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The GMC Sierra 1500 is a reliable pickup.

Depending upon the miles, it can make or break the pickup. Obviously, the lower the better. Still, with the 2007-2013 model GMC or Chevrolet pickups, they tend to have higher miles. Anyhow, they're prone to electrical problems. Also, the Active Fuel Management (AFM) is a serious bummer with these trucks. The AFM shuts off half of the motor, leaving 4 cylinders active. I would highly recommend getting the motor converted to a full V8. This is an expensive, but rewarding process. It involves head work, timing work, a new camshaft lobed correctly for a V8 motor, new lifters, valves, and gaskets. It's possible that there could be more to the process. The pickup is overall very comfortable. I drove 6+ hours with no issues whatsoever. The stock sound system works fine. The radio is perfectly placed. Overall, the pickup is something I would recommend to anyone.

- Zack M

Great pickup truck with great power and very reliable.

Very comfortable and smooth ride. Great power and reliability. The four wheel drive works perfectly and I have never had any major issues on a truck that is going on ten years old. I love driving my GMC Sierra and my next vehicle will definitely be another GMC Sierra. Everything about this truck is great. I would recommend a GMC Sierra to anyone that is looking for a reliable and very comfortable pickup truck. I use my truck for everything. From hauling my brothers boat to getting bails of hay for my father in law to just driving back and forth to work. This is an amazing vehicle. We have taken this truck on family vacations and the comfort of this truck is very impressive. If I had to I would buy this truck again. Very reliable and I can't say enough about the power that my GMC Sierra 1500 has. Great truck.

- Dana F

Back up parking assistance which is great in the dark.

For starters, I love the color. Not many I see like it driving down the road. The perfect height for me as I am a female. It definitely has the get up and go factor, which making it easier to get onto interstates and passing others. The performance is great. I have never had any problems with it when it comes to being reliable especially in the winter months. The seats are comfortable but wish it was heated leather. Overall nice size for a family.

- Cara S

Is it a new or used truck?

My 2010 GMC sierra pick-up truck may be the most basic model but there is nothing basic about the performance it provides me everyday. Having put over 200,000 miles on it already, it still fires up and runs just as good as the 1st time I did it. Love that the steering is still tight and handles great. Engine has outperformed my expectations with the amount of miles I put on it. Best buy I ever made!

- Chad N

When it is full of equipment, my truck is heavy. This means it won't stop on a dime, so DON'T cut me off on the road.

My pickup is getting older, so it is starting to have some maintenance issues. I use it for work, and it's good for hauling the equipment I use. I love that it has the CD player still. The only thing I really dislike is the actual seats. The cloth material tends to get hair and stuff stuck in the fibers. Even vacuuming it out is difficult as the hairs don't want to come out of it.

- Janet H

Great truck! Bad electrical glitches.

My truck is durable and dependable. The only flaw is the auxiliary connection does not work. In my research it is apparently a highly likely issue. I wish it had more technological abilities. My in vehicle phone connection never works and starts calling or ringing in its own. It is seems to have some electronic glitches.

- Kathleen S

2010 GMC Sierra WT extended cab

Even with the flex fuel system the mileage isn't the best and it has a random electrical issue where all the electric systems will turn off for a moment then come back on. I personally wish I had a crew cab instead of the extended cab seeing as the back seat is not big enough for my family to fit comfortably

- Hunter L

Great truck and very reliable.

I have never had any mechanical issues with my truck. Runs great and gets 20 mpg on the highway. Rides really smooth. Only work that has been done on it is routine maintenance. The seats are very comfortable and pulls trailer really well. Only thing I would change is I would buy a crew cab.

- Corey B

What an annoying design flaw.

Love our truck. Its 10 yrs old and just replaced the battery (got our money's worth from that). No problems at all. The only thing that annoys me is that it always sound like a door is ajar. But they are all closed and locked. Maybe a design flaw?.Roomy enough, 18 mpg on the highway.

- April W

This truck is actually pretty decent on gas considering it is a truck.

This is a pretty nice truck if you ask me. It has enough room to be comfortable in. It is also pretty decent of gas for a truck. If you need to haul anything, rest assure, this truck can do that too. The only problem I have is the rod bearings seem to have gone out quite often.

- Perry M

The car gets pretty good gas mileage.

I really enjoy sitting up higher in the truck while driving; enjoy the music in the truck and like listening to audiobooks; really appreciate the gas mileage I receive. I do not like how wide it turns and how much space it takes up during parking. No major complaints really.

- Rita M

The truck is awesome but has a lot of issues.

Truck is very nice, unfortunately there are a lot of issue. Oil leak due to gasket, oil leaking into spark plugs, wheel bearing going out. There are other things wrong with it. Otherwise the truck is really nice great at towing, very roomy, seats 6, got good get up and go.

- Shanna E

That I would recommend it highly for a daily driver.

This is a smooth riding vehicle, gets good gas mileage for a truck, has onstar in case of emergency. Leather seats for comfort, lots of inside room tells me when I'm getting close to needing an oil change, tells me tire pressure in tires, has backup camera, no complaints.

