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Enjoy the ride, but be proactive with technical issues.

I like the way my CR-V handles, it provides a comfortable ride, and I like the vantage point it offers with clear sight lines, and easily accessing blind spots. It sits rather high, so I had running boards added to give the older adults I transport easier access. The reason I have downgraded it is mainly due to the inconvenience of the recalls I have experienced that began the year after its purchase. The first affected the door locks which would randomly buzz and unlock, and the volume of the buzz became loud enough to cause passengers to inquire what on earth the sound was. It turned out that it was an inherent flaw for which a recall was issued. The dealership remedied it, but a year later, the same problem resurfaced with the back door locks. They didn't spontaneously unlock, but when locking it was accompanied by a very loud buzzing sound. When I returned to the dealer to inquire, they said they were caused by a separate electrical issue, and would cost about $400 to repair. I did not see how they couldn’t be part of the same recall and declined service. I have been inured to the sound over the years, but it still alarms passengers. There was another electrical issue that impacted my radio/CD player, which they did address at no charge. There were three different recalls for my air bags. So, bottom line is that I would still purchase another CR-V, for its ease of handling, it is comfortable ride, and it's clear visibility, but at the first sign of an issue, I would definitely seek out service, and if my claim were to be denied, I'd be more proactive about seeking recourse. Oh, and PS, as a driver in cold winter months, I'd definitely go for the heated seat option in the future!

- Elizabeth F

Despite recalls, my decade old Honda CRV is a trooper.

I love the sturdiness of the CR-V, I like the sightlines it offers, including access to my blind spot. I am not happy with some problems that revolve around recalls that have not been completely addressed; the electrical system key among them. I have had trouble with the door locking mechanism and after the recall that resolved the front door locks, the back door locks exhibited the same issues. But the dealership said that the problem was not related and would cost upwards of $300 to repair, so I have just lived with its noise since. I just have to rely upon the company's claim that the two airbag recalls have been taken care of, and I do appreciate that they kept me abreast of that situation. Overall though, I feel that this car has maintained well over the course of the years compared to my Oldsmobile and Mazda choices. I will be purchasing a new car in 2020 when we move to our retirement home out west, and I will consider Honda if they offer a comparable mini van with a hybrid option.

- Elizabeth F

Great on gas, super speed.

The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV that provides style, power, and responsive handling. The CR-V comes in three trims: the lx, the ex and ex-l. It is available in both front- or all-wheel drive. There are multiple safety features including front seat airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags, front and rear seat side air curtains, front seat active head restraints, anti lock brakes with brake assist, electronic brake-force distribution and vehicle stability assist with traction control. The CR-V is powered by a 166-horsepower inline-4 cylinder engine and controlled by a five-speed automatic transmission. For 2008, the Honda CR-V carries over with more standard features on the ex-l trim. The Jeep patriot is available in two trims, sport and limited, which have a standard 172-hp 2. 4-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission; a continuously variable transmission (cvt) is optional. A 158-hp 2. 0l engine, available with the cvt only, is available on the fwd. sport trim.

- Janet S

Reliable, comfortable, safe family car.

I love my CR-V. First off, it has floor mats which cover every inch, and all leather seats which are comfortable and easy to clean up with kids and pets. I also love all the room in there. My C-RV seems like a simple version on the inside, lots of space around our feet and in the trunk! There are a few awesome storage compartments that help with possible clutter. Not only is my C-RV comfortable for long car rides, it has automatic windows, seat heaters, ac/heat, and an awesome system for music! My car has a screen in the dash that tells me when doors are open, when I have any problem with the car like a flat tire or low on oil, it even tells me when I am hydroplaning on water! I love the 4wheel drive for taking adventures, and let me say the gas mileage is wonderful! 23 in town and 29 highway. I have had this car for a couple years now, and it is never let me or my family down!

- Sara D

My Honda CR-V is reliable, comfortable, decent gas mileage and storage space..

My Honda CR-V is very reliable. It is very comfortable for extended trips both for the driver and the passengers. You can move the back seats up to make room for more storage in the trunk and you can move them back to give more leg room. You can also lay the seats down pretty far in the back so it is comfortable for passengers to rest on longer trips. The car is a SUV so the driver sits up higher than in a sedan which makes it an ideal car for shorter people. The gas is not great but not bad for an SUV getting about 22 mpg on the highway. The floor mats are easy to clean as they are rubber and not carpet. Also the middle console can be up for storing things and putting your drinks and can be folded down to make more space to put things between the seats if needed. I have had to put money into fixing the car but it's been well worth what I feel I'm getting out of it.

- Sara W

The most important thing that others should know about the Honda CR-V is that it will only last 8-12 years, depending on how well it is maintained.

It is a nice size, and the trunk space is great. I like that it has anchors for car seats in two of the three backseat spaces. I don't like that there is no anchor behind the middle back seat, so the car seat has to go on one side or the other. The locks are broken (VERY broken) and the recall only covered the front locks, which were working fine before they were replaced, and now none of the four locks works properly. The speaker system is subpar, and at 10 years old, the car is really starting to fall apart, with several thousands of dollars worth of repairs required over the past 2 years. I like that the gas mileage is decent, though I wish there was a hybrid option. There are also a couple of blind spots that are a problem, though not as bad as some of the newer similar cars, like the Kia Sportage, or the newer CR-V even.

- Natalie R

Overall good vehicle but far too many repairs.

I have had my Honda CR-V for over 10 years and it has approximately 125,000 miles. It is the first Honda I have ever owned and previously drove Toyota. My overall satisfaction with this vehicle is mediocre. I like the vehicle itself but I feel I have had far more problems than I would have expected. Aside from the normal things that need to be replaced and should be expected, I feel that there have been far more repairs than normal. To date (and from what I can remember) I have replaced the brake pads more than multiple times, tires wear out quickly (and I buy expensive tires), the ac needed a $1000 repair (know defect right after warranty expired), problems with the exhaust system, sensor replacements, the list goes on and on. I would not purchase another CR-V again.

- Tiffany B

The Honda CR-V is a great compact SUV in the city.

The car is smoothing and easy to drive. While the driver seat is the only one electrically adjustable, both front seats can be heated, which is wonderful in the cold weather months. The back seat is also adjustable, the seat can move forward and back and the top portion can be slightly reclined. The truck is fairly spacious and does have a privacy guard. The back does have space for three, but it really can only fit two comfortably. The mileage is not the best, city miles are fairly low while freeway is slightly better, it seems to average 20 miles/gallon. Some problems with the axels appeared when the car turned 10 years old. Other than that it has been working well and in good condition.

- Victoria B

All the positive things about my Honda CR-V

My car since the day I had bought it has never given me any issues I like that with Honda's in general they are super great on gas I fill my tank up with just about 25$ and it last a good while they are super economical. I love this car especially since I do have kids and it's perfect for fitting everyone in I love that it's such a great travel vehicle I've been out of Texas through Colorado and to Wyoming in my Honda CR-V and I have no complaints here. It's small and compact! Also the style is very adorable. The back seat flips forward to make more room for putting anything in the back of the trunk which I really like too. The sunroof is also a plus especially on beautiful days.

- Dominique G

Light sky blue color. Sunroof. Factory tint. Beige leather interior. AUX import.

I love my car. I have recently came across a small problem with my back passenger door not opening due to the lock sticking so I have to open it really quickly once I hit the unlock button. I do wish that my lights were brighter, so it is a little hard to see at night. Those are really just cosmetic issues though, so not too hard to fix. Other than that, I really do enjoy my car. It has great room for my 4 year old, I love the leather interior that I have. The gas mileage that I get is not too bad considering that it is a SUV and a 2008, so not much complaints there. If you take care of it and do regular oil changes, it runs like a champ.

- Candice W

Reliable Car, but bad compressor

The car is very reliable, and quite spacious. While this CR-V doesn't have AWD or 4WD, it is still fairly good in snow. The back has lots of room for us to take our dog with us, and the back seats fold down so we can fit lumber or other bulky items. Our main problem was the compressor, which wasn't working when we bought the car, and we ended up having to get a new compressor for about a thousand dollars. Other than that, the windshield washer fluid leaks slightly and there is a little suspension issue that we haven't yet had looked at, but overall a good car. By and large, things are easy to access under the hood as Hondas tend to be.

- Daniel K

Honda CR-V that is light green in color and very roomy with a sunroof.

My Honda CR-V is very roomy and comfortable to drive. It has around 150,000 miles on it but still drives pretty well. I have recently had to get a new brake caliper but there haven't been many other issues besides that. It rides smoothly and there is a sun-roof along with heated seats. I have found it to be very reliable and has always gotten me to where I need to be. The headlights are a little dim because they are foggy/cloudy but I am sure there is a way to fix that. Overall, I have used this car since high school (I am now a recent college graduate) and it has served me well. I do not intend on buying another car any time soon.

- Autumn B

I love my 2008 Honda cr-v.

I have had my Honda for almost 11 years. While it has gotten older and obvious things need to be replaced - tires, oil, etc. , it has been the best car I have ever owned. My car has more than 218, 000 miles and still is reliable. It passes emissions without any problems. The only thing I do not like about my Honda CR-V - the windshield wipers. The back one is fine but the front ones could do a better job of clearing the rain. Also, because of the age of my car I missed out on navigation and Bluetooth. Both of which I will make sure to have in my next Honda. P. S. , this was my first car with heated seats. It is still amazing.

- Pamela R

My car is my head and feet.

My 2008 Honda CR-V is the best car I ever had. It is very easy to maintain and it drives like a baby. All I do is the regular oil change regularly: I have done breaks and basic maintenance. If you are looking for a car that will get you around without worrying about huge maintenance costs, consider a CR-V. My car is over 10 years old but I honestly wouldn't trade it for a new car. I know my car and I know where it will take me. It currently has about 100k miles and I am sure I will drive it until it dies. It is AWD and everything about it is perfect. It is a not a luxury car but it is worth more than the expensive cars.

- Anne F

The car is reliable and it does not break down.

This car is very reliable for commuting and driving to and from places. The gas mileage is alright it takes about a couple of days until you have to go get gas again. The comfort of the seats are as usually to a normal car. It's not the best but also not the worst. The features are pretty standard and there are no bells and whistles to wow you. It's a very standard car but it gets the job down of not breaking down and getting from point A to point B. There are not many problems at all with the car and the only problem I had was a faulty sensor and the check engine light would stay on even though it was fixed.

- Sean S

The hidden joys of the cr-v.

