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2004 Honda Accord: oldie but a goodie.

My car is an older model of the Honda Accord. For its age and miles, it performs quite well. It is manual, and so the clutch has been replaced several times but always works fully after being replaced. Shifting is smooth, cruise control works and is useful on the highway, and the emergency brake is highly effective when parking on hills. Beyond how the car drives, the seats are leather, and still pristine. The air conditioner works quickly and effectively, with the exception of when the car is idling (using the ac while idling will cause the car to start to overheat, but the minute you start driving, the temperature returns to normal). One of the greatest downsides of driving an older car is the lack of aux/Bluetooth capabilities. The charging ports and CD player/radio work perfectly fine, but connecting your phone to everything has become so common that it feels odd not having that capability. Overall, it is a very reliable car that is made many long trips. When problems arise, they haven't been fatal, and they are not incredibly surprising or frustrating. Older cars require additional vigilance when it comes to maintenance, but regularly rotating the car's tires, changing the oil, etc.. Makes driving this car manageable.

- Caitlin S

First Honda that I have owned and I am very pleased with the car.

Purchased used about 6 years ago. Has over 200,000 miles. It is very comfortable to drive and is not tiring to take on long drives. It has a large trunk. The screen for the GPS quit working about two years ago and it is too expensive to replace. I do the minor maintenance. The timing belt was changed about 3 years ago. I mostly use it to buzz around town and run errands. I like to ease of replacing the ignition packs. It is a four door so it is easy to take others along but my mother in law who lives with us can no longer get in and out of it. We use the sienna for her. It sounds like it will need a new muffler soon. It has proven to be a dependable car, but do not take it to a dealer for repair as they really love to up sale you on everything and everything they sell is expensive. Even though I use to live in a rural area I had not problem finding a mechanic that could work on it.

- Joseph S

This is a great car, it works very well and I highly recommend it!

I have never had any problems with this car, it is great! It is extremely reliable and I often take long road trips with this vehicle. It is a comfortable car with plenty of space in the trunk and back seat. It runs smoothly and efficiently. I do not see myself getting a new car anytime soon because this is a great car that I love very much. A lot of my friends have issues with their cars all of the time and I am grateful that I do not have the same problem as them. I bought this car used from a couple who bought it brand new and it was still in good condition. I have had the car for about three years now I think and it works great like I said. Whenever I go anywhere with my family we take my car because it works the best. My parents are always asking me if they can take it because they like it better then their own vehicles.

- Taylor S

The Honda Accord is a great car. It is the only car I have ever owned and will probably be the only car I choose to buy in the future. The design is great, it handles well, the interior is comfortable and spacious, it provides excellent gas mileage, and it is a really fun car to drive.

My vehicle is a four-door Honda Accord sedan with adjustable, heated leather seats, a moonroof, and a V6 engine. It has a six CD changer and an analog dashboard. I love that my car provides a smooth ride and it is comfortable. It has a decent room capacity, meaning I can fit up to five people inside of it, though I don't know that I would say it would be very comfortable. The trunk is very spacious, and the back seats fold down to provide more room, which I think is a great feature. As much as I love having a V6 engine because I love to drive and I think it handles well, I also feel that this car doesn't have the excellent gas mileage my 2001 Accord had with It's V4 engine. Also, I find the interior hard to clean because it is leather.

- Megan S

A few errors in the cold months.

The car runs well, save for normal wear and tear. There have been a few issues that we haven't been able to determine the cause of, or get fixed. When the car is on put in park, it gets very loud and a little jittery, and it is especially bad in the cold months. It does not appear to be a performance issue, but the cause has so far eluded us and our mechanic. Also in the cold months, after switching gears from reverse to drive, the car will not move for a moment. Pressing on the gas does nothing at this time, and you essentially just have to wait a moment with your foot held on the break. It only takes a moment to fully switch to drive and start working, but it is concerning if you do not know why the car is not moving at first.

- Breanna S

The car that has helped me.

My Honda Accord has been my best friend. It is a great size with a very spacious trunk. I actually have subs in my trunk and can still fit all of my groceries. The backseat has a decent amount of legroom for an average person. The car can hold 2 cups in middle and one on each side of the front seats including the passenger in the pocket in the door. One downfall of the car is that the lights are not automatic. Everything about the car is perfect for honestly anymore but it would make a great addition to a family needing a used for their child who just turned 16. It is a very affordable car and gas mileage is very good as well for the size of car and power. It is a 6 cylinder car for anyone needing to know.

- Sarah S

My 10 year adventure with my Honda accord.

I have had my car over 10 years, and it has over 250,000 miles on it. With that being said. I have always kept maintenance up on it such as regular oil change, tires changed and rotated, brake maintenance, and so on. My car still operates wonderfully. The only problem I had was when I first got it, there was a recall on the stereo system but I had planned on replacing that with a new CD player and speaker system of my own choosing anyway. I live in Georgia and I have taken my car on several trips including Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, and several other states on more than one occasion. I still get great gas mileage and if I wanted to sell right now or trade, I'd get a decent quote.

- Karen C

Great car for a good price. I love my Honda!

Love the way my car feels while driving, not too big not too small. It has a quiet ride and is good on gas mileage. The maintenance on the car is not overly expensive and if you keep up with regular checkups and oil changes your car should last you a very long time. This is my second Honda. My car came equipped with a navigation system, multi-disk CD changer and sunroof. The only negative thing about this model is that it didn't come with auto memory for seats and mirrors. The only issue I have found with the car is a noise that comes from the front panel. Haven't quite got it figured out on what the noise is.

- Debra D

The Honda Accord is a timeless classic!

This car has been a pretty good car I have had issues with the clutch which is a maintenance type of part that will need replacement the life of the car. I put 93 octane and use synthetic oil 5w-20 seems like the car burns that oil fast sometimes going down a quart or 2 before oil changes. I put new tires from discount tire and wheels replaced lights with hid blue beam lights and added a Audio system at 225k miles I think it will last for a long time my trim is the 2004 Honda Accord lx sedan. The car is fast quick easy to handle and holds a lot of items or 5 people comfortably trunk space is large.

- Jay G

Best daily driver and comfort mom car. Motor mount issues my only complaint.

I love this model year and all the luxury features it has. I have an Accord ex-l v6 and the black leather interior from the tilting tinted sun & moonroof are just a couple of the features I love. Drives great and handles amazing. Only problems I've really had would be the motor mounts and them going out and needing replacement. It is a hugely expensive fix once one goes because it just affects the other mounts and will cause them to deteriorate as well. Every owner I have talked to that have same model and year car all have had or have this problem now.

- Moriah H

Money saving car- Honda Accord.

I love my Honda Accord because not only is it a comfortable car to be in, it also saves a lot of gas, I will put about $20 of gas every week and I work about 10 minutes away from home. However it does have a problem, it eats up a lot of power steering fluid, which is probably my fault for not fixing it. Other than that though it is a comfy car to be in and everything else works perfectly fine and I have had it for about 5 to 6 years. The Honda Accord is a really good car to get because it will save you money because it is not an expensive car.

- Jackie M

Limited edition 2004 Honda accord lx coupe that will last a lifetime.

It is the most reliable car out there. The comfort and safety features is what has me wanting to buy the same thing I have but a newer version since my car is a 2004 and it is 2019. You cannot go wrong with Honda's much less Honda accords. I have had mine for 9 years now and it is still running like it was back in 2004. The only 'problem' I have had with my car is I needed to get a new starter because my went bad. Other than that, I have had no major issues and it has been wonderful!

- Sara P

Great gas mileage, very dependable, and all repairs and upkeep are reasonably low on cost

Great car. I am the second owner my mother in law being first. Car had held up very well. I did however have to have the alternator last December and the drivers side window power window motor and belt. The sunroof will not open but it does not leak so I don't mind and the light on the stereo has went out which is frustrating but it still works so I won't complain about that either. Other than that this car has held up amazingly especially considering the make year

- Chantilly S

My vehicle is the dashboard it notifies me the second something isn't functioning.

Driving 2004 Honda Accord is a reliable vehicle, saves a great amount of gas especially when driving far distances, drives smoothly than most cars. The dashboard automatically tells you the sec something is not right which is very important because anything can happen most advanced brands and models are not this way because it is upgraded to pay more on gas, oil, repairs. Honda has stayed the same even as the years go on so drivers like myself feel comfortable.

- A Z

Good car for daily commute.

There are over 100, 000 miles on this car and it runs really well. I have changed the alternator and starter and brakes and battery, and it really only requires regular maintenance to keep this car running well. I do not worry about this vehicle breaking down though I do make sure not to drive it very hard as it is an older car. I plan to drive it until it is beyond simple few hundred dollar repairs here and there. I expect that to be beyond 200, 000 miles.

- Kurt L

Long term use review of Honda Accord.

My Honda Accord is realistic and reliable. Although it is not overwhelmingly attractive it gets the job done and well. The car does extremely well for its age and miles on the road, as Honda Accords last long. The car is also gas efficient, I can fill the car for under 40 dollars. I drive a decent amount consistently and usually a full tank can last 2 weeks. I haven't had any engine or mechanical problems and overall trust and enjoy the car.

- Jackie B

A white 2004 Honda Accord in the family.

This car has lasted a very long time. A 2004 Honda Accord with over 260, 000 miles on it. I have had to change all of the regular stuff, other than that have just had a few oil leaking problems. The oil pan, power steering, and rack and pinion currently have to be fixed. It is still a very good car regardless and has gotten it is worth. Takes about 35 dollars to fill up the tank and get almost 30 miles a gallon. Reliable and safe.

