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Ford fiesta the cheap reliable car.

The performance of the vehicle is great because I do not have any issues with it driving on the road. The tires make my ride smooth and steady. The seat is comfortable front and back. The trunk has a lot of space which can be ideal for some. My favorite feature is Bluetooth because I can listen to the music straight from my phone. Another feature is having the phone install which helps me talk to people while keeping both hands on the steering wheel and sound of the car phone is loud enough for me to hear. The car also has an 911 alert on which helps when I am in an emergency situation and or when my airbag has blown up. The car is not for very big people they could easily take up the space of someone sitting behind them since they would have to push the seat back far. If you are big person typically just driving alone or with one person in the front then no problem. It is an ideal car for small people and or first time drivers because of the many safety features such as emergency brake and it is a small car. Another issue is the stigma around Ford being a bad company because with this car it is a great Ford car that does not match the stigma. This car is very reliability and has not given me issues when driving it whether it be highway, road, neighborhood, etc. since it is quality made without much flaws or issues.

- Michelle L

It is fast, beautiful and has a very strong air

High-strength boron steel reinforces critical safety zones, including the floor structure, front rails and bars, and the main components of the integrated reinforcement of the side of the body, which essentially create a complex roll-over cage. And the Fiesta has a system of seven airbags *, dual-stage side curtain airbags for the driver and front passenger, and in the first and second row. The roll-fold technology is designed to inflate them between the glass of the window and the head of the occupant. These side curtain airbags, along with the front seat side airbags, protect the head and chest in certain side collisions. The Fiesta also offers an airbag that inflates between the driver's knees and the instrument panel.

- daniels d

Great car for small families!

I was skeptical about this car at first with it being on the smaller side. There is little leg room in the back seats so if you would like this car to take a group of friends somewhere that is more than an hour away, I would make sure you are comfortable sitting pretty close to the steering wheel, but if you are getting it for you and one other person or maybe some young kids this car is perfect, what it does not have in back seat space it has in trunk space so if you have to take a lot of luggage around with you it's great! The gas mileage on this car is amazing! I get 32 miles to the gallon on average and a tank of gas can take me to work and back 5 days a week and I'll still have about a half tank left!

- Shane C

Overall review of the fiesta ST as a daily driver

I drive a 2018 Ford Fiesta ST, and let me tell you it is one of the best compact cars you can get for the money. The performance aspect is really good on this car it handles extremely well and is super fun in the corners. On the comfort side it is a bit more stiff than most people like but IMHO it is to be expected since this is a sporty compact. Maintenance wise it's a dream I haven't had to do anything other than routine oil changes and one blown tire. The addition of apple carplay and android auto is one nice feature of the infotainment in this vehicle while the ford sync is slightly buggy and slow to touch it does work nicely.

- Timothy S

Honest Ford Fiesta Review

I am so thankful for my little Ford Fiesta. But sometimes it feels too small. I am only 5'4 and I find the back seat extremely uncomfortable behind the driver. And to be comfortable behind the front passenger, the front passenger needs to be uncomfortable. Great sound system and trunk space. The lights along the cup holders and front floor boards are fun as well! As well as the performance of the car. I do think the mileage is great. The best I've personally had. Sometimes the engine accelerates when I'm driving with no known reason. Not a speed racer car. Takes a moment to build speed.

- Emily P

The backup camera is a great feature.

I just bought my car in sept. It's a 2018. I got a great deal I paid cash. The car only had 11 miles on it. I am getting 40 mpg on interstate. As it being new I have not had any performance problems. Comfort is very roomy with heated seats heated side mirrors and a camera for backing out. that's a great feature. Trunk is bigger than it looks. The side mirrors have a blind spot mirror. The sound system and the phone features are just wonderful. If you are in the market for a new car give the fiesta a try. With the price of gas being high it will save you money.

- Deb W

Love my small but spacious fiesta.

My fiesta is amazing. It gets great gas mileage, the trunk is super spacious. It is small and compact I like to compare it to driving a large go kart which is something I love. It is so comfortable. I am 5' 3' and am comfortable whereas larger cars I have to sit right up on the steering wheel to be able to see. My boyfriend is 6' and has enough legroom for him as well. It drives very smooth, I can connect my phone with Bluetooth, it has cruise control. It my everyday driver. I would definitely buy again.

