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Comfortable ride but poor gas mileage.

The things I like about this vehicle is the size. Its larger than other vehicles and sits 5 adults very comfortably. It is also a quiet vehicle for traveling long distances like on interstates from state to state. I also like the capability to connect my smartphone to the vehicle to answer calls hands free and even make calls by voice command. The things I don't like about this vehicle is the low gas mileage it gets in town and out of town. So traveling from state to state can get rather expensive. The other main thing I don't like about it is the rear seat headrests. While they are comfortable for passengers they block the rear windows and make backing very difficult for the driver.

- Christine P

Love my explorer, very reliable.

I love my explorer. It runs great and is very reliable. The 4 wheel drive has always worked when I need it the most and I have always been able to get unstuck. The inside is pretty comfortable. I think it could always be better but nothing to complain about. I do have the 3rd row seating which has been a lifesaver at times. We did try to sleep in the back once while camping and that was a bad idea. It was very hard and uncomfortable even with several blankets. I like the fact that there are several storage pockets throughout the explorer. When it is time for a new vehicle I would consider the explorer again.

- Cynthia B

09 ford explorer; comfortable in theory but your wallet will hurt.

It tends to run hot, car always smells hot after driving, even if its short distances. The car seats plenty of people, has the optional third row seating. The seats do not come up easy though. Does not have enough air vents, so cooling the car down in the summer months is quite impossible. Have had to replace almost all of the wheel bearings. 4 wheel drive is not the best, works occasionally.

- Megan S

The reliable and dependable Ford Explorer.

This is the second Ford Explorer that I have owned and I find it to be a pretty reliable vehicle. It is pretty spacious and drives well. As an SUV, it uses a pretty decent amount of gas, however that usually depends on your travels being highway or city mileage. I would definitely purchase another Ford Explorer, the newer version I have heard some pretty good things about.

- Angela W

It is top heavy. So be careful and don't drive to fast around sharp curves.

My explorer drives and rides very smooth. It has a sleek leather interior which is very easy to clean up the kids messes. I have no issues with this vehicle at all. Very reliable, comfortable. It has a CD player with Bluetooth capability, which is great for on the go calling so you can use handsfree when your in the vehicle. It also has Sirius radio.

- Katie S

Maintenance costs reasonable, body remains in good shape. Recommend adherence.

Have been able to maintain this vehicle for now nine years without major repairs just keeping up with oil changes every 3 to 4000 miles. Do not necessarily need to have a dealership work on the car. Good transmission. Air conditioning recently had to be recharged other than that very satisfied with performance. Body remains in good shape also.

- Peter P

Good vehicle, good family car. Could use more room here and there.

I wish it got better gas mileage, and was a bit more roomy. I like the seating arrangement. It drives smoothly. I would love a bigger “trunk” area. My kids enjoy riding in it. When it is clean it is really pretty on the outside. The leather seats are comfortable, but too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

- Helena S

This is a good, reliable family car.

This has been a great car. It is really comfortable for road trips, and there is plenty of room for people and luggage. The third row seat is awesome, though it does eliminate storage capability in the "trunk. " I haven't had a lot of issues as far as maintenance. Ford built a good SUV with the Explorer.

- Diana R

Reliable & dependable with a sleek look.

Love the SUV style, this is my 3rd Explorer. All have been very reliable, dependable, a true quality vehicle. Seating is comfortable, sunroof is nice, love all the storage capacity, good gas mileage. Ford is my choice - always. I feel safe in my Ford Explorer, it has been dependable & reliable.

- Judith L

Traveling home with camper.

Likes: comfort, color, leather seats, cruise, Sirius radio, CD player, towing capacity, seating for 7 people, room in back for carrying cargo. Comfort for toddler in car seat in the back. ‘skylight ‘ is great. Unfortunately, have had to replace the transmission recently.

- Nancy V

Ford Explorer - best SUV out there in my opinion.

This is a really dependable vehicle with many uses. Spacious, sporty, fun to drive, excellent in inclement weather. My only negative is gas mileage. Otherwise this has been a maintenance free vehicle as long as you take good care of it with regular oil changes, etc.

- Mary Lynn K

My vehicle is a beautiful SUV that can seat 7 people and has great cargo space.

I love the design of this car, the look, comfort, and seating capacity. I love the ford brand because you get a quality car for a decent price. They also last a long time. This vehicle suits my family's needs very wheel and it is a vehicle I am proud to show up in.

- J R

Great family car, good for traveling.

I love my Explorer. It is the second one I have owned. It is comfortable for commuting to work and also for long road trips. It is very roomy and has been a reliable vehicle for nearly ten years. Minimal issues. No recalls. Will buy another one when the time comes.

- Diana R

Smooth riding in my Ford Explorer.

I like my vehicle. My only problem would be the gear shift. I ran into this problem not to long into receiving the vehicle. When on a hill it takes a hard thrust to get it out of park. Besides this issue I really love my truck it is very reliable and dependable.

