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The many reasons why I love my Honda crv.

This is a very comfortable car. It holds the road well in all weather conditions, is easy to maintain, visibility out all of the windows is good, passengers are comfortable, seats lay down for more room to transport large items, road noise is a little louder than I care for but is not unbearable. Cost of maintaining the car and is affordable, repair services are easily obtained. My insurance rate on this vehicle is reasonable. Gas mileage is good even for a smaller SUV. We travel with a toddler, getting her car seat in and out of the car is strapped in is very easy, and she appears to ride comfortably and safe. Appreciate the child locks on the doors to keep the children safely in the car. All of the common amenities that came (stock) with the care are all reasonable, the stereo and cd player work well, sun/moon roof is good. Love the colorful dashboard lights that illuminate all the dash indicators, especially in the night time darkness, and if we go thru a tunnel or darker area, the automatically light up, also, the headlights come on automatically when the car is started. I just really enjoy driving and riding in this vehicle.

- Rosanne S

Good car that holds its value

I enjoy the Honda CR-V. It is good on gas miles. I can fill up the tank for a reasonable price and it will last long.. The size is good. It is not to big and bulky but is also very roomy. It is a very smooth and comfortable ride. Not very bumpy at all. It is 4 door so that makes it easy it access. It is good for the kids. They have enough room to move around freely. The trunk is very large and fits a lot of groceries. I have heard it holds its value over time. With regular maintenance it seems like a good car. I can fit in parking spots easily. It is good in bad weather. You can change radio station from steering wheel and adjust the volume. When it had a recall they contacted me frequently to fix it. When it was fixed it did not cost any money and they did it within 3 hours.

- Tracy O

Honda CR-V customer for life.

Excellent performance and I feel it is reliable. Extremely comfortable, and I have driven from Virginia to Texas and back several times. Handles well in inclement weather, granted I have new tires. I get regular maintenance so I have few mechanical problems. I feel it is a safe, sturdy vehicle, and I prefer a higher vehicle on the road so I have good visibility. It is extremely roomy and at times I carry a lot of baggage when moving from state to state. Sound system is also good. Easy operation of all features, including cruise control, etc. Overall I am very satisfied and would buy another Honda CR-V for my next purchase. I have over 150, 000 miles, but I feel like it will go another 150, 000, especially because I just put a brand new a/c unit and it works fantastic.

- Holly T

Strong and Dependable CR-V

I purchased this vehicle in 2014. My Honda CR-V has held up pretty well. The only thing I had to replace is an alternator and water pump. Those two items was replaced by a relative, which saved me hundreds of dollars. The vehicle is very sturdy, simple and reliable. I feel confident that my Honda CR-V would be around for another ten years as long as routine maintenance is performed. The engine and transmission has about 250,000 thousands miles on it. However, the miles does not reflect the looks and mechanical status. The CR-V has a fair paint job, and the engine and transmission does not have out of the ordinary noises or problems.


Reliable midsize SUV with easy to clean leather interior that is efficient and comfortable.

I have a light blue Honda CR-V EXL with gray leather interior. It has a radio, CD player, and capability for xm radio. The car comes with cruise control and a sunroof. I have had to replace the battery 3 times since owning it and the tires 2 times. The only problems I have had have been in the interior of the car. The leather arm rest on the drivers side has begun to peel and crack after many years of use. The carpeting on the floorboards had also begun to wear down. The car has maintained its comfort otherwise. I consider it to be very reliable and have had few issues with it that were not caused by an accident or weather.

- Julianne G

Spacious, and reliable CR-V.

I got this car when it already had 40k miles on it. I got it in 2009, I am assuming the previous owner did a lot of traveling! I have had minimal issues with it since then. I got new tires this year. It needed a regular tune up, but really no issues for the amount of driving I do/have done. I would drive it to and from connecticut at least once a month for four years. The music systems is a little old now, the CDs go into the center console, but I easily set up a small Bluetooth device so that I can play music from my phone. There is so much room in the trunk! And lots of leg space for people in the back. I love this car.

- Lindsay G

Great short distance workhorse.

I love my Honda CR-V. It is a 2007, and although it is an older year, it still drives like it is new. I usually drive it short distances, but did take it for a few longer trips. The gas mileage was excellent on the longer trips, getting above 30 miles per gallon. There have been a few recalls that had to be taken care of, but they involved the air bags, which were in a whole bunch of other branded cars as well. The recalls were taken care of without any problems. I have highly recommended the Honda CR-V to other people and would definitely buy another one in the future.

- Sheri S

2007 Honda CR-V - door lock actuator and back hatch issues.

It is a very attractive vehicle. It rides very comfortably. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. I average 20 mpg with in town driving and about 28 mg on the interstate. The vehicle is very dependable and has a lot of power. The vehicle has some minor suspension issues; some rattling in the front end. We recently replaced the front struts on both sides. The back door hatch no longer works and seems to be difficult to repair on our own. The door lock actuator is malfunctioning, so the doors constantly lock and unlock at certain speeds.

- Carla S

Great leather, sunroof, runs very well, comfortable and reliable. Family car.

My car is very reliable, roomy, easy to get in and out. I like the leather interior. It has the normal wear and tear with proper maintenance. I've had tires replaced, battery, alternator. No major problems but I know my brakes will be next. On the downside I wish the seats were not manual and I would the vanity mirror to have light also the back does not have a cover. I would like a more fuel efficient care but for an SUV it's not too bad Those are what I prefer but as far as a good suitable car is concerned, I'm happy to have it.

- Janet G

The best smooth riding SUV: the CR-V

My CR-V is one of the best cars I have owned out of all my cars. On the road it drives smoothly with no issues; even on roads that are rough and have potholes in them this car keeps riding smooth. I also enjoy that it is an SUV style car but is not as high up as some other SUV model cars. It's a great car for people looking for a car with great gas mileage and space to fit all your belongings. The only downfall would be that it doesn't include a third row of seats, but if that isn't a big deal to you this a great car for you!

- Helen N

2007 Honda CR-V Vehicle Review

My Honda is very reliable. It is an older model with 260,000 miles on it, but I still have never had any problems with it. One feature it has is it tells you exactly how many miles until the gas tank is empty, which is very convenient. The gas tank holds about 13 gallons and has a little over 300 miles until empty. The seats are very comfortable and can be moved up, down, forward, or backward a very good amount. That is very helpful if you are short and need to move your seat up to reach the breaks and see out of the car.

- Lauren R

Not the fastest, but great for anyone looking for a dependable easy to drive car

My 2007 Honda CR-V has around 86,000 miles on it, I drive it all over the place and what it lacks in speed it makes up for in reliability. The tire pressure sensors, heated seats, sunroof, oil life gauge, 4 wheel drive, and easy maneuverability help make this a good car for anyone looking for a reliable car that holds its value better than a lot of other cars. Mpgs seem to run around 22 mpg on average. And this isn't the fastest car on the road by far, but is otherwise a great car all around.

- Leslie M

2007 Honda CR-V is awesome!

Super reliable. Was cheap because it is not fancy. Great gas mileage. Super roomy for a crossover. Great for our first family car, since we now have 2 kids and 1 dog. I hope this car is with us for many years. I would never trade it in. Honestly we have never had any unforeseen problems happen with it luckily, and it is so well built that all it needs is regular maintenance. We took a long time deciding what our car purchase at that time would be. I have zero regrets about our Honda CR-V.

- Chelsea S

A good vehicle but there are problems.

The brakes squeak especially when you are backing up. The door locks had to be fixed several times. The airbag had to be replaced, but the ride is good. It is easy to load and transport a variety of objects. The air and heat work very well. I get good gas mileage. It is pretty easy to park. It is attractive and good choice of colors. The sound is quite acceptable. The dashboard is easy to see and understand. The remote is easy to understand and use. It has a good rating on reliability.

- Donna T

You can adjust the seat, steering wheel to where you feel the best to drive/.

The reason I like my Honda CR-V is the way it drives, so easy to drive. I like being up where I can see everything. I do not drive much, but when I do I feel good about it. There is a lot of room to put things and I have a walker I have to carry. There's more room than you think. . I like how you can adjust your seat. Up or down. I like the steering wheel, you can move it to where you want it. It's easy to put gas in. The color of my Honda CR-V is blue and I just love that color.

- Mary B

Spacious, good gas mileage. Broken AC, broken door lock, faulty engine light.

The backseat door on the drivers' side has a broken lock. Luckily it still locks the door, but it makes a terribly loud and annoying buzzing sound every time. This problem occurred within the first year after purchasing it and was covered by dealership warranty but Honda dealerships apparently only honor warranty at the dealership you bought it at. It also has a fault check engine light. Other than that it's a comfortable ride and has decent gas mileage. Nice and spacious.

- Morgan A

Reliability and dependability in a stylish, comfortable Honda.

I like my Honda CR-V. I have only purchased new Hondas for the past 40+ years. They just keep running forever needing only routine maintenance and service. Prior to my CR-V, I drove sportier models with manual transmission, but due to arthritis in my knees, a larger car with automatic seemed necessary. My CR-V is a pleasure to drive either on highway or local roads. I do not often all the space, but when I need to transport something large, it fits easily and securely.

- Janet R

All the mechanics of the interior of the vehicle are still in great condition.

My car has nearly 200, 000 miles on it, and the past 4 months, I have had to put almost $3000 into it. It is been a very difficult process, as I am doing and unpaid internship for the American music therapy association which require driving all around the north shore of ma. Because I cannot afford a new car, I have been getting the financial help from my parents to keep this car going. But I will be in the market to get a new one as soon as I get a full-time job.

- Emily B

Rides comfortably with family.

There is an issue with the wiring. They recalled parts and did not give sufficient time to get them replaced under warranty. Had several issues with my AC then found out it about a recall after i'd taken it in 3 times and no one mentioned it to me. At that point it was too late for me to use the recall. Also, a recall on my radio and speakers which has not worked properly in years. Wiring issues are causing a parasitic drain on my battery and we cannot find it.

