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Size of car makes for easy parking and gas mileage is sufficient.

Bought car 2 years ago. Reliability is good. Good gas mileage. No problems yet. Comfort is alright, interior is not too comfortable because cheaper material. Does not have electric window, manual. Space is good. Not too roomy. If large person, this car will be too small, leg room small. Trunk space is small, but sufficient. Four door, is nice feature. Car size is small, no parking problems.. Height is low, make seeing over car for incoming traffic difficult..

- Juan M

Hyundai Accent - a lovely little car

The Hyundai Accent is a very reliable car. In the time that we have had it, we have only had to have it serviced. No major problems at all. It is actually quite comfortable for a small car. The only thing I do not like is that we only got a single key and the duplicates are slightly expensive since you cannot get one from a local key place and you have to order them from the dealer.

- Jan O

Nice comfortable economical car.

Check engine light came on twice since I owned it. Brakes seem to wear fast. Otherwise it is a reliable vehicle. It is just not real good in snow. The back seat is very comfortable even for relatively tall people. There is more than enough front leg room and it gets good gas mileage on long trips. It is a very comfortable car for the size when you are traveling.

- Robert R

Cheap to keep. Regular maintenance is inexpensive.

The warranty is excellent. When my car was new it covered everything bumper to bumper. As it aged I had few problems. The usual like the starter and brakes needed replacement eventually. I expect my car to provide me service well over 200,000 miles. The large service needs were not overly expensive. This car is cheap to keep.

- Robbin G

It's an affordable, yet dependable long-lasting car.

I bought it used and I love that it has a very low resale value as that benefits me as a buyer. It's very dependable too and pretty easy to fix most of its mechanical issues myself by watching YouTube and just giving it a try. My only dislike is that I wish the gas tank were larger and it had a little faster acceleration.

- Kevin U

Great car, iffy ignition coils.

I really like my Hyundai accent, but one of the few issues I have with the car is the fact that the ignition coils have failed twice on me in the past 2 years, which stopped the car and could have been very dangerous. Other than that it has been very reliable and the coils were inexpensive to replace.

- Lindsey B

Hyundai accent! Good car. Good gas. Needs more room.

Maintenance items break down a lot but she never leaves on the side of the road! Had second engine put in but been going at 213 thousands miles and running good. We use her as our shop car to bring home different parts or can fit two dodge fenders. Also good on gas when the calipers are not sized up.

- Lisa L

Fun and dependability are Hyundai standards.

Small durable sedan with great gas mileage, standard transmission, quick response off the line. Very fun to drive. Nicely designed for comfort behind the wheel with ample back seat space. Perfect for both the long commute to work or a fun family weekend on the road. Made me a big fan of Hyundai.

- Larry B

Old accent. No frills but long life.

Car is functional compact will little in the way of frills but gets the job done, I don't drive as much as others so under 150k miles. Radio has some issues but is functional. I've only ever had to perform minor repairs on my car that I was able to do myself. So would say car is very reliable.

- Bryan W

Small old but runs like baby.

This is the first car I actually own’. It has been a work horse and is never sits still. The first non American I have owned and am thrilled with the performance. I am born and raised in Detroit so that says a lot. It helps to be open minded and do some research before making a new purchase.

- Susan G

The pluses of my accent. It is a attractive looking vehicle and very reliable.

I have had my accent since 2006. It is a very reliable and gas efficient car. The only thing I have had to replace is tires and battery. The clutch and brakes are original equipment. It has great gas mileage and it is a very well built vehicle. I am totally happy with my accent.

- Gloria H

Great car with gas mileage.

I have a 2006 Hyundai accent and absolutely love the gas mileage on it. It is perfect for small family or someone would like to travel a lot. Only problem would be that it is really small in inside but like I said, great for small family or one owner, but overall great car.