- Michelle S

Best car I have ever owned.

Our explorer has never had an major issues and is very easy to maintain. We have only needed to replace brakes and tires in the 4 years of owning our explorer. We have driven 75,000 miles and each ride has been comfortable and worry-free with every experience.

- Todd A

Is it reliable. Will it start every day. Will it get you to your destination.

I really love to drive my Ford explorer. It gives me a feeling of driving a truck but it is a four door vehicle. It has a great loading capacity but still is stylish. We love the six cylinder model for the power it provides especially on the highway driving.

- David M

Reasonable maintenance costs. Tough body. Rides smooth. Good sound system.

My vehicle, the Ford Explorer, has been very reliable over the years. Repairs and upkeep have been reasonable. And it still rides smooth. The body remains in good shape. I perform oil changes on a regular basis. It is 4WD and very god in the snow. I love it.

- Julian P

Very reliable, long lasting SUV - I put over 250, 000 on my past two.

This is my third Explorer. They all have been reliable & trustworthy. It offers a comfortable ride, good handling, sturdiness & fuel efficient for this type of vehicle. I traded my previous two in, both having high mileage on them, each over 250, 000 miles.

- Laverne J

It runs very well and since owning it I have little to no mechanical issues.

I like my vehicle because it runs very well. It's a pickup, but not full size, so it is very easy to drive and park. Equipped with a passenger cab, it is roomy inside, fitting about five people comfortably. It also has a tow hitch if I need pull anything.

- Robert M

Three row or 7 seats in vehicles.

The top leaks but I love,the 3 rows and room mt car has. It can fit all my kids in it. I also love the color of mine. Maybe the way the compartment is set up could be just a bit better though. But other than that I really do, enjoy,driving my vehicle.

- Katie W

It's a ford with a pretty solid reputation for trucks.

It is spacious enough for everyone in my household to travel about comfortably as needed. To date, I've had relatively few problems with it, but it's just still a standard driving experience.... nothing terribly awful or terribly exciting about it.

- so h

Ford Explorer, a reliable family friendly vehicle.

We are very pleased with our 2009 Explorer. We bought it used about 2 1/2 years ago and have had only a few necessary repairs to make, all due to typical aging parts, i.e. the thermostat housing and the sway bar links.

- Lindsay H

Safety is the number one thing I love about this car!

I feel safe in my vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive. I have the limited edition so it has a GPS which I love, as I can get anxious when I do not know I am going. Gas mileage is really the only I do not like.

- Nancy N

That it rides great, has very little maintenance, it is very dependable!

I bought my car used and have had very little maintenance on it. I love that it has serious and I can get calls and texts through the speakers. The 8nly complaint is that the silver is wearing off near the shifter.

- Judith B

Looks great and runs like a charm.

Love my vehicle, bought it in 2009 used. Had very little repair work done on it. It Has been a great vehicle. The only complaint I have is that it is had for an older person to get to the third row of seats.

- Mary D

It is great in bad weather and runs smoothly. It is not great on gas

I love the size of my vehicle. It is getting older so I do not have the new items like a back up camera or navigation. I would like these items. It runs great and has been a great vehicle with a child.

- Nicole F

Perfect for our large family

I love my vehicle because the air and heat work. There are enough seats for all my family, and the groceries. I do not like that all the windows do not open, or that the seats are hard to remove.

- Sarah R

It's dependable and easy to drive.and it looks great when clean.

This vehicle is the best of both worlds it seats 4 to 5 without the extended cab that makes people ask you to help them move lots of furniture it's like a explorer without the closed in back

- Warren B

Functional, user friendly

First, it's hardly ever given me problems. Second, if it has a problem it's easy to find a fix, the company provides good service and updated parts. Third for me it is a joy to drive it.

- Emma P

Have had my vehicle for nine years and have had no problems with it.

Bought my Ford Explorer in 2009 used. Love my vehicle. Take it in once a year to have it serviced. Have had no problems with it. Do not drive many miles since I am retired.

- Eileen W

It gets good gas mileage for an suv in town and on the highway

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the good gas mileage that it gets in town and on the highway. There is nothing that I can think of that I dislike about it.

- Christina E

The cheapest car and the best car ever!

This car is a fast affordable car that is great for long road trips. It is nice and comfortable and relaxing. This car has great gas mileage and is my favorite.

- Zack P

How far i'll go, how to drive it, and how much gas needed.

I like their is a lot of room.I don't really think there is anything I really dislike about it.It just takes a lot of gas when driving back and forth.

- Quaniya W

The Ford Explorer is a great family car with lots of room

I love the height of my vehicle, as well as the interior space. I dislike the mileage I get per gallon and I am also having some transmission trouble

- Alicia Z

Its 4 wheel drive and its very roomy.

Its a 4 wheel drive that's a plus I also a the have the tow package which is a plus it is a very reliable truck. . It hold 7 people which is a plus.