- Bailey T

It's very reliable.. gets appt 400 highway miles to the tank and the best part that saved me from not only The hospital back from being in severe pain my whole life. When I was T-bones on the driver side the door on most cars wide crumple into you. My car has two steel rods in it and I walked out with no injuries at all because of those two steel beams. I don't know how many cars have them I'm sure a bunch do but that one pretty much save my life

I have a black 2004 Honda Accord Coupe manual transmission, 4 cyl. Even tho it's a 4cyl it def has that umph. After being t boned and getting my car back together with no fender a spray painted door and dents near my driver wheel well I still wanted to keep this car because.. I haven't had a single mechanical problem with it and I'd rather be in a dependable Honda Accord with some imperfections than a car I have no idea about

- Jennifer M

My Honda. Gas saver. point A to point B. Fast. Reliable. Cute. Comfortable.

My car is the best car I have ever owned it has no problems whatsoever. It gets you where you need to be, has good gas mileage, has a wonderful motor, great paint job, easy to repair, easy to replace. They are cheap to buy, and you just have to take care of the maintain the oil changes and fluids every 6 to 8 weeks like you are supposed to, and driving carefully so you don't hurt or break anything or anyone.

- Janice V

Over 200, 000 miles and still going strong!

My Honda Accord was originally purchased by my parents brand new. Once they decided to upgrade to a newer car they let me buy it from them. I have been driving it for a few years now and with over 200, 000 miles it still runs perfectly. The exterior and interior are still in great condition. I am sure it will last me a few more years before having to buy another car. I would definitely buy another Honda.

- Carrie B

2004 Honda still in it for the long haul...

The car has 95,000 miles on it, which means it is still a baby with Honda mileage. The transmission has recently been flushed, but still has a kind of jerk sometimes when driving, but aside from that, it offers a smooth ride. I do consider it a reliable car. There is no aux port which is unusual, but does not matter that much, just have to play music other ways (probably because it is an '04).

- Juliana C

The most important thing when it comes to Hondas are they are low maintenance and with that being said you should always just double check on the oil.

I have a special place in my heart when it comes to Hondas. To me they are the most reliable make of cars any person could have. They get me to point A to point B, regardless of how old they may be they still run like champs. I prefer hondas over any other make and don't mind being behind in years. I am able to drive throughout the bay area in my honda with hardly to no problems with it.

- Nicole V

If you want a small economical car, Honda Accord is your best choice.

If you are looking for a comfortable small vehicle to drive, this one is your best choice. It is small, it runs smooth and also you can fill the gas tank with 30 bucks or less. It does have a couple cons to it, for example while the ac is on it has a noise to it which is kind of annoying, but other than that it is a really great car to have, aside from everything it also looks nice.

- Jennifer O

I highly recommend a Honda.

My 2004 Honda accord is a very reliable car. When I step on the gas pedal I can still feel that get up and go just as well as I did back in 2004. I have had only a few problems over the years such as: needing new ball joints, brake pads and the y pipe had to be welded back into place. None were break the bank repairs. To top it off it is a very comfortable and smooth running car.

- Steven D

My car is reliable, versatile, and low maintenance

I like how reliable it is - it's 15 years old and hasn't needed much major service other than routine maintenance and replacements. It has also handled a few major road trips, and has a decent amount of storage space. There isn't much I don't like about it, but the paint job is starting to lose quality, and if I got a new car in the near future I would look into getting a hybrid.

- Megan R

Best car ever made for young adult.

Super reliable even in cold Minnesota winters, repairs have been minimal and mainly just wear on the car, put winter tires on car and helps keep traction on the slippery road. Interior has the grey cloth seats and it is easy to find covers for it, and not to bad on the wear and that is with a labrador bouncing around on the back seat. Installed new radio and the sound is great.

- Rachel R

This car is all good! Love everything about it.

I love this car! I do not want to ever have to replace. I saw all the added features on this model and when I got behind the wheel I was not letting go till we bought it. The navigation system has been the best feature of any car we have ever bought and my husband is glad I talked him into it. We take good care of the car and it is so reliable that it rarely needs repair.

- Judith B

Dependable car but ugly to look at.

Very reliable and comfortable. Great on gas mileage. Tends to use a lot of oil, especially on longer trips. I have over 200, 000 miles on it, still running great. What I didn't know when I purchased it from a Honda dealer (was used) was that the sealcoat was coming off. It looks terrible and I don't have money to fix it. Make sure you inspect a used car thoroughly.

- Karen R

Love my little old Honda accord.

It is an older car but gets great mileage, very reliable, my car is very comfortable, and has the ability to drive fast when needed. The accelerator and brake are very precise as they only take a little touch to engage them. The paint on the bumper has spriest webbed and peeled off twice and the hood of the car had to be replaced due to the paint fading off.

- A P

It's a good car I would recommend it.

I haven't had a lot of problems. My car only has less than 70000 miles on it. Very reliable. I have been asked if I want to sell it because Hondas are known for their reliability. My pastor and his wife traded their cars in for a Honda. Since I had my car it has only been in the shop four times and 2 of those times were for preventative maintenance.

- Cynthia H

Excellent on gas and durable.

I drove my Honda from Ohio to Virginia and to New York over and over again. I get 33 miles to the gallon and I have not ever had a mechanical problem with neither the engine or the transmission. I would recommend this brand to anyone. It handles like a dream around curves and stops on a dime when necessary also. I simply love my Honda Accord.

- Heather Y

While transitioning into adulthood, choosing Honda is the best choice.

Since I bought the car used with 131,000 miles so far I have had to change the breaks, vent filters, serpentine belt, battery, and headlight bulbs. All these problems have been minor and all fixable at a doable cost. I do not feel stressed worrying about how much parts are going to cost because it's a Honda (reliable and cost effective).

- Kay R

It is a six speed, so it goes quite fast and drives very smooth!

It is an excellent vehicle! But mine is a coupe and I have a 5 year old, so I'd prefer a 4 door over a 2 door. But the overall performance is great! It is a standard, it is shifts great, easy and on time. I would definitely recommend this car! Mine has a sub roof with allows you to let in more sunlight or less which is very convenient.

- Victoria R

I love the stereo system, music is very important to help me Focus.

It is a safe and reliable vehicle. It makes me feel secure with my child in the car. It has given us no problems. It has a great stereo, great steering, and comfortable seating. It has power locks and power windows. It has great headlights that work even after being damaged when we hit a deer. Everyone was safe and the deer ran off.

- Bruce B

My car runs very smoothly, and is the easiest car that I have ever driven.

My car is older and now has 140,000 miles on it with very little issues along the way, so I would say that it is extremely reliable. I believe there was a recall on the starter, and sure enough I had issues with the starter about 6 months ago. The features are pretty standard for a 2004 car, with a radio, cd player, sunroof, etc.

- Shannon S

Honda Accord: the automobile of reliability.

This car has been very reliable over the years. I am able to drive it in all kinds of weather. The car gets good mileage and I feel safe on the highway. The only problems I have had have come recently since it is an older car. These include battery troubles, starter troubles, and problems with the brakes. I recommend this car.

- Sean C

Its is really good with gas.

It's a nice car not very big in the inside but comfortable. It's a really good commuter vehicle and good with gas. Overall a reliable vehicle. It would more of a vehicle for a small family, it sits 5 passengers. It has a big trunk which comes in handy. I would really recommend this car for an everyday use or commuting vehicle.

- Rosa C

Reliable but room for improvements.

My car is reliable, the driver door leaks, not very comfortable, good gas mileage, low maintenance, the lights come on often even when there is not a problem. The a/c works very well. I have driven Honda Accords for several years and I would recommend buying a Honda, but the dealership is too expensive for service and repairs.

- Jenny O

Good on gas, easy maintenance!

I love my car, simply because it is dependable and the maintenance is an easy keep. It is very affordable for anyone on a budget, and it is economically convenient. It does not take a lot of gas. It is easy to keep, as far as cleaning and body work is concerned. It does not take much to make it look new, I just, I love it!

- Kay B

That it's great on gas (as I mentioned before) and it's cheap to repair.

I've always wanted a Honda accord. I've seen it in many racing movies and it's always look so incredibly compact and powerful to me. It's great on gas and the handling is amazing also. Maintenance is also inexpensive, I don't have a complaint about it, except that it doesn't upgrade itself to a 2018 model for free.

- Jeff C

Great gas mileage and very roomy for riding long trips.

Great vehicle. Drives wonderfully and comfortably. Excellent gas mileage for a v8 engine, on average it gets about 21 miles to the gallon. Insider roomy and comfortable for long trips. Stereo system is excellent good sound all around inside the truck. Do not have anything bad to say about the vehicle since we got it.

- Kali Q

I love my Honda Accord!! It's a great reliable car and I love the sunroof.

My Honda Accord drives sI smoothly. It gets great gas mileage which is important to me since I drive 120 miles at least 4 days a week. I love the sun roof and have had no major problems since I bought it used a little over two years ago. My Honda is a very comfortable ride and just overall a great reliable vehicle. .

- Deborah K

Heated seats, sunroof, radio buttons on steering wheel.

Love my Honda, this is the second one I had the first was a Civic, never had any problems with either one except the regular maintenance issues, oil, brakes, few hoses and a muffler. Both cars were old and still ran great, would get another one if this one gives out, it has over 20100, 00 miles on it and runs great.

