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The FORD Edge, with plenty of cargo space and great handling.

I find the Edge to be a comfortable car with many nice features such as heated seats, bluetooth connection to cell phone for calling and music, podcasts, etc. This version of the Edge does not have navigation built in and that is somewhat of a disadvantage, making it necessary to use an add on device for navigation. The gas mileage is reasonable, especially on trips and adequate around town considering that it is an all wheel drive vehicle, which is a good thing for Pennsylvania winters. Other convenient feature include power windows, power door locks, power seats, power mirrors, The back up camera is one feature that is hard to imagine doing without once you get used to having it. My model came with not only keyless entry but also keypad enter where the drivers side door includes a keypad, on which you can enter a 5 digit number to gain entry to the car. I find that a reassuring feature. I have had one major mechanical problem with this car but the dealership was very helpful and resolved the issue quickly and with very little inconvenience to me. Although the interior is comfortable, I find that it does lack as much convenient storage as my previous car. That is not a serious problem, as it has adequate console, and glove box storage space. All in all, I find my 2013 Ford Edge Sel to be a very useful and convenient means of transportation. I would not hesitate to recommend this car to anyone that is looking for a 4-5 passenger SUV with plenty of cargo space and great handling.

- Wayne R

It is a well built, solid, and has a smooth ride.

The car is a good quality car that is build solidly. My first issues were at 105,000 miles and were the brake booster and struts. Other than those two items, it has only needed routine maintenance. I was told by the company that Ford Edges have brake booster issues. What I like about it, however, is that it rides solidly. It feels well built and I like the simplicity of the basic model. They are easiest to use and locate when my eyes are on the road. The fit and finish are above average. I did have heated leather seats installed after purchase and that was a great decision because fabric is hard to keep clean. All the features were well thought out and in all the right places. Seats are easy to fold down for larger items. I like the 6 cylinder engine because it give me enough power to pass quickly on highways without being a gas guzzler.

- Jennifer B

Customer satisfaction The ford edge is a very economical vehicle.

It is very roomy and comfortable, for long trips, sits up higher than a car, I love the color,. I like the push button start, it has a camera backup, it tells you if your tires need airing up. I love the heated seats, the memory of the driver adjustments for 1 or 2 drivers. It's nice cause I'm 5 feet and husband is 5'9 so just have to push button to adjust to my settings. Also the automatic hatch opener and closer is very convenient. The gas mileage is great, The back seats can be put down so you can hall things. It's nice when you put in gas it tells you how many miles you have until it's empty. The headlights come on automatically when it's getting dark or turns off when its light..

- Florence W

Fun, Economical, Ford Edge

Love the versatility of being able to put the back seat down to expand the cargo area. Front wheel drive makes handling in the snow much easier. I really like that the car doesn't sit as high as a full size SUV, or as low as a car - it's very easy to get in and out of. The v6 engine is zippy and the handling is very responsive. I'm a tall person (5' 11') and fit very comfortably in the driver's seat - it almost wraps around you! The instrument cluster is very easy to read and I really like the buttons on the steering wheel for the cruise control and the radio. The Edge is great on gas, reliable, and economical. Fantastic, affordable, looks good, and fun to drive!

- Kimberly M

Very destructive technology.

I have found that the touch screen panel to be a big distraction, especially while driving. The navigation system is worthless. I do like the Bluetooth capability. It rides smooth and quiet. It averages 18 - 20 mph whether in town or on the interstate. The capless gas tank, I hate. It currently has a minor issue so the check engine light wont go off. I am unable to use the remote starter when the check engine light is on. I have taken the vehicle in to several shops and have had them check out why the light is on and am told it's not an immediate concern. I purchased the vehicle for something reliable to drive for work. It has lived up to that standard.

- Jami M

Best looking and best ride for a car I've ever had

As a whole I love the car. It looks great and drives very well. It's a little wide for parking at first, but you get used to it. The only major problems I've dealt with are tire problems. I think it may because it's the sport edition with the larger rims, but I've had problems with bubbles and in my tires and the tires deflating quicker than normal. The only other problem I've had is the sensors have been a little funky after having the car for 3 years. It sometimes won't register the driver door is closed and will beep the entire ride. Sometimes it won't register it's in park, so it will beep and read 'put in park'. All around, great car though

- Stephen M

Reliable and Comfortable 2013 Ford Edge

I bought my vehicle used, but it only had approximately 20,000 miles on it. I have not had any issues with it thus far. The only maintenance it has required is regular oil changes and new tires. It has been reliable- I drive 90 miles round trip for work each day. I find it to be very comfortable for myself and passengers. There is a spacious trunk area. It does not have a backup camera, but will beep when you are backing up and get too close to something, which I find helpful. It has Bluetooth. My only complaint is that it does not have fog lights. I had them on my previous vehicle and really miss having them.

- Megan G

Ford Edge Sport is a great, reliable SUV to drive and own!

My Edge Sport (2013) has been good to me for the time I have owned it so far. With leather seats (heated), remote start, 305hp and mp3 aux plug in are some of my most favorite and appealing features. Some of the limitations are that Ford SUVs are stiff as far as handling. It takes awhile for the Edge to accelerate but once it reaches 60 mph and above she picks up well after that as far as accelerating. Gas mileage in Sport setting is horrible, and gas mileage is poor to average at best. I will be looking into ways of improving gas mileage with my next tune-up!

- Ralph B

The poor fuel economy is not as advertised.

I recently bought my 2013 Ford Edge sport. I bought it used with 29, 000 miles on it after having leased a 2015 grand cherokee. The Edge has a larger backseat, but it sacrifices cargo capacity for it. The fuel economy (17 mpg in mostly highway driving) is abysmal compared to the grand cherokee. The gc had a more commanding view of the road, greater off-road ability - which was useful working on a construction site, and I still was achieving 22 mpg in the same driving conditions. The Edge also has a smaller fuel tank and I find myself getting gas much more often.

- James C

Fun to drive and yet still practical.

I choose this vehicle because it is large enough to seat four, rather tall, adults comfortably and hold their luggage, yet it is not too large for downtown parking or for driving when it is just me. It is fully loaded and has all the options that were available at the time. The sport edition handles well and is fun to drive. The only issue it has had 4 batteries in the past 5 years. Each time, the dealer service department has said it is the battery and can find no other problem, but in my experience there is probably a bigger issue.

- Amber K

Family friendly reliable SUV.

I like the size of the vehicle, not too big that I am uncomfortable trying to make turns or pack, but comfortably fits my growing family and shopping items such as groceries. For a larger vehicle the gas mileage is excellent. Very comfortable and smooth to drive. Love the touch screen center dash with the nav, hands free calling,, Bluetooth radio, and backup cam. Only issue I have had is with the door ajar sensor not functioning properly on 2 separate occasions, even though it was fixed 2 years prior to it occurring again.

- Sarah G

Ford edge loaded AWD features worth buying in comparison to the performance.

We have the AWD loaded version of the edge and it really comfortable, the heated seats are amazing and the dual temperature control is perfect. It has a dual moonroof you cannot go wrong with. We have two young children, so the back seat is a little tight for two car seats, the trunk area is pretty decent size even better when you are able to fold down the back seats. It drives really well in the snow and overall as a vehicle performs nicely. We haven't had too many issues since we bought it 10 months ago.

- Kimberly K

Beautiful car without the impractical tires makes an even more beautiful car

Since having it in 2013 we have experience very minimal expected maintenance issues. Outside of that the car has been running extremely well and still happy with my decision. The only downside is I which I had gotten the Sport without the low profile tires. Those have given me the biggest problem. While they look nice they are expensive to replace and would say fragile in terms of tires. I also learned after the fact they are police grade meaning they go up to 160 mph... when would I ever do that?

- Kayla J

It is safe and reliable. Not to mention good looking!

I love the utility of my Ford edge. It has plenty of room for 5 passengers and ample luggage space as well. It does really well on gas consumption and it is easy and comfortable to drive. I use it to drive both Lyft and Uber and this allows me to make the monthly payments plus a little more. I also move musical equipment when I am performing and there is plenty of room. The car has other features I enjoy as well such as Bluetooth connection for my smart phone, and Sirius XM radio and CD player.

- Mark D

Ford Edge: Get the Turbo.

I have owned 2 Ford Edge's. The first was a 2012 4 cyl turbo. That car was amazing. Great gas mileage, great performance, etc. The 2013 6 cyl does not compare. It is noisy, I have had issues with replacing a radiator fan, bearings, etc. I don't know what the difference is in their creation but the first one I owned was a far superior vehicle. That being said I still love my Edge. It has plenty of space, is very comfortable, and performs extremely well for a large SUV.

- Nathan E

Gets great gas mileage on the highway, so traveling for vacations are easier.

The Ford edge 2013 is a nice car for traveling especially on the highway, depending on distance you only have to fill up once. It's tough, reliable and easy to maintain. Only complaint is for a family of five with kids who all need seats there isn't much space for them and becomes crammed when riding with the kids and when driving around town you typically waste gas faster than when on the highway. Haven't had any mechanical issues with it so far and driving is smooth.

- Natasha G

I have a keypad on the outside of my driver door which I use daily.

I love my car! It can handle all the weather conditions that Vermont throws at it. I have never gotten stuck in the snow or felt unsafe it in. I get pretty good gas mileage and don't have to fill up to often when I go on long road trips. I have 2 dogs and a toddler and I have plenty of space for the car seat the dogs and all the stuff I need to bring when we go places. It's a smooth ride with leather seats. I could not ask for a better car for this period of my life!

- Lauren M

Best Car I've ever had in my life!

The only problem I'm running into with my ford edge is the electronics! The performance is great! The car is in perfect condition and really reliable. My family and I love taking it on long road trips because we love being in it as much as we can. Super comfortable. The features are nice but again the electronics go out super fast! I would recommend this really reliable car to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced comfortable ride with great performance!

- Randy C

Vehicle goes great in snow.

I generally like my vehicle, but have recently experienced a few electronic issues. On occasion, my back up camera does not work and tells me to contact the dealer. Also, my sync screen went blank, but reset after the vehicle was turned off for about twenty minutes. Also had issue when trying to use air conditioning. Drivers side blew cold, passenger side blew hot. Was able to reset system thanks to online help forum. I prefer a larger SUV compared to crossover.

- Kimberly W

A very comfortable and quiet ride.

I love my edge because it is a very comfortable ride on road trip. When we rented I always got the edge. So I decided to own one. The gas mileage is great. Drove from Dallas to sanatoria on a half tank of gas. Love the accessible features on the steering wheel. Great sound system. Easy to get in and out of. Love powered seats, heated seats, roomy, comfortable, large cargo area and handles well. Haven't tried navigation need to break habit of using phone.

- Elizabeth H




I would buy another Edge in future. Love features and so many.

