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Honda Accord - One Reliable Ride!

My Honda Accord is without doubt the most reliable, low-maintenance car I have ever owned. It is roomy and comfortable, and rides beautifully on long trips. The mileage has always been very good, so it is inexpensive to take on vacations. Driving this car will not make you feel guilty about polluting the environment! I think it is an attractive car, with a very durable interior that holds up well, and the gray color also is attractive and hides dirt well. I have had to do very little other than routine maintenance. The service department at Honda has always been very helpful but I rarely need them. I believe there have been maybe two recalls, both on airbags, and the dealership took great care to fix them, and made me very comfortable while waiting for the repairs to be completed. It's a perfect family car - large enough to feel safe, but not a gas-guzzler. It is also a wonderful car to consider for keeping a young driver safe. I would not hesitate to hand it over to a new driver.

- Mona W

Maggy is the best car ever for a Senior Citizen... comfortable and runs well..

The Accord is a very comfortable car with more than adequate leg room and a good seat design. Some of the features that I especially like are the radio channel and volume control on the steering wheel, the overhead sunglasses compartment, and the general interior of the vehicle. There are only a few things that I really don't like, one being the difficulty of getting into the back seat. The main thing that I do NOT like is that the car doors are very heavy and have a tendency to want to swing back towards the body of the car while you are getting out of the front seats. I have had my leg banged into a few times and so have a few of my friends... one who received a rather nasty bruise from it. As for performance, Maggy is great! She has nearly 150K miles on her and her gas mileage still averages between 23 and 25 mpg. She performs even better than that on long road trips! She is very reliable and we have had almost no instances of being stranded due to a breakdown of any type.

- Sally W

The Unexpected Sports Car

My 2006 Honda Accord has helped me get around everywhere. The seats are covered in brushed nylon-like fabric that doesn't freeze in the winter, nor sizzle/crack in the summer heat. My favorite trait about my car is the acceleration. When I need to speed up, it sounds like a sports racing car, but not at an annoying volume. I appreciate the minimal time it takes to get to the speed I desire. The brakes on my car are quite sensitive, but once I got used to them, it was and still seems hard to have anything different. The only complaint I have with the car is the aesthetic of the exterior. It's a simple four door sedan with no notable features on the outside. I wish there were more defining characteristics of the vehicle, but nothing on the exterior stands out to me.

- Lexi T

I love the sunroof my Honda Accord has and the spacious back seat area.

My Honda Accord has been through a lot with me, about 8 years of driving. I find that it is been extremely reliable. Though I have had a few maintenance problems here and there. Within these 8 years I had to change the brake pads, change my airbags (company covered), replace my head/tail lights, and most recently fix my windshield wipers. With all that being said, I have about 120 thousand miles on my Honda and it drives like new. This Honda Accord has a sunroof, fabric seating, and a large truck area that holds a spare tire. There is no Bluetooth or auxiliary cord plug in for this year, but that can be remediated by using an adapter in the cigarette lighter plug. If you are looking for comfort and reliability the Honda Accord has you covered!

- Darian C

Great gas mileage, great vehicle overall

So far the only "problems" I have had are normal wear and tear. The starter, water pump, battery, tires, alternator, and power steering pump have all had to be replaced, but that is to be expected with a vehicle over 10 years old with over 200,000 miles on it. I do have a problem with the radio as it went out so I had an aftermarket one installed, and now I have electrical parasitic drain, though I suspect that was from the installer. The lights in the front on the roof (near the sunglass holder) have also quit working, I believe that has to do with the radio problem somehow. Overall a good car and would recommend. Great gas mileage too.

- Shaylyn W

2006 Honda Accord solid engine.

The transmission and the engine are perfect. The only thing I hated was the integration of the radio and ac. Makes no sense, but Honda did that in 2005, so when the radio died I had the choice of an expensive replacement of the ac and radio unit or have a new radio installed outside. I went with the latter. So I have no clock feature, factory radio but I do gave ac. The interior floorboard was odd because my high heels penetrated the cheap material. Most flaws are in interior and accessories. Routine replacements of fan belts, ignition solenoid, and other maintenance parts. Still the transmission and engine run perfectly.

- Karen W

First car like a first love.

My Honda accord (year 2006/2007) is an amazing car that has lasted a long time. Not only is it in good condition, but I know I can rely on it to get to the places I need, meaning I know it will not just randomly malfunction. The car itself has comfortable seats and lots of space for someone in their late teens/early twenties. The only issues I have with the vehicle are that the headlights seem foggy and there is some wear and tear in other places (but that just comes with its age). However, for the most part, it is a car that, in my opinion, has a lot of value and worth to it.

- Hannah R

My Kind of Car: Comfortable, Reliable, and Perfect for Young/New Drivers

I actually really like this car! Even though it's slightly outdated at this point, it's still my favorite car that I have ever driven. I feel that the size, style, and handling suit me well, and I feel comfortable and safe driving it. Over the years that I've had this car, I've found it to be incredibly reliable! I live in a four-season climate where winters can be really tough, and this car has done surprisingly well in terms of performance, reliability, and safe driving throughout each winter! Not only am I impressed with this car, but I'm glad I got it.

- Maeve G

Honda over 10 years drives like a dream.

Great agility in the streets, does not take much money to fill up the tank, and it drives as if I just bought it. The seat warmers are not bad either. As it is a Honda car, it is very reliable all will be so for years. If a car part ever becomes broken or malfunctions, the part is not as expensive to replace as other makes or models. Almost every retailer has Honda Accord car parts. The only problem that I have is when ever I drop any thing in between the seat, they way the car is designed, it is difficult for me to retrieve said item.

- Tiffany O

2006 Honda Accord ex coupe - manual transmission.

I have had very few issue with my Honda Accord. I maintain oil changes, filter replacements and other regular maintenance and overall the car functions very well. I have a manual transmission that is easy to work with and I enjoy all the functions of my car. The standard sound system is one of my favorite parts, it sounds great without the need for upgrades. And the gas mileage is pretty good for my commuter lifestyle between work and school. It is nice, as a student, to not have to worry about car issues so I really like my car.

- Katie B

Overall great vehicle! Would buy another!

My Honda Accord has been great. The only recurring repair I have had to make was replacing brakes which is no an unusual repair on a vehicle. The mileage was phenomenal - when I first go the vehicle back in 2007 I was able to get between 35-38 mpg on the highway. Even 12 years later the mileage is still pretty good. It gives a great smooth drive. , the only issue I had and have heard is a problem with the year of this vehicle is that the hood of the car lost its shine and looks dull or obstructed.

- Patricia C

Great car to drive and very reliable

I love my Honda we got it used and it has been a very good car. 13 yrs old and no problems with motor transmission or air conditioner. The only issues are cosmetic like the headliner window tint and the windows stick and won't roll down. The paint has held up really well, we live in Florida and the car is kept outside and there are only a few faded spots and it has the original paint. Overall this has been a really good car and we will own it until we can't drive it!

- Jennifer W

Our Honda Accord has performed well, especially for its age. .

The car has lasted a long time with very little issues. Parts that have had to be replaced were inexpensive and we easily purchased. The car has been reliable and served its purpose well. The car does not burn through oil and even after being 12 years old with 165k miles, the gas mileage is still respectable. It is a nice car for travel to work and to run errands. The only issue has been that the ac went out and it was an easy fix to get the ac working again.

- Benjamin B

2006 Honda accord is highly recommended!

I really love my car. I bought it used about a year ago. I haven't had any major problems with it. I am currently having an issue where the doors lock while they keys are in the ignition. It may be because of my battery. It needs to be changed. Ita comfortable for myself and two kids. The driver and passenger seats have a heating feature. My car is very reliable. I would recommend it to anyone. My plan is to get a newer model because I enjoy this car so much.

- Christina R

2006 Honda accord. Great car for the every man.

Had airbag recall, aside from that no real issues just routine maintenance. The performance is good for what I use it for. Reliability is great, but I do keep up with routine maintenance. It is very comfortable to drive around the city or on longer trips. It has all the features I need but I am not very picky when it comes to all the frills that are offered on some higher end models. I focus more on practical reliability and performance,

- Sean A

Great little car, dependable and durable.

Very solid car. Have not had any problems with it. It just crossed 100,000 miles and has no rattles or leaks. The upholstery is leather and very durable. The paint has held up well and is in perfect condition. It has great pick up speed for passing for hill climbing. I am a large man and it is roomy enough for me and ny also large son. But, with the seats adjusted back, the backseat is nearly useless for passengers, as there is no room.

- David P

Great, long lasting car for anyone

This car has lasted through a daily hour and a half commute each way into the city and regular road trips up and down the east coast without any problems. It is over 210,000 miles on it and has needed only two repairs EVER - the heat went in and out once and the headlight covers got cloudy and needed replaced. This car is comfortable and well made. It also has the best nav system I've used. Simply need to buy new disks to update it.

- Jeanette K

Honda accords are mostly reliable with a few issues.

I bought this car used, so it was bound to come with some problems. Overall, it is a very reliable car, however it is had some computer issues. I have had to have it reset at the Honda dealership. I like that it is a spacious car especially for only being an accord. It is easy to clean and the mats are all removable. The other problem I have had is that the oil seems to be disappearing after a while, meaning there may be a leak.

- Emily D

Honda Accord '06 great car to buy and drive for daily use.

We love this car. It drives really well. Not too many maintenance problems, just usual tune up problems. It is a v6 which I like. It has a great sound system built in too! The only issue I don't like with it is that the struts sound like they are going bad. Over all it is a really good car for everyday driving and the one vehicle out of my two that I use to long distance drive. I will be sad when I have to sell it.

- Brittany A

This is a good car to buy when you want to save money.

