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Awesome and reliable vehicle for the family or just a couple.

Driver window and seat motor stopped working. The window was easy to replace and the seat is stuck in a position so I can still drive it without moving it back or forth so we haven't replaced that motor yet. We love the Explorer though, it fits eight people with room still for storage. It rides smooth and any issues that arise just from wear and tear are super easy to buy parts for and fix at home ourselves. We have owned three Explorers through our lifetimes and we prefer it over all vehicles we have owned so far. It is been reliable and is comfortable for long road trips or just short in town stops. It always starts. Great in the snow and does not slip. Kids have all learned how to drive with it and find it to be quite easy. Love the rear heating for the passengers.

- Amy G

Fords are built tough and long lasting

I've had issues with the radio volume control on the steering wheel which was fixed by Ford after going to the shop twice. I have an ongoing noise in the dash area which Ford has not fixed while it was under warranty. My Explorer is very reliable. When I first bought my SUV my children where in intermediate so they fit perfectly with the third row. Now that they are in high school and college they're a little squished because no one fits in the third row now. He Bluetooth feature is wonderful. The ease of the 4 wheel drive function in the vehicle. The location of the 4 wheel drive button needs to relocated because I've hit it by accident a few times.

- Shanell S

2010 ford explorer XLT - plenty of room for all your needs.

I currently own a 2010 ford explorer XLT. It has plenty of room for 7 people, and there is enough room for storage or bags. I can do a large shopping day or pack bags for a weekend away without compromising on space for passengers. The car runs smoothly, and I am very happy with it. The only drawback that I have found is that the gas mileage is not ideal. I wish I was able to get more out of it during city driving. Highway mileage is not bad. I love my back-up sensors which, give me a little added help when parking. There is also lots of storage space and compartments. I would recommend my ford explorer to anyone looking for an SUV with space for 7.

- Kat W

The best car to have for the family..

I drive a Ford explorer. It is a 2010 year model. When it snowed this passed year my Explorer was the only vehicle that could make it out Because it has great four wheel drive. We took a trip on a cruise and we had to make a 10 hour drive to Florida, drove fine the whole way. We have a family of five and the Ford Explorer seats 7 Because it has a third roll. Love the sunroof in n it, gives extra light in during the day and air. Holds a lot of stuff in the back when the seats are laid down. You can connect your phone to the radio by Bluetooth and be handsfree.

- Emily B

Very spacious, comfortable, and reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is also very baby safe. It is a great family car. We just replaced the brake calipers because they were bad. The gas mileage is really good. We get 24 gallons per mile. We have leather heated seats that are very good. My car is really comfortable. Great for road trips! We have cruise control which helps with the long road trips. The heat and air works very good. We have the Sirius XM radio and it is very awesome. Overall love my car and would buy it again!

- Amber M

This reliable vehicle that will take care of you as long as you take care of it.

Bought used in 2014, vehicle has only needed ordinary maintenance. I have had excellent performance with the vehicle, it has been very reliable. I have found that the trim on the drivers side dashboard does peel away. It has 4 wheel drive which I have never had to use. The seats are very comfortable and easy to place in the driver's desired position and it is not manual adjustment. I feel that this vehicle delivers on the specifications given by the manufacturer.

- Carla S

Truck with bench seat back! Short truck bed with hard cover with extension.

I love my sports track as is the best of both worlds! It a very manageable mini like truck front bucket seats & full bench style for 3-4 in back but can be laid down for luggage etc. It also has short bed for carrying things like plants, luggage & other items! Have a cover over it so pretexts items from weather! It is a car yet derivable for travel & hauling & can seat up to 5 normal size people! Six if some are small like children!

- Ruth T

2010 Ford Explorer: my personal story!

I love the vehicle and it is handling, performance and features. It is comfortable and roomy which is great for our large family. Unfortunately, this vehicle jumped time at 80k miles and it cost me almost 10k to replace the motor. Additionally, the brake and gas pedal are adjustable. This causes a safety issue in my opinion because unless careful you could hit both the brake and gas at the same time which could easily cause an accident.

- Cynthia L

Dependable, comfortable, and roomy.

