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The vehicle is great for long road trips.

There have been a few problems with the transmission. The vehicle has had to be taken in for service because the car had started shaking when turning it on. Reliability and performance are otherwise great. The vehicle is so comfortable with the 3 rows and the 2 seats upfront are very comfy. The features are great, the vehicle has been owned for 2 years and I am still finding new features today. The technology is great along with safety features.

- Paula L

Best vehicle for a large family!

Love how smoothly it drives. I have 3 kids that love the 2 TVs and the headphones that came with the truck. There is so many features. Back up camera, the seats vibrate when getting too close to another vehicle or when you cross over the yellow line. I can Bluetooth all my music from my phone. Heated and cooled front seats, heated second row seats. Love the GPS, really helps in long trips. Sunroof, lots of space in the back cargo!

- Ally L

We chose this model for the 2 captains chairs in the 2nd row so that it would be easier to access the 3rd row with 2 car seats installed.

I have really enjoyed the Yukon SUV. It has a nice intelligent & interactive screen that controls the Navigation and Radio. I like that it can control Pandora radio right from the screen, but with that being said it sometimes glitches with connecting to Pandora. I am not sure if that has to do with the car system or my phone. I really enjoy the hands free calling and voice commands. It keeps me hands free while driving.

- Elizabeth W

Stay away - do not purchase.

My Yukon Denali xl has been in and out of the shop since we bought it. We've had so many issues with it, ranging from minor to major, that it would be impossible to list them all. At first I thought we just got a lemon, however, after many google searches, I have learned that I am not the only one to encounter such issues. I cannot wait to get rid of this thing!

- Paula N

Big SUV with not really any complaints.

The Yukon xl has been a great vehicle for our family. We like the entertainment system. Only complaint on that is DVD volume is not as loud as regular volume. Like safety of bigger SUV. Have only had minor problems but nothing to complain about. Have bought same car twice in a row. Big enough for kids and friends and comfortable when on vacation.

- Katie W

2016 GMC Yukon sle. My most favorite vehicle I have owned.

I love my Yukon. It has everything I need and more. It is perfect for traveling. We have plenty of room to pack all of our things. It is a 4wd. We use it to pull jet skis and side by sides/4-wheelers. It has plenty of power. We can sit in the back seat and watch movies on long trips. It is gets decent gas mileage for a vehicle it is size.

- A M

GMC Yukon. Highly recommend.

I have a GMC Yukon. It is the perfect family car. Has blind side detectors, bucket middle row, rear view camera. Every safety and security feature you could imagine. It seats 7 comfortably. Has entertainment package. Features grow with the family. Highly recommend to anyone that wants a bigger family vehicle that is not a minivan.

- Amy B

I love the three row seating!

I love my Yukon because of it is performance, reliability, comfort and features also because it rides like a dream I would not trade it for anything I also. Love it for the size and travel capacity that it has and. Possess vehicles like the Yukon are great for road trips I have had it for 2 years and not had one bit of trouble.

- Jordan M

Safe, reliable, cozy ride! Best car ever.

I love my car, I do not think I can complain about any problems as GMC has taken care of all recalls. It performs perfect for my lifestyle! Easy to get in and out of with kids. It is never giving me any problems so it is 100% reliable. It is very comfortable and super safe for my kids! Easy to haul things with plenty of room.

- Crystal B

If you want to haul something biggish, you can! You can remove the entire third row and still have room for 4 passengers.

I like my Yukon Denali because I it has third row seating that is easily removable. I love the spacious interior, but the vehicle itself is big so I never try to parallel park anywhere and I'm nervous about parking close to people at the store. And it is a gas guzzler lol but I do love the space. Nicest vehicle I ever owned.

- Andrea G

Safe and reliable 8 passenger SUV.

I feel safe driving my Yukon xl. It is roomy and comfortable, even in the third seat. Some features that I love are the “secret” compartment in the dashboard, the small storage area under the middle seat in the back seat, and the extended storage area in the back. This is my second GMC Yukon xl, and I would buy another.

- Nina M

2016 GMC Yukon xl Denali! Family road-trip and daily driving vehicle!

Fabulous family vehicle. Performs great on the highway, and is super comfortable, with lots of amenities. Smooth ride, with excellent power! Great for towing, as well. Wish the back road was roomier and easier to get into, and have had a few electrical issues with the dash components, but thrilled with the vehicle otherwise.