- Heather S

The steering wheel of my car is light compared to all other vehicle

I purchased a used 2007 Honda Black CR-V in the fall of 2018. It had around 130,000 mileage at the time of purchase. I was absolutely in love with the car and still am as the brake is very smooth and sensitive, give the age. It is fuel efficient in my opinion, most evident during the winter season. There is plenty of leg space as it is a big car (SUV). With the use of auxiliary cable, the sound system is just as good as any state-of-the-art vehicles.

- Michelle B

It is extremely reliable and at 175, 000+ miles it still gets good gas mileage.

This model year (2007) is excellent. We have 175, 000+ miles and have had very few issues with the car. Honda builds a very reliable vehicle that consistently gets good safety ratings. There was a recall for the driver and passenger airbags which Honda replaced in a very timely manner at no cost to us. They also did the same for the door lock actuators. We love this vehicle and will do whatever we can to keep it in good shape and running well.

- Jamie P

2007 Honda CR-V 4.5/5 Stars

I recently have had brake issues with my brake pads were going fast. I also had an issue where I was hearing a weird noise while steering which I needed to drain all my fluids. It's a good reliable car that will definitely get you far if you take care of it. I find the comfort level to be pretty good. Seats are comfy and have good movement. I would highly recommend this car as a car for younger kids and people who are constantly driving.

- William W

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is probably that because it is a little older it does not have a lot of the cool stuff that newer cars have. You have to actually look in your mirrors when backing up (crazy I know) and although it does have a radio and aux cord and stuff there is no screen that tells you what song is playing, the temperature, etc. so if you do want those things this is not the car for you.

Although there are some things that I would like my vehicle to have (ex: back up sensor or camera), I love it! It is the perfect size for me (not too big to where I feel like I am not able to fit in the lanes but big enough to where there is a lot of storage space and leg room). It gets pretty good mileage (although gas does get expensive) and it drives well for being so old! I love my car and would highly recommend it to people!

- Mackenzie M

Very reliable. Nothing flashy, but it gets the job done. Very safe & comfortable.

I think it is very reliable! The only issue I have really seen is that sometimes the battery does not want to start when it starts getting cold out. I understand when it is -50 a car will not start, but sometimes when it is 15 degrees it has trouble starting. My 2007 CR-V runs a little louder, but the newer models are much quieter. Overall it is a good quality car and it holds its value more than that of other car manufacturers.

- Kelsey Y

My vehicle is very comfortable and reliable.

My Honda CR-V is very reliable and a comfortable car! It runs very well and has a spacious, comfortable interior. I like that it also has an aux system so that I can easily play music, as well as pretty nice speakers for an older car. It also has great gas mileage, and I don't have to fill it up super often in a typical week. I would definitely recommend it to people looking for a used, reliable car that is worth their money.

- Laura P

I give this car two thumbs up

I recently bought this car at a used car dealership. It is quite the upgrade from the early 90s Hondas I'm used to driving but still have the simplicity and reliability that I've grown to love from older Honda's. It's quite comfortable with leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, armrest. Also has the hookups to listen to my own music which is a big plus for me. Awesome highway gas mileage and decent city gas mileage as well.

- Maddie R

Great to drive with lots of space.

It is very reliable and has a lot of space in the back and can comfortably seat 5 people. I love the four wheel drive especially in the winter and it has great handling. It is really easy to drive because it's not too big or too long or too low to the ground. The sunroof is also an added plus and there's a lot of space in the trunk area so I can fit all my school stuff and sports stuff or even sometimes my bike.

- Rachel N

The back seats fold down to provide a lot of cargo space!

I have a Honda CR-V, which I really like because it looks nice and drives well. It gets good gas mileage and even has a mileage estimator on the dashboard to help get better mileage. I like the the seats in the back fold completely down for ample cargo space. You can really haul a lot in it. My only complaint would be that the rear seats don't scoot back far enough to give a lot of legroom to tall people/adults.

- Angie G

There are a lot of little secret compartments in the car that I like a lot.

I love the size. It's perfect for me. I'm not comfortable in small cars and I don't like big one's so this is perfect for me. I love the seat warmers. I use those quite often. I think every car should come with seat warmers. Some problems: the seats are peeling and getting wrinkled. My arm rest is peeling so bad I was going to cut the piece off but then it looks odd without the cover. Not a fan of that.

- Ashley F

T is best in all weather types especially snow and rain.

This vehicle is great! It is reliable, comfortable, drives great, and has great features like all wheel drive. It is a great size and comfortable for a family. Trunk is a great size for storage. The seats are super comfortable and easy to change if needed. It is a reliable small truck for first time drivers. One of the safest cars on the market. I would encourage anyone of any age to consider this vehicle.

- Greg M

In love with my car, even after 5 years of ownership

I LOVE my car, I just wish it were a little better in gas mileage. I tend to get around 25 mpg, which isn't bad, but I drive a lot for work. My car is very spacious and comfortable - I can travel with my two big dogs without having space issues. It is also incredibly reliable. The only issue I've had with it is that the air conditioning compressor needed to be replaced, which was kind of expensive.

- Beth S

Car is everything I want it to be and more.

Love the car and the space. Only gripe with the car is the seat belts lock up to easily or when parked on any surface that is not relatively flat. The car has an aux port with is absolutely amazing for listening to music. I am able to fit a bicycle in the back when I fold the seats down. The car drives well and I have not experienced any major issues with the car in the two months I have owned it.

- Keaton B

Great comfortable ride, fit for families and those on the move.

The 2019 CR-V is a good compact SUV. It's an ideal vehicle for most families thanks to its spacious rear seats, outstanding safety scores, and vast amount of cargo space. Performance-wise, the CR-V has strong acceleration and composed handling. It is a comfortable ride and can fit 3 passengers in the back comfortably. It also has room to haul big furniture items which is ideal for moving.

- Hanna S

The best family vehicle , lots of space, comfy and reliable !

I purchased the Honda CRV because I wanted a safe vehicle to drive my children on . The SUV has plenty of space , fits two car seats with plenty of room for bags in the back seat or another person to use the center seat . Plenty of legroom for passenger side and the back has ample storage space , stroller groceries and more.This is a very low maintained vehicle , basic services only .

- Chels S

Comfortable, affordable and economic.

I absolutely love my CR-V. It is a 2007, super comfortable for to be with my family (including my little ones) or just a night out with my friends. Besides being comfortable it is affordable and great on gas. I use it daily to go back and forth from work, and I only stop by the gas station once a week. Honda is the make that my family and I trust, and the CR-V is by far my favorite.

- Judith T

Love 4 the CR-Vs and year any style.

4th one I have own, absolutely just love these cars. Everything about them really. They handle so well in colorado weather. I love the slick style of the 07 version out of all the CR-Vs. Leather seats with warmers make cold mornings a bit more comfortable. My favorite thing on my car is the sunroof, but honestly love everything about the car. Totally recommend this car to anyone.

- Samantha S

Honda CR-V is a luxury car with safe reliable features

I truly enjoy my car! My car is fully loaded with all the amenities including sunroof, leather heated seats, automatic windows, and connects to Bluetooth. It rides very smoothly and I enjoy the height of the car as well. It is very reliable and hardly has any problems. The car notifies me of there is any issues such as low tire pressure, low gas, low oil, and/or engine trouble.

- Jessica L

I love the space inside without having to worry about it being too huge to drive.

It had been a great vehicle to open. It is large enough to accommodate my daily needs without concerns about lack of space or functions. It looks smaller on the outside but is very spacious on the inside. You can sit five people comfortably and still have room to transport items in the back. Amazing turn radius, handles all types of weather, and is of good quality.

- Tia M

I have a Honda CR-V 2007. I like it a lot and worked very well as a first car.

My car is very comfortable. The steering is great and I really enjoy the sun roof. I like how there is a port for a car charger and an auxiliary cord. I believe there should be a USB port as well. I like the sunglasses compartment. I wish there were more compartments. The heating/AC system was not the greatest. The lack of Bluetooth technology was disappointing.

- Megan A

Honda are great cars to own.

It is very good car to drive, good on gas, has a six CD radio. Honda are very dependable car last a long time I have over a 150,000 mile and it still runs great. The only bad side about Honda are the cost of repairs. I am car has not needed any major repairs until this past year when the muffler and air went on it but since it is 11 years old that is not bad.

- Kristen M

Here is the reliable baby blue.

It is reliable, good on gas, it performs good, its comfortable, it's a 5 passenger vehicle, the trunk space is spacious. I can fold the seats to make more space for cargo. It has sufficient cup holders. The headrest is adjustable. It shows you maintenance issues on the dashboard it shows you the mileage your oil level before you need to do an oil change.

- Bennett C

2007 Honda CR-V: comfy and reliable.

Overall this car is reliable and easy to operate. It gets pretty average gas mileage around 19 city and 25-27 highway. Seats are very comfortable and it has lots of room for storage should you need it. Good car for road trips. I have had a few problems with the ac fans and power steering, but nothing too out of the ordinary from regular car maintenance.

- Nicole W

Expectedly Reliability Boring

The CR-V is an average crossover, however it does have problems with AC system not working. This is a common problem. Ride quality is good, and the fuel efficiency is what you'd expect. The rear row of seats fold down to give additional storage space, however; they do not go down flat. Which can make things tricky for larger objects, like a large grill.

- Kyle A

Honda CR-V sport, great reliable car.

Great vehicle all around, low maintenance. Easy to repair. Only issue is it is too low to the ground, during winter months it gets high centered easily in snow and doesn't go up hill in snow easily. It also hydro slides easily in the rain. The cosmetic issues are the only ones that are consistent. Otherwise it is extremely low maintenance and reliable.

- Scarlett B

Honda CR-V 2007, great car for students and travelers

I love the drive of the car and how smooth it rides. It has amazing trunk space and can carry passengers comfortably. Great gas mileage and I move around quite a bit so it is perfect for a college student. It is also the perfect size for the cities. The leather on the driver side door does tear off though, which would be my only problem with the car.

- Madeleine B

A perfect family car, that is reliable and strong.

