel comfortably. I enjoy how my car handles on wet and snow packed roads. I like how reliable my car is to transport my family and I to and from our destinations.

- Kristina H

This car is great for active people who don't want a pickup.

I like the car overall; I chose a model that has a towing package and a panoramic sunroof, as I travel often and tow a kayak and bike trailer. I don't like the poor gas mileage, and it handles a bit stiff due to the towing components.

- Wendee W

I never regret purchasing this vehicle. The seats are comfortable. It's safe. It's a really really nice car.

I love how smooth the vehicle drives. It gives me the feel of an SUV, but drives like a car, which I love. I love the panoramic sunroof, the large trunk, the interior. The color white is so pretty. It also drove amazingly in the snow.

- Klare L

My edge has all the features you could ask for in a car.

I love all the features the car has and the amount of legroom. It rides very smooth. What I love the most is the reinforced steel bars in the doors, I feel that my family is a little more protected in the case of an accident.

- Valerie M

There are a lot of safety features like the rear view camera and blind spot notifications.

I love that it is an suv, so I can fit more stuff. I love that it has gps and Bluetooth integration and the rear view camera and blind spot notification for safety. It would be nice to have a hands free trunk opening option.

- Alison D

Easy to park and plenty of space to carry supplies.

Edge is a small suv but very comfortable to ride and drive in. I have room in the very back for when I shop at costco to easy fit everything in and still close the hatch. Also opening and closing the hatch it done by foot.

- Dia g

Lot of car for the money.

Very comfortable vehicle with lots of legroom. Smooth ride with very little outside noise. It gets great fuel mileage around town and on the road. Plenty of room for 5 passengers. Lots of space for luggage when traveling.

- Barbara P

It is affordable, and It's a great family care. It has a nice look to it as well.

The technology is great in the car, Bluetooth, backup camera and sunroof. . The car drives smooth and handles very well on any weather. . Its very spacious and the kids love it especially when their friends ride with us.

- Ann L

Great car. . Love my Ford Edge Titanium.

It has been a fantastic car bought used about 1 year ago and have had no issues. It is comfortable. . . Only issue is the air does not circulate well to the back. The inside is roomier than it seems on the outside.

- Anne W

Large enough to haul, small enough to maneuver.

Wide wheel base makes it stable and easy to drive. Seats are wide which make long drives comfortable. Trunk space is adequate. Engine not powerful and fuel efficiency could be better for the size of the vehicle.

- Tana D

The FORD Edge has a super great safety rating and I know of someone who was in an accident and wouldn't be alive today if they were in any other vehicle.

Love the great gas mileage. I love being a little taller than a car so I can see what's ahead on the road easier. I love the extended moonroof. I love the color (Too Good to be Blue). I love that it's a FORD.

- Cindy B

There are no blind spots and it has safety instruments on mirrors.

I like the size, the visibility, the speed when accelerating, how it handles, the leg room, the great gas mileage, the looks of the interior, the dual heat/cool sides. The keyless start. The cooling seats.

- Elaine K

The apim for the sync screen is a common problem.

I like the fuel efficiency. It is easy & comfortable to drive. However, my sync screen began malfunctioning after only 2 years. Having the apim replaced is apparently common with this model (& expensive).

- Robyn K

It is easy to drive and see out of.

The car is the perfect size, I have plenty of room inside for my family and my 2 very large dogs. The mpg fuel economy is not to bad considering I don't drive very far for work, groceries, daycare, etc.

- Sam R

great radio and GPS and you can not believe all the stuff we have packed into the car.

The SUV is high up like a truck, It has plenty of space for seating and for cargo. went on a 7,000 mile trip and had room for everything. Actually we came back with more stuff than we left with

- Jon C

It drives great, it's very comfortable and I feel safe having my family in it

It's a very smooth ride. I love the space and the storage. I have children and can easily fit them in comfortably. It holds up driving in all kinds of weather, especially snow which we get a lot of.

- Meghan K

The gas mileage is wonderful and the ride and comfort of this car is amazing.

I absolutely love my 2016 Ford Edge. It is very comfortable even though it is a small suv. It gets very good gas mileage . It has all of the luxuries of a high priced car with a smaller price tag.