- Susan W

Thoughts and understanding my Honda on the road.

The Honda Accord is a great car to own the enjoyment of the quiet ride and comfort is awesome. Driving it every day is nice with the gas mileage that it gets and starts and drives every time I need it to. The car does have issue s do to driving it. The starter I replaced and sometimes brake fluid I add to clutch.

- Marc D

My vehicle is a silver 2004 Honda Accord.

The car is just old. The brakes are not the most reliable in bad weather conditions like in snow or rain. There are not any back windshield wipers to help wipe of snow or water while driving the car. There wheel is not the best at turning and there is no four wheel drive, so driving in bad conditions is not easy.

- Mia B

Always happy with our Accords.

Our Accord has given us absolutely zero problems. Our mpg remains 32-34. Our only possible complaint is that the windshield wipers are a bit loud, but that is a minor issue. This is our fourth Accord and it has maintained the same level of reliability and fuel economy that we appreciated in the other three.

- Leah P

Vehicle is great family car for families, good gas mileage and easy cheap fixes.

I really like the comfortably and reliability of this car, general maintenance problems are cheaply and easily solved, it was very affordable and the gas mileage is great both within and outside city limits. I would recommend this car to any family who needs reliable transportation and an affordable price.

- Lisa D

My Honda is my baby. I a really great car all around.

I have always preferred Honda, I have always chose Honda's over any car. The gas mileage with Honda's has always been extremely great. I love the style and comfort. Honda's drive so smooth and quiet. I feel safe in my Honda and that a big part of why I bought one. And they are really cool and pretty cars.

- Amy B

Beautiful amazing Honda Accord.

I love my car it's great in gas and it fits up to five people at a time I have nice rims on it the car rides smoothly and I would recommend it to people who have small families over the car is amazing and you should get one note that if you get it in black your car will be hot when you first get into it.

- Joe A

Honda Accord: reliable and strong.

Drives very smooth, no issues so far! I make sure that it is up to date on all oil changes etc. to keep it running. Fuel efficient and reliable. Drives a lot nicer than the Civic. Would highly recommend it. It is a lot heavier than other cars so it feels smooth and is easy on the road. Great in the snow.

- Emily H

The Honda buying experience.

The car runs very smooth. The interior is comfortable and you can adjust the seats however you feel comfortable. It accelerates fast and smoothly. The breaks are a little touchy, but nothing too bad that cannot be handled. Honda is a very reliable car maker. I feel safe and secure inside their vehicles.

- Samantha S

The sunroof and black leather seats.

I like that my Honda Accord drives smoothly. It includes black leather seats, which I really enjoy. I love that it has a sunroof to use when the weather is permitting. However, I have been having trouble with my brakes lately and it sometimes feels like it does not perform to the best of it is ability.

- Jessica M

2004 Honda Accord: timeless.

I have had my 2004 Honda Accord ex now for 14 years and have never had any major issue. Currently has 250, 000 miles and still going. This car has been extremely reliable and has performed extremely well, even with high mileage. The only problem I face at this point is the CD changer is malfunctioning.

- David G

Honda 2004 is a good car good on gas too.

Honda cars is okay, the only problem I have with mines is that when I get ready to put my car in drive, it get stuck in park, I have keep hitting the breaks till I get it out of park to drive, other than that it runs good, and it's very comfortable, the heat work real good during the winter, I love it.

- Margaret M

Great Honda. I would not buy another car from here on out. Best commuter ever.

This car is great! I drive 30 miles one way about 6 days out of the week. I have about 161k miles on my car and it still runs like a champ. I done an oil change and tire rotations often to keep great health. Honda did a great job with this car. The mpg is great to. I get about 400 miles out of a tank.

- Zachary S

Honda Accord 2004 honest review.

There are some ac problems especially during the summer. Sometimes the engine light turns on but it goes away before getting a chance to check the problem. The vehicle sometimes sucks at accelerating other than that it is very reliable and durable. The fabric has started detaching from the ceilings.

- Lena N

Honda Accord 2004 is a wonderful car.

This car has been fabulous and dependable. I bought it used so I am the second owner. Normal standard maintenance is the most usually. I have had to replace the rear brake calipers and the transmission. The car has 182,000 miles and still runs wonderfully. If I could, I would keep this car forever.

- David H

The car is really fast and reliable.

It is reliable for a 14 years old car. It is also comfortable and we do not have to send it in for maintenance often. It is a v6 car, therefore the performance is pretty good. However, now that it is a pretty old car, we are required to replace some of the parts such as headlights and other parts.

- Kai Y

Honda Accord: A reliable car.

My honda accord has been pretty reliable over the years. No serious issues with the vehicle although I have had some odd issues that have required me to replace the lock on one side, replace the console, and fix one of the windows (which was falling down). All in all, though, it's been a good car.

- erica g

Honda’s just keep running!

I cannot imagine owning anything more reliable than a Honda. This car has been reliable and all I really do is keep the oil changed. I have seen much newer cars in the side of the road and mine just keeps running. It is almost time to get another car but I am almost sure it will be another Honda.

- Sandra R

My car is spacious it holds enough of my friends in the back seat.

I love Honda cars. My car is a 2004 Honda and I have had it since 2012 and the problems that I had were minor and haven’t cost me much money to repair. Do not have much problems traveling to another city in it. So pretty much my Honda stands in good shape and is very reliable and affordable.

- Sequoia C

Reliable two door car with leather seats, seat warmers, and a roof window

Bought it used in 2017 with low mileage and it runs very well. It is a two car vehicle that can seat 5. I rarely use the passenger seats so it is a great single occupant vehicle. Only complaints are the seat does not recline and the radio system that originally came with the car does not work

- Joshua P

Trusty/comfortable/still cool 2004 Honda Accord

The car has a lot of get up and go with a v6 engine. It isn't too big or too small. I like its steel gray color and the fact that it still runs well even with over 300000 miles on it. It does need work done sometimes but I love that car! It is comfy inside and has an/fm radio and a CD player.

- Katherine M

A good vehicle whose still kicking but needing tlc.

Its getting old and falling apart some, does not last more than a couple of months before experiencing another issue. Beyond that it is a great drive. The power windows still work, the leather upholstery has stayed in pretty good shape which is impressive in the intense Arizona heat and sun.

- Ray L

Even though my car looks pretty old and outdated, it could handle a wreck better than any of the newer cars.

Well my actual primary vehicle, a 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara, was not an option for some reason. While it is old, it provides me with the comfort I need while driving. It is capable of going off-road and is the perfect size for my height. Although it is lacking many features, I still love it.

- Chelsea Y

My awesome, cute, and spacious Honda accord.

I enjoy my Honda because its reliable. It's easy to drive. My Honda is easy to maintain. The car parts are easy to purchase. My Honda is nice and compact. My Honda was affordable. It's my style. It's roomy enough for my child and lifestyle. The trunk is large enough for my family lifestyle.

- Ny L

It was good on gas and reliable.

Well, I did love my car and I still love my car but when Michael care through Georgia I had 2 trees to fall onto my car. And now that I am not able to drive my car anymore I have to do away with it. She never gave me any problems and was always good about getting me from point A to point B.

- Ida H

Great dependable and comfortable.

The only issue I have had is the motor mount broke at 160, 000 miles. The care otherwise has been very reliable. Starting in very cold temperatures in Montana. No issues with freezing even though it is parked outside. Very nice leather trim package. Runs smooth and quiet on the interstate.

- Alyssa V

Even though my Honda accord is a 2004, I feel like I am driving a Mercedes.

Bought the Honda used from a dealership. I've had it for 3 years and never any trouble except replacing the battery. I take good care of her including regular oil changes, transmission flushes and other regular maintenance. Even though she is a 2004, I feel like I am driving a Mercedes!

- Sally F

Performance, look and speed.

I love my car it is great. It has speed and great performance. I recommend a Honda Accord to anyone. When I get ready to buy a new car I am going to definitely look into a Honda. I love the look of the 2018 Accords. The Civics are nice also. But I really would like a Honda Accord coupe.

- Camille C

It is a very comfortable reliable vehicle for years and I love it.

My vehicle has not had any issues in performance if you keep up with the maintenance. It has been a very reliable car for 12 years and still going strong the features on the car or very nice and also it is very comfortable and is a family car and also can take up to 5 people in the car.

- Guadalupe A

One of my absolute favorite things is my sunroof. It's never given me any problem.

I bought a 2004 Honda Accord ex v6 with leather interior. I must say I am pretty blown away by Honda's reliability and craftsmanship that they put in their vehicles. The car had around 58, 000 miles off the lot and felt like a brand new car. It is probably has been my favorite vehicle.

- Lillian H

Old is gold - I love my Honda.

I wouldn't trade my 14 year old car for anything. Still quite happy with it. Love my leather interior, 6 disc CD changer, and sunroof. There have been no major problems with it. Runs and drives well. At it is ripe old age, it could use some cosmetic repairs, though, like the headliner.

- Becky B

Reliable Honda, reliable car.

Reliable and comfortable, though there's been slight mechanical issues... Though this is probably due to the age of the car. Otherwise it is been a good investment. There is slight rusting, again due to the age of the vehicle but it is been very reliable save for normal wear and tear.

- Kathryn L

Honesty about Honda's, they are all different.