- Kaitlyn W

It is a sedan type vehicle of particular use

It is an excellent vehicle comfort of high quality due to its 1.6 engine has resistance to shocks the problems suffers from high temperature in terms of high power performance when moving in terms of reliability has an excellent engine which guarantees that it is a resistant engine your comfort good seats electric glasses the suitcase is electric which makes it a comfort vehicle as its features is four door without suitcase

- Hilary S

It is called a magnetic color, because it has specks in it that makes it sparkle!

I really enjoy my car because it is very good on gas, and that really helps if you travel a lot. The things I do not like about my car is that it is a tad bit too small for people, I am short so it does not bother me too awful much, but other people complain. Also my car tends to drift backwards if I am on a steep hill, so I also have to keep my foot on the gas and the break so I do not back in to the person behind me.

- Tristan A

Good car other than transmission issues and tech sync.

The car is a pretty standard economy car. It has great gas mileage and can maneuver nicely. The greatest issue has to be the transmission. The transmission in the vehicle has issues changing gears and there is sometimes a kick to it when braking in traffic or other stops. The car is comfortable and the technology is amazing outside of the voice sync to the phone which does not seem to be compatible with iPhone.

- Robert G

Comfort is a Plus, Electronics are Lacking

Comfort is a plus, but the electronics devices in the car are lacking. Although it does have good Bluetooth and does good with hookups with your phone, for a newer year and model, I thought he would have installed GPS and had an availability for that and for other things as well. But it does have a cool key thing were you can set your speed and how fast you want to go with a certain key, which is very cool.

- Hannah E

Great car for commuting!!

My fiesta gets great gas mileage! It has plenty of room for a small car. The trunk is really spacious. No problem to fit four adults comfortably in the cockpit. The sunroof is a fun bonus! Backup camera, but the screen is small. Four cup holders in the front, but only one in the back? I do not like that. I also wish the center of the rear seats folded down for an armrest.

- Michelle C

Great gas mileage and good first driver vehicle

I really like the comfort level..reliability, the sound system is good. The body of vehicle is very sleek and attractive. I really like how smooth the drive is but the turns are a little rough. It's very good on gas. I only have to fill up my take once a week and that's with doing weekly errands, going to work and church. It's a very good car especially for new drivers.

- Stephanie L

Great space and features!

I love my fiesta! It drives smoothly and it not too big and not too small. The car it is very easy maintenance. If you have kids and plan to go grocery shopping the trunk is a great space for your things. You have the choice of CD, Bluetooth or USB, if you are a music person like myself. You can also link your phone and dial out from your radio. Lots of cool features!

- Christina S

The most interesting detail would be the amazing gas mileage.

The 2018 ford fiesta is a very comfortable car. It does really good with gas. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. The trunk is very big and roomy and the cab is roomy as well. It has a backup camera along with heated seats. It has the capability to hook up a phone to the car too for hands off calling. You can also listen to music using an aux input.

- Jasmine S

It gets great gas mileage when driving on the highway.

I like my new car and the extra amenities that came along with it as standard. Things like hands free calling, backup camera electric window. I also love the large trunk space that allows me to shop without worrying if i can fit it all in my car. Only complaint i have is i wish the seats were a little more comfy when taking long trips.

- Betty L

Comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage

The ford fiesta is a very comfortable drive, and gets great gas mileage. Some things I don't like about my vehicle is the lack of space, and the placement of the cup holders. I also don't like that it doesn't have cruise control. The trunk is also kind of small and makes it hard to be able to do the things I love, like golfing.

- Angelica W

2018 Ford Fiesta greatest car to have

I absolutely love the car. No issues at all. The seats are very comfortable. Enough room in the back seat. Trunk is big enough. The car isn't loud or anything. Love the features on the car most buttons are on the steering wheel. Love that I have cruise control and that I can speed it up or slow it down with pushing the arrows

- Valine B

It has LED light added into the interior, one of my favorite features.

The vehicle is super reliable, the engine isn't the best, it takes a minute to really get going and it roars load, which I don't really like. However it's the perfect care for a first time driver. It's on the smaller side but still very comfortable, really great on gas and the interior is very nice with just basic features.

- Nicole A

Small vehicle, great gas mileage. Well worth the cost!!

Small car, great gas mileage, has get up and go!! Phone through radio. Large truck area. Great for storage and woman shopping!! Low price is well worth it! Reliable. Has CD player. USB charging ports built in for charging of electronic devices. Sync electronic devices to the radio for hands free driving.

- Melissa E

Likes and dislikes of the Fiesta

The only things I don't love are no armrest in the middle, the back up camera seems to be delayed. Otherwise the car is perfect for me, fits 2 car seats in the back with someone on the smaller side able to squeeze in the middle. I do find it odd that it comes standard with a back up camera but manual windows

- Stephanie M

Ford features are amazing!