I have a goldfish brown Ford Edge. It is a 2013 I bought used. I first bought it and the air conditioning didn't work. Service fixed it and then I had an issue getting an inspection sticker because of the computer chip I guess they told me. It is reliable and roomy. It fits 5 people comfortably and a large pet in back if needed. It has heated seats with individual heating/cooling on drivers and passenger side. All in all it was a good purchase.

- James C

Very roomy and Accommodating

I really enjoy my 2013 Ford Edge. It is very roomy and has been very reliable. I have been able to have 4 adults for in the vehicle comfortably for long drives. I like that I am able to control a lot my vehicles 'perks' from the screen in the dash of my car and have been very happy with the Bluetooth being easy to connect and disconnect. When my boyfriend is playing music on Bluetooth I can still receive texts and calls through the car as well

- Olivia G

Love my SUV, but no pull power, compact, bad fuel mileage, lack of rear leg room.

Performance: awesome, but need to update due to lack of pull power, pull a 18 foot lite travel trailer on flat territory due to lack of power and a drive train that not built to pull over 3,500 lbs. Reliability: 5 year old battery giving out seems to not have any major issues, small fluid leak that is hard to find where it is coming from. Comfort: need more leg room for my growing 6 year old daughter. Love the heated seats all year round.

- Mary C

Love my Ford edge! Very reliable and easy to drive.

I have had my Ford edge for 2 years and love it. There is adequate trunk space plus a ton of added space when the back seats are laid down. I have had any major issues with the vehicle and enjoy how easy it is to drive. I love that it has the height and storage of an SUV but is easier to drive than many other SUVs. Gas mileage could be a bit better but I live in a city and do get the average gas mileage for most edges so I cannot complain.

- Whitney R

It is very reliable and drives very smoothly. Love having a backup camera.

I really love the heated leather seats. I find the vehicle very comfortable. My husband who is pretty tall has issues with his legs always hitting the middle section where the radio is. Overall I really like the car. I would buy another one. We have had a few problems with the ac needing to be reset but is always an easy fix. Sometimes it gets stuck between cool and heat. Drivers side will blow hot air and passenger side will blow cold.

- Hillary B

Coloring changing interior lights

I do really like the Ford Edge because its a smaller SUV. It fits into small places and it has a lot of room in the hatchback. The comfort level is wonderful. You can adjust the pressure of the front seats and they have heated front seats. Downfalls we have had with the car is the part for the vents when we change to heat/air it goes out.. we have had it repaired twice. We are outgrowing it as a family but I really do love that car!

- Tiffany A

It�s a great crossover vehicle

I love my vehicle, it's easy to handle, my Ford Edge drives smooth, it's comfortable, it's not hard on gas, I like that the dashboard information system will tell you when fluids need filling. The only problem that I have is the door electronic system can easily lose alignment it causes my ceiling light to stay on at times. Next issue I don't like is my vehicle doesn't have all wheel drive which I believe all vehicles should have.

- Kelly G

It is not a Jeep! This is not a "baja" type vehicle.

I have a 2013 edge sel, looks good, handles well, gives me 22 miles per gallon with a twin turbo 315 hp v6. Acceleration is outstanding on this big of a vehicle. It has leather heated adjustable seats, air conditioning, am-fm xm/Sirius radio with disc player. I live in bear lake Idaho, where winter can be massive, so the AWD is a handy option. This is an excellent vehicle for people wanting a safe, sporty, comfortable vehicle.

- Kelly C

Sleek and speedy Ford Edge!

Seats are very comfortable and seat warmers are great for the winter days! I love the car starter, especially in Arizona during those hot summer days. Being able to get into a car that's already cooled down is a huge plus! I always feel safe and secure in my car, it sits just high enough to where the visibility is superb. The torque on the car is terrific, as well. It gets great gas mileage on the freeway and it super speedy!

- Sammi E

My Edge is a vehicle that I would recommend to anyone.

I enjoy the added space in the back of the vehicle, especially on the big grocery days. My daughter really likes the back middle seat that folds down. There are two cup holders on it that hold her drink very well without spilling. Living in the Midwest, we all know how winters can be. My Edge got around wonderfully last winter. It is also very roomy for passengers. The adjustable seats also make getting comfortable a breeze.

- Sheila R

Ford edge, sleek and roomy.

Love my car. Has a nice amount of room for children and all of their needs in the car. Only downfall that I have had is to replace a few thing on the car that should not of went out as soon as it did. But that is a vehicle for you now days. I love having a backup camera for getting out of tight spots or being able to see if someone walks behind you when pulling out of a parking lot. Overall it is a decent vehicle.

- Corey S

Big comfort without being too big

The car feels spacious for being a small/midsize SUV. Plenty of trunk space and room in the back seat for a car seat and adults to sit comfortably. Been sturdy and reliable for 5 years with no mechanical or electrical issues, no recalls either. Base model vehicle has all the standard items, nothing fancy, no backup cam which usually comes standard now. Drives and handles well in all weather including snow and ice.

- Aubrey T

That it drives very well.

I love my Ford Edge! It has great performance and added features with the mykey feature which allows me to set a speed limit, volume control, and seat belt requirements for the radio to play. My backup camera is also an awesome added feature! The only thing I might could see as an issue is the gas mileage which I get about 22mpg driving around okc, but compared to other similar vehicles I don't see it as an issue.

- Alor T

Large and in charge (but maybe a little too much).

This car belongs to my boyfriend but it is the one I drive often. My only complaint would be how large it is and how difficult it is to detect where the vehicle ends. It is very spacious inside and runs great, the breaks are superb, the heating works wonders as does the air conditioning. However not being able to judge the exact size of the car causes a bit of trouble on the road as well as while parking.

- Emily M

My wonderful 2013 Ford Edge SEL.

I've only had this car for 7 months, so far I haven't had any issues except for the cable on the battery coming slightly loose once. It's been very reliable, it's comfortable to drive and ride in. My boyfriend, who's 6'2' has plenty of room in the backseat and the back of the car is plenty of room for our 4 dogs. The double sunroof is amazing, my son loves looking at the stars when we're riding at night.

- Ashley H

A car for everyone that can do almost anything!

I love my ford edge. It has a very large sunroof that lets the sun in even when it is closed (of course there's a cover for it if needed that I can control too.) It is easy to get in and out of and it can haul almost anything I need. There is plenty of space in the backseat for leg room and with the seats down I can load the back with all sorts of things. I would definitely recommend a ford edge!

- Danielle B

Such a great Mid size SUV

Love this car! It has such a smooth ride. I love that it is very roomy and will accommodate our family as it grows. Kids will have plenty of room in the back seat. It's very easy to get in and out of and nice to carry cargo. I love that the back seats flip down when I need to haul bigger items. I like that it is a mid size SUV. The perfect size for me. For a 6 cylinder it is very good on gas.

- Elizabeth M

The greatest car I have ever owned

My car has been a great car. I have had very few problems except in the last few weeks my windows will no longer work. I can't put the windows down. I get great gas mileage and it has great air conditioning and heat. I have driven this car over 130000 miles and I have never been left stranded in it. The interior has held up with 7 grandkids getting in and out of it. I love my Edge !

- Nancy R

A great vehicle overall with good reliability. Want a new one soon!

No problems. It's very reliable. In five years of owning, replaced battery once in addition to normal maintenance and that's all. Handles well. Is comfortable riding. I like it sits up high, but I do have adjustable seats. Would buy one again. I bought it used at one year old and have not regretted it. The only thing I'd change is color. It's Kodiak brown and shows everything!

- Catherine W

Overall I love my Ford Edge.

I really enjoy my Edge. It rides very nice. No major issues so far. I have had to replace the rear brakes twice though in the three years I have had it. I love the size of it, not too big. I have had an issue with the air conditioning this last summer but I believe it just needs to be charged. I love being able to use the sync to pair with my phone for using the phone and playing music.

- Cheryl O

Comfortably and control of a car but power and capability of a truck.

I love my car! It has comfortable seats. A nice sound system. It is not too small or too big. It has a lot of nice features! The ambiance lighting and the sun/moonroof are great. I have leather interior with heated seats. It is perfect for road trips and everyday driving. I can tow small things which is really convenient. The back up camera has a tow hitch option which is super helpful.

- Michelle C

I'd buy another Ford Edge for sure!

My Ford Edge drives great and is very comfortable and an easy ride. The driver seat is very adjustable with back support along with leg room and the passenger seat has an enormous amount of legroom. The back seat has reclining backs so can rest easier. The boot area is spacious and I am able to travel with my 2 dogs which weigh between 45-64 lbs each and they can maneuver very easily.

- Angie S

Overall great family vehicle.

My Ford Edge sell has heated front seats, GPS, backup camera, leather seats, automated fold down, Bluetooth connectivity, power front seats, power tailgate has everything I want in an SUV including space. I wish it had better rims. That is my only downfall with the car. I also wish I could move the back seats forward and back to allow more room but that is not a huge factor to me.

- Alicia W

A good sized SUV that offers seating for 5. A nice large trunk space with a lift gate to access. The back seats fold down to allow for more trunk space if needed. There is cup holders in the middle back seat backrest. The SUV rides smoothly and I like it a lot.

It is a nice vehicle. I have noticed only two problems since I got it. the first is that the thermostat has to be tested in order to run the heat if you have used the Max A/C. The other issue I had was the Brake Booster went out and had to be replaced but there was a recall for the part so I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket for the repair. Beyond that I love the vehicle.

- Brandi W

Ford edge is my happy place.

I really love this car. I have am able to get up to speed on the highway when I need to with the v6 engine no problem. The cabin is clean and sharp and it provides a quiet ride. When I first started driving it I had to open the window to be sure my car was on! I love the voice commands and the hands free set up. I can leave my phone in my bag and that keeps me and my kiddo safer.

- Aubrey E

Best SUV I have ever owned!

I love my Ford Edge it's the perfect size SUV for my family. It runs and drives Great gets Good Gas mileage and is still sporty. I love the space in the hatchback its really roomy and holds a lot stuff. The inside has a lot of space as well very comfortable even while riding in the back seat. It has a simple but elegant interior look. It's by far the best SUV I have ever owned!

- J L

Great price for an outstanding vehicle.

The performance of this vehicle is great. The engine has good power and is very responsive. The build quality is good and the hands free system is user friendly. Interior is spacious and comfortable with plenty of headroom. I have never had any out of the ordinary issues requiring repair- just usual maintenance. The price of the vehicle is great for a high quality crossover.

- Judith F

A great smaller SUV that has many extra details that make it a comfortable ride.

I do not have any negatives about my car. I have had positive experiences with reliability and it has very comfortable seats. For the price, the features are perfect! It is a great smaller SUV with great appeal. I have taken the car on several cross-state trips without any issues. There is enough room for myself, husband and two dogs to fit comfortably with the seats down.