I love that it has enough room for 2 car seats (kids) and got a huge trunk to store a double stroller and all my other car stuff in it as well... And it got a great working, heat and ac. And I love that it got a key fob it makes it easier to get in while it is raining outside, to me it is absolutely perfect and it handles great and it can go fast too.

- victoria C

The CRV handles well and takes curves easily. It has all wheel drive which helps during winter events.

My CRV can go in any type of winter weather. I love the heated seats; so nice to not have to sit on chilly seats when it is cold. My CRV has a moon roof which is great to use when we travel the Blue Ridge Parkway listening to birds. The only reason I would trade my CRV would be to move to a larger sized Honda Pilot to carry more gear for photography.

- Brenda C

The CR-V is a great road trip car, it is very spacious and comfortable.

I love this car. It has been a reliable car for 3 years now, only just now starting to have a few problems. Recently I have had brake job, I replaced the starter, and I need new struts, but they do not need to be repaired yet. Overall fantastic car, drives well, feels nice, and it is very spacious even though it is not the biggest SUV out there.

- Alex P

My car is great for all terrain. Flat plains, mountains roads, snow and desert.

My car is great. It has lots of room and rides nicely. Lately I have had to maintenance it more than usual but it is 11 years old and has crossed the country twice. The heat and ac works great and I like that I have cruise control on long rides. The best part is that I can take my SUV off-road for when I go to the desert and its safe in the snow.

- Sarah M

The car is very dependable and handles good all the time.

Car drives good in all weather, and the stopping is very precise and the ride is very comfortable. The car is equipped with automatic locks, power brakes and the tires have been rotated recently so the car is balanced and comfortable all the time. The windows are automatic, and there is power steering for the car. There are no complaints at all.

- Joseph M

It is a great affordable, reliable car. The car requires minimal repairs and maintenance and has great gas mileage.

I like that maintenance is affordable (only about $40 every 6 months for an oil change). I've never had to complete repairs on the car either, which is great for long term maintenance costs. The care also gets great gas mileage. The only complaint I have about my car is that I wish it would speed up faster, it does take some time to gain speed.

- Anna C

My Honda is one of my babies. That car has been amazing.

I have my Honda CR-V for more than 10 years. It is a very reliable vehicle. I just started having mechanical issues but which is expected but overall great performance, endurance, and quality. I have told many of my friends to purchase a Honda. Some of them actually did it. When you are looking quality and reliability a Honda is a smart choice.

- Veronica G

My car is kind of a "mom" car, yet although I am a 18-yr old girl I love it.

My CR-V is super comfortable and practical. It can fit 5 people easily, and it is not cramped or short on leg room. The ac system works great, and the heat warms up relatively quickly. We bought the car already used, have put like 90000 miles on it, and it still works great. It has never let me down by breaking down and nothing does not work.

- Chelsea S

The comfort of a sedan, the storage of an SUV and excellent turning radius..

I love my Honda CR-V. It is roomy, handles well and has a large trunk for storage. It has had few mechanical problems over the years. It is 12 years old, has over 100,000 miles on it and still running great. It has a remote unlock/lock feature which is especially wonderful at night or when carrying packages with no free hands to do the locks.

- Shirley L

It is a very reliable car, no problems and drives nicely.

Recently bought it and no problems so far. Drives very smooth. It is a very spacious car, fits my 3 teenage siblings in the back. The air conditioning in the car is very powerful and cools the car down very quickly. The radio is very nice, music sounds nice playing through the speakers. Can buy an aux but you need an adapter to connect it.

- Kaitlyn M

Not too big, not too small but just right.

I barely put 5000 miles a year on my car. I have never had any major issues the whole time I have owned it. Some people say it has a rough ride but not to me although it could be a little smoother. I like it because of it is smaller size yet still has great cargo room by folding up back seats. Great gas mileage, especially while traveling.

- Lydia G

Having a CR-V and save money!

My car is super comfortable and smooth. I love everything about it and all the most important part it does not waste lots of gasoline, really economic. I never had problems with my vehicle. It was super economical and I think everything is in the care you give to things. I have more than 4 years with this vehicle and everything is fine.

- Pamela P

My vehicle is great for families and people that travel for work.

I love all of the room and the fact that the seats fold down. What I don't love is that I can't fit more passengers in the rear. It drives like a go-cart hitting every little bump like a landline. However the gas mileage is great. I do wish the plug in for my cell phone charger was more accessible rather than being down by the floor.

- Dawn T

Nice size and runs well. Cheaply made interior.

Bought this car to fit two car seats in the back, which works. The trunk area is big enough for a family of four to take a road trip. I loved it at first, but it hasn't held up very well inside. The leather is peeling from the steering wheel and seats are cracked/peeling. We haven't had any major problems, just cosmetic issues.

- Sar H

Calm, spacious, and cozy Honda.

My car has over 240, 000 miles and it is still running. I love Honda's. They are reliable cars. Honda CR-V is spacious and comfortable. I have had some mechanical problems but it wasn't a fortune to repair so overall I cannot complain. I also like that the seats have adjustable heads on then and recliner seats in the back as well.

- Kara P

2007 Honda CR-V Light Blue Trim Unknown

I have over 200,000 miles on the car and it runs great. I have never felt unsafe, although, recently, I have been able to hear a grinding noise when I hold the brake. The car also has a tendency to shake when moving quickly with the windows down (on the highway). Overall, the car is comfortable and gets me where I need to go.

- Kat V

2007 Honda CR-V: my first car and still kicking

It may not be the most luxurious vehicle, but it certainly gets the job done. It is safe and comfortable and fairly fuel efficient for its year. However, I often have to deal with a faulty hood sensor that makes the alarm go off which can be annoying (though it's easily resolved by popping the hood and slamming it shut again)

- Connor R

10+ years later, I still love my CR-V!

I have had my CR-V for ten plus years and I will never plan on buying anything other than a CR-V. With regular, routine maintenance at Honda dealers my vehicle has remained in great shape and has had no major problems. My car is always the go-to for weekend trips because it's comfortable to ride in and has great trunk space.

- Caitlin P

Best car for all around use

The problems I had with it were the starter and alternator went out but besides that everything went smoothly. Rides really smooth, sound system is great, sat nav works wonders. Isn't uncomfortable for taller people to drive. The only thing I would suggest is to use it for longer drives so you can take advantage of the mpg

- Kiley N

My old Honda that still looks new.

The only problems I have had with my car is due to age. It has always been reliable. It gets me to and from with no problems. It is comfortable on long trips and plenty of room for storage. Newer cars have more features then this car but what I have I am happy with. It has a sunroof that is nice to use on warm summer days.

- Allison S

Honda Civic, a safe and spacious vehicle.

The gas mileage could be better, but the vehicle is really good in the snow. It has all wheel drive which is super nice. It definitely feels like a very safe and secure vehicle especially with the addition of side airbags. There is plenty of room in the vehicle as well and it comes with a picnic table which is pretty cool!

- Delaney C

Efficiency and reliability of the 2007 Honda CR-V ex.

I have had the Honda CR-V for 11 years and it is the best car that I ever owned. It is reliable for long distance travel and city driving. I have bought very few replacement parts and with regular oil changes the engine has been superb. The ride has always been comfortable and the features are unspectacular but efficient.

- Dave R

Starting to cost me money

I have about 135,000 miles on my 2007 CR-V and it's beginning to cost me some money. Just had to get new brakes; new tires last year; had to have my washer fluid tank replaced in order to get an inspection sticker - charged me $275 plus cost of sticker! My car still looks decent but I'd sure love to get something newer!

- Jacki B

The Honda CR-V: reliable and trustworthy!

My car is very reliable! It has been driven across the country and back and never had any issues. It is the perfect size for road trips and just running around. The GPS and radio features are perfect to help get to your destinations! It is also extremely comfortable with lots of legroom in both the front and back seat!

- Taylor L

A reliable, affordable investment

It is very roomy and comfortable. It also gets good gas mileage. It handles well and is comparatively affordable. I do wish it came with adjustable cup holders and more well thought out organizers. In all, for the price it is a good economical choice, just don't expect any luxury features with this vehicle.

- Stacie B

An interesting detail about my vehicle is how great it is on gas.

My vehicle is wonderful for many different types of people. Great for a first time car, great for small families. The vehicle is very spacious but not too bulky. Very comfortable and stylish. Features an auxiliary port, power windows and a great AC. It is not the most luxurious car but I do not regret the purchase

- Stacy N

This car has heated seats and comfortable seating.

My car is an all wheel drive and has heated seats and there is enough space for your feet to feel comfortable. It is a nice smooth drive it is not bumpy when you drive and it has a nice size trunk and you can put the seats down in the back to make more room. Over all it is a nice car for one, two or a family car.

- Dara N

Honda CR-V great car and great gas mileage.

Honda makes a really good reliable car. They also take care of there customers. I have never had any problems with my crv. It is very roomy and not to low to the ground. It is easy to get in and out of and gets great gas mileage. It is a good car and several people I know have bought one and they really like it.

- Linda R

My favorite vehicle thus far.

Nice leather interior with front heated seats. Fits a lot while trying to move. Nice interior features, spacious, sun roof, smooth ride. Overall I like the size of the vehicle, not too big or too small. The biggest problem is its air resistance. On a windy day on the interstate the drive can get a little jerky.

- Jessica B

AWD and practical. Fuel efficient and pleasant to drive.

This has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It has sufficient power and a comfortable ride. The cost of ownership has been more than reasonable. I would highly recommend a Honda CR-V. The CR-V provides more room for passengers and cargo than you might expect. It is just a very handy car.

- Tom C

Amazing Honda crv, 4 cylinder engine,

Great vehicle, long lasting for snow/icy weather. Comfortable seats, a lot of space for multiple people. Amazing family car, large trunk space. 4 cylinder car. Visible door open system, individual seat adjustment. Seats in rear (and front) fold completely adding more space on trunk for storage or moving items.

- Amanda T

Honda CR-V is a great car to drive all year around, reliable and comfortable.

It is a very reliable car. I bought it used in 2010 and it needed small repair not more then 3 times since then. 4-wheel drive is the feature I like the most. It is not a big SUV,, but just enough for 5 adults. It may look outdated to somebody with higher expectations, but for our family. It is a perfect car.