- Carla M

This car is comfortable has all amenities and is fast and has pretty good gas mileage for an suv.

I love everything about the car. When I first bought it it had an issue with the transmission that the dealer said wasn't covered but I did get it covered ultimately so I currently love the car.

- Joshua R

Ford Edge Titanium is loaded

Ford Edge Titanium is loaded with sunroof, Navigation, lane assist and park assist, you name it this vehicle has it. Very comfortable but must get the leather seats as cloth was not comfortable

- donna h

Bottom line, it is probably the best car I have ever owned.

It is a nice looking car. Very comfortable, holds 3 plus my grandsons car seat. Plenty of storage space. Also pretty decent gas mileage. I really do not have any complaints about this vehicle.

- Mary S

It is a great value for the money and I would suggest this car to anyone.

It is extremely roomy. There is plenty of room in the back seat with adults sitting back there. The car is very quiet without a lot of road noise. It gets great gas mileage for a turbo engine.

- Christine L

Favorite SUV I've bought thus far

My Edge has a ton of room, cargo space is great. i love the bluetooth feature and SYNC. It drives great and has a ton of safety features including a backup camera. Favorite car thus far.

- Kristie K

Drives smoothly and feels safe.

There is not as much room as I thought. I would have been better off with an explorer but I have always loved crossover vehicles. With 2 car seats in the car it always feels/looks squished.

- Melissa W

It is a great all over car. A great price for what you get.

I like all the panoramic sunroof. The inside is nice looking and comfortable. The one thing I don't like that the gas goes more quickly when using the air conditioning than my last car.

- Amanda k

Edge gets great gas mileage, with a smooth comfortable ride.

Very reliable, rides like a large car and drives like a small one. Great vehicle for travel, local commute yet roomy enough for 5 adults. Will choose this again for our next vehicle.

- Gary R

That the brakes are so touchy.

We like that it is a comfortable ride. We don't like that the brakes are so touchy. Do not like that is has blind spots but like the lights on mirrors that tell us someone is there.

- Deb H

The LCD screen is sometimes difficult to read as the screen tilt makes any sunlight wash the display out.

Direct-vision blind spots when turning to view out the rear-window and back rear side-windows. The back-up TV parking assist screen is GREAT!!! The side-traffic sensors are AWESOME.

- Michael M

It looks really good and still has low miles on it.

It is the first new car I have ever had. Nothing wrong with it. I have wondered if the decision to buy it was made to hastily and sometimes wish I would've bought a different car.

- Anne P

Yes, it is as comfortable as it looks!

I love the roominess of the cabin and that it has lots of legroom. I love the adaptive cruise control. I have zero complaints about this vehicle It's the best I have ever owned.

- Kristi S

It is very comfortable traveling and driving long distances.

This vehicle is easy to navigate, roomy and comfortable. I love it because it is a SUV and easy to get in and out of. The car is a nice silver grey color and stays clean easily.


Ford Edge Sport - an SUV that drives like a sports car

I have the Sport version. It's beautiful, comfortable, full of safety features and is a blast to drive. I chose this over the V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I made the right decision :)

- Wendy S

Comfort and style and color and fuel economy and space for cargo

Easy in /easy out. Lots of space. Comfortable ride. Only complaint is weird electrical issue when large puddles in road cause A/C to stop cooling. Dealer can't find cause.

- woody b

The touch screen is a really nice feature and being able to sync my phone to the car. Seats are comfy.

Love this car. Especially since we got the added features of backup camera and push start. However ours didn't come with heated steering wheel. Drives smooth, massive trunk.

- Jessica B

Android auto. Totally love it. That one feature makes the connection with your phone to car very seamless

Love all the features of my car. It's edgy, modern and comfortable for long journeys. Completely built-in with the latest features with regards to navigation, android auto.

- Pamela B

Safety from top to bottom front to back. The cameras allow you to see from the sides if you are in a parking lot beside of other bigger vehicles. Also cameras in the rear that help in backing

No complaints, I got my vehicle after a car accident and this vehicle has all the safety features available for that year and it is very comfortable to drive and travel in

- Charleigh C

It is clean inside and out. Good all around family car that is safe and comfortable.

I love that the edge is roomy and has a big area to store supplies. We use this vehicle for our family car. It is comfortable even when we have a big car seat in the back.