- Nicole S

Comfortable, reliable, luxurious without the extra cost!

For the price point the car has been very reliable and it is comfortable. Maintenance has been easy. I drive it daily, tire replacement has been costly. Recently upgraded to more efficient tires than what originally came on the car. Gas mileage is as expected with an SUV. It is comfortable and has been great for road trips!

- Christine W

How much I love GMC brand.

2016 GMC Yukon is very stylish and comfortable. Problems I have had is the brake lights going out. But was able to take to dealership to have them fixed. GMC is constantly staying up with latest technology, performance and style. Love that's it made in the USA and would by another GMC in the near future.

- trina V

Automatic brights & automatic trunk open and shut sensor with foot.

I love it overall. Only complaint is that the seats are not very comfortable. The front seats are okay/doable, but the second and third row are pretty miserable. My children are in car seats so it is not a big deal just yet. But once they're actually sitting we will probably choose a different vehicle.

- Ashley N

My GMC Denali has a Bose stereo system. I love it!! Music is my life.

I love my GMC Denali. It is incredible in every way. The interior is not only beautiful it is comfortable. It has automatic 4 wheel drive. It is the perfect SUV. The only problem it will turn off while driving and is very dangerous. I have sent it to every garage possible and nothing fixes it.

- Tracy Z

The Yukon luxuries from a girl scout leader.

My Yukon has so many nice features. I love driving it. The backup camera comes in handy with the long vehicle. The sound system is great. The comfort systems in the car are great, especially the a/c and seat warmers. The console has a phone charger built in to the pad that is very convenient.

- Carol M

It is capable of going to 4x4 automatically. Can help you stay in your lane while driving.

Very nice ride. We have dual tv screens but has to play the same movie on both screens. Retractable running boards which gives the car an extra added feature. I have dark interior which I will always have now b/c if something is spilled you will not be able to tell that big of a difference.

- Lindy B

Spacious large SUV that provides enough room for a family of 4 plus a large dog.

I have zero problems with my vehicle. The car is trustworthy and dependable. It is comfortable and spacious. It fits a family of 4 with a large dog. If our family were to ever extend we would purchase the Yukon XL for the added trunk space. The captains chairs in the second row are a must.

- Elizabeth Z

2016 Yukon xl Denali is stunning!

The Yukon xl Denali is a fabulous vehicle. The amenities and extras are mind-boggling and add great comfort and peace of mind when behind the wheel. With 5 kids, the entertainment center has been a huge bonus. The kids are comfortable, with plenty of room for car seats and all their gear.

- Katie C

My GMC Yukon- a great SUV!

Love my Yukon, plenty of space for a large family of 5. Comfortable seats with bucket seating in the center row. Great suv for family vacations and extended car trips. Not too bad on gas mileage either on the highway. Great engine pickup for accelerating too. overall a great vehicle

- sharon m

My GMC Yukon Denali is a wonderful vehicle.

I love my Yukon Denali! It is powerful, comfortable and reliable. I love the heated and air conditioned seats. It has Apple carplay and syncs with my cell phone so I can make and receive calls hands free. The engine is very powerful and aggressive. I'd definitely buy another Denali!

- Brandy F

Amazingly comfortable, smooth driving SUV.

My Yukon is amazing, it has so many features to include. . Sunroof, automatic reclining seats, seat warmers and coolers, a safe, and lane assist. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable smooth driving SUV. Very affordable with all the bells and whistles.

- Leslie R

Its amazing roomy and comfortable.

My Yukon is amazing, drives smooth, fits the whole family and is good for family trips. Its comfortable has heated seats in both front and back seats. Very roomy. As far as problems we have none. Also when the keys away from the car you can not put it in drive.

- Elizabeth R

As big of a vehicle as it is the ride in it is extremely smooth.

My vehicle is amazing. The vehicle has many bells and whistles. My only concern is most of the stuff is computerized and if something should happen we will have problem with almost everything in the vehicle. Including getting into it.

- Cathy S

Nice large storage front console for storing umbrella and various items.

My vehicle is exactly what I need for grocery shopping, hauling items of small furniture from stores or garage sales. Taking up to three guests on excursions or meals. Plenty of seating and legroom for adults. Very economical on gas. P.

- Rebecca H

Plenty of safety and convenience features for families of all ages.