- Bella M

My first comfy snow white CR-V

Mileage is not too bad actually for SUV car. So far no problem at all. The front window is big so when it's hot, it makes the car gets hot so easy. Really comfortable to drive long way. Fit a lot of people. The trunk is huge. Cost 50 dollar for me to change oil. There is an option for cruise control and AUX.

- Jacky O

The reasons I love my CR-V.

I love everything about my car. It has a great amount of space and storage. It is very good on gas. The seats are comfortable for long road trips. There is an AUX port which is great if you would like to listen to music on your phone. I have only have really had to routine maintenance and she's kept up well.

- Kay N

20+ yr. old CR-V: old but reliable.

The CR-V is a great size. I like that the trunk has a half open option and lots of space. It's easy to park because it turns well. It is older, so it lacks a modern console and wiper system. The brakes need replaced more frequently than a newer car. It has a lot of road noise, but the engine is not too loud.

- Amanda L

CR-V - Comfort and Convenience

The Honda CR-V has been extremely reliable to drive. It's very comfortable for the entire family, especially for longer trips. It rides high enough to have a great view, but not so high that it's difficult to get in/out of. Tons of storage in the trunk for moving large items or traveling with a lot of bags.

- Mike R

It is very good on gas and a very comfortable ride.

Good on gas. Reliable. Comfortable. Right now has a noise when locking and unlocking the doors. Sounds like an electrical problem. It has 178 miles on it and is going strong, except for the current noise problem I enjoy being able to open the roof. It is very comfortable and easy to see out the windows.

- Alverta M

My Honda CR-V: why I'll continue to be a Honda owner.

It is very reliable and needs only routine maintenance. It seats 5 comfortably and has great trunk space. It handles well on the highway and in city driving. It gets great gas mileage and the cost of filling up the tank is very low. When I need another car in the future I will purchase another Honda CR-V.

- Dp C

If they are driving it that it has very sensitive brakes.

IU like the fact that it is so dependable and that I have room to carry so many things in it. I do not like the fact that the doors lock automatically and I am unable to override that option. I also dislike the fact that as a high profile vehicle it sometimes feels a little less stable in high winds.

- Kellie W

Great car for people who need a first car!

I love the fact that it has heated mirrors and heated seats. They have been a savior for me during the winter times. I also like the fact that it has an AUX port so I can play my music anytime I like. I have driven this car all over my state and it has never given me issues and it gets great gas mileage!

- Gabrielle H

2007 Honda CR-V LX Review

We've had this car for 12 years and still runs great. Normal repairs have been needed, but nothing major. Keep up with the recommended services and your car will run smoothly. Tires can be expensive to replace. I would buy another CR-V and would recommend this car to anyone looking for a midsize SUV.

- Alexandra S

I love the space that car has inside.

I love my vehicle. It's spacious for my family of 4. Nice size trunk to fit stroller and other items I may need to put back there. Good on miles and is such a reliable vehicle that will last forever as long as you take care of it. I can't wait to get the upgraded version and to get the navigation system.

- Courtney R

Comfortable but could use some improvements

The honda is very reliable and has good performance. It is very comfortable and has a large trunk space for storage. There is no 4 wheel drive option which is a downside in the winter, and there is no camera when backing out. It is also started with a key when nowadays most cars have moved on to buttons.

- Rakefet S

Honda CR-V for Moms is a great investment

The Honda CR-V is very roomy. I have had very little issues that I have had to take care of and mine has over 200,000k miles on it. I am able to do a lot more as a mom with a toddler. It has made everything easier. Also Honda is just a great brand with great cars. Keep the maintenance up and easy peasy.

- Alexis G

Honda CR V: Long Lasting Reliability

The Honda CRV is a great vehicle that lasts for a long time with minimal issues. The key ignition on older models can sometimes get stuck. The sunroof can make an occasional rattle noise. The body is rather weak when handling minor impacts, but most modern cars are made of aluminum foil nowadays anyway.

- Will W

Honda CR-V positive review

Great gas mileage nice blue color,roomy interior, drives good on both highway and in town. Okay comfort level Reliable Hatchback, four door, cloth interior Has over 300 thousand miles on it and it is still running just fine. Will continue to drive until it dies Definitely got my money's worth.

- June D

It's very reliable and the only major thing that has broken since we bought it about 6 years ago is the air conditioner compressor.

I like how it feels just like I'm driving a car when I drive it. The steering is smooth, the braking is responsive and I feel safe. I do wish it had faster acceleration like my Ford F-150, though. Also I have leather seats with seat warmers which is good but they aren't very comfortable otherwise.

- Shannon G

I never have had it break down once in the 5 years I have driven it.

I love this car. It has always been there for me through my years of school. Never once had it break down on me. Cheap to take care of. Definitely would say it's the best first car for a kid. Safe and reliable. I always tell my friends if I had to pick a new car tomorrow I would buy another CR-V.

- Joshua B

Dependable transportation.

Car has been great. New tires and oil changes and new brakes is it. Have more than 150k miles. Love the heated seats. Air conditioning could be better for southern states during the summer. Super control in winter for snow and ice. This is my third Honda. I like to keep them for quite a while..

- Jenny C

After reading consumer reports, my Honda CR-V was definitely the pick for me

I love my CR-V. Bought it brand new BC I had a child. Went from a civic coupe to this. So happy with the performance and the size of it. More spacious inside however it's the same length as my civic. All wheel drive is a great feature as well. Gets great gas mileage. I just love Honda!

- Regina D

Cr-v - a great choice for a car.

I love my CR-V. It is very dependable. The only problem I had was with door locks, which were covered in a warranty. I did replace a starter, brakes, batteries and tires, but that is about it in 11 years. Reliable, good looking, just great overall car. I would buy another one in a minute.

- Kim G

Love of Honda CR-V the ways of a soccer mom and all other moms.

The paint has chipped off in some place and there is a dent on one side. It's a very mom car, as in a soccer mom could fit a lot in it. I have 2 car seats in the back but I wish there was more room. The performance is really great, I have to drive a lot and it gets me where I need to go.

- Silver P

The 2007 Honda CR-V is an excellent family car

Love my car excellent in all weather. Is a powerful 4 cylinder, and gets great gas mileage. Roomy and perfect for a family of 4-5. Safety is also very important to us, visibility is excellent. Car looks sporty and cool. Love the stereo system and all of the extras that come with the car

- Lori V

Honda CR-V - The car you can run into the ground!

I recently purchased a used Honda CR-V and love the way the vehicle handles, how high up I sit, and how easy it is to check my blind spots. The year I purchased was the first year of the model appearance change (2007), and I love all the new features that the older versions didn't have.

- Haley G

Worth every penny. Very dependable in style car.

Very reliable, still looks like new after all these years. Style is very nice. Still in style after all these years. Comfortable on long drives. Great gas mileage. Interior is still like new. Only thing wore out was the floor mat under drivers position. 100,000 miles and running strong.


2007 Honda CR-V in between model.

Everything is good other than the seats on longer trips are not the most comfortable. Can't beat the gas mileage. The wear and tear is the only things that I have had to replace. When it's time for tag renewal its pretty cheap. Easy to maintain from cleaning to doing my own oil changes.

- Jacob J

Great cross over size vehicle with 1 small complaint

The car gets good mileage and is great in all weather. It has great storage capability with the option to put the back row down. However, my compressor broke and was expensive to replace and I heard this can be a common problem. I drive a lot and overall think it's a reliable vehicle.

- Rachel P

Great Honda's. Easy ride. Enjoy how high of the road it is.

I love how it drives. Its ride nice.It's comfortable. It fix five people in. Very roomy. Good on gas. Good in the snow. Never missed a day of work. Good on highway mileage.Four wheel drive. Four doors. Hatchback. Easy to have mechanics work on them. I can truly say it's a great car.

- Carmen F

It is built to last and that's hard to say nowadays.

My Honda is reliable and very spacious. I especially appreciate the mirror defroster and heated seats, a need for winters in Pennsylvania. The pockets on the doors and the cup holders always come in handy. I also opted for all weather mats for this model, another plus I'd recommend.

- Tanya G

Contemporary design, great performance and reliability.

Routine maintenance only. Very enjoyable to drive. Interior and weather stripping starting to go. Not a fan of the body cladding. Performance is excellent. Mileage is around 23 mpg combined city/hwy. I wish they'd make a hybrid, would definitely purchase this make and model again.

- Kerby L

Reliable & Comfortable mid-size SUV

My CR-V has been a great vehicle for a mid-size SUV. It's been very reliable. I often commute & it's very comfortable to sit in for long periods. I also often have to load up for trade shows & community events, and my CR-V has always had plenty of space to pack all I need.

- Danielle C

Great family vehicle good for travel and reliable

Great vehicle if you have pets, children, or vacation often. The downsides for me are there is no Bluetooth or place to plug my phone into for music. Love the leather seats and the sunroof! Recently I laid my seats down all the way and I really don't like that they do not lay flat

- Alexis B

Versatility of the Honda CR-V.

I love Honda because they are always dependable and they last forever. This model has a timing chain, instead of belt, so it never needs to be replaced. It is large enough to provide good storage, but small enough to maneuver easily. There is not a lot of legroom in the back row.

- Erin E

Honda's are noted for lasting along time, and less need for repairs.

I've always been a "buy domestic"kind of person, so when this vehicle became available, I wasn't sure if I should buy it. That being said, I am very happy with my little CR-V. It get moderately good gas mileage, but is big enough for what I need. I have no complaints at this time

- Kathy N

Stylish SUV that works hard too.

Great car looks good drives good lots of room and cargo space. I wish it would get better mileage however. Honda's hold value and parts are easy to get. Get car for passengers and cargo plenty of room for both. Handles easily and turns on a dime.You cannot go wrong with this SUV.

- Pam C

The Honda CR-V are the best car to drive

I love my car very reliable and low maintenance, is safe for snow/ rain drive. Have a lot of space and the seats are comfortable. My kids loves it too, for the space in the back seats and they have a place to put their drinks too. We use it for really long drives and is economic.