- Sarah J

Safe and comfortable and affordable

Very safe vehicle. Reliable. Holds up well. I am overall pleased. Easy to drive. Good gas mileage. I've had the car for a while now and honestly can't think of any complaints. I would say it's a pretty comfortable car. Not the most comfy but decent. Smooth feeling

- Haley S

Nice little car and cheap to fix

Amazing car. Very reliable and gets great gas mileage.I love driving and my car has never let me down. There's been a few minor problems but its expected with how old and how many miles it has. The issues have been very minor and inexpensive to fix. I love my car

- Alyssa C

Cute little car for everyday driving

It's getting old, so it's definitely not the best and there are problems with it sometimes. The AC hasn't worked for the past year and it would be an expensive fix, but I love this car. It was my first car, it's never ever broken down, and I love how small it is.

- Val C

Happy with my Hyundai Accent

I have enjoyed my car for over 12 years. I have had to have the transmission worked on/replaced about 9 years in, but only typical car maintenance and a small recalled switch that was connected to the rear brake lights. Very satisfied with this vehicle.

- Angela D

Hyundai accent cars rock...They are the best. This car outlast all other cars and is worth the initial investment

This is the best car I have ever bought. I have never had one issue with it. I believe God blessed this car, I take care to change the oil every three months, the car looks just as brand new as the day I bought it and runs like a kitten.

- Gloria P

Accent car is very good car

The Hyundai Accent one the best aerodynamic power full car but unfortunately the company discontinue the model so far i am very much disappointed but here what I request to Hyundai reproduce with add some better future

- satheesh j

Have never had any mechanical or other problems with this car.

Like that it is a small car. Also like that I can see over the hood of the car because it gives me more confidence when driving it. Has a large trucks that serves my needs. I have no specific dislikes.

- Carol K

Usually covered in dog hair.

It is fuel efficient and provides enough room to perform my job. Maintaining/repairing can be difficult since parts used can be difficult to identify. Vehicle has amenities that make my life easier.

- Steve G

Good car value. Would definitely purchase another Hyundai.

I like that it has good air & good stereo. It has been reliable & not required too much maintenance. I think the body of the vehicle could be a little sturdier. I would also like more storage.

- Melissa B

It is a great car. The gas mileage is good and the car has a lot of function because of the hatch.

I like the Accent because of size. The gas mileage is great. I also like the hatch. It is perfect for my job. It gets great mileage and I can fit a lot in it

- Billie C

Very good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Great features.

I love how smooth my car rides. My cars seats are very comfortable. I love the color of my car which is a pearl white. I am very happy with my car overall.

- Barbara F

All standard equipment and manual transmission.

It delivers good gas mileage making work travel more economical. It has plenty of power for quick starts and passing. Maintenance is easy and affordable.

- Larry B

It good cheap and affordable and it a good car for someone just starting

It a good car it get me going.As a college student it really has come handy.It has also allow me to attend my club w/out relying on my parents

- Caleb B

It is affordable, reliable and does the job as expected.

It is very reliable, I have it for quite some time now. It is perfect for my needs. It is pretty old and takes up more gas than I would like.

- Kor A

It's aging well. You'd never know driving it the mileage it has.

My Hyundai has 99,000 miles on it. Still runs great, even after multiple long distance trips. It's perfect for everyday commuting.

- Katemiya M

Reliable car for a family of 4

This car has lasted over 10 years with very few problems. It comfortably fits my family of 4 with 2 car seats in the back.

- Allison F

This car will get you where you need to go

The good is it gets good mileage and doesn't take much to fill up now the bad is it came with a cheap tire jack

- Robert F

It is extremely reliable and safe and I have never owned another car.

I like that it is reliable and has been in my family for a long time. It needs some upkeep from time to time.

- Rachael H

It has more features than what I was expecting for an older car.

I like that it has a USB port. I feel like I've had more issues with this car than my previous car though

- Olga G

systems is good, sound system is good, good design

good performance, mileage is good, good comfort for long drive, less maintenance is needed, good interior

- jack R

It has lasted for over 10 years with little problem

I love it. It is small and paid for. There is nothing to dislike. It gets me where I am going

- Deborah S

The size is small and compact. I don't have to stress about driving in high traffic situations

I love how easy and affordable it is to drive with low gas mileage

- William B