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Amazing midsize SUV great for a single person, married couple, or a family.

I have had this vehicle for the past 7 years and have loved it. I have not have any problems with it at all. There was a recall on the passenger side airbags, but we just took it to the dealership and it was no problem or cost. Other than that I have not had to take this vehicle to the shop. It has $150,000 miles on it and is still running very well. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me and my family. We drive it out of town 50-80 miles once every 2 weeks and it has held up very well. It is a very comfortable vehicle. I do have the limited package and that comes with some amenities. I enjoy my leather seats with seat warmers. It also has a sun/moonroof that is really nice. It also has a navigation system. I have enjoyed having this feature since we do travel so much. I also like that the gas tank is on the driver side. That might seem like a funny thing to like but it is much more convenient for me. The back seat is very comfortable with a good amount of space. I have 5 foot 8 inches and have plenty of legroom when I sit back there. It fit an infant carrier very nice in the middle seat, and has fit a comfortable car seat nice as well. The back cargo space is very nice with plenty of room. I can fit a large stroller and get groceries with plenty of room. Overall it has been a very good vehicle. We plan on purchasing a newer model within the next year we love it so much.

- Amy B

The 2010 Ford edge: the perfect family car for every individual's needs!

My 2010 Ford edge has a complete ceiling sunroof that my 5 year old loves! My husband is absolutely obsessed with the fact that both the back seats recline. We also love how there is a button to be press for easy pay down of the seats instead of a lever every time. Our version also has heated seats which is amazing because I use for winter weather and even back pain relief as well. You have the option to connect your Bluetooth for maps, calls, etc. to be played through the car and have volume controls on the steering wheel. There is plenty of space throughout the entire car! We also are in love with the double middle console. It has 3 parts, one which is practically hidden and can hold a ton of things! There's even a spot for pens and change. On thing I do not like is the speedometer because it goes up by 10's with only 4 lines in between so it is a little hard to straddle 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 mph. Other than that the dashboard lights are a great addition along with the many sensors it has for low tire pressure, low gas fuel, etc.

- Jessica H

Superb family vehicle 2010 Ford Edge.

I purchased my Ford Edge SUV in December of 2016 and I have been extremely satisfied with my vehicle. It runs amazing, it is quiet, and provides a very comfortable ride. I haven't experienced any mechanical problems since my purchase and the engine is in top running condition. It has a very good a/c and heater system along with a wonderful radio/cd player. The size is perfect for my Usage and I haven't run out of room to transport things such as people, it seats 5 comfortably, or groceries, the rear cargo area is quite ample in size. There is only one negative comment I have on my Ford Edge and that is there is a blind spot for the driver located on the front, left quarter panel. My vision is obscured in that area for about 4 feet. That is the only negative report for this beautiful vehicle.

- Jane H

Roomy, comfortable interior with plenty of space. Good gas mileage.

My 2010 Ford Edge is good on gas, averaging 19 mpg. Quick, smooth response on acceleration and braking. So far the Edge runs very well. I love being able to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the car and be hands-free while driving. However, I have been told by callers that there is an odd echo when using the car to talk on the phone. The interior is very roomy and comfortable. The moon roof takes up nearly the entire roof and my child loves being able to see so much of the sky while traveling with me. The cargo area is huge - definitely a plus when grocery trips are done every two weeks!

- Helen S

My review of the ford edge 2010

Runs well and is efficient on gas. It also has a lot of room and is especially good for moving college students. The 4WD especially comes in handy during the winter as instead of shoveling a lot, all you gotta do is clear a small path and your car will be more than capable of getting over a small hump of snow. The car is so stylish and throughout the years the models haven't been changed all that much appearance wise, so I look like I'm driving a newer car! My car won't look old or outdated for a long time. The handling and ride is midsize SUV quality.

- Tyler M

The seats lay down all the way to allow for easy moving of large items.

The Ford edge is a great car. It is an SUV without being too large but remains spacious even for extra tall people. It has been very reliable for me. The only issue I had was a look wire in the door speaker which was easily fixed as well as a leak in the transmission fluid which means I have to refill it every few months so that it does not make noise when I turn but it's better than having to replace the transmission. It does not have updated features such as Bluetooth or GPS but it runs well and is decent on gas mileage.

- Madison S

Ford, perfect for a family.

We've had a Ford Edge for nearly four years, it has been reliable and relatively low maintenance. It is comfortable for a family of four, plenty of legroom, enough space for two car seats. The trunk has a plentiful amount of space, luggage, groceries, a trip to idea, my Ford has seen it all flawlessly. The blind spot side mirrors are one of my favorite features, I do not think I can go back to a vehicle without one. The next time I am in the market for a new car, I will be looking for a ford.

- Erika M

Perks of to consider before buying a car.

Buying a car takes an adequate understanding and serious decision-making both in physical and financial ability. Thus, if you have both meet the requirements to owning a car, then you can legally bought one. But then different aspects must be considered in buying a car. First you got to need to bought that fits your interest, then consider the durability or car's life span that will be convenient for you and your future. Then lastly, that will fit in your budget and your ability to pay.

- Guinevere Anne M

The things about my Ford edge that makes it one of the best cars on the road.

My Ford edge is great on gas. It is small to medium but it has a hatchback to easy haul groceries or put the seats down to move something bigger. It runs smoothly and has electric windows and locks which are nice. I love it. It has an air conditioner in it that will freeze you out. It has a heater that will keep you warm. The radio has am/FM and a CD holder which you can play your own music. I put Michelin tires on mine and it is great how it hugs the road especially when it rains.

- Jackie W

Great size for a small family of 4 or 5.

The engine shakes when at stop lights/signs. The water pump stopped working and took forever to find someone to work on it due to how they were installed inside the engine. The engine has to be taken apart to even access the water pump. Otherwise I enjoy the size of the vehicle for having children. You can easily fit three car seats in the back seat. The kids have plenty of leg room rear facing and forward facing. It is not quite a big SUV and definitely not a minivan.

- Josie L

Great vehicle to purchase for family or individual.

I have just recently purchased this vehicle, after a few months of researching this prior to purchase. I am not disappointed in any way. The performance on this vehicle meets each feature I was looking for. The safety of hauling grandchildren around. The comfort of the seats for those long drives. The a/c system is amazing. Always keeping the vehicle comfortable. The mileage seems to be very accurate with the manual. I would purchase this vehicle again in the future.

- Kari H

Just the right size for a normal couple with extra room and nice storage inside back area. So far reliable. Has recall still waiting for parts.

We don't usually buy Ford, but I loved this vehicle and hubby said ok. We have had it serviced a few times but otherwise it's a nice vehicle. We have traveled a few times with it and it was comfortable and not great on gas, but not the worst. They call it a crossover, but I love how it handles and we have Pirelli tires and it's great in most weather conditions. Has the features that we wanted. Just wish they would give you an owners manual instead of a pdf file.

- Debi M

Reasons I enjoy driving my Ford Edge & why I think others will too.

My Ford Edge is a smaller SUV but very roomy inside. I was surprised the amount of legroom when riding in the back. The back seat is split which I love. It makes it seem even roomier. Back seat can be put down flat so even more space is available. Has been reliable so far. Only complaint I have is the lug nuts loosen up from time to time. But between me & our mechanic we stay on top of this issue. Mechanic states he knows of no reason this should be an issue.

- Jo T

My edge the buttons inside the back of the edge to unlock the vehicle are great.

I have had probably four different SUV's among all the vehicles I have owned, but my edge is by far the best of them all. It seems so much roomier than any of the others. If you happen to sit in the back, you will, besides having a very comfortable seat, have all the leg room you could ask for. The storage area is very roomy and I have had no major difficulties engine wise with this vehicle. That is the main reason that our other vehicles is another edge.