My Honda Accord has been an extremely reliable car that gets excellent gas mileage. I have kept up with recommended preventative maintenance and have only had to pay for a few pricey repairs that were required due to normal wear and tear. The Accord is a comfortable car although, as a sedan, it sits a bit low to the ground so large people or seniors may require a little extra effort getting in and out of the car.

- Lynn M

Most reliable car on the road.

This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. I have almost 300,000 miles on it and have owned it for 11 years. It has only been in the shop for regular maintenance. The car has leather seats which are very comfortable. The driver's seat has options to adjust the lumbar support and raise the seat height. The car also comes with a sunroof/ moonroof. It is also a v6 which gives you lots of get up and go.

- Kim T

My experiences with the Honda Accord and Honda Civic have been very good.

Honda is a very reliable car. Honda gets good mileage. Honda has fewer mechanical problems. My last 3 cars have been Hondas. I have had two Accords and 1 Civic. My son bought the Civic and drove it to over 300, 000 miles with very few problems. I have had my current Honda Accord for 5 years and have only changed the oil, lights and tires. I would definitely buy a Honda Accord and/or a Honda Civic again.

- Linda M

It is a solid car and I think it will still be functional for a while

I like my car because it is sturdy- it does not break often, I even traveled long distance this year and it is still fine despite it is already old. Everyone says that this model is also safe. Fortunately, i did not have to check if it is true because so far I did not have any accident. I do not like the fact that it burns a lot of gas. It could be also a bit smaller, parking would be easier.

- Ewa S

I love my Honda accord v6.

My car is really awesome. Is secure and beautiful. I love the smooth ride and stability, especially when I am going in long rides. The interiors of my car are just perfect and have a lot of room, meaning is very comfortable car including the back seat space. I am never have any problems with the engine or other major issues that most of the vehicles commonly have. I really love my car.

- Mila R

Honda accord lx v6: very well made interior. Great gas mileage.

The Honda 2006 lx v6 is a very well driven car it has a gorgeous interior. Its room. It has a touch screen a/c controls navigation system and radio. You can manage your settings for the radio. It has very good gas mileage. UT has great steering. It has had some problems though. I had to get a new transmission put in. That's all of the problems I've had with it though. It parks well.

- Kylie F

My car may have some setbacks but overall it works for me.

My car is super reliable. The only inconvenience is that it is a coupe, and I nanny 2 kids which makes it a bit difficult for them to get in the back. however, it is safe, sturdy, reliable, and I do not have many problems. There is a common ball joint problem in Accords, and I did have to spend some dough to get those fixed, but other than that my car has been really good for me.

- Sydney S

Affordable and reliable car.

The car runs well and is a great commuter vehicle with good gas mileage. It is reliable and have not ever had any major issues. The only work that I have had done on the car is just regular maintenance and replacement parts once it was due. Seats are comfortable and has good legroom space in the front and back, with plenty of space in the trunk as well. Highly recommend this car.

- Tracy T

Used 2006 Honda Accord review.

My Honda Accord is a 2006. I bought it used. It is a really decent car for me to use on the daily. I have not had any problems with big fixes on my car aside from regular car maintenance. The alignment of the car seems to be messing up a lot though, probably because of all the large potholes that are on the roads where I live. Overall I love my car and I feel safe driving it.

- Brittany N

An awesome car -that’s my Honda.

The car runs well, is good on gas and is a comfortable ride. The heated seats are great in the cold months and the air conditioner works well. Dual climate controls is a plus and the stereo system is great. The vehicle could use more power points and could use more leg room in the back. The trunk is awesome and could hold a days worth of shopping for two or more women.

- Monica M

Honda the car for me best performance vehicle.

Well aside from routine maintenance my vehicle runs smoothly, it does well and I get great gas mileage. The airbags had to be replaced due to a recall other than that. I love my Honda, I purchased it for a steal the price could not be beat, plus the sales team really was a blessing to work with. Me and my family are definitely looking at Honda for our next purchase.

- Pamela K

A reliable engine, unreliable transmission and overall mediocre vehicle.

Transmission is starting to go, The radio cuts in and out . The plastics are very cheap. Performance is mediocre. Comfort is pretty decent. With the base lx model, there are very few features. The oil change intervals are longer than most vehicles . Since the vehicle is older, it is easy to find replacement/junk yard parts. The paint seems to be really weak.

- Jeremy H

Great mileage from a Honda Accord.

My Honda Accord is a mid-size sedan, with cloth seats. It has a radio that can also use. The Sirius xm. It gets fantastic gas mileage. I. Only have to fill my tank twice a month and rarely spend more than $20. 00 each time I fill my tank. It is easy to drive, very stable and sturdy frame. I have had no problems since I. Bought it and I got it used from a dealership.

- Kirby G

Good on gas. Spacious. Fast.

Honda Accord 2006 is a really good car been having the same car with just a few problems and noises but runs perfectly and never fails me. I've had it for about 3 years and I have only put in about $200 dollars in the car for minor fixes! It is great on gas I can fill it up with about $30 or less! It is fast and very easy to drive! Very spacious and comfortable.

- Laura T

My Honda best car I've ever had. So dependable.

I love my Honda! This is my 3rd Honda never had the first problem. I tell everyone they should buy one!!the inside is very comfortable Dash is easy to understand and see. The motor goes on forever. So many miles it will last and then more!! Back seat is comfortable it's just such a good looking car. Mine is a 4 door and still looks sporty. Love my blue color.

- Marilyn F

Car rides with my family and everyone sitting and fitting comfortably.

I love my Honda it's a good drive and the beat part it is a easy fix. When I bought my car I bought it used so it had a few issues but since the parts are so affordable it gas hardly an issue. The truck space and back seat are really roomy nothing is better than having two car seats and a booster heat in the back and no one is complaining about being crowded.

- Honda H

Honda Accord Hybrid Surprisingly the best car I've owned.

Only problem is when the battery is used so much when you are in heavy traffic. You have to make sure you aren't breaking too much, otherwise, your battery will die. Gas mileage is great, especially on long trips. I average 40 mpg when traveling. If you are looking to buy an all around great car that you will be satisfied with every day, purchase one of these!

- Dee C

Dependable, reliable, cost efficient and excellent gas mileage!

I love my little Honda. I have only owned 2 cars my whole life. A Honda Civic which I had for 10 years and my Honda Accord which is now 12 years old. These cars are so reliable and great on gas mileage. They are also great in bad weather. The only negative thing I will say is the front ends are very low so it makes it hard to park in parking lots with curbs.

- Jennifer M

The Honda accord is a very reliable, long lasting car.

The only problems I have from the vehicle are from body repairs that have been done. The car has been wrecked twice and still runs and drives like a champ. We've only had to do regular maintenance and a few minor repairs. The only complaint I have about the car is that the front seats are quite stiff for long road trips. Overall a very good, reliable car.

- Anna P

Honda accord has been through some stuff but has held up.

I have had to change the starter one time. I usually keep up with car with changing of oil and rotation of the tire. The window has a big crack that is about one of the only wear and tear. Also the liner in the inside of the car has come off and had to be replaced. The car has been driven on the highway most of it is life but now going through the city.

- Bobby B

Great, reliable vehicle that has lasted, and is continuing to last, a long time.

My vehicle currently has approximately 200, 000 miles on it. The only issues I have had consist of: Driver side window motor went out. It is very reliable, and, as you can see, has lasted a long time. It is still running great. It is very comfortable. The features I have with my Honda Accord consist of: Power windows. 6 CD player. Manual. Sunroof.

- Michelle Z

Hondas: built to last long.

Hondas, particularly old models, are built to last long. Its reliability is what I really love most about it. Mine is 160, 000 and is still running smoothly. Parts were replaced but it was due to normal wear and tear. The only thing I do not like about this car is the seat cushion cover. Its microfiber and attracts lint. It's definitely hard to clean.

- Breanna D

Dependable and useful with character

The car is dependable. Love the leather seats and seat warmers. Its data 5 quite comfortably with plenty of trunk storage. The backseat also folds down if necessary. Parts are easy to get and everyone works on Honda. Oil change every 6 months and fluids are easy to eyeball. Simple to clean and the sunroof is an awesome feature too. Great on fall days!

- Allyson P

Continued brake issues but otherwise a good car.

Overall performance is good but have had continual problems with having to have the brakes done, especially the back brakes. They have always caught and rubbed causing them to wear out prematurely. This vehicle has basic features but is generally comfortable to drive and ride in. It is also easy to get in and out of for a person with back problems'.

- Mel P

It is extremely reliable and long lasting.

I have had this vehicle for over 10 years and have had limited issues with Its performance. It has over 106, 000 miles and other than regular maintenance (new tires, new batteries etc.) there have been no major repairs. The car is comfortable but is lacking some features since it is a 2006 vehicle (no Bluetooth capability is my biggest complaint).

- Christine C

Older Accords are great purchases.

Accords are decent cars that are very reliable. Low maintenance costs and easy to repair. I have owned two Honda Accords and both have gone way over 200, 000 miles without any major issues. When buying a used Honda, see if the struts have been replaced. That was the first larger repair that I had to do on both the Honda Accords that I have owned.

- Tyler T

Honda: great for travel, and for the family.

Honda is a very reliable auto-maker. What the lack in power, they make up for in longevity. A few hundred thousand miles can be easily attained without much worry in one of these engines. They also get really great mileage. Combining these two primary bonuses to this brand, I would say that Honda is a perfect family car and great for road trips.

- Jeffrey V

My Honda! Great car and sharp looking coupe.

My Honda Accord is a great car. Have had it since new and have never had problems with it. The only repairs it ever has had is quite simply tires and brakes. Even though it is older now, it is very reliable and has never let me down or broken down. It is still great looking and great running and would not hesitate to take it on a long road trip.

- Linda J

I have only needed minimal work on it having had it for at least 6 years now, and have likely put over 100,000 miles on it.

