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Good truck, but has annoyances

Overall a very reliable truck. It's the small things that bother me. When you first turn the truck on, there's 5 very loud chimes, unless you have your seatbelt on before even starting the vehicle. No way to turn that off. When you have the key turned on for accessories, but the engine not running, the bell goes off continuous if you open the driver's door. It's obnoxious, and there's no bell if the back doors are open, which would be more useful. That being said, it's a good reliable truck that hasn't had any problems in the 2 years I've owned it.

- Dave C

Good truck with limited downfalls.

In the four years that I have had my truck, it has been reliable. The only repairs have come from the multiple recalls and glitchy radio. After taking the truck in four times for the radio turning on and off and changing channels by itself, the dealer finally replaced my screen and radio console. The truck is great for small and medium hauls. I've used it to pull a travel trailer and it does good but has struggled at times. I average around 17 mpg on daily drives. Most of mine is short trips so I assume it could get close to 19 mpg on some trips.

- Kyle D

This vehicle was redesigned in 2014 and in certain places, the windshield post creates a blind spot when turning to the left.

My truck is a 4-door GMC Sierra 4x4 Z71. The truck has been a vehicle but has had a couple of recalls. The biggest problem that I have had with it happened this year when the air conditioner went out. The truck was 700 miles out of warranty and General Motors wanted $1,500 to replace all of the parts that they said was defective. After doing some research, I discovered that this was a common problem with this model of trucks. After several rounds with the dealership, they agreed to fix it if I would pay $550. I did and have no problems since.

- Andy A

Cruises down the road with style and reliability.

Love the way it performs in rural areas. It allows me to haul equipment and livestock. The gas mileage is good and it has features that keep me from being stranded. It also has enough interior space for my job and family and pets. This vehicle fits well with my lifestyle and meets my needs without much effort. It has also had little or no major issues which required expensive repairs. Basic maintenance is all it has required.

- Tony B

I like the short box easy to get around. The four doors I have so much room.

I like my truck! I like how it drives we have the leather cooled seats or heated. It is easy to drive. I love the features! Hands free phone! The backup camera really helps me in tight areas so I can see if kids or vehicles are behind me. This has been my favorite vehicle. Maybe down side and I know it is only for our safety the recalls!! Sometimes it is hard to get my truck in or find the time but I do make it happen.

- Kari M

Love taking this truck on long trips.

Its is a very reliable vehicle. We have hauled a trailer 4 times now over 600 miles and never had any problems. It rides nice and is very comfortable. Plenty of room to haul all of our stuff. Only issue we had is the transmission went out and had to replace. We bought the vehicle used and believe it was going out from the beginning. Other than that, it has been a great vehicle.

- Robin A

It a truck that likes to be used as a truck. No need to be afraid of using it as a Truck.

It's a really good truck. Rides nice with a full load in the back. Just started to tow with it and handles nice, the crew cab has nice leg room for people who are just over 6 ft tall.What I don't like is the front seat is too narrow, the front headlight in hi beam is too high ( meaning it shines up into the trees. and the grill spacing is to open it lets in all the leaves.

- Bill O

People probably would want to know about the gas mileage, and fuel stats.

I like my GMC sierra for its looks, inside and out. It is a shape looking truck with stylish appearances. I have done a lot of aftermarket stuff to my truck to make it custom to me. But I would drive a brand new one off the lot without adding anything to it and be completely satisfied. I recommend them for sure. There is not really anything I dislike about it honestly.

- Zach K

Hands down my favorite vehicle yet.

I love the look, feel, and handling. I am really impressed with my GMC sierra. It's a great truck that has great acceleration, smooth drive with great durability. The inside is designed perfectly. Lots of interior space. Amazing functions and technology that I use daily. Great exterior look. Plenty of space in the back and bed. The truck is the best vehicle I've owned.

- Spencer B

High tech black leather GMC sierra 1500.