- Dina K

It is a cinnamon burgundy color that changes with the light.

My Ford Edge is extremely comfortable, drives smoothly, and sleek in design! It accelerates well with a 6 cylinder engine, and it feels safe to drive my newborn. The leather interior is stunning! My only complaints are that the CD player had to be replaced, apparently a common issue, because CDs were harmed in the faulty player. Also, the motor of the sunroof is dying so I cannot utilize it to the greatest extent without fear if it dying while open!

- Olivia R

2010 Ford Edge satisfaction.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle yet. It is comfortable to drive, with very nice features like an aux, built in usb, volume controls on the wheel, cruise control, and more. The brakes are not very touchy, they are pretty solid to use. The 2010 Ford Edge has a lot of power, so be careful when not using cruise control because you may find yourself easily speeding. The vehicle drives very smoothly and I am overall very satisfied.

- Hannah M

good enough to take overseas

I really like this car. It is a very comfortable and roomy car that has very comfortable seats. It also had great leg and head room. The visibility is amazing and the panoramic sunroof is a great feature. I love this car so much that Shipping it overseas to Africa when I had a job assignment and it handled the different road surfaces expertly. It was also quite stylish as everyone turned to look at this car wherever I went. Great car!

- Michelle A

Perfect vehicle in so many ways, the Ford Edge.

I love driving my Ford Edge. It is the perfect size SUV. I prefer it to a sedan because the sedan is too low to the ground. The Edge is compact but has plenty of room for carrying most anything. I have the Factory GPS which is wonderful as well as the Ford exclusive SYNC feature for calls. We take the Edge on many road trips and it is very smooth highway driving. I highly recommend driving a Ford Edge, you won't be disappointed.

- Gloria M

Stylish and sporty SUV with the power I love.

My Ford edge is 8 years old and I have never had any mechanical problems. It is extreme reliable. I feel safe in this car because it is solid and well made. It has a lot of power and responds great. It handles well around curves. I love the luxury interior and the sporty exterior. The only problem I have had with this car has been the passenger airbag which Ford repaired free of charge and they even provided me with a rental car.

- Tanya R

Extremely reliable vehicle. Has more room than appears from the outside.

This vehicle has been incredibly reliable. In 8 years of owning it I have had very little trouble with it. I have replaced the tires and I believe the battery. It has never left me stranded. It is a very comfortable vehicle and has more room inside than it appears from the outside. I now have my 2 children’s car seats which makes it a bit tight but still works for now. The moonroof is huge and makes it feel even bigger.

- Angela P

Amazing vehicle/Beyond practical!

I have really had no problems with my vehicle. I bought it used, and performance wise it has really impressed me. The reliability is undeniable, and it is the most comfortable SUV I have ever rode in, or driven. I am obsessed with the tech features such as the touch screen navigation and Bluetooth features and even the small features such as a the color changing lights. I could not have found a better vehicle.

- Michaela E

Overall my 2010 Ford Edge is a smooth riding luxury vehicle.

We've had our off white 2010 Ford Edge for about a year and a half now, and everyday I love it more. The Ford Edge is not only a luxury looking and feeling vehicle, it does absolutely great on gas and miles. I spend a lot of my time in my car just enjoying watching movies on my iPad and loving the comorbidity of the vehicle, and not to mention how the car drives. So smooth. I love my 2010 off white Ford Edge.

- Gloria H

Stylish, reliable and fun to drive!!

My Ford Edge has been a great car for me, always reliable, I have never had any problems with anything. I make sure I get regular maintenance done. I probably average 23-25 mpg. Very comfortable, even in the back seat there is plenty of legroom. Lots of storage in the back and seats fold down for even more. Very smooth ride, but tires are rather expensive for this vehicle. All in all I love this vehicle.

- Donna H

This vehicle is truly everything you can ask for or seek in a car.

I have owned this car for quite some time! Living up north, the seat warmers are a huge benefit! But during the summer months, the sunroof is also great as well! The sound system is also a large benefit - I am able to listen to music with bluetooth. With this I am able to control the music I want from my phone or the controls on the wheel, along with answering phone calls or responding to text messages.

- Ashley P

Black 4 door family sized vehicle that will comfortably fit a family of four.

It has several recalls on it an Ford has made no effort to fix them other than offering us a rental - car- until the issues are fixed. That is useless when you have two kids in car seats and they wont fit in a small car! Ford refused to give us a larger rental at their expenses too! Other than that, we have only had issues with a battery going dead in the 4 years we have had it. No complaints otherwise.

- Mandy B

Perfect for a sports mom on the go!

My Edge is really reliable. It maneuvers really well. It is very good on gas. It is sporty looking. I love my sunroof. Space in the very back is very roomy. All my kids play sports. Enough space for their sports equipment plus chairs and I suggest. Seat warmers are very comfortable. Add it amenity that I love. I could not get my Bluetooth to connect was only my frustration with the vehicle.

- Emily O

The car is extremely well manufactured. It is still a very solid ride after a hundred and ninety thousand miles

My Ford Edge is a great vehicle and it is still running strong after a hundred and ninety thousand miles. The car has a very solid ride and with the six cylinder engine it has a lot of pick up. The seats are very comfortable especially the driver's seat. The only thing wrong with the car after 8 years and a hundred and ninety thousand miles is the fact that it's getting a little bit dinged up

- Kevin H

The edge was equipped with Microsoft sync..

The ford edge has a great driving range, smooth, mostly quiet and is big enough for the two of us to be comfortable in. Being an SUV, the gas consumption is average, about 20 mpg. We have owned our edge for almost 3 years and we have had no major issues with it. I feel it's a step above the explorer and provides a great driving experience all the way around. It also has all-wheel drive.


Great family vehicle for both around town and road trips.

The Edge has been great for day-to-day work travel and for family vacations. I've had very few maintenance issues aside from normal preventative maintenance. I typically get around 20-24 mpg. I have leather interiors which I like for the easy cleanup. I also like that there is ample trunk space and that the seats fold down easily. The center seat in the back is very small but usable.

- Courtney C

The Ford Edge is the perfect car for me!

My Edge is really comfortable, and the v6 engine has the perfect amount of power without being too costly on gas. It is very reliable. Being a 2010, it does not have the back up camera, but the sensor that beeps helps. I would love to have a newer model someday. My only issue is that the passenger side airbags are still under recall and Ford still does not have the parts to replace.

- Becky K

Daily driver, reliable, love it!

My Ford edge is a reliable, smooth ride. Never have any issues with it. It is a 2010 basic SUV. I do not have any special features, but I love it. Do not have a touchscreen or Bluetooth capability. No moon roof or anything fancy. I bought this car as a daily driver and it is done the job. I bought it used in 2011 and have had for almost 8 years. I always buy a Ford and always will.

- Judith R

Such a great car, so happy I bought it!

My Ford edge drives smooth and is all around a great ride. It has light the feet that change color and a sun roof just all around a fun car. It does not have a great turn ratios but still turns just fine. The leather seats are really nice and they are even heated so on cold winter days your body can be warm. The heater and a/c works amazingly and I am so glad I bought this car.

- Frankie B

Bluetooth makes it so nice when someone is calling me.

It drives really smoothly. It is such a reliable car and I love how much space there is inside of it. The interior is leather which is great for cleaning up messes. The back seats lay down which help when I have to transport large objects or when I am moving home from college. The exterior is silver and really nice looking. The perfect car for so many different occasions.

- Courtney H

Growing and going with my edge.

I have put 180,000 miles on my edge and it still runs beautifully. Basic oil changes, tire and brake changes, and TLC is all it has need. It has fulfilled the role of commuter and mommy car perfectly. I love the bluetooth, heated seats and music storage features but my favorite part is the moon roof. I would certainly recommend it for a young professional and or family.