Ford Explorer, my truck has over 180, 000 miles. It has been dependable, rides smoothly, without any major repairs. I hit a deer ( large buck)with only a broken front bumper. Though my Explorer has high miles, I still get 22- 25 mpg ( using cheap gas). I feel safe, comfortable driving my truck. I am really disappointed that Ford no longer is making the sport trac. I would most definitely purchase this truck again.

- Roberta B

I believe my Ford Explorer is great because it looks expensive, but also sporty.

I love everything about my Explorer! It is got plenty of power when I am travelling thru the mountains. It is very good on gas mileage. I love to travel so this is a great thing. I feel it's such a safe vehicle. It comfortably seats 7 people. My Explorer also has a beautiful style. It's very sporty, but classy at the same time. Another thing I love about my Explorer would be its a 4 wheel drive.

- Ruth J

Great SUV but has maintenance issues.

It is a smooth riding SUV and I like the drivability of it for the size. Love the storage space and that it has a collapsible third row. I had the headrests in the car. They push my neck forward. I have had a lot of maintenance issues though. It needed a new transmission at only 60, 000 miles. I also just had $1500 of work done to the engine. Overall it is running well now.

- Courtney L

Exploring the country with Ford!

I have had five Ford Explorers. I have enjoyed each of them. The third row allows me to carry the grandchildren along with my grown children on trips. Great power, built in trailer hitch allows ease for pulling a travel trailer. There is not much to complain about except the front seats supposedly leather crack and look ugly after just a couple of years of use.

- Robbie M

Id for sure get another on.

My Ford Explorer is never given us any problems and we take it almost everywhere. It's good on gas for being a 4×4 19 miles per gallon and it's always started up the first time I like the comfort of the sears and the smooth ride it has all the added features. The only thing bad is you can't tow a U-Haul trailer they say that the trailer can tip over.

- Craig V

Why owning a Ford explorer has great advantages but also has downsides.

It has a lot of power, is very roomie, and have not had any problems with its performance. The only bad drawback to owning a Ford Explorer is that it is not a gas saving vehicle, it is a v8 and so burns through a lot of gas, it does do better on the highway than it does in town but even then the percentage of mpg does not increase very much.

- Christina H

The auto start works amazing.

No serious problems to date. The vehicle runs fine and the interior is holding up well. The SUV works like a charm and the auto start on the vehicle helps out on super hot day and the really cold days. In short this is one of the best vehicles on the market in my opinion and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great car.

- Anthony C

This vehicle is an average family model that came with a few bells and whistles that we didn't necessarily need; however, at the time Chrysler wasn't making a minivan, so we settled on this.

We bought the vehicle to replace a cherished minivan that had recently been totaled. The size of the Explorer and reputation of the company made us feel that our son would be safe in the event of an accident. It has been okay. I feel that there are several design flaws, and it has certainly cost more than I expected in maintenance.

- Clark F

Overall I have a vehicle that gets me where I need to go that's all that matters.

Its drives very well but I think it could be better with gas and it should be a little bit lighter it's a bit heavy when you drive and takes a minute to accelerate also when your driving the vehicle sometimes it can, get a little, hot, on, the driver side, down by my, feet and I don't have on the heat or the air conditioner.

- Hannah M

Good family for a large family.

It is spacious and perfect for transporting my 3 children. It also has enough room for 2 car seats and has lot for room for my tall 11 year old. It has run well for the last few years it was bought as a used and has served my family very well. It has been a good SUV for my family but we will be replacing it in the next year.

- Brooke W

It has been mostly reliable but not without its share of issues.

I like the 4 wheel drive in slippery conditions, it helps me keep traction. I also like the interior room for both passengers and cargo. The reliability has been ok, but I dislike the number of small things that have gone wrong. The wheel hubs went bad at less than 100k miles. The blower motor and dash lights went out, ect.

- Louis L

Its my favorite out and about car for outdoor recreation.

I absolutely love my Ford it gets me where I need to go which is usually up into the mountains. It's good for me all year round winter rain hail it performs excellent. The only issues I've had so far is a wheel bearing go out and having to replace spark plugs but both of those things are bound to happen simple cheap fixes.

- Aaron A

The greatest car around.

I bought my with 70k miles, everything's up to date, keeping oil changes and tune ups are important. Drives a smooth as a brand new car. I haven't had any major problems from it yet. It is very reliable and spacious. Plenty of room for my kids and nephews when we take road trips. Amazing gas mileage for a SUV.