- Mary S

It's a great small family SUV, Its not bad on gas mileage.

I bought my car used and have never owned a black car leaving in florida I dislike that in the heat my car is almost unbearable to get into unless you start it ahead of time and sometimes that one possible. I wish it had the automatic start feature. Also a push to start option would be nice. I do like the keypad code that allows me to lock my car while is still running.

- jessica s

Deuce nice, perfect size, never had any mechanical problem.

My vehicle is 2wd, I need AWD or 4wd for winter driving. Also, my vehicle is equipped with sync touch screen Bluetooth system. I feel this has glitches often. It will freeze up, it will constantly do updates but that does not solve the problem of it freezing up, and it only will not link up to my iPhone, probably 75% of the time, when I plug my phone into the USB port.

- Christine R

A used 2013 Ford edge sel review.

I purchased this vehicle as used, from a dealership,. With approx. 64000 miles. It has now just over 81,000 miles and the only maintenance needed has been oil changes. These have been done on a timely basis. The engine has plenty of power for Houston, Tx traffic and 75 mph limit highways. It has plenty of room for 5 passengers and their luggage. So, comfort is a plus.

- Fred H

Enjoy the car plenty of storage room.

We have had no problems so far. The gas mileage is good, the car is easy to handle and is quite comfortable on long trips and around town. There is enough room for us and our dog to travel. The only thing that I do not like is that the lights do not come on automatically, and also the rear door is one piece. I prefer being able to open the window part of the door.

- Lynne C

Extremely dependable and built to last.

I have had my vehicle for 2 years now and have not had one problem. I have two small children and the interior has held up to spills and a lot of wear and tear. Still runs just as good as the day I got it and I have put a lot of miles on it. Have not been in any kind of accident, but I feel completely safe. Really love the room inside and the look on the outside.

- Leslie P

Best car ever; with a catch

The computer system, Microsoft sync, is no longer supported by Ford or Microsoft. The vehicle has some computer problems that could affect drivers. When putting the car in reverse, sometimes the camera does not come on. The automatic wipers do not react to rain. And the light sensitivity and timers are inconsistent, sometimes taking several minutes to turn off.

- Emerson S

Ford edge pearl white 2013.

I love my edge. When I bought it 2 years ago it only had one owner. She had only put 28, 000 on the vehicle. It now has 69, 000 because I used to drive a lot for work. In the past two years I haven't had to do any major repairs until last month. I replaced the shocks and struts. I also purchased new tires. It rides nice on the highway and is great in the snow.

- Dee S

It is a great size car for a small family.

For the most part, I really love my 2013 Ford edge with all wheel drive. It is reliable even during our michigan winters. It gets around well on wet or slippery roads. It fits our family of five just right and has enough storage room in the back to cart around all the extra stuff. The only real problem I have had with it is that a lot of the sensors go bad.

- Amanda D

Durable and dependable no major issues

Durable enough for the roads in the country area I live in. Only issue I have had are not exactly in the car but more attached; the tires are always having issues mainly with the bolts that attach the tires to the axle. They keep loosening even though they keep being tightened. It runs well and gas mileage isn't bad but not perfect compared to other cars.

- Aspen B

Great car, small problems

Had a lot of sensor problems at first such as my door being opens even though it was not. Fuel fill inlet light is always on even though the car doesn't have a gas cap it's got just its own slot for it. I use it 3 times a year to drive to SC and it gets me there and back without any trouble. Haven't had any problems with it except the few sensor problems

- Lydia W

Very spacious and comfortable for all.

The space inside the car is great whether you sit in the front seat, the back seat, or need to put a lot in the trunk. It is so easy to lay the seats down and move them to different positions when needed. This car is also very reliable and runs so smooth. The alerts are easy to understand to know when the oil needs changing or more fluids are needed.

- Leslie P

Perfect Mid-Size/Crossover

I've had almost no problems with this vehicle. At 100k miles with regularly oil changes all we've had to do is replace the brakes. It is incredible comfortable to drive with great storage. It's also wide for its class making the 3 back seats fully functional (even with a car seat) and it has good legroom. The cargo area is impressive. I love my car

- Katie W

Silver 2013 Ford Edge. Midsize SUV that is economical.

My vehicle is very reliable. Always starts & plenty of leg room on the inside. Hatchback is a very nice feature & there is plants of space. Suspension is very reliable as well. Stereo system is quality & has a very nice speaker surround sound. There is heat in the front & rear of the vehicle. This is by far the best vehicle we have ever purchased.

- Marilyn K

My Ford Edge is a perfect upgrade to a 'mom car'. It's safer, and more reliable.

Not all of the interior electronic features are as advanced as newer vehicles. It's got lots of room, comfortable seating. It has a decent sound system for stock options. It isn't as good on gas as I would have expected it to be. It is modern and the color is a natural sandstone rather than being something obnoxious and noticeable that stands out.

- Dawn S

No edge with the Ford Edge

The car has a decent amount of interior space and good acceleration. What bothers me about the car is that my model typically has stereo problems. Sometimes for no reason at all, the stereo will not produce sound. There is also a design flaw with the positioning of the car antenna which makes a loud rattling sound when I reach 70 mph or more.

- Nathaniel D

Comfortable Family Friendly Vehicle

The Ford Edge SEL has leather interior, seat warmers, and dual air controls. It is a very comfortable vehicle with a lot of room. I have pretty good gas mileage. The vehicle has a really great sound system, too. The only problem I have had is that an exhaust fan had stopped working, but I took it to the shop and it was replaced with my warranty.

- Meredith C

We love the Edge! It's perfect for our family.

The Edge had the style we were looking for. Nothing trendy that would be outdated soon. It was very comfortable and a smooth ride. It was also quiet. It had everything we wanted in an SUV for an affordable price. We already had another Edge and liked it so much that we bought a second one. It has been a very reliable vehicle, no repairs so far.

- Cindy W

Sport edition is nice! It comes fully equipped!

Love the sunroof, navigation, leather seats, SiriusXM radio, heated front seats, backup camera, Bluetooth! I wish the car had front cameras, back heated seats, also side view camera when turning lanes. I do like auto trunk, the ambient light! I wish I had the panoramic sunroof, I do have the double sunroof I wish the second sunroof would open.

- Cristina R

My thoughts on my ford edge.

I enjoy my edge, it rides smooth the interior is very comfortable and functional. Gas mileage is at 21 mpg could be better. When driving it handles well. I've had it for 6 months with no issues as of yet. The sunroof is nice feature and the back up camera is nice. Visibility looking out the back window is not good so the camera is necessary.

- Matt W

When the Bluetooth worked I loved that the navigation system would talk to you.

The edge drives really smooth. Great gas mileage. Very roomy, great trunk space. Nice quality backup camera. Great for long or short trips. Good family car without being a minivan. It's a beautiful pearl white and has just enough sport. We have had problems with the Bluetooth connecting for anything. This is an all around great car though.

- Chelsea C

Extremely comfortable and reliable.

Owned vehicle for 5 years with no major problems extremely reliable. Smooth ride and great for road trips. Towing package included with large wheels for clearance. Very spacious, plenty of room for a family camping supplies and a dog. The aluminum wheels are a problem, they leak slowly so we have to put air in the tires about once a week.

- Colleen G

This car is reliable and handles much better than other small SUVs.

I have not had any mechanical failures with this vehicle. It does have a bad door sensor and sometimes the windshield wipers get stuck on. Headlights are quite pricey but general maintenance has been very reasonable. Overall I enjoy the drive and feel of the car. It is quite comfortable and has lots of hidey holes for my personal items.

- Adrianne L

Broken car- waste of money!

I am a first time car buyer and the dealership took advantage of the fact that I was. This car has done nothing but break down every time I turn around. I've put $10k into this vehicle in the last year and a 3 months. I wish they would've given me more information on the car and not beat around the bush about where the car came from.

- Hamilton H

This car is so quiet that sometimes it doesn't even sound like it is running!!

My husband and I have had a lot of issues with this vehicle. The check engine light comes on all the time and then will go off. And the engine has gone out and an entire new one had to be put in. The leather interior we have is very comfortable and the trunk is a good size. It is also a very smooth ride. Even on very bumpy roads.

- Chelsea B

2013 - Ford Edge - limited

Very comfortable and reliable. All wheel drive makes winter driving so easy. Very comfortable seating with just an appropriate amount of technology within the car. Great ride and style. Love it If I could add anything to my vehicle, it would be sunroof and automatic tailgate. Other than that, my car has treated me very nicely.

- L L

My vehicle is a deep red color and has a light taupe leather interior.

I love my Ford edge. Nothing makes me happier than my seat warmers on the way to work. My drive is always smooth and I have had very little problems with it. So far, I have just had oil changes and routine maintenance. The only thing missing is a sunroof and I think my next Ford will have one. I have been very happy with it.

- Lindsey W

Ford Edge love this car so much

This is an amazing car and has an amazing turning ability. It is extremely comfortable and very high-end feeling. The navigation is wonderful and the radio and Bluetooth is perfect. Again, the turning radius is extremely satisfying and the car handles very well. It has good gas mileage and it's a smooth ride for long trips.

- Jean O

Comfortable, sleek midsize SUV.

My car is very comfortable. Ideal for tall people, my husband is 6'6' and fits comfortably. It is large enough but not huge which I love. The cargo room is nice and large. Back seat has ample leg room. Drives smooth not like a truck. I wish I had opted for the backup camera. Two outlets for charging phones which is helpful.

- Courtney B

Awesome car for a family good if you love to travel very comfortable

I love my car because it has lots of space. And I have small children so the leather seats are a plus! The backup camera is good also to see toys in the driveway that's not suppose to be there when I decide to back up out of the driveway. It has a clear view as well. It tells me which door needs to be closed before moving.

- Brown D

Great car for your everyday tasks, I recommend it to all people.

It all good in the car I normally drive. If you do not believe me, come to my house. I will show you everything you need to see. Now let's move on to the next question. So I can tell you much more about my beautiful car. The member of my family are jealous of me because of the car, believe me it got everything. Thank you.

- Jeff D

Ford Edge has backup camera, notifications, Bluetooth and heated seats.

I don't like the my keys on the vehicle because once it's set you have to have two keys to reset. I like the heated seats and Sirius radio. I like the gas mileage. I like the moonroof but wish it was a sunroof. It rides smooth for the mileage. I like how the back window has a windshield. Oh, and I like the backup camera.

- Precious A

Family car with style and customizations

I love all of the space and the option of different colors for ambient lighting. It works great for a family of 4 with a dog that travels a lot, trunk space is great too! The only issue is my backup camera has gone out twice so it's a pain. Great gas mileage. My car came with 22 inch alloy wheels, flashy and practical!