The car is economical when it comes to gas, which helps me financially. The performance is outstanding and drives so smooth. Can barely hear the car engine on. Using the Bluetooth really allows you to be truly hands free when driving in traffic and the stereo sound is great with all kinds of features.

- Angela E

My first car a ford fiesta

Very comfy, the header seats come in handy in the winter. The vehicle also has a sharp sporty look to it. The gas mileage is great, I get about 32 miles to the gallon average. I put about 1200 miles on per month to give you an idea. The chilly pepper red color is really sharp, but paint is expensive.

- Joy M

The backup camera is a really nice feature on the car.

It is a great car I love it. Really good gas mileage. Lots of great feature 911 assets radio USB port. Small but big enough for one person. Trunk is really big. Can go 6 months on the oil change. Tire do not need air all the time. No sunroof which would be nice. But overall car is nice safe vehicle.

- Victoria P

Ford: practical, fun and safe.

The car I have starts up when it is cold, air conditioning is good, the drive is smooth and comfortable, I like the smart features the car has. The stereo system has good base and I like the Sirius satellite networks. The car is easy to maintain like wiper fluids, tire changes and wiper blades.

- Lisa M

The 2018 ford focus hatchback: back in style.

The 2018 ford focus is extremely reliable and the titanium package is functional yet sporty. The touch screen is huge and offers sync capabilities with most smartphones. Seating is very comfortable and the heated seats are great in the winter months and the large, wide sunroof for summer ones.

- Audrey A

This vehicle is very reliable and has good gas mileage

I have had no problems with my vehicle. My vehicle performance is great and it is very reliable would take it anywhere. My vehicle is very comfortable it has everything but navigation on the vehicle. The car is 4 door and is black with a hatchback. You can drive automatic or standard speed

- Robert S

Great on gas, and has been reliable

So I love this fiesta It's been really reliable so far so good , it's great on gas but I just wish it had more space due to the fact I do have a child, there's really no leg room for people on the back and the car seat takes up quite a bit of space but would be perfect for a single person

- Alyssa V

That it is a great car if you need to get great gas mileage.

I like alot about my new vehicle such as great gas mileage, the screen feature that shows radio information and back up camera, cool features such as voice control, and many other things. i don't have any dislikes so far about my car. I also don't have any complaints about my car so far.

- Daniel P

Fiesta is the most reliable vehicle

Ac slow. Good space. Brakes are reliable and smooth. Connectivity is fast. Good performance on highways. Starting button is a good addition. Gas consume is fair, you can save some money. Reverse camera is super helpful for short spaces. The seats material is optimum and easy to clean.

- Ayala A

It allows me to use my phone GPS while my friends connect to the Bluetooth radio

It's stick shift and I love that. I have full control of my car. The mirrors are super easy to adjust and it's a small car but the inside has amazing space. Easy for parallel parking very easy to maneuver also has camera for reverse parking. Has amazing trunk space for road trips.

- Kris L

I love my ford! All newer fords are great!

I love ford, my fiesta is good on gas mileage and drives great! I would recommend this car to anyone. Its smaller but ford makes a lot of great vehicles. I love the back up camera and mirrors that are inset for your blind spot! Ford is number one. I will not buy anything else.

- Lori L

Gas saver, economical and reliable car

Very reliable car! I've had fiestas for a while now and they have never broken down on me. They are cheap cars but they are also cute and not bad at all. They always save gas which is very important to me. This car has never met me down while other cars have including the focus

- Carolina D

The car handles wells and is a fun drive the car is very responsive.

It drives well and is extremely reliable it's comfortable and has decent leg room. If you are on the taller side the back seat is not the best option as the space is limited other than that it is a great car. It is responsive to how you drive it and the fuel economy is great

- Jorge M

Good on gas, sparkles dark grey, small

It's a bit too small, it also doesn't go very fast, you usually have to put the gas to the floor to get it to go up hill and it also drifts backwards pretty bad. But it is great on gas, it would be a great first car. It also has a really nice sparkly grey color called magnetic

- Tristan F

Sleek, comfortable, and economic choice!

My car is comfortable and reliable, the style on the outside and the interior is beautiful. The car is affordable and sturdy. The longest trip I have taken in my car was 5 hours and I was comfortable the whole time. I get great gas mileage as well. It runs about 25 - 30 mpg.

- Alison S

Small, Cute and Affordable.