- Sarah M

Trendy Ford edge has something for everyone!

Love my Ford edge! Great features are Bluetooth, 6-cd stereo with Sony speakers, heated seats, dual-user memory seats, luxury leather, quality paint. Issues have been with the tires/rims/brakes. The low profile tires get mud/snow/ice in the rims which cause shaking and can throw off the alignment. Brakes squeak even after being freshly replaced.

- Hannah C

There isn't any rust and it is new to us!

I like that my brother in law allowed us to buy it through a low payment plan since we did not qualify for a loan through the bank. i like that it is high up and i can see around decent while i drive. i do not like the blind spots and i do not like the layout of the interior and i do not like some of the advanced features, they annoy me

- Lisabeth H

The ups and downs of a Ford edge, but mostly ups!

I have had my car for 2yrs now and it is been great. I have taken 2 road trips and it was great on gas and a very comfortable ride. It fits my three kids and two dogs perfectly. The only bad part was it was recalled for airbags and it took 3 months to get the parts but Ford took care of me. I also am a food runner and it is a perfect fit.

- Jennifer D

The heated seats and dual climate control are great.

The 2010 Ford edge limited edition that I have is a great vehicle. I love the all wheel drive aspect of the vehicle. I love the heated leather seats. The dual air and heat controls are great. The way the back seats lay down and give a ton of cargo room is great. I usually have them down so that my dog has a lot of space to lay around.

- Carl H

Love my Ford Edge so much!!

My Ford Edge is great for my family! I love the space I have to travel with multiple kids as well as the space I have to transport groceries and/or larger items. My Ford Edge does not really have many problems so far. I had a few battery issues last year, but it boiled down to a wire that needed replacing that I put off for too long.

- Melissa A

I really like the comfort of my vehicle.

Like the way it drives smoothly; media center is superb. I like that I can move the sound around the vehicle so it is louder in some areas, quieter in others; seats move in many directions; heating/ac great; back seats fold down easily; the tire pressure gauge goes on too frequently, usually not a problem, so the sensor must be off;

- Connie B

Ford Edge for the family on the go.

It is a great reliable vehicle, plenty of storage features whether I am hauling family or supplies for livestock purposes. Not too many fancy gadgets to distract you while driving so it is perfect for me and my family. The only thing I could add is the recalls and the availability of getting the parts replaced is seriously lacking.

- Carlie K

Our favorite feature is the lighting on the inside!

Just recently had to put an entire new engine in it - it cost $3, 000. 00 but I would do it again if I had to because my kids and I absolutely love this car!! It has always been reliable and safe! There is also a ton of room - I have 2 car seats in the back and there is plenty of legroom still and still a big space in the middle.

- Jessica W

The back up camera is awesome. It has the sensor on it to go off if something is near your vehicle also it's a push to start car but your vehicle won't go anywhere if the keys are not near the car.

There are more things I like about the vehicle than there are that I don't. First the extra add ons in the vehicle are amazing, the blue tooth, the navigation system and the back up camera is amazing. The one thing I dislike about it is how the brake pedal isn't like most vehicles I've driven they're a little on the touchy side.

- Brittani H

Great car for travel or in town running errands

Very comfortable on long trips. In winter I love the seat warmers ( I have leather seats) good gas mileage, dual temp settings for heat and air, 6 disc CD player. Great gray color that shines like crazy when cleaned up. Plenty of room in the back for storage, cup holders everywhere. Multiple places to plug up phone or laptop.

- Kathy B

High comfort, low upkeep!

My car seats me comfortably and adequately, which is important because I am confined to a wheelchair. My wheelchair is folded and easily carried on the car's rear deck. There is still roomy seating for four adults. In more than eight years of driving, the cost of repair/replacement parts has averaged less than $150 per year.

- Gene A

Panoramic roof is a must with young kids to keep them occupied on road trips

This is my first vehicle I have purchased on my own and I don't regret it. The limited trim is amazing. I have had no major issues with the vehicle or the engine. The panoramic sunroof is amazing. This vehicle has plenty get up and go. I am able to haul a decent size boat with my towing package. Perfect starter family SUV.

- Kayla W

My favorite car that I have owned by far. Would buy another.

The Ford edge is the most comfortable car I have owned. The side mirrors are larger for better viewing. The ride is a smooth one because this crossover is on a car frame and not on a truck frame. The sound system is very good. It includes a Sirius antenna, CD player and I can talk on my cell thru a hands free connection.

- Cindy H

The size of the vehicle is perfect for my needs

My Ford Edge has been pretty reliable. I've only had a few minor repairs Mostly electrical. It has nearly 200K miles on it. I like the hands free feature and the size of the vehicle. The gas mileage is average for a car this age. I plan to drive it as long as possible and will probably replace it with another Ford Edge

- Terri A

Roomy, reliable crossover

Lot's of interior room, back seat sits two adults comfortably with ample leg room. Car picks up speed quickly. Gas mileage is good. The back liftgate is great for grocery shopping. When the back seats are down, I have moved a twin size bed (mattress, box springs and frame) in the back and the liftgate completely closed.

- Theresa H

Great vehicle to own get yours today...

This car has been one of the best one I have owned. I love it and I would definitely buy another one. There safety rating is a good one as well. I would recommend the Edge to anyone wanting an SUV. Pricing is not bad for what you get either. So for anyone wanting one take one for a test drive and give yourself a treat.

- RS M

A good nice modern and basic car

The only problem I have with this car is that it's not as big as I would like. But seats do fold down . The car is a deal of a car it's got room inside to sit comfortably sunroof is fun it drives just fine it has all the basic features of a modern car. If you need a car with a hundred buttons then this is not for you

- Robert W

My vehicle provides a comfortable ride and many great features.

I have had no issues with this vehicle aside from a few factory recalls which were serviced. The gas tank needed to be replaced due to corrosion issues which was a recall. My airbag was also recalled and serviced. The vehicle gets great gas mileage and handles fairly well in the snow for a front wheel drive vehicle.

- Casey H

Great reliable family vehicle.

Performance wise, it is good. Gas mileage is about 14 to 15 mpg. As far as visibility driving, the sun reflects off the dash causing issues seeing through the windshield. Also, backing up is hard to see and so is switching lanes. If you get black interior, it is hard to keep clean because black shows everything.

- Sara I

Gas mileage is very good and I'm overly in love with it

I love how smooth it drives and when it comes to the gas mileage it pretty good. The under color light can be changed inside the car and the whole speaker system is awesome. The air conditioner doesn't blow to hard but overall it's very cold. We're having tire problems but that's just from riding on them to long

- Jasmine T

Good in the snow Pretty good on gas too Big enough that you feel safe that you have a car around you

Great car for us We have 2 dogs and when we go to vet there is plenty of room in the back for the two of them. Aloso plenty of room for groceries . Very roomy seats also. Only thing I dislike about it is the glare on front windshield from the dashboard grates. It really bothers me to see that when I'm driving.

- Patricia C

The Ford edge is the perfect sized SUV.

It has been extremely reliable. The size is perfect. It does not feel too big but I sit up high enough to feel safe. Plenty of room for 5 people comfortably. There is a great deal of room in the back for hauling things and the back seats flatten out very easily. It handles very well and gas mileage is good.

- Judy W

The highlight of my vehicle would be hands free phone.

There are several things that I have had to fix but I believe it's due to wear and tear. The water pump, brakes, and cooling fans. I have been lately experiencing over heating of which they cannot determine why. Also rear tail lights have been needed to be changed. Otherwise all is great on my Ford edge.

- Edna G

Comfortable, roomy, great for couples or family.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive. It provides plenty of room for up to five passengers. Love the added benefit of the seat heaters. The newer models have backup cameras which would be helpful but this model has the beeps as you back up as you get close to an object which is very useful. Love this car.