- Sheri L

Super fun and sporty Ford Edge.

Awesome performance, sporty, yet roomy and super comfortable. Has great safety features and quiet. Has handsfree phone and Bluetooth capabilities, though sometimes it has issues connecting. My only complaint was the fact that my salesman did not show me how to properly use it so that might be why I have issues with it.

- Kathryn Z

A nice looking car that rides nicely

It is a very nice looking car, with well made interior leather trim. Although it is a large roomy car it still drives like a smaller car. To date the only problem I have had with the car is with the sunroof track gears breaking. It is an extremely expensive fix, so I have left it broken, since I rarely used it anyway.

- Nathan G

Mommy mobile. Changeable lights that light up the floor board, and cup holders.

My vehicle is a great car. There really hasn't been any problems with it. The performance is also great, it will get up and go, not sluggish at all. Many features: cruise control, touch screen for climate control, radio, and heated seats. Gets about 18 miles to a gallon in town. Leather seats and many other options.

- Lisa A

It is a 2013 pearl white Ford edge.

It is my first ford! Leather heated seats, very roomy for a family of four. All weather mats help when the weather starts to turn rainy/snow. Very reliable. No issues since I purchased it. I can even plug in my phone with a USB port that is in the center council. I love it still has a CD player to play my CDs too!

- Erica G

Electronic Issues and Malfunctions

The most problems stem from the electronics. It has satellite but does not connect right at various times. The backup camera will at times get locked up on the same picture from when I was backing out of my driveway. The radio gets stuck on the channels and to get to correct I have to power off the entire vehicle.

- Claudia K

Clean lines, spacious interior, comfortable. Good storage and seating.

My edge had been a fantastic car. Reliable and comfortable for our family. The interior layout is simple and clean. There is plenty of storage space. Gas mileage is good on my model. The ride for this side vehicle is really comfortable. It is super easy to get in and out of. It is easy to park even in tight spots.

- Julie C

Ford edge: high on comfort and drivability.

My Ford edge has been very reliable. We have taken it in a few road trips and all three of us have been comfortable in it for long stretches of riding. Only downside that I have experienced so far is the need to use either synthetic or a blend for the oil, making oil changes more costly than my previous vehicle.

- Erin B

Ford edge midsize and powerful.

This vehicle has touch screen radio, CD, Sirius satellite and Bluetooth. You can connect your phone for hands free capability. This vehicle has a lot of power. The interior is leather seats hat are heated which is nice for winter. The car fits 5 people comfortably and has several storage areas and compartments.

- Amber B

Smooth drive. Calmness. Enjoy the ride.

Love my edge very reliable. . Seats are comfortable,also has seat warmer. Plenty of room.Back seats come down so you could carry large objects. . Love that I can receive calls and not even mess with my phone. I also can call out,without taking my eyes off the road. . Voice control love it. Great speaker system.

- Bob T

Great memory driver setting.

Have had ford edge for about a year. It drives real good smooth start love the backup camera, heated seats and memory of drivers. When husband drives then I drive after him all I gotta do is push button says drive 1 and my settings are automatically saved and seat mirror adjustment goes back to what I have set.

- Martha W

Overall it is a decent little SUV

Poor gas mileage. Only 16 mpg. CV joints under 100k miles. Abnormal rear noise in reverse. Drives nice. Has good acceleration. Comfortable. No interior issues for a 6yr old vehicle. Exterior still looks shiny and new. No fading paint or peeling clear coat problems. No engine issues at all. Overall a decent car.

- Plaster P

Ford edge vehicles that I see everywhere.

All vehicles have these problems. I had an oil leak and a door handle issue. Very reliable and comfortable. I like the features, heated front seats, cruise control that is easy to use, Bluetooth devices for hands free phone call answering and commercial free music. Spacious for both the driver and passengers.

- Tricia A

Great car to travel long distances or just around town!

The Ford edge has been a great car for our family of three with two dogs. The hatch back area is super roomy as well as the back seat. We can fit 5 people in it very comfortably. I really do t gave any complaints about it, it is been a great car. My only wish is that the edge was made as a hybrid or electric.

- Jennifer G

Trustworthy couch on wheels ready for anything....

This is the first Ford I've owned and I love it; it's big enough to feel confident on the road. It's very comfortable and my kids call it the "couch on wheels." The all-wheel drive is wonderful in our Wisconsin weather. After 120K miles, I've only invested in routine maintenance, and it's still going strong.

- leslie m

Great vehicle for families with small children.

Love my vehicle. It drives nice, I sit up high which I like, I wish the back seat was a bit bigger because I have 2 car seats and there is not much room to squeeze in between them. Otherwise I love everything else about the vehicle. I which I had a newer model with less miles just so I could keep it longer.

- Heather W

Really enjoy our ford edge!

Our ford edge is a reliable vehicle which drives well and has lots of great features. My wife in particular enjoys the large cargo area in back, the heated seats and electric adjustable seats. We get good gas mileage both in the city and on the highway. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others.

- Mike P

Plus & minus on 2013 Ford Edge.

The steering column had a recall that I fixed about a year ago. And it is giving me problems again. I hate this car. But it is decent on gas and it is roomy. Overall it is a love hate situation. If I could do it over again. I wouldn't have rushed to buy this vehicle. I would have bought something else.

- Alyssa G

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

I love my Ford Edge. It has been a very reliable vehicle. I have actually owned two. I have had no problems and the gas mileage is very good to be a SUV. The ride is very comfortable and it can be very spunky when needed. I cannot say a thing bad about the vehicle. I would consider getting another one.

- Janet B

My loves with the ford edge

I have had no problems so far. Vehicle is very comfortable and feels great driving. It gets good highway mileage and pretty decent in the city. Driver seat has lumbar support and greatly helps with back pain while driving long distance. It has a good sound system and works with Bluetooth to your phone.


My Ford is very sporty looking!

I have no problems with my car! It is good on gas. It is very comfortable! Smooth driving! I enjoy the extra options I have!! The interior is very rich looking! The color red is a pretty color. The air conditioning is very cool. It has withstood the wear and tear of a small child for the last 6 years.

- Pam R

Great spacious family car.

Car is great with gas, it is roomy to fit 5 adults, the rear hatch area is room to fit lots of groceries, luggage or athletic equipment. My only qualm is where the ac vents are. I like to keep the ac on for the others in the car but then my arms are freezing because the vents are right under my arms.

- Melinda C

overall I believe ford makes quality vehicles and I haven't had any complaints

the vehicle overall hasn't given me too many issues for being a few years old now. It's very comfortable, and plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably. The car still drives very well for having over 10,000 miles on it. The gas mileage could be better but my daily commute isn't that bad anyways.

- Jake G

Great vehicle even with ac issues.

I have had a handful of ac issues. Which living in Texas is awful. Definitely look up ac issues before purchasing this vehicle. Although I do love it! The battery has been replaced twice both situations it just died after pumping gas. But no prior issues. I still love my car even with its quirks.

- Pamela B

Very comfortable and fun to drive

It's very comfortable and spacious speakers are great it has Sirius radio built in driver and passenger side separate temp settings good gas mileage and a digital display that tells you how far you have until out of gas it can also hook up to your phone via bluetooth and do hands free phone calls

- Jacob B

The perfect family vehicle.

For an SUV, my car gets great gas mileage. I average 28 mpg. It drives great in the winter weather. It has backup assistance, which is super convenient. It has Bluetooth capabilities which helps with playing music and making phone calls. I have nothing negative to say about my vehicle! I love it.

- Loren V

The Ford edge is reliable.

The Ford edge us a smooth ride with luxury features. It gets great gas mileage and has enough room in the front and back seats for a man over 6’ tall to sit comfortably. I have had issues with the cap less gas tank but other than that there have been no mechanical issues with the vehicle a all!

- Kelly W

It has plenty of room for vacations.

I love the room that the vehicle has, being a mom of 3 kids it allows me to store all of their bat bags for baseball games and also still sit comfortable in the car. I feel like there is always something wrong with the vehicle. The passenger door is currently having trouble closing completely.

- Heather C

2013 Ford Edge. Smooth ride

I love my car. It has an issue when I fill up that the check engine light comes on. Would normally mean it needs a new gas cap but this car doesn't have one. Overall it drives well and gets roughly 22 miles per gallon. It has enough space for my baby, toddler, husband, and I to sit comfortably

- Tawny F

This is a good vehicle a little overpriced but overall very well built

It's is a good car and even the small motor is great. Interior is really nice also and the radio system is really nice. The back up camera is really helpful. The car is also really quiet and the ecoboost is really good for the gas mileage but having it stop at Red light is weird to get used to

- Bryan M

Beautiful burgundy color with spacious room and comfortable ride.

Very comfortable and spacious. Not very good gas mileage but comfort is worth it. Drives nice and handles well on the road. Love the features of the automatic trunk lift and closure. Stereo system is fabulous. Leather seats are heated and are not too hot. Would of like automatic start though.

- Susanna C

2013 Ford edge, love it!!

My car is very smooth and has a lot of different features, there is an issue with turning the car off and an error message alerting me to put car in park, when it obviously already is. I like the keyless entry and push to start, it makes it easier for me when I don't have to look for my keys.

- Kie M

Great, dependable SUV suited for anyone

I love how spacious the interior is and how well it drives. I have owned it for over 5 years and have no interest in upgrading anytime soon. It does great in town, on the highway and is wonderful on backroads when hiking. It has taken me from single to a family of 3 with two dogs, no problem!

- Kati W

The Ford Edge is very comfortable and luxurious , if you want to travel, if it's your everyday car, or even your show car.

2013 Ford Edge is a very comfortable midsize suv. Perfect for traveling with family and friends. Also it has stylish and sporty features so it fits into the cool car group. The 3.5 engine has decent power for a front wheel drive vehicle. I love the look of the two exhaust at the back bumper.

- Dexter L

The edge, a decent mid-priced SUV.

The ford edge is a decent car for the price. It is a bit crowded under the hood and tends to get hot. You have to ensure that the high speed fan works in the summer or you will end up in limp mode. It develops rattles at about 50,000 miles but does have a decent suspension and enough power.

- Brian R

Comfort all the way is my title because of the leather seats.

I love driving this car. It is very comfortable with leather seats both in front and rear. Easy to get in and out of. Love the two position seat feature for the drivers side. The car has an XM radio also features Bluetooth. Back seats are easy to put down in place for hauling bigger items.

- Cory R

A reliable car which is great for a family

My vehicle sometimes has break issues. It also has occasionally had issues with the engine sometimes as well. Overall it is very reliable and a comfortable ride. It's usually very smooth and doesn't have too many internal issues. I enjoy the heated seats on the car. It is very comfortable.

