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Going strong as can be.

We replaced the motor with a newer used motor from m&m auto parts right after we first bought the truck used off craigslist a few years ago. The old motor needed a new head gasket and we did not realize that at the time or we would have never bought it. Performs great now, it is always reliable. No complaints with comfort except the seat belts in the front seats which do not adjust well for shorter people and taller people alike. Nice strong truck.

- Laura B

Hard working, dependable, diesel Ford f250.

A very sturdy and dependable truck. The truck currently has over 300, 000 miles on it and is still running smooth. The only problem has been the front seal on the transmission went bad at 275, 000 miles. Any transmission requires a lot of time and labor to fix. I love the 4-wheel drive capability and the load hauling capacity.

- Seth L

7.3 diesel super duty f250 2001.

I own a super duty diesel f250 2001 and I think it performs well, it is costly to maintain because of it being a diesel. It is been a fairly reliable truck, comfort is decent and it is features are a bit outdated because of it being an older truck. I do like that it is 4x4 and I can haul trailers because of 7.3 diesel motor.

- Ray S

Fun to drive monster truck.

So much fun to drive. Lifted and super diesel motor. Big tires. Everyone gets out of your way driving this truck. Pick up makes it nice to go to garage sales. So much fun to drive. Lifted and super diesel motor. Big tires. Everyone gets out of your way driving this truck. Pick up makes it nice to go to garage sales.

- Paul M

It is a very strong truck. Tough can handle a lot.

My f250 is really good truck. It does not ride smooth however it pulls strong and very durable. I have 360000 miles on it and just replaced transmission. It is a diesel but still gets right at 20 mpg. The long wheelbase gives you tons of Tonga room and more balance for the gooseneck or 5th wheel option.

- David S

Bad brake system on Ford f-250.

I have problems with the brakes all the time. My husband changes them frequently. Also both back doors will not open now. Truck shakes when driving it, I assume from the brakes. Abs light stays on even after testing to see why it's on, with no success. Truck has been a lemon ever since we purchased it.

- Carol G

The 7. 3 Ford is as tough as they come.

It is very durable, roomy inside, and very rarely breaks down. The 7. 3 diesel motor lasts a very long time. You can also use it to create your own business and make money from it. You can also use it to help your friends and family move and purchase large items that will not fit in a car.

- Bob W

Great truck for the money!

Drives like a dream. No mechanical issues. Not to bad on gas mileage. Comfortable interior. Love having four doors. Longer bed is great for moving larger and awkward items like ladders, plywood, drywall and larger pieces of furniture. Great in the snow. Overall very happy with the vehicle.

- Scott F

Very tough and durable. Fun to drive.

Very tough. Rough of gas. Sliding seat with no adjustable back can get uncomfortable on long rides. Good for hauling, long bed makes for plenty of room. Ford trucks are known for rust issues. Around wheel well and rockers. Motor is very reliable, strong. No issues with transmission.

- Daniel K

Disc brakes and bad back doors.

Always have problems, constantly replacing brakes. Both back doors will not open. Also disc brakes burn up. Truck shakes driving down road. Right passenger side window sometimes will not go up. Always smell a burning smell and tire wheel smokes and gets excessively hot.

- Carol M

A color matching canopy, installed a day camping system for short fishing trips.

Love the reliability, the ride not so much, have owned it since new, and plan on keeping it for several more years, I am in the process of upgrading the interior and plan to have some body work and new paint done, so overall I guess I love my old truck.

- Jim H

it's a work truck. we use it for everything and we feel safer on the road in something not looking under other vehicles.

We were used to a certain engine they claimed they quit making and we had to go bigger or smaller so they convinced us to get a V10. We do have 381000 miles on it but have had 3 different engines, the first after 80000 miles. It is fairly dependable.

- Betty B

It is dependable and easy to maintain, well worth the purchase

Great performance with the V10, mileage suffers a bit but with a light foot can approach 16 MPG on the road and 10-12 around town, excellent for towing. Adding a cold air intake was best least expensive upgrade

- Bill S

Beast of a truck. Would recommend.

Great vehicle. Very reliable, especially for towing. Great fuel economy for such a large vehicle. Driven in a cold weather climate and does not love to start if not plugged into block heater for a few hours.

