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A cheap, reliable car with some annoying features

The reliability is exceptional because I've never had a problem or had it breakdown. The seats are very uncomfortable (personally) and hurt my back after extended use. It's disappointing that it doesn't have a backup camera. Also, the Bluetooth is extremely annoying because you have to manually reconnect every time you start the car. The speakers don't have much bass and the high tones they produce frequently give me headaches. Another thing that gives me a headache is the loud beep the car makes every time you double click the lock button on the key fob (it's a lot louder than other cars I've owned). Everything else about the car is amazing. I especially love getting 29 mpg. It looks tiny on the outside but has a large trunk, and I've never had a problem with storage.

- Clayton H

Definitely the gas mileage it gets. That it is a very sporty looking car. Even though it is a small compact car it has a lot of room. Also the trunk/hatchback is very roomy.

I love the great gas mileage I get with this car. I love the compact design but yet it looks really sporty. This is my very 1st brand new car. I love that I have a hatchback again. It handles really well in snow, ice & rain. I was really surprised coming from having a 4 wheel drive vehicle for years how well this car handles. Love the feeling driving down the highway. Only thing I do not like is that it sits so low to the ground but I think again I am just not use to it. Also it doesn't always have great get up & go power.

- Jeanne G

The Ford Fiesta is a compact car that packs a lot of features.

The Ford Fiesta is reasonably priced. I drive an hour to and from work and the Fiesta is by far the best car I've ever had when it comes to gas mileage. My Ford averages about 33 highway miles. The car is a bit more of a compact size sedan as opposed to the Ford Focus. So be cautious if you are on the taller side and expect to have passengers in the back. The car is the perfect first time car as it is easy to handle, has great gas mileage and still offers all the features of the other cars on Ford's lineup.

- Brian L

Small and safe car with many features.

This car is my favorite out of the three I have owned. I enjoy the features such as the rear camera, touch screen, retractable sunroof, leather seats and seat warmers. It drives very smooth and feels like it was made with quality in mind. There is not much space but it is comfortable! The back seats fold down for more space. The touch button locks and push button start make it a quick enter and exit car. The design of the car is beautiful and overall, it has been a reliable and safe car.

- Tia A

Michigan winters can sometimes be difficult on a car, but the fiesta is great.

I much prefer a smaller car just because of my size and feel of the car when I am driving. The fiesta is great on gas mileage. I do occasionally wish I had gone for more upgrades on mine, but I do not need the updates. The basic radio has Bluetooth capabilities, but it is very frustrating to switch between inputs, so it is not easy to do when you are diving. The switching usually involves multiple steps and buttons. That can be hard to do while driving.

- Katie W

Go-kart sized car with great gas mileage!

I really like my Ford Fiesta because it's like driving a go-cart and that's exactly what I wanted. This car is not for someone with kids or 1/multiple large dogs although. The backseat is pretty small. The trunk is relatively roomy but not great for a lot of storage. I love the way this car drives and the gas mileage is also very nice. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a small car that gets great gas mileage.

- Jamie W

My vehicle is number one in my book.

I like the performance of my vehicle. I almost didn't purchase it because of the color but after taking it for I short drive it performed well and now that I have driven it for a while I find that it is low maintenance and I enjoy driving in it. I've had the car since October and it still has that new car smell, so I am told and it still drives like it did the first day I bought it. I am very pleased with my final choice.

- Anna M

Great on gas. Handles the road great even when the road is bumpy.

My vehicle is very comfortable and also easy on gas. Handles the road very well whether is nice out or raining. It tells me a lot about my car like when my tires need air, when my oil needs to be changed. Where my car was brand new the car dealer I purchased it from has a place on its site that when my car is due for any work it may need I only need to go on my phone and schedule an appointment that is convenient for me.

- Sandy G

Turn off the radio or put on low before you shut off motor or you'll be sorry the next time you start it up. Otherwise you'll really like this compact car.