I really like all the space and the safety features it offers. It feels really high end when I'm driving it. The gas mileage isn't terrible for a large SUB either. I haven't really found anything that I don't like about it yet.

- Samantha W

Very powerful large suv. Comfort and style like no other

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Very dependable. The power it has is amazing! We pull a camper with no problems at all. Does well on gas and had plenty of room for comfort inside. I highly recommend this vehicle

- Robin K

Big enough for a large family and looks good but not extremely reliable.

I love the storage and the look. I like the power it has and most of the features. It's big enough for my 6 person family. I don't like that it has not been as reliable as my older Yukon. I also wish it had more cup holders

- Kristie W

2016 yukon Denali 6.2 v8 8 speed tranny

My 2016 yukon is an amazing quality ride it's the most comfortable driving vehicle on the market the performance out of the 6.2 v8 is awesome I have a programmer and cold air and let me tell you. She will flat out run

- John B

Amazing smart large comfortable SUV.

Never had such an amazing vehicle that is remarkably smart. I will never by another type of vehicle. I will just upgrade through the years to come. Extremely pleased with my husbands choice of vehicle for our family.

- Amber M

It's a comfortable, luxury ride with all the bells and whistles you would ever want on a vehicle.

I love the technology available on my vehicle. It's roomy and comfortable then travel in. My chief complaint is that is a large SUV and sometimes it intimidates me when I'm a tight situation and I'm trying to park.

- Vicki R

i love the ride and how well it handles my day to day travels.

i love every aspect of the vehicle. my only complaint is i am very short when loading my trunk space i have to climb in entirely to load far back. The rims and tires are a plus for me as normally we buy separately.

- courtney L

It is very sturdy and reliable.

Has all the luxury accoutrements, interacts with iPhone, iPod, fGPS. Has backup camera. Alerts when approaching vehicle nears, and when you maneuver to close to another object. Has reasonable gas mileage.

- Andrew J

Amazing safety features!! Not only the airbags, but the sensors that let you know if you are moving out of your lane, front end collision alert, and backup camera

For this type of vehicle my gas mileage is not bad, I average 18 mpg from my normal routine. The options in the model I have are great!! (heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, etc.) No complaints!!

- Gloria C

My favorite feature is the back up camera also it is very roomy and comfortable.

My vehicle is very reliable. Some of my favorite features are the navigation and the back up camera. It has plenty of room and includes the third row seats which fold down which is really convenient.

- Andy S

It's beautiful and comfortable. Feels safe when children are in car and fairly maintenance free so you won't be stranded with small children because of car issues

I like its size, maintenance free, car notifies you of issues and it drives and feels safe. I dislike the extended cab, the cost of fuel to fill it up and it lacks a navigational system

- Larae M

Safe, comfortable, luxury family car.

Big, safe comfy! Perfect for luxury family car! We take it off reading to beaches, perfect car for Hawaii roads! Smooth rides, easy for car seat installments. Cup holders for everyone.

- Crystal E

It's very easy to drive. It's a very safe vehicle.

I love how big and heavy it is, it makes me feel safe. I don't like how hard it is to park it. I also wish I had gotten the extra long model. My car doesn't have enough trunk space.

- Carissa V

GMC YUKON XL- Perfect for Moms on the Go

The GMC Yukon XL has plenty of space for passengers, groceries, luggage for going on vacations, etc. It is easy to drive and the back up camera is a luxury I won't go without again.

- Shannon C

A worry free vehicle perfect for families

The Yukon SLT is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It's features inside and out do nothing but make me feel safe while driving, especially while hauling the kids around.

- Jenna B

It's a luxury car that makes a statement.

I like the features it has (sensors, DVD players, heated/cooled seats). It has nice pick up, accelerated quickly. It's fairly large for me as I am only 5 foot tall.

- Kristy R

It's big enough to fit my family comfortably. Love that there are plug in everywhere around the vehicle.

Love the car but did do have minor problems with it. Mostly recall situations. Car jerks when accelerated and now the brakes have a recall not being able to stop.

- Erin M

Nice, reliable family car

Nice and comfortable but yet not too hard to drive around. Nice extra features like tv, heated and air conditioned seats and plenty of outlets for charging

- Brooke F

It has driving assist features.

I like that it will carry 6 people very comfortable. I like the features like back up camera, lane assist and DVD player. I do not like that it is so big.

- Karen G

My Yukon is high tech and sporty!