- Carly E

The back seat has plenty of legroom.and there is ample space to pack things in the back. A great air conditioning system and the view from the driver's seat is great. Also, love the rearview mirrors.

It is a great vehicle, roomy, able to handle my wife's luggage and still have room for the stuff we really need. Drives nice and since it sits higher I get a better view.

- John M

Comfy seats. Cup holders in the driver and passenger doors. Big back seat.

It is a great car for road trips with the family. Very little problems. Big trunk. Back up sensor. Good in the rain and snow. Pretty decent on off roads. Great first car.

- Summer S

One if the best features is its excellent mileage and easy handling

My car is fully loaded with every extra you could think of so I love it and it gets good mileage. Only downside is that it is black and gets boiling hot in the summer

- Kathy T

It is very safe and rides smoothly. Good visibility from the windshield. Has good added features like Bluetooth and GPS'

Delivers a smooth drive. Is so handy for packing suitcases, etc. for a trip. Sits high so you can see oncoming traffic. This is our second Edge and we love it.

- Ann S

The Edge is a great car for families. Plenty of space but not too big.

I have always wanted and SUV and am very glad to have bought the Edge. The screen is a perfect size and it has all the features I want. The trunk is a great size.

- Jennifer F

It has a large cargo space.

I like the size and the cargo space. I also think it looks nice. I do not like the ride, the suspension is very tight so you get a very bumpy ride on rough roads.

- Tim N

The back seats when folded forward lay flat to extend the cargo space.

I like most everything about my car, except that I wish it had remote start from the key fob, and cooling/vented seats. Also, more usb plugs for charging phones.

- Stephanie L

It holds the road very well for an suv.

I like It's an suv that has a lot of room.it also gets good gas mileage. It is easy to get in and out of. Made of a lot of plastic inside which is a downside.

- Russell B

It is a family perfect vehicle. Spacious and also includes screen helps you park/navigate.

I love how comfy it is. It drives smooth and I haven't had any issues with it thus far. I also enjoy the compartments/spacious trunk and navigation system.

- Lissette M

It gives a real smooth ride, and it is very quiet riding vehicle.

I like the way it runs as fast as the ride. I don't like the amount of speed that the vehicle puts out. I really want FORD MUSTANG 5.0 for my next vehicle.

- Dave G

It is a sturdy car and I feel very comfortable driving with my family in it.

I like the amount of space of the vehicle, even the trunk. I like the radio and that the air comes on quickly. There is nothing that I don't like about it.

- Rachel M

Ford edge great vehicle with good performance.

Love vehicle very reliable and great gas mileage have had no problems with vehicle would definitely purchase again dealer I purchased it from is top notch.

- Jane J

I think keyless entry is a great feature that Ford offers that other manufacturers do not.

This is my 2nd Ford Edge. My favorite feature is the keyless entry. This vehicle has been very dependable. I have no complaints and would purchase another.


It is great in icy conditions.

The edge has a little wind noise when driving at higher speeds. I do like the all wheel drive in the winter months. It handles well and is comfortable.

- Jan T

It is a big car and very comfortable.

My vehicle came with panoramic sunroof, leather seats, GPS, heating seats, heating wheel, Ecoboost, all wheel drive, 4x4 SUV. I love my car definitely.

- Andres F

This is car is very reliable.

It's easy to drive daily. It handles well in the snow and ice. And it gets decent mileage. There isn't anything I do not like. This is my second edge.

- Judy S

Reliable, Spacious, Comfortable vehicle! Great for daily work and family needs!

Reliable, comfortable, spacious vehicle. Great for family travel. If seats are down there is a lot of room for cargo in the back! Love my Ford Edge!

- Stacey H

The vehicle rides really well. It also gets great gas mileage.

It is a nice little midsize SUV. There is a ton of room in the back. It rides smooth. It has backup camera, bluetooth sync to my phone. I love it.

- Kat N

It was the first brand new car I ever bought.

My car is just the perfect size. Its sport looking. The factory tires work in the Alaskan weather. I dislike that my car doesn't have a front camera.

- Jessica W

Comfort, style and economy.

This is a great vehicle, very economical and comfortable. It could use a little more power but otherwise is a great family car with plenty of room.