Like that it is compact and gets great mileage. It is attractive and reliable too. It has good features and is easy to handle. I don't like that is is somewhat round shaped on side making parking somewhat uncomfortable. I hate the radio system...it comes on after starting car for a minute or two then blasts on scaring you..can swear it will cause a accident making you jump. I also find brakes are sensitive to touch.

- Judy H

If you push a button there's a light that changes 6 colors!

My car drives smoothly. I haven't had any major problems with it. I did just have to take it to the dealership so they could do a master reset because my Bluetooth was not working so my phone would not connect. Periodically my Bluetooth will just randomly disconnect and then I have to do a factory reset myself, which is actually quite annoying. But other than that I have had no other issues and absolutely love my car!

- Crystal R

Great reliability and comfort, but loud outside noise.

My Ford Fiesta is reliable and comfortable. It has over 30,000 miles and has had no major issues, simply routine maintenance. It has Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port to play music from also. The only major issue I have with the car is that once you hit about 80 mph it starts to make a weird noise. The road sounds are also incredibly loud. The noise is so loud that taking the car through a car wash is unbearable.

- Misty A

A compact car that gets me exactly where I need to go.

I like the compact size and gas mileage of the car, some features like the bluetooth and how you can change the interior light colors. I don't like that in the first 6 months of having more problems occurred than in the first 10 years (no exaggeration) of owning my previous car. While it is still under warranty the dealership has been a nightmare to deal with and I'm really glad I splurged on the extended warranty.

- Kristen S

Will get you get you where you need to go and is a great first car.

What I do not like about my car is that it does not have power windows you have to roll them down yourself. Also there is not a console in between the two front seats. It also does not have any acceleration when you are trying to go faster. It is reliable and it does have good features like it will tell you when you have a flat and it also has Bluetooth built in so you do not have to hold your phone.

- Kris G

the right size, the right mileage-the right car

everything has been pretty good and we haven't had any trouble with this car. Gas mileage has been in the mid to high 20s. Most of our riding is in city so that accounts for lower mileage. Customer service has always been good to. We also like the size of the car because we have a small garage, yet big enough to handle everything we need it for. We will buy this car again in 1-2 years.

- donald M

Great car. Would get again.

This is a great car. For it being on the smaller side it is still very comfortable and a great drive. I enjoy all the updated features I never had in any car I have previously owned. Have had no problems at all with it. Has great gas mileage. The only thing I am not crazy about is there is no inside trunk release. And the color but I didn't have much of a choice at the time of purchase.

- Terry H

2017 ford fiesta titanium: the right choice!!

I absolutely love my ford fiesta! It's small enough to be cheap on gas and easy to heat and cool. However it's not too small that you can't fit four adults comfortably. The trunk is huge!! The only issues I am having with mine, is the air is not very cold. The heated seats are great in the winter. The hands free aspect is great, the controls for everything is on the steering wheel.

- Stephanie W

2017 ford fiesta! It's like a party on wheels!

I purchased my car 2 months ago, and I absolutely love it! I am a big guy, and for being a smaller car, there is so much room in it. Super reliable, and comfortable, which as someone who travels for work, is an absolute win! I would recommend this car to anyone looking for affordability, comfortability, and reliability. It has great gas mileage and an, excellent safety rating.

- Michael W

2017 Ford fiesta four door.

The fiesta is a small car, so there is not a lot of room. However, the trunk space in this car is huge, comparatively. I really like this car because it handles curves. I live in a very hilly, curvy area and this is an important feature. Even though it only has a 4-cylinder engine, it will get up and go if the need exists, or if you just want it to. Gas mileage is awesome.

- Terrie M

Gas Mileage, Space, and perks

I really love my car. It gets great gas mileage on the highway and in the city! It has saved me so much money. It has some good zip for a little engine. The only real drawback is the really tiny. It is good for me since I am a single woman with no children. The trunk space is pretty big for a little car. Oh and I love the Apple Play feature that comes with my car!

- Stephanie W

The car is turbocharged and the st models only come is sticks.