The CR-V is comfortable for driver and passengers- seats can be adjusted forward and backward as well as being able to adjust the back seat as well. For shorter drivers, I like the fact that the CR-V allows the driver a better view of the road- it feels as though we are higher than other vehicles. This car has been most reliable, and the performance of the CR-V has been quite dependable. There are two child car seats in the back, yet there is room for a third (thin) person to sit between those child seats if needed. In addition, the back area has room for loading equipment, etc.

- Margaret P

Practical adventure bound!

Good gas mileage, in city and road miles. Averages 24 miles to the gallon. Love the child safety belts for car seat to be in middle of back seat. Back cargo space fits groceries, sports equipment, camping equipment and 2 mid size dogs. Easy to navigate into small parking areas and spots. Really like the rack capabilities on top, I mounted a kayak rack and roof basket for adventures. Only thing missing from previous Honda car years, the capability to sleep in car! Front seats don't lie back completely and/or back seat & cargo area aren't long enough to sleep in.

- Lynn H

Consumer friendly Honda CR-V.

I love my 2008 Honda CR-V. It is a great small SUV with reliable engine, quiet and comfortable ride. Gives a good gas mileage of 23 mpg on the highway. Comfortably seats 5 adults. Has a bigger cargo space than any other small SUV in the market. I drive it across many states on my music job. I have put in 170k miles on it, still running smooth. Only 2 recent problems: the front passenger side door gets locked immediately. Rear upper end of cargo roof is losing its insulation. Both problems are out of warranty which means I have to pay for the repairs. :(.

- Mani S

The Honda CR-Vs are a great family car, very spacious!

This car is very spacious. I bought it because Honda's are reliable and I have a one year old and another babe on the way so it is spacious enough for 2 car seats and a double stroller. It gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive for long road trips. As my grandma says, a woman must have designed it because there is a space for a purse! It has lots of great compartments in the front seats for water bottles, sun glasses, snacks, etc. I would 100% buy another CR-V when this one runs its course, which will not be for a very long time.

- Emily C

The 2008 CR-V is a good option to look at when our having a vehicle.

The Honda-CR-V has been a very reliable vehicle for us over the last several years. It is a safe vehicle with good clearance and AWD and it handles extremely well in the snow, which we have a lot of each year. It's gas mileage is decent and averages about 25 miles to the gallon, not as good as we had hoped. I think the newer CR-Vs have improved in this area. It has a very efficient use of interior space especially compared to its competition. All in all, it is a car I would consider buying again.

- Angie S

As stated before this car has enough leg room for 6' + drivers, back also.

The Honda CR-V have enough leg room for people with long legs, back seat behind driver has enough leg room also, it is higher so that on long drive you can see other cars approaching and avoid accidents and poor drivers in the rain etc. This is the third Honda I have had and if I purchase another car it will also be a Honda, it tells you when you need service etc. The car requires very little maintenance, and all of the dealerships are great when dealing with recalls like air bags etc.

- Susan A

Comfortable and Well Performing Car; Minor Issues

I really haven't had a ton of problems with this car overall but there are a few things that can be difficult. The main thing is that in extreme heat and extreme cold the screen that shows the fuel levels, car doors, etc can flicker or even just disappear but will always come back. One other thing I don't like is that there's no console between the 2 front seats- just a tray with cup holders. However, it's a very nice car overall and has always been comfortable and worked well.

- Katherine C

It is both compact and spacious!

I personally enjoy this vehicle, it is extremely reliable for its age. We have a grey and black colored car. It is both compact and spacious enough for moving, and hauling an abundance of objects around. We have three dogs, and can comfortably fit them together, two in the back and one in the back passenger seats. Couldn't ask for a more reliable car. If we ever hit the time to look for a new car, we would totally consider buying the newest model of this car.

- Cm S

Honda CR-V; spacious yet compact.

The Honda CR-V is one of the most compact yet roomy vehicles I have ever owned. . For an SUV, it gets great gas mileage. I average between 20-22 mpg city/hwy combined. . The rear seats recline for added room and comfort. They also fold up to haul large items in the trunk. . I'd say the only con I have come across is the difficulty staying warm in the extreme cold temperatures. I will definitely be looking into purchasing another on in the future.

- Adam W

This car is great for cold climates where you have to drive through snow or ice.

I love my Honda cr-v. The AWD makes driving through snow a breeze. The seating is very comfortable as well, and there is a nice amount of legroom. There is quite a bit of space in the trunk too! I have never had to do any other repairs other than basic upkeep (oil changes, brake pad replacement, tire rotations). I use this car for my job which involves an extensive amount of driving, and it feels good to be driving in a car that is so reliable.

- Natalie J

We love our Honda CR-V! Great on gas and four wheel drive to boot! Cannot beat it.

Love our Honda CR-V! Still going strong at 10 years old and 145, 000 miles. Has been a great car for us. Did have problems with the drive chain and cost us about $1200. In the second or third year we had it. But other than that haven't had any issues. Just normal change of fluids and tires. The only thing I wish was different as I get older is the seats. I wish they had softer more comfortable seats. Overall highly recommend this SUV.

- Kelly B

My vehicle is quite zippy and I enjoy getting around quickly in it.

My 2008 CR-V does have its share of problems. I would say overall it is a highly reliable vehicle that I very much recommend to all people. Since mine was used it does come with the occasional problem, specifically brake, transmission and features problems (door locks & handles). Besides some occasional repairs I can always rely on my CR-V and it has never broken down. It is a very comfortable vehicle with all the standard features.

- Madison S

2008 CR-V: Not new but still reliable

I really enjoy Honda in general and my CR-V is comfortable, reliable and drives well. I also like that it has a lot of space in the backseat and trunk for carpooling or for storing fishing/snorkeling gear (I live in Florida). I like that it includes a skylight as well but isn't overloaded with features. Its reliable as transportation and I've had minimal problems with the engine, alignment, etc.

- Jeremy W

There are known issues with the door locks.

I love that it isn't overly big, but is still very roomy. It is comfortable and drives well. It is holding up pretty well for being 10 years old. My complaints are the the AC keeps having issues that don't stay fixed, and also the door lock issues that caused a recall. We had a lot of trouble getting that fixed, and it took several repairs, even outside of the recall/extended warranty period.

- Tracy C

Reviewing the Honda CR-V 08�

Absolutely love the heated seats great for cold winter mornings. AC works fantastic for the hot summer months here. Downfall would be defect in the locking mechanisms for this make and year. The sunroof is great has two settings opens half way or all the way. Little blind spots in the rear. Back seats go all the way down can transport large items. You are able to recline rear seats as well.

- Beth R

Honda—made to last and keep on going.

It is in very good shape for vehicle with high mileage. It only had one owner and has not been in any accidents. Honda’s hold their value very well and last forever. There are 2 small dents on the rear passenger door panel. Visibility when looking back to the left or right is not very good. The car has four wheel drive and is very good in the snow. It also gets good mileage per gallon.

- Evelyn M

Honda CR-V is perfect little car.

It is a perfect little car. Never had a problem with it. Good on gas mileage. Very reliable car. I have leather seats they are very comfortable. Easy to keep clean. I have had this car for 10 years and only has 55, 000 miles. I will probably keep it for another few years. It is a great little car. I make sure I get the oil changes and tires rotated so the car is in great shape.

- Jeanette D

It is a compact SUV that can fit a ton of stuff in it.

My vehicle has genuine leather, automatic adjustable seats. The only issue I had with it was that the battery needed to be changed, but that is not even really an issue. I do wish it was more powerful, but in terms of using the car for what I need... it can fit 5 people, and the seats can fold up in the back allowing for A LOT of storage! It's perfect for my fiance' and I at this time.

- Kat D

Honda CR-V an excellent choice.

Overall, I am very happy with my car. I have had very few issues with it since purchase. We were part of the widespread airbag recall a few years ago, but overall we have been very happy with our CR-V. It is a real lifesaver in bad weather, it handles beautifully in snow and sleet. I feel much more confident driving in winter weather since we got the car. I would highly recommend it.

- Cindy D

Although it is small, I have been able to haul some large items (building materials) and I love that I can pack them into this little vehicle.

My CR-V gets good gas mileage, is sturdy, so when I am on the interstate I feel protected. Currently I am having some problems with the door locks and need to get them repaired. It's an electronic issue where they lock and unlock while I am driving. The car is comfortable and I sit up high enough that I don't feel intimidated by semis, etc. Good turning ratio and great head room.

- Cheryl Y

2008 Honda CR-V review honest.

This vehicle has been very dependable. I have had very little trouble with it. I am the third owner and it is still running like almost new. It has almost 180,000 miles on it. The only comment I have is that the interior is very difficult to clean. The best way to do it is with canned air. Other than that the vehicle is a perfect getting around or started car. Very few blind spots.

- Sarah T

Honda really does withstand the test of time.

Incredible reliability: persisted through a parent, followed by two high school students, and continues to do well for a college student. Good safety: although my vehicle has had a recall, Honda handled it well, and notified me right away and fixed it. Additionally, it has kept me safe through 2 small accidents- but in one of which the other car (smaller than my CR-V) was totaled.

- Kate L

Will definitely buy another.

I really love my cry-v, drives smooth, seating is very comfortable, roomy seating and hatch area, very reliable for winter driving, the biggest issue are the breaks, rear brake keeps hanging up on me, perhaps that is the local mechanics fault, it is a bit of a gas hog, averaging 18 mpg. It is now 10 years old and has only needed routine maintenance, (except for that rear brake. ).

- Phyllis T

Long Lasting Vehicle with No Issues!

I have had this vehicle for over 10 years/110,000 miles and have had no issues with it! I love the space that the trunk of the car provides, but I do wish that the second row of seats would fold flatter than they do. Honda makes great vehicles that last for many years and I believe that this will last me another 10! When I do get a new car, I will be choosing a Honda CR-V again!

- Sarah E

Honda CRV Long Term Reliability

Vehicle has been very reliable, now going on 10 years. Until now, maintenance has been routine (oil changes, tires, etc.). it has just had its first non-routine maintenance, an electrical short in the door locks, that required dealer servicing. So, I would rate this vehicle reliability as excellent. I give it four stars because it has limited carrying / towing capacity.

- Timothy L

Family road trips it plenty of space for 4 people w/luggage & cooler.

I have had my CR-V for 10 years and really like that it is lower to the ground than most other SUVs. This allowed me to get my kids in/out easier when they were in car seats. My only maintenance issue was 2 years ago the a/c would keep running hot. Turned out the cooling fan needed to be replaced. Also the gas tank opener broke so I have to manually pry it open to get gas.

- Cory C

Honda 08 CR-V ex-l, AWD review.