- Mina G

Honda CR-V is a very durable car.

I really like my Honda CR-V. It is a very reliably car. I have had minimal problems with it over the years. It can be a little noisy when driving it in the back. I did have to get the compressor for the ac replace. But overall it is a great car to own. I like all of the space.

- Heather K

The crossover is perfect for transporting "stuff" or transporting people.

Paint is coming off on the hood but other than that, the CR-V is excellent. It is a perfect size. I am able to transport small to medium sized furniture while also not feeling like I am driving a school bus. It sits passengers very comfortably. Honda is a very reliable brand.

- Baxter M

2007 Honda CR-V. Color green. 190,000 miles.

There are no problems and I really do love the car. However, the main deal is that the car is at 190 thousand miles which is a tremendous amount so it does not drive like how it used to. Besides that fact, it is functional, comfortable, and overall reliable in all conditions.

- Alexander Z

Honda CR-V: A safe and reliable car for your first time Car owners.

The Honda CR-V is a Fantastic car, especially for first time car owners! I love the fact that I can drive it smoothly through the city, but if I want to go off road I can go without worry. I have the 2007 model and it's still driving just as well as it did when I bought it.

- Art S

The Honda CR-V is great on gas.

I love this mid size SUV. It is good on gas. The maintenance is very low for this vehicle. The only thing I dislike is the leather is peeling on the arm rest. 2 exl also I have satellite radio sunroof backup camera. I will definitely buy another Honda CR-V in the future.

- Diane F

Highly reliable car! Perfect midsize SUV.

My car is very reliable. I love that it is a quiet car and is able to get up to 24 mpg on a tank of gas. The interior is leather so that makes it easy to clean, especially when you have a dog. Other than regular maintenance I have not had to do any major work on my car!

- Laura S

My favorite and best car.

Regularly scheduled maintenance and new tires, windshield wipers and I think brake pads. Seats are comfortable and are heated. Car has a navigation system built in. Upgraded radio and CD-ROM, low fuel indicator by remaining number of miles. Regular unleaded gas only.

- Peg W

Great dependable ride for the money!

Very reliable, minimal additional maintenance besides batteries, tires, oil changes, and tire rotations. Comfortable but headrest is a little hard on long trips. Has had recall on window motor and air bags. I love the 6 disc changer and sunroof but wish I'd gotten 4wd.

- Courtney F

Comfortable ride, decent horsepower for a 4 cylinder, safe

It is a very comfortable ride. I enjoy the fact I sit higher up and feel safer being able to see more of the road. It drives like a small car, but does not have the presence of one. My only complaint is that AWD is not standard and sometimes wish I had it where I live.

- Kimberly L

Comfy & compact! My favorite vehicle yet!

I love my Honda cr-v! I do a lot of camping and outdoor activities and I love how spacious the back is while still being a smaller SUV. I have owned it for a year and a half now and have had to do no nothing aside from regular oil changes to keep it in great condition.

- Hayley H

Honda CR-V: great gas mileage!

I have had my vehicle for 5 years and the only major thing I had to fix was the air conditioning. I am very pleased with the reliability, gas mileage, space and size. It has a 6-disc CD changer, XM availability, heated seats, leather seats, sunroof and cruise control.

- Emily M

Great first car and perfect size.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. There is a minor electric trip that makes the dashboard flicker every now and then but besides that, nothing else. It is extremely comfortable, drives well and does ok on gas. I have done road trips and two moves with it.

- Mary H

My vehicle is the based, automatic transmission, front wheel drive,

I have experienced great performance but I think I just think that the air conditioning compressor should not be connected to everything that makes the car run. I had my car start to smoke and had to have it towed to the dealership because I didn't have the ac fixed.

- Renee W

Love my Honda my sweet ride.

No problems, oil changes every 4000 miles, great highway mileage, corners great, comfortable, roomy for my needs, durable, reliable, low maintenance, not all my speakers work which is ok. Love the 6 disk stereo player, fold down seats good cargo space, great on gas.

- Linda M

Reliable and efficient car.

I have had the car for 10 years and has been a very reliable car. It gets good gas mileage especially on the highways and drives well. There is lots of storage space. Comfortable seating for driver and passengers. Typical maintenance needed. Would buy a Honda again.

- liz R

This is the roomiest car I have owned with the greatest reliability!

Air conditioning keeps going out, but other than that a great car!! I had a Toyota, and Honda Accord previously. They were great cars, but the CR-V has been my favorite! I love the sunroof, roominess, and dependability of it! I have a big dog that rides well in it!

- Beth H

Highly recommend Honda cr-v.

I love my Honda cr-v! It is very comfortable, reliable, and gets good gas mileage. Any issues are easily resolved due to it being a Honda and being easily worked on. I have ran in to no major issues with the car overall, and love it! I would recommend it to anyone.

- Emily T

Great car for a college girl on the go.

This vehicle has been a great addition to my family and is very reliable. I like that it is safe, had enough trunk space for travel purposes, is comfortable, and is a good looking car. I also enjoy the Sirius XM music stations as well as the GPS navigation system.

- Kat C

The honda crv is a very good car. Very reliable so far 150000 miles on it.

Great car great performance,very comfortable, the car is honda crv exl and comes with leather seats heated front driver and passenger .the only problem with this particular model 2006 was after a while . The door lock actuator starts acting up after a few years .

- Arnel P

Honda CR-V: reliable cost effective, and feature loaded.

It gets great fuel economy and seats five comfortably. It has been an incredibly reliable car with only normal maintenance being needed. It has AM/FM stereo CD player is sat wire ready and has six port. It has guy automatic locks and windows. Features rear wiper.

- william S

The Honda CR-V is dependable easy to drive.

My Honda is very reliable with good gas mileage, the car holds a lot when I let down the seats. It changes easily from passenger to carrying things around. It is comfortable for long distance driving, the paint looks great for a 11 year old car. Low maintenance.

- Beverly A

It is 11 years old with 250k miles and still runs great!.

I love my car because it was the perfect size when I bought it. I love that it is paid off. I love that I know how to drive it perfectly. I know everything about my car. I love that I have had it all these years and it has over 250k miles and still runs great.

- Andrea H

Light blue Honda CR-V is a must have.

I like the size of my car. It has 4 doors making it easy to carry passengers comfortable. I also enjoy the sun roof because it adds extra light in the car and makes it more sporty. Additionally, the gas mileage is adequate and it drives smooth on all surfaces.

- Megan Y

Smooth driver, a few loose ends.

Window motor is about to give out. Tires are bad. Paint is chipping. Things are falling apart out under the car. Alignment is kinda messed up as well. Overall good car, I have had it for two years and has not given out on me just yet. It does drive smooth too!

- Alicia W

Great vehicle and dependable.

Car runs great no issues just had it taking to. The shop for a oil change and tune up. Tan still driving smooth with 200, 000 miles on it. . Its a 2007 so kind of old but in pristine condition. Great mileage runs about 36 miles per hour. . . Beautiful model.

- Krystal M

Dependability rules. Highly recommend.

This has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It does not have leather seats or some other items, but it is comfortable and convenient. The size and room inside is very good. I would recommend the CR-V to anybody looking o a compact SUV.

- Thomas C

It's very dependable, low maintenance vehicle that's great to drive!

It's larger than a sedan, but low to the ground so it's easy to get in and out of. Handles well and is really mostly easy to drive. it in't great on gas-better on highways and not stop and start drives. Good for where I'm moving to which is rural and hilly.

- elizabeth t

It is the most dependable car on the market. Consumer Reports and other auto periodicals all vouch for the safety ratings and longevity of the vehicle. Hands down the best midsize car out there!

My Honda will run over 300,000 miles and keep going! It tells me when service is needed, and what kind of service is required. It is large enough to haul things,and I built a bed in the back for camping. It rides like a dream, and I love it. No complaints!

- cheri r

2007 Honda CR-V. Great car to drive around un

Long lasting engine, parts are not too expensive. Plenty of trunk space, seats are comfortable, I enjoy driving around the city, and can add a towing package to the vehicle. It can pull a small RV or trailer for any event. Handles very well with no issues

- Matt L

It drives well good on gas. Nice family car.

I love my Honda CR-V because it rides well and is a good ride. It drives well and can carry many items. It a nice size not to big or too small. It goes a nice speed not too fast or too slow. I love my car. It is very good on gas. It is a nice family car.

- Vera V

The CR-V is safe, comfortable and reliable.

The CR-V is reliable, spacious, and comfortable. It has a sun and moon roof. There's a fold out picnic table in the trunk which we've never used but seems cool. The trunk is spacious. The car is good for our family of 5 plus our dog. Highly recommended!

- Eric M

It is a very comfortable, easy to drive and maintain vehicle.

I drive a Honda CR-V. I like sitting up instead of being low. It's comfortable and easy to drive. I do wish my seat would sit me up straighter but it is a comfortable seat. I, also, like the fact that it's easy to check the fluids under the hood.

- Sherry R

The most reliable SUV ever!

It is a very reliable SUV. The gas mileage for it is pretty decent for being a mid size SUV. Very compact. It has great size trunk space. Feel very safe driving it. Smooth. Parts for this vehicle are fairly reasonable pricing if it were to malfunction.

- Kirsten J

Reliable vehicle for the journey.

Comfortable for long drives, good on gas mileage, con needs more power, plenty of space, low maintenance vehicle that is reliable. First vehicle of this kind enjoying the features of heated seated, captain chairs. Honda has done itself again in safety.

- Loretta S

Trunk space is great. You can let the rear seats down and have even more space.

Overall, I like my car. The cabin is noisy on the road though. I have had the car for eleven years and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. If I had to buy it again, I would get the ex package with leather seats and all the bells and whistles.

- Linda G

Nice family car for 4 or less people

Nice mid size car that is good for all of the families needs. School trips, backpacks, lunch boxes, musical instruments -- all fit in the back storage area. Good car for 4 or less people. Love the steering, helps get in and out of parking spaces easy.

- teri g

Old but good CRV needs some TLC

My CRV is dependable but is starting to require increased maintenance and is also beginning to make noises, leading me to consider a new car soon. Overall, it is in good condition, but the interior leather is starting to tear at the drivers armrests.