This car is great on gas. Fast and fun to drive. Handles corners very well. With the 1. 6 liter turbocharged engine it is more than enough power to have fun with as a daily driver. Biggest thing about these cars are that they do not go in the snow very well. But other than that very happy with my purchase and hope to keep the car for many of years.

- Dominic H

A smooth ride and easy on the wallet.

The brakes are not as powerful as I would like and the Bluetooth interface is not as fine tuned or advanced as other models I have seen but the gas mileage is great and for a compact it is surprisingly comfy. It turns on a dime and the handling is fantastic, it lacks the power of other models and does not accelerate quickly but it's a good car.

- Dominic I

Reliable and practical with excellent gas mileage. Fun to drive.

Excellent value and gas mileage. It is perfect for me as a personal vehicle. Nice size trunk for grocery shopping, and easy to drive. This is not a performance automobile but it does have decent acceleration. Seats are very comfortable. Vehicle is easy to see out of and the side mirrors help you see your blind spot. Good value for the money.

- Zoe L

The Ford fiesta is a great, reliable car with good gas mileage.

Great on gas, a very reliable vehicle. Super user friendly and has not had any issues since purchasing. I have had this car for a year now and have not had any issues arise for it. My favorite thing about it is the amazing gas mileage. The Bluetooth setting has been the most beneficial for me because I feel safer using voice commands.

- Beth S

the fiesta is a party for your wallet

I love the fiesta, this car is amazing on gas. I can go from North Carolina to Ohio with only filling up twice. My car gets about 32 miles to the gallon. The only thing I suggest is do not get a black car. The fiesta heats up really fast in the sun. because of the compact design the car is really easy to maneuver in tight spaces

- elizabeth C

Best small car money can buy.

This vehicle is extremely small! It gets great gas mileage though, and only requires an oil change every 7, 000-9, 000 miles! It is pretty comfortable if you are not an overly large person. I have never had a problem out of it or had a light come on the dash. The only thing really lacking is the brightness of the headlights.

- Madison G

Smooth ride great gas mileage and fun to drive

I love the gas mileage my car gets. I love the 5 speed transmission. I love the looks of my car! It has some issues with coming out of gear when it's in reverse but other than that it's great! It's smooth. Not very roomy but it has nice detail and looks great inside and out. For a little family car it is the perfect vehicle.

- Perry S

My little Fiesta. I have named her Silvie.

I am only having issues with the Sync Bluetooth connection system to listen to music through Bluetooth. It won't connect to my phone anymore. I have performed a master reset on Sync. I have tried numerous things to get it to work but nothing works. I can talk on the phone through it but it won't let me listen to Pandora.

- Brandy K

Good vehicle and is very fun to drive.

It is very good on gas. It is easy to maintain. The vehicle is fun to drive, comes with many accessories including Bluetooth. It is comfortable and I really like it. I have not had a single problem out of the car since I have owned it. I recommend this car to anyone who wants a simple car that is high in quality.

- Michael E

Bluetooth audio, great gas mileage, reliable car.

The performance is great, and it runs great. It's reliable and I don't have to worry when I'm driving places. It's comfortable and the size is perfect for me. I love the Bluetooth that is installed. I just wish there was cruise installed. It would also be nice to have automatic windows, but I don't mind manual.

- Elizabeth R

A wonderful car for beginners!

We have had almost no problems with our Ford Fiesta. We have had to replace the blinker but that is an easy fix. It's incredibly comfortable inside, great gas mileage. Very easy car to drive, very nice for beginners. Safe and effective car. Highly recommend and have no plans of getting rid of ours anytime soon!

- Dania G

Sporty and fast good on gas

I love all the features it's good on gas and has a lot of nice features. It has heated seats Bluetooth connection CD player and aux cord connection. It has a capless gas tank so no one can syphon gas from your vehicle very big trunk space heated mirrors and a light feature to light up the interior of the car

- John H

Perfect vehicle for a single family.

My vehicle is comfortable as long as you don't need three car seats in the back seat. To fit the car seat you have to pull the seat up, which is a little uncomfortable for the person sitting in the front. I love the ambient lighting and the Bluetooth. So if your a single person then its perfect for you.

