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Great for moms with kids that play multiple sports.

I love my car. I bought it used with low miles. It is great I love everything about it. The only issue I have had is the backup camera. I have two children and it has enough room for all 4 of us. We travel a lot playing sports. It has enough room for all the equipment and chairs and tent. I have heated and air conditioning seats and they are awesome. We also have the DVD player in the car which helps with long ride. Keeps the kids entertained. I haven't had any really big issues with the car. It is been the best purchase for our needs. I can also haul a trailer if I need to and it pulls it with no problem. I love that it has a v8 motor. Has a lot of pick up and go!! Best thing we ever did was buy this SUV.

- Cristy W

It's all beauty and no brains

This is my second GMC Yukon XL. I loved my first one and kept it 11 years. This one - not so much. It's just not "short person" friendly, has extremely limited storage space in the front for purses, etc., has no place to put a phone on a magnet for hands-free, always has some electronic thing going wrong (eg back auto-lift door is no longer auto-lift and costs a fortune to repair), when you accelerate it is VERY slow to respond and then JERKS (I HATE THAT!), and so on. Makes me never want to buy this model again, though I SO loved my first one.

- Cynthia S

Reliable and spacious vehicle.

My Yukon xl has been a great asset. The third row is spacious enough for my teenage son who is 6 feet tall. The cargo space/truck has plenty of room even with all three rows in use. The vehicle has been reliable with no major issues. I have had one issue with the drivers door not locking with the remote, however, it has not been taken to be looked at or repaired. The driver must use care in looking for oncoming traffic as there are some blind spots. The back up camera has a grainy look especially at night making it hard to see.

- Mary M

Yukon 2015 is a great family car.

I have only had this car for 4 months. It is a beauty, but it does lack power compared with the Escalade I had previously. This is an ultimate family car if you just can't face a minivan. There is third row seat, not electric, they folds flat, you don't have to take them out to use the "trunk"/3rd row seat area. The tail lights are fairly expensive compared to others I have had. Disappointing since my other vehicles have been "luxury " but more affordable. Over all I love it.

- Amanda M

Reliable spacious vehicle.

The Yukon xl has been a reliable and useful vehicle. The extra space is great for travel, shopping, kids in sports and space for kids all around. Gas mileage is not great, however for a large vehicle that is to be expected. After 3 years I am experiencing some issues with the drivers side lock not working, however I have yet to have it looked at by a professional. I have had no other issues with this vehicle and have been very pleased with the comfort, style and performance.

- Mary S

GMC Yukon: our smartest car buy.

The 2015 GMC Yukon is our main vehicle. I love the smooth ride and comfortable interior. The seats are at a prime height which makes getting out of the vehicle easy-not a huge step down to the ground. B. The back ‘trunk’ area is spacious to carry purchases and also utilize the third row seating. Our dash has features to choose such as average gas mileage, digital speed. I can also quickly access car diagnostics. We are extremely happy with our GMC Yukon.

- Jennifer M

Great gas mileage for an SUV!

My Yukon is the best car I have ever owned. There are many features that help you drive! The cruise control is spot on, driver assist is effective in incremental weather. The fold down 3rd row is easy to move up and down. It's easy to set up hands free and other voice commands. The 3.0L engine is fuel efficient. I get up to 22 mpg highway driving and 18-20 mpg in city. It's also great for towing boat or rental trailers. I highly recommend this SUV!

- Mikel G

A perfect dependable vehicle for large families.

I have 4 children and this car is not only comfortable traveling around town, but has also been great to travel across the country in multiple times. It gets relatively good gas mileage for its size and turns well for the size too. The back up camera and sensors make it really easy to maneuver in city parking lots/spaces. The navigation system is really easy to use. In 4+ years and nearly 65,000 miles, this car has had no issues at all.

- Jessica M

Would recommend this vehicle to anyone shopping for an SUV.

Smooth ride with luxury features. Roomy for first and second row but third seats are tight. Wouldn't be tough for anyone with longer legs or above average size to fit comfortably for short trips, long trips would very uncomfortable. Gas mileage is not the best but really wasn't a surprise since it is a large SUV. Car came with a free Siriusxm trial which we converted to a paid subscription. We would definitely recommend this car!