I honestly haven't had any problems with it at all. It gets pretty good gas mileage, around 20-25 mpg. It is very reliable. The black leather interior is my favorite part. It has a back up camera and sensors. All electronic features. Touch screen radio. Bluetooth and USB cord options. Places for actual wall plugs to go in. Heated seats.

- Skyler S

It is a great truck. It helps you feel safe and it drives really well.

My truck is really nice. It is reliable and drives really well. It is safe and looks really nice. The only downside is it is not great on gas. The leather seats are really awesome. The air conditioner and heat work great. The heated seats is a great feature. Bluetooth compatibility is really neat. Has rearview mirrors that helps a lot.

- David B

I really appreciate the size of the back seat because I do have children.

The only thing I would change about my current vehicle is the lack of air conditioning vents in the back seat. It makes it very difficult in hot summers when you have children. There is enough room in the middle console for vents for the back seat, or even placing a couple on the ceiling to face down towards the back seats.

- Lauren O

Awesome stereo and luxury features.

I love the features in this truck. The Bose stereo system is amazing! It also has a heated steering wheel. Love the display, Bluetooth, diagnostics, OnStar, etc. It also has leather seats and lots of room inside. The seats go up and down easily in the back. The bed of the truck is a good size for hauling things.

- Tony R

Amazing comfort and reliability.

My 1500 GMC sierra is amazing. I have the black leather package. It came with a big screen in the dash. Included is the radio, Bluetooth, navigation, and ability to connect a phone for music. I love the space and comfort. There is plenty of storage and space in the truck, without it feeling too big and bulky.

- Lisa S

If your wanting a big truck just be prepared for the gas. It can get a kind of expensive even just driving to home and work.

I like that its very has a lot of room inside. I love that it is four doors. I have fallen in love with the reverse camera can't drive a vehicle anymore that doesn't have one. Also l like how everything in its automatic. So far I have no complaints and I've owned the vehicle for more than a year already.

- Brenda R

It's only 6 cylinder it has over 280 lean mean horsepower it does the work of a V8 but at a more affordable economical gas mileage

My GMC Sierra is a reliable, comfortable, powerful work truck as well as a comfortable reliable driving vehicle. I use it for a lot of odds and ends. I enjoy the comfort, I enjoy the look, and I enjoy the gas mileage I will keep upgrading to newer vehicles of this type of model I love Chevy products.

- jorge m

Pros and cons of owning a 2014 GMC sierra vehicle.

One problem my vehicle has is that once it hits 90k miles the transmission starts to fail and would need a replacement. Other than that everything works perfect and I love my vehicle. It runs great and it is very reliable to get you anywhere. It has many features and very comfortable for traveling.

- Erika G

Drive the quietest vehicle you'll ever own!

I like the external styling of my truck. I particularly like the fact that it is the quietest vehicle I have ever owned, bar none. That includes high end domestic and foreign cars and trucks. I like the stability and handling of the truck as well as the better than expected gas mileage.

- William T

Awesome truck that's reliable not like a ford.

Very reliable. Most important is safety features and how the trucks hold their value.The 4x4 works awesome in the snow and has been very reliable in deep snow. Crew cab is very spacious when we have all family members in vehicle. Holding their value is the most important behind safety.

- Kurt R

I love the heated seats! Makes it nice when it gets a little chilly.

It is an amazing reliable vehicle left I love the sense of safety while driving it, knowing if something happened we are in a solid vehicle. The turning radius is great! The back up camera is a feature that though took me a little to get used to, is now one I could not live without.

- Kat G

Other people don't need to know anything about my car. It's none of their concern.

Having a truck is convenient for taking dogs places, moving furniture, hauling around bikes and other sporting equipment, and it's comfortable on road trips. The only thing I don't like is that it was in a bad accident a couple of years ago and doesn't ride as smoothly since then.

- Melissa T

This truck is great for families that are looking for a lot of room for people and luggage transport.