- Megan H

Comfortable Ride and great gas mileage

Easy to drive, maneuver and park. Good visibility and leg room. Not enough power on highway to pass in heavy traffic. Good gas mileage at 28 on highway, averages 23 overall. I like the Sync feature with my phone for handsfree talking while driving. Easy to use navigation. Comfortable ride.

- Mary K

Smooth sailing with the Ford Edge

very smooth on the road. reliable. Just enough tech to assist with safety and not interfere with my love of driving. Great mileage both highway and stop and go traffic. Love the color and the window tints. With regular service this cars wears well and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

- To C

My car is great, it is well taken care of maintenance wise and always clean.

I love my car but my one issue is that my car door always says ajar. It is really great on gas mileage. I have moved 3 times and it is space is amazing. Seats 5. Sometime I have water in my floor board. Not sure what is causing it. I rotate my tires and change oil in it ever 7000 miles.

- Camry W

The most important thing others should know about our car is that it's a good reliable car with a built-in GPS, that comes in mighty handy.

I absolutely love our Ford Edge. It is roomy inside and very comfortable. I enjoy the leather seats and the fact they are heated, which comes in handy during the harsh Winters. I also just love the overall style of the car. It's decent on gas mileage and has been a good reliable car.

- Angela C

Happy Ford Edge ownerships!

I bought this Edge as a certified used vehicle. I have been very satisfied with it. I now have over 120 thousand miles on it and have not had any problems. I get compliments on it all the time. I am a very satisfied owner. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable vehicle.

- Arlene J

It has very comfortable heated seats.

I like It's size and some of It's more luxurious features: leather heated seats, rear-view camera, navigation system. I do not like how I can not see the front end of the vehicle when pulling into a parking space. The very front turns downward making it nearly impossible to sense depth.

- Sheila G

Ambiance lighting. Able to change colors to fit your mood

I have been driving my vehicle for a year and a half. Love my 2013 ford edge. It is roomy and a great ride. I have the limited with a panoramic sunroof and ambiance lighting. I average 20 miles to the gallon. I have not had any problems with the vehicle and I would definitely recommend.

- Shelley M

2013 Ford Edge - 6 year Review

Steering wheel is tight. Sync system messes up a lot. Have to completely turn the car off and back on for it to be fixed. Car is very reliable. Have driven it for 6 years now and never have serious mechanical issues. Seats are comfortable. Bluetooth phone feature is a great added bonus.

- Kelsey G

Love my vehicle, cannot wait to purchase another.

My vehicle is very reliable and has all the features I was looking for at the time of purchase. It is spacious in both the front and back and the seats are very comfortable. I love that the back seats recline for passengers and that there is plenty of space to fit 3 adults in the back.

- Danielle K

2013 ford edge - perfect for 5 passengers.

It is smaller than I prefer with little storage capacity and fewer passenger seats. I enjoy the extras like heated seats, full sunroof, good handling ability in the mountains. I would prefer a vehicle with a 3rd row but this is a towing vehicle with our RV. All in all it is a good car.

- Candice G

Amazing Ford Edge! Always there for you!

I have experienced no problems with my car! While driving in the snowy weather I get, I have always been able to get from point A to point B. The comfort I have with my car is also great! Everyone says how much they love driving in my car! The only thing I wish I had was built in GPS.

- Heather K

Mid-size Ford SUV smooth ride, comfortable interior and good cargo space.

I like the interior size of SUV, not too big or too cramped. It handles nicely, not sluggish. Doesn't have a ton of immediate pick up, but it rides very smoothly, very easy for someone driving an SUV for the first time. Standard options in the Limited were great for price value.

- Leslie H

Very comfortable, great mileage & a work horse.

It is very reliable, gets great gas mileage & the back really can hold a lot. It is comfortable, I have taken it on several trips. I can haul 5 passengers comfortably. With the back seat down I can get large items in & the split rear seat allows for a long parcel & a third person too.

- Lou Ann S

Perfect size and fully loaded.

Ford edge sport fully loaded with 22 inch wheels and panoramic roof. Had mechanical issues but were easy to fix. It's good in gas, and good size. I was looking for a SUV that was not too big or too small, and the ford edge is the perfect size. It has the sport trim which looks great.

- Enrique G

Good reliable car. That hauls like a truck.

I have had zero reliability problems. I am getting some rust in the inside of the drivers door. I haul a trailer very often and it handles great. I give the sync system a low rating. The car is short enough for easy parking. High enough to few very comfortable. Plenty of cabin space.

- Frank I

The most simple feature is the oil change reminder but my favorite

I have had no issues with this car, it has been very reliable. The only thing I do not like is the cloth seats stain very easily even if raindrops on the seats while the doors are open. It drives very smooth and is easy to handle. Has just enough features to not be overwhelming.

- Jodi L

I love the style of this vehicle, not too big and not too small for an SUV.

Performance is great. Drives comfortably. I sit up high enough to have that extra edge on traffic. Through all types of weather and terrain, I have felt in control with ease on the drive. Seats are very adjustable and comfortable. Air flow is great in back as well as in the front.

- Pinky G

I love my ford edge, but......

I really like my ford edge. This is the second one I have owed. The only negative thing that I can say is both my edges have had problems with the heater core. My current ford edge has also had a problem with the air conditioning and heater being stuck in the on position at times.

- Nicole S

My Christmas present 2013 Ford edge.

It has a lot of excellent features. I love the rims and tires. Very good on gas. It is nice and roomy for the family. I love all the controls it has, my radio has endless options and the double sunroofs are excellent on sunny days. Plus, the roomy storage with a push button door.

- Jenny L

Comfort and power meets easy smart.

I think the Bluetooth connection could be more updated and needs a rear camera. It's comfortable and smooth driving. The back seats lounge back, long trips are made for it. I love the easy to clean interior fabric and the blue on mine is awesome. Itss got punch, but good on fuel.

- Crystal R

Fully loaded, blacked out with a large moonroof.

My car is fully loaded with black rims. I love it. However, the seal on my sunroof needs to be replaced and it is expensive to fix. I have not found anyone that specializes in sunroofs to fix it. I love having the sunroof open and the windows rolled down when it is nice outside.

- Janet E

2013 Ford edge details and review.

Very comfortable and reliable for a family. Never been worried about it breaking down or anything. Love the trunk space good for grocery shopping when you have children. Safe. Has GPS navigation system built in. Backup camera. Heated seats. Backseat pull down cup holders.

- Amber D

Love the rear view camera and hand free liftgate

Very comfortable and reliable. Love the Bluetooth stereo and hands free calling. Love the hands free liftgate in the back and back up camera. Seats are comfortable. The AWD was great this last winter but it is great on gas. About 290 miles per tank but does not need premium gas.

- Mo S

It is a good size with plenty of cargo space.

The Ford edge is comfortable for driving, easy to handle with good gas mileage. So far has been very reliable with no major problems. We use it for long trips, at least twice per year and have nothing to complain about as far as comfort and gas mileage. And being easy to handle.

- Lynne C

Great car. I liked my car so much that three other people at work bought the same type of Ford Edge

It's a very nice car drives very well. I have not had any problems with it. Gas mileage is fair. Handles very well. Has a lot of electronics in it that can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Other than that I have no complaints about the car I would definitely buy another one.

- Pam H

The oops of the Edge. Make it more mom easy to clean.

No issues really!! The car honks a lot even if the key is in my purse. The GPS chips are too much money to buy to update car. Wish the carpet in the back was replaced with a rubber liner. The carpet is hard to sweep up everything out of it. Dog hair, grass, straw, flower items.

- April D

Ford Edge: A Basic Review

Bad transmission (makes a nasty grinding noise every time a gear is changed), poor turning radius, uncomfortable seats and unintuitive interior controls. No mechanical issues, so maintenance is simple and cheap. Good gas mileage. This is not a luxury car, but it is economical.

- Pat S

I do not have children yet, I get called a soccer mom in this car.

I love my Edge, it has been reliable thus far and it is very airy. I wish that the 'get up and go' factor was slightly stronger but, I do enjoy the way the car drives and how easy the user interface is. The look of the 2013 model is my favorite, it looks sporty but not sharp.

- Caitlin C

Roomy and handles well, great fuel efficiency!

Ride is extremely smooth. Handles very well in snow and ice. The flexible roominess fits my wide varieties of needs. Easy to handle both in town and on the highway. Storage is optimal and easy to configure. Wireless features are awesome. Mpg is 21 and we find that economical!

- Kathy M

I love my Ford Edge. It�s a great truck!

Rear camera doesn't always work. It's reliable and comfortable. It has large trunk space. Rides smoothly and you don't hear much outside noise. I drove it across states and I did not have to fill the gas tank as much. The car is great on gas. Lots of compartments for storage.

- Monica P

Love the Ford edge! Perfect size vehicle.

I really love the size of the edge. I like that it has plenty of space for passengers and has a large trunk but isn't so huge of a vehicle that I don't feel comfortable driving it. I really like the climate control and heated seats and really like that I get good gas mileage.

- Heather S

The center console has a lot of space!

It is a nice spacious SUV, comfortable for a family. I enjoy driving it, the inside has very cool compartments where I can store what I like to keep in my car. The back has good space & the back seats can be folded completely to add more room which is very handy when needed.

- Gabby L

I love the smooth ride and the trunk space

Great small svu, a lot of trunk space, reliable and drives very smoothly. Only complaint is the width of the back seat, with 2 car seats there's not much room for an additional passenger. I also cannot put the car seats side by side because the middle seat isn't wide enough.

- Karri M

An amazing, reliable, comfortable SUV that I would recommend on purchasing!

Great reliable car for in town commuting and long trips! Love that it ride higher off the road but not as big as a truck. Great room if you're pretty tall like myself. Would definitely recommend purchasing an Edge, I'll for sure be keeping this car till the wheels fall off.

- Chelsea H

Well built vehicle for a small family to own.

I love my car. It does have squeaky brakes but think that was from the dealership that I bought it from. It does have a good get and go and has a quick stopping ability. Camera is good but gets foggy quickly when it has been raining and makes it hard to use when backing up.

- Kim F

Decent truck with a defrost issues.

The only problem that I have with this vehicle is the defrost. If I have the defrost on heat sometimes air blows on the passenger. I am thinking it's a common issue cause YouTube has videos to help get the issue resolved. The performance is good and it has good gas mileage.

- Kay J

Ford edge worth the money!

I have had no real problems with my vehicle. Right now the back up camera is not working but I do not consider that a big deal. I enjoy the leather seats and the ability to run my cell phone through the vehicle sound system. Moon and sun roofs are fun during nice weather.

- Debbie D

My Ford edge, the best car!

I love my Ford edge it is been a great car overall with minimal issues so far. Only issue to date would be the camera malfunctioning while backing up, had it repaired, and doing it again. It’s great for loading packages while out shopping and getting around town fast.