- Jane E

I like that the paint is upgraded to metal flake.

It is a 6 cylinder but it is a gas guzzler. I believe its because it is a all wheel drive and does not have an option to change it to two wheel drive. It does not have updated tech like back up camera, or GPS on pop up display panel. Only the driver seat is automatic, the rest are controlled by levers.

- Ruben V

Great car - long lasting.

This car has been great - I have had it for many years. Very comfortable, low maintenance. The car is very roomy - although I am usually the only one in it and I do not feel it is too big for that. Great "trunk" - all components have held up well. Will be looking for another Edge when the time comes.

- Kathleen K

It looks similar to the newer ones and yet it is a 2010.

I have not had one issue with my Ford edge since I bought it new in 2010. I think it looks comparable to the newer ones. I get it maintained as suggested and only problem I have had is some rust around the front hood. I would definitely get another one when this one dies. It has 147, 000 miles on it.

- Sherry H

Qualities of a Ford edge sport.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle as of yet. Very reliable and gas mileage per gallon is not to bad. Its fully loaded with a moonroof and 2 monitors on the head rests. Perfect to take a family trip in. Especially with little ones. Throw a movie in and they are good to go. Lots of room inside.

- Amy S

Great car, drives smooth I love the trunk space.

So far I love it, normal wear and tear so far, could shift smoother. Great on gas. Bought it used, used to be a fleet car so it was very well managed and taken care of. No Bluetooth hook up, 6 disk CD changer, aux port, satellite radio, huge trunk space, back seats flip down at the push of a button.

- Tae G

My Ford Edge is extremely comfortable to drive.

I have owned this vehicle for 8 years. I bought it new and it is absolutely my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. It is the perfect size as it has plenty of room but not big and bulky like some SUVs. It gets good gas mileage. It is very comfortable. I have not had any major problems with my Edge.

- Evelyn D

Lots of space, roomy, comfortable, smooth ride

My 2010 Ford Edge is a very comfortable car with plenty of room for the family, plus plenty of storage space. The back seats fold down for additional storage. It drives very smooth with no issues. I have had absolutely no problems with this car. It is used as a daily driver, as well as for trips.

- Kelly S

Smooth Riding SUV will win your heart

Bought it used. Great conditions great car. Leather seats. Heated too. Automatic seats locks and windows. Rides smooth plenty space. Love the size to space ratio Perfect for first time SUV owners. About two years of heavy driving had to replace motor. Thermostat went out after. Overall good car.

- Marcus A

It has internal lights that are able to be switched to a color of your choice.

It's durable and pretty reliable overall. However the air conditioner doesn't work and sensors go off a lot such as 'check park aid'. I would prefer a third row seater but this vehicle is spacious enough and comfortable for the price. The only other thing I can think of is it's a gas hog!

- Lacy W

Reliable and spacious vehicle

A good, reliable small SUV. The cargo room in the back is plentiful, and the ride is comfortable. I do wish I had a backup camera and more features, but for a basic trim level, the Edge SE gets the job done. I have two small kids and it's convenient for getting them in and out of car seats.

- Lauren M

Review of 2010 Ford Edge.

Good performance even with 153, 000 miles on it. Very reliable. Never had a problem with it. I like the back up sensor and the Bluetooth in it. Gets good gas mileage. We always have enough room in it even when 4 people are going in it. We do a good job getting it serviced every 3000 miles.

- Kay K

Fun colored interior lights.

I love my Ford edge. It easy to drive and has many options. It has heated leather seats and automatic tailgate lift. It has colored interior lights which is a fun option. The seats in the back recline which is nice for long trips. The headroom is very good and you are able to wear a hat.

- Kimberly C

My ford edge is a can-do everything vehicle.

There has been a call back on the fuel take(fully covered) but other than that I absolutely love this car/SUV! It is reliable and efficient. I enjoy the easy clean that the leather seats provide. The edge does have ford's sync features which help keeping me hands free while driving.

- Taylor D

Are you thinking of buying a 2010 Ford edge?

I love how much room it has but one of my only complaints is it's a little small right now for my family of five. 2 car seats in the back doesn't leave much room for my 3rd child. But everything else is pretty good. Its stylish and knock on wood I haven't had any problems out of it.

- Crystal B

Motor powerful Space Light Excellent radio Bluetooth

No complaints at all. Very spacious. Comfy. Economic in gas. Family car. Bluetooth accessible. It's a car for a small family including pets. Sirens and lights high quality. Led inside in multiple colors. A lot of room for storage. I heard a lot of negative but I love my edge

- Cassie R

Love the sensor that it comes with.

I love the vehicle, great economical car great on gas it is also very roomy and great family car. Very affordable monthly payments. Power locks, a sensor that lets you know if your close to backing up to something so you won't hit your car. Everything about the Edge is just awesome.

- Doris G

Why I love my Ford edge and will eventually by another one!

My vehicle has almost 200, 000 miles on it and except got norm wear and tear, I have never had problems with it. It is the perfect size, for when my kids were younger and in sports, to now just for me. Love the heated seats, and the touch screen. Best of all is the backup camera!

- Marilee K

Reliable tech savvy transport

The 2010 Ford Edge is reliable, comfortable and safe. It provides a smooth ride during my daily commute and is good on gas. The maintenance is minimal and the upkeep is simple and there are and abundant amount of service centers in all states. Number one SUV I have ever owned.

- Carla Y

The lighting throughout the floorboards kinda reminds me of a luxury vehicle.

I love my Ford edge it is a reliable car and it has great mileage, it is very comfortable and has a feel between a car and a SUV. . It is fully loaded with a sunroof that has a full glass the whole length of the car it is fantastic and I couldn't be more apt with this vehicle.

- Rachel G

Smooth ride and very flexible payload space!

My Ford edge is very reliable. It is very roomy. It is also extremely flexible since the backs seats can be folded down for extra area to transport items. The edge has even accommodated an entire cord of wood! I am very pleased with the performance of the car in all aspects.

- Amy M

Dependable and fun to drive.

Our vehicle is very dependable and I love that because do not have a lot of extra money. It is great that I do not need to spend more on repairs. We use it for work, doctors appointments and family entertainment. We drive to az. Every year to visit my niece and her family.

- Barbara W

Room for twins but not oversized or hard to park.

We love our Ford edge so much that we bought two of them! It has room for 2 car seats. It has lots of legroom but not oversized or hard to park like some larger SUVs. It always drives well. It is easy to maintain and it is a good looking car! Overall we are very satisfied.

- Sherry R

That you need to take your time making turns and not go fast in case somebody was in the blind-spot

I like the size of the Ford Edge and It's overall drive but I very much dislike the blind spots. The mirrors aren't the problem it's the material between the front window and front seat windows. It's hard to see pedestrians walking and to make turns around cement mediums.

- Lisa H

Great and I love it! Easy driving vehicle.

Just the right size to take a trip and being only driver very relaxing. Great driving in the snow. Had recall on airbag replace within two weeks. Love the door code on driver side in case I forget my keys. Great on gas mileage but must keep up on your oil change and tire.

- Rose B

Beautiful car with extreme comfort.

I love my car. It is has travel comfort. Great on gas. Plenty of room even with my two golden retrievers. Stereo system is great. Wishing I had a texting ability via verbal. Love the seat warmers especially in the winter. I would buy another Edge if need be in the future.

- Pam D

Sharp looking and extremely reliable car.

My edge has always been a reliable and comfortable and smooth riding car. It is provides ample storage when traveling or shopping. It gets good gas mileage and the 8 1/2 years I have owned the car, I have had very little go wrong. I would highly recommend the Ford edge.

- Kris D

Nice SUV to enjoy with a family.