Perfect car for traveling back and forth to work. It's great on gas, but the car is smaller than I expected. Once I added my sons car seat, it's started feeling really small. I am 5'8, so I do need some leg room when driving. But I was not expecting for it to be that tight.

- Destine J

Absolutely love the gas mileage and compact size for my family of three.

This is the second car fiesta that I have owned. The previous had a laundry list of transmission issues that were either recalled or we took it in to have replaced/flashed. Outside of the transmission issues, it is perfect for my family of three. Gas efficiency is amazing.

- Emily A

Great cars for the money.

It drives very nice and is really quiet in the cabin. The sync 3 is awesome for the most part but, sometimes it will not connect my phone even when I plug it in with the cable. The stock stereo has great sound and will play all my music from my phone or mp3 via Bluetooth.

- Daniel Z

A Car for All Seasons Chicago Style

It is 1 year since the car was purchased. It has been great on gas mileage & handles well. It is good on acceleration when expressway driving. It has heated seats which is a plus for Chicago weather. I recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable compact car.


Great starter car fun-size family vehicle

Great gas mileage, comfortable only problem is we have a tire pressure issue. Other than that, it is a great starter car. It drives smooth, a small yet reliable vehicle and the trunk space is great for its size. You can park almost anywhere since it is a compact car.

- Mona J

2018 Ford fiesta: amazing gas mileage.

I love my fiesta, I haven't had any issues with the car thus far. It is amazing on gas, I only have to fill the take once every 30-45 days with driving it multiple times a day. The only thing I do not like is the location of the lock/unlock button for the doors.

- Christina L

Fiesta the best car for the city

Perfect for someone that likes small cars for the city. I love the gas mileage, the sites are very comfy, all the features are very cool, especially the key lock for speeding, in case of getting an accident your car will activate 911. I really like my car

- Ale C

Great small car for someone who doesn't travel often with passengers

The car drives extremely well and has amazing gas mileage. Trunk space is great. Awesome feature like touch screen display. One complaint I have is cargo room. The drivers space is adequate for a average sized person but passenger and backseat are rather small

- Hannah M

2018 ford fiesta se. Charcoal body. Dark grey interior.

My ford fiesta is a smaller sedan. It has good trunk space and drive fairly. I have had problems driving in severe weather and the gas goes really quickly. The cabin is a bit small for a sedan, however the seats and console are very sleek and designed well.

- Jennifer C

Good not great car, but would not get again.

I like how comfy it is, but gets worse gas mileage than we thought. The people help me find a car, that was best for me, however I would not buy the same car again, my wife drives it the most. It costs about $40 a tank to drive, and I get 35 mpg on average.

- Michael B

Car wasn't worth the money.

Car was discounted shortly after our purchasing it. Worried about being able to buy parts for it in the future. Already making an odd noise from the stereo, even though it is a fairly new car. Tires are not well made and go flat easily. Would not recommend.

- Elizabeth H

Love my Fiesta! Great car.

The acceleration pedal is very touchy. Makes it easy to speed. The car itself is very fast. It's small. Easy to drive. Comes in nice colors. Stops very easily, but can be jerky. Smooth driving. Not very spacious. Makes great first car for teens. I love it.

- Britney R

Ford fiesta - a gas mileage phenomenon.

The only real problem is there is no room in the back seat. However, the car was not built as a family car. The car gets great gas mileage and is perfect for commuting to work or for a college student. I love the back up camera and the blind spot mirrors.

- Jeff V

I love everything about it

This car has saved me so much money. I had an old used car and how that I have a working car I'm always at work on time. I don't have issues with it. I love that it has interior lights.. I've never been more in love with a car. I love the back camera.

- Kelly G

They should know it may just look like a tiny car but it can drive fast and smooth.

I love my car because it's a great fun sports car type color (burnt orangey-red) and has a small moonroof. It has great give to it and can drive fast. It gets great gas mileage and it is really reliable. The interior is roomy and nice looking.

- giovanna H

It is a compact sweet ride and better on gas.

No problems. Slick, modern design with interior customizable lighting. Car drives very smoothly and picks up speed easily, without burning much gas. Do not even know you are going 80 mph!! Very efficient car.

- Vinny M

It is great on gas and easy to keep up with the maintenance.

I love my Ford Fiesta because it's great on gas. My car is economical and easy to drive. I can easily fit five family members in it with no tightness.I enjoy everything about my car and have no complaints.

- Jessica N

It gets great fuel mileage.

I like the fuel economy, the sunroof, Bluetooth, and the back up camera.. I dislike the cup holders in the front because they are too small, and there is only one in the back..

- First C

Very comfortable. Very roomy.