- Tempest G

Reliable, performance is great. Helpful for heavy duty, easy to drive & fun.

I have always been part of the Ford family when it comes to cars, and all I got to say is that I am in love with my explorer sport trac. I can describe it as reliable, comfortable, the space is perfect, easy to drive, has never given me a problem, great performance, love the tech and it is nicely equipped.

- Karen M

The 2010 Explorer is a great car to own.

Great car good reliability car rides good and is very good in the snow not to bad on gas it gets around town about 14 miles on the road it gets around 16 to 17 miles to the gallon, the v6 has great power and will pull a trailer very easy I live where I have to pull hills either way I go it has no problem.

- Rick O

2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition luxury meets practicality.

The 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition is a nice smooth riding car. With a lot of space on the inside. My only problem would be the common issue with SUV's their gas mileage is so poor. But besides that me and my family loving taking it for drives, and it helps with work for me with its 4WD ability.

- Larry H

My ford explorer. Love connecting my iPhone or use a navigation system.

My care has been very reliable since buying it new in 2010. The only problem I have had is the fan in the air conditioner that has been replaced twice. I find my car very comfortable to drive long distances without getting uncomfortable. It handles very well and had lots of added features that I love.

- Harriet S

It is very comfortable for a growing family.

No problems that I know of. It is a great car full of great aspects and features. The trip is only thing that is starting to warm. And the paint on top. The tires wear fast and the inside coloring is going on the door frames the cloth seats are holding up fairly well considering how much we use it.

- Kristin H

Great family car, Explorer is durable.

Really do not have any problems. Car is good, comfortable, safe and I love driving it. This is my 3 Explorer I have had and they all have been good. The only thing that could use help is the gas mileage. I drive a lot because of a lake home up north and it takes a lot of gas and gas is expensive.

- Kathy E

Nicest vehicle I've ever owned.

It handles very well in winter driving. The seats are super comfortable. It's very spacious inside. It drives so smooth. I don't like that there isn't anything to grab onto when door is fully open. I am short so it's a stretch to reach the door when getting out or pulling it shut when getting in.

- Karla O

2010 Ford Explorer, a great family vehicle with lots of space.

This is a reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is a very sturdy vehicle that sits up high and has great safety features. It handles well in the snow. It is comfortable for the whole family especially on long road trips. It offers loads of trunk space that is great for luggage or sports equipment.

- Kelly H

Our Ford Explorer is a great vehicle for our family. It has everything we need.

I have a big family and coach a basketball team, so we really enjoy the 3 row seating with the Ford Explorer. 6 disc CD changer, sunroof, heated seats are a couple perks that we also enjoy. 20� rims & pearl white paint job looks good. Smooth ride and roomy interior makes for a great vehicle.

- Blake F

Good family vehicle. Roomy. Low maintenance.

It is a reliable and room vehicle, perfect for a larger family. It has lots of storage room. It can seat up to 7 people. The gas mileage is not the best, but it has served my family well, with minimal maintenance. I would recommend this as a good family vehicle. I am loyal Ford owner.

- Brooke W

Explorer review, the 2010 Eddie Bauer edition is a great SUV.

It has bad fuel mileage. It is comfortable. It is reliable. It has satellite radio, leather seats, 3rd row seating and new tires. It has heated seats, air conditioning. It is auto four wheel drive. I enjoy driving it but it wish the fuel mileage was better. But in snow it runs great.

- Danielle R

It sucks, but gets me down the road.

Engine has no power. Four wheel drive is okay. Fuel mileage is horrible. No third row seating. Handling is an issue where the vehicle is too top heavy. Heater works good. Air conditioner has issues from time to time. Lights in the dashboard and radio only work about half of the time.

- Roger F

I love my 2010 Ford Explorer!

I love my Explorer it is very comfortable and has plenty of space in the back. The seat warmers are great in the chilly weather. I love that I can fit my entire family by simply unfolding the back seats which are still very comfortable and still leave plenty of space in the trunk.

- Jessica H

In summary, the Ford Explorer is a dependable and economical vehicle.

I purchase used but I haven't had any major problems with it. Since it is an older vehicle the gas mileage is not great at this point but it is a reliable vehicle. I take it in quarterly for regular maintenance, it has over 200k miles. I would buy another one. Very dependable.

- Silva F

I love the 3rd row seating and leather heated seats.