It is a good size for storage room while also being good on gas. I personally would love to have trunk space not completely separate from the rest of the car, but it is helpful sometimes and creates a sense of privacy not as easily provided with bigger cars. It comfortably fits passengers. It could be better on gas mileage but it is getting old.

- Ashley L

More spacious than one would think!

The safety, durability, interior space for family, the look of the car, and the reliability have all been stellar! I have had some issues with the radio not working in my car over the past couple of years. I have had it looked at, and I was told it was a common electrical problem others were having with the same year car mine was made (2006).

- Katie G

Review of car: my Honda Accord coupe.

The performance is amazing. I love my car. The ride is smooth and like no other car that I have driven before. It is very durable and you can tell that the quality is going well. I know Hondas are known for their performance and durability. Having a safe and reliable car is what I consider to be very important and that is what my car does.

- Hannah S

Honda's are the best. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

It is a great car. It runs well. I'm told when I need an oil change and if my car needs to be looked at. As long as the car is taken care of it will be good to you. I haven't had many things go bad on the car, however, when something does go wrong it is costly to fix due to how the car is built. Would never own anything other than a Honda.

- Ashley A

2006 Honda Accord, comfy, family car.

The 2006 Honda Accord is a very reliable car, little to no complications. Had it for more than 10 years and barely this year have I had any problems(breaks). Good on gas and seats are very comfy, also very roomy. Only thing that is problematic in this day and age is that there is no form of a good AUX cord unless you install it yourself.

- Isis A

My Honda and its repairs for the past 180, 000 miles.

My Honda is extremely comfortable and reliable. Its needed a few repairs over the years, which is due to time and the driving conditions. Driving up and down hills daily has caused me to replace the transmission and all four rotors. I have had to replace to water pump, timing and drive belt once. Outside of that, just normal maintenance.

- Douglas F

The Accord looks good, rides great and is reliable mechanically.

The car is very reliable, all I have to do is the regular maintenance, oil changes, etc. The car is fun to ride, has great acceleration and the interior is perfect. Every accessory in the car works, a/c. DVD player/ cruise, etc. The car is easy and a joy to drive. The only thing with the car is the alarm system had to be turned off.

- Alan U

Amazing Honda, with great size and amazing truck space.

Very reliable, I love my Honda Accord. It has been a great car for me! I have had my car for a couple years and have put on a hundred thousand miles or so. The seats in the vehicle are not the most comfortable but I still like the car. I love the size of the truck on the Honda. It can fit a couple large suitcases plus duffle bags.

- Natalie R

Honda Accords will always be a winner.

Excellent gas mileage, good acceleration, quiet and smooth ride, car style for that year looks ageless as does inside of car, paint job has held up and there is no rust, back seats go down for more room to carry Do not like the blind spots when on the highway or backing up air vents could have been placed in a better position.

- Diane N

I think it is a great car & would recommend a Honda to anyone.

I have had no issues or problems with this vehicle. I drove a civic for 13 years before this accord. I love Hondas & think they are very reliable cars. I really have nothing more to say as I think this is an awesome car & have only had minor maintenance issues just getting older. I only have 62,000 miles on the car.

- Susan C

Would not buy another Honda Accord again!

Love the turning radius on the car and the brakes stop on a dime. Front seats are not comfortable, but I have been told that the back seats are very comfortable. The car has pulled to the left since we took it off the lot and no dealer has been able to fix it other then to say it is abnormally normal. Not happy about that.

- Arlene M

Honda Accord - best value for your money!

I love the Honda brand and have owned a few over the last 20 years. They are in my opinion the most reliable vehicle and gives you the best quality for your money. The Honda Accord is large and roomy enough for my small family and our dog! I have not had any issues with performance or reliability in the past 10+ years.

- Andrea B

Great reliable car, exactly what I was looking for in a nice car.

My Honda has decent gas mileage. I have had to do very little maintenance on it and have had it since it was new. The only things I have had to buy on it was tires, brakes and an air conditioning pump, besides oil and filter changes. The only thing I do not like about it is how much it costs to replace the car key fob.

- Shannon G

Heat and ac circulation. Honda’s are built to last a lifetime!

This car alone does not give me any issues. Honda’s are known to last forever. I love the 6 CD changer idea. Love that it is leather has sunroof. The only thing about this car that I dislike is it does not have air vents or heat vents in the back seat so when it is cold it takes time to go around. Same as heat.

- Pa L

Shifts smoothly, rides like a dream, back seats are comfortable and roomy.

5 speed manual 4 cylinder, very reliable and good on gas. Regular maintenance done at manufacturer's recommended intervals. The main thing is to make sure you replace your timing chain tension due to it leaking around 200k miles. Most everything is original on the vehicle except for performance upgrades and a battery.

- Paula B

Problems I've faced so far

Steering wheel shakes, and tired need re-sealed multiple times a year. I broke the glove box handle off but I'm not sure if that's my own fault or weak material. The trunk has to be ALL the way up or it will 100% fall back down and land on your head. If you take it to a car wash, the stuff in the trunk WILL get wet.

- Stephanie B

Honda makes what I would consider an exceptional car.

Really love the gas milage, the performance is not bad considering it's only a 4-cylinder... Strong acceleration when you drop the pedal to the floor! Settled for the economy version(no a/c, no power anything) will definitely spring for the upgraded version next time! All in all, pretty satisfied with this vehicle!

- Mark S

Review of my recently purchased Honda.

Steering wheel jerks a lot. The engine is strong. It has good radio quality. The buttons on the key do not work which makes locking and unlocking the door a little frustrating. I do not like the fact that there is not a USB port on the radio. Also there are no Bluetooth features, which nowadays is almost necessary.

- Kristina F

Very accommodating and spacious.

I love the leather seats, the sunroof, the fact that it has heated seats for the cold winter months it is very spacious drive very smoothly. I love the power windows and locks. Easy to clean because it is leather. The trunk is huge perfect for moving things or storing things that you may want to leave in your car.

- Lauren S

Honda Accord: reliable, affordable and comfortable.

My vehicle is extremely reliable. It gets me from point A to point B. The leather seats and the ability to adjust the steering wheel makes driving easy and comfortable. As long as the buyer takes good care of the car, it will last for years. I have had this car for 12 years and haven't had many problems out of it.

- Qiana S

Stylish and classic. Dependable and low maintenance.

This car is reliable and it has been passed down in my family over and over again. It is easy to drive. It has very few maintenance issues. The inside is comfortable. We all like driving the car. It is stylish even though it is older. We have decided to stick with Honda and I would definitely buy an Accord again.

- Kati R

My reliable workhorse, my Honda.

If you are going to buy a car that will last, buy a Honda. Two hundred thousand miles, two states and four kids later she still delivers me safely, everyday, in every weather, from point a to point b. This car is a workhorse. I know that my family is going to be safe and get where they need to go on any occasion.

- Heather D

Luxury car at half the price.

Over 200k mi. Runs like a top. Cold a/c and all the amenities of a more expensive vehicle. Heated seats sunroof and peppy vortec 4 cyl engine. Quiet ride With excellent driving and handling. Carpeted trunk and interior air filter. Radio controls on steering wheel and several dc outlets for cell phone charging.

- George S

2006 Honda Accord lx: stereo and clutch issues.

The car itself is a pretty basic one. Good interior and gets great gas mileage. However, it seems as though this year and model has more problems that other Honda's that I have owned in the past. I have had nonstop issues with the built in stereo specifically. I also have had issues with the clutch a few times.

- Angela R

3/5. Great vehicle, well kept, very reliable.

Great car just not technologically advanced as other cars. Has great comfortable leather seats. The interior has been very well kept and clean, there is little to no stains in the carpet in the backseat. It is very reliable. Has had new tires put on in the past year as well as an oil change and other check ups.

- Kayla R

Still going strong after 12 years.

It is been a very reliable car. I have had to do a few major repairs the past year, but in all honesty with 156k miles I have learned to consider it just maintenance. I feel that the car will probably last at least another 50 to 100k. Well worth the cost over the years. 12 years of satisfaction owning this car.

- Bell S

Reliable family friendly car.

This vehicle is reliable, we currently have over 170000 miles on it and it still runs great. It is comfortable and easy to clean. We are easily able to fit our family of four in it, and that includes two car seats in the rear seat. It does not have a ton of bells and whistles of a newer car, but it is reliable.

- Kati P

Small and Steady makes the grade.

No problems if you keep it up. Car holds up well (if taken care of!). Only 'surprise' repair to me involved a switch on the engine. The car was lurching as it tried to pick up speed after a stop. The repairman was not terrible surprised. This is a small, but not too small vehicle with good safety reviews.

- Patty J

The care is excellent on gas and has good horsepower.

Overall the car is good on gas, but it is not up to date with all technological advances because it is a 2006. Only major problem I have had with the car is with the starter which I had to get replaced. I hate how I need to put a code into the radio every time I get the battery replaced. I wish there was free.

- Dora S

Honda Accord: premier longevity.

I have had no problems with this car. I maintain it very well, though. Performance is great. I have over 220, 000 miles on my car with no mechanical issues. I highly recommend Hondas, but Accords in particular. Maintenance costs are average and parts are very reasonable when it is time for part replacements.

- Melissa G

Minimal problems, long lasting safe family car.

Spacious, smooth ride. Plenty of trunk space for multiple luggage. Very little issues regarding under the hood maintenance. Issues with the secondary check engine light on dashboard but other than that extremely reliable. I will continue to purchase Honda’s due to the longevity of the car and engine life.

- Shayla S

Honda Accord 2006, great shape still and good gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage, it is great for traveling, it is pretty reliable for the most part and I love the features that it has on the interior of the car. Great car overall, I would recommend to anybody and everybody. My favorite maker is Honda and this just adds to the fact that makes them my favorite.

- Trenton J

My Honda is a very dependable car.