- Kristin F

Ford Fiesta Awesome Vehicle

Very quiet and smooth ride for a small car. Cruises great on the highway, it only has a 1.6 engine in it, but had all the power you need. I love the gas mileage, it gets 37hwy, and 27 in town. I have the se model, it has it has power everything, except seats. Handles and corners great! Love this car.

- John R

fiesta and focus have a reputation for having poor transmission performance, especially if yours is an automatic.

It has great fuel economy, and is very roomy for a small car. Bluetooth stereo is convenient, and overall I haven't had many problems with it. The primary thing I dislike about my fiesta is the transmission. It often shifts late, and cannot compensate easily when going up even a slight incline.

- Allyson S

Reliable and cost efficient.

The fiesta is excellent on gas and has driven me 60,000 miles in a year and a half without any issues. The interior is sleek and comfortable. The ac always works great, the speakers have good sound, the voice commands come of handy and prevent any distractions. Definitely worth what I paid for it.

- Lauren D

My car. My highlights of my car is great on gas, Bluetooth stereo, nice speakers

I really don't have any issues with my car so far it's still new. It has power windows and Bluetooth it's a smooth ride. It's great on gas too . It's been a very reliable car for me I drove it to Chicago a couple of times. The only small issue I see with it is the pick up it's a very small engine.

- Kenneth S

Very reliable daily driver, with great modern values!

I absolutely LOVE my car! The engine runs smoothly and is built aerodynamically which helps me feel more safe driving with my family on board. There have been no mechanically failures and the Bluetooth helps prevent distracted driving. This is a great car for any person who does daily commutes.

- Brooke S

Great, small car with above average fuel economy.

This vehicle has been very reliable. It drives well. It is a small car, so if you are looking for a lot of space, this is not the car for you. We purchased this car because of the gas mileage estimates. So far, the car gets close to what the mileage estimates were and we are pleased with it.

- Rebecca S

The mileage is the best you can get, with 420 miles per full tank. That's what I get and I travel on interstates going 75 mph almost every day.

I have a blue 2017 Ford Fiesta. It has great mileage, which I think is It's best quality. It does not have a built-in navigation system or a touch-screen stereo system, which I think is a big negative. All in all, I would recommend this car to someone who needs a nice yet cheap vehicle.

- Emily E

Super amazing gas saver Ford fiesta.

Its awesome it gets great gas mileage, has an amazing sound system, plenty of room, spacious hatch, and runs super smooth. Has these cool amazing interior lights that change colors blue red purple yellow pink. And everyone can write in their comfortably it is not all cramped up.

- Stacey W

Great, tiny, reliable and quick car!

I love my Ford fiesta. It's a reliable, small car that I've never had issues with. I love the seat warmers and there's enough room for all my friends! Also the headlights are surprisingly amazing and I love the accent lights that you can change on the inside of the car as well.

- Hunter M

Great vehicle! Perfect for economic purposes!

I really enjoy this car, however the size of it is not convenient for my small family and a car seat in the back. It runs well and keeps up well and very economically friendly. I would buy this car again but just need bigger size for my family. It also has great features.

- Jordan H

I like my car it is very reliable.

I have a 2017 Ford fiesta safe it has a 1. 0 Liter 3 cylinder motor it produces 125 horsepower and 150 foot pounds of torque it is mated with a 5 speed manual transmission it gets 40 plus miles to the gallon and the car is very reliable and pretty cheap for what you get.

- Autumn C

I love the SYNC capability!

I love that the car has fantastic maintenance costs, anytime I've had difficulties with the car, I bring it in and it is very reasonable! The one thing I would change, I wish it was more comfortable. For long distances especially, I have noticed discomfort in my back.

- Sara M

If you get in my car you have to put the seat belt on or the vehicle stops!

I love that the car is so great on gas, which makes it very affordable. I also enjoy how it drives, including it is ability to fit anywhere (especially for parking). However, the car does have several blind spots and is so small that trucks have difficulty seeing it.

