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Great truck for towing my utility trailer and driving in snow.

My GMC truck is ok to me. I bought it used and after driving it for a few weeks I noticed a lot of little things wrong with it. Some of the problems were lights burned out on cluster panel, stuck parking brake, flat spare tire, worn rear brakes, just to name a few. It has almost 200,000 miles on it so I cannot complain too much about it. The truck does have 4 wheel drive and the complete upgraded package including heated seats. All in all it serves my purpose and even has the towing package and bed liner.

- David H

Bulletproof trucks that last forever!

2003 GMC Sierra is the best truck I've ever owned. I have the 5.3L and it has plenty of horsepower and gets about 14-15 miles per gallon. 4 wheel drive push button shifting is great, only problem I've had is the switch went bad and had to be replaced. Wasn't expensive and very easy to install. All around good truck, I get compliments every way I go. One of the most reliable vehicle I've ever purchased.

- Ryan T

Pros and cons if GMC sierra truck.

At first I loved this truck. However soon after the warranty limit over started experiencing problems. All dashboard gauges except the speedometer stopped working. The most inconvenient is not having the gas gauge work. Also we have bubbling paint issues all over the truck. In researching this we found a lot of other GMC owners are experiencing the same problems.

- Jill L

Not made for short people.

The brake system seems to go out frequently-it has been replaced several times. Because I am short, the seat is very uncomfortable-I need to use a pillow behind my lower back. I do not care for the way the doors open-it's an extended cab. You have to open the front door in order to open the cab door. Other than that, it is been a pretty dependable vehicle.

- Flavia D




I love the fact that the truck is big I feel very safe.

The problem I have with my truck is the Cadillac converter it was bought new and 2004 and the Cadillac converter first had to be replaced in 2007 then again in 2013 and again in 2017. The gas mileage is only 13 around town with stop-and-go I get 15 on the highway I wish it did have better gas mileage but I love my GMC.

- Cindy M

My truck is a great truck motor wise, just not a beauty with all the rust on it.

I guess this year of pick up is prone to rusting out I love the truck and it is performance, but so embarrassed by the rusting out around the wheels. I have seen others with a lot of rust also, but then have seen trucks like mine with no rust. Motor wise, very good truck over 200, 000 miles and runs like a dream.

- Connie H

Built like it means it. Can move household goods.

At 11900 miles, it needed ball joints, and a front end alignment. The truck has over 129000 miles, but gets very decent gas mileage. It has a automatic, with overdrive. Rebuilt at 109000. 4. 8v-8 long bed. Starts every time. Has a bench seat. It is an old company truck. Steers well and very good visibility.

- David H

It's got a clean design and gets up and goes real good.

It's a workhorse and does what you need as long as you take care of it! It's got decent gas mileage, and enough power to haul a hefty amount. The bed is standard sized and also the body is pretty solid. Ordering parts for it is no issue, seems there's not a shortage of replacement parts.

- Russell B

My experience with my 2003 GMC Sierra ext cab.

Second owner, purchased from original selling dealer in 2004 with 21000 miles. Currently in excellent condition with 91000 miles. Other than 2 factory recalls, just normal maintenance. Bi-annual full synthetic Pennzoil. Has a drop-in bed liner but wish it was a sprayed in one.

- David M

GMC sierra dependable low maintenance hard working truck.

No problems just regular issues tires brakes oil change and had to replace the water pump brake pads replaced twice since 2003 had to have a front end alignment twice since 2003`all the electronics still work fine and that's with 6 way adjustable seats on both sides.

- donald M

Requires a lot of fuel but better than any truck I have had to this date.Rides like a heavy car works like a light truck.

The truck is comfortable to ride in.It is not over run with technology.I need something more than transportation and is a good hauling machine.I do not like the passenger door being non keyable .It is also starting to have interior failure but I am living with it .

- Loyd L

Great running trucks. My 03 has 315k.

Great motor, smooth ride, decent sized bed for hauling and storage, power windows, locks, Bose sound system is amazing. Bifold rear doors for easy back seat entry, easy steering, normal maintenance isn't expensive and replacement parts are always available.

- Josh B

My Sierra is rugged and perfect for Maine Winters.