- Eric B

The car is a reasonably priced luxury vehicle.

I love the color selections that ford offers. Drives tight, smooth, and quite. Fully loaded with all the bells and whistles of new technology.

- Robert L

It's reliable. It gets great gas mileage and we take it wherever we go

Very nice car. Very reliable and good if you want to take it on trips. My husband has always had trucks so this is his first car. He loves it.

- Anne P

The car is very attractive to look at.

The car is very reliable. The car is nice to drive. The car is nice on the inside. The car has plenty of room for car seats if you have kids.

- Zechariah O

My vehicle very is reliable

My car is comfortable, reliable and has most features equivalent to luxury vehicles. Thankfully, I have not experienced any major problems.

- Lauren M

The Ford Edge gets good mileage and has a smooth ride.

The Ford Edge is an excellent fit for those wanting a midsize SUV, but wanting to give up performance. The Edge offers style and function.

- Daniel H

It is reliable. I often struggled to get my old car to get from one place to the other.

I like that it is new and reliable. It comes with a variety of features that my old car didn't have, and I like that it is easy to drive.

- Rachel V

It is a fuel efficient vehicle.

The vehicle is fuel efficient. It has good durability. It handles and drives easy. It is a decent vehicle and I have no problems with it.

- Anderson C

It is roomy and comfortable to drive without being to big.

I bought the vehicle new and have not had any problems. I have had it serviced regularly and has all the options that I was looking for.

- Edward S

Safety features and ease of driving.

Easy to drive, safety features. No other problems. I enjoy driving the car and the features it comes with, I will upgrade the features.

- Simon G

It is a good looking well handling, comfortable vehicle.

Love the cabin space, the storage capacity and how it drives. Like the visibility from sitting higher and its handling in bad weather.

- Bob B

I love the fact that the headlights are super bright. I have trouble seeing deer running at night and they help out very well.

I really like the truck. I am not use to driving a SUV. I love the heated seats. I really like the smooth ride and the loud speakers.

- Marie W

I love my car. Would recommend. Would not buy anything else. So happy with my purchase. Drives great.

Pay attention to all the options. Especially when you think your getting everything and it's missing a few things you thought it had.

- Jennifer W

I trust the brand. American made.

Handy safe, I like the interior its roomy enough for my little boy. The trunk is perfect to keep our groceries. I like the features.

- AH H

Great fuel economy and great looks a sporty suv with a comfortable ride

Great suv good on fuel Very comfortable and still sporty Awesome color and interior Looks good and has a sporty handling package

- Dana C

It is very comfortable to ride in and gets very good gas mileage.

I like the Handling and easy turning. It has very good pickup on the highway. It is easy on gas. I don't like how small it is.

- Glen W

4 cylinder turbo charges for great gas mileage and has a great capacity for carrying things like golf clubs or DIY projects.

Love everything about car except the front drivers seat i9s very hard to adjust to a comfortable position wish it had memory seat

- Robert P

Its awesome. Sufficient. Does not cause any problems. I love this car.

Perfect car. We have no complaints. We have had this vehicle for years. My family loves it and so do i. Great on gas and mileage.

- Sara C

It is one of a kind, also it has been fully loaded out.

I love that my vehicle is fully loaded. Also like to include it has a backup camera. Love the fact it is platinum white in color.

- Kyle S

Smooth ride, hugs road awesome winter driving.

I love the smooth ride. I love the way it hugs the road and winter driving. I am not fond of the blind spot in the front window.

- Helen R

It has quite a lot of space.

It is spacious and gets decent gas mileage. I have 4 people all in all in my family and a dog and it fits everyone comfortably.

- Jaime K

Love driving my beautiful comfortable edge.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. I am highly satisfied with the performance of my edge I would highly recommend the edge.

- Sharon I

Great feel behind the wheel.it has better fuel mileage than the Escape.

I like the smooth ride, and the safety features. I dislike the fact I lost my park assist when I went to this from the Escape.

- Sam M

It is great on gas and very efficient.

The Edge is fast but not as roomy as the Explorer. It does get very good gas mileage which is a plus. It hugs the road nicely.

- Andrea W

My vehicle does not drive well in the snow.