My car interior is in excellent condition. I bought it used so it had some unknown issues before I bought it and it is currently not working. Hondas tend to be really reliable cars, but every car has their issues. Pretty okay on gas, gets me from my house to work for about two weeks.

- Sam T

Really loving my Honda Accord.

The only problems I currently have are that my seats need to be reupholster and my driver side seat belt needs to be screwed back in properly. Otherwise, it is a fantastic car with great gas mileage and speed. The acceleration is great and for a car from 2004, it only has 140k miles.

- Christen L

A bit outdated tech but reliable.

It is really reliable and comfortable. Nothing too fancy but it looks good and I have had zero mechanical issues. I have had my car for about 12 years now and it is still going strong. Old technology in it but if you can live without an aux plug and touchscreens then you are good.

- Laura M

Honda Accord review: a fabulous car with a terrible CD player.

The 6 disc CD changer occasionally has issues, and CDs have gotten jammed very easily, locking up the sound system. I have, however, always been able to fix it and otherwise this is a fantastic, reliable vehicle that serves me well and is still in great condition after 14 years!

- Kt G

The vehicle that keeps on going.

We love our Honda Accord the repairs over the years have been minimal and it drives so well. Good on gas, great indoor room and enough for storage also. We have put a lot of mileage on this car. Have never had transmission problems and as I mentioned minimal repairs due to wear.

- Diane T

My Honda Accord is reliable, nice looking and will start every time I start it.

I have had no issues as of yet except general maintenance, oil changes, tires, and fluid checks. I feel that this car is very reliable and I would buy another Honda in the future. It makes me feel safe and secure having two kids in the car. I would buy another car just like it.

- Trish E

Honda is a car for the long run.

This has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. It has been dependable, long lasting, and very few problems to speak of. The main problem I have had with the car is the battery having to be changed every 3 to 4 years. For whatever reason, it goes through the batteries.

- Satin M

Honda Accord customer review.

Suspension on this car is a big issue. In fact Honda Accords from 2002-2008 have the most suspension problems. Can be an everyday car if kept up with maintenance. Oil changes and transmission fluids are important to watch. Winter time comes make sure breaks and tires are safe.

- Rye H

Luxurious Honda Accord sedan.

My car has never given me any problems, it drives strong, and fast. Repairs and maintenance are all fairly priced compared to other vehicles I have owned. It is very spacious and somewhat luxurious for an older vehicle. I’d say overall my car is very reliable I love Honda's.

- Karen V

A reliable vehicle that gets greats gas mileage and is comfortable to drive in.

Very reliable car that needs minimal maintenance. Has a very comfortable interior. The built in GPS stopped working a couple of years ago. Incredibly gas efficient and does well for long trips. Has leather interior and a sun roof. No auxiliary port and has a 6 CD disc player.

- Ariel M

Great gas mileage and reliability.

Really good reliable car. Fun to drive gas efficient low maintenance so far. Really affordable and high quality, bought it used, always have driven a Honda. My 99 was great, went up to 300k miles and had very little problems. I will always buy a Honda I am loyal to the brand.

- Chris H

My reliable red Honda sport coupe.

Hondas are the best vehicles I have ever owned. My current Honda has 160, 000 miles and is still going strong. No major problems. Very comfortable and still has a lot of pep. I prefer a coupe because it is very sporty and just the right size. Will stay with the Honda family.

- Karen L

It's reliable. I have had few problems with it, and they haven't been costly to fix.

It is reliable and dependable, but getting old. It doesn't have any of the newer technology, and new laws passed that state hands free I am unable to upgrade it to meet minimum standards. However, I have had very few problems with it and it has lasted me over 200,000 miles.

- Jen B

Beautiful all black fancy style.

No problems good gas mileage, comfortable looks fancy, lots of room, large trunk, my husband does the oil change regularly, I have studs on all four of my winter tires, great stereo my lights are big and bright for the night time which I like because I hate night driving.

- Teresa N

It has heated seats and steering wheel so in the winter it is very warm.

It drives so smooth even at 156, 786 miles, and is amazing on gas, I rarely have to get gas and we drive everywhere, if I had the chance I definitely would buy a new car just like the Honda I have now, if your looking for a good car get a Honda because it is really good.

- Hope C

My reliable little Accords.

I am a long time Honda Accord fan. My first one was a 1993 and we owned it for 21 years. My current 2004 is also very reliable, comfortable and get decent gas mileage. It means a lot to me to have a vehicle that I know will start and get me where I need to be every day.

- Kim W

This car is of great value. It is affordable and reliable.

I rarely have problems with this car. I feel safe, it is reliable. The maintenance is affordable. It is good on gas. It is comfortable to drive. The car has everything you need, not necessarily the fanciest, but it is not a big deal. I am very satisfied driving the car.

- Sandra K

How fast it is, and how reliable it is.

I like that it has great gas mileage and still has lots of power. I like that hardly anything ever breaks on it. I enjoy using the manual transmission, and I also like how simple and aesthetically pleasing the interior is. I dislike some of the styling on the exterior.

- Andrew S

I love the sleek, clean look of a Honda Accord.

I love this car. I bought this car as used with 89,000 miles. Eight years later, I still have yet to have a problem. I was told that Honda will last forever, I am now a believer of this. My Honda Accord is not as good on gas, as it once was, but that is to be expected.

- Marcella w

My blue ride for the past 14 years.

Very reliable workhouse car for our household. Owned since new and minimal problems except for airbag recall. Fuel efficient commuter car. High end interior feel for an affordable price. Has stood up to wear and tear from one dog and child and still like new interior.

- Cathy W

Reliable 180000 mile vehicle.

I have owned my Honda for over ten years and have never had any performance problems besides basic needed maintenance items. My vehicle has over 180000 miles on it and I would not hesitate to take it anywhere. The only problem I have is the Honda rear wheel well rust.

- Tina L

The car is affordable and reliable, as long as you take care of it.

The main things I like about my car are the exterior color (black), sleek design, and reliability. The car is 14 years old and it has not completely broken down. The one thing I dislike about the car is some of the part are started to go out and needs to be replaced.

- Felicia N

My best family car for safety.

This is the best running car that I have had no problems it is very reliable and dependable. This car is made for the road. Only had to replace the alternator, headlights, and brake rotors. I would not trade this automobile for nothing. The Honda family is the best.

- Rude Y

Surprisingly Awesome 2004 Accord

My 2004 Honda Accord EX runs very well and has more pep than it looks, with a V-Tech V6 engine. It's very comfortable with plenty of features for a 2004 and doesn't have any problems that I have had after driving it myself for 3 years and I drive it a lot everyday.

- Brandon H

My Honda Accord experience.

Since owning this vehicle, one of many in my lifetime, I must admit that the Honda Accord has shown to be true in it is quality. Great gas mileage, and very low maintenance. Great ownership experience. I recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in a Honda brand.

- Michele R

It drives great on the highway and is very comfortable

I like that it is good on gas. It drives very smoothly on the highway which I travel on frequently. I don't like that it always says my passenger isn't wearing a seatbelt, even if I don't have a passenger. I would also like a vehicle that is higher from the ground.

- Kassidy S

Car durability, economy and price comparison.

It is a reliable vehicle. Haven't had much problems with it. Good fuel economy. It comes with airbags. The a. C and heater work really well. I think it is one of the best Honda cars available. There is also a very good chance that you can get it at a cheaper price.

- Ahmad A

Tail lights leak rainwater.

There seems to be a design flaw in the tail lights because I have heard this from other accord owners... There is a gap somewhere that allows rainwater to get in. When you open the trunk lid, there is a waterfall of water coming from the tail light into the trunk.

- Phyllis C

Low maintenance, high reliability.

Honda Accord is the best vehicle that money could buy. 173, 000 miles on it and all that needed to be done has been to change the oil, brakes and tires. It is the smoothest ride on the highway. The electric seat puts you exactly where you need to be on long hauls.

- Jim O

I love the 6 disc CD changer and sunroof.

I have no complaints. My car is going on 400, 000 miles and still runs and drives great. Its cheap on gas and gets good gas mileage and parts are inexpensive. It is spacious and comfortable but stylish and cute. It offers great features and has never let me down.

- Angela B

Fantastic vehicle that runs forever.

With 174, 000 miles it runs beautifully! Except for regular needs (tires, brakes, muffler, etc. ) It has not cost a lot to keep up! Gas mileage is still about 30 miles per gallon! It is truly a remarkable vehicle that I will continue to drive for many more miles!

- Robert G

It is an black 4 door sedan with nice rims. It wont give you many problems.

It is a great A to B car but I've been having problems with gas mileage and engine issues. I haven't had to put much money into it since I've purchased it but sometimes the ignition misfires and it does not start. My mechanic has not figured out the issue yet.

- Mary S

One heck of a ride. One you will never forget!

It is a great car. Runs like a champ, very smooth and easy to handle. I have the 2 door and it's very sleek looking. The drive train responds quickly and handles great corners well, sticking to the road. No drama, brakes feel natural and strong. Very good car.

- Jennifer T

Great gas mileage!! dependable ride, affordable payment.

I love the gas mileage that it gets. I also love the fact that I can afford the payments. I dislike the fact the headliner is coming loose. I dislike the fact that it has so many miles but then again low the fact the miles are so low for the year of the model.

- Amber N

V6 engine is great, and the car speeds up very fast!

I have never had any problems with my vehicle. I bought it from a couple who were the original owners of the car. It runs great and drives smoothly. I would definitely recommend purchasing a Honda Accord. My mother also drives one and has never had an issue.