The SUV is a great size very roomy, gets ok gas mileage came with a lot of extras it was a reliable SUV very comfortable for road trips I have had a few problems with the SUV like battery brakes things like that I like the style of the SUV has a nice look inside in out.

- Renee B

My favorite detail of this car is the Bluetooth. It lets me talk on the phone.

Very reliable car. Had it for nearly ten years. It is very comfortable and I take this car on many road trips to see family. I have a new baby on the way and it is perfect for a family vehicle also. I love this car. It has heated seats leather interior and Bluetooth.

- Tori V

Ford edge, roomy, techy and reliable.

My vehicle is reliable, handles easily, has a lot of room and has great technology system (sync). It has great storage space and a very large sunroof. The heat/ac system is easy to use. I really like the on screen navigation system too. I also like the heated seated.

- Dean S

Best reliable mid size SUV for your money.

Great gas mileage. Rides nice. Comfortable seats and air conditioning works great. Seat automatic settings when engine is turned on. Lights on floor boards that change colors and it has heated seats. Automatic back door opens and closes. The Edge is a big little SUV.

- Isabel B

My edge is awesome and way better than my husband�s Acura.

I love my car! It has plenty of room, it drives well, and it survives my three year old. I only wish it had seat position memory that way when we have to switch drivers it is not such a pain to switch back. A sunroof would also be nice for those perfect weather days.

- Lauren D

Great family car. Highly reliable.

I love this car. It is highly reliable, decent gas mileage, handles wonderfully, and a great family car. It has over 100,000 miles on it without having any big issues besides maintenance. There have been multiple recalls on parts, but they have been covered by ford.

- Tanya B

The side mirrors have a built in zoom panel.

My vehicle is very reliable, easy to maintain and have never had any major repairs done to it. The seats fold down and can store big items such as chairs and smaller furniture. The gas mileage is amazing, I never thought i’d get such good mileage for a crossover.

- Margaret T

It handles very well. It has bluetooth, and it has a great suspension.

I wish it was more modern and had a better online screen system. It doesn't have a temperature reading for the outside. I love how it rides, it's comfortable, and very spacious which is great for taking my kid back and forth to college during move in and move out.

- Heather W

My new to me 2010 Ford edge. Awesome dependable, reliable, and sporty looking.

My Ford edge is easy for me to get in & out of. Is dependable, comfortable to drive. I switched from a 2004 vehicle to this 2010. Seems economical in gas usage. Looks good, runs quieter than past Jeep. I am confident this vehicle will start when I need to use it.

- Joanne T

THIS CAR IS GODSEND must purchase/ own

Comfort. Easy fast and great in gas and mileage. My car is a tank. Great for snow. Nothing beats this car. I also have TVs in the back for the kids when we travel and take long road trips. The seats can go down and be an easy bed for spontaneous camping trips.

- Alex M

Seat warmers. Airbags. Bluetooth.

There are no problems with it to my knowledge. I'm not the one driving I just ride in it. It's very comfortable and roomie. I love the seat warmer in the winter, and the bluetooth radio. Ford is very reliable. The driver and passenger airbags are also good.

- Julie M

Reliable, comfortable. Great mileage for the gas.

Reliable, comfortable, clean, good view of the road, mirrors great, needs only gas, oil change, rotation of the tires. Good grip of the road the tires. Breaks are good. Minimal maintenance keeps it running great. Can adjust the sound from the steering wheel.

- Monica C

Good but has a few mechanical issues

Overall it's been good in the 7+ years that we've owned it but recently it's been having some mechanical issues that are a little pricey to fix. Other than the mechanical issues it's pretty nice. It's essentially our own vehicle that has AC so that's a plus.

- Mackenzie M

Summary of a 2010 ford edge.

It has a good feel to it while driving... It rides nice. Pretty good size and roomy... Both in the front and the back seats. Lots of nice safety features. Accommodates child car seats well... Both rear and front facing. Performs well. Has a nice size trunk.

- Jen D

Very spacious and drives smooth

Best vehicle I have ever owned. I have went through four cars and this is by far the best. It's very reliable I have had the usual maintenance done to it. Nothing too excessive. I drove it through many states with much trust and highly recommend a Ford Edge

- Chelsea K

Comfortable and reliable vehicle

Performance is amazing especially in the winter with the AWD. Steering wheel is very difficult to turn, very stiff compared to other vehicles. Comfort is amazing, plenty of legroom in back for passengers, large trunk area overall a comfortable safe vehicle.

- Cheryl S

Great car that will keep you safe driving in snow, but may have some expensive repairs needed.

I enjoy that it's a bigger car, so there is plenty of room for me and the dog. I also really like the interior. It wasn't an expensive vehicle, since I bought it used, but it feels expensive on the inside. I do wish the gas mileage was a little bit better.

- Alex H

I love this vehicle. Its dependable and problem free.

My vehicle is comfortable, reliable, and a v6 performs great. I had a recall on the airbag but it has been taken care of. No problems with the vehicle and I have had it now for about a year and a half now. I bought it used. I do really love my vehicle.

- Carolina M

This car feels very safe to drive

It has a lot of software problems and requires updates. The car is pretty comfortable and has a lot of room in the back. It feels very safe to drive and has great use on miles. The gas isn't that expensive, so it makes sense to drive to further places.

- Leanne C

The Ford edge has mostly all the latest safety features.

I like driving my Ford edge because of all the storage and space it has. I am a mother of 2 small children which means we need a lot of storage space while busy and on the go. I don't like the amount of engine problems it has had since we bought it.

- Karen R

2010 Ford Edge with a lot of extras because it is the SEL limited edition.

It is the SEL Edition. So it has a 6-disc CD changer. Along with three hookups to charge your phone, USB port, also a place to plug in your mp3 player to listen into the radio. You can also hook up your phone with Bluetooth to answer or make calls.


Regular oil changes, routine maintenance is a must.

I love my edge! I will buy another one (newer) when the time comes. One thing I changed were the tires that come stock on this car. While they are nice tires, they didn't have any road warranty on them and they were a lot pricier than some others.

- Amy J

Good midsize car and attractive design.

I like my vehicle it is very comfortable and easy to maintain. For me it has a good size and it runs very good. The things that don't really like about it are. First the recall about the passenger airbag and the a.c. doesn't works very well.

- Maya C

It's a great vehicle and it is great for a family on the go.

I love that our vehicle has enough room for our family of 4 with plenty of space and it is easy on gas. The recalls is what I dislike. It has 4 on it right now and Ford has made no effort to get the parts to fix it so I can't drive it far.

- Mandy B

Family friendly comfortable with plenty of room, storage, and heated seats.

I love my vehicle, its spacious for a mom of three. My Ford edge is stylish, a very nice looking vehicle. If I had a complaint it would be the anti lock brake system it is real touchy and if you are not used to them it could be dangerous.

- Jennifer C

Is comfortable, family friendly, and has great gas mileage.

Family friendly, modern, comfortable, great gas mileage for an SUV, nice body, smooth to drive. I don't have any complaints about the car except I would have love to add the 4 wheel drive, but that is not Fords fault but my budget :)

- vanessa M

It is sleek looking and very spacious inside.

I really love the Ford Edge because it has enough room for my family of 5 to sit comfortably and it is a smooth ride. It has had a problem or two come up which would be my only complaint but overall, it has been a reliable vehicle.

- Erika R

If you want to feel safe when driving, then the Ford edge is for you.

The 2010 Ford edge is a decent car. I like it because it is a bigger car so it makes me feel safer while driving. A downside to it though is that it does not get very good gas mileage. Also, the breaks are very sensitive.

- Ryan A

It does not come in 4 wheel drive, only all wheel drive.

I like that it is got a "cozy" feel to it. The center console is large and surrounds me and everything is easily accessible. I like that my side view mirrors have the "blind spot" mirrors and I have the back up sensors.