My Honda accord is one of the best vehicles I ever owned because I never really had any major problems. I keep up with my oil changes as scheduled I had to know replace the timing belt at 100k but other then that just regular maintenance. I had to get 4 new tires on my car due to a blow out on one tire.

- Wayne R

It is purple. That is alright I guess.

The front end and the brakes constantly have new problems. Every time one problem is fixed, another part breaks. Three of the four door handles have broken and needed replacement. The air conditioner barely blows at all. The only thing I like about it is the color. I have never seen another purple car.

- Will C

My vehicle is four door silver Honda Accord. It has a sunroof.

I love my Honda Accord. It's almost 300, 000 and still runs well. The check engine light does flash on and off every couple thousand miles. The cruise control recently broke not sure why. I would recommend this car to others a good middle of the line car. It runs well for a long time and is affordable.

- Kris Q

2006 Honda Accord still great after 11 years

My Honda Accord is very reliable. I drive it 60 miles/day 3 days a week. It has 175000 miles on it and I feel confident it has many miles to go. The leather interior still looks great other than some wear on the driver's side. We have done little to this car other than a timing belt, brakes and tires.

- Penny H

Dependable, high quality car.

My car has held up very well for the past 12 years. It is tight and drives well. I have had very low maintenance cost and the car gets great gas mileage. I have not complaints at all about this car, as it gets older I am running into some issues but nothing that should not happen after 225,000 miles

- Chris M

My lovable and reliable used Honda.

Even with over 100, 000 miles it is still very reliable. The air conditioning, heat, radio, engine and seats are still intact. The only problem is with the paint which is wearing off but that does not bother me. The only problem I think I will have is the value when I am ready to purchase a new car.

- Jordan B

2006 Honda Accord Nice comfortable ride for the whole family.

I have had this car for less than a year but it has only had one owner and no major issues. I haven't had any issues so far. It's very comfortable and has lots of features. It has lots of room in the cabin as well as the trunk. The ride is smooth and not real loud when it comes to road noise either.

- shannon B

I love my car very much. It is great gas and mileage.

I love my car! It is really good on gas, and gets really good miles. It is very reliable and comfortable. I love the heating and cooling system. And love my speakers I have. It is a really nice car. And I didn't put much into it. And it had little mileage. It is blue and a four door vehicle.

- Breanna G

Smooth ride low cost upkeep

Leather great mpg, comfortable low upkeep. I like the feel the road feel. Easy to drive, great safety features. Great mpg wish it had remote start and backup camera I would recommend the Honda accord. I would get a 4 cylinder next time because of the timing chain and even better fuel economy

- Scott W

The most important thing I would tell people is that if you're looking for a first car this is definitely good choice.

My vehicle is a 2006 Honda Accord. I purchased the vehicle about a year ago. I picked a blue color and it had very low mileage with 4 cylinder engine. I really like how smooth it is on the road compared to other cars.Only dislike is the lack of a USB or AUX entry so I can only listen to radio.

- Giovanni O

Honda Accord: the most trusty vehicle out there.

Very reliable, leather seats that are durable, sunroof, drives smoothly, speeds up nicely, I have driven this car across the country multiple times and have had complete faith that it would get us to our destination. I bought this car when I was 19, and plan to have it for as long as it lasts.

- Lindsay H

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- Nate T

It is a great first car !

I have a silver 2006 Honda Accord Ex . I've had it for about 4 years now and I bought it used. I haven't had any major problems out of it. The only work I've hadron have done under the hood is getting motor mounts and oil changes . It's a great first car, especially if you keep up with it .

- Ki W

Bought a Honda, became a lifelong fan of the company and car.

I have 157, 000 miles on my car and have had no major issues with it. The only maintenance I have had to do on my car is routine oil changes and replacement of the timing belt at 100, 000 miles. My car drives like the day I got it, and I plan to drive it for at least another 150, 000 miles.

- Nicholas G

Honda manufactures high quality, long lasting vehicles.

My Honda is very reliable and feels like a high quality vehicle. It is getting older, but I am never worried about it not working. It also has all the bells and whistles (for a 2006 car) such as heated leather seats, sunroof, power everything, 6 CD stereo, etc. And it is very comfortable!

- Kristen H

Great car. Has never let me down yet and probably never will. I hope.

Has not let me down yet. Nothing wrong with it. Check engine light comes on at times but I think there is some wiring issues. Heat and ac work great. No AUX port but it is an older car so I can understand. I drive the car a lot so I put a lot of mileage on it but its still running great!

- Anne W

This is the most reliable I have ever had.

This car is an extremely reliable source of transportation. Dashboard lights remind you of regular vehicle maintenance. Comfortable heated seats, side view mirrors have defrost feature, ac, sunroof, large trunk, & great gas mileage. Roomy interior with plenty of legroom for 5 passengers.

- Jackie F

It is a comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

I have haven't had a lot of problems with the car since I have had it. I have had it since 2009 and I have had to change the battery once. The starter had to be replaced once. It is a comfortable ride and probably will last well over 100, 000 miles. It currently has 70, 000 miles on it.

- Mandy B

Honda Vehicles = Worth the Price

my vehicle is amazing! I hardly ever have issues. It drives smoothly, engine is smooth, everything works great. The oil life is set up for every 1,000 miles and I can easily reset it myself. I don't change my oil as often as is recommended so I can reset and still have record of it.

- lana s

The gas mileage and how long it's lasted with all the miles.

Well, it's old so I have some maintained problems. Nothing major yet, but I am getting uncomfortable with its age. I do love that it's lasted so long with 140,000+ miles on it. I can't speak for the newer accords, but when I got this thing in 2006 I loved it and told everyone about it.

- Jeffery D

This is the story of a 2006 Honda Accord. It runs great and it is amazing.

My 2006 Honda Accord is very reliable. It has great gas mileage, it runs smooth, and you can take it anywhere. The comfort is amazing. It comes with black leather seats, there is heated seats, and the steering wheel is also heated. It is just a very good car in general. I am so happy.

- Susan M

My car is like any other car.

My vehicle works very well. It is fuel efficient. It' is honestly like any car; it gets the job done. I take my car to work, and I am able to get back home with it. The only reason why I like it so much is that it holds sentimental values for me. But in general, I really love my car.

- Katie N

Reliable and sustainable.

The 2006 Honda Accord is very reliable and sustainable. I have had it for 12 years and it is still on the road. It is also very inexpensive when it comes to maintenance on this vehicle. It on takes about 35 dollars to fill this vehicle up. Tires are also inexpensive for this vehicle.

- Brian A

Very good car, perfect for families.

It's very reliable, we've never had problems with it, like we have our other car. We've taken it into the shop only for break and tire replacements. It's never broken down on us, the gas mileage is really good, we've taken it on many road trips. It makes me want to get another Honda

- Venice J

Pleasure to drive, Honda Accord.

My 2006 Honda Accord performs as good now as it did when I bought it 156000 miles ago. Super comfortable, handles very well and still looks good after 13 years. I have done scheduled maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. I have been an avid Honda driver for over 20 years.

- Eric B

Solid, dependable, decent gas mileage, roomy enough for a family of four.

It's old, so no modern features for phone/bluetooth. Had to replace tires and brakes, which is due to normal wear, but still, I'd rather not do that. It's a good car, just getting long in the tooth, and honestly there's nothing cool or sexy about my old Accord - it's just boring.

- Brian W

It is a fairly standard vehicle and was fairly reliable when it was newer.

We've owned this car for a very long time and it has had a multitude of problems mostly due to its age and how much it's been used. Issues have included the engine failing, oil leaking, brakes wearing out, getting stuck in a gear, and the steering wheel becoming difficult to turn.

- Luther B

It is a dependable car that if one takes good care of, can run for ages.

I love Accords, but this one is old and is starting to show Its age. I have had to make some repairs lately, and would really like to keep it running for more years, but know I will probably have to get rid of it in about a year. It is very reliable, as have been all my Accords.

- Kris K

It is a very good car, I just love it.

My car does not have any issue for now. It is a really good with good performance rate. It is very comfortable. The only problem I have with my car is the aux. After that, everything is working fine. It does not a lot miles on it. I am pretty sure it is last me a couple of years.

- Hamish P

My car is the best. Honda rocks!!! It is the best car I've ever owned.

I love my Honda Accord...it is wonderful to drive, handles well, and is reliable. My car has over 220,000 miles and I hope it continues to run for thousands more. In the words of the managers at the dealership service department, I own the car that everybody else wishes they had.

- Marion W

2006 Honda Accords are great for recent college grads.

I love driving my 2006 Honda Accord. It has great gas mileage has not caused problems for me. Regular oil changes and maintenance have kept it running smoothly. It is comfortable for a recent college graduate getting me from point A to point B. Solid features, nothing fancy.

- Caroline B

It is pretty quick for a Honda.

The car runs great, parts for the car are cheap and the gas for it is not that bad. These cars are suppose to last into the 200,000+ miles so I will probably own it for a while. I bought the car for about 5,000 and I haven't really gotten any problems with it, I really enjoy it.

- Christopher D

2006 Honda Accord. Fun to drive.

I enjoy driving this car because it is peppy and has a 6 speed standard transmission. It is very dependable and with good snow tires, it handles very well in the winter months. It does not stand out so people ignore its performance and assume an older driver will not pass them.

- Deb G

Love my Honda Accord v6 engine.

Bought car new with 4 miles on it. 96000 miles later, a tire change with regular oil changes and no issues. Rides very smooth and quiet. V6 engine is great for get up and go power. Looks classy in the charcoal gray. Large trunk area with pull down back seats for lengthy items.

- Christina S

The Midnight blue color and the smooth riding tires

A lot of recalls every year are annoying ..however very affordable maintenance and a great gas saver. Have not had major car problems under the hood since it's purchase. But I like the window features when I can roll down the windows with the key before getting inside the car.

- Ashley H

Review on Honda Accord from a mom's perspective.

