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GMC Sierra 1500 - reliable and practical.

Overall, I like the vehicle. It is older but is still reliable. Because of its age, it is getting rust spots that have to be fixed and I wish it wouldn’t rush so easily. It is very comfortable and has plenty of room in the backseat for three more people, even adults. The handle on the rear passenger door does not work from the outside. The heated seats tend to turn themselves on. The vehicle switches from 2 wheel dr. To four-wheel-drive at the push of a button and even though it is spacious, it drives like a regular size vehicle. The drivers door has to be closed hard or it will not shut all of the way. Luckily, that has not caused any problems. It is still locks and it does not drain the battery. Overall, it is a great vehicle. Reliable, comfortable, and useful.

- Shaun A

Our car is easy to drive and easy to climb on the hills.

We love our car. Its comfy and easy to load and unload our stuffs mostly if we are on vacations. And this is the best car we got! Big space and run so smoothly and easy to drive mostly if we go hunting. Can climbs on the hills. And we don't have a heavy problem on our car. The only problem we got is to change oil because we don't know how to do a changed oil. So we always bring it to the company who knows how to changed oil and everything. And the rest is good. And our car have a4 wheels that we can used to climb on the hills that easy. So if you are planning you buy cars GMC is the best one if you are always going somewhere just like hunting, fishing, vacations. And more. All the stuffs you need to bring is fit in this car! That's why I loved our car¡.

- Hicks J

Stuck on my truck. A sound truck that packs a lot of punch.

My GMC sierra 1500 slt is a great truck. It has been a reliable truck that I have owned for 6 yrs now. Whether your towing a camper or a big round bale of hay this truck does it with ease. I have had to replace the battery, spare tire carrier and front bearing on the drivers side. It has a smooth ride with plenty of room for everyone. I plan on keeping this truck till it no longer runs so I am in the process of fixing the rust on the rocker panels and above the rear wheels. I replaced the shocks and its getting a new paint job with new custom bedside stickers and rims. I have no doubt that with a little tlc the next 100, 000 miles will be just as good as the first.

- Brenda W

GMC pickup with awesome back door options to open wide.

Runs nice, seats are comfortable but not as cushiony as the higher end trucks. The air and heat are not great, could be colder and hotter. I have tried charging the ac system and still runs not as cold as it should. I love the back doors and how they open all the way flat with the truck. It makes it much easier to put groceries or anything in the backseat, especially if the car next to you is too close. Very comfortable riding vehicle but it seems to like to run right at 70mph. It is hard not to speed in it so I do use my cruise a lot. Love the Sirius music on the radio DVD player.

- Teresa S

Has held up well but there are some electrical issues.

I currently have 230,000 miles on this vehicle and have never had any major mechanical issues. I keep it maintained regularly. The only problem I have had is with the electrical system. I constantly get error messages about my tire monitoring system, trailer brake system, and stabilitrak. I have replaced the modules at the recommendation of the dealer only to experience the same troubles 3 months later. I have also had issues with the seat warmers turning on full blast on their own even in the middle of summer.

- Ricky L

GMC review, unreliable vehicles with nice interior

We got this car about two years ago and at first it was very reliable, however over the next few short months we would come to find out the opposite. This car has the engine light on constantly and engine problems along with it. Makes a very loud noise that sounds like a tank whenever you stop the vehicle. Battery dies often. Not a reliable car but the interior is nice and good looking. Heated seats and other features make that fun.

- Aaron W

It is paid off and it is comfortable and I love travelling in it to see family. It is great to have the GPS navigation and I love turning the stereo up all the way when I commute to work. I will drive it until it dies because I love not having a payment.

My ex husband and I bought it brand new and I love being the only owner. We got it during the housing recession and high gas prices in 2008 so we got a great deal. I have leather seats and GPS navigation and it has a V8 engine so I can jump out into traffic without hesitation. I love my truck and I got it in the divorce in 2014. It is paid off and has 85,500 miles on it and I want to keep it running so I can avoid car payments.

- Sandra L

I really like sitting up high so I can see all the road and traffic.

I bought it brand new so it was and still is the best vehicle I have ever own.It has 129000 miles and still drives like a new one.I pull a 20 ft boat with it and it does a good job. It does however spin the tire from . Idle starting out sometimes . Especially on sand or loose gravel. I got stuck at the beach on loose sand and had to be pulled out. Overall I would have to give it an eight out of ten.

- Richard H

The truck is a very strong truck that is reliable.

I love the truck after buying it used. It's a strong reliable truck and it is strong with pulling four wheelers or any other sort of trailers. It gets fairly decent gas mileage, around 17 mpg even when pulling something. It has a 5.3 engine in it which is a pretty reliable motor. Only issue I have had is a blown cv boot around 99,000 miles. Overall I would highly recommend this truck to anyone.