- Sarah S

It is reliable and the gas mileage is decent. It's a reliable car

I love my vehicle because the gas mileage is very good. My Honda is a very reliable car and repairs are not too pricey like other brands. The problems I'm having is the window motors not working all of the time and also the headlights seem to go out often.

- Lauren M

A comfortable and classy ride.

My Honda Accord is the best car I have ever owned. It never had a problem. Gas mileage is outstanding. Service at the Honda dealer is clear and timely. My concerns and questions are clearly explained and answered. The car is comfortable and easy to drive.

- Mary D

2004 Awesome blue Honda review.

Very reliable, easy to drive, power everything, sunroof, navigation, leather, plenty of trunk room, fuel efficient, my door locks went out, leather seats are not the most comfortable seats, not the fastest car, 4 cylinder, has some rust spots, shows dirt.

- Whitney P

It doesn't waste much gas.

My vehicle is kind of small. It needs more space and doesn't really have space to charge your phone or to place it at. It feels good when you go over a speed bump. It is good for a family of three and it has good gas mileage you can travel far distances.

- Samuel A

It is reliable, I suppose. A fine car.

It is an alright car. Had transmission issues. Not even sure of the year I am just guessing 2004. Has circuit issues, such as the windows either not rolling up or down, or doing so on their own. Car alarm going off randomly and not being able to stop it.

- Shane P

It's a durable car that can last you a long time as long as you keep up with maintaining it.

I like that the only this I have to keep up with my vehicle is getting an oil change and refill with gas. My vehicle also runs good on gas so I only have to buy gas every 2 weeks. I dislike that when I turn the AC it makes a weird noise but not for long.

- Shantel W

2015 Nissan Sentra poorly made years old.

A professional is needed for fluid changes or top off. Drivers window malfunction, unable to access. Poorly made glass and exterior easily dents. Unable to maintain at home. Poorly made floor mats, front and back. Paint chips easily. Hard to keep clean.

- Amanda R

Great car and will last forever.

Everything is great except power locks went out recently. It is reliable. Has up to date technology. Seats are not comfy for long distances. Good gas mileage low miles engine runs great kind of slow leather seats are good for kids seat belt reminders.

- Whitney P

Classic styling, great engine!

This is an older vehicle, but it is still great. It has just enough features as to not be too heavy with the technology. It is very roomy, and I love the moon roof. Considering the car's age, it is a 2004, I think Honda is a great value for the money.

- Cheryl M

It is very reliable and dependable. I love it!

I like everything about it, except that the cd and radio aren't working at the moment. It has been , and still is, a very reliable car. I get excellent gas mileage, it is comfortable to drive, and very seldom does it have anything go wrong with it.

- Pamela F

My car is perfect to start and learn how to drive but not to keep for years.

My Honda Accord is a perfect first car. It is very reliable and saves a ton on gas. The only issues is that it is considerably old but still runs good. Of course there are a few problems with the a/c but other than that it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Isaac M

My very reliable Accord makes me feel safe.

The engine runs smoothly and has great power, especially if you have to pass or keep pace on an interstate. The heated seats are welcome in the winter. The car is substantial, and is so easy to drive, that it provides a feeling of safety on the road.

- Kathy H

It is a tank. The car is very and reliable.

The vehicle is old, but it is really reliable. It is very big auto. I think the car is very big and bulky. I wish I had a Civic instead. The car door is very large and heavy. It keeps closing on my leg especially when the car is parked at an angle.

- Sherry K

It has heated seats total electric.

My Honda Accord has 234 miles are on it does not use any oil and still runs great it is a very good car and is very dependable. It has 234, 000 miles and runs like a new one everything works on it. I would recommend this type of vehicle for anyone.

- Van H

It is safe to drive my car.

I love my vehicle because it has lasted so many years without that many mechanical problems. I like the fact that my vehicle can handle loads of miles. I like how comfortable my vehicle is. I do not have any complaints or dislikes about my vehicle.

- Elizabeth T

In general, Honda is the easiest to fix and maintain. It also tends to have one of the best gas mileage, even in its older years.

I like that my car is a V6. It has great gas mileage and maintenance has been minimal since I bought it 3 years ago. I do not like that it's midnight black color has developed sun spots in many areas as it was not painted correctly in the factory.

- Makayla H

Great on gas and last forever

It is a great long lasting car that has average problems. As long as you the normal upkeep like oil changes and part changes the car will last you pretty much forever. It is my daily driver and family car it's great on gas and drives wonderfully.

- Ashley G

It's reliable. It's dependable. It easily seats 4. I wouldn't put more than that in it

I love It's reliability for the most part. It has over 255,000 miles on it and I can count on it to start and run everyday. It does seem to be in the beginning stages of falling apart though. I am starting to have issues with the a/c and heat.

- Laurie K

Safe and reliable older car, great for first time driver

My car is very reliable, but it is old. It also has several minor scratches and the interior is a bit worn. It gets great gas mileage and I keep up to date on its maintenance. Two years ago we had a new air conditioning system installed.

- Jennifer R

You can count on a Honda to last not only for years, but with higher mileage than other brand name cars.

I love my 2004 Honda Accord, the fact that is has over 250,000 miles on it and still runs well. I maintain the car with proper care. I dislike that as the car has aged certain features are not working like they did when the car was new.

- Laur K

It can last a long time if you keep up with the routine maintenance.

I love my Honda Accord. It is the second one I've had. It's great, dependable, and holds its value. The only complaint I would have now is that since I have 2 kids, it is a little tight in the front seat when the car seat is rear facing.

- Sarah K

It has had multiple previous owners.

I love how reliable it is since it is a Honda and they can last for so many miles. However, there is an issue with the gas and if it is low on gas it will not start right away. Although, it does also get good gas mileage which I like.

- Alina D

One of the most important things I like to.mention is that it is very efficient on fuel usage.

I love that my Honda is great on gas, it is easy to menuevar. I dislike that some of the maintenance could be a hassle depending on the install or placement of the problem part. I would possible consider a newer one with that in mind.

- Damond C

My car may be boring but it is dependable and has held its value over the years.

The whole time I have had my car it has been reliable, and it has never let me down. The only negative I can think of it is such a common car that it is rather boring. Another positive is that repairs and upkeep is quite inexpensive.

- Hannah K

It is a safe sporty car that is reliable and spacious.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It is comfortable inside and roomy for a coupe. I love the automatic power windows and the power sunroof. The overall handling of the vehicle is exceptional and I feel very safe in it.

- Taylor L

The Honda Accord was rated well in Consumer Reports.

I like that is has seat warmers. It also has the radio volume control on the steering wheel. It has dual air temperature controls that are very nice, a moonroof, leather seats, is comfortable, drives well and gets good gas mileage.

- Sabrina S

Faster and more reliable than it looks. The outside has some paint and dent issues but it'll go 120 mph in 4th gear. :p

I absolutely love my Honda! It has a V6 3.0 L engine and a 6 speed transmission. It does great in the snow and during the summer it's great to cruise. A little hard for someone tall like myself to get in and out but well worth it.

- Kayla A

04 Honda Accord EX. Greatest vehicle?

I would say that there are no issues with my vehicle. I have had the car for almost three years now and the only thing i've needed to do was change the oil and brakes once so far! I love the ivtec engine and the leather interior

- Skylar L

Problems with an older Honda

The vehicle that I drive is reliable but a bit older now. It has problems with shifting gears from park to drive and what not. Not locking into park won't let the car start so you have to jam the stick up into park to engage it.

- Alex H

It is a oslid daily driver that is dependable

I like that it is mostly reliable combined with good fuel efficiency . Over all it is a solid daily driver. What I don't like is the outdated technology and it is getting up there in age so parts will be getting worn out soon.


The engine will last you for a very long time, just take very good care of it.

My car is very reliable and useful. Honda's are always the way to go if you want a vehicle to last you for quite some time. I have never had an issue with it, unless of course if I do not keep up with the maintenance on time.

- Gisel L

My car has over 230, 000 miles on it and still runs like a champ.

I love my car. I haven't had any major problems with my car since I have bought it. My car drives so smoothly, it almost feels as if I am sitting still. The seats are comfortable to sit in as well, you could fall asleep.

- Kim L

It runs smoothly even with higher mileage. It also gets great gas mileage.

My Honda Accord has been a very reliable car. I bought it used and financed it. It has over 200,000 miles on it but it still runs wonderfully. It is a 2004 and it still has enough features that I am happy with it now.

- Tori P

The most important thing others should know about my car is the fact that it has over 180,000 miles and still runs good.

I like that it's a Honda. Honda's are very reliable cars. I don't like that it's a older model. I would love to have a car with more modern features like navigation and push start. For the most part I love my car.

- Anthony S

It is an incredible choice for a first car. It runs forever, basically.

It runs for forever. My car has just about 300, 000 miles on it. The ac and heat work like brand new! The car is spacious and comfy, but I wouldn't label it luxurious. I wish it had an AUX plug for music control.

- Jordan N

I would like everyone to know how reliable my Honda has been and how much it holds its value. Dealerships are always asking for 2004 Honda's to be traded in.

I really like my Honda Accord and how reliable it has been the past six years I have owned it. I've had minimal maintenance problems with it, Honda's hold their value great, and it has only gotten a little rust.

- Aleece M

Gets me where I need to go.