- Victoria Z

looks awesome, reliable and SAFE, but small things have gone wrong

It is super safe and reliable and looks AWESOME. Sometimes the moon roof won't work, a seat belt has broke already (being two years old and a safety issue I thought that was ridiculous), the rear view mirror inside has a broken cover I cannot get back on!!!, the back of the passenger seat broke off and had to be screwed back in, the a/c went completely out but of all things at least that $1200 deal was covered by warranty.

- Katie H

It is a great family car- that is, its has plenty of space, is comfortable and safe.

I love the fact that it is spacious has a large trunk because we have two young children and a lot of stuff to take from place to place. It is very comfortable to ride in, especially for long road trips. It is also a great looking vehicle with nice safety features and has many conveniences for the driver. I do not have any complaints and would absolutely purchase this vehicle again!

- Amy T

It has an awesome radio. Get go for a drive without good music.

It is a great vehicle. There plenty of room. The seats are comfortable. It has a good radio that always important. It is starts right up even in the cold. Gas mileage is not good. It rides real smooth. I haven't a lot of maintenance problems. It is good in bad weather. It has good traction so I do not slide all over the road. It has a good heating and cooling system.

- Patty F

GMC Yukon is a great riding SUV.

It is a very roomy vehicle there are 6 people in my family it fits all of us comfortably. My only complaint and the leather seats have a tendency to crack and break split other than that this vehicle is the perfect vehicle for a large family. This vehicle drives very well it handles the road very well and you feel like you are a literally riding on a cloud.

- Linda M

Safety features side air bags as well as front heated seats and air conditioned.

Rides well good handling looks good driving down the road so far trouble free heated seats front and rear air conditioning front and rear cameras has a lot of extras display on windshield while driving down the road really enjoy captains seats very roomy lots of legroom in the second row also has a control panel in the middle row Bose speakers com radio.

- Simon B

Review of 2015 GMC Yukon Denali.

I love the style and comfort of the Yukon. It fits my family of 5 perfectly. Issues with the Yukon have been mainly with the air conditioning. We had to replace the condenser and compressor within months of one another. Other issues have been with the steering, it clicks when it turns but is not a safety concern According to the mechanics.

- Becky W

The GMC Yukon, Yukon love this vehicle

I love my SUV! I have the Denali line, and the interior if plush and comfortable. The reliability and convenience of a truck/large SUV, but the comfort of a high end car. I have had a few minor issues, which have been easy fixes--but expensive. New tail light was $800, and the struts went out recently and cost another $600 to fix.

- Stephanie A

Love my 2015 GMC Yukon slt AWD.

I love the features in my car. Entertainment center for my kids, heated/air conditioned seats, and the overall look of the car as well. The only issues I have had was a recall for a computer updated, but otherwise no other concerns. I drive a lot for my job and with my kids activities, so having a car that I enjoy driving is great.

- Sarah M

Blind spot detector is my very favorite option on my Yukon.

I love my 2015 Yukon xl. It has not given me any problems and I love all of the options it offers. The large back end is wonderful when traveling. The best feature is the blind spot indicator. It lets me know when it is safe to go back into my lane while passing and lets me know if someone is driving beside me.

- Monica T

Wonderful GMC Yukon xl Denali.

Very comfortable, dual DVD players, fast, strong, beautiful color, heated and cooled seats, GPS, DVD, CD, radio, satellite, 3 rd. row., system to protect you from hitting curbs, someone getting close to you by seat vibration and icon on dash, leather, speed warning, pad phone charger, USB ports, 12 volt ports,

- Kris K

Roomy, comfortable, reliable, safe.

Gas mileage low, but power is great. Good maneuverability, good view. Hard to wash, and pricey. Feel very safe behind the wheel, insurance coverage average, very comfy on long trips. Wish it came in better colors. Is a bit tall to transport elderly family members, but can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Karen P

Good fuel economy but cramped third row suitable only for kids!

I do not like that the vehicle does not have Apple Carplay or Android Auto, but the model one year newer does. I don't like that the space in the third row is tight and really only suitable for small children. I like the ride height and the fuel economy is not bad for such a large heavy vehicle.

- Denise G

I love my Yukon! Great color and great sound system.

My Yukon is very roomy and comfortable. I love the heated seats and cargo space. The only problem I have had is a front sensor going out. It is very reliable. I love the easy positioning of the second and third row seats. I really enjoy the touch options available on the steering wheel.