I love my Ford and I have had it for several years. Only have had small amount of repairs done on it. If I buy another car it would be s newer version of what I have. I would like to find one that would get better gas mileage. I have 3rd row seat that is great for long trips.

- Cindy U

Both four and all wheel drive.

I love the car. It has both all wheel and four wheel drive. It is very comfortable and reliable. We can take trips and take the whole family with the third row seating. Everyone has plenty of room when we leave. It is great for the drive in movie for an entertaining night.

- Marshall W

2010 Ford Explorer review.

It is a little bit old with a lot of miles on and the ac does not work properly. It is a unique problem though because it was a service vehicle before we got it so a different car wouldn't have these issues. I like that it is high off the ground and makes me feel safe.

- Vicki B

Reliable transportation to where I need to be

My 2010 explorer has held up pretty well. The only major issue that I have had with it is transmission problem and had it fixed and had done well since then. It's the basic model so really no extra bells and whistles. It gets me to where I need to be and is reliable

- Amy B

Spacious economic vehicle.

Spacious and easy to drive handles great in snow. 3rd row seating allows for carrying lots of passengers comfortably. Lots of legroom in front and back. Relatively inexpensive in the realm of large SUVs making it economical. Gas mileage is not terrible on highway.

- Catherine D

It's very comfortable for the driver and passenger.

Actually a Sport Trac, the vehicle is in excellent condition but only because of continued maintenance efforts. Front end wheel assemblies have presented continuing issues that have required at least four hub replacements. Sadly, the gas mileage isn't the best.

- John T

Too small and not enough air to support a seven passenger vehicle.

There are not air vents for the third row seats. The air vents in the second row are very small. When the third row seats are in use there is not enough trunk space. The air does not blow out very strong. Whenever you drive up a hill the air pressure decreases.

- Heather C

Love the looks and runs great.

Great it has been awesome. The only thing i've had to replace is throttle module. I got a great deal. It has been worth every penny I have spent. It has great get up and go. I've put a lot of miles I take it to Peoria three times a week to take my bro to dr.

- Sonia J

Positive Explorer features

It is comfortable, very little road vibrations, the radio, AC/heat etc are within easy reach, plenty of cargo room with good choice of seating arrangements, tight chassis and wheel maneuverability, no sensation of rolling in tight curves or sudden swerving.

- Terri S

The 4 wheel drive works great. I love the heated seats. I have 3 kids so the third row gives us the space we need. It has been a dependable vehicle. It 90,000 miles on it and has never broke down. I enjoy the sunroof on a nice day. The price was reasonable for a used suv with 4 wheel drive, low miles and the 3rd row seating. The v6 engine has enough power for what we need. The only thing I wish it had is a little better gas mileage.

The 4 wheel drive that I have never had a problem with and I rarely even spin on slippery roads. I live in the country with a lot of hills in a place that gets a lot of snow and I have never gotten stuck with this vehicle..it makes me feel safe.

- Amanda P

Ford Explorer is a good car.

The Bluetooth in the car is always disconnecting. Could have better gas mileage. The plastic materials are cheap could of used better products. Overall really good car I have had no reliability issues and it fits the whole family which I like.

- Victor B

2010 Ford explorer. Beautiful white color that has maintained a wonderful paint job. Great gas mileage!

This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It is eight years old and I currently have 65,000 miles on it. I have kept up the maintenance as far is getting oil changes and rotating tires. Very minimal upkeep to keep it running.

- Christine P

Vehicle rides like a truck.

It is not as comfortable as the mercury grand marquis I trade in. Would like it to have Bluetooth capability. 3 months after I purchased it I had to replace the air conditioner compressor. Nothing else comes to mind.

- Laney H

Reliable, spacious, and comfortable.

Third Ford Explorer I've had (also had a Nissan Pathfinder and Kia Sorento) and I wouldn't trade it for the world. You can lay seats down and get a heck of a lot in it and the 4-wheel-drive does great in the winter.

- Pam S

It expresses my personality. It is blue, my favorite color, and small but powerful.

It is fun to drive. It is easy to park almost anywhere. It has a lot of storage space when we go get groceries. It is my first four wheel drive, something I need living in Central Illinois in the country.

