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I damaged my front fender so when I drove fast it would flap up in the wind.

My car is old 1994 and kinda loud due to a rusty muffler I have had fixed twice, the driver's seat is really uncomfortable. . There's something under the seat. . Pokes my bottom I always think I sat on something so I check but nothing of course, I did start sitting on a pillow but I was to high, my air conditioner works surprisingly good, the outer appearance was 3 on a scale to 10 but didn't matter to me, it is a good American car and it is lasted a long time and been there for me when nobody else was.

- Morgan P

A mostly functioning vehicle.

I like the exterior and interior of the car. It is not too intimidating like a lot of other cars, in my opinion. The brakes and acceleration are a bit different in the way that I have to apply a bit more pressure to the brakes in order to make the car stop and use less pressure to make the car go. A current problem I have with my car is the engine and the fact that all the door handles expect one are broken. It is a somewhat reliable vehicle.

- Shay J

I like my Hyundai and looking for another.

I had no problems with it until 160000 miles, I replaced belts often, water pump and timing belt. The performance has been adequate, comfy is ok, not great. It has a cassette player, sucks. The front end shakes, but no one sees a problem. I had a blowout in another state as a result. I had good gas mileage and I drove it 100 miles a day for 10 years. I changed the old often when commuting but not so much, now retired.

- Robert C

Compact but still spacious!

I got my car my used not brand new. So they day I picked it up I had trouble with it, not 20 minutes after leaving the lot. Since then it is been one thing after another; bad brake system, cracked manifold, etc. This is expected with a used vehicle like this. I have had the car 3 years now, I was a college student at the time when I got it.

- Amber J

The one .most important thing is the great gas mileage and low maintenance to keep it running smooth and long.

It is a very reliable car, that is great for day to day driving to work, and has done great on the 2 trips to Florida with no issues.It has been great, just requires the regular maintenance to keep it running smooth and without issues.Overall a very great car that get great gas mileage and can last forever if you maintain it mechanically.

- Patrick M

Is fast and cute at the same time.

I am actually not a fan of small cars, but this is good for now. I love that it does not consume to much gas. It is very comfortable and love the space. The only thing I really think it should have is the thing that tells you the temperature of the car because I am always worried that it would start heating up.

- Amanda D

Very small footprint on the earth.

I purchased my car from a friend. It gets great gas mileage. A common problem with this particular vehicle is something called the evaporation canister. This problem causes the car to be very slow when you are trying to add gasoline. However the vehicle gets great gas mileage.

- Kristin F

What color is my car? Pea soup, and that is how pea soupy got her name!

My little car is an oldie but goodie like it is owner (ha-ha) and cute! It has a few minor flaws like a bit of rust near the wheel wells and is in need of brakes, 2 new tires before winter, but she’s really easy on gas and very reliable through the years!

- Paula B

It's Old, but reliable. It offers me more independence and transportation to work.

My vehicle is great for driving around town and within a 50 mile radius, however it is older and requires a lot of upkeep. It leaks oil, the CD player doesn't work, and the air conditioning is finicky. However, it is also my first car and dear to my heart.

- Rachel A

The hyundai gets you where you wanna go and gets great gas mileage.

It currently has no air conditioning which is a huge nuisance for me especially with the leather seats. It traps hot air in like crazy. It has the usual wear and tear but besides that, I love my car. It's a great size for me and the handling is great.

- Sarah D

Compact and fuel efficient

It's a wonderful small fuel efficient vehicle.i have only had it for a short time but it still runs well and have had no issues with any of it. Easy to take care of and easy on the wallet all the way around.

- Steven R

It's very dependable with good gas mileage. It's a great basic, no-frills car.

I love the longevity of my Hyundai, it's so dependable and doesn't cost much to maintain. I do wish it were a compact instead of a sub-compact. I also wish it had cruise control.

- Pamela W

The most important thing to know is that it has been reliable.

It's getting a bit older so has needed some work as of late, particularly with the battery most recently, but otherwise it's a nice car with a nice appearance

- Kristen N

They're not making it anymore.

You don't list the model of my car. But it's a Hyundai XG350, and it's a luxury car. I like the ride. I don't like the computer system. It's buggy

- Jody p

My car is a straight drive.

I like that my vehicle gets me places. I dislike that it is a straight drive. I also dislike that the air conditioner doesn't work at the moment.

- Jennifer T

Reliable and fuel efficient.

Excellent on has, easy to drive, comfortable interior, low miles, car has been very good to me and would recommend it as a reliable used vehicle.

- April B

vehicle is very dependable

it`s black with 4 wheels. i have a kiss carseat on the passenger side.it`s very good on gas.starts up everyday no problem

- robert p

I like my vehicles color and seats.

This model is made very cheaply but it gets me where I need to go. Also it very small but perfect for a single person.

- Tiffany M

Reasonably prices and easy to maintain.

The vehicle runs very well starts up with no problems is easy and cheap to maintain. I have had no problems with it.

- Karl L

It runs everywhere. Good gas mileage.

Ball Joint, transmission, tune up, inner & outer tie rods, door handles, mirrors, lights, breaks, front fender

- Lindsay W

The car had a newer engine dropped in.

I Love that it is manual car. I love the color blue. I hate that it does not have up to date features.

- Kasey c

well first thing it is good on gas also good if you travel alot and it is got low mileage . also have only had it two months

it gets me to work and other . dislike it is a small car. good on gas

- cheryl f

it has a problem with the gas tank. It is really slow to fill up.

it is small . easy to park. easy to load items in to the back.

- lana b

Not a luxury car. Fun to drive. Handling is great.

Love the gas mileage. Smaller easier to park. Cheap repairs.

- Matt F