I like that it's a newer model with better gas mileage than a lot of other trucks. It has a great built in NAV system and backup assistance features. It also comfortably seats 6 people which is great for travel. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a lot of towing capacity.

- Jason K

I love how the back seat, in the crew cab, lifts up.

I love the gas mileage this truck gets. Plus, the luxury of the interior is unbeatable. There is no cabin noise, which makes the ride very quiet. There is plenty of room for my 6’1” frame. I feel very safe having my 1 year old daughter riding along with me in her car seat.

- Nick S

Dependability and reliability

I love this truck! I have had almost no issues with it. I got 50,000 miles on the factory original brakes and rotors. I got 60,000 Miles on the factory original tires. I had to replace a few light bulbs at 60,000 miles and the air conditioning condenser needed to be replaced.

- David S

2014 GMC sierra slt personal review.

Pros: comfortable, spacious, good on gas, and reliable. Good looking truck. Gets lots of compliments. Not overly done design wise but very tasteful. Great highway miles and comfort. Cons: makes a ticking noise upon first start up. The noise goes away after about 20 seconds.

- Jose P

GMC is awesome get one right now.

Has great acceleration, fair gas mileage. Great looks, the interior is elegant, matches my style. Smooth riding. Quiet on the road. Muffler and exhaust pipe tend to rust prematurely. Great radio and navigation system. You really get what you pay for. I am a happy owner.

- Mark N

It is a fairly comfortable truck for the cost of the vehicle.

I have had multiple issues with my air conditioner over the past 3 years. Leather padded console did not wear well. Issues with road noise and vibrations. Decent file mileage. Sound system could be better. Air conditioner could get cooler. Tailgate lakes extra features.

- Chad C

Do not have anything good to say about my truck.

It has been a lots of recalls on my truck and some did not work when I was in a accident and I am glad I did not get hurt, I thank god, I paid cash for this truck if I had to do it all over again I would not buy this GMC I call the company and they did not do anything.

- Clara P

2014 GMC Sierra Denali 4X4

I love my 2014 GMC 1500 Denali pickup. It has a ton of room. The leather seats are very comfortable, it has all of the amenities you could ask for. The ride is smooth. The pearl white color is beautiful. I love all of the functions on the steering wheel as well.

- Sarah R

Its stylish and rides smooth my GMC will stand the test of time.

I have a GMC sierra 1500 it is a awesome truck. I love the technology in it its very tech savvy. I don't like the seats I feel the seats could have been of better quality. Also the back window going down should be standard. As well as more tech like beats sound.

- Jessica F

It has both heated and cooling seats.

Does not show if you are in 4 wheel drive or not. The Sirius XM antenna does not work. The truck is good on gas and has an electronic system to use less cylinders when it does not need as much power, which really helps. The bells and whistles are really nice.

- Brian V

I have had my truck in all kinds of situations and it has always done the job. It is made by a very good company that cares about Its customers.

I like driving my truck because it is comfortable and smooth riding. It has all the features I could ever want on it. It also gets better gas mileage than I thought it would. I also feel safer when I am driving it. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Jan W

Great truck for outdoors and work

At this time I have not had any issues. A great truck especially for people who have kids, very comfortable and enough space for your belongings. Interior looks modern, air works great, seats are wide and comfortable. I have had any problems with this truck

- Liz J

It takes a little bit of time to get used to maneuvering the larger size vehicle.

I love my truck. I use it for general homeowner tasks. It really comes in handy for picking up hardware and things like mulch. I have not ever regretted my choice. Even though it is a truck, it still is very comfortable and enjoyable to drive everyday.

- Wayne K

Love my GMC sierra 1500 sweetness of a petite pretty truck with a bigger engine.

No heated steering wheel and in Wyoming I'd rather have this than a/c seats in summer. Also 10 mins of remote start time is not enough even at twenty some minutes our windshields are still very frozen. Not near enough warm up time here in our cold winter.