- Missy M

Safety, Comfortable to drive and drive higher from the ground.

My Ford Edge is a awesome vehicle and I will not go back to a regular car anymore. I like the comfort and safety it provides me. Only issue I had lately was with the brake booster diaphragm. This was cover on the warranty that was purchased with the vehicle. Great in gas.

- Flavia Costa F

SUV that is acts like a sports car.

I haven't had any problems with the car. Had a recall on a part, Ford took care of it. Maintenance is done regularly. I like it because it can carry almost anything I need, it's comfortable, and it has enough power to pass. It's the sport model so it is also fun to drive.

- Kathleen D

Good truck for winter and room.

I don't really hater my truck it was more that this is not what I wanted and was forced to buy this one. I was looking for a two door Jeep and the dealership did not help. I also had to deal with a door problem with my truck as well as getting the transfer case replaced.

- Melissa M

I drive for uber and most of my riders tell me that it is very comfortable.

The vehicle I drive, a 2013 Ford Edge is a very comfortable and responsive car to drive. I enjoy very much driving this car in the city and on the highway as it is very easy to drive. I have not had any major problems with my vehicle and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Thomas B

It is gray and it is very sleek, it's very nice.

The problems don't happen very much. It's a very good and reliable car. It works very well as in performance and you only have to do maintenance. It has heated seats and has very good air control. It's very comfortable to sit in and has lots of features and room to sit.

- Jackson M

Bluetooth. Seat warmers. Good on gas.

The car is very relatable. It is great on gas and is very spacious. It has a lot of room and Bluetooth features. There is also seat warmers and a back up camera. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a spacious vehicle. That is all I have to say about that.

- Julie L

My Ford edge bought used.

I have no issues with this vehicle. It is been very reliable. Good heat. Decent gas mileage. The only bad thing is I noticed there is a bit of smoke starting to come from the tailpipe. It had high mileage when I bought it. I really do not know what else to say about it.

- Terri M

Sporty, sleek, performance, mileage, great on long trips.

I like my Ford Edge because of its stability on the road. The suspension is amazing and quite. It is roomy Inside. The head clearance is great for tall people like me. It looks very sporty in the silver model I have. The engine is a great performer and good on gas.

- Carol B

It is comfortable and spacious for small family.

It has had problems with the brakes even though we have had it for a few months. It takes a while to speed up. It uses up gas really fast. It's very comfortable though and has a lot of space in the trunk. It has a nice Bluetooth system and spacious for a small family.

- Bella M

Ford edge dual conveniences.

Very comfortable to ride in, has extras like XM radio, easy to get in and out of, back seats go up and down for easy use of the rear, this car has dual air and heat controls, also heated seats for those cold winter days when it is cold outside, easy to change the oil.

- Cory L

This vehicle doesn't really have anything to highlight or. The blue color

My 2013 Ford Edge is pretty amazing! Great space, easy to clean, reliable. It's also pretty gas efficient. The only thing I don't really care for are that it's a FWD, no sunroof and no heated seats. Everyone who gets in it loves the comfort(soft cushions) of the seas.

- Julian L

Almost luxury, cheap price

Great performance for the price. It is very close to a luxury card. When you close the door, everything feels very well sealed. The interior smells clean. Even though the car isn't luxury, it drives like one. The car doesn't rattle at all. It knows how to cruise also

- Alexander M

The best ever I wish it will never get so old that I have to get a new one.

None. I love my vehicle and have no desire to get a new one or even look for a different type of auto. I have had no issues since I purchased the car and it was new at that time. If and when I purchase another vehicle it most likely will be the same make and model.

- Phyllis M

Pre Owned Ford Edge review.

The Ford Edge is a very smooth ride. I have had issues with the windshield wipers randomly wiping (easy fix). My vehicle was preowned so I expected a few problems and purchased the extended warranty. It gets good mileage and has a lot of room in the front and back.

- Kelly W

Good car for small family

I use my vehicle for daily running around and family trips. I do like the fact that it has back up cameras and other nice features. I don't like that it does not have a good MPG and since I have expanded my family, it is no longer big enough for a family of five.

- Jessica T

I would buy another ford edge if AWD

I have a FWD which I do not love. I want AWD car. The backup camera and blind side are a must in any car I buy going forward. The heated seats are great but I also want seats with air conditioning. The Bluetooth is also a must lots of USB ports and great storage

- jamie L

Really enjoy the sun roof.

I love my car. It travels great. I have driving this car all over to Nevada, Arizona, California and has been great and comfortable. It would be nice to have seat warmers in the back. The only major issue has been battery drainage. Very good car, happy with it.

- Victoria C

Ford Edge is just right for a family. It is easy to maneuver.

Size is perfect. Drives well. Comfortable on long trips. Gets decent gas mileage I have had very few problems with this car and plan to buy another Ford in the future. This car has plenty of cargo space and comfortably seats 5 adults or 2 adults and 2 car seats.

- Terri B

On a full tank, the Edge can get over 400 miles.

The car is fairly spacious. I just wish it was slightly bigger. It is very reliable and is not too loud. The gas mileage could be slightly better. There is no built in GPS. I would highly recommend to parents with small children or those that haul items around.

- Brian P

My vehicle is a nice shiny metallic black that I love.

It has blind spot detection which is amazing and also has a back up camera which is very helpful. The leather seats are very comfortable. The sound system is my favorite feature. The color is a metallic black which I have always wanted my car to be that color.

- Elizabeth R

Ford edge for the pickup truck driver.

The car is nice, roomy and reliable. We bought it new and have only had to get it serviced once for an electrical problem. One caution: after several months of dormancy, we had to reboot the computer to get the heat working. Overall good car, very comfortable.

- Sonya B

. White and chrome lit, set exterior lights is absolutely beautiful.

I have had my Ford edge since 2014. It is been a very reliable vehicle and is very comfortable to drive. My Ford edge is near 90. 000 miles and I have only had to maintain regular maintenance on it. The gas mileage is unbelievable. A full tank goes along way.

- Heather V

Great little crossover/SUV.

The Ford Edge is a great little crossover type vehicle. I only have had one problem with it and that was the brakes recall, but it has since been fixed and works great. It is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had and I have been all over with it!

- Kirk C

The ends and outs of Sylvia

We've really haven't had any issues, she's been a very reliable vehicle. Very roomy and comfortable. The back seats come down to give you extra space if you need to move a few things. The gas mileage is bad compared to other vehicles that I've had this size

- Marlin M

Overall a decent car but I would not buy another in the future.

We have already had to replace the turbo in it and the turning radius is awful. I have to re-park every single time I turn into a parking space. I have friends with the car and they have the same problem. Otherwise it drives nice and has some nice features.

- Jen A

Looks good but do not trust it long term.

Smooth ride extra features inside good gas mileage stylish looking However engine and the rest is a lemon. Less than 5 yrs. and 3 major repairs rake and pinion brake lines. Recalls on Explorer but not mine. My 3 Ford and because of this one it is my last.

- Susanne V

Family-friendly, reliable 2013 ford edge.

My ford edge is a very comfortable, versatile vehicle that is perfect for families. It is not too huge, but plenty of room for a small family. Lots of storage space in the trunk. Only minimal problems have taken place, simply because it is a few years old.

- Anna H

The Ford Edge in a nutshell

The Ford Edge is a nice small SUV, great gas mileage within both the city and out on the road, no major issues as of yet except for one defect with the back hatch sensor which reads that it's still open even though it is not. Overall it's a great vehicle

- Nathan G

I can not think of just one interesting detail about the Ford Edge.

The vehicle is nice. I have had no problems with it. Drives good and it has been very reliable. It has many features. The inside is nice and roomy and comfortable. Bluetooth connection to your phone for all the hands free things you need. Has been great.

- Brittany N

2013 Ford Edge best car ever

I love my Edge! It has been a great and dependable car over the two years that I have had it! I have not had any problems with it at all. It has plenty of room and drives great! I love the touch screen radio and the leather seats are easy to keep clean.

- Ashley Z

It is my favorite vehicle so far.

Has great pick up/power. Great traction in winter. Sporty look. Love it. Wonderful color. Interior in very nice and roomy. Love the sub roofs. It also has heated seats in the winter time. The audio system in top notch. Plenty of room for traveling too.

- Danny I

This was a great purchase from enterprise car sales.

Great comfortable car, that holds a lot for our traveling. Down side i'd like a multiple CD player so I do not have to keep changing my CD's. Other than a chipmunk that built a nest in my engine, the car and my dealer are great to drive and work with.

- Cindy F

It is a great driving vehicle.

I love my Ford edge! It is great on gas mileage and is a very good driving vehicle. It has a lot of room inside and handles well on the road. It is a white four door sedan. It has leather seats and drives great. I can get 6 people in it very easily.

- Natalie L

Modern SUV great for family.

Car is very modern, however would like just a little more space width wise in the back seat for 2 car seats to fit comfortably with someone sitting in the back. Love the my ford sync console. Also love the panoramic sunroof and gas mileage is great.

- Crystal V

It's fun to drive, gets good gas mileage, seats 5 comfortably with room for luggage, sports equipment or pick nick basket. Comes with a Nav system and hands free talk.

Size, mileage, color, seating, hauling space for groceries or yard sale finds. Complaint: Seals on the sunroof wear out and don't work properly after 4 years and are expensive to replace. Heater went out 2 times due to car manufacturing issue.

- Linda F

Reliable and Low Maintenance

I have 85k miles on my car and have never had a problem with it. I've done the routine maintenance and never had one problem. Really reliable, very comfortable, has lots of high tech stuff on the screen but I don't know how to use all of them.

- Andrea M

My car makes me feel confident that my child is safe.

I like that my vehicle is SUV style. It is safe for my child to ride in and that is very important to me. The gas mileage is decent but I would like it to be a little better. I also dislike that I have some trouble with the driver door latch.

- Leah B

Very dependable vehicle. Not had any mechanical issues so far.

I love my Ford edge. It is roomy, drives great, and is very comfortable. I do have issues with my iPhone connecting with the phone system. It does fine as long as I do not download my contacts. Other than that, it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Robin H

Voice controlled Environmental, Nav and Entertainment controls.

It's a blue Ford Edge with grey interior, has plenty of room and rides great. What I like about it is the Sync system and ability to adjust pretty much any control by voice. There really isn't anything I dislike about it. Great vehicle.

- Jim D

Handles very good for an SUV it gets decent gas mileage. Have not had to get anything done to it since I bought it.

I like the room inside the vehicle. I love the appearance inside and out. Love the technology it has. The one thing I do not like is the openings both front and rear to get in. I am 6 foot and have to bend my head a lot to get in.