My radio stays on when I shut the truck off so we had to pull the battery a few times. My screen inside does not always stay on and makes my Audiobooks stop and go.

- Kelli W

I really like how comfortable it is I like your speed a lot I like it very much its appearance I like it a lot as it responds to the speeds and its brakes

I really like how comfortable it is I like your speed a lot I like it very much its appearance I like it a lot as it responds to the speeds and its brakes

- Andrew H

An interesting detail about my car is it comes with stock lights that change color in the inside and in my cup holders.

I'm car has been nothing but reliable and efficient. It's got awesome gas mileage and also very comfortable and plenty of space for being a hatchback.

- Britnee N

Excellent compact car with minimal comfort

The vehicle is small and overall not very comfortable. The vehicle is extremely affordable from initial price to gas and repairs. I love my Fiesta

- Aubrey S

I love my car and look forward to years of enjoyment.

Have only had it a month. It handles beautifully and looks really sporty. I am a long time Ford fan and expect only good things from this auto.

- Gwen L

Gas mileage is great. It handles really well. Very comfortable.

I like the style, handling and gas mileage. I also like the handsfree calling. I dislike the leg room space in the back. I have no complaints.

- Susan S

It has a surprising amount of room.

I love that it is manual. I dislike It's lackluster acceleration. It has great gas mileage. The back up camera is more useful than expected.

- Tobias R

The few things I like about my 2018 Ford Fiesta is its gas mileage, low maintenance and sporty handling.

One of the most important things others should know about my 2018 Ford Fiesta is the very small wheels/rims and very low ground clearance.

- Ronnie J

I personally like the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Love the fuel economy. Dislike the tech available. Space is adequate. Ride is smooth and quiet. It is a great automobile to drive.

- William B

It has a manual transmission. It's an economy car.

It's the sport version of the Fiesta with a manual transmission. It is an easy ride and a lot of fun. Small size and quick speed

- Noah D

It has never given me any mechanical problems, and it has good gas mileage.

The Ford fiesta is very good on gas. It is a dependable car, that can comfortably fit my family. It is also very affordable!

- Nicole M

The miles I get per gallon.

I just like it because it looks sporty. The color of the vehicle. The style of the vehicle. The miles I get per gallon.

- Jim S

It is important to have it in good use and clean so that it looks good and it can continue to work properly

The vehicle is practic, nice, it's good tools, I like because is very economic and it's very important have a good use

- Leidy G

It's a ford, so it handles and drives stiffer than luxury vehicles

It's very good on gas in this economy. It's nice and reliable. I have roadside assistance and a really good warranty.

- April H

It has not had any problems yet.

I really like the car, runs smooth, good gas mileage, but a little small car, but overall I would buy the car again.

- Michael B

It's a fun, small city car.

I like the zippiness and the features. I'm not a fan of the underpowered feeling and slightly smaller cargo space.

- Paul L

It might be little but it's awesome! The options are excellent.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is perfect. It has everything I was looking for in new car. I love the lack of blind spots.

- Dennis H

That it is newest model and is equipped with the newest safety equipment.

I like the shape of my vehicle, I also love the audio system and how you are able to connect to Bluetooth.

- Megan B

Excellent small car great gas mileage

Everything is great on it.really a nice car.gets great gas mileage. First a small car it has a lot of room

- Timothy D

It is new and I am new to it.

I do not have any complaints. I love the mint green color and the drive. It gets really good gas mileage.

- Tessa M

The room it has, I'm over 6 feet tell and I have plenty of room in it.

I love everything except for the space in back seats. Very economical on gas. Reliable and eye catching.

- Lesley O

Small, gas saver, reliable, and very efficient.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is amazing. It saves a lot of gas. It's roomy and relaxing. It's very reliable .

- Irma P

Ford Fiestas are bigger than they used to be but still compact.

My new car is awesome! It has tons of technology. It's smaller than my last car and I like that.

- Yvette H

It sucks but it was cheap i wish i'd have waited and got something better

I gets good mileage but it is poorly made. it won't last long. will trade in

- Amanda A

It's perfect for getting around town and commuting to work.

It doesn't have a lot of power. That's really my only complaint

- Beth H

the actual purchase price out the door (tax, license, fees) was less thank for a car with automatic transmission, air conditioning, back up camera, am-fm stereo and cd player,, keyless entry, and some other nice features

a perfect car for me. good fuel mileage and easy to drive.

- steve S

This question is dumb. It's just a car. it gets me from point a to b

I like the body style. the transmission is finicky.

- Taylor S