- Jamie R

It is a FORD Explorer. Nothing is better than FORD

I love that it is first and foremost a FORD. I love having an explorer because I'm up higher off the road. It is safer for my children to drive and ride in. It handles great in the snow and ice as well

- Michelle F

It's a great long lasting car. Mine is 8 years old and still runs great and has about 130,000 miles on it.

It's great! I love the SUV style. It's the Eddie Bauer edition so it has a nice interior. It's 8 years old so it's got some flaws now but nothing significant and I'm happy to drive it every day.

- Hannah P

If you like rugged vehicles that can get you to out of the way places, this is the one.

I've never had problem with a Ford vehicle. I love the ruggedness of the vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. I've had to do very little to this vehicle other than routine maintenance.

- Reed T

It holds up to 7 people. Not enough room for luggage.

I like that it's durable and has 3rd row seating. I do not like that there's not any other way of getting out of the 3rd row other than the back. There needs to be an extra door.

- Nicole D

roomy enough for a large family

I love my explorer. I have a family of 6 and it provides enough room for us to travel back in forth in our everyday lives and also has plenty of room for luggage for our trips.

- brittney c

i feel safe! i look forward to passing it onto my children when they are ready to drive. i feel It's a safe car and a good size car

I feel very safe in my explorer. i like that it has the third row of seating. i have two children and they have friends over often. i have no complaints about my car i LOVE it

- maureen s

Not the best for city living

It's a really reliable vehicle with low maintenance costs, but it's difficult to park in an urban setting, so we are looking at downsizing to a more midsize or crossover SUV.

- Lisa M

The wheel bearings are a problem.

It is my mother's vehicle, it runs nicely and still holds up. Only problem is that, it seems like there's always something wrong to the point it cannot go on the road much.

- Jasmin H

This vehicle is safe! It's a family vehicle with decent gas mileage

My vehicle is safe and very reliable. We are on our secret no one. Our first one was brand new off the showroom floor and was totaled. The kids and I were not hurt one bit!

- Stephenie B

That it goes great on snow.

The four wheel drive works great ..It has a lot of room for the kids..I wish it was better on gas. Also, the heat recently stopped working and needs to be repaired

- Eric H

Driving and maintenance is economical.

Explorer is a safe, comfortable ride. I have not had any mechanical problems. The only minor problems have been tire and battery replacement which is normal. No complaints.

- ric s

2010 was the last year they had the large boxier back. They are in great demand.

I am single, retired female and I love the capacity to carry family, and also to purchase large items and put them in the back. Excellent gas mileage on the road on trips.

- Gail G

My car is clean nice and fast.

This car is reliable, very fast, very comfortable. I love my car. I highly recommend buying such a wonderful vehicle like mine. It is completely worth every single penny.

- Caleb H

It's very spacious, comfortable, and family type vehicle.

Dislike the electrical issues. Love the space it provides. Love the way it drives, the smoothness. Wish it didn't have so many electrical issues or spent so much gas.

- Mari G

A perfect family vehicle for new couples and babies

It is large enough for my family and our stuff. I would add air conditioning to the back to allow better air flow. Nothing to complain about. It is a great mid size SUV.

- Kim W

So many people struggle with u-turns. Very easy to make complete u-turns in first try with this vehicle.

Very reliable, comfortable on long drives, lots of power in my V8 AWD. No problems until now, 8 years and 170,000 miles later. Beginning to have emissions breakdowns.


My Ford Explorer is really roomy. It has great passenger and cargo space.

I love the room that my vehicle has. I'm able to transport my kids and all of our gear and still have room. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas consumption

- Amber H

Love the color a dark red, tan leather interior all power almost all the bells and whistles. I don't use the in car phone much I don't like to use cell and drive. I'm rather short so the power seat helps keep me comfy and see much better.

I love it, very comfortable to drive, we have not had any major issues with it. We keep regular upkeep on it. Ours is not a 4 wheel drive so it's got great mileage.

- Penny M

I absolutely love my Ford Explorer. This is the 3rd Ford Explorer that I have owned. One of the very best features of my current Ford Explorer is the pedal extender, as I am a very petite woman, so it is so very nice to be able to adjust the pedals so that I don't feel like I am eating the steering wheel! It is truly the best feature that I've ever had in a car, and certainly one that I will look to have in cars that I own in the future. The reliability of my Ford Explorer is the most important feature of all. I love my Ford Explorer!!