- Lauren H

The led lights on the inside. I wish it had zest warmers.

I love my little Ford fiesta. It is very comfortable and I am in love with the led lights on the inside. The only issue I have with it is that there is not a lot of space in the back so when I am driving with 3 friends in the back they are all bunched up together.

- Alexandria M

I like the sync voice commands. Makes everything so much easier.

Engine has issues where it loses power but I like it overall because if the gas mileage. Good thing it is under warranty. It is fairly small car so it does not fit a lot of things. It does have enough space for anything and it fits in any parking space so I like it.

- Bill G

Best options and features about the vehicle.

Love it. Great on gas mileage. Not to small. Features are wonderful. Love the backup camera, the apple car play icon is amazing too. Mine has heated leather seats which are wonderful during winter months. Trunk is actually a very decent size for the size of the car.

- Tara G

Cherry red 2017 Ford fiesta.

I haven't had any problems with it so far. It has a neat camera for when I backup that is really helpful. It accelerates really well and the breaks are nice. I also use the cruise control function often when I am on the highway that has helped me with my lead foot.

- Jacqueline K

Quick, great mileage, comfortable, smooth and sleek.

Comfortable, drives smooth, mileage is perfect for commute to work and home. Features include heated seats, heated mirrors, great sound system, LED touch screen, front wheel drive, and so much more. This car can be small but there are great perks to a smaller car.

- Jessica P

Killer mileage! Smooth ride!

This car has fantastic mileage. It usually only takes about $21-29 to fill up. Very smooth ride. I'd say it comfortably seats three. Reliable. Haven't had a single problem out of it. Plenty of trunk room. Looks great; I have a black ford fiesta and it is so cute.

- Melissa C

2017 ford fiesta a review.

The car runs great I have had no problems with the performance of the car. The only negative thing I have to say is that the space in the hatch is very small. If I go shopping I have to make 2 trips. The gas mileage is excellent and it's very easy to keep clean.

- david G

Smooth driving has plenty of room in the driver seat and room in the front.

I love my fiesta car. I have had no problems at all. It drives beautiful and easy driving. I bought it new in December 2017. It is a 4 door with a trunk and I have plenty of space to load in the trunk and enough space in the back seat and the drivers front seat.

- Patricia H

It is a good car for a single person/ one child family.

It is a nice small car, I haven't run into any problems with it. It is reliable and does what I need it to do. Has good gas mileage. . I recently had a baby, so having the car seat in the back makes it a little crammed. But before that it was a perfect size car.

- Sarah B

Great car to drive and fun.

Nothing to say, but it is good on gas. Great dependable vehicle, fun to drive. Would really recommend to anyone go test drive one for yourself, just don't take my word for it. You'll really enjoy driving it. Have a very nice day and enjoy test driving this car.

- Ruth T

Small yet dependable for a student.

The only problem I have had is with the acceleration. The car is dependable and definitely durable for as many times as I've wrecked it. The tank is small, with a full tank of gas being about 30 dollars, but that is to be expected from such a small vehicle.

- Hayden G

17 ford fiesta. Small. Uncomfortable.

Too small. Horrible fuel economy. Very uncomfortable on long road trips. Tires and rims are small so every pothole you hit you will get a flat. Not enough space for children. The Bluetooth is difficult to connect. The charging ports don't work properly.

- Brittany C

I enjoy my vehicle while driving because I have enough space.

I love my little car. It is easy to drive, drives smoothly and it is comfortable. Not to mention that the gasoline is very long-lasting. When I drive a long distance I do not cramp up. My vehicle has 4 seats, a trunk, radio, and many other great items.

- Patricia H

My favorite impression of this vehicle is that it gets over 30 mpg. in combined in city and freeway usage.

My Ford Fiesta Is still under 6000 miles through the first year of usage.The performance of acceleration is reasonably brisk and the braking is also quite adequate.The interior such as the seating is comfortable and accommodating to my body structure.