Tire pressure is sensitive, during the cold weather. Performance is good, need a bit more power getting up to speed. But the mpg for an 08 is great. Reliability is very good, no major issues so far, Comfort -the driver seat and passenger seat could be more comfortable. Features and lights are very good for an 08 car, the dashboard lights and sunroof are nice.

- Calvin M

The best part is its sunroof. It is very convenient on a hot Florida day.

The 2008 Honda CR-V is well worth the money. With over 100,000 miles on mine, I have only recently experienced any difficulties. My battery has become dead twice now, but after 8 years of ownership, so again, I believe it is worth what you pay for. It is very comfortable and spacious, my brakes have never needed maintenance and it is extremely easy to care for.

- Gracie G

Great family car that drives great

I love the CR-V, it drives nice and we live in the mountains so we are rough on our cars. It's great that I can fit 3 car seats across in the back. I also like that the back seat moves forward and back to make more room in the trunk. If I could change one thing it would be that I wish it were bigger and had a 3rd row option so it could grow with my family.

- Mary D

It is very comfortable and roomy.

Great ride, no complaints. Lots of space a great on gas. I like the basic features the car has. It is does not have too many features but, it is good. It is not confusing or super high tech but it can do the same things the other vehicles can do. Parts are easy to come buy. Sure the parts cost a little more, but they are still cheaper than other brands.

- Veronica H

My car has been dependable, but it is starting to show its age.

I love the dependability of my car, and I love that it has been such a low-maintenance car for me. I just wish I could afford something newer as it is starting to get old. The kids have really thrashed the upholstery and it has a lot of creaks and weird noises that older cars have. I worry it is going to break down on me because of its high mileage.

- Kerrie H

My 2008 Honda. The best vehicle I have ever owned.

It is really reliable and has good mileage. The seats could be a little more comfortable. The paint is fading and it will need a new paint job in the near future. I plan on keeping this vehicle indefinitely. I have taken it on many trips and on all kinds of roads without any major problems. I do miss a temperature gauge which my last vehicle had.

- barbara D

Not too big; not too small; just the right size.

My Honda CR-V is one of my most favorite cars. Mainly because it is large enough that I feel safe, and high enough that I am sitting up (I am 5’2”) and can see easily on all sides. I like the handle on the trunk lid to make it easier to reach. I like that the driver can control all windows and doors, as I have grandchildren in the car frequently.

- Marge P

Honda CR-Vs are built to last.

The vehicle comfortably fits my husband, daughter, large dog and myself. I used to have a Jeep, and at first missed the sporty features such as bigger tires, roof rack, etc... but I have really enjoyed that the Honda is reliable, lasts many years, has XM radio options and a sunroof. It is comfortable on long car rides and helpful with city-driving.

- Cate K

I love it because it is a Honda and no problems.

I enjoy my vehicle, but it's a bit small inside. I bought in 2014, it was a used vehicle, but I haven't had any mechanical problems. The air conditioner doesn't work all the time and that can be a bit frustrating. It seems like it stops working if you are sitting in traffic and not moving. Once you are going at least 35 mph then it begins to work.

- Margarita A

After 10 years, still going strong.

This is an excellent beginners crossover that has the added power when needed by clicking on the d3 button in the shifter. It has great additions like the sunroof, tinted rear windows, and the overall quality the interior is something that anyone can get used to. I have had the car for well over 10 years and it still drives smooth. I recommend!

- Chris H

I like the way it handles. It doesn't pull; it feels steady even at speed.

This is a really comfortable car, it has great gas mileage and is very reliable. The drive is smooth and it doesn't require a lot of effort to maintain. The ability to control radio options from the steering wheel help keep my focus. Laying down the back seats is easy and intuitive, making it simple to load and unload. It's a really solid car.

- Katy N

Dependability that holds value.

I find this vehicle to be extremely reliable. I have only had to replace the battery. The only reason I didn't rate this car a 5 is because of its age. I prefer more technology. This was the year prior to Honda even adding USB ports. This vehicle is comfortable and gets decent gas mileage. I would purchase this car again in a new/newer model.

- Laura W

This car has been a great value for us.

It has been a great car! Very reliable. It drives better than other 4 cylinder vehicles I have driven. The only issue we had was when we had the airbag recall. The electric is becoming a bit of a problem with the door locks and air conditioning but we chose to fix the issues instead of getting a new car because this one has been so great.

- Cecilia T

Love my trusty SUV, and I have had it for a decade!

I have had my trusty Honda CR-V for a decade this year. It is a well made, safe feeling vehicle. I even talked my friend into purchasing a CR-V when she was looking for a new car. The car has just recently started to have issues for the first time and I am going to start looking around. (a/c issues, new tires, radio stuck on anti theft).

- Tiffany H

Reliable, comfortable, musical.

For a 10-year-old car, it runs really well. I have had a few brake issues over the last years, mostly involving wearing of pads and squeaking on turns, and this summer I lost the a/c, but overall functionality is great. It is very reliable and comfortable, fits my lifestyle well, and I trust a Honda to last me another few years at least.

- Nikki K

It�s big and can carry all you need it to downside is the gas

Gas mileage is horrible, I've had some engine problems. Besides that I love how big it is and the one I have has a sunroof. The car is such a great size, it really is a family car. Upkeep is really important but it really is a good car. It's old so some of the paint fading in some areas is to be expected but it's aged well besides that.

- Hannah B

The 2008 Honda CR-V Is a Great Example of What a Dependable Auto Should Be.

My 2008 Honda CR-V is a very reliable vehicle. I have not had any major problems with this car since I have owned it. The only thing that I have had to replace is a dead battery and starter. I always keep my oil changed when it's due. Maintenance is the key to having a reliable car, and it has proven successful with my Honda CR-V.

- FS B

Reliable vehicle (Honda CR-V).

It seats five people comfortably. I love that it has a removable plastic cover in the back hatch area for easy cleanup. The vehicle is very reliable for being high mileage and ten years old. The only issue is it needs new struts which makes for a little bit of a bumpy ride, but it is part of a typical issue an older vehicle would have.

- Rebecca P

Cr-v - fast, reliable and perfect size for a family of 2-5.

Knock on wood, but honestly I haven't had many issues with my CR-V. This past summer the air conditioning went out and that was the biggest issue we faced. It is a car that is ten years old and nothing else has been fixed or repaired. It rides smooth and has been great for my family. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking.

- Rachel L

Small us-v that lasts forever.

I have had my car for 10 years and the only issue I have ever had is replacing the batteries. It still runs great with over 100,000 miles on it. I do not have very many features but cannot complain about overall performance. The airbag was recalled a few years ago and I immediately got it fixed and taken care of for free from Honda.

- Gracie Z

I love my reliable and dependable Honda CR-V

My car is extremely reliable. I've never had any major issue with it in 10+ years. It's comfortable, and I hope to continue to drive it for a few more years to come. It's held up extremely well. My only complaint would be about how the exterior has held up - it's a bit scratched and dinged up, which shows because the car is black.

- Maggie C

Love the cargo space when seats are folded down.

My problems have been with the door locks. Currently working but have had problems locking. Sometimes going down the road they lock and unlock. I have had to have the car repainted. Paint on hood was completely flaking off. Overall performance has been good. The seats could be more comfortable. I love all the space to haul things.

- Monica V

It handles fairly well on snow.

I like the low cost to maintain car. I've hardly put any money into it besides normal wear and tear. I did just spend a lot on new AC condenser. I wish I had upgraded to nicer interior. I've gone thru 2 sets of seat covers cuz cloth seats are awful. I have a bit of rust through out the exterior even tho it's garaged most of time.

- Pamela S

Efficient Reliable Goes for ever without repair.

This car has 237000 miles and has only had the required service and tires. It is a great car the only thing that I feel could be improved is the fabric the seats are made of and the seats could be more comfortable. The side mirrors do have a few blind spots but that is easily corrected with inexpensive mini mirrors that stick on.

- Kathy L

I love my Honda CR-V because of it is reliability and comfort.

I like how my Honda maneuvers around town. It is easy to drive. There has been hardly any problems with it so reliability is awesome! My Honda is comfortable and visibility is good. The only thing I do not like is the noise factor. While driving on the freeway, I have to turn the radio on super loud because the Honda is so noisy.

- Trisha W

Dependable, Reliable and comfortable. Great car.

The vehicle has been great and has been extremely reliable over the past 11 years. The biggest issue we have had with this car is that the AC unit went out after about 8 years but overall It has been a safe and reliable family car since the day we bought it. The car has a smooth and comfortable ride with a nice leather interior.

- Marco R

Honda CR-V - best for those that want a dependable low maintenance vehicle

I love the size of the vehicle. I like that it's all wheel drive for in the winter. The back cargo area is large and fits everything I need it to. It's not the top of the line model but I like that as I feel there is not much to fix it anything goes wrong. I do regular oil changes but besides that have not had to do any repairs.

- Sabrina S

Cry - cost renders valuable!

Our Honda CRV requires very little maintenance, making it cost-effective in the long run. We enjoy the sunroof, heated seats, and AUX audio capabilities. The only downsides would be low fuel efficiency and the fact that it does not accelerate as quickly as we would like when on the highway. Overall, however, a reliable vehicle!

- Mary P

The Honda CRV is comfortable and fits everything, but most of all it feels safe to drive.

I really love my Honda CRV. It fits pretty much anything I need (especially if I fold seats down) and I really like the way Hondas drive. The most expensive fix I've had to do was the AC where the compressor went AND it wouldn't connect to the control panel. Other than that, my husband can do a lot of the basic maintenance.

- Corinne T

Other people should know that this car is very reliable.

This car has been very reliable. Only a few routine issues. Now in its old age the fuel gauge is broken so it reads erratically. The seal of the fuel tank is breaking down, causing the check engine light to be on all the time. I would recommend this car 100%. Great sound system, lots of space to transport people and things.

- Morgan K

Great storage vehicle that drives easily.

It is spacious but drive like a smaller car than it is. I like that it sits up very high and has a responsive acceleration system. It gets decent gas mileage and is reliable on the road. My car is at almost 150, 000 miles and still in great shape. I use the spacious trunk to haul sound equipment as well as move very often.

- Catherine C

The everything vehicle. Sport, family, life

It's great. Every feature works after 10 years, window motors are intact, electric console, digital speedometer screen still has color. Just the normal road ware and tare like brakes and tire maintenance is the focus. The miles per gallon has not decreased in the years. With the high mileage this is still a great vehicle.

- Tony W

Great utility vehicle for the things that o am involved in.