I usually do not have problems with my vehicle, but it does not drive well in the snow. It is very spacious and comfortable.

- Kaitlyn L

I feel safe when driving it. Safety features are great and easy to handle

Love easy encryption. Also love keyless entry in case I lock key in car. Drives beautifully. Lo be warning when backitup

- Mo L

That it has safety features like the backup camera and lane change indicator that shows me if a car is in that lane.

I love the size first and foremost. Then I would have to say how it drives and all the features I have are perfect for me.

- Debbie C

the car has all wheel drive and handles heavy snow or icy conditions or has plenty of legroom for front and rear passengers it has a great navigation system the stereo system has a great sound

like the vehicle all wheel drive handles road in bad weather very good air and heat system great navigation plenty of room

- vincent g

It gets good gas mileage for an SUV. It is very spacious and comfortable too.

This is the perfect size for our family of 3. It has plenty of room in the back for groceries or luggage. No complaints.

- Melanie B

It is the titanium model.

My 2016 Ford Edge is a great car. It has heated and cooled seats. It drives smooth and I've had no problems whatsoever.

- Donna M

Easy to drive and you get great view from the roof

I love the size of it. It's doesn't fill to big while driving, but it's very spacious inside. It has moonroof and sunroof

- Vera K

It is a very reliable, efficient car.

I love the height of my vehicle, it is roomy and comfortable... I wish it did have memory seats otherwise no complaints..

- Kim W

Everything is very cool love the backup camera also has the signal for to close while backing

Rides good and great on fuel has enough power when you need it very quite has power door locks, Windows and power seats

- Larry B

How roomy it is for a big family and the family pet plenty for everybody

I like how much room it has and how comfortable it is to drive I also like the power it has all the get up and go I need

- Steven B

Very comfortable to drive

Like the size weight and overall driving experience. Dislike minor repairs already have to fix like fuel pump oil ring

- Zack G

It is a very comfortable ride. Quiet cabin while driving. Easy to drive

I love the keypad lock and kick tailgate sensor. I wish it had 3rd row seating. The Satellite Radio updates too often.

- Krysta D

I like the older model best. It sat a bit higher up and the central DVD player versus the headrest I could control from my console. I hate having to use the FM stereo for the headrest DVD when we want to listen along with my kiddo, or when my kiddo doesn't like wearing the headsets anymore. Much more dangerous trying to find a FM stereo channel with no static that just having it bluetooth through your car.

It is a great family car! Lots and lots of room and spacious back seat for trips. The fold down options are also great.

- Sherrie P

Great car for a family. Rides and drives great.

Perfect family car. Plenty of room for the kids. Drives very well. You get a hint of luxury when you ride in this car.

- Zech O

I cannot think of what the most important thing would be.

Drives smoothly. Works great. Gets me to where I need to go. Has a lot of features such as navigation, Bluetooth, etc.

- Brittany N

How comfortable it is, how good gas mileage it gets.

It's comfortable to drive gets great gas mileage I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. It drives very smoothly.

- Kelly P

There's lots of room on the inside and the cargo area is huge

Love my car. Lots of power, very comfortable and looks great. Love the many many gadgets and options that are there.

- Jean G

That it looks very clean and is a reliable vehicle.

Love that it's fully loaded with leather seats. Has temperature controlled seats as well. Large full length moonroof.

- Sierra W

It drives like a luxury car, and has almost as much cargo room as a SUV.

The edge drives like a car, but has leg and arm room like a SUV. /.. It does not have as much cargo space as an SUV..

- Dax O

Good gas mileage, very comfortable with leg room.

It rides smooth. Love the backup camera. Good legroom in back seat. Had trouble with the radio not working sometimes.

- Karin S

It is totally amazing!! The gas mileage is great and it is very safe!!

No complaints. I love it all. The way it drives, the gas mileage is great.. it is safe and efficient for my family.

- Melissa I

Drives very smooth and sharp looking. Love the room in the trunk.

I love the way it drives very smooth and quiet very sharp looking. The front end is long and I have trouble parking.

- Barbara L

It is comfy, reliable, and fun to drive, gets good gas mileage

No complaints at this point, at least not major ones. I do wish the back had better airflow for heating and cooling.