- Michael L

Stylish and dependable with many features

Has everything I need in it, Have only had repaired once in the 4 years I've had it. Drives very well and smooth and plenty of room to moves things boxes, small furniture. I love the Bluetooth, Hands Free phone, large screen with GPS

- Caesar D

Good for families. Seats five people other than the driver.

It has good pick up and go power/speed. I like the large trunk for groceries and vacations. I also like there is a windshield wiper on the rear window as most cars don't have one. It's not the coolest looking car, but that's ok.

- Kaylen K

It is great on gas mileage.

Drives smooth. It has leather seats with heaters. Contains a touch scream but I can also use a voice command or use the buttons on my steering wheel. It is the perfect size for my family. It is not too big. It is easy to park.

- Juliet J

It is reliable, roomy and comfortable.

I love it, especially for a family. Lots of room. I wish there was better air/heat flow to the back of the car. The trunk is a great size. However the rust about the rear wheel is awful and apparently a flaw within the model.

- Brooke M

It runs great and never had any issues other than small issues the dealer can fix

I love my Edge it gets great gas mileage for an suv. I do have issues with my backup camera it doesn't work half the time. My wipers also don't turn off sometimes. It has been a very dependable vehicle other than those flaws

- Jess V

Height of drivers seat gives me confidence to see what is happening around me.

Ease of entering and exiting, comfort, low noise level, size and easy to reach storage area. My edge gets great mileage in both city and long range travel. Has a lots of pep when needed. Easy to handle and good visibility.

- Carol C

It is a reliable and easy to drive SUV, and that Ford makes a good product.

Like the gas mileage and the general looks of the car. Do not like that the lights automatically come on and off when car is started, and do not like the one piece back door. I like to be able to open the glass separately.

- Lynne C

It is a great middle of the road small SUV. Good for a family with 1 or 2 small kids.

It is a decent size for both our driving and transportation needs. I love the features such as heated seats, AWD, backup camera, and blind spot monitors. I dislike the gas mileage and how poorly the audio system syncs.

- Melissa Y

It is great family mid size SUV.

I enjoy driving my Ford edge and how handles like a car in most situations. I like all the room in the backseat. I do not like technology for the year of the vehicle and when the fuel is low does not perform as well.

- Stephanie S

I would recommend a Ford Edge, but don't get a year known for the door ajar issue.

My favorite thing about my Edge is the backup camera. It handles really well in the winter (minnesota). My biggest complaint is the door ajar issue, which is well known by ford. They need to issue a recall for that.

- Mandy L

I bought the car for the large cargo space for my dog.

Bought the car with 20, 000 miles and no issues thus far. Heated leather seats are great in the winter! Large cargo space for my German shepherd I take everywhere. Easy to clean, and very comfortable on long drives.

- Fernando A

Even though it's a small SUV, its very roomy inside and the back seats fold down very easily for extra towing room

I purchased a 2013 Ford Edge in 2015 with only 33,000 miles on it. Its Metallic Black, beautiful. I get a lot of compliments on the color. It rides very smooth, I have no problems with it and I love Ford products.

- Malinda H

I love my Ford Edge for so many reasons

I love my Edge! It has plenty of legroom in the back seat and still a large trunk. It also fit our car seats with no problems! My favorite thing about my car is the sunroof which spans the front and back seats!

- Britney D

The edge is a crossover vehicle. It rides like a car but it is great in the snow.

I do not have any complaints about my Ford Edge. I get great gas mileage. I love the navigation system. Although my car is 5 years old and has only 28,000 miles on it, it still rides like it is brand new.

- Margaret B

It's a great little car but you have no extra room with 2 kids in car seats

I love that it is small and easy to get around in. I wish that I had a bigger car because there's not much room with 2 carseats in the backseat. My only complaint is that the air actuator has went out twice.

- Kyla E

The car has lots of room in from the front to the back.

i love the way it handles. It's big enough to haul the sports equipment for our family. it gets decent gas mileage. And my absolute favorite is our son's friends are amazed how much room the back seat has.

- lulu t

It has been very reliable in the past 5 years.

It is roomy. I needed the room for all my grandchildren... It is not too bad on gas. I can drive a pretty good ways before having to fill the tank... It has been a reliable vehicle for the past 5 years..

- Paula S

My smooth, sturdy and good on gas loving car.

It runs pretty smooth. It is very good on gas, can travel far distances without needing to stop for gas. It is a very sturdy and reliable car. Haven't had to need a lot of work on it. Highly recommended.

- Jasmine O

The most important thing people should know about the Ford Edge is that it is very dependable.

I like my Ford Edge because it has plenty of room. My Ford Edge is a very dependable vehicle. My family enjoys having the DVD players to watch while traveling. I wish my Ford Edge had navigation in it.

- Jennifer H

Fun to drive! Plenty of room for dogs and suitcases!

Great highway ride, handles extremely well in the snow- very roomy we have 3 dogs and often travel with them around the country. Nice ride, peppy and most importantly fun to drive! Maintenance is nil.

- William J

It's got great safety features, such as alerts when other items are in your blind spot...it alerts where there is another vehicle.

It's sporty and also spacious enough for my family. It feels luxurious or high end even though it's not. Love all of the features. It's really been very reliable. And Fords have great trade in value.

- Becki D

It has a lot of room for carrying sports stuff and other things.

The Ford Edge is the perfect family car. It is very spacious. The hatch/truck area is big enough for carrying a LOT of sports equipment. Perfect care for family trips and daily activities as well.

- Carrie M

It drives like a car, but I can still get up high so I can see what's happening ahead.

My Edge is a great family vehicle for us. It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable and can hold a lot of stuff. I just wish it had an extra row of seats so we could carry more kids in the car.

- Michelle A

Safety features are amazing....blind spot detector, backup camera, and power liftgate!!!!

I love how spacious it is, very comfortable, reliable, great in the winter! Complaints the struts have been replaced, power brake booster, brake pads, and routers and still shakes when braking

- Kim C

That it gets great gas mileage if you follow the speed limit.

It holds all of my kids and their stuff. The kids have a ton of space in the second row for their legs and things. Wish the cup holders were the same size and the odometer was easier to read.

- Chelsea M

The comfort that it has. . .

The car has a great ride and the seats are comfortable. The only issue I have is my car speakers. The drive right size speaker makes a noise but for having over 100k miles it runs awesome.

- Sharon M

It's a great family car for a smaller family.

I really like my vehicle. I love the color and the features of my car. I do not like the fact that I have had electrical issues with my car and that it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

- Shari E

My car has all the features located/displayed in an easy to use manner.

I like the look/shape of the car. I like the split electronic information screen and that it is a touch screen. I like the double large sunroof and the light that it let's into the car.

- Melissa E

Wish it wouldn't leak water.

Since getting our new suv it has leaked. It seems the whole car doesn't have a good deal on it and when you go through the car wash or even if it rains the inside of your car is soaked.

- Brandie S

It meets all of my needs and contains the features I wanted.

I like the style of the this vehicle. I also, like the fuel efficiency of this vehicle. I also, like how this vehicle is equipped. Additionally, I like the resale value of this vehicle.

- Bill R

If you're looking for a safe and reliable car, this one is the one you want!

I have the four wheel drive model, and I love it! It's such a comfortable ride. It's very roomy with lots of space for storage. Sound system is great. The rear view camera is nice too!

- Mary G

The turn signal only stays on for like 3 seconds, unless you hit it really hard.

I love the size, it's perfect for me. I love that I can fit my dog and a bunch of stuff. I love how comfortable it is. I don't love the gas mileage it gets. I love my backup camera.

- Beth B

It can haul a lot of tools, sports equipment, luggage, etc.

My edge is very versatile. It is roomy and good mileage. It also handles very well. The sound system is also very good with a Bose radio/cd player installed. It is very comfortable.

- Steve T

Reliability - It really has no issues - I love my SUV

I have not had any issues with my Ford Edge - It runs smoothly - We even had a blizzard with 20+" of snow & it went through it all - Just wish I would had gotten the back up camera

- kelly a

Excellent size for a small family and nicely equipped.

My vehicle is comfortable and well equipped. The size is perfect for day to day driving with the family, while roomy enough to haul any bags or supplies we pick up along the way.

- Nicole H

It's a great family car, and it has excellent gas mileage for an SUV.

My car is a four door SUV. I find it very roomy and comfortable. I like the SYNC system, which includes a navigation system and satellite radio. I have no complaints about my car.

- Kim L

It is comfortable and stylish.

I like the style and comfort it offers. I recently had to have the turbo replaced. The back hatch broke and we have to lift it manually now. I love the keyless entry and start.

- Angela M

It is reliable and comfortable with plenty of room for you and easy on you pocket at the gas pump.

A very good car have not had problem with it at all. Is very good on gas and cheap to operate. Has been comfortable on long drive with plenty of room for passengers and lodged.

- Mikel L

Automatic rear door is great.

Great car for a small family. We have had some issues with the bearings but they were easy fix. The leather is not the best for someone who is active as it changes color fast.

- Laura S

It runs good and is safe and reliable.

Its comfortable. Reliable. Sporty and good on fuel. Its my favorite color, black. Has nice wheels and tires. I like the backup camera and that my phone is connected Bluetooth.

- Michelle K

It has all wheel drive. Very good in snow.

I love the size.. I like the way it drives especially in the winter... It has a sporty look. It has great features like the double sunroof. Touch screen, hands free steering..

- Kim I

Very solid, reliable, and comfortable travel vehicle

Very reliable, responsive,comfortable, reasonably fuel efficient. Problems with electronic dual climate control system at around the 100,000 mile mark. Otherwise no issues.

- Ronda L

Highly Recommend! Love the car!

I enjoy the car quite a bit. For a car that is 5 years old, it has a lot of the technology I was looking for. Heated seats are my favorite! I love the rear camera as well.

- Whitney W

It's great quality, decent gas mileage and sleek appearance.

My car isn't very roomy. It's very crowded. It also has some pretty bad road noise. I hate that it doesn't have any compartments to lay you phone down in the front either.

- Nikki B

Great, reliable car to have for long term. Is good as a family car or just an adult car.

I've had my Edge for 6 years now. It's been very steady, reliable, safe, and survives the constant temp changes here in KY (humid vs. cold). COMPLAINT: Mileage is decent.

- Andria B

The vehicle is roomy for our family.

We bought our 2013 Ford Edge in January of 2016. We were looking for a bigger vehicle than our Malibu. One downfall is that car seats are not designed for the middle seat.

- Brittny N

Perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Fits people and gear.

It's roomy, spacious and plenty of room. It's had a couple issues, the GPS is not real accurate. Sometimes the camera fails during backup. Leather and loaded. Drives nice.

- Michelle J

The car is a reliable and safe source of transportation.

The vehicle has been both comfortable to drive and reliable. This is my second Ford Edge. It has required minimal maintenance. I feel safe when driving in snow and rain.