Bought this car used. Fell in love with it and bought a new one. Now have three CR-Vs great cars but a lot of street noise. Good in every other way. Lots of room for my 6 foot self. Like sitting up higher. Good for carrying lots of stuff. I fly rc airplanes and like having room to carry all the stuff needed for flying.

- Rod B

low maintenance and safe car

NO problems since buying my car 3 years ago. Very reliable and gets good gas mileage ( average 25 mpg). Comfortable, safe. Only maintenance has been regular oil changes. will need new tires soon, but overall the car has exceeded my expectations for quality since I bought it with 130,000 miles I expected some problems.

- Kellie H

It is built with the user in mind, lots of space inside and reliable as a whole.

I love how the CRV is set up, that I have room to put things in between the seats and in front of the consoles without taking up the front seat. I like that the car is reliable and relatively hassle free. I don't like that it seems to be worse quality than the 2006 one I had prior and that they tend to lack power.

- Sandra S

Most reliable car that can get you from point a to point b comfortably

This is the most reliable car I have ever purchased. I have put very little money if ever into the car except for usual maintenance. The interior and exterior literally still looks new. I would highly recommend this car. It's my second CR-V that I have purchased and will probably end up purchasing another one.

- Deb G

The Honda CR-V. The Best Mom Car for Moms and Non Moms. Perfect For Any Occasion.

Super reliable and very safe! Super roomy and great for road trips. Sometimes I feel like I am going to tip over when I am driving on a curvy road so you have to drive slower. Love how the car is actually smaller than what the a non CR-V owner would think. Super easy to parallel park in this baby. Would recommend!

- Rhiannon J

Crv an excellent car. Recommend highly to all.

Recently the ac and radiator have both broken. , But that is after 10 years of absolutely perfect performance on all levels. The car runs very well and always had. I recently convinced my best friend to also buy a CR-V. It handles nicely and smoothly. Easily cleans. Paint Job has also held up for over a decade.

- Tiffany H

My Honda CR-V is a really nice light blue color with a great driver interface.

Not enough space in the trunk. The second row of seats are a little too crammed. The audio system could be better. The material the car is made out of could be more durable and better looking. The cup holders could be better and there should be some self cleaning in the car. The seats could be more comfortable.

- Stanley A

Dependable, nice looking SUV.

I have only had one major problem other than regular maintenance. That was for the air conditioner. But I found an honest mechanic who detected the real problem and it only cost me $350. This is a great midsize SUV - not too small and not too big. I have been able to carry/load anything I have wanted to in it.

- Michelle T

Low-cost, predictable, reliable

My vehicle has been extremely dependable. The main issue I've had (mileage is about 130,000) was when one of my struts blew, and I had to replace both front struts since you can't replace just one. Parts are not expensive, it is not an extremely luxurious car, but it's served me very well and is comfortable.

- Anne L

A solidly built, reliable SUV that has retained value.

The Honda CR-V has been reliable. No major maintenance nightmares. Easy tire replacement. The electronics are dated, but have functioned well. The interior has held up fairly well for being 10+ years old. AC issues from time to time. The exterior trim has held up in intense sun, but is showing wear and tear.

- Mark D

My Honda CR-V gets great mileage and is good in the snow.

My car is great on gas and runs perfectly. However, it not a comfort vehicle by any means, and you feel every bump and hear lots of road noise when you are in it. I also wish I had Bluetooth capabilities in the car, and also a better sound system. It has some body damage as well that I cannot afford to fix.

- Eileen P

Our Family's Beloved Red CR-V

I am not really a car person, so I don't know much about these things, but it seems to get good mileage. The car is comfortable enough for my family of 4. I have not had to do major maintenance on it, that is a plus. I have used the auto drive (not the right name) on long highway drives and it was great.

- Sean E

The old reliable Honda CR-V.

Very reliable and safe. Has been in 3 accidents, no injuries. Runs well. Has some steering problems, and starter is old. Battery dies often, however. Lasted about 3 years, but Honda replaces it for free since it was under warranted. Very good on gas. Car has almost 200, 000 miles, and still runs very well.

- Emily O

My new used CR-V is great in the snow.

I bought my used Honda CR-V used from Garber Honda about 2 years ago. The fast fax history showed that the vehicle was maintained well but I did have to replace a part in the a/c only a few months after I purchased it. I like the size of the vehicle and the fast that it is AWD and handles well in the snow.

- Tracey D

My CRV is dependable and gets me where I need to go.

I like that I can depend on my CRV to get me places, even if there's a little snow on the roads. It's roomy enough to fit my family and some cargo. I don't love the leather seats as they have not worn well. And I wish the gas mileage was more consistently at 30 mpg or better, even if I'm running errands.

- Deb B

It's overall incredibly dependable, gets great gas mileage, and looks great!

I love that it has a sunroof! I also enjoy the good gas mileage. I like the space! It's the perfect size car and it's very dependable. I wish, however, the gas tank was larger so I wouldn't have to stop as much to fill up! And over time it doesn't handle speed bumps/potholes as gracefully as it used to.

- Morgan S

Looks like the BMW small SUV.

Had problem with compressor but other than that runs great. Nice and roomy. Higher off ground than a car. Love the backspace for groceries, trips. Great room for car seats. There is a lot of road noise, but that doesn't bother me. Overall I'm really happy with this car/SUV. Love the look of it too.

- Laura L

A great car with low miles and that runs smoothly without problems

This car is wonderful. It drives smoothly, the engine runs well, the tires are good, and it has never broken down. I was a little uncertain because I bought it used but it has been just wonderful and it runs perfectly. I really haven't had any problems with it besides having to change the breaks out.

- Quinn B

Great car. Enjoy the space for traveling and transporting goods.

Purchased used a year ago. Have been pleased with car. First Honda I have owned. . Has been totally dependable and comfortable for a sub. Like the space. For transporting items. No problems with vehicle at this point. Would purchase again. Like that it is 4 wheel drive and has other great features.

- Rickey C

Honda CR-V, they last, but there are some flaws

Well it's a Honda do it last, but I'm starting to have problems with my tensioner belt I have had to replace it 2 in the last 2 years. And the tensioner pulley 1 time as well. Besides that well the armrests are too low for tall people, and I don't like that all the windows are not auto up and down.

- Jeff F

One of the most popular vehicles on the road! It is a great car!

My car is safe and reliable. I have had little trouble but am careful about routine maintenance. The size is great for a family of four adults, with plenty of legroom in the back for my 6ft plus son. The cargo area is also roomy and easy to use. I average about 22 mpg with little highway driving.

- Sandy S

Good features and issues with Honda CR-V 2008

The seats are comfortable. I love the storage space and the location of stick shift. It was affordable as a used SUV with 60,000 miles when I bought it. The only problem I have had with it over the last 2 years was that the A/C blew and 2 parts needed to be replaced which cost me $975.00 to fix.

- Candy B

It is a light silvery blue Honda CRV EX.

My vehicle is in good condition for being a used car. It has some extra features like a moonroof. It also has four wheel drive. So far there have been no problems with it. It drive nice and it is comfortable. It is a comfortable and reliable SUV. Family members who have driven it really like it.

- Christy B

My Honda CR-V is fantastic!

This car gets Great gas mileage, drives really smooth, the seats are comfy and has lots of room! I've had a power steering issue lately but it's an older vehicle. Trouble is to be expected! I love my navigation system and the big screen. I've had no major issues with this vehicle and I love it.

- Megan T

It is a great car. I purchased it certified used.

I have no issues with this car. My passengers hate the back seat. It is not comfortable not roomy. The seat back sits straight up. Otherwise this is a great car. Got my son back and forth to work in a blizzard with no problems. I am having some front end issues now. I need to get it looked at.

- Eileen A

Durable car and no breakdowns or repairs.

Durable and reliable it does not break down it handles beautifully on hills and rough terrain and it has great brakes and interior comfort and cargo space and passenger space. Heater and ac work beautifully and the stereo system is good too. It has a sleek appearance and it has tinted windows.

- Sandra L

The car has 215 thousand miles on it.

It only got issues after 6-7 years, performs well after all these years, is reliable low chance of breakdown, comfortable seating with reclining options, the features are the best part; many cup holders, in car audio system, phone charger, and heated seats which are my favorite part of the car

- Justin C

Good reliable safe vehicle

I absolutely love the gas mileage I get both in town and on the highway. The sunroof is an added bonus for me. Having a child that is very tall it's sometimes hard to find a good vehicle with space and comfort but this car does it for us. It offers a smooth ride and is excellent is bad weather

- Tiff D

Very good but minor inconveniences.

The biggest problem I have is that the seats are slightly uncomfortable and especially the head rest. The reliability is pretty good, however recently the car has some trouble starting. But, I have never had to bring it into the shop or anything. Also it drives well but can get loud sometimes.

- Sarah H

A very reliable and affordable vehicle.

The CR-V is very reliable. It has a great stop to go speed. There are bucket seats in the front that are heated. A bench seat in the back that folds down for more room. You can have a full size spare tire instead of the small donut ones. There is a good amount of room in the rear for storage.

- Dawn K

Great looking car great outsides features.

Reliable do your oil changes perfect car except for leather interior it cracks otherwise car is great. Seats 5 great trunk rides smooth and the back seats go down for storage. Handles all types of road condition and great in the snow. In recent snowstorms it handles the snow conditions great.

- Marie R

Great Crossover built by Honda

It just keeps running. I have had very little issues with the car. Gets okay gas mileage and is spacious. Already has over 140,000 miles on it. Haven't had to stick much money in the car since I bought it. I would buy another CR-V in the future. This car helped me decide to buy another Honda.

- Mitchell S

The Honda CR-V is a great car that lasts!

I love the Honda CR-V. My first one was a 2002 and I put 350, 000 miles on it before I finally sold it. I then bought a 2008 model and it runs smoothly, is comfortable, looks almost new and has 130, 000 miles on it. I expect to get at least 200, 000 more miles on it. Hondas are great cars.

- Robin M

I love my car! She is my baby and she is extremely nice.

There are not any problems. Especially for my car being 10 years old. The only issue I have with it is the lack cup holders and sometimes when I am driving for long periods of time my back aches a little. Overall she has lasted and has over 96 thousand miles and is still running very well.

- Lindsey S

My car does really well on gas for a small SUV.

I haven't had too many issues besides regular maintenance with my car. From time to time I need to bleed the breaks, especially in the winter, but other than that, everything has been fine. I bought it at 94,000 miles, and I'm creeping up to 200,000 miles and it's still running brand new.

- Denise J

My 2008 Honda CR-V my likes and my dislikes about it.