- David K

I would certainly purchase this track again and probably will.

I have never had any major problems with this vehicle I have never had any major problems with this vehicle the biggest problem I did have was changing the air compressor otherwise it is been a solid and dependable pickup truck. Other than the routine maintenance oil changes tires battery I have had one front disc brake job but otherwise it has been a perfect vehicle.

- William S

Very reliable with all the features of a 4 wheel drive and comforts of a sedan.

Problems. At 80,000 miles had valves go out and was a costly repair. . Performance. Pulls my camper very nice. Rides like a car. Drives very nice. Reliability. Would take this pickup cross country with 150,000 miles on it now. Comfort and features. Rides so nice. Seats are very comfortable. All terrain package with two tone leather is very attractive and durable.

- Daniel A

Very comfortable as far as traveling goes have been on many trips.

My truck is very dependable. It has lots of room inside the cad as well as in the truck bed. It has never given me any trouble as far as the engine goes. I have had a few issues with the front end chassis system but nothing that wasn’t fixable. . . The inside is very comfortable. We have been on many long trips and have been a great vehicle to travel in.

- Felicia T

Reliable, good looking, great performance, safe.

I have that vehicle for 4 years, I got it used and the performance is still outstanding. We drive a lot every year and we never had a problem. The only thing is it is not very good to drive in the city (San Francisco) it is to big. We have a lot of room in the car. I cannot think not having that car. I will buy a second car so I can keep that on forever.

- Markus S

My GMC sierra truck is all in all a great work truck even a family vehicle.

I love this truck it has put up with a lot of wear and tear and drive a lot of miles in the sierra. I enjoy driving in this truck everyday. Definitely my favorite vehicle we have hands down. Could definitely use a different material for the dashboard because ours cracked all the way down the middle from the sun. Other than that we love our GMC sierra.

- Cassandra W

Dependable and hardworking GMC!

Excellent truck for work, hunting, off-roading. Has been very dependable. Most issues are from longevity. Older vehicles require a lot of maintenance. It has been extremely reliable. I drive my truck everywhere for work and personal use. It has updated features from the previous owner like a great stereo and sound system.

- A C

Great vehicle for college students

V6 engine is great for gas mileage but there's no cruise control. No power windows or locks. The interior is simple but yet comfortable in padding and overall design of bucket seats. Floorboards are very easy to clean due to no carpeting installed. AM/FM Radio with CD player and option for XM Radio.

- Tyler H

GMC Sierra 1500 never had any issues with it just normally wear and tear.

Well right now I has a lot of maintenance repairs due to the fact that he’s 10 years old minor things like brakes front and back alignment also joints motor mount struts these are some of them are minor things that I needed to repair after using my vehicle over here going on 10 years.

- Monica P

No matter how old it is the way it looks gets a lot of compliments.

It's very reliable car has never broken down on me or left me on the side of the road before. I have never had to buy or change any big expensive part all but the basic maintenance is required to keep it in going shape. Not to big but just enough for any necessary lifting or pulling.

- Selina N

GMC. Everyone should drive one.

No issues whatsoever. Love it! I put a lot of miles on it by hunting all over the state and with routine maintenance, this truck is perfect! I get compliments all the time about how “good looking” my truck is and it is performance. I wouldn't buy anything other than a GMC.

- Albert H

Great truck for daily drivers or for those needing a dependable work truck!

Dependable truck, low maintenance, rusts easily on the underside is the downside. Towing capacity is great for the size. I can easily tow a bumper pull horse trailer fully loaded. Overall it is a great truck that is very comfortable and I would buy a newer model in the future.

- Ashlyn G

Solid, not flashy family truck.

Good solid truck. Comfortable ride. Lots of power with the v8 but not great gas mileage. Extended cab is not as big as my older Silverado. Should have gotten the crew cab for my 2 teenage kids. Turning radius makes it a little tough to squeeze it on to some parking spots.

- James F

Its white in color, dual exhaust, crew cab.

Very reliable, good performance, only mechanical issue was ball joints, brakes replacement. Get about 28 miles per gallon, cruise control, alloy wheels, clothes seats, satellite. Daily driven, handle the road good, 4 wheels drive. Bed cover, new tires, chrome package.

- Bobby S

My truck is very roomy and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone with kids.

Truck has been very reliable. Dependable and very roomy. I love the smooth ride and the color is great when it is not so clear. Gas guzzlers tho. And the dash is starting to crack. The backseat is very roomy. The truck is durable and it is a very smooth riding truck.

- Heather B

It is dependable and awesome looking.

I love that there's plenty of room to haul big items. It is also easy to drive off road. I dislike that my vehicle consumes a lot of gas which is getting harder to pay for because it is expensive. It is also expensive getting new tires.

- Brandy E

It's big and powerful. Definitely commands attention.