- Ann P

My Ford Truck can pull & haul more than your truck!

My 2001 Ford F-250 is a nice driving truck that hauls a large slide in camper & pulls a boat at the same time with strength & horsepower. It is a comfortable ride with nice cloth seats & a large back seat.

- jim B

For a big diesel truck, it gets decent mileage. I feel very safe in it. I can haul or carry just about anything.

I love my truck, and I wouldn't want any other. I have owned it for five years, but it has been in the family since the day it rolled off the train from Detroit.

- Stacie H

The f250 is a poor man's tank.

I really don't have any complaints. It runs great and drives nice for its age. The only thing is it is a v10 and a tune up is 650$ just in plugs and boots.

- Lee Ann V

Very reliable Ford F 250 Super Duty

This truck is very reliable and they give it the nickname the million mile engine. It runs great and is very smooth considering it's a larger vehicle.

- Victoria B

It's tough. Can pull a house.

Has 7.3 desire engine with large turbo. I love the way the truck sounds as I pass everyone. My truck can pull almost anything. Very happy with it

- Fred W

I wouldn't want anyone else to run into it - this truck would win. It is a bit of a tank but it works for everything we needed it for.

I like the overall size, hauling capacity and truck bed/cover options. My only real dislike is that I would love extra seating - more cab space

- Alan C

It's very dependable and it's very comfortable to drive.

I love my diesel truck. I love It because it's big and if someone was to hit me, I probably wouldn't be hurt due to the durability of the truck

- Melanie H

2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 4x4 crew cab 7' box SRW V-10 gas auto 4x4.

rusts out quick. quirky wiring. box mounts collapse and bed chatters. slushy transmission. v10 horrible mileage, expensive to repair.

- Dik F

It is large and not for city use.

It is a lifted 4x4 with monster tires. It is diesel Has low maintenance. It gets terrible mileage but can tow almost anything.

- Melvin H

It is very reliable and run very well.

I like the room the back seat has. I like diesel trucks. I like the color of the vehicle. I dislike the price of filling it up.

- Caitlin N

Ford pickup review of F350 with a V10 motor.

Very few problems. Door locks were repaired at 150 each. Windows stopped working and repaired at 150 per window. Nice ride.

- Jay G

Only own the diesel version if you want an F250. 340k miles, and it's still running strong, with only minor issues since I've owned it.

7.3 Diesel is the workhorse of all of the Ford engines. Strong runner. Rides rough unless under a load. Tough old bird.

- John C

The vehicle is very well built. It has served me well for the past 17 years and still looks new, both inside and out.

Had to replace transmission and water pump. Other than that, no problems. Seats are very comfortable for long trips.

- Rick R

Tough, dependable, fun & visually appealing.

Have almost 400k miles on my truck. This is a tough, dependable vehicle. Built stronger & better than newer vehicles.

- Clyde S

Does use up a good amount of gas.

Comfortable, dependable. Great sound system, and does not have so much electronics. Simple to access radio, etc.

- Linda S

It is dependable and tough.

The truck is too big and needs new seat belts. The cab door is broke and it cost too much to fill up with gas.

- Pamela M

That the glow plugs can go out if you don't properly let them warm up.

I haven't had many problems with my truck. I have had a bit of a transmission issue but it was easily fixed.

- April K

It drives best when it has a load on it. The F250 really loves to pull.

The only thing I dislike is the price of diesel fuel. The truck is durable and dependable. Super safe also.

- Maureen B

It is dependable and built with an engine that is strong and durable

I like that it is a durable diesel. I like that it was built well. I dislike that it cost so much to repair.

- Rachel S

It is tough and the cost is reasonable and has lots of room.

It pulls great for my business and it rarely breaks down. I use it to tow campers and haul motorcycles.

- Bobbie W

It has a lot of comfort for a truck of that size. Also it is a smoother ride than people think.

I like the room in it. I like the towing capacity. I like that it is a diesel.

- Teri W

It gets me from point a to point b. It is older and needs to be updated. Otherwise, it works great!

It is reliable and we do some work with it. Overall, it is a good vehicle.

- Hannah B

it runs great costs a lot to run people love our truck

love our 2001 ford have no dislikes time to change

- bonnie t