Shortly after purchasing my used 2008 Honda CR-V in 2015 I had issues with my electric doors, and then my back hatch, it does not have any interior lights and no one can seem to figure out why they will not work. Other than that it handles great gets good gas mileage and is nice to drive.

- Dawn F

AWD. Yes or no. Plan for the future since you may have the car for a long time!

I love my Honda. It is reliable and functional. The only downside is I wish I had chosen the AWD. I was living on the west coast when I bought it and have since moved to the northeast. Even without the AWD it seems to handle well in the snow but I would prefer that extra level of safety.

- Patty H

Reliable, low maintenance, low-end SUV that is ugly, but does the job.

Not most comfortable. 4 wheel drive could be better. For price, I got what I paid for. I have had no major repairs, except for several recalls. The car is ten years old and should last a few more commuter years. Low mileage, so this may not be an accurate review. Overall pretty reliable.

- Pam R

Perfect, roomy, cute, great on gas car!

I bought the car with over 130k miles so it needed some work. Replaced the brakes so far. Other than that, no major issues. It handles fantastic in the snow and good on gas. I love the space inside. Roomy and comfortable. I would for sure buy another one brand new or certified pre-owned.

- Tanya H

Honda CR-V is great and reliable

High mileage and runs very well. I have owned it for 3 months with no issues so far. I have heard that CR-V's can last a long time and I believe this to be true. It's a comfortable drive and gets good gas mileage for an SUV. It has an awesome sun roof that I use when the weather is nice.

- Gavin M

Incredibly spacious and comfortable.

I take road trips and this vehicle does great on mileage and safety. It is small enough yet big enough to carry large items. This vehicle has required little maintenance aside from usual wear and tear. Anytime it has required maintenance, Honda professionals have always been attentive.

- Jodi M

Driving the smooth way is the only way.

It runs good as long as you keep up with the scheduled maintenance. As far as the handling on the road, it is smooth as can be even on the highway. When driving in inclimate weather, it goes through snow like soft butter. Going up a hill you give it a little gas and it has no problems.

- Tony M

CR-V review by a local man

Repeated problems with front passenger tire losing air, or there being an error with the tire sensor. Car is dependable and has decent pickup. Plenty of room for family of three and a dog. Gas mileage is okay. Car is fine for either long or short distance travel, and is decent in snow.

- Tom H

Best and most reliable make of car

There haven't really been any other than general maintenance. Overall I'm pretty happy with the reliability of the vehicle. The vehicle itself is pretty spacious and comfortable. I like the interior. I've always had Honda's and loved all of them. I would continue to by this make of car

- Beth W

I have the basic CR-V there's really nothing special about the detail

I have not had any problems with this car since I've had it. As long as you keep up with the regular scheduled care it will run forever. I usually change my oil every 3,000 miles and just makes sure everything else that is needed is done and the car has never given me any problems.

- Yolanda W

It is very reliable and has lasted 10 years with little to no problems.

There have been no problems. I bought my car in 2008 and continue to drive it daily today. It is a wonderful car that my relatives have also purchased, just newer models. I prefer the old model based on looks. It has never failed me and I continue to drive it until I cannot anymore.

- Amanda J

Crv reliable and practical.

Very reliable vehicle. The maintenance is cheap and very practical. Not a lot of extras or unnecessary complications. Good space with mid to high 20s mpg. Good size vehicle as far as parking is concerned, usually fits in compact spots easily. I would rate it as an affordable option.

- Brady B

Over a decade old and still kicking!

There was a recall on the airbag, buy Honda fixed the issues for each car that could have been impacted by the recalled airbags. Other than that I am very pleased with my car. It is good for people that enjoy something easy to care for. The space in my car is just perfect for me.

- Sonya L

Honda CR-V is everything that you need in a car.

I love my Honda CR-V. It is a really good car and is always reliable. I have never had any problems, I have only ever had a Honda and I think they are the most reliable cars. I also like the CR-V and how it sits high off the ground. The car is very good in all weather conditions.

- Sam S

Great car with ac compressor problems.

Strong and reliable car but has had some issues. Power steering and the worst issue is the compressor, it is a common problem in that make and model that the compressor will go out in these cars, it is an expensive problem at least $1000, in the summer I am sweating its deadly.

- Jasmine G

Overall my honda CRV is a reliable and dependable car.

I feel that my honda CRV is very reliable to a 10 year old car. The only thing I have not liked is that there was a recall on part, asked dealership to check prior to warranty ran out but they would not as it was not malfunctioning. Failed working 1 month after warranty expired.

- Mary O

It has more room than you�d expect.

It is Reliable and is safe to ride in. The only problems ere recalls including passenger and drivers side airbags. Also we had to replace the master window and door lock switch. That was part of a recall. Other than that it is a solid vehicle. Overall I would recommend the CR-V

- Matt I

I like the back seats that fold down. Lots of space to haul what you need.

I bought it used and it's dependable. I bought it in 2017. It was super clean and well taken care of. I travel 2 hours one way to do temp work and feel it's a solid vehicle. If I had to get another car, I would definitely buy another one or at least stay with the Honda brand.

- Sara A

Comfortable and spacious.

Drives really well, fits 5 adults comfortably, sunroof, easy to read error symbols on dash. The only problems I have had so far is my lock actuator in on of my doors went out but that was an easy fix. Decent gas mileage for a SUV. I also like that it has a back wiper blade.

- Morgan M

Green Tea 2008 Honda CR-V used on highway driving constantly

BAD: constantly needs to be filled, seats are uncomfortable, outside panels are not well made, paint chips easily.. GOOD: has a lot of space, good trunk space, reliable engine, panels can be ordered online and easily installed, replacement paint (green) can be found online

- Valerie P

Fun to drive but big enough to haul stuff.

Cr-v is the perfect size, not too big but still has the capability of hauling a lot. I also love the sunroof and the handling on the road. I do wish the CR-V had more storage bins inside the vehicle. The sunroof has also experienced some problems with leaking in the past.

- Linda B

Love my CR-V, its comfort and quality.

Looks good, strong drive, and comfortable. I would buy it again if I could. Toyota and Nissan are put here too. But the CR-V is definitely my favorite. I hear the new technology is fantastic on the CR-V. I also like the Pilot, with its roominess and overall quality.

- Bob A

My reliable Honda has served me loyally for the last 10 years.

I have had an excellent experience driving my Honda CR-V. I bought in 2008 so I am the only owner of the car. The only things I have needed to replace on my car all these 10 years are the tires, the breaks and the thermostat. Other than that it is oil changes gas and go.

- Laurie C

My first choice of any car or SUV will always be a Honda.

The only problem with repairs to my car is my mechanic does not have any access to Honda parts and must pay Honda to order parts. I love the fact that I am sitting up higher in my C-RV and have a better view. The reliability is outstanding, it was used when I bought it.

- Jeanne K

Honda CR-V- ten years strong.

Love my Honda CR-V! Tens years old and still running strong. Only issue was with air conditioning. Extended warranty for the air conditioner covered to get it fixed. Power seems reduced since the dealer fixed it. Other than that, Honda runs great and is a great vehicle.

- Carrie G

Fantastic and comfortable small SUV

My car has been an all around great vehicle. Very comfortable & great gas mileage for a small SUV. Have been able to fit so much in the trunk area. I had no problems with it until I had it for a little over 9 years. And even then it was normal wear & tear stuff.

- Sarah R

Roomy car for good price.

The Honda CR-V is an amazing car. The features are great. Very easy to drive. Good mileage. Very roomy, great for passengers. A lot of trunk space, very roomy. It is not an all wheel drive. My friends love the car. It is great for five passengers. Would purchase again.

- Jessica S

Very durable and reliable SUV.

My vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is very roomy and allows me to comfortably transport what I purchase. . It is very easy to park and is good with gas mileage. The back seat is roomy enough so that my very tall son has enough room for his long legs.

- Sydney P

Drives like a car but with has the cargo space of a small SUV.

The vehicle drives like a car, but has the cargo room of a small SUV. The ride is comfortable. I love the heated seats, sunroof and navigation system. Only complaint is an issue with the electric locks. You are passengers have to manually unlock when you get out.

- Jodie A

It's reliable, I've never really had any major problems with it and it's 10 years old.

I love the height of the car, I love how it has AWD so I don't have to purchase snow tires. I love the back trunk and how I can lift the door up and it keeps me dry while unloading groceries in the rain. The size is good for my family, not too big and not too small.

- Kristen B

Love the front heated seats!

My CR-V has been a pleasure to own and drive. I love the back window wiper which makes visibility so good. The air conditioner is strong and keeps the vehicle cold. Love my heated seats! It handles well in all types of weather. My husband performs maintenance on it.

- Kathryn M

A car you can depend on. It will not let you down and you will always feel safe.

I have not had any problems with my car other than the typical wear and tear. It is a very reliable and comfortable ride with features that suits my needs. It is a car that is trustworthy and dependable in all types of weather conditions. It does well with gas also.

- De D

Favorite Vehicle of all time

I love this vehicle more and more every day. It is comfortable to drive and has everything I need conveniently at hand. It is versatile and compact. I plan to continue driving it for many years to come and will likely get another of the same model in the future.

- Jenelle B

perfect size more room than a car but not as big as a suburban

I have problems with the passenger side door locks occasionally, but other than that I love my car. It has great leg room in the back seat, and great room for luggage, groceries, things for tailgating, or any other things you need to carry along for activities.

- Hannah P

It has an AUX cord. And a sunroof. There is a lot of room in the front.

I love my vehicle. The only problem I have had is that it takes a little bit to warm up which is the deal with any older vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for the world. The gas economy is decent. Could be a little better on gas but it is bigger so it is understandable.

- Christine M

Best and last car I will ever own.

I don't drive often. My car is a 2008 and it only has 20,000 miles on it. This should be the last car I have. I've never had any problems with it. This is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. The only maintenance I have ever had done is the oil changed.

- Diane M

Always dependable, never sloppy.

Our Honda CR-V is dependable and has never broken down on us. The things that have had to be repaired are the typical things that happen as a car ages. Our CR-V does not have many special features but is comfortable to ride in and handles well in snowy conditions.

- Gary F

Honda is great, the maintenance on the vehicle is minimal.

Reliable, and the performance is acceptable. It is comfortable and the ac works well. The brakes last over a hundred thousand miles. Have replaced one battery and two sets tires. I keep up with the maintenance on the vehicle. These is the last vehicle I will own.

- John B

My Honda CR-V has a back up camera and that is very useful for backing up.

My Honda CR-V is great on gas, great for room and also great in the snow. I use it for mail delivery and it is great for packing all those packages in and the ability to see all around with the back up camera is a plus. Easy to use stereo and heat settings also.