- Deborah S

Great vehicle- on 2nd Yukon and plan to buy a 3rd.

Great reliable vehicle; comfortable for taller drivers. Smooth, steady ride on the highways. Very good sound system. Great reliable vehicle; comfortable for taller drivers. Smooth, steady ride on the highways. Very good sound system. Dealership service is professional and consistent.

- Tim M

The rear electric fold down seats are amazing, absolutely favorite feature.

Love 3rd row push button electric fold seats. Love roomy interior. Love blind spot alert in side mirrors. Only complaint is the back compartment that is built into the floor is off the hinges. It was repaired at the dealership but broke immediately...not that big of an issue though.

- Jenny C

The great ride of a Yukon.

The best reliable vehicle anyone can own. I love that it fits our whole family. Has all the upgrades needed for a large family. The seats are very comfortable. The ride is smooth. It also includes OnStar and navigation to help get us places. It's a great vehicle to travel in.

- Krystal R

This SUV is a beast of a vehicle- in all the good ways!

There is nothing about this car that I do not love! Gets great gas mileage. Has an excellent towing package. Very comfortable and spacious. Drives well. It is a beautiful color (bronze alloy metallic). Most importantly, my family is protected and I feel safe being in the car!

- Lisa W

!I love my Yukon Denali!!

Slight problem with connectivity of right taillight. Other than that I love this car. Great size, power when I need it, and economic when I need it. I am able to pull trailers or clean it up and use it for outings and still look nice. I plan on keeping it for several years.

- Lauren H

This vehicle has lots of safety features. The driver seat will vibrate when the vehicle drifts into other lanes or off the road.

I really love my vehicle. It has tons of storage and room for 7 passengers. I love that the third row seats are push button controlled. There is ample leg room in all areas of the vehicle. The only thing I don't like is the amount of drink holders there are in the Yukon.

- Angela A

A busy, working mom's perspective.

The ride is rough. The inside is comfortable. There is a lot of room for passengers. There is ample space in the back for cargo. It would be nice if there was a something in the back that would prevent cargo or groceries from falling out when you open the rear door.

- Carrie C

I love my Yukon xl! Best fit for my family! So roomy for my three kids.

I love my car. I have had some issues with it, but I still love it. The a/c needed replacement, however it was covered under warranty. The front light and back tail light went out, and are too expensive to replace. But, overall, this car is so fun to own and drive.

- Beckie K

Interior wall outlet for passengers. Multiple USB ports throughout the car.

Great SUV overall. Love the size and horsepower. Would certainly buy another one in the future. Has a lot of interior room for driver and passengers. Best feature is the outlet. This allows passengers to work on computers, iPad..Etc while traveling long distances.

- Marcus T

Great vehicle, has had a few repair needs. It costs $800 to replace a taillight!

I really like my car, but I purchased it specifically because in has a towing package and I have had problems that have needed repairs after towing our travel trailer. I also wish it had more cargo room. however, it drives smoothly and I like the leather inferior.

- Sarah P

It pulls a horse trailer great!

Really love this vehicle! I do not have many complaints so far. The headlights had to be replaced because stock were too dim and it does have a blind spot but what SUV does not? It is super comfy and smooth I also pull a horse trailer with it and pulls great!

- Candice R

The safety features are excellent.

Yukon XL is extremely accommodating. Spacious in every area to the cargo space, aisle between the middle row, storage spaces, the space is endless. Drives very smooth and the safety features make you feel very safe while driving or riding.

- Katie W

2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali - worth the space and size!

At first we thought the car was comically big, but we have used every square inch. It's a great car that we bought used but drives very smoothly and is very comfortable. Once you get a hang of the size, it's pretty easy to maneuver.

- Lilian M

I was worried that the yukon would be too big for me to drive daily but in reality, it doesn't feel too big.

My yukon is very spacious on the inside. There's plenty of room in the middle row for 2 car seats and 1 adult to be very comfortable. The technology is great as well. All the vehicle information is accessible on the dashboard.

- Jorden B

I feel safe in my car and the backup cameras and parking assist notifications make it easy to drive.

I love the size of the interior, the height of the car, the various USB ports so my kids can all charge devices. I dislike the cost to repair and wish there was a console to control radio for the people in the 2nd row.