It is very reliable, especially considering how many miles it has, plus reasonable affordable to buy and maintain. It is also comfortable and decent sized. I will only buy another car when we will have a third kid to accommodate a third car seat. Honda makes good quality cars!

- Summer C

The brand speaks for itself. I would recommend it to anyone.

This car has been very reliable. Haven't had to do much maintenance on this car. Monthly service is all. Great customer service, the only recall on this car was the airbags. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Honda is a great brand. One of the best on the market.

- Dennis C

I will always drive a Honda!

Not only is this car reliable and trustworthy, it also gets great gas mileage! It also has a number of safety features that make me feel better. With regular upkeep and maintenance, I feel that this car will go forever. It is also roomy as well as being safe and dependable.

- Mary B

Great, reliable automobile.

Great car which now has over 100, 000 miles and is in great condition. Has had repairs for normal wear and tear maintenance. Has been a good friend which I will probably keep for the rest of my life. (I am over 80 years old and plan to be around for at least 10 more years. ).

- Leon C

Not stylish, but it will get you where you need to go comfortably.

I would not purchase a 2006 vehicle in 2018, it is just too old now to buy. Car is very reliable and it runs nicely. Easy to maintain and keep clean, it is annoying to vacuum and things like that, but other than that it is a reliable and relatively cheap vehicle to purchase.

- Matt M

Honda Accord is a wonderful car.

Very comfortable and good on gas. I can get to and from work with it and also class. I haven't had any problems with it since I have made my purchased. The cost for repairs and maintenance is extremely low as well. Highly recommend this car to all people and their families.

- Kayla H

It runs really good even after 230, 000 miles.

I love how comfortable and fun it is to drive. It handles extremely smooth. My car being older things are starting to go haywire. Electric windows are messing up, fan for heat/air does not work. But even with the problems it has, it is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Angela D

The heated seats. Very comfortable during the winter months.

The performance on my car is excellent. I have only had to replace the starter and battery since I bought it brand new. I have had regular oil changes and the brakes recently done. This is a very reliable and fuel efficient car. Very comfortable. I love the heated seats.

- Judy H

The Honda accord, dependable comfort, power and style.

It is powerful and dependable. I find the legroom to be comfortably large. The trunk is spacious. The car is easy to handle with clear sight lines. With basic maintenance, there are minimal repairs. It has been a good car for my family in terms of transport and comfort.

- Darren W

Long-Lasting Honda Accord EX-V6 Sedan

There are little to no problems with this car as long as it is maintained well over the years. These models run nice and long for many miles and the V6 engine never gives up. Maintaining the vehicle is rather easy due to Honda's user-friendly interface and car manual.

- Cole S

The 2006 Honda accord review.

The Honda accord gets great gas mileage and runs quite smoothly. The trunk has lots of space, with an additional area to store a spare tire. My only dislike are that the seats in my car are cloth or some weird material, so everything sticks to them and they look gross.

- Avery D

Amazing car never had any issues with it.

It needs a tune up bad. But awesome on gas mileage. It is a 2 door with sunroof. Ac works along with the heat. It is power locks and windows as well. Just had an oil change. Tires need replaced soon. Car runs really good. My first Honda and I love it and so will you!

- Nancy S

Love the sunroof, and how smooth it drives!

The car drives very smooth, it has cold ac, gray leather interior with heated driver and passenger seats there is a spare tire in the trunk. Spare tire new, car has a sunroof and tinted windows, just installed new brakes and getting ready to do a fresh new paint job.

- jeanne A

Great gas mileage, handles smoothly, luxurious interior.

My car had faulty airbags other than this the performance is great and I get good gas mileage. Only had a few minor maintenance repairs that are normal. My car handles great and is a excellent choice has great gas mileage a great purchase price as well. Thanks Honda.

- Thomas K

Runs great 2007 gray Honda Accord with sunroof.

No problems runs great it is a 2006 Honda Accord. My first car brought it from a dealer. Gray. Leather seats sunroof. Radio with AUX cord. New tired. I love it. It is small if your a small person not looking for a car that is to big this is the perfect car got you.

- Renee G

The car is easy to maneuver and it has an indicator to let you know if problems.

It is convenient and easy to drive however, the interior is not that comfortable and it easily gets hot. The interior is a bit hard and not that comfy. Also, the steering wheel gets hot under the sun easily. Its pretty eco friendly since it doesn't need much gas.

- Mary M

My comfy and reliable car.

My car is a 4 door sedan with a spoiler on the back. It is painted in Graphite Pearl. It has been a very reliable car. Good on gas, not many mechanical issues so far. Good room in the back seat for my two kids. Nice trunk space for strollers, boxes, groceries, etc.

- Breana M

Great gas mileage for a V6

I love that it is a 4 door sedan that I can get me where I need to go. I also love that it gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it is not 4 wheel drive. The only complaint I have is that the radio broke and would cost more to fix than it was to buy another radio.

- katherine R

2006 Honda Accord - An honest review

No problems. The cell phone jack stopped working suddenly. The car is old though. The car drive well, no blind spots really. The breaks are good the car is comfortable. No issues other than general maintenance that can be expected for any vehicle over 10 years old

- Samantha S

The Honda Accord is a reliable vehicle for traveling.

It is a hand-me-down vehicle, but it is still really nice. The only problems I have with it is that the key buttons do not unlock/lock it and you have to do that manually, and if you signal left it turns your cruise control off but otherwise it is a great vehicle.

- Will T

My car gets me where I need to go. It isn't fancy. But it has been reliable.

It runs well. I do have to add oil every month or so. My radio stops working for weeks at a time. It will start again for a while then stop. It is comfortable. There are very few frills. While driving on highways it sounds as if the windows aren't up all the way.

- Sheryl T

Great car! Always reliable!

The car is very reliable, never lets me down which I expect with Honda's always a great company. The interior is pretty basic but still good. I would like to say compared to some other cars I have had for the price it is a good car. I would definitely recommend.

- Eve G

It holds would be a great car to have just in case you want to save money on gas.

It is a low-maintenance, smooth riding, low-riding machine that is good on gas mileage and has been running with little to no problems for years. It has not been in any accidents or fender benders either. It is a relaxing drive and worth every penny spent on it.

- Tatiana R

My Honda Accord is great.

I normally do not have any issues with my car. I have recently gotten into an accident and I have to get the bumper fixed and the air fixed, but that is all. Normally I just keep the schedule oil change done on it and I have no issues. It is extremely reliably.

- Breanna P

It is a really nice vehicle. Great for having multiple passengers.

It is a really reliable car. We have had no issues out of it so far. I would recommend it to anyone. It is very comfortable and also great on gas. It has 4 doors so easy accessible especially if you have children. I would 100% recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Audrey M

Honda accord 2006, 13 years owing the car.

The vehicle is over 100,000 miles, performance is still great since it is maintained and inspected every 6 months. Interior is probably only issue now since the cars a 2006 model. The seats and other parts inside the card need minor repairs, brakes are smooth.

- Amir S

Super safe and comfortable!

My Honda accord is amazing. This is the second Accord I have owned, the first one saved my life after being in an accident in which my car rolled 2x and I only had broken ribs and a minor concussion. I will probably only have accords because it saved my life.

- Adeline M

Absolutely love the Honda Accord!

Great performance as well as reliability. No problems other than a slightly older model. Very spacious and great comfort can fit my child car seat as well as two other passengers in backseat with plenty of room. No special features but overall great vehicle.

- Arie M

Honda is the car for you!!

My car is comfortable even with it being made in 2006. It runs smoothly and is effective. The features are still in tact, and not falling apart. The paint is not chipping and the interior is also comfortable not tearing. I like the model and the overall car.

- Danielle N

Sporty Honda Accord for those who love to drive!

I drive a Honda Accord coupe. It's a four cylinder engine with a five speed standard transmission. It has sporty rims, is silver in color and it really looks cool. It really gives good gas mileage and is very economical to drive. Cannot say enough about it.

- Robert Z

My Honda I am in love with it!

I like the car, its runs really good on gas. I'd prefer to have a different year model of car but its very satisfying. It's really good to take on the road for trips. I do suggest people get this cat and try it out! Since the day I got it I've been in love.

- Tatiana S

2006 Honda Accord lx sedan v6.

So far I have had no problems. Very reliable. Takes roughly $50 to fill my tank and goes roughly 400 miles on the full tank so it does last me long. This is a very comfortable car, I drive my brothers to school on occasion and my brothers are very big boys.

- Jayden P

The care will take you from point A to point B for a long time.

The car is fantastic. I bought it for a great price, and further, I have taken this baby on several road trips. I just reached 200k miles, and she is purring like a dream. I have had no real problems, I have simply been driving her with regular maintenance.

- Kenneth F

I'd recommend purchasing a 2006 Honda Accord.

My car is great on gas and the parts are cheap whenever something needs to be replaced. There are recalls on the front airbags in the doors but that is the only downside. The interior is nice. Heated seats and the sun roof are a plus. Trunk is a nice size.

- June B

They should know that even though it's old for a car, it still runs well and is reliable to get me from point A to point B.

I like how my vehicle doesn't look old even though It's over 10 years old. I like the gas mileage I get. I like that it is affordable to repair. I don't like that I have replaced the power steering 3 times and it still leaks. I like the comfort of the car.

- paige l

My reliable Honda Accord!

I love this very reliable car. I have over 225k miles on it and it still runs well. The only problem I have is with the radio. It must have shorted out a while ago and it made a horrible noise so I had to take the fuse out. Otherwise I have no complaints.

- Christopher D

Completely reliable. I think I could drive this car for many more years if I want to.

My vehicle has been reliable for over 10 years now. I bought it certified used, and it has never given me any major issues. It is fully loaded. The only bad thing about it is that is old so it doesn't have the new technology newer vehicles have of course.

- Kenisha C

Dependable reliable fun to drive very comfortable.