- Mindy M

Comfort and style are number one with this truck while still being rugged enough to work

I like the space and comfort of the truck just wish the pedals moved towards you so I wasn't so close to the steering wheel when I'm driving as I'm short and the passenger seat needs lumbar support other than that it's a great truck!

- Kari R

It is very dependable, has never left me stranded.

Love the way it rides, it is very smooth. Also love the way it drives, always feel in control. Love the looks, I have received many compliments about what a great looking truck it is. Wish I didn't have so many miles on it.

- William P

That it's made well and it's worth what I'm paying for it.

I love this truck it's roomy, classy and very comfortable. I especially like the color and how smooth it is to drive. Lastly It's very dependable and I don't have to ask friends or family to haul anything for me.

- Mary G

Very nice truck, but no nav

Truck rides like a Cadillac. Love the interior. There is plenty of room inside and in bed. The only problem I have with it is that there is no navigation unless you want to pay$35/month for on star nav.

- Jeremy D

It has a heated steering wheel!

I love everything about it. I love the heated steering wheel and the Bose stereo system. I love that it has room for 6 people and I can haul anything at anytime. It also has a great backup camera.

- Tonya B

It is a full sized truck even being a 1/2 ton with it being a crew cab it feels big and has plenty of comfort to go along with

I have a crew cab which was a must for my family, we can easily fit 6 people and go on long rides while I bought it used it was a CPO so this thing is like brand new with so many comforts.

- Kari D

The gas mileage is very good.

I enjoy its comfortable ride. I enjoy the options/accessories. I do not like the 4cyl fuel saver mode. I have had 2 mechanical failures of a torque converter and air conditioner condenser.

- Wayne L

The gas mileage is better than you would expect for a truck.

I like the power it has. The room of the cabin is great. Gas mileage for a truck is not bad. There is nothing that I dislike about the truck. It has met all of my expectations.

- Shawn K

That it switches from economy fuel to v8 on its own.

I am very happy with my truck overall. I would like it if I could control my phone directly from my touch screen console. The newer models have changed the stuff I disliked.

- Amanda S

It has common issues with a few years.

It rides smooth. It is very nice. The achas gone out on it already. The check engine light has already come on. It makes a weird popping noise when the suspension is flexed.

- Matt M

The GMC Sierra connects to my smartphone.

My GMC sierra is a very reliable car. Runs very smoothly. It has the a lot of feature of a luxury car. However no navigation system. It gives me great mileage per galón.

- Yesica S

This truck is a smooth ride that drives as well as it looks.

I like the smooth ride and roomy size of my vehicle. It also looks really nice and sleek, inside and out. My only complaint is the numerous recalls and repairs.

- Charlsey G

Good Vehicle Just One issue

The AC line had a recall and had to be replaced cost was $95 for a bracket. Other than that it drives well, quiet, smooth, and is comfortable seating.

- ryan s

The truck has good power and great gas mileage. It comes with good standard features.

The truck is reliable. It gets decent gas mileage. The cab is big enough for the whole family. The truck comes with good tech and is fun to drive.

- Shon K

GM trucks are great for towing and also great for gas mileage .

2014 GMC is great so far no problems. Flaws for me ar the variable engine drops from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders. Comfort and ride are next to none

- Jonathan M

It drives really smoothly. I have never had any troubles driving it.

I like the color and how it drives. I wish that it was a little more spacious and that it had a CD player and GPS. All in all, it's a good truck.

- Megan C

Great car and great gas mileage and very roomy trunk.

I like that my vehicle is convenient during travel. My kids have enough space for themselves. I do not like that my fabric seats stain easily.

- Laura B

Very large car. Hard to jump into.

Bluetooth is great for trying to get ahold of family while I am the road. Back up camera is also great for seeing how close to other vehicle.

- Victoria W

How smoothly it drives in all weather.