- Louise U

Great safety features that saves on insurance.

It's got enough room for a family of 4 with two car seats and also room for groceries or luggage if your traveling.

- Say M

It is a very dependable car.

I like how roomy the car is. Passengers are not cramped when riding. The car rides smooth and is very dependable.

- Mandy M

Sporty And Classy Spirit Edge

Quiet, sporty, fully contained, comfortable, reliable, auto parking, high beams, wipers, great cooling and heating

- Gayle L

It is very roomy and has always been reliable.

Gets great mileage. Plenty of room without being too large. Luxurious features make long drives more comfortable.

- Jordan Y

It has a wide range of technology features designed to keep you safe when you're behind the wheel.

I love all of the technology features. I feel safe inside. Plenty of room and trunk space inside. No complaints.

- Meghan M

It has amazing safety features. It also have plenty of room for my family.

I do not have any complaints on the Ford Edge. I love how roomie it is. It is just perfect for my family and I.

- Kelly H

The major repairs are costly.

I love the size. And length of vehicle. I love the color. I love the built-in gaps. I love how smooth it rides.

- Ann K

It's a tank. I feel like I can go anywhere with it

I like the way it handles and it is very high up so I feel safe and comfortable but the gas mileage isn't good

- Chuck M

Easy to drive ; pretty good gas mileage for its size.

Not much legroom in driver seat - hard to see the curb from driver seat = good ac cools off fast. Good radio.

- Richard B

It is comfortable for long trips, hold ski equipment nicely.

Small gas tank. Comfortable for long trips. Large trunk space. Rear seat does not always fold down correctly.

- Karen L

It is awesome and I named it tom brady.

I just luv the way it handles on the.. Road and there is nothing wrong.. With my vehicle that I do not like.

- Linda E

It has good gas mileage and is a sporty, reliable vehicle

I don't really have any complaints. It's good on gas, gets good mileage and it has all the features i need

- Madge R

It is a safe vehicle. It has some great features in it.

I do not like the shape of my vehicle. I do like the updated features. I do like that I feel safe in it.

- Pamela B

It was a great purchase! I am very happy with it

It is easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage. It has lots of safety perks. It has a navigation system.

- Angie b

Innovative features that are easy to use and great safety features

Absolutely love my Ford! Has a great ride with great fuel economy, innovative features and sporty looking.

- jordan d

We have looked at other options since, but nothing compares so far. Twin turbo, great interior, fun to drive.

Engine blew around 12K miles. Otherwise, car is comfortable, fun to drive, and great smaller family SUV.

- Abby B

It does more than some people I know. Great navigation system and very comfortable.

No problems at all. I love my car. It's a lease, I'm actually considering buying it once my lease is up.

- Angela C

Very comfortable especially with the back seat being used.

It is just a very comfortable car. It is a perfect size. Mileage could be better. Great for road trips.

- Lorraine M

It's got plenty of room in it for a family of 4. With car seats and a stroller and luggage

Its roomy, it has a back up camera and leather seats. It's got enough room for 2 car seats and luggage

- May M

It has a lot of great features that help make the car easy to use and drive

I like that it is new and extremely reliable. I don't have to worry about making it to my destination.

- Heather V

it is a crossover between an suv and minivan

It is comfortable and reliable. I have not had any problems with it. It gets fairly good gas mileage.


It is very good deal. I like it

In general it is good car, it is working well and has good price. I like it. I think I will buy again.

- Zar B

Car of the future and my dreams

Nice ride and control. Good gas mileage too. When we get a new car we will get another edge. Great

- Andrew F

That it's a very reliable, and it's really good on gas.

I like how much room it has on the inside as well as it's not ad on gas. it's a good family vehicle.

- Hariko L

Safety is the most important. But gas mileage is another one.

I like the technology it has.. I really do not like the shape of it. L like the size of my vehicle.

- Pamela B

It drives smoothly and is comfortable on long trips.

I like how well it does in the snow and how much leg and trunk room it has. I wish it had a 3rd row

- Kim S

It's easy to drive and a smooth ride! If you are looking for an average size SUV

It's a great size car for two Kids. I love the features! It's economy saver is nice too!