- Lindsey W

The car is great and does not require lots of money to maintain.

Gets great gas mileage and wear and tear is minimal, have had other Hondas in the past and they always run great. Front seats on the CR-V are really the only problem I have as they tend to hurt your back if in vehicle for extended periods of time.

- Jacob J

My car is extremely reliable. I've never had to replace anything except the necessaries from a decade of wear and tear, and it still runs like new.

My vehicle is reliable, efficient, and safe. The controls are easy to use and I've never had any problems with it. It's ability to go through deep snow is probably the best thing about it. The only thing that irks me is the lack of handbrake.

- Alex K

It has more room in it than one would think. Also, it gets great gas mileage.

I love the automatic button to raise and lower the driver side window (you do not have to hold it continuously.) Also, the size is just right. I also love that there is space for my purse in front of the console between the front two seats.

- Jennifer H

Reliable, drives well, good visibility, not too many blind spots. Fun to drive!

I love it's height, versatility, and visibility. So far it's been reliable. Both of my Hondas have had air conditioners that have stopped working with expensive repairs required. It would be the perfect car if it wasn't for this issue.

- Brianna L

Loving my used Honda CR-V.

I have been very happy with my Honda CR-V. It rides high like a van or SUV but is not as bulky. Easier to maneuver and park, and with great gas mileage. I have owned a Honda Accord and a Honda odyssey in the past, I much prefer the CR-V.

- Teresa I

It drives easily even though it is higher than a sedan.

I like how the car drives like a sedan, but is the size of a crossover SUV. I also like that braking isn't as difficult as with a minivan. The car is a bit old and doesn't have the latest technology, so it's probably time for an update.

- Rebecca L

The Honda CR-V is a smooth and comfortable ride with great features.

I like the size of the car inside and out. It is a very comfortable and smooth ride and the seats hug your body. The mpg is fair although it would be nice if I got more mpg. The speakers and sound system is great, reliable and safe car.

- Jane L

It is reliable and for the age has had no repairs just usual maintenance

I love my CRV. It handles really well on snow and ice. It gets great gas mileage. Fun to drive. Nothing that I Dislike. Only complaint was the airbag recall.after I got it fixed have had problems with horn honking when making turns.

- Linda P

Very price efficient. Also nice amount of room and it feels very good.

I love it's price range and it's dependability. It's been an awesome vehicle and has lasted for a while now with only minor problems. Also, in terms of issue it has had, it's never really been anything too expensive to handle.

- Aaron S

Great for first time car owners!

My CR-V has so much space, handles really well, and is very safe! It is my first car and is pushing 150, 000+ miles now. I haven't had any problems other than those brought on by mechanics, not the car itself. I love my CR-V!!

- Chris C

Longevity! 152,000 miles and still going strong! (Hope I haven't jinxed it).

It's a comfortable car to ride in and to drive. The size and configuration allow me to carry passengers or things, depending on my need. I get reasonable gas mileage. I have 152,000 miles on the car and no major problems.

- Evie H

It's a great car for someone on the go all the time.

The air conditioning is okay, definitely not as powerful as other cars. Also there are not buttons on the steering wheel beside cruise control buttons. Also there is no Bluetooth but I use an AUX cord. Love everything else.

- Audrey F

We really like the reliability and of this Honda. We plan on driving this vehicle for many years and possible passing it to one of our children. The all wheel drive has no problems with our Pacific Northwest will.

I was looking for an SUV with All Wheel Drive. This vehicle met that criteria. I plan on owning and driving it for many years. We have no complaints with the vehicle. Our next purchase will be a full size domestic pickup.

- Michael V

You can drive it with little problems in the 100 plus miles no problem.

It has been a really good car. It rides and drives well on the road. It is a good car to take grandchildren places. It drives well from the ocean to the mountains. It is a good chance the next car might be another one.

- Miriam W

It is a well made vehicle that has not failed me since i've had it.

It rides comfortable and gets great gas mileage. It is a quiet running vehicle. there is plenty of space inside and I feel safe with all the airbags it is equipped with. I just wish I had a model with heated seats.

- susan l

A family friendly car that's ready for adventure and can handle adverse conditions well.

It's a reasonable size, plenty of storage in the truck, fits our carseats well. I love the look of the car and safety features. Honda is a great company, we rarely have repairs. All I'd like to have is a newer model!

- mary b

The Honda CRV has more trunk space than most other cars - couldn't be happier with that!

This car has been great to my family - gas mileage is amazing, it is durable and reliable and the trunk space is far above most other vehicles. Only dislike is with 3 kids I now need a bigger car with more seating.

- Ivonne C

This car has comfortable seats and is all wheel drive.

This vehicle has comfortable seats and is all wheel drive and handles good and has a lot of room in the back seats and trunk. It can get better gas mileage but overall it is a nice car for one person or a family.

- Dara N

It's is extremely reliable and dependable. If you're looking for a great mid-size SUV, I recommend the Honda CR-V!

The Honda CR-V has been extremely reliable for me. It's going on 180,000 miles with no major mechanical issues. It is also very roomy and spacious with plenty of room for grocery hauls and to transport my son.

- Tyler W

The one thing people should know about my car is that even though it is 11 years old it still works and runs well.

What I like about the car is the fact that it has been reliable for the most part. There have been some recalls on it over the years but that is understandable. What I don't like is that it is becoming outdated.

- Julie F

Its paid for and has 125000 miles and is still going strong.

I love my Honda CRV. I love the way it handles, and takes corners. It's very easy to drive and . Maintain. I've have had little trouble with it. It's roomy and very comfortable, and I can haul big loads in it!.

- Carolyn W

It is a very economic car with plenty of room and can perform in pretty much every situation.

My car has been great for the 10 plus years that I have used it. The only problem I have with it is that it had a few manufacturer recalls in Its early days. Other than it has been a very serviceable vehicle.

- Justin P

Family space easy drive and low gas usage

The honda cr-v is a great car for anyone to being a single person to a family as well. It's a great car for having space inside and a very comfy car to drive anywhere where it does not use a lot of gas !

- Bailey E

Honda, CR-V is my favorite car.

The car is reliability and something goes wrong it will light up. The seat is movable so I can adjust forward, back, up and down. The steering wheel is adjustable. It does tell you when to change at 30%.

- Elaine B

It is an SUV that is easy to handle and manage. Maintenance is cost-efficient and the vehicle is durable.

I like that my vehicle is a small SUV. It is big enough to transport what I need, but not so big I feel out of control when driving it. It has a 4WD option which is important during inclement weather.

- Shayla L

The 2007 model that did not include a middle console. Wish they had.

We purchased this vehicle because we were expecting and needed more space. This car has been dependable and has provided the space that we were looking for. It is an easy drive and we really enjoy it.

- Janet A

Little problem but well loved vehicle

I love this car. It is easy to handle and turns like a car but sits a little higher so I don't feel like I'm going to get run over. Only problem is that it needs a whole new air conditioning system.

- Kimberly H

Compact size, just nice for a small family. Fuel efficient.

Fuel-efficient. It is compact, just nice for a family of 3 like mine. I've had it for 11 years, and rarely give any problem. The style is long-lasting, it's doesn't look old for an 11 years old car.

- Cecilia F

Comfortable. The driver's seat is the perfect shape and can be adjusted. The cup holders are in a good spot. There are cruise and stereo buttons on the steering wheel.

My seat sits up so my back doesn't hurt. I have an aux port. My seats can be moved so I can haul items. The curve of my door could be higher, I've hit my head a few times. Love the hatchback.

- Shaleah K

It has lasted over ten years and it is a very good, reliable car.

It has been a very reliable car with no problems. It seats 5 comfortably and has a sunroof, MP3 music capability, and drives very well. The brakes are a bit sensitive, but I've gotten used to it.

- Ryan B

Family Friendly Car Purchase

The rear-view camera is wonderful when backing up. Heated seats in the winter. Sunglasses holder can be lowered to be used a mirror to see in the back seat - great way to keep an eye on kiddos!

- Christina P

My CR-V is an excellent car.

My car runs very well, has good gas mileage. I had to have the air conditioning system replaced, and that sucked during the summer. The passenger door lock makes a grinding noise when locking.

- Beth B

It's a good compromise between a larger SUV which has more space and a smaller car which has better handling than a large SUV.

It handles very well for a crossover. I find it more comfortable to sit in than a smaller car. It has a good amount of luggage space. I wish I could have gotten a slightly better trim package.

- Margaret J

They are reliable cars if u keep it in decent condition and change the oil

I had my vehicle for almost 12 yrs now . it still runs decent . I had some problems with it but I had to fix them I didn't feel like buying a new car yet . I still drive I have 131000 miles .

- Anthony T

I really like my vehicle. If you are allowed to ever drive it you better treat it right.

I love my vehicle. Smooth driving and riding in it. Very responsive steering. Great gas mileage. The only thing I dislike about it is that there are no radio controls on the steering wheel.

- angela b

The smart 4 wheel drive is a wonderful feature.

The vehicle is large enough to carry more items than a car, but not enough for building material. It is versatile and has 4 wheel drive which makes me comfortable during the winter months.

- Stephanie A

Dependable, great body style, love!

It is very reliable. I will buy another CR-V when this one finally dies. It has well over 100, 000 miles and runs great. It is so dependable! It is comfortable and good gas mileage also.

- Mari P

I had it since I was 18 years old so I grew up in the car.

I like the size, color and shape. The seats are not that comfortable. The shocks are really bad and it stinks going over bumps. i like the armrests and the position of the gear shift.

- Cara B

It's dependable. I've only had one major repair in 11 years and 139,xxx miles.

It's dependable and I feel comfortable and safe driving it even after 139,000 miles. The only problem I've had is having to replace the a/c compressor. It is the perfect vehicle for me!

- Ty C

While quirky, it has been a reliable car for over ten years.

There have been various electronic issues. I have been the sole owner since it was brand new and there have been some interesting quirks, including noisy door locks and several recalls.