- Mark N

This car has a lot of safely features in place that are really important.

I love the fact that my car has a bluetooth connection availability to my phone even though it does malfunction every once in a while. I also love the safety features in place within the car. I love the gas mileage as it makes it more affordable.

- Stevana P

It is small and fast. It gets you where you need to go.

I like that vehicle has sensitive pedals. The vehicle is relatively fast with good acceleration. I don't like that it lacks a back-up camera and in-vehicle navigation. I don't like how the turning signal sometimes does not turn off properly.

- Alan M

It has pretty good gas mileage and has a good AC and heater in it

I like that it is a new car and has working AC and other features. It is a tad too small for my tastes and I hate the color but we desperately needed a car and it was the only new car available within our budget at the time.

- Caitlin M

It's a good little car, the perfect size and look.

It is cute and small. It comes in nice colors. It has a few issues with blind spots and driving slowly after releasing the brake. I like the bluetooth, but wish it didn't mute my phone when I want to use GPS on it.

- nicky W

A small car like this feels cramped on long trips.

The Fiesta is a fun car to drive, especially in the city. I've done freeway trips of a thousand miles or more and it travels fine. It is small though and on longer drives feels cramped. Excellent gas mileage.

- Frank P

The console is very small and very weird for an armrest.

I really like how smooth it is to drive and how it negates a lot of bumps. It gets very good gas mileage and I feel like I rarely need to refuel. Also the steering and handling of the car is very nice.

- Hunter M

My vehicle is a 2017 Ford fiesta sedan with fabric interior and colored lights.

My car is very compact and runs well on gas, the one issue I have been having is that the truck does not seem to want to close when it is open. Overall, it is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle.

- Alexandra R

It is very reliable and has a feature that permits hands off answering of the phone.

I love that it is reliable, easy to drive and paid for! We feel safe in it and it is big enough for us to bring home groceries and drive at least 2 other people in it. No complaints so far.

- Deb A

I think the best thing to know is that is a basic car that will get you from point a to point b at a very good price. If you are looking for luxury this car is not for you.

I like the gas mileage I get as it averages close to 35 mpg. It's a little cramped if you have to sit in the back. It's a very basic car with no add-ons, but it works well for my wife and I.

- Gregg W

It's small and white. It has four doors. Reverse camera. Bluetooth. Automatic headlights. Sport mode. Great gas mileage

I have loved my car ever since I drove it off the lot. It drives very smoothly. It has a sport mode which is rather fun. It is great on gas. I can fill it with $20. It has Bluetooth.

- Mercedez M

The most important thing is that it has amazing gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle has great gas mileage! It only takes about $25 to fill it up. What I do not like it the body style. I am more of a sports car person but the gas is good.

- Emily H

It is not really a family car, it is small.

I really don't have any problems with my vehicle. The performance, reliability, and comfort is awesome. I like that you can change the different color lighting inside the car.

- Jasmine H

That it is a good car and it needs taken care of.

I like how smooth it drives down the road, and I also love the lights in the drink holder. The only thing I don't like as much is how small and cramped it gets on long trips.

- Ryan m

Fun Fast and Ford, looks good, drives better and built to last.

I love my 5 speed Ford Fiesta. It's compact, fast, economical and fun. It makes it easy to get around town, easy to park and the 5 speed gives me more control while driving.

- Jeffrey M

It's small but it's great on gas mileage. It's a smooth drive for the most part

I love the gas mileage. I like the bluetooth sync. I like the back seat how it's not too too small. I don't like the little room it gives. I don't like the the truck space.

- Emilie P

Big power in a tiny package

I love my car, it's small and sporty and maneuvers around easily with a lot of power for such a little car. It has awesome gas mileage and is a 6 speed manual or automatic.

- Cynthia H

Good gas mileage, it is easy to get in and out of.

Good on long trips gas mileage good. Comfortable to drive on long trips. There's a piece of plastic on drivers side that has come loose. We took delivery of it in Jan!

- Danielle C

It makes odd noises from time to time when shifting due to the clutch.