Dependability. I do everything with this car that has 200,000 plus miles on it. All I have had to do was put in gas. Changed the brakes once, a few tires. . . That's fairly routine. This car is tougher than me.

- Jason H

Honda's seem to run well for a long time with very few repairs. I just wish they had made the power locks better.

It almost has 200,000 miles on it and it is running well. I don't like the fact the power locks went out. There is only the driver side I can unlock with the key they don't have a passenger side outside lock.

- Sharyl G

My car is like my baby and I try to take good care of it.

I like this vehicle because it is my first car and a very reliable brand. It helps me to get around everywhere I need to go. The only thing I wish is that it was a newer car with some of the latest amenities.

- Ayeshah C

It is been good for may road trips around the country.

I haven't had many issues with my car performance. It is reliable, and easy to maintain. I have heard of other cars with regular engine issues, and I am happy that I don't need to worry as much about that.

- Matthew H

It offers all the benefits I want -- reliability, good gas mileage, longevity, and is pretty good looking, too, for such a practical car.

The primary reason I love it is that it is so reliable. I also love that Hondas last for a long time. Had my last Honda for 22 years. It is thoughtfully designed and has everything I need. No complaints.

- Cynthia c

Honda Accord - Reliable Performance

The Honda Accord is a mainstay for a reason, it does every job well for a comfortable price. This was the last year that the Accord was a mid-size, subsequent years made this car into a full-size sedan.

- Richard P

I love the mileage which keeps gas expense way down.

Honda has consistent good mileage even though I have over 140,000 miles on it. Never had major work done. Plan to run it until it dies, BUT I do not like the closest dealer or service department.

- Judy P

It is reliable and a car I hope to have for many years to come.

My car is very reliable, which is a good thing. I've had it for roughly fourteen years, and it is holding up nicely. It doesn't have the latest features, like Bluetooth, which would be nice to have.

- Brett G

My car has plenty of miles on it. Regardless, it still has the same kick to it as when I first drove if

The Honda Accord is quite reliable. Gas mileage is decent and it is easy to maneuver. The brakes may feel sensitive when you first drive it but it has not been an issue in the 5 years I've driven it

- Carl L

The one most important thing to know about my car is, it took me a long time to get her.

I've had my car for about a year and I have few complaints. It gets me from point A to point B smoothly. I've had to replace some tires along the way. I am currently listening closely to a new hum.

- Natalie B

Old reliable Honda Accord

Driving is reliable, headliner has been collapsing for years and the AC doesn't work and is too expensive to replace. Fixing things costs more than the car at this point, but it is still reliable.

- Matthew M

It's reliable and low maintenance - a dependable vehicle.

It has been reliable and needed very few repairs - I've had it since 2004. The one issue I've really had is that the brakes shudder at high speeds. It's good on gas and roomy enough for my needs.

- Kristin D

Solid vehicle for an older model.

It's been an excellent and sturdy vehicle. I haven't had any mechanical or electrical problems. I do dislike the fact that there is no auxiliary jack or way to play music from streaming devices

- Johnathan C

Buying a Honda is worth it.

My Honda has been reliable and always dependable. I have taken care of my car and my car has taken care of me. I will be looking for another car soon, but my current car will be tough to beat.

- Eric D

It has a great motor it can go from 10 to 30 miles per hour in a second.

My car has a really good motor and great transmission. I love that you can unlock the windows from the key ignition. The only bad thing is that an air bag pop without nothing hitting the car.

- Chabeli D

It is a reliable source of transportation.

My vehicle that I drive now gets me where I need to go. It is also good on gas. What I dislike about it is it is too small for my family. Also paint is chipping off, and radio does not work.

- Chelsea T

Low Emissions vehicle with power when needed. Honda is reliable

Basically I love it Has the engine I wanted. Good Reliable car.Although It doesn't have built in Nav or tinted windows I would have liked.Gets good gas mileage and has power when I need it.

- Donna L

Sporty car with luxury benefits.

It performs like a sporty car, but has a luxury ride. It also has nice features like power seats and mirrors. Mine has an excellent moonroof. It is a reliable and economical vehicle too.

- Eleanor R

It has dual airbags and side curtain airbags.

I love that my vehicle has a good engine and runs smoothly despite its age. It has been very reliable. I do not like that this generation of Hondas are known for paint fading and issues.

- Kris O

I take a lot of pride in my car.

I love that it is financially manageable. Good on gas. Easy to find parts. Parts are reasonable. I do not like that it does not have factory rims. I do not like that it is a 4 cylinder.

- Leann L

it will not disappoint as far as being reliable and low cost to maintain

I love the style and color of my accord. the reliability and performance has been incredible. Hardly any issues ever...just regular maintenance is all I've ever had to do on this car

- william v

It is comfortable and I have never had problems with it.

I love my vehicle because of the style and luxurious interior! I love the black leather and stereo system. The sunroof is just the icing on the cake. I have no complaints at all!’.

- Joy H

It is very dependable. It keeps going

My Honda Accord is a workhorse. It is very dependable and keeps going. I trust it to get me to my destination with no fear. I think I can use it for another 5 years with no worries

- Alfred O

Sporty handling with luxury ride.

It is a good car for commutes or short distances. Handles like a sporty car, but feels like a luxury car. The Accord has nice features like automatic seats, mirrors and a moonroof.

- Eleanor R

It is a good family car. a lot of space the trunk is very big. Runs great.

I am the second owner of the car bought it a 120 thousand miles. It is a good family car long has the oil is kept up regular the car has worked great only had to replace the enter.

- Shelly M

Over 100,000 mile Honda Accord

I love my 2004 Honda Accord. I have over 100,000 miles on my car and it still runs great. I've had no major repairs and the only thing I do every 3,000 miles is get my oil changed

- Deborah W

That it is good on gas period.

What I like about the 2004 Honda accord is the fact that it is good on gas. What I do not like about the Honda is the interior. It is horrible and I wish it was a different color.

- Anthony W

It'll last for many years if you take care of it.

I like almost everything about my vehicle. The only problem I have with it is the radio. For some reason it turns itself up and down while I am driving and it is really annoying.

- Jamie C

It is with me whenever I need it.

It is very reliable so I am never worried about it. It will always get where I need to be. I feel very safe in it. It does not get noticed, which I like. It has good gas mileage.

- bianca H

It is one of the best running and comfortable cars I have owned.

I found this vehicle with only 160,000 miles on it. I know that they typically run for twice that long. The engine purrs like a kitten. It drives smooth and is very comfortable.

- Emile B

The Honda Accord is reliable transportation with low maintenance cost.

It has a timeless look and body style. It feels secure on the road. The leather seats are comfortable. It is dependable. The handling is superb. It needs a technology refresh.

- chris m

I like the general shape of it.

I like my car, but it feels a little small sometimes. I don't really know how it handles at higher speeds or on longer trips because I only use it for my short daily commute.

- Jenny B

I feel very safe when I drive my car on the highway or the side streets.

It's old, too small, do not like the model it's old, too small, do not like the model, it's old, too small, do not like the model,it's old, too small, do not like the model,.

- Steph C

Honda's do drive forever!

I loved my car until about 4 years ago. Never had any major problems until recently. As my car is an older model it does not have the bells and whistles of the newer cars.

- Robin S

Honda's run forever, with minimal investment and upkeep.

My car is old but still great. I love the size, love the gas mileage, and love the sun roof and seat warmers. It burns oil too fast though, and the CD player doesn't work.

- Megan T

I get Excellent gas mileage.

My car gets excellent gas mileage. Honda makes good quality cars. I use the same dealership that I bought my car from to do all of my service work. I have no complaints.

- Ira P

Blue 2004 Honda Accord 4 cylinder.

The car is easy to drive and fuel efficient. It is very responsive and easy to handle and control, and it is also very easy to control the gas pedal and speed of the car.

- Peter G

It doesn't have Bluetooth or aux cord input and the seats and seat belts r ripping.

I keep having to fix the car again just got new transmission now I have to get a water pump because it's cracked open and that's gonna cost more money that I don't have.

- Lacey W

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. I like having 4 doors. It could use a set of new tires and a oil change. But it's a pretty good car. I wish I could afford a newer year model.

- Amy H

It drives like a stallion at the age of 14.

My car has been really efficient. I've been able to take road trips without any mechanical problems. It is efficient with gas and I wouldn't trade it for a newer cat.

- Carina T

The car is 18 years old. It runs very well for its age.

It is old and rusty & needs repairs. It is really to big for me and the doors are really very heavy.. The door keeps closing on my leg when it is really windy out..

- Sherry K

They should know that it is very reliable and the gas pedal is very sensitive.

I like that the gas is cheaper for my model. It rarely has any problems and it would last me a long time. I dislike that there are cheaper parts that it is made of.

- Alicia H

I think one of the most important things they should know is that it's a v6.

Honda's are very reliable so that is my main plus side. I like the color, make, model, and performance. Honda's are easy to work on when problems do arise as well.

- AnnMarie O

Silver Honda Accord with GPS system.

My Honda has been through many issues but always seems to work itself out. Every time I have thought it was done, it was not. It has had battery and engine issues.

- Ashley B

Hondas last a long time when you keep up with the routine maintenance.

It had a salvage title from being in an accident so it has a few quirks, like a slight bend in the frame. Overall, I really like the reliability of Honda vehicles.

- Wendy B

(Used) Blue 2004 Honda Accord

I got it used for a good price. There was very little work to be done on it, and it hasn't needed much work since I bought it. It works for my needs, so I like it.