- Lindsay N

The safety rating is good.

mid size SUV, blue. has a good safety rating. is easy to drive and see out of all around

- re F

As far as the car itself, I have no other real complaints

I seem to have electrical issues sometimes with the radio/bluetooth not working properly

- Maggie S

It is a great family vehicle. Very family friendly, comfy and reliable!

I love the look and how comfortable it is. It also is roomy and gets great gas mileage!

- Bridget A

American made. So have easy access to worker to do repairs.

Get great gas mileage. But, did not with trailer hitch. Still one seed old car to tow.

- tom w

Great for car seats and you still have room in the back for a stroller and luggage

I like the color of my vehicle. I like the automatic seats and the push button start.

- May S

Has a lot of power so people should watch their speed because it can go very fast very soon

Fun to drive. Handles well and has a lot of features Nothing I don't like about it

- Sheila M

I love the style of the vehicle. I do think that this vehicle could run a little smoother. But overall I am happy with this vehicle.

Great style and very roomy inside. This vehicle has a lot of storage in the trunk.

- Courtney D

It's a great smooth ride. And seriously, Ford service has been totally wonderful.

I love the backup cam. It runs extremely smooth. It's super spacious everywhere.

- Nikki K

Looks good, drives great and gets excellent gas milage.

Sporty, dependable, good on gas, holds all my work tools as well as 3 passengers.

- Skip B

It's very safe and reliable. I trust this vehicle to transport my family.

I love that it's a sporty SUV with all of the upgrades such as nav and USB ports.

- Cassie A

good gas mileage. good handling. it also drives good also

It has good gas mileage it drives pretty good. the handling is really good also

- Ryan H

The car makes you feel safe.

It's a perfect size for me. Not to big and not small. Love the drive and style.

- Vanessa L

It is very roomy and comfortable

No complaints. Love the Navigation screen and the extra large panoramic roof

- Teresa B

nice to drive and seems quite safe

higher above other vehicles nice dashboard display not very gas efficient

- RJ W

This is a great car. Fits everything, is reliable and looks amazing!

IT is the best car I have ever owned. I will buy an edge next time again!

- Gary S

I like it. Very roomy. Will likely buy another one.

Nice vehicle to drive . Good gas mileage. Sometimes does it's own thing.

- Arthur L

It has many safety features: airbags, blind spot detection in the side view mirrors, a rear camera with cross traffic alert.

The engine runs well. The interior is roomy. I feel safe riding in it.

- Kim P

Spacious vehicle, great on gas. Love the heated seats

Love my Ford Edge. Always have. Great pickup. A lot of space in it

- Viki C

cost and local service is fairly easy to get too versus other brands.

the front is hard to look over. wish i had order all around camera.

- v w

Good quality for the money.

I like almost everything about it. Could have better gas mileage.

- Caleb R

Overall it is a good car, reliable and handles well. Has a lot of room.

I don't like how low I sit in it. The visibility could be better.

- Suz T

That there is a electrical plug. You can plug your appliances in while you are traveling

It is very comfortable. It is great on gas. Wish had tow package

- Sharon C

That it is a very comfortable vehicle. It also is very dependable.

I love the room I have inside. I enjoy the height in the suv.

- Patricia K

Fun to drive, handles well comfortable

The sensors will go off when nothing is on the side of the car

- diane S

Drives smooth and a nice ride for good money that I paid for it

Great size, lots of features, drives nice, decent gas mileage

- Tammy C

That it is a very safe car and gets high ratings for safety

It is safe. It is good on gas enough cargo room, comfortable

- Dina B

the edge is rated very high in safety

good mileage, roomy,no complaints will buy same car again

- Rick F

Great multipurpose vehicle

comfortable ride,attractive and great mpg. No negatives

- lee B

I think it is Good on highway

Very good family car. Like all technology. No complaints

- Joe G

It's reliable easy to drive It's safe

Tons of room lots of storage but could be better on gas

- A V

It is a very comfortable car and gets decent mileage. I wish there were a little more storage space. It has been very dependable. The ac system is a little wonky. O

Dependable and comfortable, good value and mileage.

- Wendy G

everything is good and i like it a lot

i like it a lot and i don't dislike anything at all

- waqas r

That it gets good safety ratings

Good on gas; safety, plenty of room for cargo,

- Joe R