My Ford Explorer is super reliable on any given day. The 3rd row seat comes in very handy when extra seating is needed, and the stereo system is out of this world!

- Gina L

You will like everything about except for the amount of gas it uses if you commute a lot.

I like my vehicle, it has space for the kids and lots of cargo space in the back. My only complaint is that it uses a lot more gas than my previous vehicle.

- Rebecca J

It the perfect size to drive yet it has lots of room for people and other things you need to transport.

I love the size and the roominess inside. It rides smoothly but it is not very gas efficient. It has been a great running car with very few repairs needed.

- Sylvia S

It has been an extremely reliable vehicle with hardly any problems. When there have been reasons to take it to a shop, it's usually pretty minor.

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Hardly ever have any problems with it. However, it does not have a lot of perks such as back up camera, heated seats, etc.

- Emi V

Its overall a great vehicle with great safety ratings!

I love the space, as we have several children and need it. I like the all wheel drive function. I like the look of the vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage

- Charissa S

We like it very economical.

Haven't had any yet. The car has 220, 000 miles on it and all we have done is the oil changes. Like I said nothing major as of yet. Been a very good car.

- Bonnie O

The adaptive cruise control is great for commute.

I like how it drives, and the gas intake is pretty good, and it is a good looking truck. Dislike that fact that things goes bad in the truck very fast,.

- Maria A

It is safe and I feel secure traveling with the kids that I take care of. I feel safe on the roads even in the wintery roads.

I love my truck I love the leg room and I love the color and the sunroof and back window. I feel safe in for the kids that I travel with for my job.

- Emily C

It's fairly good on gas mileage and it rides very comfortably for being a truck

I have a sport trac and I love it. 4 passenger doors and a short truck bed. I wish they still made them. I have the last year they were manufactured.

- Martha W

Three row seating is a life saver. Definitely would recommend.

I love the fact that it has 3 row seating. The 4x4 is amazing to have in the winter. The space is great to have with a family. No complaints so far.

- Amanda A

Stylishly practical, fits up to 7 people with legroom for all adults or all of the stuff you need for that project you are working on. Great for long rides or short hops.

I like the way it handles, the way it is laid out (design). It is a useful vehicle yet stylishly sporty. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- C R

It's a very nice mid size SUV.

Gas mileage is awful and I need something bigger. I like that it is fully loaded. I wish that it had captain chairs on second row and DVD player.

- Megan W

It's bad on gas, although it has cruise control.

I like that it's paid for. It is good for traveling and moving, as it has a lot of room. It is very bad on gas. It is a big vehicle for my size.

- Carrie M

If you have one keep it as long as you can good SUV.if you don't have one i recommend it to everyone who likes ford

It's getting old but i can rely on it . It runs good miles are hi but.it starts on first try and it helps having SUV in the winter with bad snow

- Crystal S

It's great in snow with awd and 4wd. It has enough from for a family of 5

It's very roomy and does well in the snow and bad weather. It does use a bit more gas than expected because I drive sixty miles a day for work

- Marshall W

It has heated seats. During the winter my bottom doesn't freeze because it heats up pretty fast.

It's a cute little truck perfect for me. It's not big like a truck but like an SUV. Leather seats and heated seats are super important to me.

- Kelly B

It is reliable and comfortable to drive.

I love that it is spacious and very comfortable. What I do not like about is that takes too much gas. But it has given me very good service.

- Amaryllis C

I love my car most of the time. One issue I don't like about it is the cooling fan. It doesn't always seem to come on when it should. Also when the third row of seats are up there isn't much room for storage.

It really runs great. I've had this car for 3 years now and have to had many issues with it. The cooling fan sensor doesn't work properly.

- Miranda L

It is dependable and gets me where I need to go.

My vehicle is very dependable. It may be old but it is in great shape on the inside and out. The motor was replaced about 2 years. ago.

- Deborah W

They don't make them anymore but one of the most reliable and comfortable and stylish suvs around.

I actually drive a Mercury Mountaineer. Unfortunately, it wasn't a choice on the options. Love my Mercury; which they still made them.

- Chris Z

It is great for highway driving but lousy for snow country.

Like the extras. It has AWD but doesn't do well in snow, plus it has over size tires on it that are just too big. No good in the snow!

- Judi M

The lights are a separate knob and not a stick, but it is nicer that way.