It's a gorgeous truck and has the big V8 engine so lots of power. It's been very dependable and I don't ever want anything else but a GMC truck in the future. This is my second in a row (last one was a 2002) and I'm hooked.

- Amanda D

It is a very reliable car and the smaller 4.8 L engine gets decent gas mileage for a full sized truck.

The car has been great and has not had any significant problems. The vehicle is 10 years old and the electronics are only now starting to go out. The window controls have begun to fail but it is a simple fix to make.

- Zachary H

Feels like your driving a luxury sedan. Quiet on the road, handles like an indy car.

I love this vehicle! I keep it in tune so have not had any problems. It's my home away from home. I love the feel of it driving in town or on the highway cruising up north, I will buy another one when need be.

- Elizabeth M

It is roomy and I love that it has a V8 and goes quick off the line after sitting at a red light.

We bought it brand new in 2009 and it has leather seats and GPS nav and I got it in the divorce and he paid it off. I love driving it and it has only 86,500 miles on it and I baby it as much as possible.

- Sandra T

It is a real workhorse of a vehicle. It has towed a trailer many miles, and still keeps on running.

I like having a truck where I can safely carry most everything I need to carry. I like sitting up and being able to see over over cars. I just like big vehicles

- Janet D

It is mine and I would kill for it.

Should of gotten the longer bed. Anything else is not important. Love my truck. If I was going to trade it would have to be for a new 2500 with an 8'bed.

- Kenneth M

It's dependable and it's kept it's looks for a 12 year old vehicle.

It's dependable and I've had to do very little maintenance. It doesn't get the mileage that I'd like, but it's probably the best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Steven D

It's a pickup, I can haul things in it!

I like that it has a V8 engine; that its a pickup to haul things. I like the tall wide tires with lots of grip in adverse weather conditions.

- Mikel M

It is a truck and a general motors product , it has given me good service and will continue to be my primary mode of transportation .

A very dependable truck i have no complaints about i would purchase another one of i needed one . I like the power and way truck performs .

- Jerry V

It has third row seating, which is the first thing I look for.

It has plenty of room. It is comfortable. The gas mileage is not good. It is too high for my height and it is difficult to get in and out.

- Barbara G

It's a very reliable truck.

No complaints at all. Rums great. It is very reliable. Comfortable and easy to drive. Very spacious inside and its great for the family.

- Lupe J

It is a dependable vehicle and gets excellent gas mileage.

I like the size, the color, the ease of driving it. It is roomy enough. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like the turning radius.

- alice s

It is a full size truck lifted and modified.

No problems at all 155k miles and going strong. The truck has been extremely reliable and I would buy another again.

- Derek B

best 4x4 i ever bought wish i could ever afford a new one

owned too gmcs love them both , this new one has everything on it like a airplane but love it now i know everything.

- dave g

It looks tough but it is unreliable. Look elsewhere

The truck is big and spacious. It is not reliable and there is a lot of rust on it. I wish it would age better.

- justin b

2008 GMC sierra texas edition

I like that is higher off the ground than a car, it is reliable, smooth ride. I like it because it is a truck.

- Jose B

My truck has a lot of pulling and towing power GMC never dies they just go faster!

I like that it always starts when I need it to. the Ac never fails me. I dislike it always has brake problems.

- William L

The GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab is a great truck and a solid vehicle.

The truck is reliable and simple. It is useful in most instances except for when i want to pull a trailer.

- Nicholas M

Never had major mechanical problems and always dependable.

It is comfortable. It is mechanically sound and dependable. I do not dislike anything about our truck.

- Mary S

It's very reliable vehicle but gets poor gas mileage because its a truck

It is a Very reliable vehicle. It does not have power locks. It has a poor Poor turning radius.

- Mary R

It's a very reliable vehicle. I've never had engine problems.

Love the engine size 6.0L. Wish it could have better gas mileage as well as more roomier cab.

- Robert S

I like the fact that it has a long bed. Newer models are mostly short bed trucks. I can actually haul full sheets of plywood or drywall without it sticking out over the tailgate!

It's a dependable and trustworthy brand that you don't have to worry about it breaking down.

- Carmel D

great handling and have had no major problems with it so far

Handles like a charm and have had no major problems so far considering it is getting old

- Lori G

Very dependable truck for anyone looking for reliable transportation

I like the navigation. I like the 20" wheels. I do not like the gas mileage

- Brendan P

is sharp a good looking truck ,still looks new

Love the truck and the ride,dependable and is fun to drive ,and looks good

- Ray f

that it is dependable and it is great for carrying thing

that it is dependable. it is great to drive we love it

- debbie c

It is roomy. It runs good. It looks good. Just the truck I was looking for.

Low maintenance, runs and drives great. Looks good.

- Darrell I

The motor went out around 100I miles.

I like everything. There is nothing I dislike.

- Jeffery B