- Eliza Z

It has really good gas mileage

Overall it's a good car. I haven't had any major problems or issues with the vehicle. Has good gas mileage. The car is 14 years old and it still runs pretty well

- Kimberly B

It is reliable, it's great gas mileage, and I feel safe.

It is reliable, comfortable, and doesn't have too many gadgets. Only, complaints are that is old, needs some repairs, and has always had some electrical issues.

- Harmony M

How reliable the Honda Accord has been

My car is reliable. I have not had any major mechanical issues. It has gone through a lot with me and I don't think I'll be able to replace it. Great first car!

- Heather S

It runs nicely and feels like it's very smooth when it drives on the road

I love the shape of it on the outside, it's not too boxy looking. I also love the tan interior color. But I wish I had leather seats and a space for an aux cord

- Jordan J

It's reliable, it's a great car for a single female that doesn't want to worry about car issues.

i love my Honda Accord, it is the best car and i have been the only owner. I feel Honda's are reliable and keep there resale value. They are also very stylish.

- Colleen W

It is very reliable, and the gas does not run out fast.

The only thing I dislike, is that the color is fading away. I need to paint it again. I also dislike that it needs maintenance and I have to spend money on it.

- Brenda G

Great vehicle choice for the family on a budget.

Honda cars have the longest life span in my opinion. Runs smooth & parts are easily accessible. Not too big but not too small either. Great for small families.

- Jazziah S

The most important thing other people should know about my car is that it is long lasting,I've been using it for few years now and it's really convenient

Honda accord has been my ideal car. I am a girl that's why it is easier for me to drive it. I also love It's appearance. So far I don't have any issues on it.


A honda motor will run forever. The only other car that has been comparable was my first car which was a pontiac grand am, I've been pretty lucky with cars and would recommend mine to anyone.

It currently has 287,000 miles on it and runs like new. It has been reliable and it is perfect size for me. Do not really have anything to complain about it.

- Madison H

The Great Car That I Drive To School

It gets me from point a to point b and that's what matters. It's very good at doing what its supposed to do which is bringing me from one place to another

- Thomas B

It is a car that continues to run even though it is over 14 years old and has driven a lot

I like that it runs and gets decent mileage. I like that it has space to sit and space in the trunk to transport things. I like that it looks very average

- Alice C

Dependable vehicle in all type of weather. Maintenance is every 6 months.

Drive smooth even today, after 14 years. Maintenance is only required every 6 months. Use regular octane gas compare to other vehicle in this categories.

- Sarah R

Well it is baby blue I've always liked that about the car and it has some jet black leather on the seats.

The car is blue in color and i like the size of the vehicle but i often have problems with the oil in the car and the style of the exterior is too basic.

- Sonny V

That the car is almost 15 years old and only has 75, 000 miles.

It is a v6 ex so it comes with a moonroof leather CD player premium alloy wheels and, I just hit 75000 miles (240 horsepower) and I drive it like a baby.

- Matthew K

How dependable it is. I feel safe in this car.

No complaints other than it is 14 years old. Very dependable, great gas mileage, and comfortable. It has built in GPS that I love. I would buy it again.

- Judy B

Hondas, in general, are very dependable vehicles.

My car is dependable and great on gas. It has almost 200k miles but it still runs great. The repair cost are reasonable compared to other makes of cars.

- Kendi J

My car has been through so much with me. I appreciate it's reliability and accessibility.

My car has plenty of room for my lifestyle and gets decent gas mileage. I dislike that it needs some minor repairs, and that the interior needs redoing.

- Carley H

It is reliable and requires minimum maintenance.

I love the fact that it is reliable. It has never broken down and it requires very little maintenance. It runs today as if I purchased it yesterday.

- daniel R

It was purchased an used one.

My car has cruise control, power steering, strong ac, great mileage, even better on the highways. Absolutely love my car, a great car for students!!

- Pal R

The oil change time and the insurance.

I like it because is big and fast. But what I don't like is that it takes to much gas to fill it up. And Gas prices are not that big but it adds up.

- Jessica C

It gets great gas mileage ,looks sleek ,has a very cozy interior and can stop on a dime.

It gets great gas mileage, has never had a real mechanical issue I think the only downside is that everyone with the same car thinks I want to race.

- Michal c

It's the best car I ever had.

My car runs very well. I take care of it every 3 months I change oil and maintain it. I have it for 10 years and I have spend really no money at al.

- Debbie G

It is very very strong and comfortable

I really like this car ,it has good air and radio , it's bearings heat up for winter time ,it only has a promise with transmission solenoids stuck

- Ingrid S

It does very well on gas!

Mileage, drives smoothly, takes regular gas, my car can go hours to destinations, brakes are good, does well on gas when traveling to long places.

- Shelly P

That it is a great vehicle and reliably gets me to where I need to go.

I like that the vehicle is reliable and gets me to the places I need to go. I would love a new car as many things are no longer in working order.

- Helen T

2004 black Honda Accord lx.

It has a transmission flutter in low torque, low rpm situations when travelling at 40mph. It is a solid car otherwise. Very comfortable interior.

- Scott D

Honda Accords are the most reliable cars. They last forever.

My 2004 honda accord is the most reliable car I have ever had. She did however blow her transmission a year ago but has been working great since

- carly D

It is pretty reliable, but I have recently had some service issues with it.

It is old , starting to rust, is too big, and I hate the color. I bought it used & really didn't have much of a choice for what I had to spend.

- Shari B

It is a very reliable car that gets great gas mileage for the year it is

I love the gas mileage that my car gets. I can get 30+ mpg driving back and forth to work. It gets me where I need to go and is very reliable

- Nathan t

It is reliable, comfortable and is good on gas.

I like that my car has working A/C, a sunroof. It has plenty of room to take a few friends with me when I go on trips. It is very comfortable.

- Alice J

Gas mileage is great. Maintenance on it is cheap and will run forever.

I love my car because it gets great mileage and I travel a lot. Easy too drive and very comfortable. Maintenance is cheap compared to my mobs.

- Shannon C

Economy gas uses and less consumption of gas.

Economy car and good speed and good resolution engine and easy to clean and smooth speed and no complain I am very comfortable with this car.

- Anil A

Over 200, 000 miles and still running well.

Comfort legroom seat adjustments. Performance few repairs over time. Long life. Normal maintenance using check up charts. Excellent mileage.

- Harriet B

It has been a great car. Little to no trouble.

I love my Honda. Like all older model cars it needs some work. Paint is wearing and air doesn't work anymore. I believe the compressor died.

- Courtney G

The overall safety when it comes to a car crash.

Very good on gas and a very smooth ride. it's a little small for me and feels unsafe compared to my Dodge Dakota when it comes to a crash.

- Evan B

I would always buy a Honda if I could choose the car I buy.

I love the way it handles. I like the way it looks and the roominess of the interior. I love the gas mileage. I love how long Hondas last.

- Zach D

Reliable daily car for traveling

I have a Honda Accord and I have loved my car. It has been very reliable vehicle, and I would consider purchasing one again in the future

- Kristin S

Its a Honda therefore it is a tough car.

I love my Accord. My motor is fixing to go out though and it is my only means of transportation. overall it is a really great automobile.

- Tessa M

reliable Japanese manufacturer

Good gas mileage both local driving and highway driving, very reliable and have few problems, maintenance cost is low, reputable company,

- Stephen b

It works very well which is why I haven't replaced it yet.

It is a very dependable car that gets me where I'm going and has good gas mileage with low emissions. It's just a little old these days.

- Dave H

It's reliable and great on gas.. repairs are kinda expensive but u pay for what u get

I really don't have any problems with my car... it gets me from point a to point b.. take care of it and it will def last a long time

- Sandra C

My Honda has been extremely reliable.

I have had very good luck with my Honda except the transmission. It's gets great mileage. I will probably drive my Honda until it dies!

- Barb V

The captiva sport is an all wheel drive.

The car is a workhorse. It has been a great car for years. I do not particularly care for the radio not the way the console is set up.

- Rosa R

Great. Car. Not a lot of problems

This vehicle has always been reliable. Not a lot of problems since I have had this vehicle. Have 260,000 miles and still going strong.

- Chrystin S

Quality, price, how many owners.

I like that it has a sunroof, I like the low gas mileage, I like the size of it, I like the power behind the engine, I like the color.

- Janice J

How dependable it is and reliable such a car can be.

Super reliable and has never had any unexpected repair costs in the time that I've owned it. Gets great gas mileage. Is fun to drive.

- Sam B

My Honda makes me feel safe and gets me wherever I need to go.

I like that I have dual A/C and heating. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I feel safe in my car and like that there are seat warmers.

- Sarah T

It is a very reliable car. It is solid and very dependable

My Honda Accord is a workhorse. It has more than 325K miles and it is still going strong. It is a very reliable car that keeps going

- Alfred A

Reliable transportation with regular maintenance.

Extremely reliable, very few repairs with regular maintenance such as oil changes, comfortable ride, ample power for highway travel.

- Jeff B

Others should know that the radio is Bluetooth and not from the original car.

I know it's getting to be an old car but it still seems new to me. It runs quietly and reliably. I've never had a problem with it.

- Jane S

it's very dependable. never thought I would have a car this long!

as long as you keep up with the usual maintenance like oil changes , tire rotation, the car will run forever! good gas mileage too.

- Judy T

Good gas mileage and not too expensive for repairs.