- Ashley H

the car drives good and driving is smooth wherever you drive.

drives fast when needed,good handling,dependable also. Car is really tough and drives good when needed. Car is really comfortable when driving. I could keep the car for 1-3 more years

- Joe M

It is excellent in the snow.

I like the size, but I wish it was a little bigger. I also wish the back seats folded flat. Since I bought it used, I didn't have a color choice. I would have liked a different color.

- Sydney H

2007 Honda CR-V Great vehicle

The only thing I have had to replace in my car is the compressor in the air conditioner. My vehicle currently has almost 200k miles on it with no major issues. Very reliable vehicle.

- Desiree M

My Honda may not be the greatest vehicle ever made but I LIKE it!

Good gas mileage and handling. The maintenance cost is reasonable and I have had no real problems with it. The center of gravity is a little too high and the drivers seat is awkward.

- Harry H

Resale is better with a Honda.

Great car, bought it new, still runs beautifully!. Have done normal maintenance thru the years of owning it. Have always loved Hondas, had a civic previously but love the CRV better!

- Mary Ann T

It is durable and has had no issues.

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable. It has lasted me over 10 years, and I would consider buying it again when I get a new car. It drives well and has had no mechanical problems.

- Ryan B

It has given me no major problems - 11 years old, 115k miles, and just regular maintenance.

I like the size. I loved it when it was new, but there is lots of outdated stuff now. I like cd player and don't want to lose that with new vehicle. I wish it got better gas mileage

- valerie p

Dependable Honda for the win!

I love it! I have an ex-l. The seat warmers are great. The downside is the GPS system is by CD. Not like more recent cars. Runs great. Very smooth and reliable. Decent gas mileage.

- Sarah I

It is a car that when maintained will last for many years.

The car has held up well over the years with regular maintenance. I love the cargo space in the back. I think I may prefer going back to a smaller sedan rather than sitting higher.

- lisa d

The car is very reliable from getting from point A to point B.

My Honda has been very reliable over the years. It? has enough space for shopping and or my pets. The lack of technology in the car is a big negative for me (no navigation system).

- Chris S

Low cost to maintain and operate.

Car is reliable. Does not cost too much to run. Handles well in all kinds of weather conditions. The car is comfortable to drive on long trips. Do not like the cost of new tires.

- Ralph R

Reliable, good mileage, large, powerful.

No complaints whatsoever. It is in great shape for the year. My only concern is that the mileage is now over a hundred thousand and I am just concerned that something may happen.

- Bernie R

It has more than 170,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I hope to put another 30,000 miles on it before replacing it.

Reliability is top notch. I find this car to be more reliable than the more expensive, newer comparable vehicles of many friends. I hope to keep it for at least two more years.

- Jen C

It is easy to drive and park. Visibility to rear is great.

Great size for city living. Turn radius is best in class. Maintenance is low cost. But acceleration on highway on ramps is poor and road noise in the cabin is pretty loud.

- John J

so reliable & costs little compared to fancy cars.

It is very reliable in fact I have had no major problems just regular needs as it ages like tires, battery etc. love that it drives well in all weather. No complaints really

- Barb D

Wonderful all around vehicle.

It is easy to drive has indicators if tire go low, daytime running lights, great radio, heated seats, lots of room for storage or shopping, comfortable seats no backaches.

- Katherine S

Honda is reliable and known for safety. Definitely recommend

I like my honda because it's usually very reliable. actually my 3rd CR-v! it's got all the bells and whistles I need and good amount of space to move people and things

- D C

Hondas are forever vehicles!

My car is very long lasting and has reliable up until about a couple months ago. It just needs to be tuned up and have some things replaced but otherwise is a good car.

- Kimberly G

The most important thing about my car is that is is reliable, trustworthy and will last a long time with few issues.

I love my Honda CRV. It is a very reliable vehicle and has needed very few repairs in the 10 years I've owned it. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Cara K

Trustworthy very dependable. Safe.

Great vehicle. Has over 100, 000 miles d had to recently replace ac condenser. Really the biggest expense. I have driven several Honda’s and have been very pleased.

- Ruth W

It is a good, reliable, long-lasting vehicle. It has fit all my needs.

This vehicle gets average gas mileage. This vehicle fits my family comfortably. This vehicle has ample trunk space. The air conditioning doesn't stay cool enough.

- Adrianna C

Love my Honda! Best car I have owned yet!

This car has been the best one I have owned. Barely any issues, it is been amazing. I have only had an issue with the a/c pump so far and I have had it since 2011.

- Destiny N

The car is all wheel drive and gets great gas mileage.

I have a Honda CR-V and I love it, I live in the mountains so it does me well up and down the hills, also very good gas mileage, and plenty of room for the family.

- Anita W

Comfortable, roomy size Smooth ride. Not bad on gasoline.

I have enjoyed this vehicle a lot. Only had it 2 years, but it has been a great car. Love the roominess even though it is compact. Very comfortable to ride in.

- Darlene G

I use it all the time and I enjoy driving it.

The vehicle us easy to drive and maneuver. When the ground is wet, the wheels spin and it sometimes moves laterally when turning or starting from a complete stop.

- John C

My car is 14 years old and has never had any major problems. Runs good and always starts right up.

Doesn't do as good as I thought, on gas. The ride is not smooth. There are blind spots and makes it hard to see out. I do like driving it. Love the way it looks.

- Lynn W

Quality made product that lasts with minimal maintenance.

It is over 10 years old with very few issues. It runs great and gets decent gas mileage. It is small, yet big enough to fit 5 people and a trunk full of stuff.

- Wendy H

It's a long lasting car. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs nicely

It has been reliable and accelerates nicely. Having a used car had me constantly worried that something is wrong. There is a lot or room in the front and trunk.

- Amanda H

Well-built, simple, and classic.

I haven't had any serious problems with it since I bought it. It is quite comfortable, has many automatic features that are very convenient. And it looks nice!

- Pam M

It is a good family car. The rear seats flip down for hauling or storage.

Seat belt locking issues. Door lock issues - it will not unlock. Recalled a few times. We've had to replace the door locks and seatbelt in the last two years.

- Rebecca F

It is easy to drive. It also is compact without sacrificing SUV space.

It is very roomy and holds all of my stuff and my kids stuff well. I love the hatchback it fits a ton of groceries. I would like to upgrade to the newer one.

- Angela S

It runs well and has low gas mileage. It can comfortably seat a family of 4.

Car still runs pretty well. Minor issues such as wiper fluid function not working and a door malfunction. I would recommend this car, but sell after 10 years

- lauremn w

Best vehicle ever to own and more

Great on gas. No major problems and it has 250000 miles. Drives really good. Has enough room to fit three kids in the back. Trunk has more than enough room.

- Brittany B

It is a vehicle that is versatile and allows for good mobility.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive which is good for driving in the snow. It is spacious, but isn't so huge that it is a pain to park. It's gas mileage is OK.

- Kati S

The original finish is still in excellent shape.

I like that it is reliable. It is good on gas. Regular maintenance is required. No dislike. Only complaint right now is that the back locks are going bad.

- Jamal B

It is very reliable and has needed only minimal repairs.

The vehicle is large enough to fit everything I need. It is quite dependable and I have little problems. It is not a smooth ride, tends to be quite bumpy.

- Leslie B

It is safe and reliable and has given me limited problems.

I really do not have any complaints about my vehicle. I hope i had bought new but it wasn't an option at the time. Cost is a little overpriced for budget.

- Samantha H

It is a great family car for the value.

It is been very reliable with only typical repairs (tires, brakes, etc.). The CR V gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it is quite loud when driving.

- Pamela C

Love My Car but think they should have done a recall.

I love my car, the only part I do not like is it has an issue with the steering which has been repaired several times but keeps happening over and over.

- Tina M

Honda's is great and is long lasting. I feel I could get another 10 years

I have had this car for ten years. It has great reviews and been great for my family . The design is awesome and the gas mileage is good for its size

- T C

It gets me where I want to go, safely, with good gas mileage. Good, steady car.

Love the hatchback - great for loading and transporting my scrapbooking stuff. Been very reliable, only one major repair in 11 years. No complaints.

- Denee H

Reliable, comfy, modern, stylish, a d has comfortable capacity for us, and our dogs.

I like the size, it isn't too big. It is great for my family. The storage size for camping us a bit small, but other than that, it is a great vehicle.

- Kerah B

Comfortable and has a smooth drive. Good car for traveling or families.

I like my car because it is a smooth and comfortable ride and has lots of space. I also like the features it has. I do not like how much gas it uses.

- Jane H

They should know this car is a long lasting car that will not give you engine or mechanical issues.

I love my 2007 Honda CR-V. I have had it since 2009 and it has been a very reliable, trustworthy car. I really have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Cara h

It's reliable. Mine is still going strong after 110,000-plus miles.

Crossover is a perfect size for my needs. Decent gas mileage. Handles well. It's older, though, so no frills like Bluetooth, heated seats, GPS, etc.

- Jen S

I love the smoothness of this vehicle, and the line of vision it provides. Honda is a reliable manufacturer. I do not like the way that the transmission switches gears.

It is very spacious but it still reasonably small so I can carpool with others or hold several things in my vehicle, but can also park it anywhere.

- Amanda D

The Honda CR-V is a great car, run wonderfully!

It's a great car, works wonderfully. Don't really have any problems with it. Wish it was a bit bigger, but it fits a decent amount of stuff in it.

- chelsea g

It's good gas mileage. It's a good care for females. And older couples.

Car save gas. It's not comfortable but reliable It's easy to care for. It's nice looking. A good color blue. Its old but looks modern. I like it.

- Victoria A

it's really good for speed and its got cruise control that i love it, it's a great car

no problems, it handles like a dream and it loves to go only think it bit of a gas guzzler, and it's not my dream color but it is really good car

- vicki c

CRVs last long and can handle lots of mileage. Highly recommend, especially to people who like to travel places where higher clearance vehicles are needed. Also good gas mileage for the size of the car.

Right now my AC does not work and I need a new rotor for my tire. But, those are all minor things that come with wear, so overall I love my car!

- tori d

Honda has the best resale value and most reliable than any brand.