The interior of the truck is great and rides very smoothly which makes riding long distance very comfortable. Has all the accessories I need.

- Trevor D

that it has a lot of space inside.

My truck is very smooth riding. it is great on gas, has lots of cargo room. Great for hauling a trailer. it has plenty of passenger space.

- don H

It is a great truck and has lasted a long time.

It's very roomy. It's powerful. It's beautiful. It has the back where we can haul things it sits up off the ground and it is powerful.

- Rachel B

it has a backup camera on the truck.

i have had 17 recalled on the truck, the truck went out of w wrt, and the air compressor went out. , it get very poor gas mileage,

- keven M

Chris's reviews of 2014 GMC

It really drives smooth and so far has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. The personal space in the truck is amazing

- Chris T

How well it performs and drives.

I like the body and build of the vehicle. I like the interior and design. I also like the safety features. I have no complaints.

- Kyle B

The LED lights, the color and the tailgate drops and closes with ease.

She's a beauty! Never any issues and real smooth riding. I get compliments daily! Oil changes are pricey but expected

- nichole e

It is family friendly for a truck.

Good on gas, roomy, stylish and able to carry a variety of sizes and load weights. Feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Sheryl B

GMC trucks are reliable and offer a comfortable ride.

I love the comfortable interior of my truck. The multi media is very easy to use. GMC trucks are very reliable.

- John F

No complaints really. I love my truck, the husband doesn't like it so much, because it's jacked up, which he did after we got it HA!

My truck is Awesome!! It handles great, it's big doesn't make me feel like I'm gonna get ran over out there.

- Tiffany F

Why I love my GMC SIERRA 1500

no issues, excellent vehicle comfortable, reliable, good looking good fuel efficiency good cargo capacity

- Howard K

Well rated for crash safety and comfortable ride and plenty of room.

I do not dislike anything about it. It is a very nice truck. Plenty of room and comfortable. That is all.

- Tyler A

The lift kit has to be the best part

2014 4x4 GMC Sierra with a 6 inch suspension lift and 35 inch tires with 20 inch rims and fender flares

- Preston D

It looks good. It is also good to pull our boat with.

It gets good gas mileage. It's roomy and comfortable even the back seat. It is good to take trips in.

- Rosella C

it gets good gas mileage in town and on the highway

it is very roomy on the inside. it had comfy seats. it has towing capacity, and lots of cargo room

- karen K

This truck has a lot of power for a gasoline engine.

Love the power. Looks nice. Back seat is hard to get in and out of. Entertainment system is nice.

- Laura S

It's simple...no bells or whistles

I feel it is very sturdy and we'll made. It is easy to service and clean. It does not ride well

- Jarod l

i keep the oil clean. i wash the truck. i always have gas in it.

i like games. spending time with family. going fishing with family. going camping with family.

- tony P

It's a fun truck to drive in. Its great for towing.

I enjoy how the feel of the drive. I enjoy the truck bed. Its east to carry things around.

- Fernando R

Great build. Sturdy 4 wheel drive

It is big. Sturdy base and excellent gas mileage. Fits the family and everything

- Heather D

Smooth riding,runs good,handling is great.good color and hue.

Plenty of power,speed,size, rides smoothly. Good gas mileage. Has a nice look.

- Mark L

It's a Crew-cab pickup truck. And it has a hybrid engine.

I like the style. I like the dependability. And I like the gadgets.

- charles s

Love the 4x4 I will never go back

I love my truck . But i wish I had power steps. Plus bigger mirrors

- Mantra f

I guess the fact that even though it's a truck, it drive better than most cars

It's a well built fun truck to drive that has everything I want

- Patrick C

His power, the engine of my truck is strong

Dislike the size, sometimes is difficult park in some places

- Christian C

It is a good running truck that looks sharp and is roomy.

Love it. It is roomy. It rides good. It sits up high.

- Ernie B

Backup camera us the best!

- Mae B