- Molly K

It is very room and easy to drive.

I dislike that we are having issues with the screen already. I also dislike that we have to use more expensive oil. I don't like that you can't put a cover on the back of the seats so now one is scratched up.

- Jenilee L

It drives well and is reliable.

I like how roomy if is. And that it has lots of USB plugs. My complaint is that when they changed the body style the quality went down and things feel a little cheaper. The seats are not as well made.

- Tiffany G

The sensors on it is amazing.

I absolutely love my SUV. It drives smooth, it is very roomy, backup camera is amazing, tells me the weather, kids love the TV & I love that I can still listen to the radio. Stylish inside & out.

- Kristin N

Drives like a car and not like a truck and it is really big but doesn't make it difficult to maneuver.

Big, holds and carries everything I need, including a big dog. Drives like a car and not like a truck. Comfortable on long drives. Wish we had gotten leather seats, otherwise it is perfect.

- Barb W

I think its the fuel economy. Most people would think that a big car eats tons of fuel but I love that it takes regular gas and turns off the cylinders so it's actually pretty economical.

I love that it has lots of room! It's also easy to drive with all of the technology (lane assist, park assist etc). I also love the cylinder deactivation and it saves me money on gas!

- Darcy B

Safety ratings are most important thing to keep my family safely travelling.

I like most everything about this vehicle. The only complaint is that the cup holders on second row are in the door. If there's a drink and the door is opened or closed it often spills.

- Kelly G

Perfect family car! We needed extra space and this definitely provides that without making me fit into the mom car category 😂

Great family car! It has met and exceeded all of our needs. It is able to pull trailers, boats, etc and never has an issue. I would buy my car again in a heartbeat! Absolutely love it!

- Alli E

It ducks. Do not waste your money. Buy a Nissan.

Good size for our family, lots of space. Drives smooth and love the comfy heated/cooled seats. The pedals will not move anymore, was broke when we bought it used from previous owner.

- Jamie J

Love the heated and cooled front seats

Very comfortable, good ride, lots of safety features, easy to navigate and tows well. We have heat/air conditioning issues. There isn't a lot of different in a 10 degree change.

- Trinda F

It fits my entire family comfortably! We can vacation and everyone plus everyone's stuff fits with no problem.

I love how much room my vehicle has. I like the ease of letting down the seats for more room. I dislike that my window guards are not very sturdy and pop off from time to time.

- Kathryn S

It is a very good hauling vehicle

I like my vehicle because it is spacious I like my vehicle because it can haul a lot of items I like my vehicle because it is durable I like my vehicle because it tough

- tony h

That it can haul a 7 grown adults in comfort.

Bought it used and it is had one problem after another. . . From fuel injectors leaking, non working rear hatch, frozen touch screen, and broken console latch.

- Amy P

That it is very Kidman, and can go anywhere.

I have a huge Yukon, it is lifted 8 inches and is a beautiful black color. It has a lot of power for being the vehicle it is and everyone can ride in comfort.

- Crystal b

The room that. Is available.

There are not too many things that I do not like about the car. The gas mileage might be the one downfall but overall it is not as bad as your would think.

- Justin P

That its roomy and has a lot of cool features.

I like it because it fits my family and has a lot of features. I wished it got better gas mileage. I wish I could afford the electric version of my Yukon.

- Robin J

It gets great miles for the gas i put in and the gas consumption is pretty good.

I actually love my vehicle. it is very roomy , it gets great mileage. If i let the seats down i can carry large items. i like taking it on long distances

- del s

It is perfect for what we need it for!

I love my car, just do not like how everything slides on the carpet in the back. Light carpet shows more stains. Other than that, I am very happy.

- Lauren C

Yukon XL is terrific. Great hauling and towing capacity while providing reasonable gas mileage and a comfortable ride.

No issues. Runs well and when cruising the engine drops to 4 cylinders thus contributing to 22 mpg. Very spacious with great towing capacity.

- Thomas C

Seats vibrate when go out of lane.

Nice ride, some issues that should not have happened at 48k miles. Reliable. 2 TV, DVD, Wifi, xm. Do not like the adaptive cruise control.

- Heather F

That you get more car for less money.

I love the roominess. I love the look. I dislike the gas mileage and how hard it is to park. I also love how well it handles when driving.