It is a big SUV black type car. It has a beige interior. I like the size of it a lot. I wish it had better gas mileage though.

- erin c

Easy to hand and good on the road.

I love the way it handles and looks and I like everything about it drives very well and is very comfortable I feel safe in it.

- Mary B

It is paid in full. If you take it I will hunt you down.

It is big and rides good is what I like about it. What I do not like about it is that I have had to change the transmission.

- Sandra P

Comfortable and reliable.

This is my second Ford explorer. The ride is smooth, I feel safe. A reliable vehicle. It could be much better on gas thou.

- Ana S

Why I love my ford explorer

It's perfect to drive my 4 kids around in. It's comfortable, reliable, rides like a dream and has every option imaginable.

- Francis C

This vehicle has low mileage and has leather seats.

The vehicle drives nice and is comfortable. The vehicle is also is fair in fuel economy. I like that it seats 7 people.

- Carlos V

Spacious Ford explorer with room to grow.

The vehicle is nice and spacious. There is plenty of room for larger purchases. It is great for traveling with my kids.

- Heather M

It fits all my family and luggage when we head out on vacation.

There is nothing wrong, with the vehicle, plus I like driving it. Daily. And plus I will tell my friends about the car.

- Teresa S

Not the greatest gas mileage.

Explorer is solid car that carries a family of 5 and able to carry and transport large items. Comfortable for travel.

- Jessie K

It is a very sleek looking vehicle.

I love my Ford Explorer because it is tough and rugged. It is reliable and I know it will get me where I need to go.

- Ryan P

Durable, able to see well out of.

I like the size of my vehicle. I do not care for the gas mileage average or the third row of seats. No complaints

- Candice L

This is a stellar choice for those wishing to go anywhere!

I love my vehicle! It is very comfortable, and everything is built to last. The only downside is the gas mileage.

- Katey B

It is very safe, reliable, and roomy.

I like our Explorer for the most part. It took a little getting use to with no gas cap. The vehicle is reliable.

- Denise G

I should sell it and get a smaller car.

Too much for gas. I do a lot of miles on the freeway. Even the air conditioner starts to take up too much fuel.

- Dwayne P

It is NOT rusting like other vehicles do.

I like that it doesn't rust out like our silverado did. It's very dependable. I would like it to be a pick-up.

- Don s

The most important thing to know about the vehicle is that it is family friendly.

I like that my vehicle has 3 rows. I like that my vehicle has good trunk space. I like that my vehicle is 4x4.

- Teresa K

Dependable, reliable, stylish and will not let you down

I love my vehicle. It has 4 wheel drive and is very dependable. It has 98,000 miles on it and is going strong

- Mary C

Adult friendly third row with room for eight people.

Large cargo area with enough space for family. Great twin turbo v6 engine. High predicted reliability rating.

- Tenisha R

The model of the car does not have any issues at all.

I like that the vehicle can last driving miles. I like that the vehicle is good for fitting the whole family.

- Ann K

It is a nice car and we have put a lot of time, energy and money into fixing it up.

I like it because it sits up like a truck. Big cargo space. Hold 7 people. No current complaints. I like it.

- Regina S

I try to keep the SUV serviced when it needs it. Try to keep it clean in side.

Like SUV they have more room in the cargo area.Would like to have a newer one. More room for people to ride.

- pattie m

ford is the best manufactures over all the others in this type of business

i love my truck. i have not had any major problems with it since i purchased it . i purchased it pre owned.


Dependable and reliable vehicle with affordable repairs.

Dislike 17 mi to gallon. Could use more headroom and I'm 5'4. Love the style and handling, 4wd and height.

- Lisa B

Very good on gas good luggage capabilities fog lights.

It is 3.5 engine with stereo am fm cd player GPS and Bluetooth capabilities 4 wheel drive cruise control.

- Alfredo A

It has 4 wheel drive and it is large enough for a family.

The ac doesn't work. However it is large and fits many people and things. It is hard to scratch/dirty it.

- Jessica A

Good gas mileage--good on hauling people and things.

Runs well. Good gas mileage. Minimal service. Heated seats. Ample room for hauling things and passengers.

- Linda L

It is a family car. It is big and drives well.

I like it is big and seats 7 people. I do not like the little trunk space when all seats are being used.