- Mandy B

Hybrids naturally use less gas but it is really driving habits that put the technology to greater use.

I love that it is comfortable to sit in and drive. I love that it is a hybrid. I don't like that it doesn't handle too well in the snow.

- Meredith S

They are low maintenance and it gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is the right size for the family that I have and the business that I run. It gets good gas mileage and is low maintenance.

- Lyle E

Performance that last a lifetime.

Ford always in my past & future cost efficient good engine technology overall perfect beginning and built to last. So for me, it is Ford.

- Roxanne T

Transmission replaced at 135,000 miles with a new unit

I love my truck! It is spacious for all of my needs, comfortable for long trips. I have had minimal mechanical problems since owning it.

- Kathy O

Do not understand question.

I enjoy driving my vehicle I have it served regularly so I do not have trouble with it. . So my vehicle runs just fine for me.

- Dan M

Rear tail lamp notice - displays warning when lamp needs replaced.

No issues; heated seats; message display shows when oil needs changed, lights need replaced, low fuel, miles till empty, etc..

- Mary P

It uses up a lot of gas pretty quickly and the gas is expensive to fill it up.

I like the amount of room that it has and that it can seat 7 people. I hate that the leather seats don't heat up or cool off.

- TiN M

The best affordable car ever!

This car is awesome.It's a really cheap car that last forever. The car has a lot of room for kids. I suggest this car 100%!

- Zaden P

Watch your speed in it because it got the get up and go factor.

I like that my vehicle is four wheel drive its good on gas. And has lots of room. The seat are very comfortable. . .

- Mandy B

I put a lot of miles into it so I like to great great care of it

I love Big cars so this one fits me perfectly. It has a DVD player so that is a plus. Not the smoothest of rides

- Austin B

It is very reliable, always starts. 4 wheel drive.

Lots of room for cargo. I wish we had 3rd row seating and a way to secure the dog in the back of the vehicle.

- Er W

Rommy space in the car and in the trunk

I love my toying capacity, I love my leather seats. The only dislike is that my gas could get better mileage.

- amber t

Get between 30-35 miles per gallon on the highway.

I like the interior space and I enjoy driving the car. It has many nice features. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Melanie B

this vehicle is ok on reliability. no major problems thus far.

this vehicle is comfortable enough. wish it was more fuel efficient. the design of this vehicle is unique.

- jaime n

The size of the car makes it better to fit in small spaces.

I like that I have no car note.. I like that it gets me from point a to point b.. I hate the gas mileage..

- Devin J

Fun to drive, powerful and reliable.

Been very reliable with no real problems. It is a very comfortable vehicle and I like the way it handles.

- Jeff J

Its dependable if not ugly. Its a basic, nothing very special except for the moon roof

Its puke green, it has NO zip, its bulky, I think that it's too big for us. I like that it's paid off

- Jen J

It rides higher so it's easier to see traffic clearly.

I like having an SUV. It rides higher. It gives me more room to transport for items from the store.

- Brytain A

it 4 wheel drive SUV with lots of room, has great freeway handling and good gas mileage

it big 4 wheel drive, lots of room for passengers and luggage, fair gas mileage, smooth drive

- joe G

It's faster than it looks; I won't let smaller cars cut me off.

I like that it allows me to see over the road easily. I hate that I only get 15 mpg with it.

- Dwayne W

Ford Explorers are very capable and last for long miles. they are very good at protectiveness from other cars.

Very capable of expensive fixes when car breaks down. Including a crack in the edge block.

- Amanda B

It's a great family car it fits everyone and our stuff

I like that it fits my 4 kids and is not to big. I don't like that it keeps breaking down

- Tara B

It's great for hauling big items

I like the room I have. The space for hauling big items. Don't like mileage I get a

- Linda J

I love my car. I love that it is big. It has an extra row for sitting. The seat comes out for extra trunk storage. What I don't like is that it wastes gas pretty quickly

Be prepared to spend a lot of money on gas because it goes through gas like water.

- Liz Z

It is from a reliable American company. Ford has been around for a century.

I like the way it feels to ride in and it looks nice. But is used a lot of gas.

- Melanie B

It is a Ford quality vehicle and very well engineered.

It s a limited edition vehicle with a lot of extras. very comfortable for me.

- Michael A

It is dependable. It holds a lot of stuff! I wish it was a little bigger in the back seat and the A/C doesn't work very well.

Great, dependable SUV for families needing places to put their stuff

- Allison L

It works and will get me around. It is fine for now.

Works well. Lots of room for the kids and everything else we need.

- Jeremy t

I love my truck and everything about it. It's perfect for hauling pets, grandkids, and anything else I need to haul. feel safe driving wherever I need to go.

This truck has many uses and all the space you could ask for.

- Carmen B

quality and low maintenance

dependable. good mileage. low maintenance.

- Bob M

It is the most versatile vehicle and our family. It is four-wheel-drive.

- Kevin Y