- Jan J

I love that it is very spacious. It has a rear camera and side sensors. I have a full middle and back row which allows for many road trips.

The one problem that I have it that the front sensors are too sensitive. I have brought it in many times but still cannot her it fixed.

- Thuy C

Enjoy driving this beautiful, safe ride!

It has wonderful safety features, is a comfortable ride, it is large enough to feel safe, gas mileage has improved from previous years.

- Jeanne M

You feel so safe inside with all the space and airbags

I love the space in my Yukon xl. It drives so smooth. I love the updated features. There isn't really anything I could complain about.

- Heather L

I feel that my car is very safe. It has many safety features and is also a big car so that makes me feel safer.

I love the navigation system, and safety features. I dislike the loss in cargo space not being able to take out the third row seats.

- Tammy k

It has lots of great safety features.

Car drives great, lots of space. Only issue encountered is with air conditioning and heating system which does not work properly.

- Toni F

Epitome of class and comfort

I absolutely love this vehicle. It's extremely comfortable to drive and has all of the amenities our family could possibly need.

- Verena T

Heads up displays show your speed, directions, radio station, w/o looking down.

Love the hood and ac seats. Love the lane assist. Love the interior. We would get the xl if we got a new one in the future.

- Misty S

Great car and is very comfortable

It's a great car and will definitely not break down on you. During road trips and stuff like that it' is very comfortable

- Rob G

It is comfortable and roomy. Its seats 7 and is 0quirt

The Yukon has luxury and practicality all in one. The miles per gallon for fuel is decent and it is robust and resilient.

- Kim K

It is perfect! It is the perfect size and is very enjoyable to drive!

I have had zero problems! It drives great and is very reliable. It has a ton of top end features and is very comfortable.

- Kaylene F

My car is reliable and does the work for essential things like going from point A to point B

I don't like the poor fuel efficiency on my vehicle, however I like the space inside and the overall look of the vehicle

- Christopher P

It is roomy and safe for families.

I love my car! It is roomy enough to fit all of my stuff and our kids. No complaints as it fits the needs of my family.

- Kari L

Large space, lots of room.

Very comfortable road vehicle, large enough for all daily and travel needs, ease of space for kids to move seats

- Pam K

It has so much room inside! It is perfect for a family!

I love the room it has in it and the way it rides. My kids love the dual TVs. I wish it had auto dim headlights.

- Laken F

It is very reliable and comfortable for long family road trips.

I love my gmc yukon. It is very reliable gas is great i love my remote start. My family fits in it perfectly.

- Tiffany V

This is the best family car ever!

I love how roomy and comfortable my car is. It is a safe vehicle and very reliable. I have had no problems.

- Ketrina H

2015 Yukon. Excellent vehicle

Absolutely love the space and gas mileage. I would change the tech features and add more plugs for charging.

- Aqueta C


1500 XL Denali, very nice and comfortable. All features such as GPS, DVD, Heated and cooled seats, 3rd row.

- Krisstina K

It's an absolute beast and it has a lot of power for being so big!

It's a big black lifted Yukon and he is just a flat beast! I love it and I have no complaints whatsoever!

- Crystal L

It drives smooth on the roads.

It drives smooth. Good space in the back. Nice radio and speakers. It has a bad blind spot while driving.

- Katie F

Very comfortable for long drives.

Real roomy get for traveling has a lot of safety features there is nothing I dislike about this car.

- Karen P

The good gas mileage and the comfort of driving it.

I like the v8 dropping to a v4. It gets great gas mileage. It is roomy and comfortable

- Connie F

The adaptive cruise control cannot be turned off and will slam on brakes at corners even if there isn't a car in front of you in your lane.

I really enjoy this car. It has many features I find useful, and is very intuitive.

- Holly L




It takes as lot of gas and money to have a truck

The trunk isn't big enough for the storage like groceries for a big family

- Davida S

Lots of room. Beautiful interior. Drives smoothly.

It is a gorgeous pearl white. It has tons of room. Excellent drivetrain

- Tyson L

I love my Yukon. It is such a smooth ride. I have so much space for my baby's car seat and other items. Most importantly I feel safe.

The Yukon is an excellent family vehicle. There is plenty of space.

- Delaney R

- Andrea A

Happy with gmc yukon xl. Very safe, comfortable & plenty of room for road trips!

- Tracy T