- Stephanie B

The vehicle is good/great in every way possible. This consistency is important to my wife and me! Thanks!

This is a 2010 Edge that we bought in 2013 with just 34,000 miles on it. It has been an excellent vehicle for us, with no major issues at all, I have no complaints. The Edge is much like the Escape just a bit bigger.

- Bob U

The gas mileage. The look of the car. Also how it hooks up to your phone easily.

Leather seats. Controls are easy to find and use. The fuel mileage is very good. . I love how it handles while driving it. Also heated seats I can't say I hate. When I bought it loved the sporty style. No mom van.

- Lou K

Ford Edge: Very versatile vehicle

My Ford Edge is probably the best vehicle I've owned in almost 40 years of driving. My only gripe is fuel economy with the 3.5 lt V6. I get only about 17 mpg and would like about 22 from a vehicle this size

- Jack M

It is very roomy; it also gets great gas mileage.

It is very roomy. It is reliable, and has never broken down. It is a smooth ride and fairly fuel efficient. The only thing I would change would be the carpet color. It is way too light and shows dirt easily.

- Lisa F

You have to pay to continue to have the navigation and other Sync features each year.

It is very roomy and fun to drive. I love the moon/sun roof. I wish I would have gotten 1 model year later for the new interior upgrades. The push buttons to put the back seats down are very convenient.

- Kim C

The Ford Edge is a nice sized, comfortable cuv. It can be equipped with as many luxury extras that the average driver and passengers might want. The controls have been placed conveniently for use while driving down the road.

This vehicle has all the bells & whistles I could possibly ever want! So comfy and smooth! Had a Toyota before and I am so happy I switched to a Ford! Great car for the money and I highly recommend it.

- Robert R

Overall great. With inside dash light problems

For the most part it is a great car. Inside noise level is awful. The dash lights for the panel is also awful. Very dim and can barely see at night. Also awful glare during the day, hard to see too.

- Debbie T

The most important thing about my car is the space. You don't feel cramped.

It is very comfortable. Lots of room. plenty of cargo space.The only complaint I have is the center console is not laid out in the best way. It would be better if the cup holders were side by side.

- Marlana W

Reliable and dependable with a comfortable ride. Happy with this car.

It is roomy and comfortable. The car has performed well with nothing more than routine maintenance. It sits high which I like. Only complaint is that the fuses related to plugs are easily blown

- Scott W

I am really tall and my Ford edge gets it!

I have a Ford edge and I love it. Runs very smooth, has a great turn radius as well for an SUV. There is plenty of space in the trunk and the seats are very easy to fold down for even more space.

- Ryan M

Great family car. Lots of room!

I love this vehicle. It has very comfortable seats that can be adjusted in many different ways. It has lots of room around the seats and in the back which is great when looking for a family car.

- Cynthia R

I love all the bells and whistles on my vehicle.

There’s lots of room. Seats are comfortable. Handles good in all weather. Not bad on gas mileage. Easy to get around in traffic. The air conditioning needs to be better for the back seat area.

- Rhonda B

point a to point b for ten years and 100000 miles.

I like the gas mileage for a small crossover vehicle. I do not like how my vehicle is almost 10 years old and has over 100 thousand miles on the engine. I like the Ford brand and I trust it.

- Jason W

2010 Ford Edge Gets Great Gas Mileage

Even being eight years old, my car gets between 22-25 mpg on the highway and 19-22 in town, which is excellent for an SUV! It's also extremely comfortable to sit in over long distances.

- Layne P

The car is very dependable. It does have an airbag recall that has been waiting to be fixed for 2 years now doto parts being unavailable.

I love the fact that it's a start and go automobile. I have only needed to do the regular maintenance on the car such as oil changes and brakes. Only fault is it could be a bit larger.

- Joseph B

It is important to know that it has a new transmission and a great sunroof!.

I like the technology of my vehicle - the fact that I can connect my music via Bluetooth. The handling is nice. I dislike the fact that it has over 100k miles, and I can feel it aging.

- Lydia V

The most important thing about the Edge is it has bluetooth.

I like how the Edge is very roomy. The automated lift hatch is very convenient with kids and shopping. The bluetooth is my favorite because there is a hands free law in my county.

- Tina E

It is totally, and I mean totally reliable!.

I like how much room there is. There can be 5 people in the car and everyone fits comfortably. I am not a fan of how large it feels. I do not like how big the rear of the car is.

- Kiley P

It's reliable and easy to drive. Gas mileage isn't great

My edge is reliable and I feel good that it's made in America The edge tends to be a little pricey to get features like leather seats and a sun roof It's a good looking ace

- Jamie H

First and foremost it has great safety features.

I like the gas mileage. I like the spacious back seat and front seats. I dislike the maintenance schedules. I also dislike the rear camera that does not work half the time.

- Catherine R

It was kind of cheaply made and should have been made in America. It has lots of room though.

It was made in Mexico and things like the door handle has metal flaking off, cutting people. This should never happen.It is a little too wide for me, but overall I like it.

- Jay W

This car can live well past 100,000 miles with basic car care.

With leather interior, this vehicle is the most comfortable ride. Great for tall and short people. Plenty of cargo, and a SYNC system. (I wish it could be more up to date)

- Andrew H

Very smooth riding vehicle.

The Ford Edge probably is the best car I have owned. It's great for Michigan winters being all wheel drive. Only complaint is the gas mileage. Sure wish it was better.

- Kathy J

The display can be finicky, but the seats are super comfy

I like the car overall, but it does have a few flaws. The emergency light "button" isn't a button and is right by the center display so you accidentally hit it a lot.

- Allison M

It is very roomy , and reliable. I have not had much trouble with it other than wear and tear

i am very satisfied with my 2010 Ford Edge SEL . I has been very reliable so far. i now have 165 thousand miles on it. I do wish it had better gas mileage however.

- Jason H

It is my favorite car that I have owned. I have had a Honda and a Mazda in the past and I am 100% satisfied with the Ford Edge.

I have no complaints. I love my car! It is comfortable inside and has a pretty, curvy exterior. It sits high enough off the ground without being a huge vehicle.

- Jen B

The lumbar setting and the phone Charger in the back seat.

I love my vehicle. It has the lumber set for bad backs. The back seat lays down to give more room to carry stuff. The back seat has a place for a phone Charger.

- Sherry B

It was affordable if you really want to get the most out of your vehicle you should buy an Edge.

I like the moon roof on the Edge. I also love the heated leather seats. There really isn't anything I don't like about the Edge unless I was to get a new one.

- Sylvia B

Has wireless where you can hook your phone to it.

Good quality. Runs good. Not so good on gas but does good on the road. Looks good on the inside and love the leather seats. Good option if you have children.

- Kayla R

It gets very good gas mileage and it is very comfortable

I love my vehicle it ride smooth and it is very comfortable.it gets very good gas mileage. It is very sporty and roomy and I will probably buy another one

- Stacy S

Love my Ford Edge Sport!!

I love my Ford Edge. I have the Sport Edition, so it was much lighter than the regular Edge. It drives extremely smooth and all maintenance is affordable.

- Amber A

ford edge- comfy with few issues

seats and suspension make it a very comfortable ride...BUT the rear drive shaft (AWD) bearings tend to bind up around 90000 miles and that's a $600 fix

- leah b

We love our Edge. There was one problem with the computer that Ford knew about, but didn't fix until the 2011 models. That repair cost us $1200. That's the only problem we've ever had. It runs great, accelerates quickly, and has a ton of extras that we enjoy (heated seats, navigation system, entertainment system, etc.)

It's an extremely comfortable ride. I have a disabling back problem and riding in our Edge causes less distress than any other vehicle I've ridden in.

- Elizabeth C

It is a very comfortable ride.