- Anita W

Honda CR-V best of the rest.

Very dependable vehicle. Second one I have owned yes I would recommend Honda to everyone. Very economical very safe easy to drive no real problems to complain about love MY crv. Easy to clean and keep clean. Very roomy and very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Anne M

My Honda CR-V review. Great car. Would buy again.

The car has been pretty reliable. I have had the car for about 10 years and aside from the normal maintenance, I haven't had many issues. Comfortable seats although I wouldn't get leather seats again due to the heat in Arizona. Drives well and good gas mileage.

- Liz R

My Honda CR-V a great reliable family vehicle.

Comfortable, reliable, amazing, family oriented, love the heated seats, Audio in, plenty of legroom in back seats, plenty of storage, love the glove compartment, love the utility shelf in the back hatch. Will likely buy a Honda again for my next family vehicle.

- Katie W

The car I drive is very good I love the GPS.

I love the car but it should have apple carplay. I love the GPS in the car really good. That is why I love the car I drive. My car is red and the seats are somewhat comfy and I love it. I got the car for a cheap price and it is great. That is why I love my car.

- milan P

It�s roomy, I feel as though I'm driving a sedan even though it�s an SUV.

I love my car so much. It is so durable, comfortable, roomy, and great on gas. Out of all my vehicles I've ever had, this SUV is by far my favorite. If by chance I needed another car, I would chose this one all over again. Hands down you won't be disappointed!

- Tia P

One of the most dependable and safe cars.

Performs excellently, extremely reliable, comfortable and the features are great. This is a great family car with a couple of kids. The car is dependable in all weather conditions. I would recommend this vehicle to all my family and friends without hesitation.

- Dee D

How reliable it is and never lets you down

I love my car, the seats are comfortable and have heated seats. I like how it handles in the winter, especially in the snow. It's reliable and only needs maintenance service, rarely anything goes wrong. It is affordable and I feel that I got a lot for the $.

- Lisa D

Honda CR-V 2008 ex-l AWD lots of spunk.

I love my 2008 Honda cr v ex-l, not only does it get great mileage but it is comfortable and nimble. It is got plenty of legroom in the back seat for passengers to ride comfortably. It has room in the way back for pretty much anything you need to haul around.

- Amie B

Comfortable, roomy CR-V with perfect size and visibility

Perfect size, not too big or small. Sits up high and great visibility. Rides smooth and plenty of room in the back. Ours is an all wheel drive and it drives amazing in the snow, rain and all conditions. It's very easy to drive and other people have said so

- Christy Q

Why the Honda CR-V is the best car!

Great on gas! Smooth ride! Always feel safe! I love the heated seats. Spacious in the back. Trunk space is also great! Perfect for luggage, groceries! Pets! I love how well the paint has held up. Great driving in the snow and love the navigation system!

- Nancy Joanne R

Reliable. Spacious but not too big. Good mileage. Versatile.

It's been very reliable every since we've gotten it. Lots of space for groceries, passengers, pets, but it's not too big, which I like. The mileage is good as well. I have no complaints so far :)! We will be sticking with this car for many more years.

- Gabrielle T

Reliable and versatile, the CR-V is roomy enough to seat two adults in the back.

I bought the CR-V used in 2011. Aside from routine maintenance, I haven't had problems. It is easy to get in and out of. I am tall with knee problems. I love the hatch back feature. I can lay the backseat down and travel with camping equipment and dogs.

- Heather R

Great features and reliable.

Lock issues keep going on and off. I love the inside comfort and upholstery the plastic is not cheap. Good handling and reliability, great electronic features great radio and speakers. Great visibility and safety. Handles the hills and roads very well.

- Susan L

Cozy car for your family!

I am extremely content with my 2008 Honda vehicle. I have had this car for more than 10 years and it does not need repairs very often and is in great working condition. It is comfortable and spacious, which makes it great for families of four or five!

- Olivia C

Honda crv. Great vehicle.

Performs well and reliably. Has a smooth ride. Has plenty of room for passengers and hauling items. Great gas mileage. Easy maintenance and inexpensive. Never breaks down even with high miles on it. Good looking and travels great on snow covered roads.

- Ivana K

It is not a real SUV nor should it be seen as one.

My vehicle is very reliable. Easy to fix. Gives good gas mileage. Has a lot of space. It is comfortable. The only thing that I do not like about it is that it does not have any of the modern safety features like lane-departure warning and so forth.

- Luis R

Long-lasting and reliable car!

I have not had any major issues with my car. It is very reliable though the gas mileage is not the best. I have a sunroof and it is very spacious. A bit outdated for today's technology, but it gets me from point A to point B. I highly recommend!

- Soph M

Reliable car. Very few issues since we got it 10-11 years ago. Perfect size for everyday and all kinds of use.

Very happy with the size, mileage and reliability of my vehicle. We bought it back in 2007 and haven't had many issues with it. Trusty vehicle! The size is already great because it is not too big, but we can still fit a LOT of stuff in it.

- Robert T

It gets me from point a to point B and a safely matter

Well it's a used vehicle but I think it fits me really well it's small but it's also bad because I myself I'm a small person I wish it was cleaner on the inside but that's out of my control since I share a car but it's pretty nice overall

- Betzabet J

It is high safety features!

I love not having to worry about bad weather. This thing can get through anything! I love the amount of leg space in both the front and back seats. I love the smooth ride and ease of maintenance. The only downside is gas miles per gallon.

- Maria C

Its pretty affordable and safe for new drivers.

I like that it accelerates slowly because it is safe that way. Also, my car is very comfortable and it has a lot of space inside. I love the design of the vehicle. The only thing I do not like about my car is that it breaks kind of often.

- Dana K

This car is an amazing car for a family of four, it is perfect for the active outdoorsy family with a large trunk to fit large amounts of gear and also the ability to seat four comfortably while still having the fuel economy of a smaller car.

I love that it is the size of a small sport utility vehicle but still gets decent gas mileage. I do wish that it got a little bit better gas mileage but i'm willing to sacrifice part of the mileage for the room available in the car.

- Kharla G

My car has an automatic lock system, if it gets jumped you will need code.

I like the way it drives. I like the way it picks up speed. I like the electrical features the car has. I do not like the color of my car. I do not like it only holds five passengers. I do not like that it has no cigarette lighter.

- Audra R

Very reliable, comfortable, have only had one (relatively minor) problem

It's been super reliable, decent gas mileage, great during winter/in the snow. Haven't had any problems until recently (after almost 10 years of ownership and about 200,000 miles) when the air conditioner stopped blowing cool air.

- Cassandra Q

They should know that it is perfect for a mid size family

Very reliable, respond to acceleration very well. Decent fuel economy, not a big gas guzzler. Only complaint is lack options available when it comes to maintaining it. Would appreciate a lot more choices when it comes to mechanics

- Jesse O

Honda CR-V is amazing and reliable.

Gas mileage is declining but the car handles great. 4 wheel drive is amazing and can get through anything (especially the snow). Trunk storage is amazing and the seat go down to create even more. I'll have this car until it dies.

- Molly B

My 2008 Honda CR-V has 121,000 miles and runs like new.

I love this year for my CR-V. It doesn't have the tire on the back. It is a good height for snow and is 4 wheel drive. The pickup in it is optimal. My only dislike is the cost of Honda parts when it needs to be fixed.


There is lots of room for storage, yet easy to park and maneuver in NYC.

very handy. love the compact size. There are several secret compartments in back that give me extra storage. the main problem is there are many CRVs in my neighborhood, sometimes i try to get in someone else's car.

- jamie p

Best crossover vehicle for anyone.

I love how easy it is to drive this car! The ride is smooth and the gas mileage is great. I love how much I can store and how easy it is to put the seats down for even more space. I will definitely buy another one!

- Heather D

Even though it looks small it is very spacious inside.

It gets good gas mileage. It is a smaller suv so it is easier to park, but has plenty of room inside for five people and lots of luggage. I like the AWD in the winter it is just enough to keep me out of trouble.

- Erik T

That is a good quality car. I have had very few issues with it. Mostly it has just been normal wear and tear that any vehicle would experience.

I love the size. I don't have much worry about hauling things I need to move. I do wish it had better gas mileage. I also wish it had the fancy new technology, but will have to wait until I upgrade for that.

- Paige L

I love it and it's the best vehicle I've owned.

Love the amount of space in the car. It has great gas mileage and rides smoothly. It's also very reliable with only mileage maintenance. Wish it had WiFi and ability to add a third seating row if needed.

- Jennifer N

Its sturdy and can keep you safe even in tough conditions.

I love my car because it can go off road. The car helps me when it's icy and feel safe. I love that the back is big enough to have a fishing date with my husband with tacos while looking out into the lake.

- Maritza G

Honda’s can go up to 400, 000 miles or better and I thing that is very important.

My Honda is very reliable and I have not had any major issues with it. Is has over 100, 000 miles on it and still runs well. I would like to get another Honda when this one is no longer suitable to drive.

- Bonnie M

If you maintain it and take care of it, it's lasts.

I like that it is not a huge vehicle and that I don't have to fall into it or roll out of it. The gas mileage is pretty good and it's comfortable on long trips. Also, love the storage room in the back.

- Pam T

This car is incredible reliable. You can save so much money with repairs owning this car.

The car is really reliable and I love that. I have only had to bring it to the shop to do simple work like oil changes. I don't like how old it is getting. I also wish it was a little more smooth riding.

- Allison P

Durable, awesome car for students.

I love my CR-V. It has held up very well. The only problem I have had is with the power locks. Recently, the trunk and rear door locks have not been working -- still pretty great for a 10 year old car!

- Katie P

My Honda CR-V is reliable and is a nice ride.

I love my Honda cr-v! It is reliable. The nav system is outdated however there is an option to upgrade. The CD player is not convenient but it works. I love the seat warmers and space in the trunk!

- Nancy R

The Honda is 10 years old and it still runs very well.

I have always liked the way that Hondas drive. It is easy to maintain a constant speed. One complaint is that as Hondas get old, my experience is that they vibrate when stopped with the AC on.

- Lora C

It provides a smooth and quiet ride.

I haven't had any major problems with my car with just a few updates. The engine has always been reliable. Probably the one issue that has been annoying is the frequent changing of the battery.

- James L

The most important thing to me is safety. Honda CRVs have pretty high safety ratings.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love my CRV. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for crossovers. It's not huge, but can still take a lot of stuff and comfortably fits my family.

- Kel A

It gets me from point A to point B, safely without gas guzzling.