Honda CRV is very reliable and awesome. Most honda crv's come standard with AWD compared with other manufacturers. I would highly recommend one.

- Carlos J

Hondas are very reliable.

I like the trunk and cargo space, but I think I may be ready to go back to driving a sedan. It has a lot of space, but I don't like the height.

- lisa E

Reliable! It handles well in the rain and snow.Safety belts are easy to attach and easy to release.

The car is reliable. The only mechanical problem was covered under the warranty. The service people were knowledgeable, friendly and patient.

- Gail K

Love the CRV - dependable!

I love my CRV. I have had it for over 11 years with very few issues. The compact CRV is a great size to lug things around, but isn't too big.

- Beth D

Easy to drive, keeps its value. Spacious and lots of storage room.

I love this car. It drives smoothly, even after years of wear and tear. I love the amenities. It's easy to move the seats to make more room.

- Joliene K

The car is reliable and does not Cost much to maintain.

I like the space inside the cabin. I like the moon roof. I also like the reliability of the performance of the vehicle and low maintenance.

- Andrea K

There are cup holders everywhere!

I love how much space my vehicle provides. The seats easily fold in and out of the car. The driving is smooth and the ac works fantastically.

- Sarah B

Plenty of room for the whole family!

I love how reliable it has been. It's nice how well it accommodates children's car seats. It gets pretty good gas mileage too for an SUV.

- Amber S

The total reliability. I've had the care for 11 years and have had no major issues

Love the reliability and safety of my CRV Only dislike is the lack of a center storage console and the rear seats not folding down flat

- Sandy E

It is the perfect size for all my needs but it is not too large to be uncomfortable to drive

Even though my car is over 10 years old, it is reliable and continues to fulfill my needs. It has helpful features and provides comfort

- Natalie W

It is economical and easy to drive.

I like that it sits higher than a car and that I can haul large items if necessary. I do not like how noisy the cabin is when driving.

- Linda H

Great gas mileage for a larger car. Able to haul. And is pretty low maintenance.

It's the most amazing car i have ever driven. There's nothing i dislike. Honda's are super reliable cars, so i know I'm in good hands.

- Chloe E

Renewable energy saves on gas money plus it is good for the environment.

I like having all wheel drive and the room. I do wish it got better gas mileage. I think SUV cars are better to have in the mountains.

- Teresa T

A good ride in a great vehicle

Doors gave problem from locking.Remaining all are good to date.It is a suv and I personally like it.spacious and comfortable to sit

- Lah M

That the CRV is a great investment. Mine is almost 12 years old and is as good as new.

No complaints! It's the best vehicle I have ever owned. I think goes through the snow with no problems. It carries like a truck!

- Linda H

design,bumper quality,so much better than what is out now style wise in the crv,mine has character

I absolutely love this car.roomy,dependable,great space for cargo,seating,capacity,towing,visibility,comfort,no problems ever found

- karen w

Honda CR-V great value for the money.

The CR-V rides really well. It is very efficient on gas. Handles well in bad weather, although I haven't had it during winter yet.

- Kimberly P

A family friendly car that takes you to amazing places.

I love my vehicle. It takes me from point a to point b. Reliable car. I love the model. Spacious. Such a. Family friendly vehicle.

- Sara X

The air conditioner blows hot air if put setting on hot.

Good reliable car. Hardly any issues other than regular maintenance. Keep up with the maintenance and it will last a looking time.

- Lynnette A

honda crv, the best car I ever owned

I had no major problems with this vehicle ride is comfy, gas mileage not bad. just wish it was the model that came with a camera.

- connie k

It is an efficient vehicle

It gets great gas mileage but has some electrical issues. The A.c. doesn't work very good and It goes through oil rather quickly.

- Andrew D

It has a navigation system so now I don't have to use my cellphone to get my direction.

I love my Honda CR-V . It has a comfortable seats it's quite and very dependable. I love the sunroof and the navigation system.

- Tom P

It's very fuel efficient.

It's been decent I guess. I got it pre-owned and have had some problems out of it, so I really can't say much for anybody else.

- Nicholas V

Honda cars keeps it value.

It is a Honda, maintains value. It is has everything we wanted (ac, cruise, etc. ). Able to tow. No complaints about this car.

- Suzanne P

It doesn't break down or give me any problems.

I like that it rides very smoothly and gives no problems. Wish it had a sunroof and a gps though. I like it's aux capabilities

- Mahdi S

Will never die but will keep you mildly poor forever

The tires are too expensive when it comes time to replace them and are very hard to find. It gets lousy gas mileage as well.

- Jennifer L

It is reliable and has a great maintainable record.

A really good vehicle for both driving around town and for vacation. Spacious and practical with comfort and reliability too.

- Sheryl H

The back seats go down with one pull.

I love the room. I can put the back seats down or half of them down. This makes the trunk huge. Lots of room but sporty too.

- Tracy A

It fits all of our needs and provides reliable transportation both locally and out of town.

It gets good mileage. It is roomy enough to put a four wheel walker in without having to fold it up. It has great utility.

- Martha W

Durable, comfortable, easy, all wheel drive

I like this car. it's comfortable, durable, good performance, and easy. it has one problem that its gas consumption is high.

- amin u

Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride.

Not thrilled about the buzz noise when you lock and unlock the car. Other than that it's a reliable car. Great gas mileage

- Felicia O

It is a safe and durable vehicle.

Road noise. Since the year of the vehicle, this has been improved. Great gas mileage. Fairly comfortable. Good room space.

- Deborah A

It is very reliable, no problems at over 100k other than routine

Very reliable - only routine maintenance spending. Has over 100k miles. Decent gas mileage. Roomy yet compact for parking.

- val p

Its a Honda and it is reliable. Minimal cost of maintenance.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is clean. I like that it is red and has a sunroof. I dislike the high mileage.

- Melissa M

How much I love the design.

I love small size SUVs and the storage capacity. I prefer being elevated in my vehicle so I much prefer a CRV to a civic.

- Amanda F

It is very comfortable and lots of legroom.

The cr v has low gas usage,. It is very reliable. I have had no major work done only required normal wear & tear repairs.

- Patricia D

The gas mileage is about 22 mpg. The all wheel drive does well in the snow.

It has good power for a 4 cylinder. It's comfortable and roomy inside. Has all wheel drive. Gas mileage could be better.

- Tim K

Will last for a long time and great family vehicle.

I get great gas mileage, have not had many mechanical issues, drives smoothly. One wish is for more comfort and storage.

- Kristin F

It hasn't given me any problems in 6 years. It's safe and affordable.

I have never had any issues with my car. I also love how it drives. The only thing I would want is a little more luxury.

- Beth w

The cost of driving an older vehicle.

I have some minor repairs that need to be made. It comes with driving an older car, so I do not get frustrated over it.

- Carla S

Amazing car! Worth the buy

I really like this car! It is super reliable. It drives well, handles well and has lots of space for people and things.

- Alex C

Beautiful, Reliable Car!!

I love my car- it has been a wonderful, reliable car for the past 11 years and I would drive it for 11 more if I could.

- Kat S

It is a very smooth runner.

I like how clean it is and how smooth the ride is. What I do not like about it is sometimes the transmission can shake.

- Sam F

My Honda CRV is very reliable and dependable. I feel like I can have it for a very long time as long as it is maintained and taken care of.

I'm very happy with my Honda CRV with the exception of my brakes. They tend to squeak even after I have replaced them.

- April B

It is reliable and a dependable make.

I like that it is reliable and safe. I like being able to sit up high. I do not like that the seats do not fold flat.

- Aubrey K

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it has a sunroof and a good sound system. I do not like that I can't turn off the camera when backing up.

- Megan A

Wonderfully safe vehicule

I like all of the room in seating. I do not like the driver's headrest. It forces my neck forward. Over all great car

- angel P

It's a Honda. Very reliable. Repairs are easy and not too expensive.

Great vehicle. Brakes very quickly, accelerates too slowly. Very reliable. Great for car seats. Would buy again.

- Adam W

It has never broken down on me.

I love how spacious it is. It drives well and is very reliable. It is affordable to maintain. I have no complaints.

- Jennifer C

Spaciousness is what I think of.

Has many accessories I like & it drives and rides very good.... The mileage is not as good as I think it should be.

- Rod L

great gas mileage and easy to maintain no matter what you might think

i love my honda CRV because of how durable it is. It drives well gets amazing gas mileage and has easy maintenance

- catherine s

You never have to have anything done to them except oil changes and tires.

Only complaint is transmission is going out. Other than that it is a great vehicle that I will keep until it dies.

- Tim J

That Honda is a dependable brand.

It is fairly maintenance free. The only thing dislike wished it had more room. Do not really have any complaints.

- Lisa D

That is well-made, good quality and versatile.

I like that it is well-made. I like that I have not experienced any major issues with it. I like that is spacious

- Jhordan A

This is a fantastically reliable car.

Very reliable car. Great looking. It has a lot of room. Best car I ever owned. Will buy the same car next time.

- Fiber S

The most important thing about the Honda CR-V is the great gas mileage it gets.

The vehicle is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage. I would definitely buy another one of these vehicles.

- Susan B

Reliable vehicle. Good safety rating.

Great reliability. Good safety ratings. Seats are uncomfortable. Only a few minor problems and 180,000 miles.

- James N

It is super dependable. It never broken down on me!

Great car, I've never had any serious problems with it. Comfortable seats, good gas mileage. Very dependable.

- Debra C

It takes a little bit for the ac to fully cool done, but once it does it works.

We have maintained the car well and it still runs great. There is plenty of room for people as well as stuff.

- Wendy B

That it has room for anything you need to haul.

I like everything about the cr-v but wish it had come with a back up camera. The ride is also a little rough.

- Lydia S

This vehicle fits everyday life well especially with children.

It is comfortable. It drives nice and the gas mileage is great for the size of the vehicle. Good trunk space.

- Samantha H

Over 200K and the engine is going strong - Honda is a car company to be trusted.

This vehicle is dependable and roomy inside for our family. It is not as good on gas mileage as I would like.

- Kate F