We haven't had our Ford Edge very long, but it has a comfortable ride and has been reliable. It performs well on the highway and has good gas mileage.

- Lisa C

The car is very gas efficient.

I like the style. I do not like the more compact size in the back seat. The driver's seat should have separate buttons for adjusting not all together.

- Christina G

The Ford Edge is a well-built car that handles well and feels safe on the highway.

Comfortable ride. Handles very well. Lots of room in the back for luggage, groceries. Doesn't have power seats on this model which would be nice.

- Gayle M

It's a very efficient and safe car to drive everyday.

I like the that it has a lot of room. Also, the gas mileage is comparable to other vehicles in its class. The sound system is really good as well.

- Stephen W

Great driving care and very reliable. The best value on the market.

Reliable and smooth riding. I have no dislikes, I have no complaints. I appreciate the Ford company as they did not take any government handouts.

- Jim K

It is great on gas. It drives great and has a ton of storage.

I love my car. I love the room it has ,how my car drives and how comfortable it is. I am a traveler and it is very roomy for all our luggage.

- Heather O

Go buy something else, Anything else would be better than a Ford.

Fords are all junk, everything breaks and the transmissions are crap. Replaced trans parts and never had to do that on any other care I ever had.

- mary c

A quick and a compact little baby.

Very reliable have been using it for more than 5 years. Nice mileage. Extremely comfortable. Only problem is the legroom for a tall guy like me.

- vivekathreya k

It has a wheelchair in the back at all times

When I first bought it I had trouble with air flow through the passenger window. Took Ford almost a year to fix it. Since then - no complaints.

- Judy D

It lasts long without needing major repairs.

I like that it has enough space for luggage and a dog for car trips. I like the extra large sunroof. I like the push button open/close trunk.

- Jeanne S

That it is a very safe and reliable vehicle. Good bang for your buck.

Love it because of its size. Big enough to feel safe and good in the snow. Very roomy and a reliable car. I do not dislike anything about it.

- GG R

It looks and drives great

I like the style and lines of my car. It gets reasonable gas mileage. I dislike the air conditioning that takes a long time to cool the car.

- Keith R

Love my Ford edge! It is black and has leather seats.

None except the maintenance and things that normally wear out - battery, tires, etc. It has everything I need for performance and comfort!

- Karen F

It has good gas mileage, air conditioning and stuff all works great, lasts a while.

It's a nice car. It's a bit old but it does its job, has good gas mileage. Only complaint is that windshield wipers don't work that well.

- Gary P

It's a great family car and will last people a good couple of years! It is a little more expensive though!

I like how roomy the car is, it's easy to drive through winter storms, and has worked for me for many years. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Aranda F

Do not mess with it it is my kid almost my life line.

It is nice big and it has good gas mileage and 4 seat truck and it is black nice tires and the rims are on it they are black and grey.

- Brandon S

I feel like it is a great family vehicle for our family of 4.

I love the bigger style vehicle but not so big you cannot control it. I also like the storage space. I dislike the gas mileage though.

- Stefanie A

It is a great family SUV and gets good gas mileage.

Love the sporty SUV look. Love the v6 power. Love the color. Wish it had more room for passengers. Wish it had a better stereo system.

- Stacy A

It's got a great sized trunk. Wonderful for camping and sports.

I've had no issues. It's run great. I would happily purchase another Edge in the future and have looked at the 2018 models recently.

- Kris O

It does not have good gas mileage.

The gas mileage is horrible. The front seat doesn't go back far enough for me. But it's big enough to haul a lot of stuff though.

- Denise H

It is roomy inside and very smooth on the road.

I like it is a medium SUV,. What i do not like it is that it is always four wheel drive. No option to choose two wheel drive only.

- Ruben V

I am handicapped and this vehicle is very easy for me to use.

This vehicle rides comfortably. It is easy to drive and also quiet. It has a very large back area that can hold a lot of things.

- Diann R

I live in a rural area with lots of snow in winter but with my edge I have no problem traveling.

Love the height off the ground and the room for the kids. Dislike the Transmission it did not hold up long and had to be replaced.

- Shirley H

The tires and battery had exceptionally long life

I really enjoy my Edge. It is a good vehicle and I have not had any problems that are unexpected due to the age of the vehicle

- Laura H

It's in great shape, despite being 8 years old, I don't have many problems with it.

It's a great car, and I love it, a lot. It's been very great to me over all these years. It barely has anything wrong with it.

- Kyle V

It has great gas mileage, and is roomy enough for a family of four.

It is a very reliable car. It has great gas mileage, and is very comfortable. It has plenty of room for groceries is the back.

- Travis R

Great gas mileage & excellent quality for the price, which also wasn't too bad.

Comfortable, good gas mileage, drives smooth, roomy. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera, lots of blind spots.

- Tammy S

The roominess is great. My car fits 7 adults easily; 3 adults and 3 car seats.

Like the looks, size, cargo room, folding seats, panoramic sunroof, stereo system, wheel covers. Dislike the bad gas mileage.

- Donna C

The seats are very comfortable.

I like how my vehicle has a lot of room in the back. I love my heated leather seats. I do not like how it is all wheel drive.

- Jenna B

It has a lot of room in the back seat!

I love that it is a SUV. I wish it got better gas mileage. I also wish it was all wheel drive instead of front wheel drive.

- Jacquelynn W



- SAM g

It is safe and very reliable.

It is a great car. Very roomy. Drives nicely and is safe for myself and for my family. It also looks very nice and sporty.

- Laura W

It is very dependable and spacious

My car is very good on gas. That means we can take it for long trips and it won't have to stop so many times to fill it up

- Shana N

It is very dependable and reliable! I always feel safe in it!

It runs great even with a ton of miles on it. Very reliable. I wish the gas tank was bigger so I had to gas it up less.

- Jami F

It has a great GPS navigation system

I love My Ford Edge! Everything about it is great! It has a screen for navigation and also can connect to satellite radio

- Mari V

4 wheel drive in Michigan is a must.

4 wheel drive, perfect size to carry stuff, not too big I cannot park it. Do not dislike anything. It's the perfect car.

- Marilee K

For shorter folks, it has a terrible blind spot that you have to get used to.

Originally rented the Edge to go camping years ago and loved it. It's roomy and comfortable and I love sitting up high!

- Victoria B

Love the sunroof so much!

After 8 years it needed wheel bearings. I love my car though. Its comfy. I get tons of compliments on the huge sunroof.

- Samantha M

My edge gets good gas mileage.

I love my edge it fits my family well, I do not really have anything negative to say about it. I get great gas mileage.

- Shawn S

It will last as long as you want it to. Also, it has rain guards!.

It is very comfortable. Bluetooth is amazing to connect to phone. Very reliable and a sense of safety being higher up.

- Toni R

True tires wear bumpy or weird. Once that happens it makes a howling sound.

Quality, size, some bells and whistles and it is attractive. Dislike the vertical air vents, tire wear and its weight.

- Rene N

Very Reliable! Has all the extras a girl would want!

This vehicle has been very reliable for me. Extremely comfortable and has all the extra features I wanted plus more.

- Christina F

It was very affordable, and rides comfortably. The music connection works quickly.

Rides nice, very comfortable. Has plenty of room for people and stuff. Pretty good gas mileage. Nice media system.

- Corina B

The automatic start button.

I like the automatic start and inside lighting. I dislike the one key and the body damage even though it is minor.

- Jill H

it's a reliable make and model and is ideal for road trips

great traveling car, plenty room, comfortable, easy to drive in traffic, but could get a little better gas mileage

- bob d

Windshield has an odd angle lending itself to a lot of glare.

Comfortable car to drive. Upholstery has not held up as well as other vehicles we have. Has been a dependable car.

- Cheryl D

It is dependable, low maintenance, handles and parks well.