It has a good amount of storage space in the back behind the seats and it can also fit a coupe car seats if need be. I really like the 4wd and suspension while still getting good gas mileage.

- Brent J

Make sure that you get maintenance when needed.

Have had no real problems with the crv, have almost 200, 000 miles, put all but 4 miles on it. Had a sunroof and a hitch added, only thing I wish I would have added roof racks. Great vehicle.

- Sandra B

I think the most important thing about my car is that it is both easy and inexpensive to maintain.

I love all the features, and I absolutely love how easy Hondas are to do maintenance myself. My only complaint, because I used to own a pilot, is that I wish the CRV had more storage space.

- Renee C

Our vehicle is old but still remains competitive.

Has been our Family's vehicle since 2007, it is our only car and we've never had problems before. Currently, it has been making noises but we will be taking it to Honda for a check up soon.

- Jan O

It's reliable. However, and gets regular maintenance to ensure it stays reliable.

Honda CR-V is reliable. I can count on it. I do get regular oil changes and maintenance. The mpg is not great, However, I no longer take long trips so the MPG doesn't bother me as much.

- Kristen J

It is a reliable car and the gas mileage is reasonable. The purchase price of this vehicle was also reasonable.

It is a good vehicle, reliable, comfortable, has special features such as heated seat on driver and passenger side, has GPS and backup camera which are the most important features for me.

- Maria B

My CR-V is very reliable! I get about 16.5 miles per gallon of gas.

I love my Honda CR-V. I have had it for 9 years. I have 103,000 miles on it. Except for maintenance, it has never been at the shop. I have driven it up to the Bay Area at least 20 times.

- Irma C

This is a dependable model. Honda is still producing cr-vs.

Everything about my vehicle is fine. I would obviously prefer a newer, updated vehicle, but my cr-v gets me where I have to be, and it has been pretty dependable over the past ten years.

- Amanda J

It had some recalls for the airbags and door locks.

It handles nice there are few repairs needed as long as the maintenance is done one a regular basis. It gets good gas mileage for my usage around the county and it's a comfortable ride.

- Pinkie P

The interior is perfect as a family vehicle

No issues. Love my honda.great vehicle for a family. Very reliable. Very comfortable and storage space is perfect. I use my honda every day and absolutely love it and would recommend it

- Cathy L

That it is dependable and inexpensive to maintain.

Like its dependability and easy handling. I also like that it is inexpensive to maintain. I dislike that even with proper care the interior of the vehicle shows too much wear and tear.

- Angelica T

Door locking issues, but reliable and roomy

Many Cr-vs have issues with door locks. Some vehicles have been recalled and fixed other have not. No other issues noted. Appreciate the interior room. Easy to get into and out of.

- Paula W

It's a great crossover vehicle that drives like a car.

There is a known issue with the locks. It is possible to lock yourself out of the vehicle. They should have done a recall or at least offered to fix it for free if you request it.

- Jodie A

The GPS system has to be updated I think once a year and it cost $100 also the voice command feature isn't the best.

I like Hondas because they are the most reliable non luxury car. I like the CRV because it has a lot of space and its super comfortable. Also the air and sound systems work great.

- Katherine M

It has over 100k miles and drives like a charm.

It is a wonderful car and very reliable. We have not had any problems with it. If I could think of any bad thing it would be it has road noise. We would buy another one for sure.

- Carol C

Pretty good resale value.

My Honda has been the most reliable car I have owned, other than normal miniatus, I have not had any problems. I like that is roomy and I can 'transport large items in the car.

- Suzi H

It is a very dependable car. Honda's have a reputation for lasting forever.

I love my CR-V. It is a nice driving car, that gets excellent gas mileage. I love the hatch back it makes it easy to transport pets to the vet and groceries home from the store.

- Doris M

It has good gas mileage, on the highway. It does great on long distance rides.

I have no complaints about my Honda. It drives well, it's big enough for the family, and it is altogether a great car. It looks a bit small, but it's bigger on the inside.

- Haylee C

Wonderful in the snow and very reliable. I am very happy I own this vehicle because I never have to worry.

My Honda is wonderful in the snow. I like the space inside the vehicle it is perfect for hauling stuff. I need to have the tie rod replaced so I dislike that inconvenience.

- Angie M

That it is comfortable and easy to drive, even long distances.

I like the size of it (SUV) so that I am comfortable and have room to pack stuff into it. I like how it drives easily. I haven't had too many issues with it over the years.

- Caroline S

Honda's keep their value fairly well.

Areas of poor visibility. Rear seats do not fold down flat. Poor mileage. Not good in bad weather. Rear door does not open far enough to allow transport of larger items.

- Evelyn M

It is easy to use and operate.

I like that it is easy to operate. It is zippy and gets average gas mileage. I do not like how old it is, I want an updated car. I do not like that it has fabric seats.

- Emily S

well it is honda so you know you have a great motor.

well it has been very relialble.th electronics on the dashboard work very easy .one thing i do not like is that when i hit about 38 mph the car has a bad rumble to it

- joe G

The 2008 Honda CR-V is a dependable, quality vehicle.

I love my Honda CR-V because it is dependable and good-looking. It is 10 years old and I have had very little problems. Also, the design of it is still not outdated.

- Alexandra G

It's really good on gas! We can also travel safely with my dog.

I got this vehicle as a replacement for my Honda Element. I missed being able to load things into the back like the Element. The CRV is a more comfortable ride though.

- Angelia F

The wheels are not the best, but get the job done.

I haven't really came into any issues with this model in particular. It was a used car when bought, the only issue if any is the tire pressure and wheels themselves.

- Autumn H

Hard to start, have to turn the key just right.

I like the body. It's also good on gas. I do not like how easy my paint chips off. It's also difficult to get in the car, due to the runner tests around the bottom.

- Gabrielle B

Easy to park compact SUV.

I like the SUV type because it feels like I can see past a few cars ahead of me when I drive. I like AWD in the winter. I like my heated seats. I like gas economy.

- Lana F

Good safety record. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage.

Easy to drive, good on gas, able to carry lots of rc airplanes and equipment. It sits up high. I can see over most traffic. It had a good safety record for SUVs.

- Rod L

Gas friendly and chic. Very good for daily commute- not good for snow.

I love everything about it! If I have to choose anything, it would be the drivers seatbelt. It is a little uncomfortable in where it positions across the body.

- Rob E

I feel safe in it driving in the mountains.

It is sturdy. Madewell. I love the color, it is a red. It has a lot of room. Also has a sunroof. I do wish it was all wheel drive instead of front wheel drive.

- Ann L

It is a great vehicle to take on long trips because it is reliable.

I love the fact that it stays in good condition. I also like that it rides very smoothly. What I dislike is that there is not a touch screen nor a GPS system.

- Kylie A

It is comfortable and good space with kids.

I like that it's comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage. I don't like that little things are going wrong with it, things hands knows about but doesn't fix.

- Jen t

The cargo area is great, lots of room

Gets good gas mileage, looks nice & is great for loading things in the back since the seats go down. Easy to drive & very comfortable both front & back seats

- Debbie G

Comfortable, reliable car with roomy interior and plenty of storage space.

Pretty reliable, but have had recurring problems with brakes going bad. Also, there have been many recall events which required several trips to the dealer.

- Tara M

This car drives and handles well, with everything running smoothly in the engine and good tires, this is a nice family car.

Could have some better features, such as heated seats, better AC for the back seating, and maybe leather/leather alternate for fabric choice vs. the carpet.

- Tally W

My Honda has a smooth ride. The ties are like butter. It flies over bumps and potholes.

My Honda CRV is spacious. It has plenty of room for people and stuff. It gets solid gas mileage. My only complaint is the road noise in the cabin. Too loud.

- Joey D

It's super reliable and comfy for a family!

I like the comfort, space and decent gas mileage. Also like the reliability. I wish the tires didn't wear so quickly. I wish it could speed up more quickly.

- Lexi S

I've had a few problems with this car. I've had to replace the air conditioning compressor. The cooling fans don't last so it can run hot

It's very dependable so far. It gets good gas mileage for its size and has plenty of room. This car does not have the best ride. It's very bumpy and rough.

- Larry N

Well maintained Honda that can't be beat

I love my car. It has held up extremely well. I just took a trip and got over 27 mpg. this is spectacular for a car that is over 10 years old. Love my car

- Nancy S

The most important thing is that it's reliable.

I like that it requires low maintenance. I like the way it drives/handles. I dislike that it tends to be a bit loud. Also dislike that the A/C has broken.

- Megg G

Reliable and low cost Honda.

It's a great car, just getting a little older. It's super reliable and we have not had one mechanical issue. So while not high end it's been great for us.

- Kristy B

There was a safety recall on airbags that was pretty scary.

It's 10-years old but runs like new. I like the size for transportation. I have used it to travel and have moved many times long distance. It is reliable.

- Amalia S

Small SUV - 4 wheel drive with a tow package, which is nice because newer smaller suvs are only available as AWD vehicles.

The air conditioning consistently breaks and it is both expensive and difficult to find a non-Honda auto shop to work on and properly diagnose/fix issues.

- Katie D

The most important thing about my car is that it is dependable and economical to drive. I don't spend a lot of money on maintenance for it and it has over 147k miles!

I love my CR-V. It is very dependable and the cost to drive it is very economical. It is fun to drive and I feel like it is the best car I've ever owned.

- Lisa C

It is simple and inexpensive to care for and keep up with regular maintenance.

I love how simple it is to take care of. It is roomy and has awesome extras, like bluetooth stereo and a sunroof. It is also a great all weather vehicle.

- Renee C

Very dependable in all weather

My crv is very reliable and performs excellent. I love all the features that comes with the car. It is grateful for a small family with young children.

- Deitra D

It takes 30 dollars to fill a whole tank.

It is a nice size for a nice small family. The trunk has a good amount of space for when you go shopping. It is a comfortable car to travel around in.

- Jasmine N

It's a good size car for the money and efficient on gas. a good car for a young family.

Efficient, good size car. Fits the family perfectly. Has a few little bells and whistles that make it nice, but I wish the seat warmers worked better.

- Lynelle M

It is such a safe vehicle.

I love that my vehicle is safe. I love that it always amazes me how much I can fit in it whenever I move homes. I love that the back seats fold down.

- Brittany J

That it is safe and reliable to use.

I like that it is pretty reliable and safe, but I dislike that weird things will go wrong with it, like the windshield wipers will just stop working.

- bettina N

It has a good safety rating.

It is a solid reliable vehicle. I appreciate It's excellent safety rating. It handles well. It fits a nice amount of gear without being too large.