- Marilyn H

The 2010 GMC four door quad cab pickup truck.

my GMC truck is quad cab is awesome, because it is roomy and has good get up and go. The only bad things are the cruise control don't work, and the and gas is real bad, it only gets about 14 miles per gallon. It has weathertech floor mats and a nice tonno cover too

- Julie F

Dependable & safe, keeps on running!

Very smooth driving car. Handles great in all weather. No mechanical issues, had it for 3 yrs. New tires, keep oil changed & tires rotated 6-8 times yearly. Fuel mileage is decent for older vehicle @ 23 mpg. Slightly less, of course, in the summer! That ac is great!

- Cj C

Great truck wont but nothing other than a GMC

Love my truck... super comfy never had a problem yet can't wait to drive my truck. It's been comply reliable since I've owned it and see a long future in this truck.. GMC has got wonderful trucks that are very family packed great work trucks also very reliable

- Dawn B

Reliable Comfortable Truck

It has been a Good reliable vehicle. I Have had no problems with it whatsoever. It is very roomy. It shifts a little hard other than that it's been a great ride. The bed is a little smaller than I would like, can't fit much back there. Doesn't tow well.

- April C

Recently i was in an accident where i hit a patch of water and skidded off the road... the truck stayed upright and we all walked away without a scratch... it is a very safe vehicle

I have a GMC Denali Sierra 1500... it is one of the most comfortable trucks i have ever owned or driven.. the main thing i don't like about it, is that it is not 4x4.. if it were i would never get rid of it. It is an amazing truck and i love my baby

- Grace V

The tire sensors wear out.

Our truck is about 8 years old. Some things that are broken are the tire sensors. The sensors tell us how much air pressure each tire has. The mechanical message won't go away unless we fix it.

- Megan H

Best vehicle I've owned for its purpose!

Love this vehicle very much! Use it all the time for work travel and leisure. It is used ALL the time for hauling, and towing my trailer for more hauling! Only complaint would be gas mileage.

- Steve g

There has been no mechanical issues.

I like that it holds everyone. It has good response to braking, and a complaint would be it needs better gas mileage. The bed of the truck is a great size for what we need.

- Sandra H

That it is very safe and reliable.

There is no front bench seat. That the truck runs on premium full. I like the fact how adjustable the drive and passenger seat are. Plus I really enjoy the heated seats.

- Caitlin I

That it is safe and reliable.

Its big and spacious, comfy and safer than a car. I dislike it doesn't have Bluetooth radio connection wireless. I cant connect iPhone like Pandora unless I connect usb.

- Dulce R

Great value and dependable.

I like that it's a GMC sierra great for hauling a comfortable ride great miles on the highway great work truck haven't had any problems with my truck.

- Rosa M

That It's not a car it is a truck it has what is called a cab. .

I had 110, 000 miles on the trucks engine when the trucks engine light came on. Not sure what the problem is with the truck. Truck runs great.

- William R

As far as trucks go, it's reliable and fun to drive.

It has a large engine and goes fast. It has enough room in the cab that my whole family fits. Its a truck and that's just awesome to me.

- Taryn W

Great 4×4 lots of power definitely recommend.

Great 4 wheel drive, shifts hard sometimes and I had to replace a wheel bearing when I first bought it. Gas mileage isn't very good.

- Greg s

The truck is very dependable and runs well.It is a good looking truck that I receive a lot of compliments on.

Had it for 8 years and never had any problems with it. I have only had to do general maintenance. Like having truck to haul things.

- joyce w

Very tough truck that handles rough terrain.

Very nice truck that handles very well in rough terrain. Very nice size for a big guy like me. Runs great and very nice style.

- Trampas C

That it runs great and has plenty of room for the kids.

I love this truck it runs great. Has plenty of room. The only problem is we have to keep replacing the headlights and tires.

- Lisa V

It is a good but not great value for the money.

Well, it has some issues with the oil, it basically consumes its oil quick so I have to keep an eye on that all the time!.

- Shawn G

This truck has a lot of power and can pull or haul almost anything I need.

I don't really have any complaints. I wish the mirrors would fold in electronically. I also wish it had a back up camera.

- Patrick W

Get style and ride nothing better than a GMC Sierra!

Nothing its perfect, ride style power it's everything you can want and more in a truck. You can't go wrong with a GMC.

- Cindy W

Overall Great Truck and very dependable

Burning oil for a bit, but other than that it has been a great truck, excellent ride, comfort, no other problems

- cyndi w

It is only had one owner and I have always taking it to the dealer for service.

No cover on the bed. (I need trunk space)... The center console has no lid and no option to switch that out..

- Kristina P

America made and feels safe while driving around other vehicles

Love how safe I feel with its size and use it for my family of 4. Works great for travel and hailing

- Tara S

He's built to last through any type of weather or terrain.

It's rugged, tough, spacious and dependable. No complaints. This is one of the best trucks!

- Earl J

That it is very fun to drive

Very dependable plenty of room very handy to own

- Scott M