I love the heated leather seats especially in the winter. My Honda has been very reliable and other than the routine maintenance it was been great. My husband bought this car for me as a Christmas gift. I had always wanted an Accord and it has been great.

- Jan S

Dependable and safe - most important to me.

Performance and reliability are excellent. The features are antiquated and hard to use. Every time I change my battery, I cant use my radio or CD player and I lose the code between battery changes. The fabric on the seats is easy to permanently stained.

- Julianne H

It's fun to drive. A good old car.

Hondas are super reliable. It's fun to drive. The car picks up speed fast and is easy to drive. Its old though and is coming to its end. Its keeps having issues but due to age. Overall I like it. And I think it's a good buy especially for it being used.

- Stephanie J

Honda accords are low maintenance and fuel-efficient cars.

I like my car because it is fuel-efficient and does not require a lot of maintenance. It is also a safe vehicle and the cabin & trunk spaces are great. Although my car is over 10 years old, it still runs very well and it has never broken down randomly.

- Lena O

This car is safe and extremely reliable. I've never had to worry it wasn't going to make it to where it needed to go.

Even being 12 years old my car rides very smoothly. She has barely needed any work since I've owned her (my family being only owners). Only thing I've had to do (besides regular inspections/tires/brakes) is a new power steering pump about a year ago.

- Sandra P

A 2006 Honda Accord in great condition.

I have had my car for 12 years now and I still drive it without any problems. Aside from some chipped paint, and older leather seats, the 2006 Honda Accord runs smoothly and responsibly. It is a very reliable car that has never given me any problems.

- Pam C

Honda's hold their value and last well into the 200 miles. I drove my last accord to 288,000 miles but did not want to spend money to replace an engine.

I have only owned Honda's in my life. They are made well and last. Also repairs are not hugely expensive compared to other foreign cars. I wish the cost to buy a new Honda did not go up so much. I do wish the air conditioning worked better.

- Janine M

I have been told that my brakes are super touchy.

My vehicle is just very old. Currently has no air conditioner. However, my car has lasted me a very long time and is super reliable. It is comfortable with leather seats and seat warmers. Also has a nice sunroof. Gets great gas mileage.

- Olivia B

it's reliable. always. never have to worry about it not running or leaving me stranded somewhere

no problems, reliable. i'm short, steering wheel is lower than in other "brands" of cars I have owned so I can see so much better. comfortable to drive. i can reach pedals without having to be right on top of the steering wheel

- teresa w

It's a great car & if you take care of it, it will last a long time.

I don't have any complaints about my car. I love my car. I've had it for 12 years now and never had any major problems with it. The only thing I would like to have had on this car is a backup camera. I do have navigation though.

- Fredrica F

Reliability. I need a car I can depend on year after year.

Very minimal maintenance done over 12 years. It's classy, comfortable, good pick up even now. Mileage is a bit less than my previous accord and it doesn't have Bluetooth or USB port which is the only reason I want a new car.

- Kari P

I guess just that it has great gas mileage.

I love all the features such as the seat warmers and dual temperature control. I also love the gas mileage. The only complaint I have is that you can only put down one seat in the back and it is incredibly difficult to do so.

- Karen R

The gps always gets me to my destination without any mishaps.

I really love the Honda Accord. It has 115, 000 miles and has never given me any trouble. It is extremely reliable and has a great smooth ride. The seats are comfortable and it has the perfect amount of features that I need.

- Pat R

It is a reliable car and serves you well for many years.

My Honda is reliable, gets good mileage, does not need many repairs. One complaint is only the driver door has a keyhole. When the remote dies- which both of mine have - you have to walk to the driver door to open any door.

- Josh P

Overall best economical vehicle with comfort.

The 2006 Honda I have, is an awesome car to drive. Great gas mileage, low maintenance. No major problems with this car. Great driving in the snow. NO major repairs. This car is extremely reliable. Seats are comfortable.

- Ann B

It is reliable and is safe, drives well in all weather conditions.

I like it because it's been very dependable with not alot of maintenance. It drives great and it has kept its value. I do not like the fact that is not fuel efficient and does not have hands free for talking on the phone.

- Marilyn M

The car has decent power and has pretty good gas mileage considering its age.

It has chips and some small dents caused by the previous owner. It does not have an aux input or bluetooth which gets annoying. Also replacing the stock radio requires replacing the ac controls with an aftermarket unit.

- Rattandeep R

Reliability, have never had breakdown and maintenance has been very reasonable.

Dependable and low maintenance cost. Roomy and nice trunk space, my golf clubs fit. Decent fuel economy.... That is about time to get a new one. Sometimes scrape low front end on curb. Would like more deluxe interior.

- Ann H

My car is important to me as a means of transportation, however, if something were to happen to it - I would find a replacement.

My Honda Accord has great pick-up! I can count on it to get going when I need it to. Even though the car is 12 years old, the body is in great shape. There is no rust. I expect to drive it for several more years.

- Janet H

It is very good on gas mileage.

I like my vehicle, because I bought it new out of the showroom and I have kept the maintenance up on my car and service the outer and inside of the vehicle. Like the style, and body of my vehicle. Its my baby. .

- Janet L

Its a Honda and they last forever so if your looking for a reliable source of transportation, then Honda is the way to go.

Well, first of all I like that my car is paid in full and I do not have a monthly car payment. I like the fact that I am the only owner of the car. I also like the fact that my car has never been in a accident.

- Latrice S

that even if it is old, it still runs smoothly. definitely worth every penny spent on it.

I love our Honda accord because we bought it used last 2008 and up to now we still have it, it is still running smoothly. even if it had few repairs, it is not expensive to have it repaired. it is very durable.

- mariel p

My car has been well maintained and continues to run well, as it nears 200,000 miles.

I like that my car performs consistently well and has never let me down. I have had maintenance done as indicated and it has rewarded me back. Aside from that, it is very comfortable and great to get around in.

- Robert L

It does great in suburban and highway driving. It gets you where you need to go in good time.

I love my Honda Accord. It gets great gas mileage, and the controls and features are easy to use. My only complaint is the lack of bluetooth capabilities, but that's my own fault for not buying a newer model!

- Heidi E

Accord EX 2006, not many problems in 2 years I've had it

2006 Honda Accord EX , seat warmers are great and the seats are comfy. Nice air conditioning. After 115k or so I started noticing some transmission issues but that is probably from myself and other drivers

- Dusty P

You can count on it starting every time regardless of the weather conditions.

It is very reliable starting almost every time and rarely malfunctioning. It also has a long life as I have had it over 12 years and it still runs. My only disappointment has been with the gas mileage.

- Charles R

The most important thing about my car is that it is older so it does have a lot of miles on it but it does get good gas mileage.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I think the only thing I'm not happy with would be the buttons on my steering wheel that control the radio have a short in it and they do not work properly sometimes.

- Kyla A

It's old and very high mileage of 175,000 and very much on it's last breath.

It's a solid car that I had for 12 years but it's getting old and I am trying to milk it for it's worth. Can't imagine having another 5 years of car payment, living paycheck to paycheck right now.

- D T

The Honda Accord is a very safe and dependable car.

I love the roominess and comfort of the interior. It drives great. I feel very safe in my car. I bought it brand new and have never had any mechanical problems. There's nothing I dislike about it.

- Ruth P

Honda is decent but buy new to avoid yearly $1500 repairs.

The driver seat sits too low and cannot go up any higher. The body of the car is long and feel heavy when I drive. I love the sunroof. My brakes seem to wear fast, and my tires. Overall just ok.

- Sara R

Hondas: Built to Last Forever

Honda's last forever. No major maintenance issues other than normal preventative maintenance. O2 Sensor went out once, which has been the largest corrective maintenance item I've had to complete

- Eric G

You have to be careful when driving over potholes and stuff because the rims are so big and the tires are thin.

It's a silver honda accord that has been in my family since I was six. I enjoy driving it with the windows down and music blasting. It's old but it still looks nice. I don't have any complaints

- Nathalya D

Hondas are amazing! Investing in a Honda will be worth your money and time.

I purchased my car second hand in 2010 when I got my first job after college. It is an old car but it works extremely well. I don't drive as much as I used to but it still runs near perfect.

- Sumaiya A

It's a small, dependable car that can last at least 10 years with good maintenance.

Our Honda Accord is very dependable. We have had this vehicle for 12 years and it has traveled cross country with us a couple of times and we haven't had many major problems with it yet.

- Amanda N

Honda Accords are fuel efficient and will not hurt your wallet as badly at the pump

My vehicle has about 168000 miles and runs great. I like the fast engine it has and the excellent gas mileage. I dislike that it's a bit more expensive to fix since it's a foreign car.

- Ryan S

It's dependable and hasn't ever left me stranded anywhere.

I'm on my second Honda. Love Honda. I haven't had any problems where I have been left without a car. Routine maintenance regularly helps. My next car will probably be another Honda

- Toni S

Runs very well! Haven't had many problems after having the accord for 6-7 years!

I like my Honda Accord for a few reasons. It is a standard (stick shift), very spacious, and runs very well. Only problems I've had is regular maintenance, no major problems at all.

- Kari H

That it has been driven with minimal problems for a long time.

It is very easy to drive and it is a long lasting vehicle. What I dislike about it is the fact that it is too low at times. It makes you feel like you are in a low riding smooth car.

- Tatiana R

I really neat thing about my car is that I was able to wire in a back up camera via the stock nav screen.

My vehicle is a great car. I get good gas mileage, its super reliable, and its paid off. It has leather seats, heated seat options, motorized adjustments, built in navigation screen.

- Blake A

How awesome my Honda Accord is

This car may have some small issues here and there but this car has been there for me since day 1. This car runs perfect and I wouldn't trade it in for another model or anything!

- kay h

It has good gas mileage. It can go for miles without having to fill up.