The seats make it a bit hard for people on the shorter spectrum. The radio is great. Four wheel drive is perfect for Maine Winters. The bed is the perfect size for construction dump hauls or moving a friend. It seats three, but it is more for two people.

- Janet L

This truck has Strong V8 power to drive wherever, whenever you need to go

I love the power of the v8 engine. I have greater confidence driving 4wd in the snow. I dislike the gas mileage but for an older truck it's not bad. Repairs have been minimal (knock on wood).

- Allison C

It's a great family vehicle but also gives you the storage that is needed

I love that it has 5 seats. I love that it has a cover on the bed so you can safely store stuff in the bed without it getting wet. I do dislike the size of the gas tank but it's great on gas

- Deanna E

Great vehicle if taken care of no faults in it.

I love my truck. It is the best vehicle I own and I highly recommend this vehicle to any person. Have not had any problems with this truck. Best all around vehicle been across country twice.

- Linda S

Reliable low maintenance and economical to maintain.

I like that it that I do not have blind spots when I am driving. I do not like parking it when shopping, unless I am lucky and can pull forward. That way I do not have to back up.

- Janice D

GMC-Sierra-2003 Comfortable ride for a pickup.

It has all the power I need. The only issue I have is the check engine light is on and service airbag is on but after being looked by several mechanics no issues were found.

- Bill S

It's domestic and it's reliable. The motor has had a knock for years and it's still kicking.

I love that it's reliable. It's old and leaky but it always starts and gets me where I'm going. I don't like that the interior is beige. Everything else, I love.

- Cassandra S

dependable, reliable, long-lasting. The best truck I've ever owned!

An oldie, but goodie! It shows its age on the outside, but is spectacular under the hood. Never had a problem! Hope to keep it for many more years.

- Jill W

They really shouldn't know anything cause there not the ones driving it.

I like that it's easy to drive and it gets me where I'm going. I don't like that my engine is slipping. I also don't like that my brakes are bad.

- Christina J

My 2003 GMC Sierra and how pleased I am with it.

My truck is extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage. I am extremely pleased with what I spent for it. It is truly a quality vehicle.

- Michael F

It has daytime running lights and custom tail light covers.

It doesn't have very many miles, but it seems to be falling apart. The body is outlasting the motor. It is fun to drive a truck though!

- Kristina W

Good performance. GMC is very good brand.

My truck is a good performance as well. . I am. So comfortable on it. Choose GMC it's so reliable and no worries at all.

- Rosalie W

2003 GMC Sierra Review with leather seats

Great performance, ride and gas mileage. Leather seats, stereo, A/C, lots room in the bed, lined bed, camper shell

- Randy R

It's comfortable,easy to see out of. Can haul a significant amount of things. Hard on gas,but easy to drive.

It's been a good truck,I have put a lot of money in it over the last few years. I wish the gas mileage was better

- Kevin D

It's a workhorse. It is four wheel drive.

Like pick up to haul things. Dislike mileage. Like that it is 4 wheel drive. Dislike that it is an older model.

- Ben P

Decent full-sized pickup truck.

Body started showing significant rust after reaching the age of 10 years. Engine and drivetrain have been good.

- Matt M

It's mine. It has tinted windows. I bought it for myself.

It's very reliable. Gas mileage isn't that bad. It has power everything and leather seats. Great sound system.

- Monica H

They should know that the type truck is not a heavy oil user and even tells you when to change the oil.

I like the truck but it was built with only keyable entry.It would have been better with a split bench seat.

- Loyd W

Treat the truck right and take care of it and the truck will never let you down.

The truck is a very reliable vehicle. If you are to hard on the vehicle the rear end may possibly go out.

- Adam A

The back seat is big enough to put a child's car seat (and possibly two or three!)

Good size truck- not too big or small. Third door helps with putting a child's car seat in the back.

- Rebecca J

It's good on gas and nice and rooney I call it my grocery getter

Its old and rusty and I would like to have something newer but can't afford it yet

- Linda H

Reliability gas mileage safety good family truck yes

It's a good thing. I like it. Very nice. Hi it's a very good truck for towing

- David B

Good for transport and work, comfortable and spacious I'm happy with it and my family to

I like it, good for my needs and very comfortable

- Fernando D