Good gas mileage. The transmission is a dual clutch which makes me worry there are things going wrong with it a lot. Truck had a lot of room for a small car.

- Meghan D

That is a nice small sedan that is reliable to get me where i'm going. My car is fuel efficient what makes it good for traveling. All and all a ford fiesta is a great car for adventures!

It's small fuel efficient. It gets me from a to z pretty good. I can travel with my car anywhere because It's good on gas. It's has a pretty blue color.

- Elizabeth D

So I didn't know there was lights in the inside you can switch colors around your car I love it.

I absolutely love my car. The only problem I have is it being a hitch pay every month but other than that. It's good with gas and amazing to travel in.

- Destiney W

It is reliable, attractive and has good mileage.

I like it because I needed a dependable vehicle. I do not like it, because it is a bare bones model. I have roll down windows and no cruise control.

- Kelly T

Fast and fun, the Ford fiesta.

The Ford fiesta is fun to drive, economical and cool looking. The 5 speed makes getting around the city fun and exciting. Great buy for the money.

- Jeffrey T

It is a good car for kids or a single person and has great gas mileage.

I just personally don't like it. I went from a truck to this so it is very small. I have two car seats that don't fit very well in the back seats.

- Jeff K

Fix the water build up in the front corner of the window.

Not a bad little car at all. Do wish it had a little more power. And also, water from the windshield building up by the mirrors does suck.

- Heather J

Something that others should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage.

My 2017 Ford fiesta is truly the perfect car, especially because I just got my license. It has no blind spots and it drives smoothly.

- Samantha W

Great overall car with amazing gas mileage.

So far it has been an amazing car. Great gas mileage and has been reliable. The controls on the steering wheel have been very useful

- Dennis A

That its gets good gas mileage.

No complaints it gets awesome mileage. It runs smoothly. Economic for traveling and short distance for business and work purposes.

- Carl B

great value for your money easy handling best performance you can have

great car for me as to the way it drives saves on gas easy mobility can go up to 440 miles on full tank of gas comfortable

- james c

The vehicle has very little leg room. It is good on gas though.

The vehicle is good on gas. It is on the small side. It does appear to a very reliable vehicle. There is not a lot of legroom.

- Tracy N

It is a ford fiesta a red one.

It is the best car I have ever had. It has a beautiful interior and awesome tires. It has a great built in navigation system.

- Ashton P

The most important thing to know is that for a compact car is is quite roomy inside.

I love the small size yet spacious interior. I like the interior design and lights. I like the hatchback trunk for storage.

- Patty B

It has incredible safety features.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is very reliable I haven't had any mechanical issues. Comfortable and spacious interior.

- Brittany M

The gas miles are great also the ac is great too

The only thing I don't really like is there isn't a back up cam I love how great the a/c works gas miles are great as well

- Samantha r

It has great gas mileage and it doesn't take much to fill the tank up

I like that my vehicle has good gas mileage. I don't like that my vehicle is small. I would rather have a bigger vehicle.

- Samantha M

If you have more than 2 kids then this is not the car for you. It gets really cramped in the car.

I really like how smooth it drives. It's easy to maneuver. The radio is nice. I wish it had louder speakers and move room

- Jenny R

in my car all is very excellent

my car is very good and the brand is excellent for me and my family member love this auto this car is really beautiful

- linh t

It is a small vehicle but has a huge trunk!

I've had no problems in the year that I've owned this vehicle. It is reliable and convenient. I am enjoying it so far.

- Jackie S

The Ford Fiesta is a fun and economical car to drive!

My car is a 6 speed manual transmission, it is very sporty looking, it sits close to the ground and is fun to drive!

- Cary B

It is very economic fuel.

Like very much because is comfortable, very economic fuel, and has the basic. Dislike a little the size of the car

- Sal K

for me the most rewarding

It is a comfortable vehicle, it adapts well to my work routine, it is good but I would like to change it next year

- Timothy O

My car, it is easy on gas.

My car is reliable and easy on gas, it is turbocharged which I enjoy and it is also a stick shift. I love my car.