It has good gas mileage, but there is a problem with oil intake. For some reason, it has to have an oil change more often and will start to sound like it's grinding if you don't.

- Amy S

Honda's get great gas mileage and they are very dependable cars.

It's been a great car. No complaints except that it is getting a little old now. The upholstery is getting really worn especially. Loves Honda's though. Plan to get another one.

- Nat S

The best thing about my car is that it is great on gas so I don't have to spend crazy money on my car. And it doesn't break down a lot.

My vehicle is a nice car , it is great on gas. I love my vehicle. It gets me to where I need to be. My vehicle is fast and small so I can get around quick. I wouldn't trade it

- Jayleon P

During the winter, I like that I have heated seats and a sunroof in my vehicle. During the summer I dislike that the seats in my car are made of leather, and my legs and back tend to get considerable burns if I do not cover them with a towel or blanket before sitting down. I also dislike the turning radius on my 2006 Honda Accord, generally speaking I still have to make three point turns while most other vehicles including trucks can manage without doing so.

Honda's tend to be great vehicles for longevity with proper maintenance. The engine can easily ware 300,000 miles on it, before needing to consider purchasing another vehicle.

- Samantha H

It is reliable, lasts a long time, and safe!

I like that it is sturdy and reliable, and that it can run a long time on miles. I dislike that it does not run as smoothly as it could. Overall though, it is great quality.

- Kat B

The Honda Accord 2006 model is really great. It's a very common car seen in the streets. It's a very attractive car, the gas can last you and it can be comfortable enough for four people to stay in it for hours. The car feels great when on the road, it is very smooth. Problems may include the wheel becoming very stiff at times, as well as certain consequences when you don't change the oil constantly. However, it is a really great car because of its features.

That the car performs very good but you have to be careful of how you take care of it. You must be attentive to it when it needs changing of any kind, such as oil, water, etc.

- David R

Can steer when it rains, don't know why

Starting to have problems with a belt that causes the battery light to come on and mAkes steering hard when it rains. Took it to a mechanic and they couldn't find a problem

- Fran B

This car is very durable and lasts

I like that the car is reliable and good on gas mileage. I dislike the car for not enough space. I also do not like that it does not have Bluetooth or a navigation system.

- Shay S

The car does not require lots of gas as it travels a good miles per gallon.

The car comes in a variety of colors thus giving me a large selection to choose from. In addition, the car has been owned for a while however it provides good mileage.

- Tracy L

It is a very comfortable car.

Pretty solid car, it has good gas mileage and is fairly comfortable. There are also buttons on the steering wheel for volume, cruise control, and changing the channel

- Jonathan R

Not really a smooth ride. Noisy too. Windshield wipers are loud and knock

Basic car. No real problems. Good gas mileage. Don't like the cheap hubcaps, can't get them off without first removing the lug nuts. The chargers short out frequently

- Pam D

When changing the oil use synthetic oil.

I like the gas mileage it gets and it is a very comfortable to drive. I do not like that it is only 2 doors and there's not a whole lot of legroom for the passengers.

- David B

It is manual transmission in a four-door sedan with lots of power.

I have a manual and I love manual transmissions - even though it is a four-door sedan. It is a 6 cylinder, so there is power. It has heated seats and a navigation.

- Carolyn B

2006 Honda Accord- Nice car. All my needs met with this car

My car is reliable. It handles well, has good gas mileage, and needs little .maintenance. I have about 70,00 miles which is not a lot for the years I have had it.

- Karen X

It is reliable. It always starts and it is safe, it is not a small car.

I bought my 2006 Honda when I retired. I have had it almost twelve years. It is an amazingly reliable and comfortable. I have never had any serious problem with it.

- Joy B

It is great on gas mileage and rides smooth during long car trips.

My vehicle is my best friend,it is my comforter when I just want to sit in the car and unwind. It is my reliable transportation. You cannot go wrong with a honda.

- Bridget L

A honda accord is a good car for me.

It has a vtec engine that i really love. But i have had some problems with an oil leak i've had to fix as well as the power steering. Overall it's been a good car

- Janet J

Honda Accord. . . Great car!

My 2006 Honda Accord is great. It is very dependable, great on gas mileage, good in snow, comfortable for a long ride. I have definitely gotten my money's worth.

- Lorraine W

This car will last forever if you take care of it.

It's an EX V6 model with leather seats. Car is 12 years old and still runs like its brand new. No malfunctions within the car itself. Only user damage or issues.

- William M

I was part of the airbag recall several years ago. However, Honda was very gracious and provided me with a rental until my car was repaired.

I love the space I have in my car. It is perfect for our Labrador Retriever to sit in the backseat. It is very reliable and there is nothing I dislike about it.

- Erin R

It's paid for and has been reliable.

It's a good size and low maintenance. I like that it is not very noticeable and does not attract attention. It has leather seats and the heat and AC still work.

- Tanya N

To me, the most important things about this vehicle is safety and that it has great gas mileage.

I love it's dependability aspect. I also like the gas mileage that it gets and how smooth it drives. I don't currently have any dislikes regarding this vehicle.

- Rachel C

My car is very comfortable. It is also good on gas consumption for the size of car it is.

My Accord is very dependable and easy for me in my old age to operate. The only thing I have ever had to replace was the battery. Also, I replaced two tires.

- Shirley B

Great on gas, but too small

We bought it today so I haven't had the chance to see if anything is actually wrong with aside from needing a back bumper. It's great on gas, but kind of small

- Monica D

This car gives a solid performance and has thousands of more miles to go.

For a car that is 12 years old it really is a solid vehicle. The battery had to be replaced for the first time a year ago. I have owned the car for 10 years.

- Sam K

Others should now that even though my car has a V4, It's very powerful. Has really great pickup.

My Accord is very dependable. It has a lot of miles on it and it does not require a lot of work to keep it maintained. I believe it will last a long time.

- Kevin M

That is has been extremely reliable - no major repairs and it is twelve years old now.

I like the interior size, the way it handles (feels sporty), and the safety features. What I don't like is the road noise factor - needs better insulating.

- Kathy P

Honda's are well built and are long lasting cars that can run for years

Honda Accord is a reliable and well built car that is very comfortable as well as a car that gets great gas mileage. This car is quick and drives smoothly.

- Melissa P

This is the best care I have ever owned! Definitely get the 2-door!

This is my first 2-door car, and I will never go back to 4 doors! I love the handling, the size, and the gas mileage. I recommend a Honda Accord to anyone!

- April H

That it's made by a tried and true manufacturer and has good life.

It's starting to give a little on me, but 12 years ain't bad. Still rides well, but the winters beat up on it. Looking to replace in the next year or two.

- Alvin H

The Honda Accord is the definition of reliable.

The Honda Accord is an extremely reliable vehicle. I have had zero problems with my car. Along with this, I have had excellent gas mileage on the highway.

- Micah W

Reliable car that continues to run well.

I've had my car for over 10 years and it's still running strongly. It's reliable, still looks good, and I've only had to do minor services over the years.

- Lisa Y

It starts every time regardless of the temperature outside.

It is very reliable and enjoyable to drive. My only issues are the gas mileage has been lower than I expected and the defogging system does not work well.

- Charles R

Overall, it lasts a long time and stays intact for the most part.

I don't have any dislikings for the vehicle. It has decent mileage and has lasted a long period of time. Like every car it has it's occasional problems.

- Ashley S

In general, that Honda makes vehicles that tend to last. They might not be the flashiest, but they're reliable.

The Honda Accord is a reliable vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage. It's an older car, so it has certain issues, but other than that I'm happy with it.

- Peter K

If it gets too cold the drivers side window will get stuck down.

My vehicle is in very good shape mechanically. I have had hardly any problems with it since 2006. I just do not like the fact that it only has 2 doors.

- Mackenzie H

The air conditioning system and heating system is really good.

My vehicle is very good on gas. It's also very dependable and always gets me where I want to go. It is not hard to find places and parts for repairs.

- Mia L

It is a very dependable vehicle. It is very good on gas.

I like the car cause it is fun to drive and it is very good on gas. I have had no major problems with the car. This is the third Honda i have owned.

- Michael G

its stock car with a lot power under the hood

my car has 2.4 liter engine its a 5 speed manual its in great condition. it's a clean title with about 10,000 mile on brand new clutch just replaced

- hong k

It has been reliable, especially in the winter.

Like gas mileage, ride, look, sound system, seat comfort and layout of controls. Hate blind spots, lack of room for rear passengers and trunk room.

- Diana K

The car is extremely reliable. Parts are very easy to find. Maintenance is easy

My car is very reliable. I love the design and comfort. It is the perfect size for my family. my car is efficient on gas and i can depend on it.

- Cynthia P

The thing that people should know most about my car is that his car is very reliable.

This car is very reliable. This car has high mileage yet drives like it's new. This car is cheap to repair. This car has alot of aftermarket parts.

- Marti C

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is dependable.

I like that it is easy to drive and not too expensive to have parts fixed. I like that it is dependable. I don't like that the paint doesn't last.

- Monica R

Good on gas, drives smoothly and hugs road good.

I really like my car. It is reliable big enough to have another couple in backseat. Safe for my grandchildren. Plenty of legroom in the back. Also.

- Diane P

It can last for years and years and years. It is a great car.

Great mileage and smooth ride and I have used it for years. I dislike that I have to buy gas, because it always changes in price, but it is okay.

- Israel B

Reliable vehicle that gets you where you want to go

I like that it is dependable and does not break down. It has required very little other than scheduled maintenance. It also gets good gas mileage

- Norm B

It has really low miles considering that it's already 12 years old

It's a pretty good car. I've had to replace the starter and alternator. I also had to install a master control switch for the drivers side window

- Brandy M

It is a well built car and is reliable.

My Honda Accord is very reliable and has good gas mileage. It is roomy enough for 4 adults. The only thing I don't like is the color of the car.