- Lee b

It is very dependable, reliable and affordable.

Dependable.. Never any major repairs so far.. Honda notifies rapidly regarding recalls.... Dislike:.. The air-conditioning system seems to run high.

- Eileen B

Gold Honda CRV, with sunroof.

Have not had any problems with this car and it is 10 years old and still runs great. The only maintenance I have done is put new tires on the car.

- Laura G

It has some of the best features of an SUV, but is easy to maneuver and park like a compact car.

I love that it is comfortable and easy to drive, and easy to park. I like that it can fit 3 carseats. I only wish it had a little more trunk space.

- Rose G

Wide space, big engine, high power, comfortable, but consume lots of gasoline.

Honda CR-V is a great car. Lots of space in the passenger room. The back seat and back area is very wide such that I can fit a full size bed in it.

- waratc h

I like that I can drive it anywhere and in any road condition. I dislike the fact that I don't have enough space for what I need. I just need a bigger vehicle because our family got bigger.

It is a good car for long drives. I like its features. It is very dependable and durable. It didn't give me any problems. I love driving this car!


if you maintain it the honda CR V will last and last We have had few mx issues

i like the SUV being higher up. the heated seat and in car nav with the sat radio is very nice. there is nothing i dislike and would buy another

- Ken F

This car will last several years before any serious maintenance is required.

It is fairly reliable. What I do not like about Hondas is that you need expensive tools to complete work making it difficult to work on your own.

- Jennifer B

The CR-V is a very versatile vehicle. It comfortably holds 5 passengers and can be used for hauling many things.

My CR-V is a reliable vehicle. Honda's retain their value and are great for resale. I would recommend a Honda to anyone looking to buy a new car.

- James D

It has 100, 000+ miles on it and it has never failed.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable! The car always works and works well. However, it is kind of old, and gross, and smells weird from use.

- Chelsea S

My crv has not given me any mechanical breakdown problems.

My crv has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is fuel efficient, comfortable and very reliable. It is also a very good looking vehicle.

- Lily L

The car is reliable bit on the smaller side for a SUV.

The Honda CR-V is a reliable car but without all the bells and whistles. My car has run well for over 10 years with only the basic maintenance.

- Anna S

The best part about my current vehicle is that it is almost paid off.

Like cargo room, comfortable, safe,drives well. Dislikes wish it got better mileage and had rear view camera and seperate a/c controls in back

- Martha R

that it is a good size family vehicle and it is a fuel economic car

it is a mid size suv that is not big enough to be a gas guzzler and just the right size to fit the family in and still have room for groceries

- Tony M

The blinkers are confused and will blink right if you hit left.

This car have been very reliable. I have driven it over 230,000 miles with only regular service. I have only had to replace tires and brakes.

- Katherine L

Light Blue 2008 Honda CRV that is very reliable and comfortable to drive. Is roomy enough, but wish it didn't have so many miles on it.

Very reliable, has needed very few repairs, always starts in the winter, is comfortable to drive, is a nice-sized suv, has a lot of miles.

- Chris B

My car is very efficient with no issues. I have driven it in many conditions and feel confident every time I drive it.

Love gas mileage, small size that holds all I ever need, simple displays with great ease of use. Dislike paint has started chipping off.

- Elizabeth W

It is dependable reliable comfortable has plenty of room and looks nice.

I like the style and most of all, the sunroof. I wish it had more storage and better gas mileage and a panoramic sunroof would be cool.

- Linda B

Its virtually maintenance free and I have 118, 000 miles.

One complaint is it is a little jerky. It does not seem to do as well on the snow and ice as my other card did. Even though it is AWD.

- Cathy C

It is a good family vehicle. Reliable for us to use everyday. Great on mileage and roomy enough for the whole family

Good on gas. Family oriented and spacious. Reliable on a daily basis. Great warranty. Good for in town trips or long distance travel.

- Mysty P

It's a very reliable car. I can count on it. It's great!

It's very reliable. It's comfortable and meets my family's needs. Nice size trunk. Nice features such as heated seats and a sun roof.

- Becky J

It is an affordable option that provides good long term ownership. Again, the major flaw is the road noise. Unless that issue has been addressed in later models, I would not consider this vehicle again.

Easy to drive and relatively comfortable on the road. Decent gas mileage. The major flaw is the road noise. It is truly annoying.

- Dick s

It is very safe, reliable, kid friendly.

Very safe, reliable, good gas mileage. Great for a family of 4. I have had major issues with this car other than normal maintenance.

- Hannah E

It is very reliable and has not cost extra money to fix things.

My car has been so hassle free. Regular maintenance is all I have to do. No major malfunctions or breakdowns like cars in the past.

- Steph B

Low Maintenance. Great Safety Features. Slow Acceleration

Low maintenance (For me twice a year is the regular schedule); Great safety features. Not enough power though (slow acceleration)

- Beth S

Great gas mileage, easy to drive.

Love the vehicle because good gas mileage, easy to keep clean, roomy. Dislike the length of vehicle, back seats' not comfortable.

- Ellen H

It is a very reliable and gas efficient vehicle.

It is a great, safe, reliable SUV. It does not have a lot of mechanical problems and runs very well. Also spacious for families.

- Luke R

As long as you keep up on routine care it is very reliable.

Love the reliability, accelerates well, contoured well to the drivers needs. Dislike the cargo space (wish there was more room).

- Jessica R

It's really comfortable and you can carry a lot of people and stuff in it

I love my car because its really big and it has a good amount of space, my only complaint is the mileage but I can get over that

- Tara R

A great car for a family with small children.

This is a great small SUV. Very reliable with the normal wear and tear. Just a bit too small for my family but excellent on gas.

- Dee D

Get the extended warranty.

Extremely reliable, roomy, good gas mileage. Just wish it had a little more power accelerating but it is usually not a problem.

- Jennifer P

It is very durable and cost efficient.

I like that it is durable and feels safe. It is great for a family and fits lots of things especially when moving into college.

- Catherine T

It's very reliable good on gas never breaks down.good tires

Very good car it has no problems.It's very good gas and it handles pretty good in the winter time never gets stuck in the snow

- Raymond Y

It hasn't had any major issues, only a couple of recalls.

It has been a great vehicle since the start. It is still in great running condition and hope to get many more years out of it

- Trevor B

It's 10 years and still going strong, my next vehicle will also be a Honda

I love my Honda. It's a quiet ride, it's comfortable as driver, passenger, or back seat rider. It handles well in all weather.

- Judy T

It's been a reliable vehicle.

It is a well-made vehicle. I like the amount of cargo space. I wish it was a little bigger with more legroom in the back seat.

- Dianne W

It runs good and does not need repair very often.

It is mechanically sound and repairs are not expensive, does not need repair often. Not a smooth ride and lots of road noise.

- Kimberly T

Quality ride and comfort style.

No problems love the CR-V. It is drives like a brand new ride. Can fit the whole family in it. Love to run errands in it too.

- Melissa M

I believe this car is easy to drive and is comfortable for long drives.

Nice drive, comfortable. There are too many computer parts that when one goes it is very expensive to fix and other things go

- Adrienne H

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Car rides well. It is reliable and has lasted ten years and over 200,000 miles. Good gas mileage and fits the whole family.

- J P

It has the ability to drive itself.

I like how reliable it is. The car is over 200,000 miles and is having minimal problems. I dislike the excessive road noise.

- Rene P

It will run for a very long time if it is properly cared for.

I have no problems. My Honda is amazing! It is reliable, and extremely comfortable. Good on gas. All features make me happy.

- Kali A

It is a great car. Great balance between too big and too small.

it is starting to show some wear and tear. very loud engine, ac is very loud, loud noise when idle. Has great speaker system

- kellen b

It is a good of gas it is cheap and does not take up all your money.

It is a good size car. Has plenty of space for a small family. Comfortable big truck. Good for anyone who likes small cars.

- Emily R

Reliable good on gas and comfortable.

Very reliable with few problems. ( knock on wood). Comfortable on long rides. Good on gas for SUV. Rides well on highway.

- April R

Great performance and features. Comfortable. Just enough room.

I love the size, style, color, and performance. I love the way it handles and the features including the sunroof and GPS.

- Jeanne P

It drives well? I mean, it is reliable.

It is a Honda. Built to last with regular maintenance great customer service and just as all around awesome manufacturer.

- Billy B

Very low maintenance and repairs

Great on gas mileage and it will last a long time. You can put over a 100 thousand mile on it and it will still run great

- D'Anna M

So far it has been very reliable.

I like the way it drives. It is easy to drive. And it has a very smooth ride. The car is reliable and it is a good size.

- Suzanne H

Reliable. This car never lets me down. It gets good gas mileage which is a plus.

Work car. Plenty of space. Gets good gas mileage. Reliable. Nothing fancy. Wish it had a center console with storage.

- Judy S

Great interior space and reliable in terms of upkeep.

Very reliable, good gas mileage for a car of its size. Great space (three tall dogs can stand comfortably in the back).

- Jea N

Perfect size for family car

10 years old and it's held up really well without too many maintenance issues. Not too bad on gas. Spacious for kids.

- MichelleKay A

I would buy another Honda when ready to replace the one I have.

Honda is a reliable vehicle. The CRV is just the right size for my my husband, dogs, and myself. Great traveling car.

- Lorraine W

It is a good reliable car to own.

It is very reliable, needs little maintenance, works like new. It just requires oil change every 3000 to 4000 miles.

- Syed N

The Honda CRV is reliable and safe

I like the height off the road the vehicle gives me. It is a smooth ride but very low tech, would like more outlets.

- Hannah l

Honda CR-V 2008, good features and good condition.

It is still in good condition. I have no problem with it. I do not have plan to sell it. The engine is good as well.

- Kristin Joy D

I have had no problems with it in the ten years I have owned it.

I have had it for 10 years. I have had no problems with it. I like the service I get from dealership. Love the car.

- Brenda G

That we take good care of if it and it is seems for us to be safe.

It is compact yet roomy. Perfect size and can fit a lot. Not bad on gas. And suits my needs and my husbands needs.

- Jennifer R

It gets great mileage and is definitely worth the price.

My car is almost to 120,000 miles and it is still running great. I've only had minor issues that I've had to fix.

- Jane S

The car is reliable, economical on gas compared to the big SUV's and maintenance is not that expensive.

It is a very reliable car. The price of the car is reasonable and not too expensive. I don't have any complaints.

- Anne D

It's comfortable and very reliable plus great gas mileage

Great car . No problems just a little loud on highway good gas mileage .comfortable on long drives.a lot of space

- Cathy S