- Autumn C

This car is great if you want compact with good gas.

Great gas mileage. Small but not tiny. This car runs great and I've only had to change my oil every 10,000 miles.

- Virginia S

It is very good on gas and drives great.

Gas saver very reliable car I can go a week without putting gas. It's a nice little car with a nice style to it.

- Mari O

it is small but comfortable

it is a small but comfortable car ideal for the city,it is low maintenance,does not present mechanical problems

- alan j

It is very fuel efficient.

I love that it gets good gas mileage and it is a very dependable car. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Ginny G

I have not had problems with my car

I have not had many problems with my vehicle it takes me where I want and gives me a good life with my family

- jonh b

It is great for small travel visits.

I really enjoy my car. It has great fuel-efficiency and gas mileage. The car is a little small for my taste.

- Skyler C

It is very compact, not a smooth ride. Feels very fragile almost like it's going to blow in the wind.

I like the compact vehicle. I wish the car was more fuel efficient. It has had Bluetooth connection issues.

- Ariane P

It is safe. It is reliable. It is very good for the air. It is fun to drive.

It is a very good vehicle. Simple, safe and effective in everyday use. It is good on gas and fun to drive.

- Michael C

It is reliable, and I have no safety concerns.

It has great ambient lighting. The stereo is good. The seats are comfortable. I have no complaints at all.

- Katie M

very useful car, easy to drive

easy to use infotainment system it is a small car for a small family excellent fuel economy with ecoboost

- Marty l

It has great gas mileage.

Seating comfort is my only complaint. Small and compact which works great for me living in a bigger city.

- Michaela D

The fuel economy is excellent; it gets more than the stated estimates on the sticker.

The fuel economy is fantastic. It is a well built vehicle. I have no complaints with anything in the car.

- Christopher H

It's a good compact car, and a hatchback. I bought it because I wanted a car with good gas mileage, which it delivers on very well. The hatchback allows it to fit a decent amount of stuff in it despite being a compact car as well.

The Ford Fiesta gets amazing gas mileage, and was the reason I wanted it in the first place.

- Anto L

It isn't what I expected But is ok wouldn't repurchase.

It runs pretty good..There is an issue class action transmission..mine still ok...car basic

- Carol A

handles well and has low gas consumption. Great purchase price.

Like the size and low gas consumption. Of course not good pickup and no parking screen

- joyce t

The car is very fun to drive and it is a very good daily driver.

I like how quick the car is. It is very roomy for Its size. The ride is comfortable.

- David M

Gas and mileage is very good on this car drives nicely

Good on gas but not enough caring room sometimes hard to see through side mirrors

- Deanna S

Fits four comfortably. Seat warmer. Great gas mileage.

Economical. Dependable. Not heavy power. Not made for stocking up on groceries.

- Jessica R

The price was great for the car, I love it

I love the way the car looks. It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive.

- Dana H

Good mileage and economic. Very easy to clean and drives well

Very economic. Good fuel per miles.it is very easy to keep clean.no dislikes

- Carl B

Handles very well viewing of other cars is great and gas or mileage is good

The car runs nice handles very well. Just need a little more trunk space

- Deanna R

Hardly any trunk space and no storage

The car runs well and is good on gas mileage, but it is awful small.

- David B

It is good on gas. It is easy to drive and maintain. It is a good car overall.

It is safe. It is very good on gas mileage. It is fun to drive.

- Michael E

It gets the fuel mileage that is expected to get from for subcompact.

Great fuel mileage. I like the styling. Poor driver legroom.

- Donald D

She is extremely reliable, roomy, and easy to handle.

She is quick and reliable. I absolutely love driving her.

- Jaime C

It comes from a good reputable company

It is a good reliable vehicle. I don't like the size.

- sharon x

Dependability it's always getting me from point A to point B.

Dependable and not too ugly. Always works. I love it.

- Tony M

super fast and very soothing and nice value and amount is good use

nothings that any complaints and very useful of this

- ram a