- kim d

My car is a reliable vehicle with a great resale value.

I really love the way the vehicle drives. I really love the features and safety of the vehicle. I also love the resale value of Honda vehicles.

- Elgin H

This is a truly dependable car that is comfortable.

I love the dependability of the Accord. I have not had any major issues with the car since I have had it (9 years). Just routine maintenance.

- Kurt g

Honda's make cars that last as long as you need it!

I like the fact that my car is 12 years old and I have had very little problems with it over its lifetime. It is very well made and runs well.

- Carole K

It is very reliable and lasts as long as you take care of it.

It has decent power and looks pretty good. It lasts for an extremely long time with a lot of mileage. Only negative is it is not flashy at all.

- Matthew M

It is a good price, and handles great.

It is a great vehicle that has great gas mileage. This vehicle requires little to no maintenance at all. It handles well and drives awesome.

- mike B

It is worth the price. It will last you for years.

I like the shape of the car the car is very economical.. My mother recommends it.. I dislike the color because little scratches are visible.

- Miriam A

My car is very reliable and clean.

I like the reliability of my car. I like the color of my car and model of my car. I dislike the year of my car and I am ready for a new one.

- John P

The most important thing is the economic that car is to operate

I like this car because it is very reliable and dependable. Also, I like the design but the most I like it the fuel economic this vehicle is

- Ramon s

This car has 200,000 miles on it, so you can expect wear and tear on a car 12 years old, but it still runs great.

My cruise control recently went out, along with my sunroof and my CD player. The vehicle runs excellent, but features are slowly going out.

- Jordan W

Great car.... Could use a few extra bells and whistles

Really reliable car.. Has got me through thick and thin. Wish it had better gas mileage and a aux cord spot or bluetooth compatible stereo

- Dan J

The most important thing about the Honda accord is that it has good handling.

Phenomenal car overall. Great steering, acceleration, and comfortable. Good mileage as well. One of the most reliable cars I have driven.

- Dennis M

The overall performance of the vehicle is great only would change the prndl knob.

I like the way the vehicle looks inside and out. I like how well it drives. I like how cheap gas is for it. I also, like the look of it.

- Nina H

It has a beautiful interior and also save gasoline.

Honda it is a good brand of car. It is good design. It also has a good motor. Honda accord has a very good interior and works very well.

- Lessly D

It is has a good amount of luggage space for a small car.

I like that it has great gas mileage and that it is in good shape still for being 10+ years old. It's pretty durable, and easy to clean.

- Nicole B

I love my My Honda Accord because it is very dependable and stylish.

I like my car because its been very dependable. I love Hondas and I think they are good cars. I do plan to purchase another Honda soon.

- Crystal J

My car is blue because that's my favorite color

The honda runs pretty smoothly. I rarely have any problems with it honestly. We bought it as a used vehicle but it was brand new to me

- Sierra T

It gets great mileage and can take a lot of miles, currently I am at 125,000.

Great mileage and drives well. No serious issues with the car considering how much I drive it each week. Wish it had a sunroof though.

- Lauren P

It's built to last. Excellent gas mileage. I feel safe driving it.

I really like my Honda. I feel that it is a solid, reliable car. I have very good gas mileage, and haven't had any maintenance issues.

- Jane S

Good, simple car for the average person

I like the seats and interior. It's a good car for an average income person. It's not very unique, there are so many of them out there

- Julie T

Love the GPS and heated seats and mirrors.

Have had no problems since I bought it other than usual wear, brakes, tires, oil changes. Replaced bumper when got a little banged up.

- Jeannette A

The honda accord is very roomy and spacious for a good sized family.

The honda accord is very reliable and very fuel efficient. As long as the vehicle is maintained properly it run for a very long time.

- Justin F

I have been told the car is very reliable and am enjoying that fact.

I like the air conditioning. I like the reliability. I dislike the grime from the previous owner and a few minor dings and scratches.

- Laura E

My accord is dependable and always gets my family and I where we need to go.

Very reliable. My car has almost 300,000 miles and still runs great. Comfortable. Spacious even for a family of 5. Tons of cargo run.

- Candace H

I makes a lot of noises but it is fine. No cupholders in the backseat

My vehicle is a good car but it is getting quite old. I like that it is a bigger car so there is room for guests and for road trips.

- Kendall J

It lives up to the Honda name.

I like the gas mileage and engine size. I wish the car were just a tad smaller in width, and that it had a working air conditioning.

- Michelle A

It is reliable and will get you where you need to go.

It is a great car for when you just need something to get around in. For work and school is great. It is nothing dance but reliable.

- Kayla F

It is really good on gas.

It is gas efficient and gets good gas mileage. It looks good even for its age and has good durability. It could be a little bigger.

- Austin L

Buy Honda for high value.

I love this car. It still runs well. Have had to make some repairs, but overall has done really well. The seats are comfortable.

- Jen M

It is super reliable on the road.

I love my Honda. It is great on gas, very comfortable, very reliable and pretty! I guess it have more cup holders, but that is it.

- Peggy G

It is so reliable and never has any serious problems with it.

My Honda has 240,000 miles on it and still runs great! The only problems we have had are some leaks and replacing the timing belt.

- Logan I

Honda accord..going on 200,000 miles and still going strong

Reliable, gets me there, good gas mileage, comfortable, practical, dependable, easy to use, not to fancy, not many problems at all

- lia w

I love the body of the 2006. Not too big and not too small.

Great on gas, not expensive to fix. It is a really reliable and affordable car and it looks and runs great after all these years.

- White W

Take care of it and it will last a very long time.

Great everyday car with a little extra power to it with the V6. Highly recommend it for a first car or even a reliable commuter.

- Bill M

Great gas mileage and very reliable.

Reliable but old and does not have an AUX port. It gets great gas mileage especially on the highway. I like the vehicle overall.

- Andrew L

That you keep having to spend money on up keep such as oil changes and other items.

I like the gas mileage, But other then that more dislikes such as the high miles and that i constantly have to get oil changes.

- Justin H

The car is reliable as long as you keep up on the maintenance.

car has been working well for well over 10 years. only big issue was a starter had to be replaced about 8 years into ownership.

- david h

It gets you where you need to go.

It is a great car gets you from point A to point B. Does not give any problem. Regular maintenance. I can only say good things.

- Derek M

Great ride and gas mileage.

Car is very low to the ground. Leather seats too hot in the summer. And too cold in the winter. Brakes need frequent changing..

- Stephanie B

It is a hybrid vehicle. It is ecologically designed... The mileage is great..

I love my Honda accord, it is a great car, I do not dislike anything about it, if I bought a new car it would be another Honda.

- Sherry G

It's safe and lifetime costs are reasonable

Don't like the leather seats and would not get them again. Like the console setup. Handles well and maintenance is reasonable.

- Kathleen S

Needs to be detailed inside and out.

Love My Honda! Since Day One it has been reliable, gas efficient, & durable. Never had a problem new car will also be a Honda.

- Mona P

Leather heated seats and the steering.

I like the engine and power steering, but I do not like how it does not have an AUX cord plus in. Over all is a fabulous car?.

- Olivia C

Old and steady, made well and drives well

She is an oldie but a goodie. She has delivered us safely to many places, even though she has suffered a few minor incidents.

- Jen b

There is no one thing. I consider it all important.

Honda’s are built to last a long time with the proper normal routine maintenance. They seem to be a comfortable roomy ride.

- Jessica Z

Gas mileage is not the best.

Its was cheap when I bought it and it runs good for the cost I paid. I didn't have to spend a lot of money since I bought it.

- Jai S

I want people to know that my car is reliable and easy to fix

It is a good car. I like its endurance and low maintenance costs. However, it could be better with some interior improvement.

- jae c

Reliable vehicle have had no problems with it.

Nice car, runs great no problems besides having to get the airbags changed due to some problems. Saves up a lot of gas money.

- Dulce S

Good suburban mom car, very comfy.

Comfortable ride, very light so slightly inconvenient in snowy conditions. Easy to modify, plenty of space in center console.

- Sarah K



- HY J

The car has been a great investment

The car has great gas mileage. Over the past 10 years, I have started to get rust on the car. The paint is also peeling.

- Hank S

her brakes are super tight and can be kinda tricky to use if you are not used to it

my vehicle has over 160,00 miles on it and is probably nearing the end of her life. I enjoy her reliability and her speed.

- erin p

If you take care of the car, it will last you forever.

Good on gas. If you take care of it, it takes care of you. Would like a little more room and a newer model. No complaints


Honda Accord, Always a Good Choice

Very low maintenance even after 12 years and 210K miles. Has everything I want in a car except bluetooth or a USB port

- kari p

Reliable vehicle good value for money.

I like the gas mileage. I like the color. I like the size. I dislike the year being older. I dislike the mileage on it.

- Pat S

Great Car very few problems

Dependable,very few problems. Great gas mileage. Perfect size and very comfortable.Would definitely buy another Accord.

- Hope L

Car is dependable and all features work just like when it was new.

Love my Honda. It has all the options that I enjoy. It is older and has quite a few miles but has always been reliable.

- Gina W

It is an high mileage car.

Nothing is bad about the car I drive. But it's doesn't have a AUX cord. Other that it lovely a/c blows super cold also.

- Cameron M

Good mileage, heated seats, controls.

Like heated seats, sunroof, placement of controls. Dislike condition of the exterior body as others have banged it up.

- Melissa P

It has anti theft devices installed.

I like the gas mileage, I also like the body style, I also like the stereo. And I have no complaints with my vehicle.


It is a solid car. I am sold on Honda's after this car.

I like the fuel efficiency. I like the sturdiness and reliability. It is fairly comfortable. I do not like the color.

- Angela B

Great on mileage! Over 225,000 miles on it!

Does great on mileage. Leather seats are great but hot during the summer. CD player is now freezing cds when playing.

- Jordan A