- Anne H

It is very easy to drive and has a lot of great features.

I love my vehicle. It is the perfect size and very easy and comfortable to drive. This is the second Ford edge I have had because I cannot get myself to buy any other car.

- Jenna D

It meets all the safety requirements.It is also very heavy car and I feel safe driving it.

Feels like I am driving a high end vehicle. It has heated seats, navigational features and smooth riding tires. It was something that I never had or could afford before.

- Mary L

Great family car, with a luxury feel!

I love the size and luxury feel of my vehicle. It drives and handles nicely. There is room for all of my family and ample cargo space. My vehicle gets good gas mileage.

- Rebecca B

It does not excel quickly.

I love it, no complaints. I have had trouble with tires but that is not the company's fault (where I live has a lot of road work / construction happening at all times).

- Chatham M

That it is really a fuel economical SUV.

I really love the comfort it provides, as well as all of the room and space it has IN it. I also really like the red color and the star nav system. Really a great SUV.

- Randall F

It's the best car I've had. I love the panoramic roof because it makes the car seem even bigger.

The interior is roomy and I love the panoramic sunroof. There is plenty of room in the back for groceries and my daughter's sporting equipment. No complaints at all.

- Ivy G

My car is important to me because it is the transportation for my family.

I like my ford edge, it drives good on long trips. It's comfortable on long trips. I do wish it had the built-in GPS in it and the back-up camera. Has plenty of room.

- brenda g

The car is very spacious without being too big and hard to control.

I bought my car at a Ford dealership. Since buying the car I have had many issues, such as the car not registering that I have the key, so it won't properly start up.

- Jordan G

The car is quite reliable and still runs well despite being 5 years old

It needs a third row to transport more people. It is a reliable car but sometimes the Sync system does not pair well with the phone or has trouble following commands

- Jennifer B

Sturdy in winter driving with snow and ice.

Great for traveling, comfortable, easy to drive.. Wish it had a better CD player system and that it was compatible w/ my cell phone. Headrests do block side vision..

- Cindy F

Love It. No real issues..

I have no issues with it at all. The only thing is that it has an older version of Sync which Ford no longer does ant updates on and has taken away services from it.


The Ford edge is a great car.

It is a very comfortable driving car! Great on gas! The only problem we’ve had is the rear view back up camera has just stopped working. No warning just stopped.

- Debra G

2013 Edge Sport. Sporty family friendly vehicle

Good performance. Make sure to keep up on routine maintenance. Very comfortable and full of features. Could be a smoother ride, but depends on which edition have.

- Jake H

Reliable, comfortable, and good on gas.

My car is five years old and I have never had a problem with it. My husband is a large man and he fits into it without a problem. Very comfortable leather seats.

- Mary D

That having a family this SUV works great.

Since I have been driving the edge it has been able to do anything I have needed it to do. I am really hoping that it will handle great in the snow. We will see.

- Kimberly H

Safety! I feel safe in my vehicle, the lights are bright and I'm able to it higher and have a better line of vision. The backup sensors are helpful and I have no idea how I drove without blindspot mirrors for so long.

I love my Ford Edge. It is wide so I feel safe on the road, it gains speed quickly, and the gas mileage is fantastic. I do not have any complaints about the car.

- Melinda G

My car is great in bad weather.

I love the way it drives the mileage I get. It has plenty of room for the grandchildren. The back hatch can carry enough things you need for a weekend camp out.

- Peggy H

comfortable for long hauls.

It has a smooth ride, the interior is stylish, it's quiet on the road. It's roomy enough to take long haul trips and the back seats recline for comfortability.

- Heather p

I just purchased this vehicle a month ago. I LOVE IT! I love that it is fully loaded having 2 sunroofs. It rides so so smooth. It is also nice having a keypad for the lock so I can never get locked out of my vehicle. So far no dislikes or complaints!

It has many tech features that allow you to sync your phone to your car so you can answer calls, play music from your playlist or add pictures for a background.

- Katherine O

Reliability. It has never failed on me. I am very confident the car will last.

I really how well it rides. I dislike the warranties offered. I tried to take it in on a recall and the dealership wanted to charge me for the recalled item.

- Phillip L

The Ford Edge is a great small SUV option

I love my Edge. I like the size, comfort and style of the smaller SUV. It's sporty and stylish. I love the heated seats, vista moonroof and premium wheels.

- Kari R

It has a comfortable ride and is large enough to haul our dogs.

The ride is comfortable. It is all. Wheel drive. We like the color. The back is big enough for our two dogs to haul comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Joe H

It is a smooth and comfortable ride for a long trip.

I like the look and style. I've never had any problems with anything but I also do regular vehicle maintenance. If ask if I would buy another yes I would

- Connie V

Excellent highway gas mileage!

It gets decent gas mileage for Its size. It's comfortable. The back area is very spacious which makes it easy for shopping and travel. Very smooth ride.

- Heidi k

It's comfortable on the inside and handles very well.

I like the way it handles, it's easy to drive. It's comfortable to sit in and looks nice on the outside. It would be nice to get better good gas mileage.

- Thomas B

Good car for women. And for college students. I recommend to buy it.

Very comfortable car. Easy to drive. Has all what you really need. Sometimes I have some problems with it's digital ''brain'', but Ford's service is good.

- Julia N

My car is very comfortable and gets great gas mileage with my Ecoboost motor.

When air is on sometimes one side blows hot but you can hold down the defrost and air conditioner button and reset it and it will start blowing cold air.

- Leigh E

It is a very pretty car, easy to drive and gets good gas mileage.

I love it but wish it had additional seating like the explorer I used to have. I also dislike that my a/c has recently been blowing hot air on one side.

- Joyce D

Safety is a huge priority when choosing a car. This car has done wonderful in all types of terrain and weather.

AWD is great with this vehicle. It's big enough to comfortably carry 5 adults and has plenty of trunk space. Great in bad weather and great gas mileage.

- Breanne E

It has a great deal of room and excellent gas mileage

The car is perfect for the highway. It has a great deal of room and excellent gas mileage. It drives very well and easy to handle. It has a great look.

- Harry H

Drives like a car, but space like an SUV.

The vehicle is nice to drive. It is bigger than a car but not a giant SUV. The SYNC system is absolutely horrible, and the backup camera often fails.

- Zach Z

Great Mom car for the mom who drives her kids all over town

5 seater SUV, drives comfortably, has good AC, the stereo system works great. It's pretty fast. I haven't had any issues with it since I've owned it.

- Nicolette S

Blind spot caused by front passenger seat headrest

Love most things about it. Two things I dislike: the blind spot caused by the front passenger seat headrest and the only marginally good gas mileage

- Mike E

It is dependable and good on gas in town and on the road.

The vehicle I drive is reliable and performs well. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I am pleased with the vehicles overall performance.

- Kala F

Space the edge has a ton of space for 4 large people.

Issues with the dual air condition feature, the only way to fix it was at the dealer they had costs $225. 00 way to much money for something simple.

- Will W

It is easy to drive and the computer helps you to back into spots.

I have really no complaints except it has leather seats and I slide around in the seats sometimes which makes it uncomfortable at times on my back.

- Melissa M

It's very reliable and a smooth ride. Low gas mileage as well.

I love that it's a nav System with backup camera, keyless entry and ignition. It rides smooth and has a huge cargo space, which I use for my dogs.

- Nicole D

It's a very sporty and very reliable American made automobile.

I love all the tech the car offers. Love the navigation system, the moon roof, push button start and keyless entry. The car is also very reliable.

- Ronnie s

It s reliable it drives like a sport car but has the size that is more practical.

Quality and roomy. Not too big but large enough for hauling groceries etc. it has eno6 technology to make it comfortable but not too complicated.

- Jj H

Important detail is that it has plenty of space, especially with folding the seats down. And the spare tire is in the car in the back!

Mom car! Enough space for my child and groceries. Great gas mileage! I do not like the make of the tires, but I can change that when I am ready.

- Casey M

The air circulation is not very good.

I like the amount of room in the car. It is a very kid friendly vehicle. I dislike that the interior cloth seats stain from water or rain drops.

- Alison H

A very good over all vehicle to drive and maintain.

We love our vehicle. Easy to get in and out of.. Very easy to drive. We have had no mechanical problems and has been maintenance free so far.

- Sharon S

It is comfortable for driver and passengers

I like it because it is big enough for me and my grandkids. It is small enough to park easily. It has weather and navigation which are helpful.

- GinG G

Very comfortable to drive.

I absolutely love my Ford edge. It has all the features I would need and want in a car. It is super easy to drive and makes me feel very safe.

- Jenna M

Love my car however could use more cargo space.

I love my sporty little car. All wheel drive is amazing. Strong enough to tow a boat. My biggest complaint is the trunk space or lack thereof.

- Velma L

It gets great mileage and is comfortable even when all seats are filled.

I enjoy the size and the ease of use. It is easy to connect to my phone. The backup camera is a great feature. It holds my family comfortably.

- Kristin B

It does not have four wheel drive but handles well in the snow.

I like that it is a comfortable ride. It travels well in inclement weather. I wish my car was bigger and maybe a little more spacious inside.

- Lauren J

It is extremely comfortable.

I love the dash. It makes driving very easy with all the computer technology available. This car is extremely comfortable and very versatile.

- Nancy W

The style--it is top notch for a SUV.

The size and comfort of the seats. The backseat have a lot of foot room. The style of the car. The sync program for using it for cell phones.

- Lynn S

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is reliable.

Reliable, powerful, all the bells & whistles. It has everything I want and looks great, too! I have no complaints. Only that it is not newer.

- Nobody Y

Most comfortable seats for short and long drives.

Love the comfort of the seats, the room for the whole family including dog. Stylish and with it being fwd. it gets around in the snow great!

- Desi L

Safety features like auto braking and lane departure with steering help.

I love the backup camera that it has. I love my leather seats and the heated seats it has.. I love how much room in general the vehicle has.

- Victoria D

It is family friendly and is still getting the job done years after being bought.

I like that it is reliable and family friendly. I do not like how it has the motorized seat adjustments as it can be a bit tedious and slow.

- Obadiah H

Great performance and comfort

It is very comfortable and has a great engine. It also has great performance a good gas mileage. It does tend to have electrical problems.

- Candace B

Reliable and amazing family car

The reliability and comfort makes my Ford Edge a wonderful choice for me and my family. I'm a new mom, so safety is very important to me.

- April H

Love the backup assist and heated seats

I find the edge to be spacious. There is plenty of room in the back seat. Good trunk space. My husband has plenty of room when he drives.

- Jen K

beware of fords,,,,lots of things break down on them

I like the roominess and the new technical features but it keeps costing me a lot of money to fix things on it and it's only 5 years old

- sherri G