It's the perfect size for me because I a 5'1". It is very good on gas for mileage. It usually doesn't cost me too much for repairs.

- Marlena M

My car has an amazing ac.

I love my vehicle because it does not waste a lot of gas. My vehicle is like my baby. It is one of the most important things to me.

- Cynthia S

In this economy, it's important to try to save money, and the Accord is the best bang for your buck.

It's gas efficient and very reliable. It's a car that's perfect to drive solo or take people on a road trip. It lasts a long time.

- R H

My car has great gas mileage.

No complaints here. I love the speed of acceleration. I really like the gas mileage. I also like the bass/sound system of the car.

- Christen L

Comfortable good gas mileage.

Low maintenance-besides routine oil change only replace air conditioner and belts 2 batteries very pleased with cars performance.

- Beverly W

The car itself is very reliable, and is a great commuter car.

It is a very reliable car. I enjoy the amount of room the car has. Other than routine maintenance and upkeep, I've had no issues.

- Amber A

2004 Honda Accord excellent condition.

High mileage, but a very good condition engine and comfortable for driving in all seasons (summer and snow). Excellent condition.

- Yonas G

The sunroof is an added bonus.

Runs great is fairly decent on gas due to the larger size motor. It is a older vehicle and has just started to use a little oil.

- Connie D

Very reliable and durable

It's a 6 cylinder so has good power. Has satellite radio. Getting old so has needed some expensive repairs but I still like it.

- James L

Treat it right and it will not let you down.

Very reliable and at 14 years old that is saying something. Shocks are not the best but it is an old vehicle so cannot complain.

- Elise K

It's very reliable. It will last a long time if you take care of it.

My Honda is reliable. I've had it since 2004. The engine runs great, but he rest of the car has started breaking down around it.

- Ashley B

It's a very dependable vehicle. I like the way it handles on the road, it's fun to drive.

I like the thirty two miles per ga[. I get with it. For a small car it has plenty of room. I don't care for the sunroof.

- Earl S

Nissan Altima's are really good with your gas mileage.

Loved the mpg and the room. Not to keen on the body style. I'm more of an SUV person. But the over all of the vehicle is great.

- Lisa S

Very reliable car. Good gas mileage.

It performs really well and has really good gas mileage. I have had it for 5 years and it is still running as it was brand new.

- Aubrey W

Transportation without hassles, headaches, or bank-breaking fillups.

A quiet, reliable little car that gets good gas mileage, is comfortable, and holds us and the grandchildren without squeezing.

- Lloyd B

AC is amazing and the MPG is actually pretty good. Smooth ride roo

It is a good car. It guzzles oil very quickly and I do not like the black cloth interior. Radio works well, AC is incredible.

- Matthew O

It is very reliable and has served me well.

They have a weak transmission. There is a little kick sometimes when switching gears. I wish it was also a flex fuel vehicle.

- Jordan L

2004 Honda Accord lx blue.

It has dents, no headliner, no grill, cannot read the odometer, the radio does not work, it is clean, smells good, runs fine.

- Kara Y

It takes regular gas not premium.

My vehicle is old. It runs well though. But it also has scratches that I am not fond of. Overall it is a good vehicle though.

- Cameron C

Runs like it is new even with almost 200k miles on it

Transmission went bad at 100k miles. Had it rebuilt and it has been fine ever since. For being an 2004 it is a reliable car.

- Grace M

My car is dependable and fuel efficient. It drives smooth.

This car has been in my family since 2004 and has well over 300,000 miles on it and still runs perfectly. It's great on gas.

- Drew B

My car is reliable, does not require much maintenance

My vehicle has great performance as I believe Honda makes very reliable car - all of my immediate family members own a Honda

- Lauren B

It is a nice car to have for driving anywhere.

It is easy to drive. It is fast. It is comfortable. I do not have any dislikes or complaints. Very nice and reasonable car.

- Marissa P

Gas efficient. Maintenance is inexpensive.

Gas efficient. Small enough to easily maneuver. Has somewhat of a sporty look. Love the color. Maintenance is inexpensive.

- Lares Y

If you want a gas saver and reliable car you might want consider getting one

Gas saver it is not the best looking car but it is very reliable a everyday car. I haven't really had any problems with it

- jane r

Transmission issues are noisiness. Hard to keep fabric clean.

Air conditioner went out a couple of years ago; otherwise good on gas. Smooth ride and quiet. Don't like light upholstery.

- August W

Cost to maintain the car is low.

Very reliable vehicle. I have only had to do scheduled maintenance, oil and filter changes and the brakes were done once.

- Cynthia Z

My car: very reliable and dependable

My car is overall a nice and reliable car. I have been using this vehicle for a very long time and plan to keep using it.

- Roy S

It is reliable and has good gas mileage.

There is no auxiliary cord, even though the radio display gives the option. I would also prefer leather seats over cloth.

- Heidi L

Good Mid-sized car with plenty of room.

This is a decent mid-size vehicle. I do not like that the seats are cloth and since it is older, they features are dated.

- Charlotte P

the dealership cost to provide care is outrageous. Use a local person you can trust.

love how well zippy has maintained its shape. good on gas mileage and easy to maintain. Great care at a reasonable price

- Becaball H

It's very reliable, attractive, and still has a lot of life left.

Excellent ride and gas mileage, as well as still holds appeal. Minimal maintenance has been required, only wear and tear.

- Jacqueline L

Its dependable and good on gas.

My Honda is good on gas it always tears up but I get it fixed it has cold air and hot heat an gets fabulous gas mileage.

- Korea M

It will last a long time if taken good care of!

It has been a fantastic car, especially for being 14 years old and still being reliable. It is simple, not to luxurious.

- Hannah T

It has a lot of miles on it.

I love the amount of space in the backseat. It also drives very well and is a reliable car. It rarely breaks down on me.

- Nathan A

Honda is a very dependable vehicle. They are cars that are built to last.

I love my Honda! It always runs great and I hardly ever have any issues with it. The engine still purrs after 14 years.

- Jerry M

My car has great tires. I keep the car serviced on a regular basis.

I haven't had any problems with my car. I get my car serviced regularly and that is a big reason why it as run so well.

- Joshua T

I believe Hondas last a long time.

I like my car because it is a basic car with good gas mileage. I find the seats to be uncomfortable on long car rides.

- Kathryn B

Honda Accord Great Gas Mileage

I love my Honda. Mainly because of the gas mileage. I work 30 mins from my home so this helps keep my gas expense low.

- Ketra K

2004 Honda Accord lx review.

Very dependable but some issues due to the age of the car such as ac problems, detached ceiling fabric, broken radio.

- Lena N

That it takes a while for the a/c to work. You can't access the cassette player.

I like how reliable it is. I like how it feels to drive. I like the color. There is nothing I dislike about my car .

- naye r

It is lasted for 14 years and still going strong with minor problems.

Door jams sometimes because of age, everything else is good. It is a great car for how old it is and performs great.

- Brent S

Honda Accord es Everytime it died the radio needed reset

Very dependable and fast great engine and decent features I had very few mechanical issues and gas mileage was great

- Ruben B

Honda accords are the best and very dependable.

I love all Honda accords mine does have high mileage my car has never broken down on me with all the traveling I do.

- Felicia G

Looks pretty beat up, but runs great.

Bought it from family friends for cheap. It had a bunch of scratches and a few dents in it, but runs perfectly fine.

- Katarina S

it's easy on gas great milage easy to drive easy to keep clean

this honda i have had for 10 years never had a problem great car and would buy again from honda. Car is easy on gas

- tammy b

Spacious, reliable and safe.

I love gas mileage, handling, and dislike the stereo keeps failing and have to buy a new one for $800.00 installed.

- Dawn W

The one important thing others should know about my car is that it has a lot of space inside.

I like that my van has 7 seats and are leathered. I also like that It's comfortable and has a lot of space inside.

- briana a

Dependable car that you can use for years as long as you take care of it.

Like: Gas Mileage, exterior color, reliability. Dislikes: Outdated, parts are needed to be replaced, and interior.

- Shanae C

Older model Honda Accord still running strong

It's a great car. It has always been very reliable with very little work required other than regular maintenance.

- Jennifer B

My Honda has held up very well. It is 14 years old and I have had 0 problems problems with it.

My Honda is easy on gas. It Handles well It looks good especially for a 2004 I have no complaints about my Honda

- pat t

I love both of the front seats being power operated and not manual operated.

I love everything about this car, the sound system is amazing. I've never had any problems with this car at all!

- Brianna R

Good mileage and good handling.

Like it all except road noise, good gas mileage, handles well on snow and ice. Have had no maintenance problems.

- Susan T

Works well. It is comfortable.

Like that the car is in good shape. Fits a good amount of people. Hate that I cannot connect an aux. Not modern.

- Debbie E

Good gas mileage. Use for long distance. Use cruise control.

Good gas mileage. Minimal repairs. Large trunk capacity for a small car. Cruise control. No major repairs ever.

- Barbara L

It is worth the price because it lasts for years without mechanical trouble.

It is strong and sturdy car. Has a modern look to it. Only a few mechanical problems. It has excellent mileage.

- Gloria R

Honda's have problems with being in drive but will not move.

It has been a good car but the starter went out got a new one and then it would go in drive but will not move.

- Jessica D

Lean, and mean gets the job done from point a to point b

It's old and everything is starting to break. It has a solid engine and transmission. It needs a few repairs

- Kaleb S