- Cara P

It's a great car very dependable for winter driving but doesn't get the best gas mileage

I haven't had to spend tons of money fixing things. It has a very smooth ride. Love the heated seats.

- Danette B

It's has heated seats air and is all around very comfortable

I have no complaint I have moonroof heated seats xm radio bad thing light interior needs cleaning weekly

- Barbara M

Reliable and comfortable.

It is pretty updated and reliable to get me from point A to point B. I have not had any issues with it.

- Norma S

That it is very fun to drive.

The size, great for trips, camping and off-road. Seats a lot of people comfortably it is a gas guzzler.

- Kathleen C

A very reliable vehicle, good mileage.

Good size inside and out. Reliable transportation cost efficient. No complaints. Drives like a champ.

- Fred B

Ford Explorer with 3rd row seating, leather, and a towing package!

I love my Explorer! It has 3rd row seating which is great for my family of 6. Wish it had a moonroof

- Jayme G

That the third row seating takes up the trunk space and it's a bit tight for leg room with a rear facing car seat behind the driver.

I like the car fine. Leather seats are good and it drives well. Would like more trunk space.

- Daniel D

It never lets me down. It has Very low maintenance.

I have no complaints about this vehicle. It has always run great since the day I bought it.

- Suzanne C

Ford has made a reliable vehicle that can be trusted.

i love that it is cozy and very warm. it has comfy seats. also has low miles for its year.

- Jamie L

It good to drive and safe to drive

I like that I sit up high and can see the road better. Plus I like the GPS and the seats

- Gary D

Reliable SUV will last for years.and a lot of space for family and friends

I like the space for shopping and family to all do on trips.i don't like how it eats gas

- Earl S

There is no gas cap, which I was surprised about when I went to get gas for the first time.

I like my vehicle because I have not had any major issues with it since I have had it.

- Aaron K

Trunk space much less than full size SUV. AND IT'S A BIT TIGHT FOR LEG ROOM WHEN DRIVER IS TALL

It doesn't have enough trunk space when the third row is in use. Other than that good.

- Erin D

it is well worth the money

it is roomy and can go through snow very well .i like the way it handles on the road

- keven n

It's dependable and trustworthy

I like the size and utility of my car. I don't like the gas prices to fill up.

- Jo L

It's decent on mileage and will last a while(it's sturdy)

I like that it's ok on mileage and rides alright but I don't like how it looks

- Kaleb s

Dependable and not many services issues over the years.

Not too big but still have plenty of room for family or packing for vacation.

- Michelle R

that it is safe and reliable and comfortable drive

there is nothing I dislike, I am very happy with it, and I would recommend it

- jose g

It prevents me from backing into people and objects

Love the Towing capacity. Wanted 3rd row seating. Backup alert is super.

- Becky P

My car is a Luxury car for an affordable price with updated tech

Love the smooth ride and Sirius XM capabilities. Don't dislike anything

- Nellie C

comfort to sit in and easy to drive

nice looking easy to drive in all weather easy on gas lots of storage

- mary g

ford makes good cars and trucks I would recommend to anyone

never had any serious problems with it is very comfortable driving

- carolyn b

Very roomy & comfortable with good gas mileage & features

Like size. Do not like alarm currently going off due to bad sensor


It gets me where i need to go i do not have to think about it

It is easy to drive. It works well. It gets me where i need to go

- Chuck K

It is great in the snow and has plenty of room for people

It is too big. Uses a lot of gas. Wish it were better on mileage

- Lisa P

I love the look and the drive. I hate the head rests.

I feel it's safe and sturdy and looks good. It's also reliable.

- Melody L

I love the size, that I can fit a lot of things into it for transport. I love being in a high profile vehicle. I would like to have a newer model of the same car, but can't afford it right now so this one will have to do for awhile longer.

it's reliable and still running with almost 200,000 miles.

- Shannon F

I have had 4 explorers in my life. I have never felt safer. They have the best when it come to safety and style

One of the safest vehicles around. Not to mention space

- Jackie B

I think it is super safe as far as the size and air bags

I think it has a great amount of room and a smooth ride.

- Madison M

It is in really good shape and I take very good care of it.

I like the sunroof, the leather seats and the 3rd row!

- Jenna B

Durable and dependable all the time

Clean, fast, durable, sleek and reliable

- Tracyann S