The Yukon is SO fun to drive! Its sporty but also has power. One of the best features is the touchscreen. The sound system is also great--lots of bass!

- Beth B

It fits in a standard garage!

Drives like a truck but very reliable and comfortable. Has a lot of features to help drivability. Very smooth drive. Fits in my garage so huge plus!

- Stephanie R

Car is very comfortable and fantastic when carpooling. Very easy to access the 3rd row.

Although I had a problem with the brakes, the dealership was quick to make the repairs which were covered under warranty. Great safety features.

- Tara M

Rough suspension. Nice acceleration and engine.

Bad suspension. Rough ride. Nice acceleration. Lots of room. Looks nice and handles well. Electronics are nice. Heads up display is good.

- Della R

The Space is wonderful and very easy to drive. Love the built in wifi which was a must for me

Love the Space; Had a few transmission issues but dealer fixed them, and LCD screen stopped working. Very comfortable and easy to drive

- Katrina F

That it is keyless entry. and that it is remote start.

I like the size and the luxury of the vehicle. I don't like the gas mileage I get. I don't like the roughness of driving a truck.

- Krystal p

Why you should buy a GMC car

The GMC car is the best car you can get if you have a big family and you want to carry a large amount of people in your family.

- Aly H

Great family car, all in one package and safe and easy to drive.

Great for travel with a huge trunk, comfy seats to fit 3 people wide, smooth ride and easy to park with great turning radius.

- Laura B

It is an extremely reliable machine.

I do not have complaints. I love the luxury in the vehicle. The truck can also take quite a beating. All in all, I like it.

- John E

What I like about my 2016 GMC Yukon Denali

Very roomy, good fuel mileage, plenty of power, driver friendly assist features like lane departure and back up camera.

- Kendra S

Very roomy and has great equipment

I love my vehicle. It has plenty of room for my whole family. My only complaint is the legroom in the 3rd row seat.

- Kristina S

GMC terrain: Fun to drive if you have somewhere to go.

Its fine. I have no problems with it. I used to have a mitsubishi outlander and this car i have now is much better.

- Max A

Very comfortable, priced right. No problems at all

It's an amazing vehicle, I have had no problems with it. It does great puking my boat. It's comfortable and roomy.

- Bob J

GMC Yukon Denali great family vehicle

I have had no issue with this car, I have 40,000 miles in about 30 months, and to date no issues with the Yukon

- Brad H

It is a good family vehicle that comfortably fits me, my wife and three kids. We have space for friend and plenty of luggage room for trips.

I like that it holds my family safely. It is not a minivan and it is easy to drive. I like the safety features.

- Kyle W

It has many safety features.

The GMC Denali is a great car with many extra safety features. I am currently considering getting another one.

- Amanda M

My GMC is a wonder on the road I love the great seat heat and cooling

I personally Love the rear seat heat and the front seat cooling system as well as the many carplay abilities.

- Tanner R

The brakes are super touchy.

I like that it is roomy, tech updated- gas is expensive and sometimes hard to find parking spaces to fit in.

- Mary K

No complaints! Sometimes the wheels squeak a bit, but the steering is smooth and it has great gas mileage. I've only had to take it in for repairs a few times. The seats are quite comfortable as well. And the controls for the radio and music are easy to understand.

It's comfortable and the pricing was pretty good. I got it new and its performance has been great so far!

- Ana H

It has air conditioned seats!!!

I love my car. It has amazing features that all the new cars come with. And it gets great gas mileage!

- Grace H

Its my favorite vehicle so far that I have purchased.

Love the space and the upgrades. I feel extremely safe while driving it. I don't have any complaints.

- Star S

The heads up display is great, it displays more than just the speed.

Very comfortable and quiet. Lots of room for storage. My kids enjoy it.

- Danica J

It is big eats a lot of gas and spacious American made.

It is big. It is spacious. It looks nice. It has third row seats.

- Karren A

Very spacious. Perfect for a large family. Also the xl had plenty of storage space

I love how spacious the xl is. It is perfect for my family of 5

- Paige B

Expensive to own and fun to drive lots of room for kids and stuff

Hate my payments. Wish my tires were bigger. Love how it drives

- Jennifer M

The Yukon is not only beautiful and classy but it is comfortable.

Love the smooth ride. Love having space. I love how it looks.

- Cathy W

It allows you to connect your phone to your car

I love the navigation system in the car.

- Arianna G