It is a great all around vehicle. Enough space to haul things and people. It is quite and visibility is very good.

- Kevin L

Appealing to look at. Dependable.

Very dependable and excellent on miles per gallon of gasoline. It is very spacious and has some awesome features.

- Angie P

It looks great and it drives great and it's good on gas and it has lots of room

My vehicle is a 2010 ford edge I like it very much it's wonderful to drive its good on gas and has plenty of room

- Duane W

Economical, and drives very nicely. Good steering and acceleration

Drives very nicely, and good acceleration. Good boot space. Basic model however, so no mod cons or trip computer

- James B

It's a gas saver and no problem drives great with no problems

Its ride and drives nice no problems navy blue updated travel less gas 90000 miles gassed saver a SUV to die for

- Jaz Y

It is fun to drive, especially for an SUV.

I like the keypad entry, engine power, fuel economy and handling. Dislike the repeated oil leak from the put.

- Michael D

I love my Ford Edge, it drives great on the highway. the gas mileage is great. It has plenty of room for seating and for storage the only drawback is there's a couple blind spots by the front mirror

The one most important thing is it is very comfortable to drive with plenty of seating room for any size person

- Virginia D

Good driving car. Easy to maneuver.

Like the look and the pick up. Like the trunk capacity. Dislike the air condition capacity. Very reliable car.

- Gerald D

It is really safe and comfortable.

It is got a sluggish transmission (dislike). It is a tank in an accident (like). Love the color maroon (like).

- Melissa H

Ford Edge is my favorite family vehicle

Heated seats, keyless start, bluetooth, enough room for family and luggage when going on trips, great on gas

- Heather B

2010 ford escape family car

I love the way the way it drives and all the features it has on it. It works really well for me and my family

- Tracie L

How good for edge really is.

I love my vehicle. No problems at all. It's very comfortable. Drives and steers great! Good on gas mileage!

- Kristian S

The most important thing is that the Edge has great cargo space!

My Ford Edge has a smooth ride and drives very nicely. Its gas mileage is less than optimal, but it's okay.

- Tim C

It is so reliable and roomy.

We have not had to do any work other than routine maintenance since purchasing the vehicle. Very reliable.

- Mandy C

It is a very reliable means of transportation

It is not to big. It is not to little. It fits my needs. if it had navigation option it would be perfect.

- harry G

Great in the snow and rain.

It runs so smooth nice and high up I have no dislikes with my edge good on gas mileage and is very roomy.

- Angela U

2010 Ford Edge Reliable Car

Very comfortable, spacious backseat, reliable, great in winter weather, drives smoothly, great family car

- Jessica B

I didn't have any mechanical issues.

Airbag recall over a year ago and the part is still not available. Drives well. There is no trunk cover.

- Felicia H

It is a good family car..

It is spacious and drives well. It gets me and my family where we need to go and does not disappoint us.

- Phelan J

The truck is built well and with maintenance it brings you no major issues.

The size; the look, and the mileage of gas per gallon. The SUV drives very well and it is long-lasting.

- Sn D

Happy with my Ford escape.

I really enjoy having a smaller SUV. Still carries a lot of cargo but is not hard to maneuver or park.

- Monica O

Very spacious with a plenty of room in the front and back seat

Love my edge! It is a great family car and is very spacious. Not too bad on gas and is a reliable car

- Hann C

It's mine and it gets me where I need to go, it's dependable

I love the fact that it's a Ford and I trust the name and brand . I don't dislike anything about it

- Kay L

Overall love my Ford Edge, it gets around in the snow well and has high mileage with very few problems. A few recalls, but Ford has been wonderful in getting them fixed.

There have been several recalls on the 2010 Ford Edge. Make sure you have had them taken care of!

- Jessica M

It runs great and is reliable and come in handy for work

I like that it has leg room but i dislike that the seats stain easily and often feels cluttered.

- Hector A

Even though it's ten years old it is practically brand new

I bought it from my neighbor. I bought it with very low miles and so it practically brand new.

- Holly H

It is paid for and it has a lot of miles on it. it has been worth the money.

It has a lot of room, it sets up higher than a car and it gets around pretty good in the snow.

- Todd G

It's very roomy and there is great use of space inside.

No complaints. Love that's it higher from the ground - easy to get in to. Rooms & comfortable.

- Philip F

Routine problems with the transmission, belt, air conditioning and heat. Would not recommend buying as very few of these problems have been addressed in newer models.

That you absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt should not buy a Ford automobile.

- Greg G

It's a family car that uses a lot of miles. Love that it has so much storage.

I love the way it rides. Love the heated leather seats. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- michelle g

Super comfortable and easy to maneuver. Pretty good gas mileage especially for an AWD.

I love the easy handling of this car. Absolutely love the sunroof. Love the heated seats!

- Jenny K

best small SUV around with a lot of versatility to carry people or play toys

it gets great mileage, easy and fun to drive. holds 4 people comfortably. no complaints

- valerie n

Reliable transportation in all types of weather. Has 6 cylinder engine so it can move when necessary.

We are very happy with this SUV. It is reliable, gets good mileage and comfortable.

- Rita R

It's a great car, comfortable to ride in, reliable.

I love the size of the vehicle. The fact that its sporty. Gets good gas mileage.

- Debbie C

It's comfortable and rides great. This car rides like a sports car.

Smooth ride and quick. The Edge handles great and is comfortable. No complaints.

- Chad J

American-made. has some luxury features for less costs. stylish.

great all around. AWD, nav, leather. good family hauler. could get better mpg.

- kevin f

It's has great gas mileage.

Nothing my car meets my needs. I gets me to and from work without any hassle.

- Elizabeth K

It has great gas mileage and also has a smooth ride.

I like how it rides. I like how it handles. I wish it had a back up camera.

- Sharon S

It's a nice family car with lots of room.

Like the amount of room. Heated seats. Sunroof. I have had issues with it

- Julie D

It can only tow a lightweight trailer. Very poor mileage and hard time going up hills with our camper

I like the all wheel drive. I wish it had higher clearance from the ground.

- Marie P

good quality. drives very well decent gas mileage plenty of room and lots of storage in the baci

I like the body style , the room , it drives very well really like it.

- Pam O

In 100000 miles it has been very reliable with only routine maintenance.

Good looking. Comfortable seating. Very good visibility. Easy to service.

- Freddie E

Love the ride and room. Seats going down help me fit stuff. Room in the back seat it great for kids. Wish under seats was easier to clean

It feels secure and safe for car seats. Not too big or too small

- Julie S

saves a lot a money on gas from van i had

gets good mileage, compact to go anywhere. comfortable to drive

- valerie k

It's paid for. Drives like a dream. Makes me happy.

Comfortable to ride in. Back seat lays down for more storage.

- Loretta h

It's roomy comfortable and versatile

No complaints. I have had no serious problems with my vehicle

- Sharon B

Easy to get get in and out. You don't have to crawl out of it.

Smooth ride, easy to get in and out, and it is comfortable.

- Catherine M

The safety of it.I love the way it handles in all weather

the comfort, the room in it,the way it handles. I love it

- Jana S

Nothing special about it. Just a car. I wish I had not bought it

Not able to all around. The universal joint is too noisy

- Leslie H

Is very sturdy and safe. Love the color.

Nice ride. Roomy. Has gps. Has a good safety record

- Tracy b

my car is really nice its silver and gray with a horse on it and black leather seats. and it's really clean too.

its brand new and i love it a lot its a amazing car

- madison p

My business my truck, good pick up and ease. Comfortable for small family

Style and comfort for daily usage. Milage and class

- Hepsiba G

Gas efficient. Goes great in snow. Safe. Comfortable.

Love the awd. Plenty of space for our family of 3.

- Shannon S

The spaciousness and reliability of the ford edge is great!

- Amanda A